Revolt Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.2.1]

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If you are looking for pure Android 4.2.1 experience on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000, definitely Revolt Jelly Bean ROM by XDA user JohnHany97. Probably one of the best Android 4.2.1 builds out right now, the Revolt Jelly Bean ROM brings you the best of Android 4.2.1 experience on your GT-N7000 plus all of the AOKP features like ROM Control to fully utilize the powers of unlimited lockscreen widgets and UI customizations.

I’ve been following John Hany’s for awhile now since he’s work with the Galaxy S2 GT-i9100, definitely his ROM cooking skills have improved over time with this ROM as proof.

Also note that this is the “first” version John made for the GT-N7000, it is near flawless in terms of performance/features.

So, definitely give this ROM a go today and let me know what you think.

NOTE: With all pure Android AOSP ROMs, you lose most of TouchWiz features like Multi-window, S-Note (you can use Papyrus app instead on Play Store), etc…etc… We thought you should know this before flashing these pure ROMs.

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Download Revolt JB ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Don't forget to donate to the developer if you like this ROM, thanks!

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100 Responses to Revolt Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.2.1]

  1. Claudio says:

    Right now i running on my note the asylum 4.2.1 rom and is pretty good, but i want to check this you know what is better?..the only thing that i hate about asylum rom is went i draw with the s pen and the arrow cursor is not optional…i use a lot the sketchbook app

    greetings from Mexico.

  2. ovy g says:

    My device is Galaxy Note N7000, installed custom ROM is Ultimate 5.1 android 4.1.2 XXLSC based. kernel Philz 3.99. I’ve bricked my device in the past trying to install a Cyannogen Mod ROM without reading instructions and I don’t want that to happen again. What is the safest way to flash this? Is this not a ROM for S2 devices?

    • Addi says:

      here is safest method for AOKP/ Cynagen;

      go CWM
      install CM 10.1 kernal
      go to advanced, Reboot recovery
      wipe data/ factory rest
      wipe Cache / Delvik ( in Advanced)
      go to System /mounts
      wipe, System / Data / Cache / preload
      Install zip
      Flash Revolt
      Flash Gaapps 12/12/2012
      reboot system
      Enjoy πŸ™‚

      • ovy g says:

        why is this ROM only 150MB when ROMs based on Samsung’s touchwiz are way bigger? is something missing that should be flashed in addition?

        • Johnhany97 says:

          Nothing missing, It is just that the Touchwiz ROMs are very bloated and full of really useless files compared to AOKP-Based ROMs, It is really bloated ……

          • Sriram says:

            Hi John,

            M on stock rom and kernel with Root and CWM… Can i directly flash this rom on recovery or do i need to install cm kernel before flashing this one…

            If i need to flash a kernel, then pls help me with the step and dwnld file.. this would be my first flash, so puzzled on how to flash revolt rom…. pls pls pls help me…..

            my ver 4.1.2, base band N7000DDLS6,, Kernel: 3.0.31 -906407

            Build number: JZO54K.N7000DDLSC

      • Jonne says:

        Im stuck with “go to advanced, Reboot recovery” and its counting and still is after 30 minutes, its currently at 25000+

        Please advice…

        • Johnhany97 says:

          Follow these installation Steps instead :
          1- Make the ZIP’s MD5 is the same as the online
          2- Put it & Google Apps on your SD Card
          3- Reboot into Recovery
          4- Wipe /Data
          5- Wipe Cache
          6- Wipe Dalvik-Cache
          7- Flash the ROM
          8- Flash Google Apps
          9- Wipe Cache
          10- Wipe Dalvik-Cache
          11- Reboot to System
          12- Enjoy ReVolt JB !!

          • Jonne says:

            Thanks! Johnhany97

            (From Addi’s Steps, got stuck at β€œgo to advanced, Reboot recovery) I press the power button to turnof my device (while it was counting).

            Then followed Johnhany97 steps and Its a success!!!!


      • Nick Lau says:

        It works fine, thanks

  3. Cipoi says:

    I’ve try to install this revolt rom on my gt n7000 note but it couldnt complete that task n went aborted.. pls help.. i wanted to try this rom!

    • Alex says:

      Same here, trying to flash it but system aborted.. whats going on?

      • Johnhany97 says:

        Did you make sure the file you download had the MD5 Checksum just like the one that is on the Download server ?? Maybe you had an incomplete download ??
        Do you have an unsafe Kernel ??
        Did you follow installation steps just like the ones on XDA ?

  4. Shawn W. says:

    Dear, is there a walk through you can guide?

    or some where we can find it on youtube?

    Shawn W.

  5. Elie says:

    Same here… it doesn’t work for GT-N7000 … not sure what the problem is.. but I cannot flash it.. I get some sort of exception when I try to flash the zip file..

    Also, I can’t get to
    “go to System /mounts
    wipe, System / Data / Cache / preload”

    In system mounts, you can only mount or unmount or format…

  6. tayyab says:

    where is link for gapps for this rom??

  7. Johnhany97 says:

    The Best way to install this ROM is to :
    1- Download the latest Version from : ( )
    2- Get Google Apps from : ( )
    3- Make the ZIP’s MD5 is the same as the online
    4- Put it & Google Apps on your SD Card
    5- Reboot into Recovery
    6- Wipe /Data
    7- Wipe Cache
    8- Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    9- Flash the ROM
    10- Flash Google Apps
    11- Wipe Cache
    12- Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    13- Reboot to System
    14- Enjoy ReVolt JB !!
    This ROM is fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note …… I know it is compatible with the S2, but these files are made specially for the Note …. ReVolt JB ROM is developed for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100), The Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G), the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) and the Samsung Galaxy Note …… Hopefully more soon πŸ™‚
    Enjoy ReVolt JB !!

  8. Alex says:

    it says installation aborted, Error in /sdcard/
    i can’t flash the rom.

  9. Elie says:

    Can someone confirm please when they get this flashed correctly on the GT-N7000?

  10. Fernando says:

    en realidad estoy intentando instalar esta ROM 4.2.1 pero me sale error en el archivo (status 7) lo intentΓ© varias vereces, actualmente tengo la ROM JB 4.1.2 v5.1, alguien nos puede decir como se consigue instalar, sigo las instrucciones pero sigue dando error.

  11. Chobit says:

    Bro..i thing the prob maybe come from the rom solfware..i try 2 time using odin also using phone to flash.the result still same..can’t flash this rom..

  12. Shine says:


    I seem to be doing something wrong here … when i boot up and put in my sim code i get following message : Unfortunatley, Setup Wizard has stopped.

    please help asap πŸ™‚ thnx

    • Shine says:

      And now my phone won’t boot anymore i get the samsung logo then everything goes black … -.-

      • Elie says:

        wipe cache and dalvik it will work again…
        I am not used to this website posting ROMs that do not work.. weird! although it looks interesting in the video..

        • Hemant says:

          I think u didn’t flash gaaps after installing the rom
          It also happened to me

          • Shine says:

            Thing is i’m kinda new to this now i have revolt working on my phone without Gaaps … now i have a question is it possible for me to flash Gaaps even now or would that be a bad idea… also do i look for a 4.2.1 version for it ? or my old phone version cause i think i went wrong there.

  13. Alex says:

    Is there a way to make a folder for apps like all those others (4.1.2) rom?

  14. p0kjatsmat says:

    Hi.. Im still a noob in this n i hav a few Q’s….

    1. Is it ok to flash this rom from a rooted gb galaxy note?
    2. how to choose which google app version to download?

  15. Wiqasso says:

    I flashed with abyss kernel and then followed these steps and I ran into no problems.

    The Best way to install this ROM is to :
    1- Download the latest Version from : ( )
    2- Get Google Apps from : ( )
    3- Make the ZIP’s MD5 is the same as the online
    4- Put it & Google Apps on your SD Card
    5- Reboot into Recovery
    6- Wipe /Data
    7- Wipe Cache
    8- Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    9- Flash the ROM
    10- Flash Google Apps
    11- Wipe Cache
    12- Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    13- Reboot to System
    14- Enjoy ReVolt JB !!
    This ROM is fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note …… I know it is compatible with the S2, but these files are made specially for the Note …. ReVolt JB ROM is developed for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100), The Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G), the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300) and the Samsung Galaxy Note …… Hopefully more soon
    Enjoy ReVolt JB !!

    • Jas says:

      You’ve mentioned ‘MAKE ZIP’, I’ve failed to understand that πŸ™ Can you please elaborate? Do you mean to say I’ve to create a ZIP file which consists of the ROM file and the the MD5? Both files in a single Zip?


      • GarYun says:

        I installed ReVolt ROM with everything OK except got MD5 checksum generating error when I did backup in CWM recovery! I also can’t understand “Make the ZIP’s MD5 is the same as the online” Pls explain further. Thks

        • Gary Yun says:

          Today redo everything fm kernel cm10.1 till gapp, system runs perfect except error while generating md5 chksum under CWM recovery backup! Any1 can help?

          • GarYun says:

            I downloaded the ROM again & will do installation all over again in near future! How can I know this ROM checksum is the same as the online? Pls adv if there is a way to check.

  16. kelvin says:

    After flashing the ROM, I can’t find any files under the external_sdcard folder. Actually the files are inside SD card. When I go to setting->storage-> the SD card seems having mounting problem. Some advices pls.

  17. Sidhant says:


    Greetings from New Delhi, India.

    i just installed the custom rom, but i now cannot access the internal or external memory card using USB debugging tool. I am on a mac (Snow leopard). Thus i cannot install google apps or make any changes at all to rom, since in recovery mode my SD card is not readable (i took out my sd card and placed google apps and new rom on it as well).

    Thanks in advance.

    • Frizey says:

      I am having the same issue! It will show debugging but wont be recognised by my computer. In Ultimate I would go into settings/More…/ and there is option for USB storage but I cant find any way of turning it on in this ROM. Have I missed something? This also makes it very hard to install a new ROM!

  18. adi says:

    Hi max,
    during the halfway installing the revolt JB my phone turns to deadbrick and 100% fail to switch on..what should i do?

  19. terry says:

    i followed the video above bit by bit now phone is dead cant get into recovery/download

  20. terry says:

    followed max,s video for installing revolt jelly bean rom
    iv tried everything but no luck

  21. terry says:

    no cant get phone to turn on so no good looking on xda

  22. Johnhany97 says:

    Guys, Please download the ROM from the official Download server :
    They are more guaranteed, All the people on XDA can install it when they download it from there ….. Please try so and then Report ….

  23. terry says:

    looking on there no ta

  24. Ken Chin says:

    hey,guy.i just try,can’t installed from ultimate rom.before installed revolt rom,installed any cm base roms.then installed revolt rom from cm base rom.enjoy


  25. Allan says:

    Very good ROM over all! I installed with Asylum-Beastmode-Kernel-v2-CM10 as the kernel. Wiped every thing as instructed and all is well. Good work really.

    One thing though, the S-Pen when hovering has an arrow similar to a mouse pointer .. how can I turn that off?? It stays there even if I write notes on Papyrus. Thanks man.

  26. Efren says:

    Were is the PlayStore App on Revolt?

    I installed this and couldn’t find PlayStore
    So I switched back to another Rom

  27. Johnhany97 says:

    Hey guys,
    Get the Latest ReVolt Nightly with A LOT of Fixes and Revolt Control additions !!!!
    Here you go :
    Enjoy ReVolt JB !!

  28. Allan says:

    Still no S-Pen settings

  29. Rajaram says:

    After installing Gapps there is no camera, it says that its disabled

  30. rekamyenom says:

    I do not see any ROM’s for the SGH-T879….. WHY?

    WILL this work on the T-Mobile SGH-T879???? Will all the GT N7000 ROM’s work on the SGH-T879???

  31. Frizey says:

    Great ROM with a lot of options and good on the battery compared to Ultimate 4.1.2. I also love the more pure Android feel without the Samsung water business. I also like overclocking options and happy to not have multi-window as I have felt its a bit gimicky as its often not set well so both windows can be effectively used, particularly when a keyboard is required. However, I still can’t get wifi tethering happening with the 28.01 or 26.01 versions and cant get the phone to be recognised on my Macbook pro or PC running XP. I suspect (and am hoping) its a setting I cant find to turn USB storage on??? if these 2 issues were sorted it would be great for daily use.

  32. Vincent says:

    Hi, max, could u tell me how long did it take you to do it…i used mobile odin

  33. schadha7 says:

    help me out……..i tried installing RevoltJB on my galaxy note gt n-7000 nd now im stuck….my phone just won’t boot up….i flashed the abyss kernel just to be safe but it didn’t work….since i’m new to this help me out please…

  34. Mubeen says:

    I having problems playing .mkv videos using dice player? Video playpack is slow? Help πŸ™

  35. mubeen says:

    Is any way I could get beats audio for this ROM?

  36. susanim says:

    Hmmm Johnhany97 i dun get what u mean by Make zip’s MD5? And What Can i do if My ex-SD card didn’t show up in recovery?

  37. Jas says:

    I’m currently using the JellyBean XXLSC 4.1.2 ROM . Do i need to switch kernels before installing this ROM. I’m so bored with the generic TouchWiz UI πŸ˜›

    Please help folks!!

  38. JrInoff says:

    This rom is excellent but have bluetooth connectivity issues, anyone that has same issue with keyboards and mouse? any solutions? πŸ™‚

  39. alecswayne says:

    im getting hangs randomly for a good 10-15 secs. anyonr has this problem?

  40. chinmay says:

    I’m not able to access 3g… apn is enabled

    please help.

  41. Richard Greer says:

    Hi mate sorry if this sounds a bit daft I came across one of your videos on you tube to manually root(not using the pc)my samsung galaxy note n7000, after a couple of hours I managed to install sweet rom v3 xxxlrt by not-I
    I have been trying to install my banking app and it won’t install it. I have also been trying for the last 6-7 hours to uninstall the root via my laptop using Odin and I can not install odin from the links that i have been using. is there anyway you could let me know of a way to unroot via my phone, Just to let you know I am from the uk so could you do me a favour and break it down into simpleton language for me.

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