How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879?

For those of you wondering how to root your T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T989, you can use the AT&T root method as hardware is identical to the AT&T SGH-i717 version.

As for custom ROMs, please do not flash AT&T Galaxy Note ROMs.  Users have reported success though that custom ROMs work fine so long as you flash T-Mobile modem back on after flashing ROM on Touchwiz-based ROMs.  CM9/CM10/AOKP/AOSP ROMs are not working though so don’t flash it!


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Galaxy Note Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Note Root Guide FIRST!

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50 Responses to How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879?

  1. Joe Z says:

    I Have an Att Note, will I be able to Flash the Tmobile T879 ROMs into the i717 in the future and have Tmobile Service which I think its simpler than having to keep flashing the Blaze Modem Over the i717 Base Roms or Will Going through the Haggle of Selling the Att and Buying the TMobile Note a Better Idea ?

  2. Shiv says:

    I wanna know the same thing like can I flash my baseband to the t-mobile baseband? I think I may have asked about this before lol. I have an i717M from Bell Canada and I already use it with mobilicity (which runs on AWS here in Canada) I was just assuming that I would get better connectivity to the network with t-mo’s baseband.

  3. tj says:

    Where can I find a copy of the T-Mobile Modem I can flash back after installing a AT&T based TouchWiz ROM on my T-Mobile Galaxy Note?

  4. nii says:

    I have the galaxy note T879 and have already updated the ICS version from 4.03 to 4.04 over the air.
    I am trying to have it rooted but can’t get the phone to load into the download mode. I feel these repeated vibrations and screen goes black as the boot logo pops up. tried several times. Is there another way around this?

  5. Tom99 says:

    I’m also updated to 4.04 on T-Mobile Galaxy Note and had exact same experience as nil above.

  6. Tom99 says:

    SO i found out how to manually get into Stock recovery on the t mobile version of the galaxy note.

    1) While the phone is on just hold down Volume Down + power button for 10-12 second

    2) When you feel a light vibration release the power button while still holding down button, and then just hold volume up button as well
    ( both volume up and down at same time) hold until it show manual mode.

    • nii says:

      I had success getting it into the manual mode early this morning, but I’m still having problems getting it into download mode. I have no clue why.
      Any help please? A vivid description will be very much appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.

  7. nii says:

    @ Tom99… Did it work for you? I tried that too already, but no luck.

    • Tom99 says:

      To clarify, start with phone ON home screen. I held vol down with left pointer finger and power with right pointer finger. after vibration, still pressing and holding vol down button, i moved right pointer (quickly, but not insanely fast) to vol up and held both . It worked. It did take a few tries because i’m not very coordinated, but it worked everytime I did it correctly.

      BTW, I’m holding off on rooting until instructions and tools get better. If you successly root, please post how.

  8. cait says:

    Just rooted myTmo galaxy note using ATT version..It’s working i’ll just for a custom ROM..

    Thank you MAX

  9. Happyoldman says:

    Hi Max and everybody
    I feel my Tmobile Note is not statable after root.
    How can I unroot it ?

    • Tom99 says:

      There is an unroot option in one of the versions of SuperUser. If your version, which was installed when you rooted, doesn’t have that option, find a different version at the play store. The option is in one of the free versions. I’m sorry I don’t remember which one. Also, you might try XDA for help.

    • Max says:

      Thats not root related probably just tmo stock rom acting up unrooting will not fix that.

  10. nii says:

    I was successful getting it into the manual mode early this morning, but I’m still having problems getting it in the download mode.
    Any help please? A vivid description will be very much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Tom99 says:

      Was having same problem. Was getting into manual mode every time. Then before trying, I connected phone to PC via Odin. Then following key sequence above, I landed in download mode (which is preceded by a warning message.)

    • Happyoldman says:

      Hope this help:
      “Author: Cait

      You can this way..
      ensure your galaxy note is power off
      Plug in the USB cable
      hold volume up and down, then release volum up afer a short vibration.
      It should take you to download mode.”

  11. cait says:

    Did anyone find a way to get free tethering on galaxy tmo…I downloaded the titanium backup but I couldnt find the teyhering manager…thers gotta be another way to do it…I dont want to pay xtra $15 just to get tetherinh…please help

    • Amro says:

      Download Wifi Tether app for Rooted users on Play Store, set Profile in Settings to “Generic ICS” then you are ready to go! No need to mess with the native wifi app. **** per MAX**** I tried it and its working 🙂

  12. Amro says:

    It does not work with Android 4.0.4… I tried it more than time.. every time it fails… any new update?? Thanks

    • Max says:

      should work fine, what’s the exact error u r getting?

      • Amro says:

        Thanks for your super fast response,
        it says after verifying update package…
        E:failed to verify whole file signature
        E:signature verification failed
        Thats it…

        • Max says:

          You are in stock recovery instead of CWM recovery, try reflashing recovery with ODIN check auto-reboot on, then when ODIN is done, take battery out/in, hold down the buttons to enter CWM recovery.

          • Amro says:

            I’m sorry, The error message I typed is when i try to root from the external SD using the manual mode.. sorry about that… actually when i go to download mode its the showing custom binary download: No….
            and Odin never pass this steps
            ID:0/005> SetupConnection..
            Get PIT for mapping..
            Firmware update start..

            after recovery.image no more processes..
            I’m using original smasung usb cable…kies is installed.. phone driver are installed i can them on win 7 device manager
            I do not know how can i use Odin to perform a refinishing recovery… I’m sorry I’m confused…

  13. Tom99 says:

    I believe that there apps, such as WiFi Tether for Root Users, that will allow you to tether with root?

  14. Tom99 says:

    At Play Store, search on “tether root apps” or perhaps “tether apps”

  15. nii says:

    Hi y’all, i have successfully rooted my galaxy T879, unfortunately, no tether app is working. What could be the problem.

  16. Kevin says:

    T-mobile Galaxy Note
    I searched around, but couldn’t find a solution. I have a T-mobile Galaxy Note (T879), which I rooted. Now I’m having second thoughts about this phone, and would like to unroot it, return it to stock, and return it.

    Advice on how to unroot this device and retuning it to stock would be greatly appreciated. I hope I didn’t make a stupid mistake by rooting it in the first place.

    Thanks in advance.

      • Kevin says:

        Thanks so much for your help Max,
        I followed the instructions and was able to un-root it.
        But unfortunately, Clockwork Recovery is still there. I can boot into CW by holding power/Up/Down. I’d like to get rid of this feature so I can return the phone to T-Mobile.

        I was hoping to find a stock T-Mobile file to flash via Oden to take the phone back to 100% stock.

        By the way, I rooted the phone using the ATT Root Method found in this forum. I didn’t install a ROM. The ClockworkRecovery was part of the install package.

        Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


        • Max says:

          You will have to re-install Tmo stock recovery or if you are returning for warranty, just install the ATT version, should work fine also.

  17. Archit says:

    Can i transfer music and videos to my iPad 3 from my galaxy note via OTG cable
    Please reply.
    Thanks in advance.

  18. PaceyPimps says:

    hi max can you try the KnightmareFrame V1 rom and tell us how it works on the i717 pls

  19. cable says:

    this look like right place to ask i am really wanting put rom on t879 what roms work for this and any link on how to do it i saw a sweet romv4 for n7000 i wish i could rom that one thank you for any help

  20. alexis says:

    Hey people. I have a T-Mobile Note and can’t find a good rom for. I can use the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 roms? Or AT&T/ International Note? Please help and thanks.

  21. Jeff Lee says:

    I’m gona root my T-Mobile Note. However I have a question about using ODIN.
    ” if using ODIN, the counter will be increased”
    What does this statement mean? Does it have any negative effects on the phone?

  22. Frank says:

    I am un able to root my Galaxy Note SGHi717 Android version 4.0.4 baseband i717MUGLF4
    I was able to download Odin3-v3.04 but unable to download the root file zip. In order to do it as shown in your site. Need help. By the way my phone is unblocked and it is a Bell.

  23. Rekamyenom says:

    Would love to see a Nice ROM for the T879 like Jedi-X11

  24. Combatspace says:

    Hey guys, we are having some difficulty getting the “Wifi Tether for Root Users” program to work properly on our TMo T879. It keeps giving us an error of “Unable to contact the DNCP server.” I know the server is the phone’s hotspot function, so I tried doing a ipconfig /release and /renew but it fails to connect. This is using the root link provided above with SuperUser and Titanium Backup (downloaded in haste since I was thinking it was going to be the same process for the Note as the GSSII with uninstalling the Tethering Manager). We have also set the profile of the Wifi Tether app to GenericICS (wlan1) and we tried the (wlan0) to no avail: it wouldn’t even start the hotspot. When you stated “GenericICS” did you mean the “Generic” profile that precedes the (wlan0) and (wlan1) options? Also, the computer being used is an older Toshiba Netbook running WinXP SP3. Any input as to what we may be able to do to get this working?

  25. sharil says:

    Someone please help me

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