Romow ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000]

Want a fully working ICS ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-7000?

Well, the long wait is over, you can give Romow ICS ROM a try, which is one of the first ICS ROMs (with everything working) that’s available for Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

This ROM is pretty stable and smooth, gives you Nova ICS launcher, Face Unlock, and a full ICS experience. And that’s not all, your S-Pen works too!

We will have more ICS ROM reviews coming this week and next week so stay tuned folks and try out Romow ICS ROM in the meanwhile, you will love it!

Download ROM:

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Download Romow ICS ROM

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Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to install ROM? See How to Install ROM on Galaxy Note!

Also refer to Galaxy Note Root Guide.

*NOTE – Please only install this ROM on Galaxy Note GT-N7000 series, not compatible with SGH-i717 AT&T Galaxy Note!

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
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22 Responses to Romow ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000]

  1. Mike says:

    I installed this rom and now when I go back to install another ROM in Recovery, i select the rom and is going to install it and it shows Wipe in progress – catche partition/Dalvik cache… and is not doing anything for 10 minutes.
    i am trying to install Rocket rom.
    Can i get some help?

  2. Joseph says:

    I just install the Romow ICS ROM for my Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000. But something is going wrong…. My SuperUser & CWM is gone. The ROM is fast but my massaging was stopped, and I can’t write any msg. I can’t revover it also coz my CWM is gone…. Do I need to install the CWM again? Can u give me advise…

  3. abdullah says:

    messeaging is not working. also root is gone. I can naot see GWM and superuser and titanium backup is not working.!!!

    • Michael Merten says:

      CWM is still there, you’ll just have to go into recovery manually. Flash another rom and wait for version 2. the bugs will probably be fixed.

  4. abdullah says:

    do I need to root again after downloading romov ICS rom? if so, how can I root? the phone does not have gingerbread now.

  5. Alvin says:

    Everything of this rom is good but I can’t send and receive message. Can the problem be solved?

  6. abdullah says:


  7. vimal odedra says:

    messaging app didnt work in this rom sooo then i tried uninstallin it with rom toolbox and then install mms apk i found somewhere but that didnt work to !!!

  8. John Henriksen says:

    I tried this ROM and I must say, it isn’t quite as perfect as you picture it.
    I followed your steps to root, backup and install this ROM, but when I was done and about to boot first thing happened;
    First boot: Bootscreen froze at 2 seconds boot time.
    Second boot: Bootscreen froze at 5 seconds boot time.
    Third boot: Bootscreen didn’t freeze, but eternal looped.
    At fourth boot, the phone did finally boot.

    Then other stuff happened. The first thing that popped up when i had entered my PIN code, was that the messaging has stopped working, and I have still not found a solution for that. Outgoing messages doesn’t work at all. Recieving works.
    The second thing I noticed was that the Super User App was gone, so naturally i could not use titanium backup to get back my stuff and maybe fix the messages problem.
    The last thing noticable, was the nova launcher randomly crashing.

    I hope I’m the only one who’s got these problems so maybe I’m doing something wrong and maybe there is solutions to this.

  9. katt says:

    Hi, Max. after I installed the rom, I lost the superuser my device is not more a root device . what to do!??! I tried other roms, but for the first time it happened something like this.

    • Michael Merten says:

      Go into CWM manually, it’ll still be there and reflash your previous rom, it’ll be rooted again. Try Darky note v 3.3 final (get it from xda) fantastic rom, no bugs, fast, super battery life.

  10. Michael Merten says:

    Hi Max,

    The rom is nice yes, ICS finally for the Note great. But the version is too buggy which you neglected to mention. The sms app doesn’t work and worse still I lost root when I installed it. I thing I’ll wait for version 2 which mowmo is currently working on, hopefully less bugs.

  11. Jake Falk says:

    Hi Max,

    My CMW i still there but no root. Now i can’t restore or flash anything. Please somebody know what i can do ?

    • Michael Merten says:

      Just go to CWM and reflash your previous rom. If you made a backup it’ll be rooted like before.

  12. Naveen says:

    Its a very good rom, really fast with no lags. Except I”m not able to import or delete contacts : It Force closed with process.acore.stop. This is really irritating as i’ve lost most of my contacts. If this bug is fixed then i’m sure this is one of the best roms. 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  13. tony says:

    the ROM is great but there are 2 things I found that it is not functional properly
    1. SMS app doesn’t work.
    2. Also, calendar doesn’t sync with the exchange server.

    I would hope the version 2 will be better with less bugs

  14. Matt says:

    Hi there,

    Im new to all this and have recently followed all your videos to root/ install cmw etc..
    However.. I dont think the backup process wasnt successful as iv installed this ICS romow rom. but now i wanted to go back, but when i try restoring with CMW, it gets stuck on “restoring system”. I left it there for around 20 mins and nothing is happening. I cant flash any other roms on because the root has gone (iv tried romow rom and rocket rom, both get stuck at wiping \system… ) .

    Is there any way to root this rom? or restore back to a gingerbread rom.

    Please help 🙁


  15. Tjeerd Vries says:

    hi max

    i installed romow ics rom and abysroot, all is good except for my text messages, if i try to open it stalls and text input is in chinees i am dutch so would be nice if that is dutch too.
    is there a way to download a dutchpack or something?

    hope my english is good enough to read it 🙂


    tjeerd from the netherlands

  16. mkhan says:

    All is working, root is available.
    Just messaging not working. Please fix this.

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