Sweet Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out Sweet Jelly Bean ROM for your Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

Based on the latest LSA Android 4.1.2 firmware, this Sweet ROM bundles cool stuff like Android 4.2 Photo Sphere Camera, Gallery, GMail, and transparent multi-window tab with support for all apps. Some other notable features include Awesome Beats app, pop-up browser, Galaxy Note 2 wallpapers/ringtones, and with smart rotation/smart stay.

As with the ICS Sweet ROM, the latest Jelly Bean Sweet ROM is also very “sweet”. Try it out this week and let me know what you think!


Download Sweet Jelly Bean ROM

Credits – XDA

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55 Responses to Sweet Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. jayesh says:

    how do i flash this rom…..
    do u have a guide to do that…..
    thankx in advance

  2. igor says:

    Hi mate,
    My note is not launching this ROM. It stops at the begining on the wellcome logo. can you please help me?

  3. Rahul says:

    hi max,
    i am currently on ALLIANCE 4.1.2 rom.
    can i directly flash this rom??
    and can you plzz tell me the steps how to go back to ics unrooted roms??

    plzzz post the steps
    plzzz do reply!!!!!!

  4. Daniel JmS says:

    en estos dias probe ultimate jelly bean y el sweet bean rom y me parecio muchisisimo mejor el ultimate jelly bean… GRACIAS por compartirnos todo esto.
    espero que entiendan español.. 😛

  5. Rimy says:

    This rom is not as sweet as the ICS Sweet Rom. I cannot do screen capture with my s-pen, I get the message “Unfortunately, FlashAnnotateSvc has stopped”. Am going back to Ultimate Jelly Bean, its much better and works much smoother. I know all is working perfectly with Ultimate. Anyways, thanks very much.

  6. Eric Lim says:

    Agree with Rimy. Screen capture doesnt work…the ICS nor the Jellybean way. Its still not as smooth as previous ICS roms. Guess Jellybean ROMS is still a way off

    • Rimy says:

      Hi Eric, Ultimate Jelly Bean rom works perfectly on my device, s-pen screen capture etc,. better than any ICS or Jelly Bean roms I used before.

      • Eric Lim says:

        Cool ! Will just give Ultimate Jelly a run, Thks

        • Eric Lim says:

          Yo Rimy

          Downloaded and ran Ultimate Jelly V5.1 yesterday night. Its running much better than Sweet Jelly definitely. However its still not as smooth as th ICS roms. Missed the extra quick panel buttons and BEATS audio too ! I must say it is the best of the last 5 Jellybean roms i’ve tried so far!

  7. adrian says:

    i was a big fan of the Sweet rom ICS,been waitii for thisng and i’ve now Flashed this Rom. It lives up to its name SWEET!

    Best Rom to date! no faults.. good battery life and Ram… thumbs up Max 🙂

  8. adrian says:

    Screen capture works with my device…

  9. marco says:

    flash back Ultimate rom, this rom doesn’t work, it doesn’t launch after my phone out of battery and recharge it back

  10. Dillon says:

    why no roms like this for i717 is there a good reason ? thanks for your time

  11. Joelson says:

    What a shame, the rom was working fine for 4 days and suddenly soft brick….
    going back to my 4..1.1

  12. Sjors de Leede says:

    he max,
    i test this rom and the ultimate rom with a banchmark app called ‘AnTuTu Benchmark’ this are the results:

    TOTAL :7814 :9417
    CPU :2370 :3596
    GPU :3622 :3524
    RAM :1094 :1459
    I/O :728 :838

  13. Sjors de Leede says:







  14. alwayslooking says:

    Sweet JB ROM not D/L ,it just times out !

  15. Jon says:

    HI Max

    After update 4.1.2 my phone is brick bec or wrong region

    try to install Sweet rom install kernel + modem is ok when install system is Error in /sdcard (status 0) installation aborted.
    try to install stock fail try alot of custom rom also fail pls help

  16. Sheree C says:

    This hard bricked my phone help me please my phone will not come on at all.

  17. terry says:

    does this rom have touchwiz ? coz my s pen isnt working tia

  18. saint chyril says:

    Still unstable just like the other ROMs. So far, the most stable one are the JB Rocket ROM. Aside from the keyboard bug, which can be easily fixed by installing a keyboard apps, and the battery drain. Keeping my fingers crossed that a real stable JB ROM will surface soon. Anyway, thanks for the updates Max! 🙂

  19. Vic Williamson says:

    Can someone please help me out I have followed all instructions to install this and now I would like to go back to the stock rom as I have nothing but problems with this sweet jellybean like apps always moving to other pages and resetting data on them or they just do not work.
    I have tried using KIES to reinstall but got nothing

  20. Shadab says:

    Hey Champ…
    why there is no New Rom yet from you till now on GT-N7000
    after Sweet ROM u didnt
    update any new ROM!!!!!


  21. ibrahim tugsan says:

    hi max
    my galaxy note´s snote and s memo doesnot work when sweet rom installed to the phone system.
    kindlly request how can i repaire this problem.

  22. carlos says:

    hello Max max

    all well??i like your tryouts etc. .but now i have some problem with this rom.my note keeps rebooting and somtimes
    it stuck and i can t do anything.
    please help

  23. wai says:

    hi max..

    i have some problem when i install sweets rom… after instalation my phone can’t detect my ext sd.. pls help me

  24. Swapnil says:

    i installed this rom on my Galaxy note.. i am from india..
    this rom is continuously giving me the software update notification (OTA) from samsung.
    this rom is quite noticeably laggy on my note.
    so i m thinking to update, is it safe to update this rom through this OTA?

  25. Vic Williamson says:

    Hi Max
    I flashed this ROM onto my GT-N7000 after following your how2 root ICS and have started to have a lot of problems with it like moving app wiping app data and also I no longer have supersu or root access can you help please?

  26. Joelson says:

    I had a lot of problems with this rom, the 4.1.2 camera software brick my Gnote if I try to switch to movie record, and the GPS is not working right..
    I try to reinstall 3 times, even formating the internal sd…and still having problem..
    I´ll looking for another 4.1.2 rom for my gnote…

  27. Vishal says:

    Hi…it works fine for me all apps runnig fine slight lag here and there but over all no issues….however after installing this one am not able to wipe and reinstall any other rom … done anyone have any idea how to wipe this and install a different one eg slim rom / cm10 or any other 4.2jb

  28. shadab says:

    Hey Man,
    why there is no Update for any NEW ROM for GT-N7000

    Kindly flash check and update us with new ROM.

    Waiting for your reply.


  29. Sam says:

    Can someone tell me what’s the best ROM if you like to use your Galaxy Note for taking Photos?
    I want a ROM which has the fastest Shutter Speed – i.e. as soon as you press the button to take a photo it takes the photo right away – the standard ROM has too much shutter lag.

    • Stan says:

      Hi Sam, are you running ICS or this JB from the ROM in this article? The new camera app works very much faster than the standard camera.

      • Sam says:

        I’ve got ICS .. which I’m perfectly happy to stick with – all I want is a faster camera..

        Can I just download the app by itself and stick to ICS ?

        • Stan says:

          Unlikely I suspect. Is your Note stock or rooted? If it’s already rooted, you could try downloading and installing one of the ROMs for ICS here which may have a better performing camera app. If it’s stocked, you could try other camera apps on Google play.

  30. Stan says:

    Have been using this ROM for about a week now. While 90% of the features of Jellybean are up and running, there have been a couple of major defects that are ruining the jellybean experience.

    1) On switching the wlan radio/receiver (upon reaching home after work for e.g.), the Note shuts down automatically and reboots itself, in a loop. The only way to stop this was to force-shutdown the phone and switch it back on again.

    2) When attempting to record using the new camera app, the phone shuts down automatically. Pressing the power button does switches it back on, only for it to re-boot itself when entering the sim-unlock code. The only way out was to hit VolUp+Power+home and reboot from there.

    If anyone else is also experiencing these effects, and have found any solutions to them, do reply. Would like to first solve these first before flashing a new ROM.

  31. kelvin says:

    After flashing the ROM, I can’t find any files under the external_sdcard folder. Actually the files are inside SD card. When I go to setting->storage-> the SD card seems having mounting problem. Some advices pls.

  32. Suhail Baba says:

    Hi max

    I have been following your video tutorials and thus rooted my phone and installed Rocket ROM V10. Things went fine for a while but now my N – 7000 is stuck at the boot animation and wont boot up. Now i have been hearing about things like factory reset through CMW which gives me goosebumps coz i have a lot of family pictures stored in my phone memory. ( how foolish of me ) kindly advise a way to get my phone working and backup my pictured to my memory card. A swift reply will be much appreciated bro.



  33. Rocky G says:

    Really nice rom! First and only after JTAG repair and it works GREAT. I also installed Tundra on my Note 10.1 and liked the Xperia wallpapers so much I installed Go Launcher so I could get the Xperia 2013 wallpaper for my GT N7000. I used Philz for Note XXLSA to root and backed up the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 stock rom but l can only see my backup when I launch recovery. Is this normal?

  34. Naveen Kopparam says:

    Hi Max,

    I just Flashed my N7000 to SweetRom V10.
    But i cannot find Jellybean Camera which comes with Photosphere..
    Do i need to flash V10.5 to get it??

    Please reply 🙂

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