How to Root Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Method 2][ODIN/Heimdall][Gingerbread]

Here’s another method to root your Galaxy Note GT-N7000. This method involves using ODIN (for Windows) or Heimdall (for Linux/Mac).

This method will root ANY Galaxy Note GT-N7000 on Gingerbread (Yes, will do 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 2.3.X).

Step 1. Put your Galaxy Note into download mode by holding down Volume Down, Center button, and Power button together for about 10 seconds.  When you see a warning sign, hit Volume Up button.

Step 2. Connect your micro-USB cable to your Galaxy Note from your computer.

Step 3. Download ODIN program, unzip, and run it.

Step 4. You should see a yellow highlighted COM sign.  If you don’t, download Samsung Kies and install it.  Then plug-out and plug-in the micro-USB cable to your Galaxy Note and you should see it.

Step 5. Download Abyss Kernel and choose PDA in ODIN, then choose the downloaded kernel file AbyssNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo.tar, then hit “Start”.

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Download Abyss Kernel

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Step 6. Your phone should reboot and you should have Superuser app and root!

This Abyss kernel also comes with overclocking enable to 1.78Ghz.  To overclock your Galaxy Note, simply install SetCPU (you can Google it) and run it.

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Galaxy Note Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
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238 Responses to How to Root Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Method 2][ODIN/Heimdall][Gingerbread]

  1. Soycake says:

    Can this root DXLA1 version?

  2. Ayu says:

    For some reason, after the JuiceDefender is loaded, my screen gets black and can’t on it back with the power button unless i reboot it. And wifi can’t seem to turn on. Any ideas?

  3. DarkReaper says:

    I’m stuck at step 4, any help? The yellowish bar not showing up. Already got latest version of Kies installed. Now my Note is stuck in download mode.. ._.

    • aman says:

      have u got usb debugging on??
      nd u have cheked unkown sources in settings?

      • harly says:

        noob here. So should the unknown sources be checked or unchecked and should the usb du bug be checked or not?

        • Max says:

          No need just follow directions try slowly again and make sure to kill kies in taskmnager.

          • Arnold says:

            hi max.. im in a situation.. so i tried to unroot my gt-n7000 using odin and somewhat failed and nearly bricked my note.. but it didnt.. and every time i turn my note on it has this caution sign .. any advice how to undo this ?
            android version : 2.3.6
            baseband version: N7000DXKL2
            kernel version:
            build number: GINGERBREAD.DXLA1.

  4. dan says:

    can we use galaxy note N-7000 on tmobile in US?? will the same radios used for i717 work on note N-7000?

    • Hannes says:

      Can someone answer this question.
      i have an gt-n700 and i want to work on it using tmobile 4g

    • aman says:

      not sure!! but i guess NO!

    • chris M says:

      Yes and no. You can use it but you only get edge because the GT-N7000 (International version) is not Pentaband. However stay tuned.

      • omar says:

        is there away around using 4G in the US using the GN-7000.. because i had H+ signal (which is the other 4g at&t has) then it stopped working for some reason.. but i had working for TWO weeks almost (i googled that symbol, thats the only reason why i know what that symbol is..), and it doesn’t work now… :((( ….
        If i was on the network, and for some reason i got kicked out.. i’m sure theres away around it!!!!!!
        PLEASE help!!!

  5. Sumit says:

    Pls provide me the Odin Software..

  6. Matt says:

    Will this method work for the LB3 firmware model?

  7. dee ski says:

    sim card not provisioned mm #2, samsung note

  8. Albani Cunha says:

    Seguindo o passo a passo corretamente não tem erro.
    Meu Galaxy Note N7000, Brazil, funcionou perfeitamente. Agora está root.

  9. Michael Merten says:

    The download is just an image file.

  10. Adrian says:

    will it root xxlc1 firmware on gt-n7000 with no problem?

  11. Fred says:

    Works like a charme! I have an XXLC1

  12. Aaron says:

    Hey you should add a link for those Odin tool and for the other one. im new to the Samsung and i have no idea where to find the download link.. i would really appreciate it. 🙂

  13. raj says:

    Thanks so much, and your posts are one of the easiest to follow and gives a great head start for noobs! Great Job really!

    I used this method and now I see a yellow triangle.
    1. Will this yellow triangle during boot up, disappear if I follow your unroot method?
    2. Will my phone can be updated to ICS once Samsung officially provides upgrade to ICS for Galaxy Note?
    3. I tried SetCPU, the phone became very hot, when I over clocked and it just hang. I brought it back to normal.
    4. What are all the other useful, important things we can do after root, other than installing Titanium Backup etc.

  14. Dr.Ketan says:

    @ Raj
    This what i was expecting, B’coz Flashing any custom ROM/Kernel, will give you triangle
    And also check, you may have raised your flash counter
    Go to download mode, N check on Lt upper hand. it must be 1 or >

    • lhooipg says:

      wooo…danger…danger…I was planning to flash using this method until I saw your reply…

    • raj says:

      oops…anyway, can unroot help in anyway to bring back the counter to old?

      can I able to upgrade to official ICS after unrooting?
      Thanks Ketan.

      • Grimmreaper says:

        you have to flash chinese leak ics repack lp1, let the rom settles and use “triangle away apk” from xda to remove the yellow annoying triangle and reset your binary counter to “0”. Then flash any stock rom you like and it will be like a new n7000.

  15. Joey says:

    i wonder if you can help me, i tried removing gmail app in my note i717 by using titanium bakup but it results into a contiuous loop. i tried restoring and clearing delvik cache but im still getting boot loops. please help. thanks.

  16. Dr.Ketan says:

    There is few option available by which you can reset counter
    1.On GB
    read this

    2. install custom ICS ROM
    And install application called ‘triangle away’ that will reset your counter

    yes of course you will get ICS, Follow me here.

  17. Noah says:

    hye im on xxlc1 rooted with above method
    Now my kernel changed to abyssnote with xxlb2 baseband
    1. How to install cwm?
    2. If i wish to flash to stock rom, which kernel should i use? Xxlc1 or xxlb2
    Im new on samsung

  18. Devior says:

    Can it root DXLA1? Thanks

  19. avshash says:

    Hi there,
    I’m shooting in the dark here but hopefully someone can help me understand a few things about my new Galaxy Note.
    I just purchased Galaxy Note (never own an Android phone before) and it already came with CWM and Superuser apps, which I assume means it’s rooted. Is that ok? was I tricked to buy an unlocked phone or something?
    Also – the most annoying thing I get is when the Galaxy Note is rebooted I get this ridiculous “Rocket Theme” animation – what is that? (obviously a theme of some sort) and how how do I get rid of it so I only get the Samsung logo animation….

    • Max says:

      You must have bought a used Galaxy Note? That’s probably why.

    • Dr.Ketan says:

      Obviously, your device is tempered N so say it is used.
      Samsung can never give you rooted device.
      You should ask to seller about this.
      Any means you dont get replace, flash Stock ROM using PC odin, everything revert back to Normal

  20. Sezgin says:

    This method doesn’t work for me, no clue why. Went to stock rom and tried this and CWM shows up with alot of paces between lines and keeps rebooting in cwm

  21. jamalh bussey says:

    you dont have a link to download this where do i find it …..Heimdall (for Linux/Mac).

  22. TomV says:

    Am I right that this one also comes with the ROMManager? Sweeet!

  23. Paul Ashton says:

    This doesn’t work for my Docomo Galaxy Note. Even from the first step of holding down the volume button, power and center button to switch to download mode. After pressing all three together, the screen goes blank, then the phone simply vibrates. Held this down for 5 mins, but nothing. Once released, the phone naturally reboots…

    Looking for any pointers…info. as follows:

    Android Version

    Broadband Version:

    My Kernel version is:
    se-infra@SEP-51 #2

    Build number

    • Ant says:

      Paul, you have to turn off the phone, then try to turn it on using the download mode switch. volume, home and power together. It will come up with a Japanese splash screen about installing ROMS. press up on volume and it will enter English screen with download mode.
      However, this kernel will most likely not work with the Docomo phone, as it is ever so slightly different to the GT-N7000.
      I found a kernel file (tegrak) online, on a Japanese site, that looks like it might work, but I’m a bit too afraid to try to flash it. It’s my first time trying to root a phone and I don’t know that Docomo will help me if I brick it, because I bought it second hand,

      • Koiboyjapan says:

        Thanks for the info Ans…

        I have checked out many different Japanese sites for rooting the Docomo Galaxy Note, but most of them are pretty unhelpful to be honest. I speak, read and write v.good Japanese, but no way into their tight groups over here…

        I am looking for a foreigner to guide me on rooting the Docomo Galaxy Note, who has done it to their phone with success…

        As for the tegrak kernal, can you tell me more? File location etc?

        • Max says:

          If u have gtn7000 model everything on this website will work fine.

          • Koiboyjapan says:

            How do I know if I have the gtn7000 model…the model number here in Japan as told to me by the Docomo shop I purchased it from is SC-05D…

            • Max says:

              Not sure if that model is compatible.

              • Koiboyjapan says:

                Found the solution…well kind of.

                I have my Docomo Galaxy Note SC-05D rooted (Japanese model), with Superuser access.

                I used the instructions from another thread on this forum posted, by a user with a Korean model of the Galaxy Note, (Samsung must issue Docomo with the same version. It is different in terms of procedure to the steps above).

                Check this thread: if you have the Docomo SC-05D version of the Galaxy Note, specifically look for the reply to the thread on May 21. 2012 by user Jason. This user gives a really good blow-by-blow run down on how to update the Korean and Japanese versions of the SC-05D.

                NOTE: Instead of uploading the tegrak file, to you SD card, you will need to add the following file to your SD card: Superuser-3.0.6-efgh-signed download here –>

                Hope this helps all the Docomo SC-05D Galaxy Note users out there to get their phones to root. 🙂

                • Ant says:

                  Yeah, that’s how I did mine. Not that it is good for anything. I flashed mine with the UE10 tegrak and was able to use tegrak to backup the phone data. But on the stock recovery screen there are some missing image files reported. Doesn’t appear to change the root or the function of the phone at all.

                  Docomo will release an ICS update sometime in August.

                  The root of the SC-05D doesn’t change the reported firmware version. It just flashes a different recovery bios. So I wonder if it will affect our ability to update with the stock docomo ICS update. Or if we will have to go back to stock GB. If stock GB is needed, I have a copy of the stock ROM on my PC.

                  As for Japanese sites with information, have you seen Yoruneko’s blog?
                  That’s how I worked out how to flash the Tegrak recovery bios.
                  Hopefully after the ICS update we will be able to do the same tegrak flash using the correct version (UE10 or whichever) and then be able to install some interesting ICS things on the phone that may not come standard on Note. Like some of the SIII functions.

  24. zOnnA says:

    Can you please explain how to root through Heimdall for mac?

  25. rizwan says:

    Thanks Dear its work for me 2.3.6 xxlb2

  26. junhing says:

    Is the odin can use any version, because odin have many version, so hot to i choice
    Thank you.

  27. Salako Muniru says:

    I used the above method but yellow triangle is shown when i tried to reboot

    • poochewer says:

      I cannot ever understand why so many people worry about a nice pretty tiangle showing up on boot!!
      Who cares!!! All of you out there please listen to me—-IT DOES NO HARM!!!!!!
      You own your device and you can flash whatever you want to it!

      • roel says:

        yes it does no harm but nothing happens and only the samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 and a yellow triangle appear..

        • Le0nyt4s.. says:

          The cell just dont boot up….. it remains with Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000 And a yellow triangle with an (!) nothing else than this happnes ……

  28. Kavi says:

    Awesome, this method worked well. CWM also included with this.

  29. colin says:

    I have a LA6 Kernal and had trouble getting the yellow COM thing appear in ODIN MULTI DOWNLOADER (it just wouldnt happen, even with kies installed).

    I reverted to an older version ODIN3 v1.85 and it worked perfectly.

  30. Remi Chen says:

    Awesome, it works well. Thanks so much!

  31. Tee says:

    How do you get Heimdall for mac? the directions are describing how to root using Odin for windows.

  32. Jun says:

    Hello Max. Thank you for the great reviews. I was just wondering if you have seen anyone who’s having problem with AT&T data connectivity with international version Galaxy Note (GT-N7000)? I thought I would be able to use the AT&T data (regular 3/4G network, not the 4G LTE), right out of box if you put sim card in… but I wasn’t able to. I went to AT&T and they couldn’t sort it out and suggested me that I might need to install driver that will enable the phone to use AT&T network? Is that true?

  33. russ says:

    the download file isent working i get a zlmage file waterver that is ?

  34. SUMIT says:

    Hey My Phone is doesnt rooted dont knw why i tried ur all methods n root method 2 shows the yellow sign in odin programme bt doesnt start the rooting process so wht should i do??..

    My Note baseband version is N7000DDLB1 & Kernel Version is, is it work on this kernel or not???

    Reply Sooon

  35. grantdennison says:

    after trying this i cant boot my phone it just gets stuck on battery screen with frozen busy sign. i can still get into downloading but when i connect try odin it just fails. in device manager it says samsung mobile usb modem so it connecting as modem and not as a phone. i have tried everything but nothing works. tryied to go back to stock rom, tried to wipe, cant get into recovery mode, tried kies, uninstalled kies, installed drivers, tried laptop running windows xp, nothing has helped. im using win 7 .
    please help as i need my phone for work.

  36. mw says:

    why does this title say heimdall for mac, when you don’t include any info on using Heimdall?


  37. rahul says:

    hi max i have a uk galaxy note u know u dont have any links for odin as well as the kernal so i had to search in google nd i found odin3 v1.85 and abyssnotekernel42cwtouchoriginallogo.tar and i did the same thing what u said but its stuck on the yellow triangle screen but when i press the 3 buttons it does go to the download screen what should i do now..

  38. aniki says:

    hye dr can u give me dl link for those rom? pls 🙂

  39. Aamir says:

    Does this method increase the binary counter?

    • poochewer says:

      YES but who cares!! are you going to care about a “count number” on your phone?
      Its totally harmless and so is the yellow triangle! RELAX PEOPLE!

  40. cesar says:

    It worked hard to find odin and kernal, running 2.3.6 n7000

  41. elephantinyourface says:

    great explanation for mac

  42. Nr says:

    Yes boss DDLB-1,2 india version succees root galaxy note N-7000 without any damage……thanks a lot …….

  43. alek says:

    works like a charm on 2.3.6 xxlc1
    thanks for clear instruction and your effort.

  44. blkfrd says:

    Does this rooting method work on the new ISC official update?

  45. juan says:

    must have sd card to root???

  46. juan says:

    thankyou it worked!

  47. adel says:

    Dont you think of doing this! That darn yellow triangle will pop in your face and you will hate your G note.
    Now if you did it you have to untoot it by any way and reinstall the otiginal firmware uding Odin.
    The bottom line is DONT USE THIS METHOD.

  48. Tushar says:

    Need help asap. My phone is stuck on the screen with yellow triangle. It won’t boot up. What should I do? I tried removing battery and putting it back, but again it got stuck.

  49. AHmed says:

    Its Worked… But Its Eating my battery life like hell…. its like minute clock… every one minute one battery percent …. stock didn’t eat eat that much like i keep the phone uncharged for 3-4 day… now i looks like 3-4 hours or so ! how to fix that 🙁

  50. jason says:

    can someone help me root my Galaxy Note? its the Koren version the SHV-E160S. there is a post about it here. but i cant seem to understand it. the poster just did a rough translation and i cant seem to understand myself when i use google translate on the given website. probably a step by step one because i just jumped ships from Apple to the Note. just want to get rid of bloatware and preinstalled apps.

  51. Jason says:

    nevermind, i managed to root mine. 🙂 for Korean Galaxy Note users i posted a step by step guide here, scroll down. hope it helps! LINK:

  52. Ricardo says:

    I rooted my galaxy note some time ago using this method, and everything was fine.
    Today the official update of ICS was released, the phone notify about the update this morning. I started the download and proceed to install, after the install the phone restarts and I got a message “Update Failed” try using Samsung Kies.

    Has someone updated your rooted galaxy note?
    Any idea how to fix it?

  53. Heiden says:

    Could you provide the ODIN for GT N7000 2.3.6 . i have the kernel file but you didnt provide any link to the Specific ODIN


  54. saad says:

    ics for g note is out …. plz post a new tutorial to root g note running on ics ….. and i love your work max …. thumbs up 🙂

  55. mondy says:

    failing on step 1

  56. jonny carlberg says:

    OK, So when i did this my phone would not boot up, the screen image just dissapear after few seconds, not even in download mode the abttery icon stays on for more then 1 second, i can get into download mode without a problem, but i dont wanna lose everything i have, thats why im installing this to use titanium backup, never ha ve problem with rooting before, can i root bak so it will work or try another one? i dont remember what i had before beside xxlb2, and the tar file i found on the internet cause this one here doesnt work.

  57. mesersmith says:

    I have:
    basebad version N7000XXKA4
    Kernel version
    build number: GINGERBREAD .XXLA6

    My question is how can I root this phone, because there are a lot of tutorials and a lot of ideeas that said what variant is good or not, ans all the informations make me dizzy.
    So, I understand that is not posible to root this ROM in dirrect mode, only tu downgrade to a previous ROM, root it, and upgrade to first ROM.
    Is that correct? I really need to root my phone and I need a clean advise.

  58. joel says:

    Need help asap. My phone is stuck on the screen with yellow triangle. It won’t boot up. What should I do? I tried removing battery and putting it back, but again it got stuck.

  59. joel says:

    i flash the other abbys link. 4.2 5times now. still triangle warning. is it cry time already for me?

  60. brandon says:


    m using a note but with ics.. will this root method work?

  61. DIMO says:

    what if already in the upgrade to the ICS? whether it will still work? because mine is on the upgrade to the ICS .. sorry my bad english.

  62. Joachim says:

    Rooted my Galaxy Note (2.3.6, Germany, Vodafone) using this guide. It seemd to work without a problem.
    Thnk you for this guide.

    You should mention that this method will show the dreaded “Yellow triangle”.

    Since the root yesterday, on two occasions, once while trying to back the rom up with CWM and once in an application that uses root privileges (mount manager), the note produced weird clicking noises thta did not seem to come from the speaker and rebooted.

    Do I need to worry?

    • Joachim says:

      And I just noticed that CWM does not seem to work. If I choose “Backup” from th CWM APp, it asks for a backup name and location and then reboots into CWM. in CWM I can only go down one entry (to the second entry) or up one entry (to the last entry) before the screen restarts and goes back to “reboot”.

    • Max says:

      Probably not a big deal.

  63. Joachim says:

    Yeah, but how do I make a backup then? 🙂

    • Max says:

      Do a wipe cache in cwm then reboot into cwm, voila. Backup should work now?

      • Joachim says:

        Since I can only reboot from CWM (I can move up or down one entry but cannot choose them, the only working option is reboot), I cannot wipe the cache disk from CWM. Any other ideas (I re-flashed the Abyss-Kernel from with same results.

        • Max says:

          Did u try using the home button?

          • Joachim says:

            Yes, I did.
            From the CWM App I choose “Clockwork Mod” and the Note reboots into CWM recovery. In CWM recovery I can only move up or down one entry using VolUp and VolDown. After I go one entry up or down, the screen turns black for a moment and the again shows the first entry as selected. I can only select the first entry (reboot) by using the power button.

            • Joachim says:

              And suddenly it just works. Thank you for the help.

              • Gaurav says:


                I am facing the same issue on my Galaxy Note…Any idea as to how to solve this? I am not able to take a nandroid back up on my system 🙁

                • Max says:

                  Try wiping cache.

                  • Gaurav says:

                    Since I can only reboot from CWM (I can move up or down one entry but cannot choose them, the only working option is reboot), I cannot wipe the cache disk from CWM. Any other ideas?

                    • Max says:

                      Use home button to choose.

                    • Gaurav says:

                      Yes, I did try to use the home button;
                      From the CWM App I choose “Clockwork Mod” and the Note reboots into CWM recovery. In CWM recovery I can only move up or down one entry using VolUp and VolDown. After I go one entry up or down, the screen turns black for a moment and the again shows the first entry as selected. I can only select the first entry (reboot) by using the power button.

                    • Gaurav says:

                      Hi Max…Could you please help me here please? 🙁

                    • Pazt says:

                      I have the same problem, did you manage to solve it? Im going crazy and I don´t know what to do!

  64. rajeev kirpalani says:

    OK I thought i bricked my Samsung note i717 and went to at@t for a replacement so happened I fix my phone and the following day my replacement phone came in. Am running android 4.0.4 I saw the article and video to unroot and bring it back to factory defaults, since mine is a bit scratched up i was going to swap it out if i brought it back to factory settings will Samsung or at&t know it was rooted cause if they do they would definitively charge me 600.00 can anyone shed some light on this

    • Max says:

      You can install triangle away app to get rid of binary count then use mobile odin to unroot won’t leave a trace.

      • rajeev kirpalani says:

        thanks alot also i have another question on the ROM manager on the flash clockwork mod recovery when i select i don’t see my model i717 not sure which to choose the epic4g or galaxy s also another question you think the replacement phones i got is refurbished i would want to swap them out if it was anyway

  65. Max says:

    DO NOT USE ROM MANAGER TO FLASH CWM only use it for all other functionalitlies like making a backup install new Rom. Epic4g only works on sprint and make sure get a galaxy s that works with ur network.

  66. rajeev kirpalani says:

    ok thanks i got the galaxy note i717 good job on the articles and videos keep up the good work and android 4.0.4 its beautiful a true beast on the samsung i717

  67. Cyber User says:

    Phone rooted, thanks!
    The only issue: I have random reboots (once – twice a day). Any ideas?
    (stock rom 2.3.6)

  68. David De La Vega says:

    Hey Max .. I’ve been reading around the web that non of methods will work with KK6 in 2.3.6 which it’s what I got in my new note ( just got it yesterday ) actually saw youtube vid with an advice about trying root with this version .. will brick your phone. Appreciate your comments about that ..



  69. Malcolm says:

    Hey Max please help me. My Kernel got flashed through ODIN bt by phone is suck at the Galaxy Note screen with the exclamation triangle 🙁 please help me

    • Max says:

      Do you have ICS? That might be why?

      • Fernando says:

        hey max i have the same problem….i rooted my phone once that unrooted…now i want to root it again but my screen is stuck on galaxy note with exclamation triangle screen…i am currently running
        A.V : 4.0.3
        Baseband V. : N7000XXLPT
        Kernel V. : 3.0.15-N7000XXLPY-CL474507

        what can i do, i would really appreciate your help.

        • Max says:

          did u flash the correct kernel?

          • Fernando says:

            I flashed the one u posted on the thread… Maybe you could send me the link again so I can try it again.

          • Fernando says:

            I tried again and nothibg still stuck on n7000 with triangle screen…is it bc i unrooted directly to 4.0 software?corrupted sd? Will i ever be able to root?….i would really like to root again so i can try on new roms. First time i rooted it when on through perfectly with ur guide…i dont understand why it wont work now

      • Vijay singh says:

        Hey max. Same problem here. i was having ICS. its not booting. Now what to do?

        • vlad says:

          max, i got the same problem. before the story. ihave a gingerbread and then update to ics, i rooted my phone the same way on your vid and it worked. and without thinking i installed rom tollbox and being a noob i trybootloader. and the myhem started. i am always stock to the “samsung galaxy note logo” ive done factory reset on reboot, done your unroot using odin,done flashing custom roms but nothing happens. and everytime i used odin it just stock at the end. every time i wipe or reset it reboots.
          plss help me max. i dont know what to do

  70. Jude says:

    Yo PPl. Thanks a million. I have learn a lot from you site. I have rooted and unrooted and done many things help to you guys and xda developers. it’s great site. Keep up the good work. I have got the latest ODIN and best/Correct/Latest Stock Roms for my note because fo you. Thanks again

  71. sad note:( says:

    how much is risk of bricking? and does it fix if brick? i really love my device its 1000$ in iran:(

  72. Zeljko says:

    When i try to load firmware into hemidall, i get message “firmware.xml is missing from the package”, and i downloaded this Abyss kernel, that u have link to on webpage.
    Pls help is it supposed to be like that or something is really missing, wouldn’t like to brick note, was quite expensive.

    • Zeljko says:

      Also under firmware name, Version, Platform, Developers, and Supported devices i have nothing, text boxes are empty.

  73. Max says:

    @Gaurav is that a hardware problem? then it cannot be fixed with custom roms or rooting.

    • Gaurav says:


      I tried to take a back up to my external SD card via the CWM recovery app but then it gave me an error. Below are the excerpt from the recovery.log:

      Waiting for SD Card to mount (20s)
      SD Card mounted…
      Verifying SD Card marker…
      SD Card marker not found…
      Checking Internal SD Card marker…
      Error processing ROM Manager script. Please verify that you are performing the backup, restore, or ROM installation from ROM Manager v4.4.0.0 or higher.

      Any idea why am i getting this error and not able to take back up?

  74. saro says:

    I’m stuck at step 4, any help? The yellow bar not showing up. Already got latest version of Kies installed.
    and i have got usb debugging on
    i tried it many times and still no yellow bar

  75. Ram says:

    Yikes! I’m a noob and recently updated my International (Indian version) GT-N7000 to 4.0.3.

    In a hurry, missed the GINGERBREAD part of the instructions and followed through the process, and now, all I see is the yellow alert triangle…

    Please help me salvage my device!!! I love my phone but can’t afford to buy another one.

    Thanks in anticipation.


  76. sad note:( says:

    i have ICS update does it work??? and does s pen work??? and is s note and s memo and factory software installed? like hand writing to text and air kies all share and….

  77. munisamy.m says:

    model no:gt-n7000
    android version4.0.3
    baseband version:n700ddlp4
    kernel version:3.0.15-n7000ddlp8-cl551076 dpi@dell142#3
    bulid no:iml74k.ddlpa
    please help me how to root my phone

  78. dick munch says:

    jeez, can’t any of you read???
    all these questions have been answered many many times, so read before you ask someone to hold your hand for you..
    if you can’t follow basic directions, then don’t root your phone…

  79. munisamy.m says:

    its not working, its say m 0pass/1faild

  80. dason says:


    After trying this, my phone fail to boot and only show the yellow Exclamation mark.

    Appreciate a help here…


  81. Fernando says:

    Thanks a lot Max, i finally rooted my GNOTE again, i am happy thanks for answering the question asked even though they are repeatdly asked this is why your forums are the best!….now i have one last question…after flashing speemodkernel, can i flash roms or does it has to be only with the abysskernel? thanks in advance.

    • Max says:

      I heard speedmod is safe but i always stick with abyss since its never failed me.

      • Fernando says:

        The thing is when I flashed abyss my phone would get stuck at yellow triangle screen so I flashed speed mod so that it could go pass that screen so I’m not sure if flashing abyss again will get me stuck again.. Thanks for the reply thanks for making it easier 🙂

      • Fernando says:

        Hey max I flashed with speedmod and everything went fine… I’m now using kd v3.0 although on about phone it says kingdroid v2.0 why would that be? Besides that Thanks for everything I am now rooted and using roms again .. Flashed the rom then the add on working super fast and stable so far..

  82. seduxen says:

    Hi There,
    I am trying to flush with CWM but on selection it refuses to install it – or as a matter of fact any of those 3 files – reporting in a red line: “authentication failed” or something in this meaning.
    I have used the official Samsung kernel to fix the phone after Abbyss refused to work too… It let me select the upgrade from zip but as I select the option, it goes blank… then let me select the option and goes blank… than if I reboot it comes up with the yellow triangle and stops booting…
    Any other similar experience, anyone?

  83. Robert says:


    I have Samsung Galaxy note gt-n7000 android 4.0.3 and I’ve tried to root it like it described:

    but Odin says:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

    so, it’s doesn’t rooted. Where can be the problem? thanks

  84. MattF says:

    Help! I did as directed and I seem to be stuck in ODIN, with it showing:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    I have the yellow 0:[COM5] in ID:COM and the green bit appears to be about 1/3 through and lighting up so it looks like it is still running and not crashed but its not going any further. Its been sitting on this for 30min. Any ideas? Im running gingerbread 2.3.6 and its the international GT-N7000.

    • Max says:

      You can try rebooting into Download and try again, make sure you are not using a USB hub, which is one of the main causes of that freeze. And also kill any Kies in Task Manager.

      • MattF says:

        Thanks a bunch Max. I tried using a different PC as I think there is something dodgy with the USB ports on the other one and it worked! I ended up having to try a couple of times and restart the PC but finally worked. Thanks for such a clear guide and quick support. Now for ICS…

  85. Ommadawn says:

    Painless and easy if you follow Max’s simple steps. Worked like a charm, thanks!

    • Max says:


      _ \=O=/
      ( __|=|))__
      ( _____) _)
      ( ____)//

      • Mustafa says:

        im sooo highonandroid with you max become very angry at you when u dont help me first i made soft brick my phone like yesterday see ya later dont be hater :D:D:D:D:d

  86. asaf says:

    when i click on “start” it stack on “setup connection..” and that is it .the download never begin
    what i need to do ?

  87. Rumel says:

    Dear Max

    i am using GN7000 with Gingerbread DDLA3, 2.3.6 kernel v its PDA:LA3 PHONE:LA1 CSC:KL1(TML).
    i can t root the phone by abysskernel,CWM or even install su-busybox it says on anroid recovary –E:signature varification fail. even by odin it says Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:9)..
    File analysis..
    and no Action after long time it says success 0.

    i found that there is no SU on phone even it can t install su, it cant find su binary i try by diffrent way but fail all the way there are permision violation on file system so i can t update it .

    please help me what to do to get ics …

  88. LeoparD says:

    I’ve got SHV-E160S (4G LTE Korean Version), does this method work on my note?

  89. Jek says:

    Tmobile’s out with its Note. Does anyone know when we can expect Tmobile’s modem and ICS?

  90. sebastian says:

    Max pls help.. im stack in step 5.. my kenel cannot pass.always fails.

  91. In ODIN,

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:21)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    What To Do?????

    • susanim says:

      First of All
      Open ur computer Go to task manager then close all kies in process
      Then Plug in
      Run Odin
      and Click on PDA
      select file AbyssNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo.tar
      Then Start
      That it 🙂 M done with it now 😀

  92. Blogg Lover says:

    Nice, post But still I have Problem What Nikhil Have….
    Help me….

  93. susanim says:

    It not working for me either 🙁 My version is DXLA1
    It always Show me FAIL
    And i already kill all kies in task manager.Any idea about that max?

  94. Arkabrata das says:

    I rooted my galaxy note by your process but at the end it does not reboot and its stuck in the samsung logo screen.
    Wha should i do?

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  96. JLCS says:

    My phone (Galaxy Note v2.3.5) is already rooted.
    I wanted update my android to latest version.
    Can i staright away update my phone without unroot it?
    Can anyone please help me.

    Thank you very much.

  97. hanz says:

    my phone is GT-7000.after performing all the steps , everything goes smoothly…..except there is a yellow danger sign appeared on my screen every time i turned my phone on…..but after few seconds my phone is ok….
    can u please tell me why there is a yellow sign appeared on my screen every time i turned it on? is there something wrong with my phone?

    please help

  98. Luis Cotto says:

    I did it on the first try. Thank you!
    (Samsung Galaxy Note GT-n7000 of Claro Puerto Rico)

  99. Ciprian says:

    I tried this method after trying the first two (the one without the computer, and method 1) and my note doesn’t start.
    It stays on the screen with the yellow triangle.
    Please help!

  100. troubledude says:

    Hi, I’m new to this whole android thingy so forgive my ignorance.
    anywho.. I tried the steps outlned up until choosing the .tar file press start.
    then ODIN says ‘setup connection’ and stayed like that for a long time.
    What to do ?

  101. Rodrigo says:

    Hey Thanks sooo much !

    it worked on the n7000ubla1 from Argentina !!!!! XD

    Thanks dude !

  102. Dominic Toretto says:

    muchas gracias, primera vez que ago esto, recien estoy entrando el mundo de android y con estos pasos me a salido todo genial, un saludo y gracias

  103. Dominic Toretto says:

    hola, me pasa lo mismo lo mismo k al usuario k escribio esto… k puedo hacer, cual seria la mejor room o una aceptable.

    Muchas gracias, y sus mensajes son uno de los más fáciles de seguir y le da una gran ventaja para noobs! Gran trabajo de verdad!

    He utilizado este método y ahora veo un triángulo amarillo.
    1. ¿Será este triángulo amarillo durante el arranque, desaparecen si sigo el método de unroot?
    2. ¿Será mi teléfono se puede actualizar a ICS oficialmente una vez que Samsung ofrece actualización a ICS para los Galaxy Note?
    3. Traté SetCPU, el teléfono se puso muy caliente, cuando más de velocidad de reloj y pasar el rato. Me lo trajo de vuelta a la normalidad.
    4. ¿Cuáles son todas las otras cosas útiles e importantes que podemos hacer después de la raíz, que no sea la instalación de Titanium Backup, etc

  104. Rick says:

    Hi Max,

    I rooted my S3 with no problem.
    The 2nd phone in the house is a Note GT-N7000 (GB 2.3.6)
    Reason for rooting, want to install stock ICS or a custom ROM.

    Questions before I continue:
    This one is SIM locked & none of the online sites have unlock codes for this Carrier, Claro. Can I still root?
    Phone info:
    PDA: N7000UBKK7
    Phone: N7000WEKK1
    CSC: N7000UWEKK1


  105. Lei says:

    hey there , i just done rooting it , but my phone doesn’t reboot.

    what’s wrong ?

  106. ash pit says:

    i have rooted my galaxy note by using method 2 but it cannot reboot..what do i have to do??
    reply me ASAP please..

    • ash pit says:

      hye note have two binary..and it stuck on the alert to solve it??please help me max cause i cannot afford new phone and i really need the phone..

      • ash pit says:

        in my ODIN mode i got 2 custom binary download..what do i have to do??my phone stuck in the alert sign..please reply this ASAP Max..

  107. Jose says:

    beatiful… thank …

  108. pat says:


    Wipe Cache before or after,

    I downgraded from Jellybean (there is an audio cut-out bug when any sound goes below certain volume) to fix this…


  109. VIKAS says:

    Many thanks for the wonderful guide. I just rooted my GT N7000 2.3.6.


  110. kohls says:

    I really love your website.. Great colors & theme. Did you build this site yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m attempting to create my very
    own website and want to learn where you got this from or
    exactly what the theme is called. Thanks!

  111. Pretty! This has been a really wonderful article.
    Thank you for providing these details.

  112. nesta says:

    I can not open file ‘ AbyssaNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo.tar ” can not hit “Start” as per instruction.

  113. Randy says:

    After following your steps. The screen got stuck with the “caution sign” screen at start up. Please what to do to fix?

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