How to Root ICS/Jelly Bean on Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [No Computer Required!]

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Here’s a painless and easy way to root ICS or Jelly Bean on Galaxy Note GT-N7000, no computer required!


Download ICS rooting files
(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

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Galaxy Note Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Note Root Guide FIRST!

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600 Responses to How to Root ICS/Jelly Bean on Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [No Computer Required!]

  1. Tiyan Aluyi says:

    Hi Could You Please Send Me A Written Instructions On How To Root ICS GT-7000 Without A PC. That Would Be Pretty Cool, Danke.

    • boii Wonder says:

      Why do need it written when he claerly made a video with voice

      • peter p says:

        because it is idiotic to expect people to want to follow a fucking video when a text document is MUCH easier, that’s WHY!

        • Theo says:

          Listening is a hard thing isnโ€™t it? How about showing some respect for all the work Zedomax puts into his videos (more than 1800 videos!!!!!)!! If you knew what to do you wouldnโ€™t be here in the first place would you??!! So put a sock in it for the sake of us all ,TROLL!

          • Dan C says:

            I can read text at work, I can’t watch a video. Not being a dick is a hard thing, isn’t it? How about showing some respect for the people that came to this site looking for a helpful article? I hope Theo isn’t affiliated with the site, cause if so it’s doomed. Pretty sure he’s the troll, not the guy asking for more information about what the article was supposed to be about.

      • Jihemme says:

        Maybe because not every single person on this earth speaks english well enough to be able to listen to it, maybe some of us feel way more confident when just reading it ?

        And why are there so many ppl still trying to figure out why others need something they don’t need themselves, why do you just care ?

    • Max says:

      I will actually update this post to include written instructions soon. Sorry, I need some time off though. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Shah says:

        Hi Max,

        I did root my phone yesterday. I installed the kernal too but after rebbot the phone,the suoer su is missing?what happen??im confuse and i want to install jelly bean rom..can i usethis kernal?

    • deic says:

      work like a charm except my blutooth cant on….help

    • Alfredo Junior says:

      Hello Friend, I need your help too, I’m from Brazil and just upgraded my Galaxy Note N7000 for N7000XXLS2 Room 4.1.1, and I wonder if there is already proceeding to ROOT this room. Remember that I downloaded from this site room. So what procedure should I follow to do or perform root this room? Thank you brother

    • Cyanide says:

      Will this rooting method work on jelly bean 4.1?

      • mondy says:

        for fuck sake read the title it says yes

        • Arj says:

          It didnt work… ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

          My note runs on 4.1.1 after all the steps are done…i dont see the superSU app in my applications…

          • blurenciel says:

            Hi Arj, using temporary cwm is one of the way to root, but there are still are still other ways..
            Try google for “xda n7000 root unroot cwm” and you will find a thread dated 24 sept 12.. Try and have a look there..

  2. Derrick says:

    Which ICS ROM are you using that doesn’t have root already installed? I’ve been using the Galaxy S3 ROM for about week. I was really hoping that I would have the official update by now. But to no avail, I went back to Gingerbread, hit the update button and downloaded the Gingerbread update and it would’t install. Then I went to Kies and my phone won’t connect. I think I’m gonna root again and go back to KingDroid or Paranoid.

  3. mondy says:

    *off topic*
    can anyone recomend ics roms with CRT tv lock screen animation.

    • maher says:

      i tried the stunner, cm9, themidteam, and rocket ics
      –nothing is better thna themidteam rom, specially with the 1.4.2 version. U ll have the crt off plus the new gs3 launcher and all the premium stuff, s voice and much more. Add to that, its supper stable, decent battery life and great signal reception
      –the rocket ics is boring and no crt, and many force close issues
      –the stunner and cm9 are aopk roms, that means u ll lose the s-pen feature, add to that the battery life kinda sucks, no fm radio, lotta bugs, andddd the worst issue i had with those 2 roms, is the heat am getting from the battery, u can use it as a grill ๐Ÿ˜›

      one more thing, themidteam rom with its final version, has the best installing procedure, in which u ll never have ur phone hardbricked, where with other roms, there is always a chance getting ur phone hardbricked!

  4. boii Wonder says:

    So thx i have now rooted my n7000 and left the last part
    will be nice if you do a video about to flash a rom : )

  5. Mark says:

    Just one question:

    When want to install new ROM using as instructed here, there was no mentioning of the wipe/data step in between. Is that ok or…?


  6. Xtremizt says:

    Would it not work if the files are downloaded onto internal memory in case of the lack of a memory card? Thanks in advance….

  7. Tobias h. says:

    Hey Max,
    can i install the abyss kernel instead of the franco kernerl and after that maybe install a rom for explample Kingdroid?

  8. alpha says:

    I was able to install cwm but was not able flash super user as it said that “can’t access /emmc/”, can you help

  9. fayaz says:

    hey can u plz help me out I rooted my note and I flashed franko kernel after flashing that my wifi is not
    working its sayin ip address unavailabl plz help T_T

  10. Dr. Max says:

    Will this method wipe your phone data and apps, or will they stay intact.


    Dr. Max

  11. Bjorn says:


    Can you tell me how to unroot my galaxy note on 4.0.3

  12. cooleshaka says:

    Worked like a charm! thank you for the explanation on how to do this!

  13. DWC says:

    Hi I went your root your phone tutorial using CWM. I booted into CWM and tried to install notemania 2.0v but now my screen halts at the galaxy note screen. Can someone help me ??

    • Max says:

      try doing clearing cache and dalvik cache in CWM then reboot if that doesn’t work, try this method to install ROM, works for GB/ICS

      • DWC says:

        Hey Max, thanks for the feedback

        I tried wiping cache partition and dalvik cache and flashed abyss kernel, then rebooted into recovery.
        In recovery I did factory reset and and wiped cache and dalvik cache, then installed kingdroid notemania v2.0.

        Again, booting will not pass the logo screen. Do you have other suggestions? Such as installing a different version of kernel/rom?


        Q 1. I am unable to execute “wipe data/factory reset” under CWM, when I am flashing abyss. But I able to do that in recovery(with touch is enabled). Is that normal

        Q 2. Is there any way I can check whether my phone is properly rooted? (I cannot boot into android right now)

        Q 3. Is my phone bricked??

        Appreciate your help~

  14. Muhammad says:

    Hi, I have a weird problem and I was wondering if you could help me.
    I’m helping a friend with a galaxy note, he was on a custom ROM but it was crazy slow, so I followed your unroot guide and installed stock 4.03 UK ROM via Odin, Then I installed Kingdroid using the first root method and it was great. After a couple of days it is very slow, i checked and the super user app is missing. Does those mean the root was not permanent, and how can I fix this?

    • Max says:

      It should be rooted theres no supersu either?

      • tsong says:

        Hi Max, I followed your “How to root ICS on galaxy note (no computer required)” instructions to root from Stock ICS 4.0.3, then flashed Abyss Kernel, then Kingdroid v3.0 plus MOD. First boot was stuck on Samsung GT-N7000 screen. I rebooted into recovery and reboot system from there, and everything was fine… except I don’t see Super SU. Although, when I installed MyBackup Pro, it said I was rooted. So where is Super SU?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Max says:

          Its probably there might be called superuser also.

          • tsong says:

            Nope. Looked the app list carefully but can’t find superuser nor supersu. What am I missing? Can I simply go back in to cwmr and reflash supersu? Will that do any harm if it is indeed already rooted?

          • tsong says:

            If I go to Settings -> Applications -> All, should I be able to see Super SU or SuperUser in the list? If yes, I don’t see it. Is there any other way to check? Also, can I just re-flash SuperSU?

  15. Blurenciel says:

    many thanks Max.. works like charms..

  16. butomus says:

    does the gt n7000 need to be network unlocked

  17. Chu says:

    Hey Max, I rooted my galaxy note GT N7000 4.0.3 and had install franco kernel, exactly everything u did on your tutorial. However, a day after my phone started to experience this,

    is there anyway to solve this?


  18. Stephen says:

    Ok so after a disastrous first run – where I did all of the steps above and lost complete network connectivity, I reinstalled the german unroot per the instructions on the site. I’m back to square one, which feels really good, but I DO actually want to root the phone. Was it the use of the Franco kernel that blew everything up? I have an unlocked euro GTN7000 with a tmobile sim card. What I want is to get 3g on it but it appears that’s not yet doable (wish I’d noticed that before going through everything but that’s my bad). Long story short, now that I’m back to square one, was it the kernel that messed up my network connectivity or was it the files?

  19. Stephen says:

    No 3g either? And was the PC-less rooting the reason behind losing network connectivity? (btw you should be getting paid for this!!!)

  20. Stephen says:

    When I downloaded Franco kernel and the two related zip files then rebooted not only did I not get 3g but I lost network connectivity. I had the phone rooted but it wouldn’t recognize my Sim card. What’d I do wrong? I tried downloading the TMI modems and neither worked.

      • Stephen says:

        Does anyone else have the issue of losing connectivity after following the steps? I had to completely unroot the phone just to get it functioning. The problem was that the sim card was not getting recognized. Have a German g7000 with tmobile in southern California. I don’t want to try again until I diagnose why I almost blew it the first time!

  21. pete soldout says:

    Hi Max, tried to use your root on my german unlocked stock-ROM Note. However, after starting ClockworkModRecovery i could not do “install zip from sd card” (or any other menu-option). The Power-Button did not work to select any menu-option and every 3 seconds or so the Menu was flashing once, jumping back to the first/upper menu-option, i guess making a reset every time… I had to do the reset to get out of CWM.

    Any idea what went wrong ?

    • pete soldout says:

      Hi again, second try worked – but downloaded CWM from
      Used your CWM-SU zip, any idea whats the difference to the thats promoted on the xda-developers site ? (XDA-dvelopers is extremely well known and used here in germany for years).

    • Andy Deutz says:

      Try out to touch the display ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. george says:

    After you flash the franco kernel where’s superuser?

  23. derek says:

    Hi, I would like to know if I can just replace the franco kernel used in this method with the abyss kernel 4.2?
    Thanks for the reply. =)

  24. GRN says:

    Followed the method exactly as described.

    Worked wonderfully for me.


  25. ReubenNg says:

    How do I unroot my Galazy Note if I were to use this rooting method?

  26. ReubenNg says:

    Sorry Max..some questions hope you can shed some light.

    1. Using this rooting method, can i still use your backup and restore rom tutorial?
    2. Must i flash Abyss or Franco kernel each time i change to a new custom rom?

    Thanks Max.

    • Max says:

      yes works fine for backup/restore roms. If you are installing a new ICS ROM, I highly recommend to flash abyss kernel in cwm then reboot into abyss kernel recovery and install ICS, that is the safe way.

      • ReubenNg says:

        Thanks again for your advise Max. I’m kind of paranoid coz i break my note yesterday and got it fix frm Samsung so now i jst wan to make sure before i do anything crazy..LOL. Thanks Max…

  27. Rusty says:

    Jot down an outline to follow when you make a video. Follow it! Do not record your mistakes. “Well maybe do this or that or the other but shouldn’t have done that, sorry.” is confusing. You may know what you want to say but its coming out garbled.

  28. Shiraz says:

    When do we get the written document? I prefer to use that and the video. Not everyone learns the same way you see. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Oleg says:

    Hello Max. I do all, what you say in instruction for root may Galaxy Note GT N7000, android 4.0.3
    Everything was good, i am install only CWM-SuperSU
    But after i am restart phone, and tried instal from Play Market, app BusyBox, it wrote me: Device is not properly rooted.
    I have download other app Root Chek Basic, and when i veryfy root access, it show me : Sorry, this device not have proper root access
    Can you help me, that i am do wrong?

    • Max says:

      Make sure to run SuperSU app once then try again.

      • Oleg says:

        Hello Max! I am run SuperSu, but it show me small windows :
        There is noSU binary installed, and SuperSu cannot install it.This is a problem!
        What i am need do?

        • Max says:

          just try it again.

          • Oleg says:

            Hi, just tried much times…Nothing change, still not working.
            !And i have found, that i using CWM-SuperSU, my 3g and internet stop working((( very sad… Wi-Fi is work
            Max, have you Unroot app? Or how i can turn in back?

            • Max says:

              Not sure what you did but that’s definitely not root related. Let me know exactly what you did and I can help you.

          • popcek says:

            I have same problem. Try to install it n-times without luck …..

            • popcek says:

              Ok. SuperSU application doesnt work. But then i try to go in conosole and run $ su – root and i obtaied root (id). So sudo binaries are installed. But i guess some soft link is missing or something like that. I also try to install TitaniumBackup and it worked. But still cant make supeSU to run.

              • popcek says:

                Yesterday i updated supersu from android marker and it started working!
                Once again thank you for nice solution.

        • Andrew says:

          it mean your set is not rooted…

  30. dimas says:

    i’ve rooted my gnote, when I run SuperSU, theres a message popup: “The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue?”, Is it normal? Should I continue? Will it changed my binary count?

    • Max says:

      Just say yes, and yes, that’s perfectly normal and perfect and no, it won’t increase your binary count.

  31. kasemsuk says:

    From the first step when i clicked at, it show the error message as “E: Signature verification failed” . Please help

    • Max says:

      do u have ICS?

      • Stephen says:

        Yeah, I’m taking another shot at it and I’m getting the same thing. Similar to the comment above:

        pete soldout says:
        June 11, 2012 at 3:25 am
        Hi Max, tried to use your root on my german unlocked stock-ROM Note. However, after starting ClockworkModRecovery i could not do โ€œinstall zip from sd cardโ€ (or any other menu-option). The Power-Button did not work to select any menu-option and every 3 seconds or so the Menu was flashing once, jumping back to the first/upper menu-option, i guess making a reset every timeโ€ฆ I had to do the reset to get out of CWM.

        Any idea what went wrong ?

  32. shutterdogz says:

    sorry, doesn’t work. it soft brick my phone after flashing franco kernel.

  33. Carlos says:

    Works perfect!
    Thank you!

  34. Rai says:


    I am currently still not on ICS. will i be able to use this guide to root?

  35. tito says:

    i have no external sd card
    where is the link to root with odin……………….

  36. Salem says:


    I just rooted my GN by following this video, and it was successful. I downloaded the three files, even though you said we don’t have to do the last step, which was the Franco-Kernel thingy. Anyways I did all of the steps including the Franco-kernel’s.

    Now, I wanna have KingDroid ICS ROM v.3. This is my first time rooting my phone, I want to try a custom rom. My question is, do I have to do the Abyess-Kernel installation that is provided on this page

    first in order to have the kingDroid v.3 rom? Or Can I skip that step because I did the Franco-kernel step? I am trying to be cautious, because this is my first attempt and I don’t wanna be disappointed. I will be so happy if you can clarify this to me.

    Thanks a lot!

  37. Johnny says:

    Max what ur email? LOL

  38. Rex says:

    Hi I rooted the stock ics galaxy note rom with your method on the no computer method and I also installed the Franco Kernel 5 as you had told. There is a problem in the franco kernel on the wifi issues. I am not able to connect in any wifi zone. When I put the WIFI on The phone recognises the network and and I key in the password but the phone does not connect to the network. I did not have the problem earlier on the stock samsung ics kernel. I have also tried the Franco kernel ver 4 and 6 but my issue still remains unresolved.

    Could you give me some suggestions or would you have the stock samsung ics kernel so that I could just flash the kernel.

    Kindly help.


  39. joel says:

    how do i know if im using abbys kernel? i went to repair shop and i said root my phone. heres my kernel info
    its on ics
    kernel version

  40. androidnewbie says:

    hi, im new to android, and im currently using SG note under gingerbread, how can i root it? thanks, i dont have any ideas on what to do,

  41. rob says:

    i installed these files through clockwork and now my note will not power on… Any thoughts whats wrong?

  42. Gav says:

    Same as Alpha above, I was able to install cwm but was not able flash super user as it said that โ€œcanโ€™t access /emmc/โ€, any ideas?

  43. Skyzser says:

    I have just installed Kingdroid v3 and currently on franco kernel 3.0. Only partial of my apps was installed, not able to find super user on my phone, not able to play videos, though on security i chose pin locked it still does not required any pin to unlock my phone. Not able to go recovery mode when pressing the V up, home and start button when phone is on. Please help… btw can i flash it back to abyss kernel? Will i encounter any issues? Thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      Abyss kernel is only for installing ICS ROMs, it’s a Gingerbread kernel so don’t use it for the ROM itself.

  44. Poog Mahoon says:

    hi there I am from Kuwait I did exastly what you did in the video and my galaxy Note dose not start at all

    do you have any idea what happened pls help ?

  45. HAPPY note:) says:

    my name was sad note:( BUT this AWESOME guide works…:D THANKS….

  46. Nano says:

    Hi Max
    can i install the abyss kernel instead of the franco kernerl and after that maybe install a rom for explample Kingdroid?

    Thanks in advance

  47. dobermaxx says:

    my phone is doing something strange after rooting.g. My apps rearrange themselves. Has anyone else experienced this?

  48. chimbo09 says:

    its safe root the note?

  49. chimbo09 says:

    ALL WORKS FINE!!!!!!!

  50. Eason says:

    Hi,max,i using office ics 4.0,i follow ur video root my galaxy note alredy,and my note
    baseband version:N700DXLP5
    kernel version:3.0.15-Franco.kernel
    can i just flsh the kingdroid ?
    and can post how to root kingdroid? Thx

  51. Stephen says:

    I’m sorry, I still don’t see an answer.
    Can I get 3g on my gtn7000 with tmobile in California? I tried it and successfully rooted the phone but when it came back on I had lost all network connectivity. Only wifi worked. Is there a yes or no answer to this question? I love my note but having Edge network when away from a wifi is getting really old.

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  53. matskinner says:

    my clockworkmod missing after root using this method. somebody please help me i want to install custom rom

  54. Jay Daniels says:

    Is it possible to use this method on i717 Galaxy Note model or any other advice on rooting the i717 without a PC?

  55. Roy says:

    Hi, my galaxy note stuck at “Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000” Screen.
    What I did:Follow your method of rooting, after that I Create backup, wipe cache, wipe data
    After wiping data, it auto reboot and stuck at the screen.
    I didn’t flash any kernel, didn’t flash ROM either.
    Do you have any solution to workaround it ?
    I can’t get back to recovery screen.

    • Max says:

      Do you have ICS? If not, you can try Gingerbread root method over to fix.

      • Roy says:

        Yes, I had ICS.
        Worst of all, I can’t get into recovery.. nothing I can do …..

      • Roy says:

        I had root and had superuser, after that I create backup with the CWM then do a wipe and it stuck at the first screen, I can’t even get in recovery mode when press Vol up + Home + Power . What should I do? Please advise, thank you

        • gtr says:

          Wow dude, I think you just bricked it. You’re not supposed to use backup/wipe data/cache with a stock kernel. That was one of the biggest no-no’s of stock ICS. You are only supposed to use recovery/wipe data/wipe cache, AFTER you flash a different kernel without the emmc bug.

          • andrew says:

            can you please recommend which kernel to flash that won’t brick the note?
            if possible with links too.

            • gtr says:

              You really should visit xda. There’s a list of kernels that have emmc cap (or whatever it’s called, I’m not a techie/developer). One I know of that works with only stock ICS and is highly recommended is called speedmod

              From my own hours of research, I’ve read that the Franco kernel that also works with stock ICS, users have had problems with wifi. That and Franco has stopped supporting or working on that specific note kernel.

              Personally, I’m waiting a while for official samsung fix. If that doesn’t happen soon. I’ll probably root using this site’s method and flashing speedmod kernel. Hope this helps.

              NEVER WIPE DATA/CACHE/DALVIK, FACTORY RESET, or BACKUP, in recovery on any stock ICS kernel. Anyone more tech savvy than me plz feel free to add or correct any errors.

              • Max says:

                Or use Abyss also, I’ve flashed hundreds of ROMs with it no bricks so far.

                • gtr says:

                  That’s great advice. I’m gonna make a note of using abyss kernel for myself now. I’m still doing a lot of reading to safely root and flash stock ICS.

                  Btw, thanks for the very informative how-to video, nice break from all the forum pages on xda.

              • Roy says:

                I guess the problem is I do a wipe in Recovery. I also try to flash Franco using Odin, didn’t work either… My Note is in coma….

                • Max says:

                  Use abyss and install a custom ROM.

                  • Roy says:

                    Do you have a step by step on how it should done. ? Thanks.

                  • Roy says:

                    Hi Max,

                    I manage to get back CWM recovery, but my phone still stuck with the first boot screen, I unable to restore, it freeze at “Restoring system….” . Flashing a stock ROM also freeze at factoryfs. what else can I try .. ?
                    Thank you

  56. Abhishek says:

    I just rooted N7000 ICS using No computer method(direct update). all went fine and I also installed Franco Kernel to be able to install Custom ROMS. However after reboot itself WIFI did not work .I havent installed any custom ROMS.

    How can I restore my device to Samsung stock kernel and thus restore WIFI access
    Kindly advice

  57. eddie says:


    Tried to root my galaxy note hoping to fix the problem but didnt work…guess i have to send it for waranty then…is there a way to unroot my phone from this point?

    Please do reply.
    Thank you…

  58. Jithesh says:

    Hi max..!! i cant install any Roms in my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 upadated to ics 4.0.3.. i rooted my phone n installed some custom roms like king droid n rocket rom.. it was working fine.. recently i miss something when am installing new rom.. so i cant install any roms now..? also restore backup too.. the problem is when am try to install new roms it stuck in the middle … after i have to remove battery n put it back. it will restarting as same. nothing change.. what i have to do..?? give me your valuable information.. thank you ๐Ÿ™

  59. HNA says:

    Hi, I just rooted my note watching your video and there’s one thing that’s been bugged me.

    I rooted all the files as you showed in the video. However, after I run Kernel, I couldn’t find the SuperSU file with this
    icon”#”. It was there after I run and rebooted just like in your video.

    So, is it something that I need to worry about??
    Thanks. Your video was awesome.

  60. azuan says:

    I would like to ask u something.. Why my galaxy note after root always become heated??

  61. Elmar says:

    Hi Max,
    thank you for your detailed decription on how to root Galaxy Note. I used the first method without Franco Kernel and all’s working fine.
    Now I am prepairing next steps ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would like to download the correct Abyss kernel. Am I correct to download whatever 4.2 version from link below?

    Thanks & high on Android !

  62. ReubenNg says:

    Hi Max, there is a new update of firmware to 4.0.4, will this rooting method work on 4.0.4?

  63. wanghy says:

    hi, i have already did the steps you taught in the video, and it is already 3.0.15 franco kernel version. But i found that the icons , apps and the interface is still the same as in icecream sandwich 4.0.3. whats wrong with it? i was then repeated the steps once again but i was still the same. what should i do?
    thank you for the reply ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. Frenwiz says:

    hi max i am stuck at samsung galaxy note logo after i flash abyss kernel . what should i do now

    • Max says:

      You have to install another ROM, abyss is only for installing/restoring ROM. If you want to restore your stock ROM, just flash Franco kernel in CWM.

  65. Minkal says:

    I just rooted N7000 ICS using No computer method(direct update). all went fine and I also installed Franco Kernel to be able to install Custom ROMS. However after reboot itself WIFI did not work .I havent installed any custom ROMS.How can I restore my device to Samsung stock kernel and thus restore WIFI accessKindly advice

  66. Minkal says:

    I just rooted N7000 ICS 4.
    0.3 using No computer method(direct update). all went fine and I also installed Franco Kernel to be able to install Custom ROMS .I havent installed any custom ROMS.How can I restore my device to Samsung stock kernel bcosof warrenty purps .plllllz!zzzz rply soon

    • Max says:

      You can extract the stock recovery from stock ROMs, I should have a tutorial on this probably next week.

      • Aung Win says:

        Hi Max,
        I have the same problem as I forgot to install a custom ROMS. I did not realise until I reach the step installing the RockRom. Anyway, I pressed the reboot button. Now, my phone is stuck and only showing Samsung Galaxy note gt-n7000. Could you suggest what I shall I do, please?

      • Rickford says:

        Hi did you do a tutorial on how to restore back to samsung stock kernel.

  67. Nott says:

    My galaxy note can’t boot so i tried to enter recovery mode but now stuck with green robot saying downloading …. Do not turn off …. What should i do?

  68. Minkal says:

    Hey Max, I rooted myย galaxy noteย GT N7000 4.0.3 and had install franco kernel, exactly everything u did on your tutorial. However, a day after my phone started to experience this,ย there anyway to solve this?Thanks! Help pllllzzzz

  69. Minkal says:

    ey Max, I rooted myย galaxy noteย GT N7000 4.0.3 and had install franco kernel, exactly everything u did on your tutorial. However, a day after my phone started to experience my display hang & slowly2 show only white after restart everything ok. Any solution plzzzzzzz help me plzzzz

  70. Minkal says:

    Is warranty void if using franco kernel on stock rom and unrooted galaxy note ?

  71. n82k says:

    is there any way to make this work with at&t Galaxy Note l717 or a mac version of your other root method avail. yet? or any way at all to root l717 with no pc or on mac? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  72. Al says:

    Hi from the UK,

    This was as awesome tutorial that any fool can understand… I’m proof of that!!

    Work like a charm, a big THANK YOU!

  73. Aamir says:

    Hey, using these steps can I directly flash Abyss or Speedmod instead of Franco and then proceed to install a custom ROM? Or should I start with Franco? Thanks!

  74. saad says:

    Hello i have samsung galaxy note (kernel version root@DELL140320

  75. saad says:

    yes bro i have it says no updates r avalible…

  76. Dino says:

    Hye Max.
    My phone is GT-N7000, After i do all the steps. It is very awesome and perfect until i install the Franco Kernel my Bluetooth won’t On. i wonder why? is it the Kernel or …?
    Please advice. or any other Kernel that i can use?
    Thanks Max!!

  77. saad says:

    Hey bro when i connet my galaxy note with pc it does not show the n7000 in my computer it shows Removable Disk(G) AND Removable Disk(H) last night i boot my phone and press wipe cache partition so wat should i do now BROOO PLZZZZ HELPPP ME ….

  78. keway says:

    hay will it work on 4.0.4?

  79. saad says:

    Can we install jelly bean or ics 4.0.4 on checkronm v6 or its checkromv5 is important

  80. Ricardo Jacobs says:

    I don’t have a SD card but I downloaded the files on the telephone. Is it possible to root?

  81. saad says:

    Can we downgrade jelly bean….

  82. Livio says:

    Hello Max, just a bit of your help please.

    I’ve followed your video exactly and had no issues thanks, what I’d like to know please is that an update to the Franco. Kernal exists, it’s called version r6 and it’s on the same website (under Snote>ics>kernalICS).

    Is this version r6 compatible with a UK SNote, and can the. Zip file be installed in exactly the same way as your instruction video?, or is doing the rooting and Kernal upgrade specific only to the Franco. Kernal r5 and that download in particular?

    Any help would be great, I don’t really want to install any Franco updater apps, or mobile odin apps, but would like to keep it as simple as your video showed when I did it the first time.


  83. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    Can I go to stock rom 4.0.4 with this method?

    • Max says:

      Not sure what you mean, this is method for rooting ICS. You mean update? Yes, you can update OTA after rooting using this method fine, this only gives you root.

  84. amrit says:

    i would like to be ur friend in fb coz i want to discuss more about custom roms,etc
    ya n thank u vry much

  85. robert says:

    i am on cm10 preview and want to go back to stock for a bit but i also want to root it as i will probably hate stock once i go back, is it possible to root stock germany ( the one in the unrooting guide) and how?
    Thanks Max

  86. shaikhul says:

    hi max after rooting this method I cannot see in my apps dock, also my device is unable to connect via bluetooth & wifi. Pls help what should I do?

  87. nazari says:

    My Note is :
    1- android 4.0.3
    2- Baseband version : N7000 XXLPT
    3- Kernel : 3.5.15-N7000 JPLPD-CL643396
    dpi@DELL173 # 3
    Which is the best choice for it ? I mean which ROM and which Kernel ?
    Thank you sooooooo much Sir

  88. nazari says:

    Meanwhile I forgot say I want the name of the best Kernel and Rom for Rooting my note .
    Thanks again

  89. Rohit says:

    I’m tried this method on my N7000 running 4.0.4 XXLRK and I got the red exclamation mark of death. Any ideas?

    Should I carry on with what you did in this video even thought my little droid is on his back, or try something else? I read something about a fastboot but I’m not sure what that is/means.

    • Max says:

      Try pressing Volume Up and Power together or VOlume Up and Volume Down together when you see that Android guy laying down, you should be able to see blue menus if you do it right.

    • no1adamg says:

      did you work it out mate? i ask coz iv the same model

  90. Samantha says:


    I just got into the stock bootloader and managed to install from there. But once i’m in there my phone just can’t seem to find the 3 zipfiles that I’ve put into /sdcard/external_sd. When I got in CMW and I clicked “choose zip from sd card” and then clicked the ‘external_sd’ folder I got the message ‘No files found’. When I clicked “choose zip from internal sd card” I got “E: Can’t Mount /emmc/”.
    What’s the problem? I already tried unmount & mounting my sdcard in CMW.. I see the 3 files when I’m browsing through my system and storage folders..

    I find this video tutorial really helpful. I just wish I could do the same as you did in the video.

    Thanks a lot!

  91. Frkyvhl says:

    Hi, pls help , after rooted my galaxy note, i cant on my bluetooth function, any ideals?

  92. kongesai says:

    Can I root my galaxy note ICS 4.0.4 by this way?

  93. Livio says:

    Hi Max, I rooted my SNote when it was ICS 4.0.3 by this method, now after the official ICS 4.0.4 Samsung update was installed root was gone but the Superuser apps still there, it’s reporting that I don’t have root access.
    How can I remove the Superuser app, as it seems I can’t uninstall it now?, is there a simple method or should I re-root my phone them same way as before?

    Help please Max, or anyone

    • Max says:

      re-root, then use universal guide here to remove root:

      • Sundar says:

        Hi max,
        I think you should check this out and comment… I always follow your advice

        • Max says:

          So long as you don’t do a factory reset u should be fine.

          • Livio says:

            Hi all, I’m not quite sure what I did or how it happened, but I manage to remove Superuser. apk, and my phone is definitely not rooted, how do I know….. Well,… while trying to find out how I could remove the SU. apk through a lot of web searching, it was necessary to install ‘Terminal emulator’, doing a root test procedure through Terminal emulator proved I had been unrooted by the update, but I found some more terminal code off a website that seemed to indicate that in order to remove SU, I didn’t need to be a ‘su’ user to run the code, this code was not just to hide SU as some may think but to actually remove SU files, sorry, I can’t remember the website I got it off.

            I entered the code, then looked back into my applications, the Superuser icon seemed to still be there, so then I went into recovery mode ( turned off the phone, then restarted, holding Volume up, home button, power button), I cleared the partition cache twice just in case using the phones recovery system(ClockworkModRecovery was not on the phone, doing the Samsung update had removed this also), when I restarted the phone the Superuser ‘#’ icon was no longer there, I then went into settings>applications, and it wasn’t there either, so I do believe it is gone.

            Just let anyone know, I did the successful 4.0.4 firmware updating via the PC kies software, the reason is, that the ‘OTA’ update could’t be completed when first tried, what happened was a Samsung error message popped up stating I had to try to use the kies software to install the firmware, the message showed on the phone after the OTA firmware update completed a reboot procedure.

            Also, for me anyway…. I found using the Samsung kies software was quite slow downloading the firmware at first, and then installing it, so I guess once Samsung know the phone has been rooted(they must scan it during the ‘update check’ on connecting it to there servers) it takes longer to apply the firmware on installation, reversing the phones ‘root’ status, it recon?

            The phones working well, so whatever I did I feel it’s ok for now.


          • Sundaravadivel says:

            when should i not do the factory reset? Kindly elaborate

  94. Cait says:


    I just got my Galaxy Note from Tmobile…Can I root my Galaxy Note using your steps here?


  95. Richard says:

    what will happen if i don’t flash kernel? will my note get bricked?

  96. Getzufreezed says:

    Hello Max,

    Thanks for you support.
    I’m from India and I rooted my Galaxy Note using this method and have done it successfully.
    Today there was an official OTA update, the size of update is approx 106 MB, it downloaded and while installing it failed. I would appreciate if you can help me to install the update.

    Thanks in advance.

  97. Livio says:

    Try updating through a PC using the latest Samsung ‘Kies’ software, and be prepared for it to to take a while, once it’s complete, if it works, be prepared not be rooted anymore even though the ‘Superuser.apk’ is still in applications, don’t bother to try and uninstall SU as it won’t let you (you don’t have Superuser permissions anymore to uninstall it).

    If you want to be rooted again, I’m not sure if this rooting method will work again under the 4.0.4 firmware (which includes applicable parts of the recent security patch which Galaxy S3’s had), but if you don’t want root, and for SU to not be present anymore in applications, then you’ll have to search the web for some ‘Terminal emulator’ instructions(I can’t remember what I entered, or the website where i found the commands to enter into the terminal) , then clear the partition cache(clockworkModRecovery won’t be there anymore).

    This is what I had to do to install the update, but remember, there always a chance you may ‘brick’ your phone so then you would have to either use the ‘Emergency Recovery Tool’ or use the Odin software to install Samsung Note’s Gingerbread version, then update to ICS 4.0.3 then 4.0.4.


  98. Happyoldman says:

    Hi Max and everybody
    Is there any buddy here done rooting for Tmobile Note ?
    I can not get into Download Mode. My Note is just reboot only.

  99. Richard says:

    what will happen if i dont flash any kernel?

  100. 3arb4day says:

    thanks for you

  101. Richard says:

    just wanna know if i dont flash franco kernel or any kernel, what will happen? please answer me max

  102. Liam says:

    hi, i run this on my note yesterday and first time my phone rebooted fine but now its stuck on the bootup screen, ive can get into the samsung recovery mode and odin mode but volume up and power button doesnt do anything, any idea how i can sort this at all im desperate ๐Ÿ™

  103. niladri says:

    Is there any risk of root the device? like invalidation of warranty. breakdown ??

  104. Susanim says:

    Hmm that ‘s really awesome. but maybe i got some problem about My galaxy note. I ‘m pretty new to galaxy note so there are many stuff i dun know about it. 1 Could u tell me What the different between GB and ICS? And What will happen if i Fail on rooting ? Will my file deleted or not? And my galaxy note version only 2.3.6 is that work on my version too or just 4.3.0? By the way What Happen after rooted? and how can i know that my galaxy rooted or not? Pls Help this New user thx ๐Ÿ™

  105. widu4ualways says:

    HEy please help after rooting my Note n7000 android 4.04 ICS ..bluetooth is not activating.
    thanx in advance.

  106. Richard says:

    max, i just wanna know if flashing kernel is needed.

  107. Richard says:

    anybody can answer me? is flashing kernel necessary?

  108. widu4ualways says:

    Anybody home?? y my fucking bluetooth hs stopped after rooting.

    • Rohit Chauhan says:

      Dude calm your shyt down.

      There’s gonna be pros and cons along with risks to anything you do to/with your phone that’s out of the norm. There’s absolutely no reason to be crying to max for your lack of research prior to rooting. To be honest if it was me you were talking to like that I would let you suffer.

      Having said that, I’m not that evil and will give you some advice. Try flashing a different rom as I had a similar issue with my bluetooth not working.

      I flashed to CleaNote v4 and have had no issues with bluetooth at all. Plus my WiFi signal strength is great with the fix and my battery life is awesome.

      PS. If you mess shyt up don’t come crying to me. Do your homework.

  109. widu4ualways says:

    Is there any way that we can restore it to its original state i.e. state prior to rooting.And can factory reset will do the trick.Please reply.

    • widu4ualways says:

      2 problems I m facing right now
      1.Bluetooth is unable to activate.
      2.Could not connect to Kies or to my lappy .Samsung Mobile MTP device failled to install.

  110. Ruchir says:

    Hey Max,
    I was reading about the ‘Touch’ version of CWM leading to hard bricks for GT-N7000.

    Have a you come across any such case? I wanted to move over to CM9 but now I am skeptical about using
    Do let me know.

  111. widu4ualways says:


  112. Rickford says:

    Is there any way i can restore my phone to its original state, thats all i want. I dont want kernal this and that, i dont want it rooted, this has ruined my phone.

    Please tell me how i can restore to its original state.

  113. keplenk says:

    Hey Max!

    Thanks for the amazing videos man.

    I’m about to root my Dad’s International Note phone and install custom rom on it (I have AT&T Note and wow, International note is so much different)

    Anyway, I would use this rooting method (without PC) but I was thinking something differently.

    Let me know if this is possible:

    1) follow this guide – download 3 files

    2) Download the Abyss kernel (GB kernel i think)

    3) Follow these steps, but instead of using the Franco Kernel, I will use the Abyss

    4) Reboot to recovery

    5) Flash the ICS ROM I want.

    So, I somewhat combined your How to root your phone (no PC required) guide + avoiding EMMC brick guide

    Can I do this? Please let me know if this is possible or safe.


    • Max says:

      yes exactly.

      • keplenk says:

        Yo da boss!

        Thanks .. i will try now

      • keplenk says:


        After flashing the temp which went fine, but when I try to flash the .. it try to mount the internal SD card (because as you said on your video, it was the other way around), it gives me an error saying

        canโ€™t access /emmc/

        Should I just use a different method – like Desktop Odin (increase counter) or just stop and don’t mess with my phone since it would be a possible brick already?


  114. kartik says:

    hey max i have just rooted my phone using this method so can u tell me steps how to flash a new rom please

  115. Ashutosh says:

    Hi Max,
    My Bluetooth is not getting on after following up your rooting procedure, every thing is working fine except Bluetooth.
    Please suggest what to do and also suggest the unrooting procedure.

    My Device is:
    Samsung Galaxy Note: GT-N7000


  116. Dinos Dorkofikis says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve rooted my N7000 with this method, after updating to ICS 4.0.4 via PC/Kies, w/ franko.kernel #5.
    As the bluetooth wasn’t starting, I’ve now followed your suggestions here and flashed the GLcore OC
    kernel, which indeed is awesome as everyone says.

    After rooting, I restored TB backups from a GB rooted ROM from my SGS on the Note; I read I wasn’t
    supposed to do so, and since I get sporadic “app not responding” for various apps, some resets, etc.

    I’d appreciate your input on how I could fix this, I hope I’m not too off-topic; Thanks for all the good work,


  117. YC says:

    Hi Max,

    Would this work on a device with encrypted storage? Would I have to decrypt first?

  118. aziz says:

    i’ve downloaded the files but i only found the CWM and i did not fnd the CWM -supersu

    what should i do?

    • Max says:

      did u copy over?

      • aziz says:

        The problem is that my friend installed a rom through odin but when i installed rom manager it says your phone is not rooted how can that happen ? He told to help him so i tried to follow your steps. But as i told you the second file is disappearing even when i download it by pc and send it . And to be honest i did not get you question right?

        • Max says:

          Not sure how it can disappear, did you copy it over? make sure you check both internal and sdcard, as sometimes it can be switched in CWM.

  119. OG-SWAT-RV says:

    Hi Max,
    do you update the download files?
    Or is it better to google for the latest files, from your download list ?

  120. Staaft says:

    It’s posted everywhere on XDA that and brick your note. Maybe you should remove this root method from your site?

    • Staaft says:

      can* brick your note

    • Max says:

      It can only if you do factory reset in CWM, no where in my website I tell you to do that! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have heard no one of heard bricking using Just don’t touch anything else you are not supposed to. You should flash Abyss for installing new ROMs anyways.

  121. Annur says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve tried rooted my n7000 ics without using comp’s method. Do I need to install ODIN?
    can we stop phone on downloading mode

  122. JLCS says:

    My phone (Galaxy Note v2.3.5) is already rooted.
    I wanted update my android to latest version.
    Can i staright away update my phone without unroot it?
    Can anyone please help me.

    Thank you very much.

  123. JQ says:

    Hi Max,
    I have rooted my note using the method as you advise in your video. Now if I want to install custom rom, do I flash it straight away after the rooting is done or do I need to do any back up of the stock ICS rom that is in my phone? As you mention on another topic, it is better to install the abyss rom before flashing other rom to prevent bricking the phone. Could you guide me on which steps to do first before I install those custom rom.

    Thanks for your help

    • Max says:

      Yes do make a backup first in CWM. And make sure to install abyss kernel before rom installs, it will prevent bricks 100%.

      • JQ says:

        Hi Max,
        Thanks for the reply. I try to install the CWM onto my rooted galaxy note to back up but the problem is my phone last code is not KKA but LR5. I cannot found a files that match LR5.


  124. Robert J Lausen says:

    My phone updated to ISC 4.04 this morning. How do i root it? I tried the no computer method but it is not working?

    • blurenciel says:

      hello robert..i’ve just revert back to 4.0.4 and planned to root..found something on google..try google for “philz cwm6 n7000”..there’s an xda thread for that..

  125. Anoop VA says:


    i heard that this temporary method have possibility of brick.
    perfect rooting method is in below link

  126. Roscoe says:

    erm i actually followed your steps,but when i went into my file,and tried to move to external storage,i could not find the file.why is this so?do i need to create a new file?but even so,i tried creating an external file and then pressed the on button,the home button and the volume up button.when i reach to the page where the little android figure is and i click onto the sd card,to my no avail nothing went well.

  127. Bari says:

    Can i root using the same method but for the Galaxy S3 GT-I9300?

  128. Geoffrey says:

    Worked great, I only used the SuperUs zip though as I only needed the Root, Im using SpeedMod kernel and ICSRocketRomv10.

  129. raju says:

    hi maxx, i had succesfully rooted my galaxy note, but now my phone is not powered on….please help me can it be get back to normal position
    i will be thankfull if any one can help me….

  130. raju says:

    hi maxx, i had succesfully rooted my galaxy note, but now my phone is not powered onโ€ฆ.please help me can it be get back to normal position
    i will be thankfull if any one can help meโ€ฆ.

    • Thai N7000 says:

      successful root means it boot up.. now you note did not boot up.. because you did not follow the steps carefully.. n now it is brick.. only way is to send back to samsung to repair or you need to send to people who know how to Jtag to fix it..

  131. Shubham Basutkar says:

    Hi Max while i was rooting the Cwm supersu it said that unable to verify please helpp…………..

  132. gary pakes says:

    Is this method still good for rooting GN7K when JB gets Off release ?

  133. yeru says:

    Can i use another kernel? Like hydracore for example?

  134. sean says:

    does this work for ICS galaxy note AT&T i717??

  135. sunny shahpuri says:

    hi max. Does this rooting method work with the new galaxy note update which has the touch wiz tweaks?

  136. Robert says:

    I followed the steps from the video to root my Galaxy Note (just root, no kernel).
    Everything seemed fine. No errors. But after reboot, when I tried to start SuperSU, I got the message: “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”.
    I went to ‘Play Store’ and updated SuperSU. Now I get “The SU binary needs to be updated. Continue?”. When I hit ‘continue’, it says: “Installation failed!”
    Also, ‘root checker’ states: “Sorry! This device does not have proper root access.”
    Any ideas what went wrong? I tried the whole process several times and got the same result.
    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

    Android version: 4.0.3
    Baseband version: N7000XXLPT
    Kernel version: 3.0.15-N7000XXLQ3-CL646962
    dpi@DELL133 #3
    Build number: IML74K.XXLQ3

  137. tazz says:

    Hi mate,
    does after rooting my galaxy note as per your video,i will able to get automatic update from samsung??does rooting hamper my warranty???

    Please rectify my doubt..

  138. sunny shahpuri says:

    hi max. Does this rooting method work
    with the new galaxy note update which has the touch wiz tweaks?

  139. roscoe says:

    How can I unroot my phone?

  140. Winston says:


    I would like to find out, which kernel can I use with rocketrom so that I get the maximum battery life? Just struggling a bit to find kernels for non stock ics…


  141. Roscoe says:

    After uprooting my phone,my phone could not start what should I do?

  142. widu4ualways says:

    HI max ,
    I rooted my note a month before ,everything was fine until last week when there was an update from samsung that failed.I tried using to update it from KIES as well but all in vain.Is it because I got my phone ROOTED .Please help.Here is my Phone Details.Does rooting stop updating the phone ??
    Android 4.0.4
    Baseband version:N7000DDLR1
    KerNEL Version:3.0.15 Hardcore@speedmod-n7000-ics #k3-13.

  143. MrLarner says:

    Hi max, I got a note N7000 and wanted to root it using this easy method but I also wanted to install the flyin high rom and wondered how I go about it once I have rooted it using this method. Do I need to install a kernel first?

  144. MrLarner says:

    Can anyone let me know if its possible what i asked in my last message.
    I want to root using this easy method and then install flyin high rom, but wanted to know how i go about it, i also want to install a good kernal to go with it.
    someone please guide me in the right direction.

  145. Amit says:

    Hi Max,
    I rooted my Galaxy Note N7000 using the easy method. Followed the video and did it exactly the same way. Now the phone keeps restarting every 20-25 mins. What seems to be the problem??

  146. harmilan singh says:

    can u plz help me when i open android system recovery and then apply update from sd card it shows the internal memory and there its any folder of sd card

  147. blurenciel says:

    hi harmilan, maybe you can make copies of your files in your internat sd..

  148. Len Kiat Leong says:

    Hi Max,
    I bricked my galaxy note trying to root and flash SuperNexus ROM into it.

    First, i watched this video to root GNote. As you repeatedly mention that one don’t require franco kernel, i did not install it. And it successfully rooted my GNote.
    Then, i downloaded SuperNexus ROM from your other link and copied it to GNote.

    Now, this is the part that bricked my GNote.
    I did not read properly your instruction to install SuperNexus, i.e., one MUST install Abyss kernel first before flashing SuperNexus or any ROM (which also perform factory reset before flashing new ROM). So, what i did regretfully were as below:
    1) From stock ICS with root from this video, i reboot to stock recovery.
    2) Install to get into recovery mode.
    3) Do a backup. Success.
    4) Now, this is the killer part. I execute factory reset!!!!! This killed GNote sub motherboard, i.e., PDA and i spent $30 to replace it yesterday. After repair, my phone signal seems to be crazy. Most of the time, it could not get strong signal or even no signal at times. Any one could advise me on this?

    I had flashed many ROMs into GNex, Motorola Defy, Galaxy Tab 10.1 and i have no problem doing the factory reset before flashing new ROM. But, for Note, this is painful lesson for me. It would be good to mention in your video or written instruction in this article to warn users not to factory reset in stock ROM. Maybe highlight it in RED color too. It would be good too to advise users to install franco or abyss kernel if one wants to factory reset before flashing new ROM from stock ICS.

    So, after repair, i tried again and this time i install franco kernel while rooting GNote and reboot. Checked and ensure that kernel is indeed franco. Then reboot to recovery (no need to run and wipe cache and dalvik but did not dare to factory reset it. Then install SuperNexus and GApps successfully. But upon first reboot, it got stuck at JB logo forever.
    So, no choice. Go back to recovery mode and this time found CWM version 6.x.x installed instead of version 5.8.xx. Perform the dreading factory reset and to my pleasant surprise, it went well!!!. Wipe cache and dalvik again and reboot.

    Tada!! It got past JB logo and booted up to SuperNexus 4.1.2 !!!

    But, i still got problem with my mobile signal which is erratic. Anyone here can advise me on this please?

    • Len Kiat Leong says:

      Went back to samsung service center and they replaced the broken antenna for me FOC as i had paid $30 yesterday to fix PDA sub motherboard. They flashed original ROM back and would void my warranty if i were caught flashing new ROM or root the Note again.
      What should i do now. ๐Ÿ™

  149. Ken says:

    Thanks for the nice guide. However, I think the replacing the kernel with the franco kernel is not a good idea, as the bluetooth is not working and I have been too quick in replacing the kernel without first backup the stock ROM… But still thanks to the guide in rooting the devices, it is really easy to follow : )

  150. thomas says:

    Hey max

    I have a questions for you …
    1. I rooted my gnote exactly like u showed in the video without the computer method and i was successful but on xda many ppl are saying that isnot a safe orgood method .. so if u could plz help me out here

    The next question is i rooted the phone and flashed on hydracore kernal and then flashed on sweet rom
    Now if want toshift toanother rom .. could utelme how to ? …

  151. chirayu says:

    i had flashed cwm and cyanogen mod 9 and then paranoid jellybean… i want to revert to my original ics4.0.4 for warranty purpose ….wht should i do?

  152. elpachiri says:

    Do you know were can i download another safe kernel ??
    This franco kernel breaks my bluetooth.
    Bluetooth won’t come on after flashing the franco kernel

  153. multan says:


    I have finished watching the video that you put up with regards to rooting the Galaxy Note, but am quite confused with the flashing of the ROMs.

    Anyway, I have a G-7000 which is under Android version 4.0.4 with Baseband version N7000DXLR1, and Kernel version of 3.0.15-N7000DXLR5-CL968032.

    I understand from the video that I have to download the 3 files and install followed by CWM-Super SU as the second file to get access to root the phone.

    However, how do I go about flashing a new ROM in there after installing the two above-mentioned files, say the Rocket Jelly Bean ROM?

    I have downloaded the Jelly Bean ROM into my external SD card.

    I appreciate if you could give me a step by step guide on how to go about installing the ROM? And do I have to repeat the same steps everytime I flash a new ROM or a different ROM?

    Thank you.

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi multan..have you solved your problem yet?

      • JB Despo says:

        Oh Blurenciel the king of GNote!!

        Please reply to multan’s question as i am having a similar question. I would like to get stock JB official rom on my GNOTE (GT N7000). But sh*t scared of deadly consequences as i dont know a eff about root/roms

        Please convince me to go for JB as the wait for OTA is driving me crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • blurenciel says:

          Hi JB Despo,
          If you want stock rom then look for the latest version at samfirmware dot com.. flash it via odin..are you familiar with odin?

  154. Ahmed LegenD says:

    can i do this root method with the same files without kernal as i know that every mobile have different kernal to flash but am asking if i can do this with galaxy s 2 i9100 ???

  155. Az says:

    Plz help me…!!!
    My bluetooth problem….!!!
    Help me out…!

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Az.. you might like to visit GNote forum in xda and look for another kernel (for your rom) in development threads..btw what is your current rom?

      • az says:

        ics rom… Version 4.04…
        My problem is… I don’t know how to flash another kernel… Im using franco kernel…
        I think that kernel is problem… Because im using this way to root my another Gnote without using franco kernel… It worked… So now… How can i solve my problem… Can u help me? Please im begging you… I don’t know what should i do right now… Please…

        • blurenciel says:

          so you are on stock ICS..well you can google [ n7000 PhilZ-cwm6 Safe Stock Kernels ] without the square should be the first that thread..

          check your baseband version number from settings>about phone (DXLR2 for example)..after that go to the mentioned thread and go to post #3 and download the zip file that matched your rom.. (take the last 3 letters.. DXLR2 > LR2) and copy the zip file into your external sd..

          how to flash..
          1. reboot reboot into recovery (hold vol up + home + power simultaneously and release when galaxy note splash appear)
          2. install zip from sd card > look for the zip file > install
          3. reboot
          that should be it..
          or maybe you would consider flashing custom ROMs? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  156. az says:

    So i should choose this? PhilZ-cwm6-DXLR5-OLB? ?
    Put into sd card… Then reboot into recovery?? What is ‘OLB’??

  157. XinC says:

    I have done the same steps to my Galaxy note 4.1.2, but it stucked at the logo, any suggestion on how to fix that?

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi XinC..
      This video is for those who have 4.0.x ics..while yours are 4.1.x should look for a jb kernel for your rom..xda’s n7000 android development forum should be the right place to look for it.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. Rykel says:

    Hi, since you added JELLY BEAN in the title as well, does this mean that this root method will work for the leaked N7000XXLSA Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ROM from SamMobile too? If so, there was NO “Jelly Bean” link… should I download the 3 ICS files then? Thanks for confirming.

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Rykel..afaik philz kernel (google n7000 PhilZ-cwm6 Safe Stock Kernels) can be flashed through stock recovery..flash it and you’ll get root and brick-safe kernel..

      • Rykel says:

        Hi blurenciel, I am not keen to flash any non-stock kernel because I am awaiting the official Jelly Bean upgrade… currently, I have installed the SamMobile leaked Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ROM on my phone (and my, what a difference it makes!) but I just need to root this ROM in order to restore my backed up files using Titanium.

        • blurenciel says:

          Sorry for the misunderstanding..i thought you are ok with custom kernel.. ๐Ÿ™‚
          Btw, in case you haven’t solve your problem, there is a thread in xda that provides prerooted xxlsa rom..considering you have everything backed up, it is ok to flash it right..

  159. kin says:

    help. i did the steps above but the superuser didn’t appear! and i can’t turn on Bluetooth also! I install the Rom manager and flash the newest CWM but i cant get into Recovery Mode through Rom manager. How can i do? pls i beg u to teach me/.\

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi kin..can i help?
      The easiest way to solve your problem is most probably change your kernel..i suggest you to flash philz kernel since it can be safely flashed via stock recovery..

  160. Mandelrot says:

    The. Best. Ever. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  161. Vic Williamson says:

    Hi I have just followed your video and now every so often I get (unfortunately, the process has stopped) on my phone I am still using ICS for now but was going to use Sweet jelly bean as in your other video.
    Can you tell me what this means please

  162. Cindy says:

    Hi! I just updated my Galaxy Note to XXLS2 Jellybean 4.1.2 Firmware. Fail to root with this method. Is there any other method I can use? Thanks!

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Cindy, if you are ok with custom kernel , you can flash philz is a stock modified kernel..flash it via stock recovery (no need and you get for philz cwm 6 n7000 (or anything like that)..

      • Cindy says:

        I read this msg after I install the old Franco Kernel thing……… now the phone will stuck at the Samsung Galaxy Note screen and turn off on itself. Is there any way I can fix this? Removing the kernel?

    • Cindy says:

      also, my phone doesn’t turn on anymore after install the Franko Kernel…………….. ><!! Help!!

  163. wai says:

    hallo max..

    My bluethooth no function(no device).pls help me

  164. lex says:

    MAX help galaxy note e:can’t mount /emmc/ hmmmm….

  165. Deanoo says:

    Hai… can I do this rooting process on N7000XXLSA 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Leak from sammobile?

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Deanoo, no you can’t use this method for xxlsa..but you can flash rooted kernel instead (if you are okay with custom kernel).. ๐Ÿ™‚

  166. paklee says:

    Hi, i successfully did the root method above but i didnt flash the franco kernel. Then im doing the backup for my stock ICS rom using CWM. After that i install Beats Audio but it makes my phone a bit laggy. from what i read, i cannot uninstall Beats Audio unless i restore my phone. Can i just restore with my stock ICS rom using CWM? thanks in advance..

  167. blurenciel says:

    hi paklee..not sure if franco is a safe kernel..but according to max, abyss kernel is a safe kernel (i’ve been relying on this kernel all the time)..flash abyss, reboot recovery and only then you can safely can have a look at max’s post under galaxy note roms category (currently somewhere in page 3)..”how to install gb/ics roms on rooted note”..
    flash abyss> reboot recovery> wipe> flash franco back.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • blurenciel says:

      P/S: i’ve bricked mine if i were you, i would read a lot before deciding on wiping..

    • paklee says:

      Hi, tq for your reply. So i need to flash abyss kernel first before i restore my stock ICS from my backup using CWM?

      • blurenciel says:

        yes flash abyss first, reboot recovery (advance>reboot recovery) then wipe..after that you can restore your rom back..but make sure you flash your kernel back..abyss is a gb kernel so ics won’t boot on gb can flash franco back but many have said that they had their bluetooth you might like to look for another kernel maybe?

  168. ace says:

    how can i flash new rom? and change new kernel? thanks!

  169. Edward says:

    Will this root will erase all my data in my phone* ( photo, video, contact, sms and others )

    • blurenciel says:

      hi Edward..
      if you do it as instructed, you will not lose your data.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Edward says:

        My phone model GT-N7000, 4.0.4. is this phone using the steps of this side? can i unroot it back to original version? This is my 1st time learn to root. i need to pay attention on which part or any thing that need to care?

        • blurenciel says:

          i think the method is okay with all versions of ics..
          about unrooting, maybe you can have a look at “galaxy note unroot” category on the menu above.. ๐Ÿ™‚
          P/S: you are on ics so remember not to wipe anything..i’ve bricked mine

          • Edward says:

            after i rooted my phone, can i continue root this on my phone? (Android 4.1.2 Note 2 ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Multi-Window] ). and, if i unroot my phone, my data will loss?

  170. Edward says:

    I had rooted my phone following your steps ~ Can i continue root my phone using the Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM?

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi saying “root my phone using the Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM”, do you mean flashing the ROM?
      The instructions are usually written in the ROM can have a look there first..
      Normally i did as following:
      1) Put needed files in SD card (ROM file, gapps, abyss kernel)
      2) reboot into recovery
      3) flash abyss kernel (!important) *I use redpill abyss primarily
      4) reboot recovery (advance>reboot recovery)
      5) wipe data/factory reset (wipe menu>wipe data/factory reset)
      6) flash ROM
      7) flash gapps (if needed)
      8) reboot phone

      Please proceed with can Talk me if you have id is as my name above..

      • Edward says:

        after i flash this ROM all my data will gone? and what is redpill abyss primarily and flash gapps? thx for reply ๐Ÿ™‚

        • blurenciel says:

          If you have had your device rooted, then make backup using titanium backup before proceeding to flashing rom..
          redpill abyss is a kernel name..i use it primarily rather than cwm abyss..
          Gapps is a zip file containing google apps..there are certain roms that require u to flash gapps..if you do not flash gapps then you will not have google apps including play store..
          If you need elaborated details, care to email or gtalk me.. blurenciel is my ID..

  171. yinok says:

    Will this work also for GB roms? If not, do you have a similar method for rooting GB roms via stock recovery? Im on GB 2.3.6 N7000XXKL8

  172. Bruce Hilt says:

    I have an Asian Note II 3G. I am on a T-Mobile system but can only get 2G. Do I need to root jb to get 3G single?

    • blurenciel says:

      I think if both your device and service provider support 3G, no need to root to get 3G, right?maybe you can revise your APN settings..
      P/s: look at galaxy note 2 root section..maybe someone there could help..

  173. APSy says:

    hi max, i followed the rooting procedures on your video.
    after i rooted, the “SuperSU” app icon was there, but after i flashed the franco kernel, the superSU icon was gone… is this normal??

    thanks dude,

  174. Armand says:

    Hi Max!!!!!

    i’ve been having problems after flashing the Kernel to franco Kernel ๐Ÿ™
    can u upload a different kernel perhaps the stock one? i lost bluetooh connection and the phone is being really unstable :/



  175. Mustafa says:

    Hi max i did it all as u said but then my phone wasnt properly opening then i tried to do a factory reset but first isnt it doing in recovery mood if so i thought so and then i get into download mode then used CWM wipe and reset i think this step was worng made me stuck in samsung logo now can’t enter recovery mode HELP ME S.O.S

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Mustafa, since you can boot into download mode, why don’t you flash stock rom via odin..after that, try again..

      • Mustafa says:

        yes i tried flash kernel from max site download from there franco kernel r6 now i got the yellow exclamation point

        • blurenciel says:

          hi’ve flashed custom kernel via odin, so yellow triangle is does flashing that kernel fixed your problem yet?does your phone succesfully boot?

  176. Pierre K says:

    Hi Max.
    Iยดm new to this rooting thing and I have a question.
    If I only root my GT-N7000 and skip the franco kernel. Can I still get and use androids original updates, or do I have to unroot it? I have ICS 4.0.4 and waiting for the update to Jelly Bean.
    And if a unroot my note do I get back my warranty? Or do I have to use the “Triangle Away” app to get back my warrenty?? Stil have 10 month left on my warrenty.
    Btw Iยดm from sweden, dont know if that makes a differens!!
    Thanks in advance!

  177. Pierre K says:

    Hi Max.
    Iยดm new to this rooting thing and I have a question.
    If I only root my GT-N7000 and skip the franco kernel. Can I still get and use androids original updates, or do I have to unroot it? I have ICS 4.0.4 and waiting for the update to Jelly Bean.
    And if a unroot my note do I get back my warranty? Or do I have to use the “Triangle Away” app to get back my warrenty?? Stil have 10 month left on my warrenty.
    Btw Iยดm from sweden, dont know if that makes a differens!!
    Thanks in advance!!

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Pierre K..
      q: skip the franco kernel?
      yes you can skip franco kernel..
      q: ota update?
      no, from my previous experience (somebody correct me if i’m wrong.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
      q:unroot to claim warranty?
      yes, leave it stock..
      q: triangle away?
      you don’t have the yellow tringle, don’t you?

      • Pierre K says:

        Okej, so to get the ota updates I need to unroot my note, or is there another way to doit without flashing??
        No I dont have the yellow triangle.. Havent started rooting.. How and why do you get the yellow triangle??
        Thanks for the quick answere!!

        • blurenciel says:

          q: how we get the yellow triangle?
          i don’t really know how can we get the yellow triangle..but as far as i know, flashing stock roms/kernel/anything via odin won’t increase binary counter and trigger the yellow triangle..that means we should stay away from flashing non-stock things via odin.. ๐Ÿ™‚
          q: another way to get update?
          i don’t wait for updates the past i always update via odin..they say flashing one-file update won’t wipe your data..i’ve done it before (on a mini) and it updated without data wipe.. ๐Ÿ™‚
          well, i am a little sceptical about update for our seems like it is nowhere in near future..
          maybe you might want to try some custom roms.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Pierre K says:

            I see… Love the info you give me.. I understand this rooting thing a litle bit better now. ๐Ÿ™‚
            The last I heard my device should get the jelly bean update ota on the first of marsh.. But we all know how much they promise and how little they delivere!! ๐Ÿ˜›

            • blurenciel says:

              March?really? i wonder what new feature will it offer.. ๐Ÿ™‚ if it is the same as note 2 or s3 then i wouldn’t have you rooted yours or not? if you have time, try google n7000 kernel repository..sadly franco kernel has discontinued..but there are lots of ics custom kernels available..and a lot of infos too..

              • Pierre K says:

                Now I’v tried both rooting and unrooting back to stock ics 4.0.4 swedish. Works like a charm. ๐Ÿ™‚
                But the title says both ics and jelly bean root. But I cant find the link to download the jelly bean root files, how come??
                I’ll probebly try some other kernels later on, but for now I’ll wait for the update!! ๐Ÿ™‚
                Yes, the update will have some of the note 2 and s3 features, but that bother me. I’m still psyked to try it!! ๐Ÿ™‚
                I’ll google that!!
                Thanks for your help!! ๐Ÿ™‚

                • blurenciel says:

                  If we look back at previous comments, it seems like many tried this method with jb (leaked roms) but failed..the only way to root jb is flashing rooted kernel..

                  • Pierre K says:

                    But can you use the unroot ics 4.0.4 method to unroot to stock jelly bean??

                    • blurenciel says:

                      Flashing stock kernel can unroot too..not too sure though..i’ve read a post on unrooting ics by flashing pda via odin..again, im not too sure..hehe..

  178. Mustafa says:

    it didnt be a solution of my issue now i stuck of people saying use those that kernels im not sure which GB should i use with a stock kernel im sooo confusing i need someone be my guide to step by step im not stupid that much but i want to be sure what im doing at least i can get in recovery mode and downloading mode and that yellow triangle went away after i did recovery with my old backup

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Mustafa i’d really want to help..i’ve faced a similar problem phone didn’t boot (stuck at boot logo) after flashing a rom..
      but i don’t fully understand your problem..a few things you need to clear out:
      please tell me whether you wiped after or before flashing franco kernel? (i assume you wiped after franco)
      how do you flash franco kernel?cwm or odin?
      you released the buttons before or after the logo came out?
      if you released them before the logo, then try releasing them right after the logo came out..

  179. mustafa says:

    thanks really apriceate your help mate now i stuck in nand writing start! i used odin 1.85 i read some forum i should put in pit file then start flashing with odin again but now im installing german non wipe s rom i used cwm flashing kernel its all good to go for recovery mode works nice but i just messed up with phone rom or somewhere that my phone wont load and that max never help people he just know very well but dont expect people may have diferent sittuations

  180. blurenciel says:

    did some searching in forums..apparently i came across a post in xda by a member forest1971..have you read that post?

  181. Mustafa says:

    can you forward me link i wrote you on twitter if are u from malasia ?right person

  182. alecswayne says:

    helpppp! after flashing this rom all is fine except my google play store. this rom came with a google play store. so i downloaded the version for JB and installed it. but it doesnt launch.

  183. Ammar says:

    Hello Max … can you please try the new stock ROM JB and make sure the root is working fine??
    I’d try it myself, but I have that Network Control Key issue … and I can’t update if I can’t root it for sure
    I need rooting to unlock it as it locks up after each update…. although I bought it originally unlocked! O.o

    • mustafa says:

      mate let me help you with my well experienced experience cos im kind of max’s student lol what kind of problem are you facing ?

      • Ammar says:

        Any ideas?
        I want the Stock ROM JB … I have the notification on Kies but it will lock my phone again …

        • blurenciel says:

          Hi Ammar, you can find the latest official 4.1.2 in the ROMs section..there is a cwm flashable zip to flash the ROM and can go have a try.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. celticwoman says:

    Just rooted my galaxy note thank you for your help to do it…..

    Just 1 thing my bluetooth now doesnt work!!! any tips would be appreciated as to how to get it working again ๐Ÿ™‚

    Many thanks

  185. Hh says:

    Just install official 4.1.2 from kies
    ok to root it using your files?

  186. Mustafa says:

    which country r u in u guys?

  187. Badal says:

    hello frndzz m new to this phone n i want to install N7000XXLSZ_N7000OXALSZ_DBT this custom rom but this rom is not installing through odin can u plz give me a solution how to install
    plz tell me in details

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi badal, what rom is it actually?is it ultimate xxlsz?

      • Badal says:

        yes u r right its N7000XXLSZ_N7000OXALSZ_DBT when i put this tar file in pda n starts the process nothing happen

        my current baseband version is
        PDA : N7000XXLPY
        PHONE : N7000XXLPT
        CSC : N7000ATOLP2

        • Badal says:

          blurenciel before this phone i was having S2 n i have installed custom roms for many time n each time it succeeded but for this phone nothing is happening n i dont want to use this boaring rom plz help me bro

          • Badal says:

            Hey blurenciel i m having another rom XXLSZ_stock_deodexed_rooted_eybee1970
            can u plz tell me how to install this rom
            i m confuse because it contains to many folders n files
            can u plz tell me how to install this rom i need u r help bro plz so something plz

            • blurenciel says:

              Hi badal..sorry for the late reply..
              i strongly believe that the rom is supposed to flash via recovery..not using odin..can your phone boot into recovery on the current state?

            • mustafa says:

              yes u right blurenciel u need to use cwm mode to flash this rom check the custom rom support on which base on your stock rom

  188. Chris P says:

    So does anyone know if we can root the official jellybean 4.1.2 with this method?

    • mustafa says:

      of course u just flash file with cwm mode and reboot phone u are rooted but u have to use ics or jb

      • blurenciel says:

        Hi Chris P and Mustafa..
        I think the official 4.1.2 need to be rooted with pc connection..
        P/S Mustafa, have you got your phone back?

        • mustafa says:

          But the tittle says ics and jelly bean right
          no mate it is in hongkong i bought a s3 mini temporarly quite good phone little but fullfill love very fast smooth nice 4.1.2 jb

  189. Tony Dalmeyer says:

    Well that was a waste of time.Downloaded ultimate jb rom,installed it reconfigured all my apps,used camera,poof shutdown,wouldn’t reboot,finally restored origonal rom.

  190. Bruce Hilt says:

    Great video and information. I have a Chinese Version GT-N7100 with Jelly Bean. I guess this is a Note II. Does this rooting work with this model as well?


  191. Check in the forum, you will get enough details.

  192. Mustafa says:

    hey this method doesn’t work with jb!! no supersu in apps… need an other method.

  193. aye says:

    hii… i have updated my gnote 1 to official JB via kies… but it doesn’t have air view in it… can u please teach how to downlaoad air view into it… and im new to this things.. i dont even know what root and rom is/ tq

  194. asap says:

    Where are the jelly bean rooting files?

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi asap
      If you are on the official jb, there’s a post newer than this that will answer your question..look fo it in galaxy note root category..

  195. saleh hakeem says:

    Iโ€™ve tried your method I downloaded the 3 files
    Transfer it to the external storage
    I flashed { without factory rest }
    Naw my phone is stuck on boot
    I cant go to recovery mode
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help

  196. saleh hakeem says:

    Iโ€™ve tried your method I downloaded the 3 files
    Transfer it to the external storage
    I flashed { without factory rest }
    Naw my phone is stuck on boot
    I cant go to recovery mode
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez help
    i am on ics 4.0.3

  197. mustafa says:

    hi saleh ,
    i’m well experienced person about galaxy note let me help you
    can you go download mode ( pressing volume down +home +power button combo at same time )if yes
    find a stock rom about your phone model then flash it via odin then your phone will come back life

  198. mustafa says:

    DO NOT DO wipe data factory reset in CWM mode anyway you dont have cwm now i think cos you just going to make rooted rom

  199. Saleh hakeem says:

    I downloaded the 3 files
    2.i flashed cwm. Zip (without a factory reset or cash)
    And that is pretty much it

    • blurenciel says:

      mm..the attached is actually a temporary should not give any problem..
      regarding you problem, i suggest you to flash another kernel before odin a stock rom..sadly i can’t post links can google for it, maybe “n7000 kernel repository”..

      • Saleh hakeem says:

        Scuse me how can I flash a kernel

        • blurenciel says:

          mm..i bet you still have the 3 files in your sd right?
          so try this:
          1. boot into recovery (vol up+ home + power hold until galaxy note appear and only then release the buttons)
          2. flash
          3. you’ll get into recovery with blue fonts..flash cwm super su
          – install from sd card > super (you know which one)
          4. flash franco
          – install from sd card > franco r5
          the steps are the same as the video above, i actually want you to repeat the steps in case you’ve missed something..

  200. Saleh hakeem says:

    Thank u blurenciel but I can’t go to recovery mode I thought that u know that

  201. Saleh hakeem says:

    I am. Ok with that
    But how to make the laptop know my phone
    Forgive my English

    • blurenciel says:

      kies won’t recognise your phone, but the computer will..
      turn off kies > open odin > put in .ops file > boot into download mode and plug in usb..
      if the com port turns yellow then, your phone is recognized and you can odin..have you check that?

  202. Saleh hakeem says:

    Thank you very much I will try it in an hour or so and I will reply to you

  203. Saleh hakeem says:

    Witch kernel u recommend

  204. saleh hakeem says:

    i cant get the yellow box

  205. blurenciel says:

    this is the only independent driver that i found..go to softpedia dot com and search for
    Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver for Windows x86 or
    Samsung Galaxy S USB Driver for Windows x64 for 64-bit..

  206. saleh hakeem says:

    thanks man
    i will reply to u
    i have something to do
    so later

  207. saleh hakeem says:

    thanks man
    it works
    now what

  208. blurenciel says:

    sorry, can’t post links here..links need can google for dr ketan stock rom..

  209. saleh hakeem says:

    thank u man
    u helped me a lot

  210. saleh hakeem says:

    so after i install this stock rom what is the best way to root my phone

    • blurenciel says:

      i would say that the easiest way to root stock roms is by flashing philz kernel since it can be flashed via stock what rom are you currently downloading?

  211. saleh hakeem says:

    Download Android 4.1.2 ROM Totally Stock Firmware
    and i hope that i can install jelly bam or super nexus

    • mustafa says:

      you can flash abbyskernel via odin then u ll have cwm after u had it put custom rom in your sd card flash it do a wipe data format bla bla then u are good to go

  212. mustafa says:

    oh yes but you are on jelly bean abbsy might not work cos its for ฤฐCS

  213. saleh hakeem says:

    i well try abbyskernel then flash jelly bam
    Q.when should i do wipe data format
    after i flash the rom or before

  214. saleh hakeem says:

    it fail !!!!
    abyss kernel

  215. saleh hakeem says:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  216. saleh hakeem says:

    i cant use cwm when i scroll two times it just restart

    • blurenciel says:

      Success or not mate?

      • Saleh hakeem says:

        Look man I installed abyss kernel then I did factory rest
        After that I installed jellybam
        Some how the cwm upgrade to 6.0.0 I think not touch
        And the phone stuck on boot with yellow mark!

        • blurenciel says:

          Jellybam came with cwm 6..totally normal..
          You have the yellow triangle?did you odin anything other than stock rom?

          • Saleh hakeem says:

            I didn’t Odin stuck rom I just Odin abyss kernel

            • blurenciel says:

              That is the cause of your yellow triangle..the yellow triangle is a small wont affect the system, but really hurt the eyes..
              About your bootloop..what did you do?can you elaborate the steps that you followed..

  217. blurenciel says:

    its touch version..don’t use buttons..

  218. Saleh hakeem says:

    1_my phone is briked I don’t know what to do
    2_i Odin byss kernel
    3_recovery mode is open factory rest
    5 yellow mark appear for the first time
    6 flashed jellybam
    7 stuck on boot
    8 I flashed super nexus rom
    9_the same problem

    • mustafa says:

      ok fist calm down all you need to do is flash a new stock rom let it boot properly ok im waiting here

    • blurenciel says:

      Did you wipe before flash another rom?
      Now that you have a permanent recovery, always keep a copy of a safe kernel..abyss kernel (cwm version not odin version) or any cm10 kernel..the steps are almost the same:
      1 flash abyss (or cm) kernel
      2 full wipe (data, cache, and dalvik)
      3 flash rom (and gapps if needed)
      4 reboot..
      In most cases of bootloop or system error, i always reflash with full wipe..try reflash again, now with full wipe..

  219. Saleh hakeem says:

    Still on bootloop

  220. Saleh hakeem says:

    I stuck on note logo

  221. mustafa says:

    take it to service mate seems like u cant do it !

  222. Ashish says:

    Hi bud, i have galaxy note gt-i9220 bought from does this process works for my phone…also i m not able go into recovery mode by pressing vol-up + menu + power button… me asap…i have downloaded these zip files to my mobile

  223. Ashish says:

    I dont want odin process as i dont find drivers for my have to go only thru this process(no computer)

  224. Girithaara says:

    Do you think this method will work if i have 4.2.1? GT-N7000.

  225. Suraj says:

    Does this really work in note gt n7000 ddls6
    I want to root my phone and i m new to this plz somebody help me..

  226. edwin says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for your sharing, i have tried to follow your instructions and root my galaxy note.
    Everying is alright, until the last step….
    I have tried to click the “” and choose “reboot system now”
    However, my phone could not operate and show nothing after showing the picture” galaxy note GT-N7000″
    I could only restart by using “volumn, home and power” button, and entry to the android recovery page
    The top of the page has shown “CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4”
    i can choose 7 chooses which are:
    -reboot system now
    -install zip from sdcard
    -wipe date/ factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -backup and restore
    -mounts and storage

    Could you please teach me what can i do??
    I cant reinstall the original and can’t run your instructions…

  227. Will this method wipe your phone data and apps~~ Thanks

  228. prem says:

    Hi, Max,

    I really need your help, i have bought my phone in china and im outside china and still not able to download any google apps, i found an article lead me to this site and i followed your vedio instruction, i downloaded 3 files and then next step when i pressed the 3 buttons together, the power and the volume up and the center one, the phone went black for a while and then it start to vibrate in every second interval, even after 15 seconds still doing the same thing, did i do something wrong? the model no. is GT-S7562i, android 4.0.4, kernel version; 3.0.8-1219710 se.infra@SEP-119#1…, do you have any idea what’s going on? or if this type of phone can be rooted?
    lots of thanks

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi prem, this method is only applicable to samsung galaxy note gt should search for your gts7625i..

      • blurenciel says:

        you can try reading here: wwwDOTtechweemDOTcom/2013/04/how-to-root-gt-s7562-without-odin-and.html change the DOT of course..

  229. Rishal says:

    I Have Galaxy Note GT-N7000 4.1.2 JELLY BEAN Can i Root

  230. Chris says:

    Hey Max! i’m liking your work.

    i have a GT- N7000 on 4.1.2 …….. N7000BDCLSB – from Thailand.
    i’m looking to root it but not sure which CWM to download as i can’t find that fw number, including PhilZ Kernel website.
    can anyone point me in the right direction?

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi Chris..have you found the page yet?you can google for philz kernel n7000. I’m quite sure that it is the first result. The one you should download is jplsb cwm 6..

  231. Daniel HT says:

    hey man, i wonder,if i do this,

    1. i read a few problems above, is this sure to work 100%?

    2. will i loose any information on my phone? i mean will everything be deleted like my pictures and stuff,or is it just unlocking the phone?
    because i want to us a ps3 gamepad on it and every app says it has to be rooted.

    hope you see this,even though its a old article

  232. Krishhy says:

    Hey Pal

    Before I could visit this website, I tried to root my note. But i couldnt.. So, I flashed CM 10.2 with Cyanogenmod installer which is 4.3.1. Now im desperate to root with CWM so that i could flash CM 11 directly. Will These files help in rooting 4.3.1?

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