Rocket ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best ICS ROM]

Looking for the “best” ICS ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000? Well, I’ve been flashing more times you can imagine but I think I’ve finally found a great ICS ROM that I am using now as a daily driver, the Rocket ICS ROM!

Previously with Criskelo ICS ROM I’ve had some lag issues and since overclocking isn’t supported with ICS yet (as Samsung hasn’t released kernel source code), I went back to a Gingerbread ROM and swore to myself to never go back to ICS for awhile. Plus, I wanted to keep the S-pen pressure-sensitive features, I know there’s some great AOSP/AOKP ICS ROMs out now but it’s a deal breaker without my S-Pen.

Well, I did get to try some ICS ROMs as I like tweaking and found Rocket ICS ROM to be near perfect in terms of performance, I really like how you get Galaxy Note S-Memo and the ICS version S-Note. Plus you do get many of the ICS features like the one-handed keyboard. Best of all, I see “no lag” in terms of overall performance.

Anyways, give this ICS ROM a try, it’s definitely worth your time I think and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

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Download Rocket ICS ROM

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To install this ROM, please follow our guide on How to Install ICS ROM on Galaxy Note.

Credits – XDA

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72 Responses to Rocket ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best ICS ROM]

  1. rodney says:

    does this have USB tethering?

  2. Steve says:

    I have to agree, this rom runs lovely, been running it for 2 days now without any lag or issues. The battery life isn’t quite as long as stock but when is it when using roms lol

  3. Richard says:

    HI, do you test all ? wifi, gps, BT, etc.

    what about the battery life?

    is this already rooted?

    The Usb Host?

    Thx in advanced


    • Michael Merten says:

      I’ve tested all, works, wifi disconnects and reconnects. But there’s an update out already.

      • Willing Tan says:

        Hi Michael!
        Can you advise which update is this? I’m on RocketROM V2 (with Franco Kernal r3) and everything seems to working fine. Just that it can’t connect to the WIFI. Keeps staying at “Authenticating” or “Obtaining IP Address”. Any suggestions?

        • Max says:

          Hmmm, try connecting to another WiFi? That sounds like WiFi password error rather than kernel error.

          • Bill Decker says:

            I can tell you its not a password issue as I am facing the same problem. My Galaxy Note is running the latest ICS and it is doing the same thing. Searching for ip address or trying to obtain an ip address.

            • WillingTan says:

              It’s strange… I flashed the latest RRv3 & latest FrancoKernal r4. And it worked the 1st time… Then later, it stayed at Obtaining IP without connecting.

  4. Luke says:

    Hello, does this rom suppots bled notifications?

  5. Michael Merten says:

    You failed to mention the constant system rebooting. Max!

  6. Michael Merten says:

    So here’s what I did. Was on Darky Note and had the reboot loop. Unrooted my phone back to stock, rerooted using Abys Note Kernal and then did the process again, now everything works fine. Thanks Max, and that’s what you guys should do if you face the same problem. Cheers.

  7. susst says:

    This ROM is very good, runnning at 4,000 on quadrant with no lag. looks great with nova launcher…

  8. Ignacio says:

    This ROM is awesome!! the best ICS rom!! zero lag and full s-pen functionality. I can´t tell about battery duration because I been testing this ROM since this morning. Everything else works great!!

  9. hamdogg says:

    Installed fine, rebooted 5 times before i was quick enough to continue through ‘setup’. Now it reboots every 10 mins. Runs smooth, but 10 mins of smoothness isnt worth this rom… Switching rom’s….

  10. hamdogg says:

    flashed rom again, works fine now. Very smooth, very quick. MacDonalds! (Loving it)

  11. Andre says:

    I installed this room yesterday.. It´s Great man,,, Thank you for the tip…. Hope the performance continues great….

  12. Elwin says:

    Awesome ROM!! Indeed the best ics rom till now! No lag, over 4000 benchmark and 14 hours on full battery. I dont think i ever need a stock ics rom from samsung ;))

  13. Aaron Gould says:

    Seems like one of the better ROMs, s-note etc sell it for me, however i really dislike the cheap and nasty icons. what was wrong with the offical ics ones? they really let the ROM down. thinking of switching back to stunner because of these icons…

    • Steve says:

      Stunner releases are all pre (leaked) ICS roms they haven’t released a new one yet, Rocket is based on the latest ICS release

    • Godfather says:

      i agree…! i didnt like this stupid icons too that why i switch back to ICS STUNNER..

  14. Daniel Fuchs says:

    The Best ICS Rom YeT!! Smooth and sleek and NO LAG!!! S-Pen works perfectly, better than Gingerbread. I think this is as close to the Stock Rom as you are going to get, probably better. Deep sleep works perfectly. Thanks Rocket Rom Programmers for an awesome ROM!!

  15. Godfather says:

    I tried almost ALL ROMS.. in my opinion ICS STUNNER is the best one ever !!!

  16. aaron gould says:

    ive been using this for a few days now, and 99% of the times i make or recieve a call after about 2 seconds the call automatically cuts off. is anyone else experiencing this?

  17. kevin says:

    Love it. Works great. Better bat than stock (as I had runaway android os pproblems) haven’t had any glitches or problems with any aspect of phone. Calls, text, wifi, H+, camera all working fine. Though ………. icons do suck though. All of them for wifi in notifications menu to the contacts icon all look like the belong on a pretend phone!

  18. hamdogg says:

    This is by far the best ROM for ICS. However the icons on the task tray are ugly as! What is up with that? Should be stock… thats a real turn off…

    but I will stay with this ROM as it is the best to date…. awaiting your next review Max… waiting…. : )

  19. Daniel says:

    The only problem I have with this ROM is that when trying to paste something in the stock email application, the whole screen blinks. Thats the only thing wrong I found

  20. bhavit sharma says:

    thnx for you tutorial but i am stuck reboot loop it reboot in every 10 minutes..plz help i was on gingerbread (rooted) but when i installed this rom after flashing abyss kernel reboots every 10 minutes

    • Michael Merten says:

      Try again this method. Unroot back to stock Gingerbread, root again using PC Odin and then flash as per instructions. You may not have to reflash Abyss kernal because it’s the one which you flash with Odin. It worked for me 100% results, no reboot loop.

  21. Sanjit says:

    it reboots every 20seconds!!!i tried to install otherrom and even reinstall this one but it reboots before installation is complete!!! Please Help

  22. opiujn says:

    You can easily overclock this Rocket ICS ROM to 1.6 GHz by using Tegrak Overclock from Market, no flashing required for that. Approx. 4500 Quadrant on my phone without tuning/tweaking anything else. Not that very good, not too bad either. Phone is responsive and fast, good enough for daily use, but not as smooth and nice as the Gingerbread I used before with franco or abyss kernel.

  23. Michael Merten says:

    Flash with PC Odin.

  24. BK says:

    Hi. Is this ROM better than ICS Criskelo V2 since I find Criskelo to be smooth? Thanks!

  25. Mirko says:

    Need help please:
    Went into CWM recovery, flashed abyss into red pill recovery mode, wiped data, installed Rocket and downloaded all the apps from the Market again. Although I got CWM app my ROM Tool box won;t upgrade any of the downloads, getting the message that the owner of the CWM blocked other apps, then, my SU does not get binaries and my Titanium BAckup Pro does not see any app, cannot do any backup or restore. All zeroes under events tab.

    Advice please?

  26. Carlos says:

    Hi Max, Amazing ROM, I don’t need stock ICS from Samsung anymore. Just a little comment, it seems the QuickPanel Settings icon has no action, have you seen?

    Thanks for the tip.

  27. opiujn says:

    Need help:
    Is there a way to get just the kernel for this ROM? Can it be found in the ROM zip perhaps? I would like to have the kernel as a separate file for flashing with cwm recovery when needed.

    I’ve been flashing a lot of ROMs and kernels lately but I’m still a noob at this lol 🙂 the backup option in my current cwm recovery suddenly stopped working.

      • opiujn says:

        Thanks for the link to Abyss kernel! 🙂 I had an older version before (3.9 I think).
        I have been switching between gingerbread and ics rocket by backing up and restoring nandroids. Last time on rocket I spent hours configuring and tweaking rocket ics for overclocking and personal settings, apps. Suddenly my phone never started after restoring latest rocket ics nand backup I have. But I can easily restore the other nandroid backups on my phone. I’m very new to this, thought that maybe I was on wrong kernel because I’ve flashed a lot, or maybe a cwm recovery version that doesn’t work well with restoring that backup. But probably my backup is just damaged then after all. Shit happens 🙂

  28. Brian Cannell says:

    Wonderful work, thank you very much. Not only does the rom run nicely but it looks v.good as well.

  29. Emil Thiessen says:

    I don´t like this ROM v2.. i came from CM9 so it was very fast to install.
    The theme is really ugly in my opinion and it takes so much ram.
    It freezes sometimes and at blocking the screen it flash one time.

  30. David says:

    I am newbie on G.Note.
    One thing i need to verify..
    After ROM it if any happen can i ROM back to stock?

  31. mondy says:

    does this have crt lock animation

  32. Allen says:

    Hey there! I’ve installed Rocket ICS successfully, unfortunately I’ve installed v1. I’d like to update it to v6. Do I have to wipe the phone data via CWM before flashing it? And can I just flash v6 immediately or should I flash from v2 all the way to v6? Sorry for the poor english >_<

    Thanks and more power to you, guys!

  33. ashik says:

    I think this is quite stable ROM. I did not use the TouchWiz because it was making this ROM unstable somehow.
    While video recording the background noise (hissing sound) was minimal with this ROM. I am quite happy with ROM finally.
    I installed the latest ROM from this web site.

  34. disapo says:

    no chance… never ending reboot… bad bad

  35. matthew says:

    just installed v7

    • opìujn says:

      Then you can flash v8 too. Just install the v8 rom file, you don’t have to downgrade or wipe 🙂 Happy Flashing, haha xD

    • opìujn says:

      Sorry Matthew, I thought I was in the Criskelo forum. Don’t mind my last post lol

  36. theGod says:

    hi guys, want to flash v7 RR on my note but I have following issues: flashed pre rooted GB ROM -> abyss kernel -> wipe stuff -> RR -> bootloop. Found on the forum, that GB -> RR ICS = BOOTLOOP, so i downgraded back to pre rooted GB -> criskelo v8 -> ROOT loss = cannot flash abyss and then RR ROM. Again downgraded to GB prerooted, flashed older criseklo v7 = ROOT loss again .. so again i cannot flash. Does anybody know, why I’m loosing root permisions? Or how can i safely flash RR v7? i have now pre-rooted GB. Thx for any advice.

  37. William says:

    Hi All,

    Now Rocket ROM V8 is out!

  38. Neeraj Tati says:

    HI Max,

    I am using rocket rom v10 ICS rom on my galaxy note. It works just perfectly fine. But I am facing issue with the inbuilt google play store that has come up with it. I am using this rom for last 2weeks and I am facing this issue for last 2 days. I have wiped the google play store data, tried uninstalling the updates of it, restarted the phone several times, it just doesn’t download anythin. It opens but doesn’t download anything.

    Can you help me out here?


  39. Rick says:

    Hi Max.
    My Galaxy Note GT-N7000, is still running on Gingerbread 2.3.6.
    Can I jump straight to a JB ROM or do I have to go to ICS first?
    It is SIM locked to my carrier. Do I have to get it unlocked 1st or not needed.


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