How to Root Korean Version Galaxy Note LTE![SHV-E160S] [SHV-E160K][SHV-E160L]

For those of you who somehow picked up a South Korean version of Galaxy Note, the SHV-E160S, SHV-E160K, or SHV-E160L, you can root your Korean version Galaxy Note by flashing Tegrak’s recovery and kernel.

You can find the instructions for rooting the Korean version at Tegrak’s website but since it’s in Korean, let me briefly translate it for you.

*These are for Windows only but you can use Heimdall for Mac and Linux to flash the recovery.tar file, “heimdall –flash kernel recovery.tar”

First, install KIES on Windows, this will install USB drivers for the Galaxy Note.

Basically, you will need to use ODIN to flash the file ending in “recovery.tar”. This installs the recovery portion and will boot your phone into recovery.

Upon booting unto recovery, you need to find and flash the file ending in “.zip”. You should probably copy this file over to your phone beforehand.

Files for SKT Galaxy Note – SHV-E160S:

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Files for KT Galaxy Note LTE (SHV-E160K):

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Files for *LGU+ Galaxy Note LTE (SHV-E160L):


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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
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301 Responses to How to Root Korean Version Galaxy Note LTE![SHV-E160S] [SHV-E160K][SHV-E160L]

  1. xspach says:

    Once rooted, can i install CheckROM Revo ROM?

  2. kevin says:

    if i rooted my Korean version Galaxy Note using tegrak’s files, could i install the roms on the website such as checkrom or rocketrom? if i could, would I lose any files such as games, chat logs, or any apps? would i still be able to use 4g (I live in Korea)?

    thanx in advance for a hasty reply.

  3. Alex says:

    Could you provide a more In-Depth guide to rooting a korean version? I’m comparing both the regular note and the korean version and it’s proving to be quite difficult.

    the korean one is a bit hard to understand.

    • ThankGod Apere says:

      I bought my Samsung galaxy note in south Korea when I traveled there recently. I just discovered that I cannot send an SMS message that is above 80 alphabets and that is by far too small. Added to that it cannot even get to a second page of another 80 pages. It means that the maximum number of alphabets I can send in an SMS message is 80. Am considering discarding the galaxy note completely. Any remedy to my SMS message volume?

  4. matt says:

    after rooting the korean version could i run any rom?

  5. Darren says:

    I’m about to try this out on my LGU+ Galaxy Note LTE (SHV-E160L) gingerbread.FB07 but I’m just worried i’ll brick it since there is limited resources for this Korean model. If I can successfully root it though, is there a way I can I also install CWM Recovery? Even if I can do that I’m not too sure what custom ROM’s I could use…

  6. Carlson says:

    does this thing works?

  7. Maher says:

    can I Install an official Arabic rom on the Korean Note e160L? and how?

  8. Ravi says:

    HI, after rooting SHV-E160K
    Which ROMS can i install?
    Pls help, very urgent.

  9. Roy says:

    After rooted the korean version galaxy note
    can i follow the instruction and flash the Imilka AOSP ICS ROM with tablet UI?

  10. PAM says:

    I dont know anything about these phones yet, and i’m a little confuse why are there 3 versions of these. Can u be so kind to tell me the difference? Thank you!

  11. Adam333 says:

    I rooted my SVH-E160S that I picked in Korea using this method and It worked very well. However I have not been able to find any ROM that works on it. The problem this model does not support 3G, only LTE and 2G, though the chipset support 3G but it is carrier locked. Also this version will not allow any updates if you dont have the Korean SIM in. So I definetly need another ROM that support 3G.

    • goldfish says:

      does svh-e160s work on Tmobile in the US? Can I send or receive text messages?

      • john says:

        I hope someone answers this.. I have tmobile and was wondering how it work too.. I know it can support 2g, I just dont know how to configure it..

  12. tonsanity says:

    Hi Adam333, do you suggest to use Tegrak’s solution? Thanks

  13. Jason says:

    can anyone teach me how to root my SHV-E160S Galaxy Note? does it remove my applications? i just want to root to get rid of the korean applications installed. having trouble understanding i dont want to brick my phone. πŸ™

  14. Jason says:

    ok for those of you who are new to this (like me) i managed to root it; because i can now access system files so im pretty sure i’m rooted (because rooting gives you access to system files! kinda like getting permission for administrator control over your device). i’ll make it as detailed as possible for us noobs πŸ™‚

    make sure you download Odin, the .tar file and the .zip file for your specific model

    1. turn off your korean Galaxy Note (mine is SHV-E160S)
    2. connect usb cable to your pc (make sure you have Samsung Kies installed so your phone will be recognized during recovery mode)
    3. hold down the ff buttons: volume down + home + power, you will see a warning sign with korean writing…… press volume up
    4. go to your desktop/laptop and run Odin v1.85, you should have a yellow “0:[COM10]” at the left side to continue
    5. look for a tab that says “PDA” and select the .tar file for your model (in my case i’m using a SHV-E160S model so my file was “Tegrak-Kernel-Build-32-for-SHV-E160S-FA09.recovery.tar”)
    6. click “Start” and wait for the reboot
    7. next is turn off the device again, once the device is fully turned off… hold the following buttons: volume up + volume down
    8. while holding down the volume buttons, turn on the device by pressing the power button
    9. you should be in Tegrak’s recovery mode by now, you will be in a black screen with writings saying “Tegrak Kernel Build 32” highlighted yellow at the top of the screen
    10. navigate the menu with the volume buttons and select by pressing the home button…. search for your .zip file (in my case it is “”) and select that with the power button

    next thing i did was wait for the device to power back up and went in Google Play store. downloaded “Tegrak Kernel” first then downloaded “Superuser”. opened Tegrak Kernel and tapped “enable rooting”.. with this i was able to access my system files with this method “”

    hope this helps!

    • jocel says:

      hi,,,i my need some help,,,i just recently upddate my phone using on ics using kies,,,but i want to root it so i follow your step,,but i think i soft brick my phone,,coz i’m just keep booting on tegrak kernel build 32 when i update using the update zip,

      • Zorigo says:

        I have same problem. I updated my SHV-E160S with Android 2.3.6 to ICS through KIES. Then, i tried to do root as above, but it now does not start and shows only Tegrak Kernel Build 32 on the start and stuck. Please help me how to fix it!!

        • Sonu says:

          Hi , I have same problem with my has stuck on Tegrak Kernal build 32 on start….how can I come out from it…..Please help
          Thanks in advance….

    • Adrian C says:

      Followed exactly the instructions you posted. Everything went ok, even installing the Zip file. But when rebooting, it just goes blank after the Samsung Galaxy Logo and hangs there. Any ideas? Thanx.

      • bern says:

        this is cause of firware update, this is happen of my device all you need to do is go to samsung service center they fix your device and reboot properly …….

    • Alex says:

      I got an issue with loading the recovery.tar on the UG06 for ICS.. =\

      i keep getting a “firmware.xml” problem show up every time i try to load it. =[

    • raro says:

      I followed your steps exactly and upon rebooting (step 6) I get on the top left of the the screen four lines in English and in the middle a yellow triangle between a phone and a computer symbol, suggesting that there is something wrong with the connection. There is some Korean text (2 lines) below this symbol.

      Cannot get anywhere from here…any advise? Thanks!

      Here I uploaded a picture of the error:

    • ziyod says:

      hi Jason, i’m new android user and i own shv-e160s with FA30 baseband version. can i use the tar & zip files to root my GN. if not can u recommend another… thanks

    • sashen pasindu says:

      i think that will be done, i will try. thanks Jason.
      if i root my shv-e160 s galaxy note, would i able to send sms than 80 charactors??

    • shawn says:

      odin is not working when i press start it wouldn’t reboot

    • john says:

      really help thanks to you …

    • Jeffrey Marcaida says:

      Hi Jason,
      Good day!
      i would like to ask, do i need to download its firmware?
      I now have SHV-E160S and its OS is 4.1.2

  15. Jason says:

    ok, change the part where i said use “Android Mate”.. just download “Titanium Backup” its a much easier way to remove or freeze bloatware πŸ™‚

    • AXton says:

      hey man thanks for that great step by step instruction.

      I had a quick question:

      I’m not korean, but I have the korean galaxy note. I cant understand anything displayed in the language, is there anyway to do a hard reset on the phone? Also, is there a way to add a rom that changes the language to english?

  16. Dr. Rama Reddy says:

    I got a Korean Galaxy note SHV-E160L. Can someone help me whether I can change to software available for Galaxy Note N7000?. I am not able to use the Korean software, which is in Korean.
    I tried to copy my ppts from my laptop to my E160L but I am not successful.
    Please help me

  17. Jason says:

    ICS is out, and i think Tegrak released the recovery and kernel file for that too so go ahead and update.. root as you please πŸ™‚

  18. Tarcizio says:

    Hey guys! Regards from Brazil. So, i’ve just bought a unblocked korean Galaxy Note SHV-E160S in Seoul…Now i’m in Brazil and device worked fine with the local cell phone carrier (TIM – Brazil). Here in Brazil, we don’t have 4g lte system yet, so i’m using 3g GSM and it’s doing well. I strongly want to get root acess to my Note. Anyone have succeed? Anyone have bricked? Could i lost 3g access in Brazil if i get rooted? How risk it take? Please, help me. Tks

  19. Jason says:

    @Tarcizio: i succeeded, i had a couple of problems along the way but all were solved. i still have 3G access so don’t worry. just make sure you remove your simcard when rooting and all that πŸ™‚

    • daniel says:

      hey jason, I have tmobile. do you have any idea how to unlock the Korean Galaxy note? or will rooting it automatically do the job so I can use it?

  20. Tarcizio says:

    Thank you Jason! But, what kind of problems did you have?

  21. Jason says:

    @daniel: i have no idea about unlock ’cause my G-Note from Korean was already unlocked when i put in my sim. πŸ™ sorry

    @Tarcizio: my first problem was this constant bootloop after rooting, i just removed the battery and presto! no more bootloop. other problem was losing 3G capability but that was easily solved by switching from GSM (auto prl) to WCDMA only for the baseband πŸ™‚ the rest was cake! i now have ICS with honeycomb effects, pretty cool i might add!

  22. Konti says:

    I’am searching the stock ics rom for e160s. my phone does not boot anymore and i have no backup that i could flash via odin. could anybody help please?

  23. fiona says:

    dear max,

    thanks for this post
    can i ask you one thing? if i will this can i send mms?
    caus korea one has special sms system. so it doesn work here(i mean mms)
    in india now…
    if you did already with this, can you send mms to your friends?
    can i get answer…:(

  24. ron says:

    i have a question for jason is your note FA09 or FA05

    • Jason says:

      it used to be FA09.. now it’s UE10 since i upgraded to ICS. cool thing is i installed the Samsung Galaxy S3 apps such as the dandelion live wallpaper, the ability to play videos while using other stuff (look for super video at google play) and S Voice. works nice except that Samsung started to block S Voice which are not used by S3s.. so best solution is to change something in the system files to make it seem like an S3. also changed touchwiz to the S3 version. feels like an S3 man! πŸ™‚

      • ron says:

        thanks much appreciated. i just upgraded to ICS too and trying to root it. i found all the right files for it but it didnt work at all. πŸ™ how did you do yours?

        • Jason says:

          just make sure you have the right kernel. like if you’re on ICS with the UE10 build, double check that you are flashing with the Tegrak kernel build UE10. the recent one was Tegrak Kernel Build 39 for UE10. just boot into download mode, run odin v1.8.5, plug in your phone, click PDA and look for the kernel and start. that’s it. all you need to do next is boot into recovery mode and flash the .zip file. download Tegrak Kernel at google play afterwards and select enable root. πŸ™‚

          • ron says:

            i did all that the only part im having trouble is flashing that zip file. i went to the recovery mode and click install zip from sdcard and nothing happens…

  25. Konti says:

    Latest tegrak files can be found at the bottom of this page:

  26. Jason says:

    just tried installing touchwiz 5 (Galaxy S3’s touchwiz) and now my note feels like a Galaxy S3! all it lacks is the lock screen animation. managed to install the S3 icons and UI sounds as well. awesome πŸ™‚ rooting rules! at first it sucks but you’ll get the hang of it and will be able to fix those problems along the way.

    • Konti says:

      I tried it yestrday, too.
      but no success. installation worked easy. but touchwiz hang up directly after start. where did you get the files and introduction from?

      • Jason says:

        try somewhere in those forums are the files that i got. different threads but i managed to pick the ones that work perfectly fine.

        • Jason says:

          in my case, all i did was put the seclauncher2.apj and the other one in their proper folders (system/apps for the .apk & system/lib for the other file). then i downloaded “homesmack” from play store. it enables you to pick a launcher and set it to default. try rebooting the phone after copying the touchwiz launcher to its folders. after that just try again. i currently have 3 launchers (the old touchwiz, the apex launcher & the touchwiz 5 of the S3).. currently i’m sporting the S3 touchwiz. set it to default hehehe πŸ˜‰

          • Konsti says:

            i had to reboot a couple of times. Then there appeared an.update notification and i could use it. By the way, while try to ‘mod’ the phone you can see that the whole structure of apps and libs is different from ‘normal’ devices

            • Jason says:

              yeah its pretty much different. so i just extracted the files to the said folder and i saw no need to overwrite stuff. i managed to disable the constant update notification by going through applications>manage apps>all and i disabled software update.

    • ryne says:

      How did you managed to install s3 icon?

    • Nauc says:

      plz share the step by step tutorial. thanx

  27. ryne says:

    hi,,,does anyone knows where can i download stock gingerbread fo galaxy note shv-e160s,,,
    thanks in advanced

  28. Jason says:

    if anyone needs the stock boot up and shut down animations, just holler. it will make your Korean note feel more like an international version with the Samsung boot up and shutdown animations and sound instead of that SKT animation

    • Galaxynote shv-e160s says:

      Hey Jayson,
      did you made your galaxy note look like more a galaxy s3?how?

      • Jason says:

        installed the new touchwiz launcher, added smartstay (iseeyou app), floating video (super video app), rapid shot (fast burst camera app) installed S3 live wallpapers, boot up and shutdown animation plus the icons

        • Galaxynote shv-e160s says:

          thank you,,,
          but what about the icons?,,did you you flash s3 icon pack on the stock recovery?,,do you have a guide on how to put them on galaxy note?

  29. Konti says:

    We should start a forum, where all the question about the shv-e160s can be discussed. Any idea where we could start it?

    • Jason says:

      i’m a member of the unfortunately they only acknowledge the AT&T version and the international version. no specific category made for the korean version. managed to post a few stuff there in the AT&T version since it has the same specs except for the physical home button which the american release does not have.

  30. windy says:

    i have a camera problem with my SHV-e160s. when i open the camera, it will be black screen and after that it say “camera failed” do you have a problem like that? thanks

  31. Konti says:

    Somebody posted something about an custom rom on xda…
    didn’t checked it myself!

    has anybody solved the 80char sms prob on 160s yet?
    i can receive sms via goSMS but just can send via stock messages app.

    • Jason says:

      man i wish we’d find a way to get rid of that 80 character limit because i love the split view in the stock message app hehe

  32. mutkas says:

    After following this tuto my menu and back keys don’t work anymore. Help please.

    • Jason says:

      you sure you installed the right firmware and build for your note? or did you flash the proper recovery? cause mine messed up the first time when i flashed a wrong recovery build to my phone.

      • mutkas says:

        All firmware I am installing don’t allow me to use menu and back keys. I didn’t to wrong I think. But I don’t understand why these keys don’t work at all.

        • Jason says:

          try doing a fresh restore via Odin if you can. restore is usually the last resort for all software problems but works 95% of the time. πŸ™‚

          • mutkas says:

            I tried many time to restore via Odin, nothing is happening. Still have back and return menu not working. I really don’t understand and this phone become unusefull for me… I don’t like it any more….

        • marlo says:

          i have the same problem that i experience no. my menu and back keys are not working. what did you do? can I still save it? thanks

  33. Ash says:

    I was able to successfully root my phone. =) Mine is the E160K version UE12. Is there really no other ROM that I can install that’s compatible with my korean note? I hate the 90 character limit when sending SMS using the system messaging app. I tried using Go SMS Pro and Handcent but sending sms only works when the message itself is over 160 characters. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

    • Jason says:

      unfortunately i too am stuck with GoSMS.. i noticed that when i’m nearing to hit my 0 character limit for the first half i couldn’t send a message. fix is to make your messages either longer than 160 or shorter. sorry i haven’t found a way to remove the 80 character limit on the native message app, i’d love to though because i like the split view of the stock message app.

  34. Jason says:

    i just saw a newer version of ICS today its UF13 for SHV-E160S.. but mine’s the UE10 build. anyone tried the newer build and tell me the difference? don’t wanna update again because i put in a lot of work on my current firmware hehe. unless the upgrade is worth it.

    • Konti says:

      I’m running UF13 for a couple of days now… haven’t found anything new yet…. still android 4.0.3. it’ was a lot of work to remove all the (for me) useless korean apps again….

      • Jason says:

        looks like im still staying on UE10, don’t want to remove again those korean aps. my problem now is to remove the korean letters on the default dialer.

        • Nizam says:

          bro..can u teach me how to unroot back my SHV-E160L..i just made some mistake during the root and my note doesnt reboot..just stuck and the tegrak-kernal page after samsung page..
          please help me

          • Jason says:

            try restoring your phone with Odin, unless you made a nandroid backup, that’s the only way to go. or try flashing the correct kernel build for your phone.

  35. Konti says:

    The first jelly bean widget can be downloaded.
    Couldn’t install the transparent version. The normal version works great. Downloaded the apk file.

  36. Konti says:

    I just opened a forum to discuss some topics…
    check it out:

    no registration is needed. just feel free to share your experience and ask for help

  37. Shawn says:

    Can’t send SMS and no caller-ID with received SMS.

    I have an unlocked SHV-e160L version of the note.

    However, I took the phone to Singapore and picked up a SIM card via Starhub, a local telco.

    Calls and 3G connectivity are fine.

    However, I can’t send SMS with any stock or 3rd party app (Handcent, GoSMS). I can receive messages but there is no caller ID.


    I read something on XDA about the baseband being locked to Korea’s LG U network?

    Will flashing the SHV-e160S or some other Korean ROM fix this issue?


    • Jason says:

      try entering SKT’s hidden menu and adjusting your network settings. i posted how to enter the hidden menu somewhere above.

      • Shawn says:

        Mine is the LG U+ version not SKT.

        Can get into hidden menu but the SMS address centre setting there is correct. Just can’t send and no caller-id when I receive.

  38. Ben Rowe says:

    I Cannot get any of the above links to download?????

  39. dOOfuz-note says:

    could anyone help me i followed the intrsuctions clearly but after all that my note just shows samsung galaxy note on startup then dies or gives me a blank screen please help im lost, such a shame to lose a good phone

    • Konti says:

      Don’t worry… Describe more exactly which steps you finished and perhaps someone can help you. And if not, there is still the possibility to reflash the firmware via odin…

      • ddOOfuz-note says:

        well at first i followed tegrak’s instructions.

        i downloaded odin then run it.

        (on off status) i pressed volume down + Power + home button
        press volume up (it showed the android icon with red odin mode font upper left of the screen.

        then connected it to the PC after ODIN detected the phone i pressed PDA clicked the .tar file by tegrak for SHV-E160S.. after it said passed i detached the phone and on off mode i pressed volume up + down + power and it said

        Tegrak Kernel Build 39 <– yellow color

        on the update menu i install zip from sdcard ( i copy paste the .zip file by tegrak for SHV-E160S on the sdcard DCIM folder)

        then after that i pressed exit and then…. boom.. haha just when it started up first the Samsung logo, then came the samsung galaxy note logo then after that it just gives me a blank space.

        This Korean Samsung galaxy note was a gift a couple days ago from a korean friend somehow i mananged to turn it to a paperweight in a matter of hours…

        • Jason says:

          what firmware are you on (ICS or GB)? did you flash the kernel with the same build (ex. UE10, FA09 etc..)?

          • dOOfuz-note says:

            GB firmware FA09. im quite a noob when it comes to rooting lol.. i hope i didnt mess up my phone so much. im giving it a rest though, maybe ill start again tommorow but if this this goes into blank mode again i may have to return to my ever-boring iphone4.. sheesh!

            @ Jason and Konti .. thanks a lot for the help and effort. (some people will just say its your problem not mine but not you guys)..

            • Jason says:

              @dOOfuz-note: wanna update to ICS? hmm.. go to this website and download SHV-E160S UF13 (

              next go to this one and downloadn both tegrak files for SHV-E160S UF13 (

              next is update via Odin. after that use the kernel files posted above this sentence. goodluck to you man!

              unfortunately for me i’m leaving the Galaxy Note scene soon, switching to S3 and will wait for the Galaxy Note 2. for now just rocking my G-Tab 7.7, i miss my Note though hehe.

            • Konti says:

              Have you ever tried to connect to kies? it could be even possible that kies fixes your prob itself if it detects a wrong kernal. you could try to connect in downloadmode.
              my other suggestion would be, to flash your actual firmware(you can download it from tegrak’s hp) via odin an then to flash the fitting kernal from tegrak.
              after that you can update to the latest firmware via kies a root again.
              if you need any help, just ask

  40. darist says:


    hi, I have a Japanese Galaxy Note (SC-05D-andriod 2.3.6), rooted my phone using this procedure but im back to stock ROM because after rooted some functions didn’t work specially my torch. I decide to try all 3 korean Tegrak kernels, 2 of them (E160L & E160K) i think was not compatible because my screen was not working and only E160S work. Later today i saw new tegrak kernels,

    2. Tegrak-Kernel-Build-39-for-SHV-E160S-UG06

    is this the one you’ve talking about ICS update?
    can i use these kernels for phone directly?
    do i have to install the stock rom of these and then root it afterwards?
    ive also pay for the unlock of this phone, went to DOCOMO shop and they unlock it, is this permanent unlock?
    is there any chances of lossing my unlock “IF” i will update to ICS using korean ROM?

    • Jason says:

      @darist if you’re going to flash your phone make sure you have the same build as with the kernel your using. check your phone’s settings and see if you have the stock ICS build UG06 on. i’ve used ICS UF13 form and flashed with Tegrak-Kernel-Build-39-for-SHV-E160S-UF13.recovery and zip.

      about the unlock i am not sure because i never encountered a locked android before, only unlocked ones. sorry dude

  41. amy says:


    Please help, new to all this rooting and i’m struggling a bit.

    I installed the tegrak recovery tar file to my korean note SHV E160S….BUT when I am trying to download the zip file, the file appears to download but then when i extract the files there is no actual file ending in .zip.

    My phone is now stuck in tegrak recovery mode and i cant flash it with any files. been checking out that korean site (below) thinking mayeb i could flash with the ICS rom instead, but no idea which file to choose.

    Please help, i literally was introduced to the terms ‘root’ and ‘flash’ this weekend and have spent so many hours with this dam phone.

    • Konti says:

      take the zip file from here.
      you have to pick the right version!

      • Jason says:

        @konti dude, i think she’s trying to extract the zip file. you should flash the zip file not extract it. go tegrak recovery mode and install the zip file, not the content. πŸ™‚

    • Jason says:

      for you just download the UF13 build (just make sure you’re on SKT’s Galaxy Note SHV-E160S) then use Odin to install the ICS firmware build UF13 from its about 10MB each, has 78 files and extract it using 7-zip. once you extracted the .md5 file open up Odin and click PDA, enter recovery mode by powering off then holding home+volume up and then press the power button to turn it on. once you see a warning sign logo with korean writing press volume up. next plug in your Note, turn on Odin and select PDA and find the .md5 file which you extracted from the 78 files from the website. after that click start. you will be on ICS once its finished. copy the zip file “” to your root folder of your Note. next is turn off your Note again and enter recovery mode once more. connect your Note and again, via Odin, click PDA and select “Tegrak-Kernel-Build-39-for-SHV-E160S-UF13.recovery.tar”. once successful you will be powered back up. so power down once more. after turning it off, hold both volume buttons and power up. you will be in Tegrak’s recovery menu. you’ll see something “install from SD card” and navigate using the volume buttons and click that with the power button. then choose the zip file. DONE! u’ll just have to download superuser via Play Store after rooting. hope that helps!

  42. Jason says:

    forgot to mention you should install Tegrak Kernel from google play store first before attempting to install Superuser also from the play store. πŸ™‚

    • darist says:

      thanks alot @jason…

      I search some website to download SKT stock ICS rom, check out this

      1. for stock rom
      2. for tegrak kernel

      • Jason says:

        that’s good, more sites with ICS for the Korean Galaxy Note community. although i download mine at hehe

        • darist says:

          i flash the stock ics rom via odin, it get fail at the last moment.. when i reboot the
          phone, check my setting and im on 4.0.3 but i do not have signals.

          ive try the hidden but end up nothing. im going to flash the original stock ROM and hope will back to normal

          • Jason says:

            flash the stock rom. check again the build of your ICS and don’t just flash immediately. you should have the same build number for your phone and the kernel you’re flashing.

            • darist says:

              Details of my phone

              Model Number: SC-05D
              Andriod Version: 2.3.6
              Baseband version: SC05DOMLCE
              Kernel version: se.infra@SEP-51 #2
              Build number: GINGERBREAD.OMLCE

              when i flash the ICS stock rom from korea it fails on ODIN at “MODEM” part

              may be i will wait for docomo update, it scares me alot and thought i broke my phone

              anyway flashing UF13 adds my binary counter by 1.

              • Jason says:

                @darist sorry dude, i dont think this will work on your Note because this is for the korean version. i think docomo is from japan.ΓΆ you should look for a ROM for SC-05D.

                • darist says:

                  thanks @Jason, I read again topics from XDA forums and i also find out similar outcome when flashing stock ROM from korean Gnote.

                  rooting Galaxy Note SC-05D via tegrak method was definitely achievable but trying to upgrade to ICS was far far away from happening.. i guess that i have to wait for docomo’s update.

                  im was started to think that im wrong from buying this phone rather than the N7000 model. development was very slow.

  43. V.truly says:

    My phone is Korea of ​​SHV-160S (but using in Cambodia now) after upgraded to the official 4.0.3 version. I’ve got some issue:

    1.Data network not stable (3G service is ok but sometime not)
    2.Voice & SMS call not stable (out-going & incoming call are ok but sometime not)

    Model number: SHV-E160S
    ANDROID version: 4.0.3
    Basic version: SHV-E160S.UF05.1611.ST
    Kernel version: 3.0.8-perf-E160S.UG06.1737-CL703272
    Build number: IML74K.UG06

    Note: my phone doen not root.

    Please help me to solve these issue.

    Many thanks in advance

    • Jason says:

      if you’re on SKT, try entering the hidden menu (dial 319712358 and then password 996412). go to network settings and select WCDMA and set the HSPA to HSDPA. it will keep you on 3G or better and not go down to 2G if you have a signal. about the voice call, don’t know why that happens probably a signal or area problem? try tinkering the network settings in the hidden menu.

      • V.truly says:

        Hi, Jason
        First, i would like to thanks for your positive response.
        Actually, I already try to change network setting in hidden menu but still the same problem. At that time, i also check the phone status (Settings –> About phone –> Status –> Mobile Network state) is “Disconnected”. So, mean that the signal was disconnect from network that cause the Voice/SMS call not available sometime. Then i try to go back to Andriod 2.3.6, also got same problem with the same SIM card but when I try test with another SIM card (that get from another mobile operator), it working fine. So, Did you have any recommend if I want to upgrade to ICS again?

        • Jason says:

          hmm.. try checking in settings, about, status.. see if your number is there under “my mobile number” if it doesn’t come out, you need an iphone or another phone that can save your mobile number for it to function properly. just my two cents hehe. give it a shot hope it works, it worked on my mother’s galaxy note which had problems with her sim. just so happened that the Note can’t see her number. with an iPhone, insert your simcard and in the settings of the iPhone you can change “my number” and save it. then return the simcard into your G-Note. or try with another phone that can do the same task. πŸ™‚

          • V.truly says:

            I will try with your instruction after i upgrade to ICS again.
            Many thanks for your time support, Jason.

  44. Wilson says:

    Hey there,

    I cant seem to get past the hold the down and up volume button + power on stage to get to the tegrak boot page.

    Im using the lgU model. I did everything and passed all the stages right until rebooting and turning off the phone after ODin. Please help. Thank

    • Jason says:

      after all the steps and when you’re about to flash the zip, turn off your phone. hold volume up + volume down button.. then press the power button for about 5 seconds, don’t completely hold it. only the volume up and down button should be held til the recovery menu comes out.

  45. Dadan says:

    Hey guys,
    Really need help, as texting is not working properly.

    – The problem is that I can only send 80 character SMS with the stock app.
    – Receives as “Call ID Blocked” and have no idea which people I am speaking to
    – Already updated to ICS + root

    I’m from Indonesia

  46. Dadan says:

    Hey guys,
    Really need help, as texting is not working properly.

    Now I’m use Samsung Galaxy Note SHV E160L
    – The problem is that I can only send 80 character SMS with the stock app.
    – Receives as β€œCall ID Blocked” and have no idea which people I am speaking to
    – Already updated to ICS + root

    I’m from Indonesia

    • Jason says:

      unfortunately there is no way around the 80 character limit for SMS if you have a Korean Note unless you flash with a custom ROM. you’ll have to search for custom ROMs for your specific model around the web.

      ICS update won’t increase your 80 character limit. sorry.

      about the caller ID i never experienced that yet, try searching in the forums of xda-developers.

    • Jason says:

      this is one of the ROMs i’m pertaining to that can actually surpass the 80 character limit, but only works on SHV-E160L versions of the Korean Galaxy Notes. the others like SHV-E160S are out of luck, settle for Go SMS Pro or Handcent for now guys.

      • Jason says:

        oh sorry my bad, this is the process how to remove the 80 char limit, not the ROM itself LOL. haven’t tried replacing the mms.apk yet so goodluck to those who want to try. can’t do it anymore since i don’t have a Korean Note (rockin’ the S3 hehehe)

        • Shawn says:

          I tried the process on the XDA site URL. I didn’t replace the MMS.apk as detailed in another thread.

          Doing this DOESN’T surpass the 80 character limit on my EVH-160L. I can however, get caller ID when I get an SMS via the stock app.

          Using Handcent and GoSMS does NOT surpass the 80 character limit either.

          So it seems that unless someone finds another method or cooks up a custom ROM, EVH-160L users are stuck with the 80 char limit.

          • Jason says:

            it splits up your message when it gets too long, but worked for me before so yeah. pretty much stuck with 80 char limit. either that or swap for an international version of the Note

  47. praveenhamal says:

    please help me..
    ive got korean Gnote and updated to official ics 4.0.3 now i want to root it.

    my model is shv-e160s
    baseband version:
    kernel version: 3.08-perf-e160s.ug06.1737-cl703272

    which kernel file should i use . im confused with badeband version and kernel version
    please share the link for rooting files if possible.
    ive never rooted my device before .. please help ……..lots of thanks in advance

    • Jason says:

      use the file with UG06 since your build is UG06 hehe. then follow the steps i typed some posts above, you’ll find it. good luck!

      • Jason says:

        to be more specific use these:


        • praveenhamal says:

          first of all congratulation for your new galaxy s3 and secondly congratulation to me since i managed to root my device with ur instruction πŸ˜‰ it even didnt took 6 minutes. thanks a lot.
          i want to know if anyday i decided to uroot my device like before is it possible
          please explain in short what do i need.
          or is there any way to make complete backup of my firmware incase any problem in future. thanks a looottt

          • Jason says:

            to unroot just go into the Tegrak kernel app and tap “disable root/unroot” (can’t recall what the label is but its there). after that just search for the stock recovery and flash it with that. same build of course. that’s what the forums say..

            but my way would be to flash a stock ROM using Odin. download a stock ROM for your Note and open up Odin. click PDA tab and select the file, then start.ΓΌ it won’t erasw your data so its cool

            • praveenhamal says:

              thanks a lot jason.
              i searched a stock rom for shv e160s ug06
              but i couldnt find it anywhere :(. i saw stock rom for uf13, ue10,fd21 bla bla.. but could find neither ug06 and uf05.
              once i could get custom rom flash file i could further experiment with my rooted device. plz help

  48. Jason says:

    hey fellow Korean Galaxy Note users! sorry couldn’t answer your inquiries most of the time, having a hectic schedule. sad to say i’m no longer a Galaxy Note user myself, transferred to the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab 7.7. but still i’ll try to help those who needs help and those problems i can address with my knowledge. peace out! more power to G-Note Korea hehehe πŸ™‚

  49. Alex says:

    Hey guys, is there possibly a SIMPLIFIED version of how i can update to ICS?
    cuz i’m rooted right now on gingerbread, but i can’t seem to update to ics over the air… =\
    and I dont have a PC. I’m on a Mac.

    Can anyone give me a list of directions and links to the files i need to update to the latest ICS version?
    any input would be GREATLY appreciated~! ^^;

    I’m on a mac by the way~


    • Jason says:

      sorry mate, if you can’t update via kies or via over-the-air then Odin or MobileOdin is your next bet. πŸ™‚

  50. praveenhamal says:

    wow! enjoy ur galaxy s3.

  51. dadan says:

    Hey Jaaon…. Finally i found discuz for this phone but…. It’s different langunge cek
    this link:

    I hope you can help us for translate this link……..

  52. dadan says:

    It’s all about samsung galaxy note korean all version..
    Link :

    Help us….. Jason

  53. Shawn says:

    Anyone got a System Update in the last few days for the EVH-160L? No, it’s not Jellybean but a 9mb update.

    I tried to update my rooted phone but it wouldn’t let me. Any idea if it’s because of the root or because I’m not on the Korean network?

    Currently running ICS 4.0.3.

  54. LeoparD says:

    I’ve got SHV-E160S.FA30, does this method work on my note?

    Thank you!

  55. Kimsiv says:

    I have galaxy note SVH-E160L and already official upgrade to ICS 4.0.4 it work great but when I root by follow the instruction above by using Odin. Now I can not use my phone because it can not load to normal mod. It is in Tegrak Mode. can any one help me please?

    • Jason says:

      the instruction above is constant but the thing is you have to make sure you are flashing the correct kernel, because the ones posted above are outdated and not for ICS. so try going to and find the proper build for your firmware. it is possible that you flashed a kernel that does not have the same build as yours. if that’s the case your next option is to flash a stock ROM and try rooting again with the kernel of the same build as that stock ROM. πŸ™‚

  56. Jason Mitchell says:

    Help!!! Same as above, except using 4.03. I am a newbie and f…ed up somewhere with the zip file. I thought I’d downloaded it onto my sd card, didn’t double-check(?), and hadn’t. I know! I can navigate tegrak but can’t get out to see if I can fix it. Someone please help as I use this device constantly and just wanted to get rid of the bundleware and try and make it smoother.

  57. Jason Mitchell says:

    Also, I’m using Odin. Can I get a tar file to restore it to factory stock rom, for instance?

    • Jason says:

      yes you can, just download ANY stock ROM, doesn’t matter if its ICS or GB, just make sure it’s for your specific model of Galaxy Note (SHV-E160S/K/L). don’t mind the build because that won’t affect your phone.

  58. Jason Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the reply but I’m Really New. Where do I get it and do I simply put it in the PDA of Odin and start? I’ve been chasing my tail all day.

  59. Jason Mitchell says:

    Also(sorry), don’t forget I’m trapped in-between tegrak and Odin, in terms of what I can navigate, on my phone and this is all new to myself. I should have done more prep’ work but trial and error,etc. It’s stressful in a fun sort of a way.

  60. Jason Mitchell says:

    I persevered and got there in the end. Thanks for your earlier reply. Now I can go to bed, sleep, and get up in the morning to try and root it again knowing now where I went wrong initially, how these programs work and if it happens again, how to fix it. Some day off! I haven’t been so stressed and annoyed at myself since I was a post-grad, a good decade ago, and I’ve had some stressful jobs in my time. Phew!!!!! If the person who posted the comment above my initial one reads this then just do what I did- get a stock rom for your model, and stick it in the PDA and press start.

    • Jason says:

      very nicely done, that’s exactly what i went through when i had the Galaxy Note the first time, congratulations πŸ™‚

  61. Dadan says:

    Hey Jason…. How to use or unlock cdma line on Samsung Galaxy Note SHV E160L…

    • Jason says:

      sorry mate, only know how to jailbreak/root and troubleshoot, unlock is a whole new thing for me. your knowledge of it is as good as mine πŸ™‚

  62. mike says:

    how to download the rom that are all zips? i want to download the ug06 build number but they are compressed
    in 7-zip file. Do i have to compile all those 68 zips for ug06?

  63. Dadan says:

    Hello Jason….
    Can you share costom rom for samsung galaxy note SHV E160L….

  64. James says:

    Hi Jason,
    First and foremost, thanks for the help you are giving everyone in here.
    Now, I’m also a proud user of SHV-e160S.
    I want to make sure on which file to use to be able to root my device.
    Baseband version: FD20.1441.ST
    Buildnumber FD21-Gingerbread.
    Now should i use the files in here?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Jason says:

      no since your build number is FD21.. try updating to ICS instead like UE10 or UF13 then use


      for UF13 build of course hehe

  65. Jason Mitchell says:

    Jason, I hate being a bother but I’ve not got much free time at the moment to get really clued up on all this. Can you please tell me how you got the tegrak zip file to your sd card as this is where I ran into probs initially? I tried transferring it using Kies and it said the SHV-160L won’t support the file format of the zip listed above. Also, since re-installing the stock ROM I keep getting things shutting down on me but now when I hold down the volume, etc. to boot into recovery to reset to factory settings and wipe cache, it won’t do it. I’m going to try something at the mo’ but if you have encountered any similar probs your advice would be gratefully received. TIME!

    • Jason says:

      just connect your phone and wait for your computer to discover it on MTP mode. then just create this folder in your root directory /tegrak/update and then paste the .zip file there

  66. roldan says:

    im newbei here i just got a new galaxy note shv-e160l and serching how to unglock my phone from other network here in korea coz i have an kt simcard and i try to put it in my note and when i turn on it says that my usim was crash and i was reading here and it syas that it is already unlocked and futher my reading i got confuse about rooting galaxy note can anybody tell me what are the advantages of a galaxy note that is rooted can this means that if your nnote was rooted the carrier logo will not show when turning on your devices thanks in advance

    • Jason says:

      it lets you touch system files and customize your phone more. when in comes to unlocking the rooting itself can’t do anything.

  67. James says:

    hi Jason,
    Thanks for the reply. I’m still comfortable using gingerbread though. Can you give me the link for FD21 Tegra files?
    Hopefully someone can send a link to the files base on your build
    How will I update this to ICS btw?

    Many Thanks!

  68. Konti says:

    there’s a new update for e160s. tegrak already uploaded files for it.

  69. Larry says:

    Hi guys,
    I am new in this forum. I just bought SHV-e160s. I followed your forum and learn a lot a things here.
    I saw new update from tekgrak. I already update my one via Kies and use Odin for new update from tegrak.
    Done. Now my one is
    Android 4.0.4
    Baseband version: SHV-E160S.UG31.1316.ST
    Kernel version: 3.0.8-perf-E160s.UH03.1918-CL966809
    Build number: IMM76D.UH03

    • Jason says:

      congratulations mate πŸ™‚

    • kingcun says:

      So, when u upgrade new fw, the sms was used good or not ? in my country, the sms center looks like blocked the sms service. I had change to HDSPA and SMS setting ( GPS all – cause this office doesn’t support CDMA ). And the limit 60 or 80 character ? did u solve this problem ?

  70. Konti says:

    i tried to update my e160s to uh03 via kies. but i always get a message that i need at least 60mb of free space. there is more than enough space everywhere and i already tried to wipe the caches without success. has anybody an idea?

  71. Larry says:

    For kingcun:
    I do all things without simcard, after finishing upgrade,root enable by tegrak, just input simcard in.
    Go a SKT Hidden Menu.. you can tweak the Network settings.Just go to your phone dialer and dial 319712358.. it will ask for a password. enter 996412
    1. Network setting: i set mine from automatic to WCDMA for 3G or GSM All .
    service domain->CS only
    Channel setting->Full
    Security mode: Integrity:off; Ciphering:off; fake_security:off
    HSPA setting->HSDPA
    2. Videocall setting: I do not touch (I never use)
    3. SMS setting:
    SMSC address setting-> +84xxxxxxxxx (my country code)->set->ok. Set your sms center in your country.
    SMS Pref mode: CS only
    4. Waiting sound/System/Auto answer/SKT Autotest/Touchkey setting: I do not touch.
    After that download go SMS Pro, do your setting, pls remember set SMSC is exact same as you do as above.
    Done. Hope you will fix your prbl.
    To: Konti:
    I got the same prbl, you should move some things such as video,picture,music… to somewhereelse on your computer until your internal memory free more than 11GB (in my case). After that you can copy all your files back to internal memory. Try it, maight be it help.

    • Konti says:

      Hey Larry, thanks for your reply.

      I’ve got:
      1.22GB free device memory
      18.30GB free USB storage
      1.86GB free SD card storage

      Do you know where more space is necessary?

      • James says:

        still encountering the 60Mb error? what you need to do is restore your phone to factory setting and connect your phone to kies afterwards. You’ll be fine then. Cheers.

  72. Sanga says:


    Need help from anyone. I bought galaxy note. From ebay, but found that it’s Korean version . As below detail.
    Model SHV-E160K
    Baseband. Shv-160k.FB06.1612.KT
    Build number. Gingerbread .FB16

    I would like to upgrade to ics. But when try to connect via kie it can not see the device even though I am on download mode. What should I do? Do I need to root it before that?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Konti says:

      There is a button for connectionproblems in kies. Click on it and follow the steps. The drivers will be installed again and it should work. I have/had this problems sometimes, too.

      • Konti says:

        and don’t connect in downloadmode… kies will switch to downloadmode automatically

        • Sanga says:

          Hi Konti,

          I tried to connect the devices to Kies as normal phone mode. Kie can see my device but not pop up automatic updated. Once try to choose update and initialize . It pops up that SHV-E160K can not be initialized . Any hints ?


  73. ria says:

    im using note svh e160s version. i hate the 80 character in sms which automatically becomes an mms msg when i exceeded 80. 3g network doesnt really work well. so i had to rely on wi fi connection only. cant even send mms’. 4g is not yet available here so cant really use it.
    does the korean version even actually have an antenna that can be pulled out?? upper left corner
    can i install ics after rooting?

    • Jason says:

      yes the 80 character limit is really bothering my mother right now (hehehe i gave her my Korean Galaxy Note before going to my S3), 3G works fine when you set the network settings to WCDMA and HSDPA in the SKT hidden menu. 4G isn’t available in most areas so that too is a bust. her Note has the antenna i believe the Korean Notes have it. anyone ever solved the 80 character limit for the stock messaging app? Go SMS Pro and Handcent just doesn’t feel native enough. will definitely change the character limit in her Note once someone posts a good link to solving it. or.. maybe just sell it and get an international version :b

  74. ria says:

    some people actually thought that i bought a fake note (svh e160s). btw i’m in oman. and also of the microsim used and antenna. i just updated my firmware. works fine so far. can’t use mms though. why is that so? tnx

  75. hey bro when i connected USB Galaxy Note E160s to my pc. But my pc don’t detect galaxy note. Any solutions?
    i already installed Kies, how to connect my galaxy note???? tnx bro

  76. Konti says:

    There will be a Jelly Bean update for Galaxy Note πŸ™‚

  77. Ephraim says:

    My Korean galaxy note lte won’t send SMS Messages. My service is Simple Mobile and the Internet works fine, as well as making phone calls. But I can’t send text messages.I can receive text messages but it’s shows the recipient as an unknown sender. Help plz

  78. lloyd says:

    help me guys pmy note lte shv e160s.. i have a problem in sms 80characters only and my unit already update to ics 4.0.4 theres anyone app.. that i can use in sms… go sms and handsend did not support…

  79. CK says:

    Hi, I have galaxy note E160L and i like to unlock to Bell. But do you think that can solve it?

  80. mike says:

    my build no. is ug06 then I have a firmware update on kies which is uh24. is it ok if i will update my firmware to uh24? my phone has a tegrak kernel w/c is for ug06 and it’s rooted. Will it be ok to update? or my root will be gone?

    • jairrab says:

      Did you went ahead and flashed UH24 and find a way to root? Any interesting changes with latest firmware?

      • mike says:

        i did not yet upgraded it to UH24, is it ok to upgrade even if it has a tegrak kernel and rooted for UH06? and also i can’t look for UH24 root that’s why i did not yet upgraded it. how about you jairrab?

        • jairrab says:

          Ok, I was hesitating to update to UH24 because I know was going to lose root. Anyway, the heck with it, I know at some point somebody would root that thig so I went ahead. So here’s what I found:

          UH24 is based of 4.0.4. The latest firmware for my e160k is UF13 (or UF14- already forgot) which is based on 4.0.3 so it was nice to see an Android level up.

          I didn’t see any thing new from a user experience. It did brought back all the bloat I already removed before so now Im stuck with it unless I find a way to root thins thing once more.

          I did notice, though it may just be me, that there was a very noticeable performance increase. Apps just seem to start more quickly and more fluidly.

          I’ll try to look around and see if there’s anything more I can find. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you would like me to check.

          • Woopsgoops says:

            Hi, even I was rooted on my SHV-E160L UG-19,. Then upgraded to UH-24. Now I got all the bloatware back. yes android is upgraded to 4.0.4 But no root access. Although I see my superuser application but I guess it is of no use now. Have to find a way to root it.

            Got some things on KOXDA, they got the official firmware 4.0.4 rooted. But I can’t download from there since it needs Chinese verification image codes to reply and then to download.

            I hope someone will help.

  81. Woopsgoops says:

    Yes, I did checked on Tegrak page but, there was no update for rooting UG-14. But you can upgrade your SHV-E160L by koxda method. Download the .tar file and do the ODN way. Its written in the website how to do it. I think I am not allowed to post links here but this is how it should be… http : // / thread-76224-1-1.html

    Problem being, in order to download there seems to be some strict guidelines and we have to do the image verification which is in Chinese. πŸ™

  82. mike says:

    how to download this UF13 from
    the zips are from t0
    do i need to compile all those zips?

  83. Woopsgoops says:

    I thik you need to download all the zips and then open 01file in win rar, it should take all the zips and will create one file out of it. I haven’t did this personally but, read somewhere.

  84. rich says:

    @jason. very easy to follow tutorial. worked like a charm. shv-e160s here.

  85. Gia says:

    I have the korean version of Galaxy Note and I can’t send MMS or more than 80 characters!!
    The guy I bought it from suggested that its because of the ROM and right now it’s on Gingerbread.fd21.
    Someone please help me!!! I’m not sure what to do anymore.


  86. mike says:

    @jairrab – yes really hoping someone will help us on this UH24 root files.

  87. mike says:

    i really want to downgrade my firmware to UF13 but in this site
    the firmware zips are not compiled.
    how can i compile all these zips to flash on odin?
    help please..
    tnx in advnce..

  88. darist says:

    my japanese galaxy note SC-05D has been updated to ICS 4.0.4
    does anyone knew how to root the phablet?

  89. jairrab says:

    I was able to successfully root UH24. I’ll post instructions later when I get home. Hang on.

  90. woopsgoops says:

    That’s xda developers. Note’s autocorrection. :'(

  91. jairrab-alternate says:

    The step by step Im trying to post here is being detected as spam. So I’m just going to link the step by step guide to rooting UH24 here.

    In case you’re wondering, I’ve observed noticeable performance improvements with UH24. Also, the video pop-up play also works flawlessly here.

  92. mike says:

    yehey aha! really happy knowing that we also can root this uh24 update,
    please kindly kindly tell us πŸ™‚
    mine is still not rooted :””(

  93. jay says:

    here’s the link to rooting UH24 –>

  94. Michele says:

    I am in Korea and just got a Galaxy Note SHV-E160K UG27.0931 KT running 4.0.4. The kernel version is 3.0.8-966809 dated 24 August 2012. Build is IMM76D-UH24.

    I am not Korean and would really prefer not having most of the Korean specific apps off the phone. But I am here so I do need some of them, but not many. KT’s applications are particularly unfriendly to non-Koreans even if I am running the phone in English.

    However, the files that have been loaded to root the phone are generations before mine. I am a little nervous about going back that far. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • jairrab says:

      The files in the UH24 rooting XDA thread is the latest >

      You have the latest E160k firmware (UH24 UG27 Android 4.0.4), and that’s also the same one I have before I rooted using the procedure listed in that XDA thread. After rooting, you should see the superuser su app added in your app drawer. You can then use titanium backup to remove all the protected bloatware that goes in with stock firmware.

  95. woopsgoops says:

    @ jairab Thanks a ton man… You saved us! Great job…

  96. jairrab says:

    New firmware out, it’s UI24. Wonder what changed? Is this the much awaited Jellybean????

  97. John says:

    U”H”24 is not Jelly bean it’s ICS 4.0.4
    For all that haven’t figured out how to root a Korean Galaxy Note yet and those here also looking for the first time. here is the best and easiest way to root your Note E160*

  98. John says:

    I’m sorry correction the above link IS UH24 then after it installs you can update to UI24 but it’s only 7.97mb and is still only 4.0.4. Also I skipped right to the bottom so until after I posted I had not seen that Jairrab had already posted the same link. As for the Korean specific apps Michele just force close and disable them, from “applications” in the settings menu.\, it will hide them from the main apps menu, and place them at the bottom of the settings apps menu

  99. jairrab says:

    Tegrak has just released the latest kernels and recovery for our beloved korean galaxy note. Watch out, I’ll be creating another thread on XDA with a step-by-step

  100. jairrab says:

    I’ve created a new thread on XDA for installing Tegrak’s kernel and recovery. Latest kernel and recovery links are also included.

    My desire is to make the most definitive and easiest to understand procedure for us Korean Galaxy note owners.

  101. darist says:

    Does anyone tried flashing CM10 or T-mobile galaxy note rom?
    Looking at the specification, it seems that our galaxy note are very similar on T-mobile.
    I’m using japanese galaxy note(4.0.4), rooted via tegrak method.

  102. Ole says:

    I was rooting E160L with Android ICS 4.0.4 and successfully flashed the FA09.recovery.tar through ODIN. After entered recovery and flashed the Selected the reboot from the recovery and after that phone do not turn on anymore. Is it software brick or hardware brick? I removed the battery and waited 1 hour and attached it again try to turn on again. There was no luck. Is there any suggestions to resolve this problem?

    Thank you.

  103. corts_mike says:

    is there any updates yet?

  104. marlo says:

    hey guys. i think i desperately need help. tried to upgrade my Galaxy Note SHV-E160L and it failed at first. it crashed and turned black. I went to Samsung service and they flashed a Gingerbread.FD06. The phone turned back on but the “menu” and “back” keys are no longer functional. i can call but i cant send/reply sms. any help? i dunt wanna put a good phone to waste. thanks….

  105. corts_mike says:

    go to this link
    there’s a thread on xda on how to fix your problem.

  106. corts_mike says:

    hi all.
    I want to share this amazing rom to you all who has the same korean galaxy note as mine.
    Here is the link on XDA
    This is a Cyanogenmod9 rom and it is really stable and i don’t have any problems w/ it no fc at all and very good battery life.
    I just thought my korean galaxy note is hopeless on this kind of custom roms but now its just awesome and really really lovin it now.
    Happy Flashing!!!! πŸ˜‰ Goodluck guys!

  107. corts_mike says:

    Sorry posted the wrong link but that link is also related on our galaxy note you could also read that thread for further understanding which i did.
    here is the link
    this cm9 rom is compatible on all versions of korean galaxy note.
    just follow the process on flashing.

  108. praveen hamal says:

    hello friends please me help to figure out my strange showing kernel version.

    galaxy note
    baseband version:
    shw-e16os.ul13.1052 st

    kernel version :
    smp preempt thu dec 13 16.38.20 kst 2012

    build no.
    can i flash my phone back with stock rom ug06 and after that root it again with Tegrak-Kernel-Build-39-for-SHV-E160S-UG06 ? sorry for long question but want to be sure before doing anything :p

    • Sailz says:

      Hi Praveen,
      No need to go back to UG06. Just take the latest recovery and kernel files from (search for UL13 in search bar) and follow the instructions mentioned above in this chain. πŸ™‚

      • praveen hamal says:

        thanks a lot sailz. from there i found tegrak kernel file


        which is same as my baseband version. think this is the right file for my device, gonna try this keeping finger crossed. thanks

        • Rob says:

          Hi Praveen,
          My galaxy note also has UL13 baseband version. I found the recovery and kernel files from the link mentioned above.
          Can you please let me know whether those tegrak kernel files (UL13) are working or not.
          Also, can you please let me know the rooting steps. On the internet I have found many different ways, so I am confused.

          Thanks in advance.

  109. LuisLeighton says:


    I rooted my SHV-E160k .UK09 and installed a CM9 bases custom ROM but i decided to switch back to the stock rom but after flashing my SHV-E160K enters in a BOOTLOOP showing the Olleh screen and i don’t know how to unbrick it…

    Please help me, maybe the bootloader file and pda are required separately to make the SHV-E160K starts again…. Thank You.

  110. wasim says:

    please. galaxy note 4g shv-e160s stop on the samsung note in the boot

  111. Lahiru says:

    Hi Jason!
    I have a Galaxy note E160s with jb4.1.2.I need to know is that possible to root with this method?Do I need to flash in to gingerbread or some thing older?

  112. marlon says:

    need help. im stuck on Tegrak’s recovery mode, in a black screen with writings saying β€œTegrak Kernel Build 32β€³ highlighted yellow at the top of the screen. even when i turned it off/on. what should i doooooooo?

  113. Lahiru says:

    I had the same issue and what I did was flashing the stock firmware ICS 4.0.4 with root access
    This is the link

    Download the .tar file and flash witn odin.

    OR If you want JB 4.1.2
    Use this Link:

    1.Download each part and use ffjs( to make the .7z file
    2.Extract it and you will have a .md5 file
    3.Use odin to flash your phone with this file.

    Good luck

  114. satria says:

    need help..
    my note is e160s running jelly bean 4.1.2 ME3.. I try to flash recovery.tar but its fail..odin say”No Pit Partition” what its mean ??i never flash any rom before,just update via kies

    In download mode i get:

    Odin Mode (in red)
    Product name :
    Custom Binary Download :NO
    Current BInary : Samsung Official
    System status: Custom

    • Lahiru says:

      It is so simple.switch on the phone in download mode and connect to the computer via USB.Make sure you have already installed kies.then open odin as administrator.tick the PDA check box and select the .tar file(recovery what you need to flash) and make sure Auto reboot and F.Reset Time are checked.Then hit start.
      Make sure odin ID your phone.(ID com will show message in coloured background).

      I think this wil help.
      Good luck

  115. ekky says:

    PDA E160KKJMC3
    phone E160KKJLL6
    moviNAND UF13
    build information fri mar 2013 12:48:30 PM KST
    android 4.1.2

    how best to root my note

  116. ekky says:

    need help,
    I’ve managed to install Odin and enter Tegra recovery.tar
    then go to the menu
    On the Tegrak Recovery Menu,
    navigate using the volume buttons and select by pressing the home buttons
    Select “install zip from sdcard” under UPDATE
    Search for the “Kernel”. Zip file you saved into your internal storage and select that with the power button to install
    out the word signature verification failed
    what can anybody help me to solve this problem

    • Binod says:

      Mine too the same problem
      During the installation of zip file from external sd card it says the word signature verification failed in red.
      Model: SHV-E160k
      Android: 4.1.2
      Baseband version:E160KKKJMH1
      Kernel version: 3.031-1133407
      SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 14 14:43:25 KST 2013
      Build number JZO54K.E160KKKJMH1
      please Help to root.

  117. Hello, this weekend is good in favor of me, as this time
    i am reading this wonderful educational post here at my home.

  118. upul ekanaya says:

    pls help me on convert my galaxy note 4G LTE phone to International .hw i convert

  119. praveenhamal says:

    please help friends. i have galaxy note with jelly bean 4.1.2
    baseband: E160SKSJMH1
    build number : JZ054k.E160SKSJMJ1

    i googled almost 100 times but couldnt find tegrak recovery.tar for it.
    Now which tegrak version i could use on it . Help me out .My humble request

  120. Binod says:

    Hello guys,
    Those who has got korean galaxy note or other than GT-**** version of android mobiles they can now root with easy tool.
    Just download this tool and connect your mobile phone and just 3/4 step to root.
    Try this it’s really easy but internet connection is required during rooting process.
    It’s fast and easy.

  121. Panha Rath says:

    Nowadays I use Galaxy note SHV E160L. I’d like to install Kit Kat on it. What should I do?

  122. dolrich says:

    help me how the repair my baseband unknown for samsung shv-e160s4.0.4 LTE4G

  123. Sonu says:

    Hi Max,
    Model Number: SHV-E160K
    Android Version: 4.1.2
    Baseband Vesrion: E160KKKJNE4
    Kernel Version: 3.0.31-1133407
    SMP PREEMPT Fri May 30 19:23:24 KST 2014
    Build Number: JZO54K.E160KKKJNE4

    I want to ROOT my SHV-E160K
    File using :-

    I am following below steps :-
    1.Run ODIN, you should see a yellow β€œ0:[COM__]” at the left side to continue
    2.Make sure only “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” are checked
    Look for a tab that says β€œPDA” and select the correct “Recovery” .tar file for your model from the links below
    3.Click β€œStart” and wait for the reboot
    4.Next is turn off the device again, once the device is fully turned off… hold the following buttons: volume up + volume down
    5.While holding down the volume buttons, turn on the device by pressing the power button
    6.After point 5 it goes in “Android System Recovery ” instead of the Tegrak kernal recovery…..
    Please help me to Root my phone.
    Thanks in Advance…

    • Max says:

      Try pulling battery after your see PASS! in ODIN then put battery back in, then do the buttons to get into recovery.

      • Sonu says:

        Hi Max,
        Thanks for your quick reply ! I tried your provided suggestion but it is no fruitful……
        Hope you will suggest any other way to go in recovery mode.

        Thanks in advance

  124. sherwin says:

    Hi sonu,
    Same problem here. Did you get the right thing to do?
    Im in shv-e160l 4.1.2

    • JONJON says:

      Hi Everyone nagtry din ako yung nakalgay na instruction sa taas yung phone dead na ayaw na nyan mabuksan kino coonect ko sa PC sa may ODIN ayaw na nya tlaga. dalawang linggo na patay yung phone ko…plss help nyo naman ako mga friends…..

      am following below steps :-
      1.Run ODIN, you should see a yellow β€œ0:[COM__]” at the left side to continue
      2.Make sure only β€œAuto Reboot” and β€œF. Reset Time” are checked
      Look for a tab that says β€œPDA” and select the correct β€œRecovery” .tar file for your model from the links below
      3.Click β€œStart” and wait for the reboot
      4.Next is turn off the device again, once the device is fully turned off… hold the following buttons: volume up + volume down
      5.While holding down the volume buttons, turn on the device by pressing the power button
      6.After point 5 it goes in β€œAndroid System Recovery ” instead of the Tegrak kernal recovery…..

  125. Pingback: Samsung Galaxy Note GTN7000 Unlocked PhoneInternational Version Blue - Technology zon

  126. henota says:

    Hey everyone if u r using d Korean version like me am using d samsung galaxy note shv-e160k and u want to root ur device simply use kingo root. It is fast n reliable you just need Internet connection to make it work. I rooted after upgrading to Android 4.1 JB

  127. henota says:

    Kingo root will help u root directly on your PA without entering recovery mode. Just download kingo root online and download the apk version of it to your phone. Connect your device like I did mine(shv-e160k) to your pc and select root after it detects you device, Remember you must connected to get Internet. Kingo root woks with almost all device I rooted Mine with it

  128. Smriti says:

    guys you dont have to do all these steps…just download kingroot in your pc ( there is kingroot.apk for android but it didn’t work in my SHV-E160S ) so i used the pc version…it WORKED…took 5 mins to root but the wait was worth it n there was no risk…anyone can do it …though the interface language is chinese will know what to do since there is only one button for root πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ….
    No thanks required. πŸ˜‰

  129. Faizan Abrar says:

    I am trying to root my Samsung Galaxy Note SHV-E160S and my phones build number is JZO54K.E160SKSJMJ1. So which kernel and recovery should I use, FA09 or UH24? Also, I can’t use 3G on my phone, my phone is 4G LTE, so how will I be able to use atleast 3G after rooting?
    Please help, I would be really grateful.

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