Galaxy Note Root Guide

This is a root guide for those of you new to Galaxy Note.

If this is your first time to rooting Galaxy Note, here’s our recommendation on what to do first.

If you don’t know what rooting means, please watch this video first:

Don’t know what is a custom ROM? See What is An Android Custom ROM.

General Tutorials

For Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

See How to Root Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition!

For Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010

GT-N8000 = 3G SIM version, GT-N8013 = Wifi version America, GT-N8010 = Wifi version internatinoal

1. There’s two ways to root, try Root Method 1 if you only want root and Root Method 2 if you want to install custom ROMs. (Update: Nov 1st 2012 – “I recommend root method 2 for everyone, it’s much easier safer.”)

2. Second, if you want to install custom ROMs, you will have to follow Root Method 2 to install ClockworkMod Recovery on your Note 10.1.

3. Before you do anything, please see How to Backup/Restore ROM on Galaxy Note 10.1!

4. If you installed ClockworkMod Recovery but cannot receive OTA updates, here’s How to Install Stock Recovery on your Galaxy Note 10.1! so you can receive them.

5. Need to return for warranty?  Here’s how to unroot/unbrick your Note 10.1 back to factory firmware!

Need App2SD?  Try this.

For Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Unlocked/International/Asian/European

1. First, root your Galaxy Note using Galaxy Note Root Method 1(Gingerbread) or Galaxy Note Root Method 2(Gingerbread) or Galaxy Note Root ICS Method.

2. Second, install ClockworkMod Recovery on your rooted Galaxy Note.  (Only if you used Root Method 1, Skip This if you have used Root Method 2 as Recovery was installed along with root)

3. Third, make a backup of your stock rooted ROM using ClockworkMod Recovery.

4. After doing all of the above, please follow How to Install GB/ICS ROM on Galaxy Note.

Also, for Android 4.4 KitKat ROMs, you need to follow How to Install Android 4.4 KitKat ROM on Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

For EMMC Bricking issues, here’s a fail-proof/brick-proof method you can use when installing or restoring ROMs.

Make sure to make a backup of your apps using Titanium Backup app before installing ROMs!

If you ever want to get your Galaxy Note GT-N7000 completely back to stock, see How to Unroot Galaxy Note GT-N7000.    Also see How to Unroot to ICS Android 4.0.4 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

After unrooting, if you have problems, see How to Do a Factory Reset on Stock Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

Once you’ve got all of these things worked out, you should be able to easily install new ROMs or switch between them, enjoy!

For Galaxy Note SGH-i717 AT&T/Bell/Rogers/Telus

1. First, root your Galaxy Note.

2. Second, install ClockworkMod Recovery on your rooted Galaxy Note. (No need to do this if you used root method in #1 above, you already installed it while rooting.)

3. Third, Make a backup of your ROM in ClockworkMod Recovery.  Then make a backup of your apps and SMS before installing a new ROM.

4. For installing ROM, see How to Install ROM on Galaxy Note SGH-i717.

Also see How to get FREE Wifi Tethering Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy Note.

You can also install T-Mobile modem on your AT&T Galaxy Note to enable T-Mobile’s 3G/4G when using T-Mobile SIM card.  For T-Mobile users, you can try these T-Mobile compatible ICS modems to improve signals.

If you ever want to get your Galaxy Note SGH-i717 competely back to stock, see How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 to Gingerbread or see How to Unroot AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 to ICS.

For Roger Unroot, go here.

For Telus Unroot, go here.

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Galaxy Note Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Note Root Guide FIRST!

172 Responses to Galaxy Note Root Guide

  1. says:

    Hello, I just rooted my galaxy Note for the reason that I would like to be able to read arabic language (letters are not connected in the right way, a known problem) but it didn’t work.
    I know that samsung will update with the new android 4.0 the next month and the problem will be solved.
    Now.. after rooting using your method, I’m not able to connect to samusng updating server and i don’t know if the reason is that my device is rooted so… do you have a method to unroot my divice again to be able to get the update??
    thanks a lot

    • Kevin says:

      Did you get a reply on this ? Coz i have the same problem with my N7000, even when i have installed the stock firmware. It`s even the same firmware that is on all GT-N7000 phones in Norway.. i compared my phone to a phone that is not rooted, and everything is the same, i mean everything. But still my note is not supporting software update via kies :/

  2. vatsy patel says:

    Plz make video on how to add cwm

    N how to unroot it n how to remove cwm

    N what is differences between cynogenmod n cwm?

  3. wyatt says:

    Did not work for me, is it because i have version 2.3.6? and not 2.3.5

  4. Justin says:

    Thanks for your information…
    loved the web very much
    hopefully there is a way to root N700XXLA4 soon
    thanks a lot~~

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  6. ken says:

    i wanted to know if when i root a Galaxy Note i717 will it be also unlocked from the at&t network.

  7. Paul says:

    Great guides! Thanks for your hard work!!

  8. Tony says:

    Big fan of your videos, thanks for uploading info on AT&T note root and tether couldn’t have done it without you, now i want to know how a noobeee like myself can change roms or update to ICS. some folks have videos on the matter but not sure if it would work for At&T US phones, please let me know.
    Quick question…Are you a fan of SnowWhite?……………Hi. Ho!,,,, anyways , laters dude.!

    • Max says:

      It will come soon of course, I will update my video/site when it does so you have nothing to worry, like having a full 24-hour tech support on your att galaxy note! SnowWhite? Lol, sometimes yes, everything in moderation in life can be very enjoyable.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hi.. I just rooted my samsung galaxy note (GT-N7000) and now i have problems unrooting it.. Before i rooted the phone, i did not know that i needed to backup my files from my phone. I know, im stupid.. But now i have installed the stock rom for my phone.. I have installed the same firmware as other people from norway have on theyr phones.. yes i have checked But there is still one problem, the phone works ok until i connect it to “kies” then “Kies” tell`s me that “Your device does not support software upgrading via kies”. So here is my question, how can i make my device support software upgrading via kies ?

    Phone info:
    PDA: N7000XXLC1
    PHONE: N7000XXLB2
    CSC: N7000OXXLB3

    Build Info: Fri Mar 2 14:38:11 KST 2012

    Modellnumber: GT-N7000
    Android-Version: 2.3.6
    Baseband-version: N7000XXLB2

    And all these numbers, is the same as other N7000 phones here in Norway.. So why dont my phone support software upgrading via Kies ?? And most importantly, how can i fix this problem. I am going to sell my phone, so i need it to be like when i bought it ?
    What i did when i rooted my GT-N7000 XXLC1 (Re-Partioned, F. Reset time, auto reboot, Flash lock, phone bootloader update ) i rooted it to ICS and after that i rooted it back to 2.3.6 STOCK XXLC1, XXLB2, OXXLB3 (This is the firmware i use now, and this is the firmware that is stock for norway… where i live)

  10. Federico Bonnelly says:

    There is a writen step by step tutorial on how to convert the galaxy note in an tablet ?

  11. Joey Carter says:

    I just rooted my Note using method 2 and everything works great except CWR mod. When I boot into recovery, i cannot select any options to load roms etc. If I try to move selection, the screen blinks and selection moves back to reboot.

  12. kolton says:

    Is the ICS tablet mode ROM just for the international version or Att also

  13. Michael says:

    i rooted galaxy not i717 at&t version and went to download the ics rom. I made a backup in cwm and saw it on the sd card but when i downloaded ics i lost EVERYTHING!! contacts, txts, apps…. all that were on my sd card… can someone help please. i went back to att recovery and dowmloaded it but now everyhting crashes. please help!!

  14. Eli says:

    I have followed the instructions given by’s video and installed the chainfire ICS repack on Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (Android: 2.3.6).
    It booted properly and then I have installed Imilka’s
    Following that installation, the device is stuck in the bootanimation screen and won’t leave it.
    Any advice on how to correctly reboot.

  15. Philip Rhoades says:

    The DOWNLOAD link downloads a WINDOWS executable (sweetimsetup.exe) – what happened to ? Why do I have to use Windows to install an Android (Linux) root setup?



    • Max says:

      Try re-downloading, make sure you are downloading the correct files, there are a lot of ads but you will find the right one if you look carefully.

  16. Tim says:

    Im running windows 7 and I can’t get odin to stay up. I have the right drivers installed when I click odin it comes up with a small box that says Odin and some Chines characters and then I click ok, Odin flashes on the screen for a split second and then disappears. What’s am I doing wrong?

  17. gee says:

    i have att i717 i did everything u said its working but very slow i try both radio still slow help!!!

  18. kroff says:

    nice page, lots of info. thank you

    btw, having the international galaxy note, with original ICS, how to root it? your guides mention rooting of gigerbread only.

    thanks again,

  19. Gerard says:

    does anyone know how to get the Kies connection error working with rooted Galaxy note Android version 4.04
    Baseband version 1717ucle2, kernal version 3.0.8-perf-i717ucle2-CL526350 SE.INFRA@SEP-76 #1, bUILD NUMBER IMM76D.UCLE2. RUNNING WIN 7 ..RUNNING ONLYONE ROM

  20. Jason says:

    I just rooted my Galaxy Note(v2.3.5).
    Can i straight update my phone to v4.0.4 without unroot my phone??


  21. i need a directory listing of all the files installed on an AT&T SGH-I717 phone as it comes from AT&T. not post-root via flashing directory list, because that process changes the file system.

  22. Jitendra says:

    I have Samsung Galaxy noteN7000 with ICS4.0.3 and franco kernal 3.0.15. I want to upgrade to Kingdriod 3.0. Is this recommended? if yes please suggest the process to do that. Also please let me know the process to check whether my phone is rooted or not? and process to root it

  23. klceria says:

    Got the question in here…..
    After i root my galaxy note..can i remove the sd card??
    And the file in sd card still same like original before root or got file has been delete by self after root??

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  26. munisamy says:

    its working bro thasnking u but what is difference i dont know tell me

  27. munisamy says:

    but i get warrining in phone reboot

  28. munisamy says:

    i got warrining every boot help me

  29. koree says:

    I rooted my Note and it was easy, the problem I am having when I am flashing a ROM it will stick on the boot screen, it is not looping it just says Samsung. I have wiped cache and dalvic cache both before and after the install and after the install (tried two ROM’s and different methods) even went through and did a factory wipe (through CWM) and re-installed both ROM’s. still sticks on the boot screen any suggestions would help.

  30. Philip Rhoades says:

    When I had a similar problem I restored the original ROM:

    and started from scratch . .


  31. Bozzi says:

    I’m having some difficulties and i’d appreciate some advice:
    first, in order to root my note i717 I had to install parallels on my mac to get samsung kies to find my phone.
    I did this, and successfully rooted my phone with this guide, however now i can’t copy anything to my phone through windows explorer or connect to it with kies!
    Even worse, whenever i try to download a custom ROM in my phones browser from xda or anywhere else i just get “download unsuccessful” messages in my notification screen. I can’t install ROMs with my rooted phone if I can’t even get them into the phones storage, someone please help me.

  32. angel says:

    Hi Max, i heard that t-mobile is going to release the galaxy note t-mobile version ics i have the at&t note working on t-mobile with only one ics, will i be able to get the official t mobil ICS for my phone in other words can i get my at&t phone work like is an out of the box new galaxy note from t-mobile?
    thank you and keep the good work

  33. Ahmed says:

    Hi Max,
    I have two questions…first I need my note to read and write arabic…two my note used to display the callers location(town and state) but now it stopped for some reason.Can you help me please

  34. Ahmed says:

    Does anyone have an answer to my questions or can help me ?

  35. Where I can download the 3g modem file for t mobile. I have the samsung gt n 7000 unlock with tmobile. The internet is running on 2g now

  36. Saurabh says:

    hi max,
    have tried a lot of ICS installs on my note nut all of them have somthing or the other missing…how can i get the original ICS with all the features….desperate very desperate!!!

  37. Omar says:

    Hi Max!
    I’ve added some custom roms to my n7000 and lost track of my original firmware. I tried installing different stock roms but when I go to Kies it says “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies.”

    Is there a way to find out what was my original stock rom? I live in canada and I bought my Note n7000 from ebay!


  38. Nick says:

    Max I humbly ask for your guidance – I HAD a rooted Gingerbread Galaxy Note AT&T i717 with Rom Manager installed (and I’m pretty sure ClockWorkMod Recovery as well). ICS (official Samsung & AT&T) and I got way excited and installed it. NOW I see your rooted ICS (Official UCLF6 ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Rooted][Wifi Tether][Custom Bootanimation]) and want to install that BUT I’m no longer rooted to be able to use ClockWorkMod Recovery. I tried holding power and Vol Up and also Vol Dn for another attempt and I can’t get into the recovery screen.

    What steps do I need to do to get to your rooted ICS (Official UCLF6 ICS ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Rooted][Wifi Tether][Custom Bootanimation])?

  39. great post. thanks for the help with this

  40. Roland Hermann says:

    Hilfe ich bin 65 Jahre und verstehe kein englisch und auserdem behersche ich weder Computer noch mein Handy Samsung Galaxy Note gt-n7000 Firmware 4.04 Können Sie mir Room-Berechtigung auf mein Handy Zaubern ? Hoffentlich können Sie mir helfen ohne das mein Handy dabei kaputt geht. Hoffe auf baldige Antwort und Bitte nur in Deutsch ansonsten nützen mir Ihre Schreiben gar nichts Danke im voraus.

  41. sokhemarak says:

    I have the problem after I update my GT-N7000 to ICS 4.0.3 It works fine on device and I checked the about phone it shows 4.0.3 but one big problem is on Power button as I power off , it automatically turn off without showing any icons as: power off , restart, flightmode or data mode…to select .When I push on Power button it turns off sudenly .Please kindly help me.One thing that I think : This devide I have sent to Service Center to check any unconvinient before I can update without problem with Power off.

    • Max says:

      Does that happen on custom ROMs?

      • sokhemarak says:

        No.I try many firmwares for Germany and Asia firmwares.Before I sent it to Service Center , it worked fine all the firmwares I tested . I think the developer at Service Center lock my device.And it can not update by OTA(server always fail) ,so I updated by Kies and flashed by Odin (PC and Mobile Odin).The problem is only Power button.
        So I return back to Android 2.3.6 , it is ok for everything include Power button.
        Aother way I also root my device and update to 4.0.3 ,it still get problem with Power Button without showing Option Icons.Thanks.

        • Max says:

          Sounds like a defective Power button to me…

          • sokhemarak says:

            If I return back to Android 2.3.6, everything is ok all , including Power button . It shows Option Icon for 2.3.6 when I push Power button off.

            • Max says:

              option icon for 2.3.6?

              • sokhemarak says:

                yes.but now can do the problem above (lock screen and power menue).But I got one more problem on the background. On the background of my device ,it shows Phone Details on the background that I can not remove it.If I go to flight mode the Phone Details did not display on the background.Another way when I power on the device without inserting the Simcard , the Phone details did not display on background when I re-insert the Simcard it displays again. How to remove the phone details from background .The Phone Details on background displays like this :
                RF Cal.Date:

              • lorraine says:

                Hi Max

                I have a Samsung GTN7000 and I recently had the charger port changed, it had rusted. But now it always gives “no network” responses or “no sim card” so I cant call or do anything when I am at home. But when I go to the nearby shops it works for short periods. I saw a video on u tube where one guy pit in a copper wire into the antenna. Can that help me and what are the side effects?I love my phone and I am really worried this may be the end of it. Lorraine South Africa

  42. sokhemarak says:

    Ater update to ICS 4.3.0 I get proble on Power button .When I push power button to turn off , it didn’t show any icon such as : flight mode , silent mode , data download , power off and restart. It automatically turn off when I push power button.please help .

  43. sibemoll says:

    Hi , I want to ask : Basically Why do I should root my note ?
    Is this function ( ROOT ) necessary ?
    Thanks a lot
    the youtube link about my question is out of order .

  44. Redbird says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note I717 Kernel Version n3.0.8-perf-I717DTLLF4-CL79391. How can I root my Phone? It already has ICS on it.

    • Max says:

      yup. root method is same for GB or ICS on the i717.

      • Redbird says:

        The issue I am having though is it is flashing no problem on odin but then when I go into recovery mode it is not loading CWM it is loading the standard recovery and the options are different. What now? My counter keeps going up.

  45. Manuel Coronel says:

    Max, recently I rooted a GT-N7000 that had Gingerbread 2.3.6 installed, and install in it Kingdroid ICS all at first seemed to be working properly, but after one day, I find out that my data plan is not working I only have Internet service thru a WiFi conection, please tell me what to do to make it work.

  46. Benjamin says:

    Hi , I have problems installing new roms on my phone. Everytime i install a rom, it will just hang . Is there any solutions to this?

  47. corey says:

    everytime i download a pda.tar file it comes up as a winrar file and only has a boot img. how do i get through this??

  48. AkShay says:

    hi i rooted my galaxy note using cwm files
    And also installed franco kernel.
    Now my phone hangs up for no reason also display freezes to someother faded version
    Please suggest if unrooting would solve the problem?

  49. Steve Sohn says:

    Please let me know the Galaxy Note SGH-T879 for Tmobile…

    With I need more Roms and Modern

  50. Happyoldman says:

    Hi everybody!
    This is my first time here.
    Please tell me how to root T-mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879 ?

    • Max says:

      should be same as AT&T.

      • Happyoldman says:

        Thank you very much for your help, Max !

      • Happyoldman says:

        Hi Max
        I can not get into Download Mode with my Tmobile Note. (I did successfully with ATT Note)
        After hold volume down with the power botton, then release power button after a short vibration.
        My Tmobile just reboot like normal rebooting.
        Any suggestion ?

      • Happyoldman says:

        Hi Max and everybody.
        Now I just realized when I try to bring my Tmobile Note to Download Mode:
        After hold volume down with the power botton, then release power button after a short vibration. My Tmobile just reboot like normal rebooting but it goes to Safe Mode.
        Any suggestion ?

  51. Cait says:


    You can this way..

    ensure your galaxy note is power off
    Plug in the USB cable
    hold volume up and down, then release volum up afer a short vibration.

    It should take you to download mode.


  52. Yashashvi says:

    My Mobile phone displays
    RST_STAT = 0X1
    PMIC_IR01 = 0BX3C
    PMIC_IR02 = 0X0
    PMIC_IR03 = 0X0
    PMIC_IR04 = 0X0
    Modem booting….
    End modem booting
    Now start usb upload.

    Model No. SGH-i897
    AT & T Samsung Galaxy S

    Will it be possible to upload new BOOT ROM via ODIN from USB ?
    If any help please reply me. Urgent Help needed.


  53. Jos says:

    Good afternoon all.

    I just have two questions to ask.
    If I Root my Galaxy Note, would it be possible to get rid of all stock app’s i don’t use? I mean, can I delete them then?

    If this is possible, can you recommend me a safe way to root my Galaxy Note.
    My device is two moths old, got it with Gingerbread on it, unpacked it and immideately updated it to ICS the official way.

    Modelnumber: GT-N7000
    Android: 4.0.3
    Baseband: N7000XXLPT
    Kernel: 3.0.15-N7000XXLPY-CL474507
    Buildnr.: IML74K.XXLPY

    Thank you very much, kind regards from the Netherlands, sorry for the poor English.

  54. sokhemarak says:

    No one can not solve PHONE DETAILS on background of galaxy note .Now re-repost again.
    When I update my GT-N7000 to 4.0.3 by Odin or by Kies , everything is OK at all. But if I update to 4.0.4 by Kies or Odin I got Phone Details on background of my GT-N7000.If remove Simcard from device ,it disappears Phone Details on background and when I re-insert simcard to device ,it appears Phone Details on background again.
    Another way by insert Simcard in my device but I go to Flight Mode on ,the Phone Details also disappears from background.
    What the problem? Is this related to Simcard or not ?And how to do ?
    Another way I want to uninstall system Apps named Simtoolkit.Is it Ok or not ?Please help.

    • Satjit says:

      I have just bought a used Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N8000 running Android 4.0.4 Baseband version N8000DDLG5 Build number IMM76D N8000DDALH1. While the ’Settings -> About Device’ option lists my device as ’GT-N8000’, the back of the device shows it as ’GT-N8010 (Wifi)’ 🙁

      I am facing the following issues with the device:
      01. A message briefly displays on boot-up that the tablet is working in Factory mode. Consequently Wifi is disabled on start-up. Change to user mode or something like that…
      02. A yellow box with the device information appears on the home page with no way of turning it off.
      03. Access to Google Play doesn’t work with a ‘Connection Time-out’ error despite having a good Wifi connection.
      04. Adobe Flash videos don’t show up on websites.

      Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

      • Max says:

        Try unrooting by downloading firmware for GT-N8010 at and flashing it with ODIN.

        • Satjit says:

          With reference to my earlier post, I found the ‘Factory Test’ app running which is linked to 1 process and 2 services on my GT-N8000. Doing a ‘Force Stop’ removes the yellow box containing device information 🙂 However, given that it is a system process, it re-appears on restarting the device. Is there a way to switch it off / remove it from start-up?

        • Satjit says:

          With reference to my earlier post, I found the ‘Factory Test’ app running which is linked to 1 process and 2 services on my GT-N8000 ( Doing a ‘Force Stop’ removes the yellow box containing device information 🙂 However, given that it is a system process, it re-appears on restarting the device. Is there a way to switch it off / remove it from start-up?

  55. Casey says:

    not real tech savy but i rooted my Note sch 1717 thru odin so i could hook up a PS3 controller. I have enjoyed it but haven’t ran any custom roms. I really want to upgrade to ics but don’t want to lose root. Also when i go into Rom manager to flash clockwork mod it doesn’t show the note as a phone model to pick?

  56. Zameel says:

    Hi I am new to this and want to make sure I do it right. Last nigth I bought a unlocked at&t samsung galaxy note I717. I am using it on t-mobiles network. Can you tell me how to root it please? I want to be able to flash roms.

    With it being unlocked and on t-mobiles network is it now considered to be the T879?

    Thank you for all your help.


  57. Aakash Singh says:

    Just as Redbird mentioned, when I press home, vol up and power button, android custom recovery opens instead of cwm.

  58. Zee SImba says:

    I justr flased my galaxy note SGH I717 AT&T with a custom Jelly bean
    every thing is fine but my baseband is showing unknown
    Help please!

  59. mario says:

    play store ??? Max on my black star rom its running nice but when i try to download apps from the play store it tells me unable to verify your account please try in few min, i did factory reset and it worked but now its doing it again is there a setting or something that im missing please let me know?? sorry for posting here but could find where to post under black star.

  60. mario says:

    thanks i will try this

  61. Amirhossain says:

    Hi Max,

    I’ve got a question,
    do you have any idea why i get this error?
    i’m trying to root my N7000, GB 2.3.6, Kernel KKA, using ZergRush. (don’t wanna raise counter)
    but at the end, i get this Log;
    — STARTING —-
    * daemon not running. starting it now *
    * daemon started successfully *
    — cleaning
    — pushing zergRush”
    cannot stat ‘files\zergRush’: No such file or directory
    — correcting permissions
    Unable to chmod /data/local/tmp/zergRush: No such file or directory
    — executing zergRush
    ./data/local/tmp/zergRush: not found
    if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
    disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
    toggle “USB DEBUGGING” (first disable it then enable it)
    We should have (temporary) root now
    We will try to flash CF-Root kernel now
    Please watch for any errors beyond this point!
    Press any key to continue . . .
    — pushing zImage
    3745 KB/s (8387840 bytes in 2.187s)
    — flashing zImage
    /dev/block/mmcblk0p5: cannot open for write: Permission denied
    — cleaning up
    — rebooting
    If all is well, CF-Root should be flashed
    Your device should be rebooting now
    Please check if you have root and CWM after boot completes!

    • Max says:

      Probably not compatible with this one, try the other root method using ODIN you can clear the counter easily using Triangle Away app after rooting.

      • Amirhossain says:

        well, i prefer and am trying not to use odin & triangle away, because of warnings i have read about it. but if i don’t find a solution for this i may do that. Thanks max.

  62. Shivam says:

    Hey, would i lose stylus functionality with CM10 ?

  63. Philip Rhoades says:

    I have pretty much standardised on CM10 – you lose S-Note and S-Memo but I have been using other apps that are quite nice for what I want:

    Write, Papyrus, LynxMemo



  64. Ercan ONGUNER says:

    Hi friends! I have a Star n9000 (i9220) Does anyone know how I can root it?

  65. Kevin says:

    Can someone link me to a mac version of galaxy note 10.1 because I can’t find it anywhere.

  66. Vic says:

    how can i root my sgh i717 using my macbook pro ?

  67. Bruce Hilt says:

    I have an Asian version of the Note II N7000 with Android version 4.1.1. I have service with T-Mobile. All I get is 2G service. What do I need to do to get 3G-4G service.
    Thanks in advance for your response.

  68. Rick says:

    Hi Max,
    You should ask for donations! Will donate anytime.

    I rooted my S3 with no problem.
    The 2nd phone in the house is a Note GT-N7000 (GB 2.3.6)
    Reason for rooting, want to install stock ICS or a custom ROM. (Carrier is not updating at all)

    Questions before I continue:
    This one is SIM locked & none of the online sites have unlock codes for this Carrier, Claro. Can I still root?
    I know this method is for ‘unlocked’ phone. Is there another method to root?
    Phone info:
    PDA: N7000UBKK7
    Phone: N7000WEKK1
    CSC: N7000UWEKK1


  69. chris says:

    i recently tried putting a different rom on my note i717 and it turned off and wont come back on no matter what i do.. help me please.

  70. Raj says:

    I updated my Samsung Note [bought in India] with the TelCel Rom and everything worked fine for more than 1 hour and when restarted my phone got network locked.

    Can somebody help me to unlock my Samsung Note GT-N7000?

    • Rahul says:

      raj apka n7000 ko unroot karie apka ics he avi ap network selet kijie tabhi bat nehi ho to apka telcel rooms me koi pareshani he ap unroot kar dijie bat hojaye gi or offecials room use kijieindia mein avilable he 4.1.2

  71. panwan 8 is the best rom for galaxy note this from puerto rico
    post more rom like this only there not so many rom work like this one thank you bye pr

    • Javier says:

      Saludos, estoy buscando mejorar mi Galaxy Note que es de AT& para usarla con TMobile. Actualmente no la he rooteado todavia, solo esta unblock y estoy primero leyendo y buscando sugerencias para mejorar la senal de Tmobile. La senal de data internet esta pesima… Segun veo en hay mods para el modem, que me sugieres???

  72. Sky says:

    When will you be rooting the S4?

  73. Sky says:

    When will you be rooting the S4?

  74. Suraj says:

    Hey max i have note n 7000 i want to root it and though i am new to it am scared.. so plz let me know proper and easy method to root it..
    Its 4.1.2 and firmware is dxls6

  75. Suraj says:

    Hey max i have note n 7000 i want to root it and though i am new to it am scared.. so plz let me know proper and easy method to root it..
    Its 4.1.2 and firmware is ddls6

  76. Suraj says:

    And also i want to know that the latest firmware is xxlt5 so how to update that
    And also how can i uodate my phone to 4.2.2

  77. Nick says:

    Hi Max…
    can you update the version of this rom? because download via google drive (from XDA-Developers) seems too slow for me…

  78. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a Galaxy Note LTE GT-N7005 running ICS 4.0.4
    Baseband Version: N7005DXMA1
    Kernel Version: 3.0.8-1206951 dpi@DELL158#1
    Build Number: IMM76D.DXMC1
    I want to root the device but hardly to find the appropriate method from your website. Pls suggest what should I follow. Many thanks!

  79. Hi there! I know this is sort of off-topic but I had to ask.
    Does operating a well-established blog such as yours take a large
    amount of work? I am completely new to writing a blog however I do write
    in my journal every day. I’d like to start a blog so I can easily share my experience and feelings online. Please let me know if you have any recommendations or tips for new aspiring blog owners. Appreciate it!

  80. Jimmy says:

    Hi Android Experts,
    Recently I upgraded my Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean 4.1.2. I have been using for 2 weeks after upgrading it, however after up grading the OS, the phone comparatively became slower than it used to be previous version.

    Then I tried to root my phone, but unfortunately, after rooting ( could not say whether it was successful ) I could not start my phone at all except the first screen ‘ Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000’ then it goes out.

    Please, help me in resolving my problem.

    Thanking you in advance

  81. Alberre says:

    Hey Max,
    I’m currently running and newer version of Slim bean 4.2.2 rom on my Note i717. I want to change to a different rom like pacman or maybe palawan but it won’t let me once inside CMW recovery. Have the roms downloaded there but keep getting an error 7 installation aborted message, and then I’m forced to reinstall slim bean and start again. I’m ready to move on. Can anybody help me please?


  82. Liz says:

    I have a samsung gt8013 tried to root but dont have the usb drivers installed on my windows 7 64bit. Can you send me the site to download, stuck at the moment. Thanks.

  83. Jose says:

    Are you going to provide support for the Note 8.0 Tab? I am a big fan of your work but I dont see much support out there for my new Tab. Please Help!

  84. jodi says:

    I need help with my galaxy note gt n7000! The screen keeps freezing on the logo. It says it is in Cwn based recovery and there are no zip files that I could find. I have the factory data reset and cache. Please help I have had good results rooting with you before when I initially got this phone. Thanks Jodi

  85. John Long says:

    Hi Max,
    I have the same phone Gt-N7005 as Gary Yun. Please help……………

  86. Arnab kumar says:

    i have rooted my i717 and chekd weather its rooted or not by titanium backup, after that i tried to install chainfire 3d and as it get install ,during booting my phone get stuck on at samsung logo screen , thn i tried to wipe and factory reset it didnt wrked …. please help me out iam in real trouble

  87. Brett says:

    Im at a loss and you guys are the only source I trust , I just got the at&t galaxy mega, I cant find anyone who has legitimately rooted it and has a guide , could I please get some help with this. Im going crazy not having this rooted.
    I hope to hear something good soon ;-D

  88. wiredjbb says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a korean note (SHV-E160L) version. I heard this is closely similar to i717, except that it has home button, a modem for LTE and a few some other things.

    I saw some custom roms (android 4.3) like carbon rom which is compatible for i717. I wonder if its possible to flash that rom to my SHV-E160L. If not, is it very hard to port those custom roms to my device.

    Thank you so much in advance.


  89. Jeff says:

    If I root my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, will I be able to unroot and reset back to factory settings. If so, how would I do that. If rooted will I be able to receive all updates push out by Samsung.


  90. Jeff says:

    If I root my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, will I be able to unroot and reset back to factory settings. If so, how would I do that. If rooted will I be able to receive all updates push out by Samsung.


  91. Anirudh Naik says:

    I am using Samsung Galaxy y young GT-s5360. I have rooted it and installed Hyperion. Now I want to unroot it as I have some problem and I have no backup of the updated OS to restore. I tried using Odin but it isn’t detecting my device”
    Please help

  92. Tem Solin says:

    Hello, everybody
    I am using Samsung Galaxy Note Korean version (SHV-E160K) with build number JZO54K.E160KKKJMK2 and want to root for installing new Custom ROM.
    I was tries with many method, but I couldn’t success and always failed for while.
    Please help me by show the step and the source file was requirement for root and also new custom ROM available for my device.

  93. Paul says:

    Will this root method work on 4.1.2 I noticed in the article it says that it works on Android 4.1.1. Just wanted to make sure before I try to root GT-N8013 thank you for your help.

  94. Shaneice says:

    I Have a At&t Samsung Galaxy Note. I Deleted A Video Because I Needed More Space. I Want To Use DiskDigger To Do This & My Phone Needs To Be Rooted. Can Someone Help Me Root It Please ?

  95. ASIF-E160S-4G LTE says:

    Hi! Anybody here to help me about rooting please? It`s my first time I wanna do it! I gathered the files are & SHV-E160S-FA09.recovery.tar. Do I need anything else please?

  96. ASIF-E160S-4G LTE says:

    model: SHV-E160S. Android ver: 4.1.2 Baseband ver: E160SKSJMH1. Kernel ver: 3.0.31-1034927 se.infra@SEP-66#1 SMP PREEMPT tue Oct 29 14:52:41 SKT 2013. Build No. JZO54K.E160SKSJMJ1. That`s my device info. in detais.

  97. nelson says:

    hello people, I recently came to possess a Samsung galaxy note SHV-E160S and after using *#1234# the info I get is PDA: E160S.EK17.2317 PHONE: E160S.EK17.1455.ST MOVINAND:EK17 BUILD INFO: THU NOV 17 23:25:54 KST 2011. I really like the phone and it is running gingerbread 2.3.6 and I would to upgrade. kindly advise..

  98. Having a Super AMOLED present, the actual display screen itself is contact delicate,
    instead of the touch sensitive level becoming positioned upon leading.
    Much like the Apple App – Store, there’s an App for pretty
    much every purpose, and this can be immediately downloaded, many absolutely free.

    So for you better understanding we have discussed the major attractions of this phone.

  99. Bernie says:

    Hello all,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet, SHV-E230S (Korean version) and I’ve updated it to android 4.4.4. I need to root it now, but cannot find a tutorial. Please help me.

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