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Sweet ROM V10.5 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

For this week’s Galaxy Note GT-N7000 ROM of the week, check out Sweet ROM v10.5!

The latest Sweet ROM is based on Samsung TouchWiz LT9 firmware along with Philz kernel to give you great performance and battery life. You have two launcher choices between a modded TouchWiz launcher (that’s fast with continuous scrolling and 270 degree rotation) or Nova.

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Multi-window flashbar has been enabled for all apps with nice transparent theme. Also

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Sweet ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.1.2][Multi-Window]

For this week’s TouchWiz ROM of the week for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000, check out the latest version of Sweet ROM. ┬áBased on Android 4.1.2 firmware, Sweet ROM brings you 2 cameras (Note and Android 4.2 Photo Sphere Camera), transparent multi-window enabled for all apps, Galaxy S3/Note 2 ringtones, Note 2 wallpapers, flash player, 23 customizable toggles, ink effect, pop-up browser, and some more.

There’s also “airview” feature from Note 2 working for Gallery and videos, and partly working on SPlanner and SNote.

Sweet ROM has always been pretty s

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