Sweet ROM V10.5 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For this week’s Galaxy Note GT-N7000 ROM of the week, check out Sweet ROM v10.5!

The latest Sweet ROM is based on Samsung TouchWiz LT9 firmware along with Philz kernel to give you great performance and battery life. You have two launcher choices between a modded TouchWiz launcher (that’s fast with continuous scrolling and 270 degree rotation) or Nova.

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Multi-window flashbar has been enabled for all apps with nice transparent theme. Also you get 7-lines of quick toggles per screen along with ability to change/customize them.

Sweet ROM also ships with Galaxy S4 lockscreen that works well and can easily be disabled as an app. You will also get some nice Note 3 wallpapers for those of you into that.

Other notable goodies include flash player, ink effects, and Full Airview working for Gallery, Video, Losck, Lockscreen Notifications, Email, Message, SNote, and Splanner apps.

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For audio, Sweet ROM ships with Viper4Android FX audio app, you need to choose “Cortex A9/15 with Neon” when installing!

Overall, Sweet ROM has gotten even “sweeter” than the last time we’ve looked at and it is probably one of the best TouchWiz-based ROMs with stability, great battery life, and performance. So, give the latest version a try this week(end) and do let me know how sweet this ROM is.


Download Sweet ROM V10.5 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

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30 Responses to Sweet ROM V10.5 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. sudip says:

    Battery Life Is Very Bad..performance is very good..battery life is very very very bad…

  2. Gian Tommaso Baldi says:

    I disagree , I hink battery is still good, I come from Xperia z-izednote and i think that sweet (is not so pretty) but no battery problems, smooth, no bluetooth issues, generally faster.
    Do not use glaxy s4 lockscreen (idf you don’t disable it the sim password and notifications don’t appear)

  3. Jason Mitchell says:

    A good ROM. Elegant, fast and the battery life is good if you’re not purposively trying to zap the thing. However, it doesn’t quite match the performance and features of his next gem of the week ‘Beanstalk’! I’ve even downloaded it onto my HTC one x for a try although that ROM needs further work. Max, I tried the newer version of Probam and it’s absolutely beautiful. However, again I got too frustrated with “Blame it on Tyler” forced closes and other bugs. A pity because if stable, it’ll be hard to beat!

  4. Surge says:

    I’ve been running this for couple of days now…The battery life is excellent…I haven’t run across any crashes myself yet…Very stable so far…The battery life is what really sells me on this one….

  5. sudip says:

    rom is realllly very sweet…but battery liffe is very bad..means i whatsapp friends and make some calls and some facebook stuff then i got battery life is like 4hrs…..is that good?

  6. Slamet says:

    Great ROM. Thank a lot. May GOD bless you.
    Battery life is better than JB ver 4.3.

  7. Khalanga says:

    The best rom ever…this s so sweet bro job well done

  8. simon says:

    my using the “SuperNexus ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.2.2]” rom… i want to change to this rom.. i put the whole zip file into my SD card, i wipe factory mode, and install the zip file, but still not working…. do i forget any step??

    • khalanga says:

      you need to wipe data factory and wipe the catch
      and finaly wipe delvik catch…and now flash philz
      kernel if you were not in that kernel (if you are
      using it ignore) then after flashing the kernel
      reboot recovery and chose install from sd card,
      then choose the rom you saved and it will start
      flashing your rom. take note charge your battery
      at least 80% be patiant as it will take time to
      finish. and when you see samsung logo flashing
      for a long time is normal for the first time.

  9. Edwin says:

    I have been updated to V.10.3 two weeks before, however, my phone could be only stayed at the start-up step “samsung galaxy note st-n7000”, but can’t login to the “jelly bam”
    Could anyone tell me how to do??
    i just want to delete all information in phone and buy a new one only…..

    Please help…..

  10. riza says:

    just installed.. still smooth and nice. but no live wallpaper.????
    is it erased purposely or is this a bug?
    how to get livewallpaper come up again?

  11. riza says:

    problem solved…

    • cool says:

      the rom is cool and sweet. it’s favourite rom ever!
      how did you enable live wall paper riza? í ll appreciate. thanx

  12. dustkicka says:

    Smooth rom, everything works thus far, been using it to make calls, surf the web over 3G and wifi, connect to pc etc etc

    Only downside and deal breaker for me is very poor battery life when using the internet. It’s noticeably a real battery drainer, 10 min online almost 10% battery usage! that’s not normal. On std ICS I had much better battery life, is there perhaps something I can turn off to save battery life, please note that I’m using power saving mode and auto brightness from a fresh install of the rom, very few apps installed, using the std browser .

  13. sb says:

    To those of you who are facing battery drain issues – the real culprit could be your aging battery.
    Over the past few weeks, I was experiencing extremely poor battery performance – anything to do with 3G or wifi would drain the battery so quickly. Even BBS could not pinpoint any offending app in particular (except the annoying l2_hsic wakelock issue but that’s another story). So just like that, I thought of replacing the battery to give it a last resort. The result was night and day. It is like I am using a different phone altogether. Give it a try. Years of overcharging, moisture and other abuses can damage the cells. Moreover, batteries are not that expensive anyway.

    • dustkicka says:

      Good point and probably the cause of my issues because I switched to another Rom to test battery life and it was the same poor performance when using the internet. My note is two years old therefore getting a new battery should be the logical solution.Will give it a try.

  14. khalanga says:

    you need to wipe data factory and wipe the catch and finaly wipe delvik catch…and now flash philz kernel if you were not in that kernel (if you are using it ignore) then after flashing the kernel reboot recovery and chose install from sd card, then choose the rom you saved and it will start flashing your rom. take note charge your battery at least 80% be patiant as it will take time to finish. and when you see samsung logo flashing for a long time is normal for the first time.

  15. dustkicka says:

    I find the radio only works once you plug in earphones, on std ICS I could use the radio without earphones if memory serves me correctly.

  16. Robert says:


    I’ve still installed the original (Samsung) Android JB 4.1.2 version on my Note GT-7000. Should I install this ROM, do I still keep the Samsung software and its gadges (like “air view” & “Voice talk” ) for this phone, or will they be gone?

    Also, do I need a newer Android version (JB 4.2.2, JB 4.3.0 or JB 4.3.1) to be installed as well (seperately) or will one of these versions will be installed at the same time? If one of these JB versions needs to be installed, could you please give me the right link where to download this JB version for my Note?

    I hope you can help me out here.

    Thank you!


  17. raja says:

    i downloade and using that.
    so sweet.
    please add farsi.
    thanks alot.

  18. Anthony Chua says:

    Hi all,
    I’m from Malaysia and I’m Chinese. Very love this Sweet Rom. But I realize that no chinese language and keyboard. I installed a chinese input keyboard, I can see & use that on my phone. but when i text a chinese word in sms to other people, i got this message said “Message may be corrupted on receipient device. Change input mode to automatic.” Then I continue to send, but other people just can’t see my chinese words.
    Anyone here knows to solve this problem?
    Thank u.

  19. SoonCheHao says:

    Nice but hvt got chines language !!

  20. Dave Moon says:

    Hi guys, I’m a mod flashing newbie and have a Galaxy Note N7000 that I had to stop using as it ran out of ram and got slower and slower until it became unbearable. I toyed with the idea of flashing and came across this site after doing a search on the net. I have installed the CWM but when I try to click on a kernel, I get a E: cannot load file/emmc/.

    My device is baseband version – N7000XXLT3, build Number – JZO54K.N7000ZSLR1 and is running android version 4.1.2.

    I would be very grateful if somebody could advise me how I could add some more space to the ram and be in a position to try some of the mods on this site.

    Many thanks.


  21. nshahril says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the great review.

    I’m stuck with Sweet Rom V6 LSF here for quite a while.
    Should I install the new version of this Rom or should I just stay with it since it’s been been great to me as my daily driver since it came out?

    Hey… Keep it up the good work! Cheers.

  22. ICARO says:


  23. Nicky says:

    The ROM download link is dead !! Can please update it??? Thanks..

  24. Nicky says:

    The ROM download link is dead !! Can you please update it??? Thanks..

  25. Cool says:

    Sweet rom rocks! second to non!
    Max any chance of getting kitkat equivalent sweet rom?
    Thanx Max.

  26. visak says:

    my original touchwiz was ddsla(india), can i install xxlta based rom on my device? are there any bad effects? currently using sokp rom…thanks

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