Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM for your Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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Want the best of tablet/phone mode plus CM10 Jelly Bean ROM?

There’s a ROM for that, the Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM that allows you to customize apps to your liking including the ability to change the font size and DPI (Phone/Tablet mode). ย This allows you to really fully utilize the power of your phablet device.

Besides that CM10 (which Paranoid Android is based off) has been getting more stable everyday, it’s a pretty solid daily driver.

If you like what you see, give it a try and let me know how it goes for you!


Download Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM Sept 20th (This is the version I used in the video, Check XDA link at bottom of this post for latest version)
Download Gapps
Credits – XDA

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86 Responses to Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM for your Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. Shreyans says:

    if i go to pandroid settings it force closes automatically

  2. Aditya says:

    Can we navigation bar just like BLACKCNA rom ?

  3. paul says:

    yeh its a cool rom ran it for a week stable and v good for the note however did have trouble with the wifi stopped working could not turn it on in settings or anywhere? only way to get working was to reflash rom from start again

  4. yeru says:

    Can u make a short tutorial vidoe how to install it? I’m on a rooted stock rom still a noob

    • bhvy says:

      Bro dont worry just do as i say no. Prob.
      Download abyss note kernel 4.2
      Hold vol, centre, power button u wil reach go to install zip from sd card n install abyss kernel and reboot recovery.choose delete all clear cache
      After that choose zip from internel sd n install ur rom..have fun but remeber to install abyss n clear data.

  5. James says:

    Having trouble flashing ROM. I flashed Abyss kernel then rebooted into CWR and did a factory/data wipe then I flashed the ROM, but it doesn’t install, says there is an error reading the package. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Victor Chung says:

    For some reason i dont get a playstore app with the rom.

  7. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    FM radio available?

  8. Tipos says:

    Hi, just flashed the JB Paranoid, after flashing BlackCNA. As Max explained, everything works smoothly when you flash Abyss first, reboot into recovery, wipe/reset factory data and than flash any ROM you like be it from ICS or from JB… Flashed gassp as well. The ROM is also very good. My two favorites for now would be ICS CRASH 8.2 and this JB Paranoid.

    One thing though. Help me please get my USB storage connected to PC again in this Paranoid. Do I need to find another Kernel to flash or…?


  9. Rob says:

    Does the gps work?

  10. tommy van oosterhout says:

    I lost root acces..subinary not good..ant kan.t fixit.

  11. khan says:

    max thanks for the great rom its
    but its drinking battery like a zombie 44% / hour please help out whats the problem

    i checked out the apps
    keyboard ia ll the time running
    one media app running
    and in wake lock there is one RIJP somethig running please if some 1 can helpout???

  12. Fernando says:

    hello max, have a small question ive tried all roms that have cm10 and i cant get internet acces with any…i set up apn names but it wont work, H icon appears but my net wont work, in this rom will i hace the same problem?

  13. salem says:

    Does it support the stylus sensitivity this time, or do you lose that feature?

  14. iyn says:

    Hi Max,
    After I’ve installed the Paranoid rom I’ve lost the ability to use the S-Pen. Any way to get the S-Pen to work with these customised roms?

  15. nikki says:

    Hi Max,
    The only thing missing from the ROM is S-Pen abilities. Am I missing something here?

  16. Kevin says:

    well, this is my favorite rom so far…it’s just awesome. I love being able to change how certain apps look. The only problem I have is that it uses a lot of ram I never have more than ~280 mb free..and that’s like after first booting. I would like to have at least that all the time when no apps are running. Is there a way you could let the dev know? Or put me in touch with him?

  17. Mike says:

    Any bugs with this ROM? Does the auto rotate and GPS features working ?

  18. Titus Gore says:

    Great rom but after I use it and put the phone away, it is always asking me to put in my pin number. ?????? What’s with the rebooting

    • Frizey says:

      I have exactly the same issue. I also find the screen often goes black and some widgets reset. Also, despite flashing Gapps I dont have S note etc. I also find that Chrome and TripView are crashing?!?Despite what others have said, I dont find it eats battery any more than what the latest version of Rocket Rom did. FYI Im using it with Abyss kernel. Otherwise I am finding it runs smoothly and am really enjoying the extra tweaks found in Jelly Bean. Although I must say Im finding the keyboard a little annoying that it doesn’t auto suggest punctuation after a word as found on Rocket Rom?? Anyone have ideas to address this?

  19. Slider says:

    I have currently the 4.0.3 Criskelo ICS 07 ROM

    if i flash the AbyssNote 4.2 from this ICS Rom and reboot into cmw can i flash this rom also without brike my note?

  20. Slider says:

    every time i install the AbyssNotekernel42 via CWM, the note hang by “Installing update….”

    (and yes i have make a wipe data/factory bevor)

    after 5 min the note make a reboot.

    i have try all other versions, but its still the same, any idea ?

  21. Wheay says:

    Hi im using CriskeloRom Note ICS v07 on my N-7000, im new in changing rom, how do i start first? is there any tutorial for this? i want this paranoid to work with mine. thank you.

    • Slider says:

      i am also on it, i have the same CriskeloRom Note ICS v07, but now i have so many other roms, because it do not work, every time i flash the AbyssNotekernel42 the CWM crashs. so currently i try so many things……. Looks not so good yet ๐Ÿ™

  22. Slider says:

    Can somebody help ?

    My Steps –> CriskeloRom –> CWM can not Swipe –> updated to rootedGM (by Odin) –>No CWM –> install CWM –>CWM can not Swipe Again –> update to Stock ICS –>Rooted –> install CWM ( –> Again can not Swipe –> Reboot in Recovery shows a Counter (runs >1600) need to restart manual –> Install the AbyssNotekernel42 –> install the “” System hang by the Samsung LOGO ๐Ÿ™ WHAT CAN I DO TO INSTALL THIS F**KING ROM ?

    It makes no FUN ๐Ÿ™

    • Rob says:

      Ok. Download all files again. Cwm, abyss and also the rom. flash cwm then wipe all data. Then flash abyss and reload recovery. Then flash the rom. That is what I did when had a similar problem. Turned out the kernel was infected on download. Not by virus, but by download problem. Lest that of what someone at xda forum suggested and it solved the problem! Good luck.

      • Slider says:

        i have try to install the Stock GB, on this recory mode i able to format the /data,

        but the Phone hangs all the time by the Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000 Logo

        Now i have Flash the Stock ICS, from there i can run the and also Root the phone, But i can not Boot up, and its the Same, i i have try to install the CriskeloRom again, but this do also not work ๐Ÿ™ evey time the Same.

        What can i do ?

        i have also try the other versions of the abyss kernel, but its still the same

        • Rob says:

          Mate, I’m pretty new to this stuff but its always gone pretty easy for me. I’ve tried ten different roms with no problems. Email max with URGENT in the subject. He can help better than most people.

          • Slider says:

            where can i find his email adresse ?

            • Rob says:

              His contact details are on the homepage from this site. Www dot rootgalaxynote dot com . When I’m home from work ill see if I can help you more.

              • Slider says:

                i have send him a mail via FaceBook, but no answert yet.

                i have try so many kernals, but i see only the diverent Boot Logos of this kernals.

                currently i search a “Phone Bootloader update” for ODIN, perhaps this helps ๐Ÿ™

                do you know where i can finde this, i have in my browser 83Tabs Opend, but i found nothing…..

                • Rob says:

                  Did you make up backup you can restore to and start again?

                  • Slider says:

                    Posible, there are the Boot Files

                    is it not possible to Download a Phone Bootloader update from the web ?

                    i have a very old Backup by CWM but this can not be restored ๐Ÿ™

                    • Slider says:

                      I have try to restore a Backup from CWM, but its still the same.

                      i still searching for a Bootloader file for ODIN.

                      have nobody a file for me ? ๐Ÿ™

      • idejuhe says:

        Sound likely you got bricked your phone dude…
        Try to flashing GB stock kernel via odin with pit file (repartitioning), if it stuck on factoryfs u have super brick.
        Get it to services center if still have warranty.
        if you have yellow triangle, remove it first by flashing ICSkerneltest via odin.
        Browse xda site for more information…

        • idejuhe says:

          ” every time i install the AbyssNotekernel42 via CWM, the note hang by โ€œInstalling updateโ€ฆ.โ€

          (and yes i have make a wipe data/factory bevor)

          after 5 min the note make a reboot. ”
          (and yes i have make a wipe data/factory bevor) that is that make brick dude…

    • Rob says:

      Dunno if this helps but when my cwm had problems, it also ran a counter, when i pressed the power key it stopped counting and rebooted fine .

      Still no reply from max?

  23. Camilar George says:

    Is the DPI changer working on dungeon defenders second wave?

  24. Akee says:

    I flashed latest (24 sept ) Paranoid rom today …
    Everything worked perfect except my phone could’nt load my external sd card ….
    in the storage option it shows sd storage capacity but none of its content is accessible..
    Can anyone help me with this ??

  25. gujnik says:

    I had paranoid android on my note for about a week. Looks stable. Had to reboot only once. Had some trouble with the internet connection though. Had no connection even if data settings were good. Had some troubles with Google Play too (didn’t recognize my account even though the settings looked normal).
    Honestly I think I’ll go back to ICS and wait ’till the next ROM. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thx anyway for the Rom. Keep up the good job ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Lisa says:

    It’s an ok ROM. Did not crash but the phablet and tablet versions do not work as well as expected. The arrangement of widgets tend to overlap on the main screen in phablet or tablet mode which causes 1 widget to be un-usable.
    Takes up a lot of RAM. Battery life isn’t that great either.

  27. Gan says:

    Hi everyone I have just installed this rom but i had a problem which when i file manager and i can see the some files pics songs and videos but i cant use it or apply it on my phone which on appollo no music if i use file manager there is some music and pics on gallery no pics but file manager shows pics. Then i tried copy that some files to my computer but there is no folder files on my computer but it shows capacity of how many files on note and any help for how can i copy files to computer or how to apply using recommended application (appollo gallery etc) pls help me any replies i appreciate that thank you very much.

  28. vv says:

    Can I install this via Hydracore 5.4 or should I use Abyss?

  29. SomeGuy says:

    My daily driver now. Using Hydracore 5.4 kernel. Best thing is the ROM updates often through app so I don’t have to search xda for updates. Very smooth. The only issue I have come across is that I cannot record videos to send via MMS. Which is not a huge deal for me.

  30. boii Wonder says:

    can i flash the rom on 4.0.4 ? using this way ?
    or do i need to go back to ginger* ?

  31. Rimy says:

    I changed from Sweet rom to Paranoid. Paranoid made me paranoid and I changed back to my sweet sweet Sweet rom. Everything is running like a charm again.

  32. kiwirobt says:

    Max, when are we likely to see jelly bean rooms for n7000 with full s pen functionality? Am i right that this only becomes likely if/when Samsung releases jelly bean rom ffor note officially? I like these jelly bean roms, but not enough to lose s note ๐Ÿ™

    Oh, and don’t forget us noters Just because you you have a note 2! (Lucky bast@rd ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  33. kamikazi says:

    i m currenty in sweet ics rom can i do it whitout factory reset? btw
    is it right to flash it?
    1 flash abyss kernel via mobile odin
    2 all wiped
    3flash rom?

    • kamikazi says:

      and can i do restor whitout abyss kernel?:! sorry im really sceard about loosing my expancive device!
      is about 4-5000$ in iran!

      • idejuhe says:

        1. reboot recovery via sweet ics rom
        2. install abyss via recovery
        3. reboot recovery again via recovery
        4. now you run abyys kernel recovery, wipe all data, wipe cache
        5. install this rom
        6. wipe cache
        7. install gapps
        8. reboot your phone
        its ok if you want backup nandroid via rom recovery but if you want to restore backuped nandroid, always use abyys, follow step 1-4 above and then restore your nandroid backup, reboot phone.
        if you backup nandroid via cm10 recovery, choose into tar format option and then rename backuped file with *.0 extension to *.tar (overwrite it) via explorer, edit nandroid.md5 file with notepad and appropriate it with your new filename. It can be restored via abyys normally like above step.

  34. kamikazi says:

    its AWESOME btw no smemo and,,, (ofc) btw i dont care really but my q is
    why its showing my external_sd empty in ex file explorer?:(

  35. Kamran haghighi mood says:

    I don’t have my external SD can anyone help me plz?!! I got backup going back to sweet ICS ๐Ÿ™

  36. Kamran haghighi mood says:

    I don’t have my external SD can anyone help me plz?!! I got backup going back to sweet ICS ๐Ÿ™
    I got only my phones SD

  37. Zed says:

    Where is play store, my files ??

  38. Johnson says:

    Installed pandroid recent rom in a smooth manner phone rebooted fine home screen appeared menu and apps hangs up phone sleeps and reboots please help

  39. Wagiono says:

    I installed and used the latest version PA JB 4.2.2 : pa-n7000 -3.10 25 Feb 2013 -095201 and flash with latest gapps 20130301 with amazing result.. Until now more than 1 day working well fast and stability. Now i used ROM PA with JB 4.2.2 and new gapps 20130301. Better and faster from XPeria !! ๐Ÿ™‚ thank Max

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