SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.1.2]

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Want to experience pure Android OS built from source on Android 4.1.2? Tired of being suck on yester-generation ICS ROM?

Well, there’s a ROM for that. The SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM by XDA user Faryaab is built to impress those of you who want the latest running on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

Turn your Galaxy Note into a Galaxy Nexus Note today and let me know what you think of the latest Android 4.1.2!

*Note – Please do note that with this ROM you will lose S-Pen touch-sensitivity as its built from sources.


Download SuperNexus

Download Gapps

To install, boot into CWM Recovery, install Abyss kernel, reboot CWM recovery, then wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot!

Credits – XDA <----- Don't forget to donate to Faryaab if you like this ROM, thx!

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52 Responses to SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.1.2]

  1. Dee says:

    Can someone give a link to the Abyss kernel? … also I heard there is a version of the Abyss kernel where the entire screen is RED so that you know you’re 100% using he Abyss Kernel – I’d really love to be using that version

  2. Lalax says:

    Will this match up with hydrcore kernel?

  3. Joelson says:

    Hey, not radio?

    Little warning please…
    It´s a fast rom, all working, but without radio…I´m coming back to Sweet ICS (best ROM yet)

    • mickyrasta says:

      I was going to ask if the radio worked?? I dont use it much but bugs sme not being able to see it in my apps lol…. sweet ics rom is fine for me right now until a stable+fully loaded jellybean arrives ;))

    • Minx says:

      Install “Spirit Unlocked” or “Spirit Free” for radio function.

      • Joelson says:

        US$ 9,99 to replace one missing app is very expensive, it´s better to wait to another rom, and Supernexus was a little bit unstable….Sweet ics is perfect…stable and fast, and beatiful…

        I need JB, when it´s complete and stable

    • Iron Man says:

      Sweet ROM is the best so far.Love the Paper Artist app. Very stable and been using it for more than 2 weeks…

  4. Johnny says:

    bro this not same with Black CNA??
    can i install note 2 apps here?

  5. Johnny says:

    how to take screenshot??????
    usually BlackCNA rom have that features

    • Rimy says:

      Download Screenshot it from the market, you can still not use the s-pen to take a screenshot though because you loose s-pen touch sensitivity. You can however take screenshots by shaking the phone or set a time to take the screenshot.

    • Mondy says:

      hold power button press screen shot

  6. wagiono says:

    i am sooooooo sory my coment mush in here not in GT N8000 i used GT N7000, 🙁 : )
    SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.1.2] is the best, beautiful, fast and with android v 4.1.2 !! but I lost data application back up. how to install all aplication Help me please . Usualy i can found backup in in folder My file / AndroidAssistant_appbackup ( the backup in in apk file) and my contac telefon in vcf file all save in SD external card, but SuperNexus canot read well this ext sd. ( before i used Rocket ROM v 12, Sweet ROM v4 and cleanNote v6 and now i used Alba XXLRQ Full Alba because Alba have power for treatment to penetretrate loop brick and error apication like lost Blue tooth and Wi-Fi

    • Wagiono says:

      Et last I can install all my app in SuperNexus JB ROM in galaxy note GTN7000. Different experienced used android 4.1.2 . I feel faster and lighter .I am curious how if Rocket ROM , Sweet ROM , Alba ROM, Crack ROM, Clean note ROM ( I like those ROM ), run in android 4.1.2

  7. johnhoon says:

    SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM not that good, after finish install once open i got FC from gallery , camera funny face selection fail, but it really fast , for me just not really study jelly Bean ROM function , but i very like Sweet ICS ROM..

    Sweet ICS ROM

    • Wagiono says:

      Yesss.this is android 4.1.2 new OS, new experience and make more flascoholic 🙂 just curious how if sweet ROM install in android 4.1.2 ? Well make me more flashcoholic. Thanx Max. Some one who brave install sweet ROM in 4.1.2 🙂

  8. Mickyrasta5 says:

    Is there any toggles with this ROM ??? Paper artist works fine… going to swap the gallery from sweetrom onto thisif possible ;))

  9. Wagiono says:

    With the new pure android 4.1.2 the new OS for android, then a raise a problem : what is ROM and kernel for this OS. Thx for Faryaab ,XDA , and all staf from and goodbye for yester-generation android ICS and well come SuperNexus JB ROM from Faryaab. And well come too for new other ROM and kernel.;-)

  10. joey hillyer says:

    i know this isnt the right place to put this, but does anyone know of a good place to buy a charging port for my n7000 all these ebay ones i have all have different problems

  11. Rimy says:

    Very very fast, have been using it for 5 days and I love it. Will stick with this one until a fully loaded JB arrives.

  12. wagiono says:

    good afternoon . hi Max
    android 4.1.2 fast light, beautiful and stabil. I used first SuperNesus and than change to BlackCNA ( very sensitive s pen but with android 4.1.1 and longtime botanimation 🙁 , and in the same day I change back again to SuperNesus. ( gapps-jb from supernexus used for BlackCNA) Because same kernel I used install methode as usual ( CWM ) and it work . Well v 4.1.2 much much much better than yester OS ICS Thx Max and…. Please another ROM for 4.1.2 🙂
    I fell now more flasholic.

  13. Farooq says:

    Can anyone confirm if this works with N7000, how stable it is and what functions are not working?

    • wagiono says:

      this SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM in android 4.1.2 is very stable ( many discution about this topic and compare betwen JB and ICS in situs XDA ). You can compare with BlackCNA and ParanoidJB , both run in android 4.1.1. all is stable and fast too. Yes we are now in JB Style, ( not in yester-ICS)
      We can change easily this 3 ROM, ( all in wich one you like. And compare all this 3 rom. I change from Supernexus and than BlackCNA and now I used Paranoid JB Rom. All this program save in SD external. And dont forget also save Abyss kernel. and Jibroid ( and also save backup program and your phonebook in external SD card ). and when install another JB ROM please sign your Gmail, and on WF and than GAPP will automatic install all program from google play to your phone, you just be patience, look and litle frustation and pray too. 🙁
      With another ROM in JB Style make me more flashkoholic. 🙂
      Thx for all staf , We are now in JB style.

      • wagiono says:

        WOW wow wow wow
        good morning
        JB style is much better than ICS
        I can change easily from SuperNexus ( 4.1.2 ) and than BlackCNA ( 4.1.1 ) and Paranoid JB Rom ( 4.1.1 ) and than after download a new version Paranoid JB ( 4.1.2 ) and back again to SuperNexus ( 4.1.2 ) and now after download from XDA I used Half illution CP7: AOKP version Ghost Rider Edition (4.1.2 ). . I feel this ROM Half illution CP7: Ghost Rider Edition IS THE BEST. until now.
        thx Opiujn , thx Max and thx staff from rootgalaxynote thanks for everything 🙂

  14. Joy says:

    hey max can you please make a video How to flash At&t samsung galaxy s2 Skyrocket to work on T-Mobile 3g or 4g network step by step your video rocks bro….. Please please please……………………

  15. dy says:

    hi..can sum1 give step by step how to do this…sorry!!.;.newbie here

  16. Tipos says:

    Hi, is there any solution to enable CallRecording feature under a JB Rom, as it was under the ICS?

  17. jose says:

    hi, i already installed the rom but my SD external do not appear!!!! what can i do?.

  18. jose says:

    hi, i already installed the rom but my SD external do not appear!!!! what can i do?!!!

    • wagiono says:

      I have the same experience
      1. not recognize SD card
      2. sometimes does not recognize phone cards and suddenly phone in airplane mode !!!
      3. can not do WiFi connection
      4. ICS browser not work.
      I thought it was leftover from old ROM.; old Kernal and old OS. or BUG from ROM or incompatible application.
      What do I do?
      as a newbie
      1. reinstall the program ROM
      2. Perform a clean install : instal Abyss etc (there are described in rootgalaxynote prevent brick ) after this instal ROM
      3. clean install another “strong” ROM like Alba or Cleanote, after this clean instal to SuperNexus Jelly Bean ROM or other ROM as you like.
      I always can solve the problem
      And the last way is back to the original ROM ICS: reinstal to samsung service 🙁
      now i used Half Illusion CP & ( 4.1.2 )

      • wagiono says:

        Sory i mean Half illution CP 7 : Ghost Ridder Edition ( OS is 4.1.2 ) AOKP version.

        • wagiono says:

          I change again into JellyCore v4 (G Laurence) running on android 4.1.1 and kernel hydracore. In Supernexus and Half illution beauty and fast but always happens diskonec with SIM card number so the phone in an airplane mode!!!. (Bug?) I love Half Illution.. Help me please and any sugestion for my problema : suddenly disconec to SIMCARD and phone in aeroplane mode
          JellyCore so far stable fast and light, it’s just sometimes freezes when the beginning of the sleep state. And all ICS ROM no probllem with SIM Card.

          • wagiono says:

            i change again to Cyanogen Mod Version 10-20121031-NIGHTLY-n7000 run in android 4.1.2 so far : no bug. like other ROM. 🙂

            • wagiono says:

              after 1 week struggling through the storm hang and brick phone ( repair in samsung servis ) , I finally figured out the cause is the sim card scratched. ( i change new sim card ) Now I installed SuperNexus ( 4.1.2 ) and than install Half illution CP 7: Ghost Ridder Edition (OS is 4.1.2) AOKP version 🙂 wiyh untill now a good result

  19. Prithvi Sharma says:

    I had nova 3 on crash ROM but after installing this I can’t get it to run

  20. Apo says:

    do not install this room. it is useless.

  21. Kevgt69 says:

    This ROM works fine for me. Installed it on the 18th and have had zero crashes or issues. Its easy to use, quick and everything works fine. The SD card is present but you have to install something like ES File explorer, change setting to allow to go up to Root level, the SD Card is in the Folder called MNT, and then extSdCard. Hold down on this folder to create a shortcut straight to your desktop.

    Great ROM.

  22. mostafa says:

    what about direct WIFI?
    how to make it work well?

  23. kroff says:

    any chance to do a test/review of the newest leaked JB TouchWiz roms, whats working and whats missing between note/note2


  24. PhazEmon says:

    So i just tried installing this rom and I followed the directions, but when I try to install the rom, it aborts it. Any ideas anyone?

  25. dewi says:

    I have installed this.
    The user interface is not smooth. It feels a lot slower than the super nexus ROM on my s2.
    Please help

  26. gagan suri says:

    wifi direct is not running with this rom

    • Rimy says:

      I suggest you install Ultimate Jelly Bean Rom, it is flawless (check at the top of this page at “Galaxy Note Roms”, it is the latest rom). I also tried Super Nexus before but quickly went back to Ice Cream Sweet Rom after experiencing problems with it. I try all the new roms that become available but now with Ultimate Jelly Bean Rom I am very happy, the best rom I ever experienced, absolutely everything works perfectly.

  27. alwayslooking says:

    On SN 4.2.1 ,NO problemo’s so far ,smooth & no FC’s

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