Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For this week, check out Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000. Based on latest XXLSC base Android 4.1.2, the Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM features transparent multi-window tab with support for all apps too.

Other notable features include Android 4.2 GMail, keyboard, CPUSpy, and more.

Overall, this is a pretty solid ROM that allows you to experience the best of latest multi-window and optimizations. Try it out and let me know what you think!


Download Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA

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92 Responses to Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. wagiono says:

    yes best rom , better than android 4.1.2 note 2 ROM, efficient battery use, complete, and still quickly even after heavy usage and long, ( in android 4.1.2 note 2 ROM become slowly and usualy I optimize with DX toolbox ) I’ve used this ROM last 1 week without significant interference and beautiful with blue ink drop in lock screen.

  2. Israel Figueroa says:

    Do we need to use a special kernel for this?,what steps do we need to do before we flash it, factory wipe, cache and all that?
    I’ve been using RR JB v2 and I love it …. is this mmuch better?

    thank you

    • scott watson says:

      this is a lot better than RRv2, i had a few force closures on v2 but never had one on ultimate v5.1

      RRv3 is a solid rom as well but its not supported anymore, thats the only reason i went over to ultimate

    • Norman says:

      Could not find a link for RR (Resurrection Remix) JB v2 for the N7000. Will a ROM made for Note 2 work with Note 1?

      • Aamir says:

        I wouldn’t suggest flashing a ROM built for the Note2 N7100 on your Note N7000. The chipsets are different, and you’ll end up bricking your phone.

        • Norman says:

          That’s why I was wondering as I can’t find any links to RRv2 for N7000. That rom seems to be available for N2, S2 and S3 only.

          • Shanil says:

            Guys, what Israel and Scott meant by RR JB v2 is not Resurrection Remix. Its Rocket ROM V2. I have been using RR V3 for quite some time now and it’s pretty stable with few lags here and there but no major problems to keep me from using it as my daily driver. Battery life could be better though… So I’m gonna give this ROM a shot and see how it goes.

    • Wagiono says:

      No need special kernel. Kernel is include in this ROM and have same kernel with RR JB V3 final : PhilZ kernel, Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 is strong and best ROM, in condition optimize ( dx toolbox ) reduced until 62% this rom still fast, no lag. In android 4.1.2 note 2 ROM in same condition this ROM become slow an lag.

  3. Jam says:

    best rom till now >> advise to install

  4. dillon says:

    any upcoming roms like this for gnote i717? or roms he hasnt seen yet ?

  5. jacob says:

    Hey where can i get this rom ?

  6. Rahul says:

    guys go for alliance rom jellybean 4.1.2…..
    much stable then ultimate rom..

  7. Elie says:

    I’m on RR v3.
    Can those who tried Ultimate advise please?

    What is the best JB Rom for N7000 today anyway?


  8. Diddz says:

    got this rom yesterday, worked great, then a few bugs kicked in, music player was force closing on me, had to f reboot and then it froze on the start up screen, had to wipe and start again. works fine once now, fingers crossed! still a very good rom, best yet!

  9. HITESH says:

    bricked my galaxy note while installing this rom.could not recover to stock even frm odin software.rom memory got corrupted…its hard brick….cant even access recovery mode on note.only download mode is working….atlast given to samsung service center.they said need to replace mobo.

    • wagiono says:

      yeah same with me, using techniques odin, not just brik, reparations samsung dealer had to replace the mobo because of fire. Can you tell me why install ultimate fail. Install the Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 is easy and phonebook data and so on still save and remain.
      I am now sill in Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000, solid fast and fungtional.

      • mark says:

        Hello Wagiono, I tried flashing this rom via odin and then via the phone with the install up volume button, home button and power button. it keeps giving the me the fail of E:signature failure. i have a note N7000. any help would be welcome

        • wagiono says:

          hi. I also had the same problem, and I installed a new version CWM, and fix the problema. Presumably because the old version CWM..
          Just ask to MR MAX: Max hi good day, how your opinions and suggestions?

  10. mark says:

    Hey Guys quick question did you guys use odin or straight from your phones, cos i could not find the file when i used odin.

  11. Luis says:

    Best rom I’ve ever try. I’ve been using this rom for a couple of days and everything is working pretty well. it has all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and better stuff. Highly recommended.

  12. Edmund says:

    i am in trouble and YES i need help!!! I am using the international note GT-N7000 and last week after flasing roms blurblurblur to the latest 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, everythings gone and its in dutch. There’s no way to do any recovery including factory reset at all to go back to my root ICS. And the best part is i never have any 3G network from than on but the network provider told me from their system its on the whole time, called samsung they dont have a clue with what’s wrong.

    Please kindly advice any thing that i have missed to get the 3G to work or is there a more stable root/note 2 roms to solve this issue, Thanks Alot!!!

    • wagiono says:

      interesting case
      1. if you have and used an external sd card
      2. whether there is a collection in the external sd:
      a. ICS ROM set
      b. JB rom set
      c. collection and compilation main kernel abus PhIlZ and so on
      d. set file for rooting
      e back up to: (phone books and apps)
      3. Is a combined 3 buttons still work to install?
      If so, you can still fix your own phone.
      many related topics on this site. Do not give up, keep fighting. πŸ™‚

      • wagiono says:

        instal ICS alba ROM for fix 3G network and fix all.

        • Edmund says:

          appreciate your kind reply so i need to go to XDA for this rom or can a newer verion of ICS solve the issue?

          sorry i am pretty new to all this flasing and root.

          • wagiono says:

            I have similar experienced things. hopefully can help you
            3 buttons combo is able to install? if yes it could be easy to fix.
            If ok, go into SD external, Install Abyss kernel, etc. (preventing brik) after this .install alba ICS ROM This ROM can fix everything: kernel, WiFi etc. (change Russian language into English or language that you control), now your phone is in Alba Rom.
            Perform install Abyss etc. (Prevents brick) and then re-install the rom JB: Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (easy and solid).
            Better if u go to XDA learn safe and unsafe kernel kernel repository πŸ™‚

            • Thiligio says:

              My previous ROM on my N7000 was the Note 2-rom (JZO54K.N7000XXLS7). During the running of this ROM the connection with Wifi failed a couple times, and finally I couldn’t connect it to Wifi any more and my 3G connection failed.
              I read you comment above and did what you told,
              Run Abyss,
              Did factory reset/wipe.
              Installed Alba rom (Alba_XXLRQ_Full)
              – checked if the connection was repaired, It wasn’t
              Run Abyss
              And installed this Ultimate Rom
              The Rom works fine, but I still have the connection problem.

              What would you suggest to do ? Is it a wrong Alba version?

              Kind regards,


              • wagiono says:

                I usually used alba _XXLRK_Full_Aroma_V1-2.zip
                When install alba usualy I dellete all aplication, only used from alba aplication. Before install ROM i install Abys kernel, wipe etc as usual.
                In my sd card external i stored 1 ICS ROM : alba _XXLRK_Full_Aroma_V1-2.zip for repair every thing error and many JB ROM for treatmen if I am boring
                ROM Note 2-rom (JZO54K.N7000XXLS7). used PhilZ CWM kernel , same kernel with Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000. well keep fighting πŸ™‚

                • Thiligio says:

                  could you upload this ICS rom : alba _XXLRK_Full_Aroma_V1-2.zip

                  Every download link for this ROM is expired. And I want to try the fix.

                  Kind regards,


                  • wagiono says:

                    Sorry to be late because my phone brick. πŸ™‚
                    yes i also can not connect to the site. but there is another way.
                    I was scared and hesitant because of lack of experience. Chasmono says : ROM with the save kernel after entering CWMR can immediately do a full wipe and flash a new ROM can be on TW or CM base ROM, no need to flash a new kernel or go back to GB nothing to fear. (Chasmono: save and Unsave kernel) Now I’m preparing for the end of the world πŸ™ I will tried this but I still scared brik. I am now prepare for doomsday. for used this methode. If you are on the save kernel . reinstall the a good rom (do not use a korupt rom or redownload again )

  13. Jake 232 says:

    hi!! is there a video on how to install this rom?

  14. White Shamans says:

    Its a cool ROM. Had a little issue with the swype function. How to get it to auto-add in the dictionary new words.

  15. Elie says:

    first dalvik then wipe before install. coming from philz kernel installation was extremely smooth.
    After testing many others, this ROM is THE BEST SO FAR. Thank you TEAM !

  16. Roshan says:

    My first attempt in flashing a NEW ROM to my phone and the experience so far has been amazing. Awesome work. Looking forward to similar kind of ROM for Android 4.2

    • wagiono says:

      YESSS. doomdays canceled πŸ™‚ I installed Slim-GT N7000-4.2.1.Beta1.OFFICIAL ( from xda developer.com) and gool and succeed. Moving from Ultimate ( JB 4.1.2 ) to SilmBean ( JB 4.2.1). As light and fast as ultimate Almost all apk runs well except google earth apk. Install Android 4.2 10.1 CM 10.1 failed. but Install Slim Bean 4.2 with all the addons straight smooth and easy. Important used the save kernel. (Chasmodo : save and unsave kernel). happy new year and christmas Yes now we are in the JB style.:)

      • wagiono says:

        From Ultimate ( JB 4.1.2 ) to SlimBean ( JB 4.2.1) ( beta type with several buck). and now off road and save landing in [ROM][CM10.1][4.2.1] Asylum CM10.1 Nightlies – :the amazing and beautifull ROM. Slim, Fast and Smooth 4.2.1 Rom..(xda) I still used SOLID Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 FOR MY BACKUP if some thing going wrong for run away.. All those ROM have save kernel. ( Chasmodo). what else in ROM][CM10.1][4.2.1] Asylum CM10.1 Nightlies using kernel CM made in chasmodo.
        LET’S GO OFFROAD AMIGO prepare for brick. and use only save kernel :).
        thx for all my teacher in RootGalaxyNote.com

        • wagiono says:

          [ROM][CM10.1][4.2.1] Asylum CM10.1 Nightlies is very good, fast, light with amazing bootanimasi . but only one eror : can not sending SMS (important for my work) after any way to fix that fails then I return to the SUPER SOLID Ultimate ( JB 4.1.2 ) and can fix everything eror in other ROM by saying I shall return. πŸ™

          • wagiono says:

            yes the SUPER SOLID Ultimate ( JB 4.1.2 ) and can fix everything eror in other ROM , After crash in OFFroad and stuck in boadloader logo galaxy samsung, I used 3 combo ( still work πŸ™‚ ) , delete cache ,dalvic, factory and data, desided install alba : unistall all app and no install app in alba setting and boot and just waiting and pray, and…. after more than 5 minute waiting …boot ok and back to SUPER SOLID Ultimate ( JB 4.1.2 ) again. and … try again install jb4.2.1 supernexus and now I am landing in beautifull SuperNesus -2-0-n 7000-build 1 (JOP4OD ) run in JB 4.2.1. Almost all apk working great I am now in here. ( for offroad must have everything tools( in zip) in ext SD)
            Nice have Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 as back up in my phone , solid and strong.—> advise to install Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and also backup this ROM in your phone.

  17. Frizey says:

    Just flashed this ROM coming from RocketR v2. So far it has run a little hot and sapped battery extremely quickly relative to RR. It has also seemed more laggy. The multi-window is pretty cool but Im not sure how often I will use it. I was also very disappointed to see that there wasnt a wifi hotspot button for the notification panel despite the range of other options such as driving mode… unless someone can tell me how to add it? On the plus, the keyboard options are way better as that was a continual frustration with RR.

  18. some guy says:

    don’t understand way this Rom is such a battery hog. had to go back to paranoid android.

    • Frizey says:

      Is paranoid as smooth as Ultimate?? I havent found a ROM as smooth or as faultless as Ultimate but damn it eats battery. Thank god you can replace batteries in the Note!

      • Wagiono says:

        Paranoid compared to Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM Ultimate after long usage Jelly Bean ROM still solid ,stable and fast although optimization remaining only 43% (DX toolbox). Until now I am still used this ROM and also used this for my backup ROM in my phone. But sometimes got lag when turning on this rom

  19. frohbaer says:

    great rom but how can I get my s note app back? s planner .is there … any advice?
    thanks, frohbaer

    • frohbaer says:

      i just flashed it again, now i’ve got S Note back, just missing s Choice, but with Titanium Backup i could at least get Samsung-Apps-App back πŸ˜€ Great great great Rom !!

  20. Mubeen says:

    Is anyone having video playback issues with JB rom? I am. Only sound but no video with dice player neither mxplayer. Any advice?

    • Wagiono says:

      No video playback issues in Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM May be clean reinstall ? ( after CWN flash Philz kernel 3.1 reboot recoverry, wipe data/cache /Dalvik and flash ROM ( xda forum : in instaling
      JB Sweet rom ) .

  21. Daniel JmS says:

    con esta rom si que le doy el maximo provecho a mi galaxy note. genial!

  22. opiujn says:

    Hi everyone!! is there any recommended oc kernel for use with this rom? πŸ™‚

  23. Mickyrasta5 says:

    Yo very nice very fast.. clear sidebar alot better than note2rom. Loads faster @ entering apps.. nova launcher should run beast alongside this rom!!! Thanx to all dev keep up the good work.. and Thankyou!

  24. Dr Basavraj says:

    I had rooted my phone for the first time and then installed this ROM.
    Found it pretty much better than the stock ROM but my phone got stuck while restarting on ” Samsung ” logo after a week.
    Had to boot into recovery mode and do factory data wipe and re install the ROM.
    Had to do this twice in last 15 days… is it not stable?
    Any suggestions to make it stable?

    Any other better ROM?
    Also guys… do u lose all messeges, contacts, applications everytime you change the ROM? I mean of course you can back it up and restore.. but can u change the ROM without a need of back up and restore?

    • wagiono says:

      I also have experienced a similar strange thing. Phone on for one night ( standby for emergency calls ) and then the next morning when wake up, phone has turned into a setup condition ( recorvery mode) with the state does not recognize external sd. ( death SD ?) I’m doing everything but stll not recognize external SD. and than I decided install ultimate also failed because no external sd (location back up and all file saved). I decided install alba action by not install all applications and uninstall all applications (zero alba) = system only. and pray. Results immediately alba recognizable external SD. I installed ultimate back again with all applications . Until now condition is OK.
      whether there are abnormalities in this rom?

  25. Ravi says:

    I have tried installing this rom several time over the last few days from my xxls7 but it’s always stuck at boot. Cannot go past it. Tried all the options given on xda without success.
    Do I need to come back to ics before I install this rom? Please help want to get this installed.

    • Wagiono says:

      I usualy used this : CWN, flash Philz-cwm6-XXLS&-XJB-3.1 update1-signed. kernel , reboot recoverry, wipe data/cache /Dalvik and flash ROM : Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000. and enjoit it.

  26. Sunny says:

    Hey i flashed abbys kernel before installing it and as expected from previous comment my note got bricked, gave it to service centre and MOBO is replaced to fix it.

  27. Juan says:

    I installed it and got several touchwiz crashes and unstable behavior. Wiped everything (to the almopst bricking point) reinstalled and is working super cool now. Wipe everything folks! (before installing, that is)

  28. sandeep says:

    im getting signature verification failed error,why is this
    unable to install this ROM
    do i have to flash a new kernel before i install this ROM as i have just installed SU and not any kernel

  29. leo says:

    Hi Max

    Do I need a special kernel for this ROM, as I am upgrading from ICS KingDroid, and after flashing, it hanged in the NT-N7000, and never booted into the ROM.


  30. kamikazi says:

    is it better then sweet JB rom? and multi window is for ALL apps?

  31. Abhijit says:

    I know it have a lock screen animation but when ever it turned into the lock screen mode the Back Light Off animation also change like sony xperia lights coming down from up and down and meet in the middle and its locked kind off switching off a television . is it normal ? and its happens when wifi is on Plz reply

  32. Abhijit says:

    and any suggestion how can i save ram uses because it taking lots of ram

  33. Nikolas says:

    That’s the best Rom I have ever used in Note’s life time!!

  34. After i flashed ultimate, it works very good but my battery life dropped to half…. even after I flashed back to official stock 4.1.2 from samfirmware…. any way to get my battery life back?

    • William says:


      Please install the “Battery Calibration” by marosige, this you can download from Google Play.

      Best of luck


  35. RunningMan1972 says:

    Hi Have installed this rom and I love it however Bluetooth is not working. I don’t want to install another rom unless I have to. Bluetooth is very important to me. Any suggestions would be great.

    Mike W

  36. jr says:

    hi any instructions on how can i flash my rom into ultimate jelly bean??? i am currently running 2.3.6 with baseband version shv-e160k.fa04.1942.kt, kernel version anyone please i need your help. any possibilities to turn my note into ultimate jellybean?
    thanks in advance…

  37. nihit raj says:

    best rom ever ……..works liquid smoot,,,,good work guys

  38. mohsen says:

    Hey guys.. i am currently on stock 4.0.4 XSG rom ..I wanna try this beauty but i want to fully understand how I can get back to my stock 4.0.4 with everything intact in case of ultimate JB won’t work properly on my note ..

    thank u so much

  39. wagiono says:

    BACK to the ultimate JB ROM again after offroad in JB 4.2 ROM : Supernexus JB 4.2 Android assylum CM 10.1 Slim Bean 4.2., Ultimate JB 4.1.2 is really solid and can fix everything error in other ROM , including FIX After crash in OFFROAD and stuck in boadloader logo galaxy samsung.( combine with after install alba without application ).—> advise to install Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and also used as backup for restore this ROM in your phone. Thx all staf in Rootgalaxynote,com for this Ultimate ( JB 4.1.2 ) . πŸ™‚

  40. Anthony says:

    Hi. Anyone having the same problem as me? Serious battery drain and taking eons to charge the phone.

    Any advice to solve the problems is much appreciated.


  41. Ali says:

    The ROM is awesome. However I have had problems with the WiFi. It does not do it everytime but most of the time as soon as I turn WiFi on and the phone starts looking for connections. It would reboot and keeps going into a loop till it finally stops then it connects. Sometimes it would find the connection first and once I attempt to connect by keying in the WPA/WEP it goes through the same loop. Also have some battery issues with the ROM. Did anyone have the same problems with the WiFi?. I have been through the thread and can tell a lot had problems with the battery life.

  42. William says:

    Hello All,

    This is the best JB ROM 4.1.2 at the moment, much better the ICS versions that I had tried. It works like Butter Smooth, no lags, The Modem is far better for 3G speed, Battery life is also good last a full day.

    I have flashed this ROM last Saturday and it has been my daily driver now.

    I have already found few glitches like the Live Weather walpaper does not work, the Blue Tooth audio is not good as it was in ICS before, The A2DP of bluetooth does not work, not many ring tones options.

    Has anyone tried the OTA features?



    • I second that.

      Also, the SPen support is great, everything works smoothly, faster than ever.

      In my case, I noticed an increase in battery life, compared to the stock ROM, of more and less 25%, using the device a lot (but no calls at all), mixing 3G and wifi.

      I don’t use BT audio, seldom use the Note for listening to music or watching videos, and when I do that I always use the original earphones.

      Overall, I recommend this ROM, since I’m very satisfied with it.

  43. max says:

    hi i just flashed the rom but i think my n7000 is bricked it goes in the recovery mode (philz) but when i try to flash the rom it goes half the way and stops or restarts and does nothing i even flashed the stock rom but it keeps saying installation aborted what should i do plzz can any1 help me

    • wagiono says:

      have u another ROM in JB or ICS in your external SD?, an also set kernel too. You can install another ROM or flash a save Kerrel, ( you can do this if combo combined 3 buttons still work ).

  44. FΓ‘bio Crema says:

    My S-Note app stop working. I cant using it! Help. What can i do?

  45. RoXoR_97 says:

    it has wifi issues . Its wifi is very weak in mine galaxy note

  46. john says:

    why there is no arabic language in this rom …. can pls update it so i can change the language of my phone to arabic

  47. Alex says:

    Hi, this Ultimate Rom is preferred to be a backup Rom in ur Phone!

    But in my case, when i use android 4.2 Camera to take video,It will stuck at there.But after i force reboot,
    it just stuck at Galaxy Note logo. And I need to Wipe Data and restore and reboot again, please fix this issue =)

    And one more thing, i wonder why i can’t use Play Store with this Rom, it says Cannot connect to the server,But my internet was connected.

  48. APSy says:

    hi max,
    thanks for these awesome info: but just a few quick questions;
    i have already rooted my GT-N7000 using the rooting procedure without a computer,
    after rooting, the SuperSU Icon appeared, i then flashed the Franco Kernel, after that, the SuperSU icon disappeared:
    1. is this normal? is my phone still rooted?
    2. i really like this ultimate jelly bean rom, but im clueless on how to install it on my newly rooted phone? do i need odin? can odin run on a mac? (that’s all i have, i have no window/pc).
    please note:
    – that i already have abyss kernel on my sd card
    – Have done a backup via CWM.zip
    – downloaded the titanium app from the play store.
    just not too sure on how to install this ultimate JB rom

    thanks so much,

  49. SomeGuy says:

    Decided to give this rom another try. It has knocked paranoid android from the top spot for me. Its layout is clean, the multi view, the notifications… An unexpected improvement to the microscopic tablet view of Paranoid android.

  50. Matt says:

    Does my note need to be rooted before I install and does s voice come on this rom?

  51. Matthew says:

    I installed this rom and it works fairly well however my status/notification bar at the top of the screen is not visible at all and I cannot access the multitasking bar either. It isn’t just doing it for this rom but it seems to be other Jelly bean roms as well including the stock rom.

  52. Berted says:

    Interestingly this ROM deletes files from my exteral SD card… I’ve lost quite a lot of important files so I am removing this ROM until it is more stable. Can you guys check it out.? Maybe this is a rare case but it’s worth looking into.

  53. Berted says:

    Interestingly this ROM deletes files from my external SD card… I’ve lost quite a lot of important files so I am removing this ROM until it is more stable. Can you guys check it out.? Maybe this is a rare case but it’s worth looking into.

  54. Iris says:

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