Paranoid Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best Tablet Mode ROM]

Looking to do more with your Galaxy Note than just use it as a phone? Well, there’s a custom ROM for that.

The Paranoid Android ICS ROM brings you the best of Phone and Tablet mode on your Galaxy Note.

First, you can easily switch between Phone and Tablet mode OS.

Second, and the best thing about this ROM, is that you can run any apps in Phone or Tablet mode. So if you want to run tablet mode for your GMail but use phone mode for your Netflix, you can do that easily with this ROM. Even better, you can even set a customized DPI value for each app. For demo, please watch the video.

This is certainly going to be a ROM that you can spend hours having fun so definitely give this ROM a go and let me know what you think!

Note: You will lose S-Pen feature on this ROM.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.


Download Paranoid Android ICS ROM

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Make sure to download BOTH files and install ROM then Gapps!!!

*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow GT-7000 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.


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153 Responses to Paranoid Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best Tablet Mode ROM]

  1. dave lee says:

    Whould tablet rom work with tablet sim cards?

  2. Michael Merten says:

    Max thanks for testing out the rom. I’m however reluctant because I’ve read that there are quite a few bugs. Mass storage doesn’t work for example and there are some GPS issues. There are also some other bugs and one should not update play store via Google as it force closes after. Please advise.

  3. stef says:

    i tryed to install this rom but when insalling my phone turned off and its not working anymore ..please any advice? its off πŸ™

  4. josh says:

    @stef you may not be rooted or anything? You should install a stock GB first + rooted before installing this ROM. You are now experiencing a hardbrick.

    • stef says:

      no i had the ics stunner beta before trying to install this new rom, now i have nothing no download mode or recovery mode or even a light in the screen ,,my phone is completely off and i cant use it because there is no response no lights its offffffff

      • stewart says:

        i had this done to my galaxy note aswell!!!!!! send it back to where you got it if you have warrenty and they will send back brand new one with a new motherboard…..they didnt even know that it had been rooted

      • Max says:

        You have to use a safe kernel like Abyss before installing another ROM otherwise this can happen.

        • Aqib says:

          Hi everyone, i have some confusion regarding abyss kernel. Max says to flash it everytime before installing a new rom to avoid emmc brick. But i have read several posts where it says that we should flash gb kernels for gb roms and ics kernels for ics roms and abyss is a gb kernel so why flashing it before ics roms. Please clear it up for me.

          • opiujn says:

            Hi Aqib,
            The Abyss 4.2 kernel is good during install because it is told to be safe when you wipe, so you can see Abyss 4.2 as a tool/survival kit to use when you install new roms, to avoid bricking.

            Inside the rom file you install there is another kernel that will automatically be applied on your phone during install process anyways. So when installation is done you will have an ics kernel if it was an ics rom you installed and a gb kernel if it was a gb rom and so on. But to avoid the emmc brick it is higly recommended to install Abyss 4.2 and reboot recovery right before you wipe and install.

  5. Martin says:

    Crashing all the time….. Mybe its me doing it wrong

  6. vic says:

    please help me

    i tried to install this rom on my rooted note

    it stuck on parnoid logo,then i remove battery.and tried again to wipe data…also it stuck on formatting

    i tried to download stock rom by odin it stuck on :
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N7000XXLPY_N7000OXALPY_N7000XXLPT_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:15)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    what should i do please help.

  7. opiujn says:

    Hi Max! Thanks for the review of this ROM.
    I’ve been running v01 for some days now and think it is the best custom rom so far, for me. I haven’t discovered any bugs yet, on the other hand I’ve not tried all settings. Today I will install v02 πŸ™‚ I didn’t know one can switch tablet mode on/off for apps until I saw your review. That option will for sure make this ROM even more interesting!! If v02 doesn’t have any serious bugs I’ll probably say goodbye to my stock rom πŸ™‚

    • Michael Merten says:

      Keep us posted, check GPS settings, Mass Storage mode. Give me a heads up if it’s all ok. Cheers.

      • Benny says:

        Hi Michael !

        GPS is working fine. But no idea even try mass storage with computer now. I’ve probably been flashing and wiping with CWM recovery and Odin a hundred times or more, but during this update I think I finally hard bricked my N7000, hahaha :D. Maybe I did something wrong, but I can’t see what that would be. The internal SD can’t be mounted any more, maybe it is the famous emmc bug. So now I have to Google a solution to fix a hard brick lol. Maybe buy a riff box? Ive also heard there is a way to repartition a bricked phone that has emmc failure.
        Besides from that the v02 run much slower than v01, not very slow, but far from lag free. A Quadrant score around 2700 only. But maybe its just on my phone, because I messed my phone up or something. I knew this day would come so I bought a second N7000 the day before I tried custom roms and kernels for the first time πŸ˜‰ maybe I’ll have to unbox it today.

    • Raja Ganesh says:

      Hi Dave..& opiujn

      Did u find external SD card

      • opiujn says:

        Hi Raja Ganesh =)
        Yes I did. But it was a long time ago and can’t remember exactly how. Think I flashed the rom again and had same problem, but then found an option in settings > storage that solved it

        • RajaGanesh says:

          thankyou… but i get back to my stock rom. Anyway thanks

          • opiujn says:

            There are new roms and versions of roms released all the time. Everytime I for example see a new ParanoidAndroid I try it to see if I can get usb “multi/dual mounting” to work with that rom, but from different reasons after flashing a new rom, made by any team, I go back to the KingDroid lol. =)

  8. Jamil Ahmed says:

    I tryed to install this rom but when insalling my phone turned off and its not working anymore ..please any advice? its off

    No Download Mode Access
    Tries to connect with USB still No Awnser,
    i Previously was On ‘KingDroid ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [S Voice][TouchWiz 5.0]’
    I Used ABYSS Flash Kernal.

    The Phone Was Installing And Suddenly Turned Off
    Not It Does Not Turn On.

    I Followed The Toturial
    1. I Installed ‘'(this one installed successfully
    2.I Was In The Process Of Installing ‘Paranoid note Was In The Process of installing suddenly it turned off.

    Odien Cannot Recognise My Devise Aswell.

    The Phone Is Fully Dead
    No Black No Nothing.

    So in conclusion my phone has been hard bricked, So Please Max..Anyone Help!

    • pablo says:

      i think JTAG will do the trick, same thing happened to me. once in download mode, u can try to use a full flash of your rom, try GB so that when u upgrade from any custom roms it wud be easy to upgrade.

    • ashik says:

      Have you solved your problem Jamil?

  9. Martin says:

    Reslutions: do not install this rom.

  10. safwan says:

    is there any way you could provide a download link to the green wallpaper shown here (

  11. Derrick says:

    I love this ROM. The tablet mode is flawless so far. I haven’t had the need to use the S pen. I’ll keep u updated.

  12. opiujn/Benny says:

    I would like to use this rom but when I installed it the cwm recovery, phone and computer couldn’t access the internal SD and it was running slow. Fixed my phone with ODIN and tried again. This time I could access int. SD from computer, the phone was running much faster too. But still I couldn’t access int. SD from the phone. The phone could see there is an int. SD though but it was market as “unknown”. So now Im back to GB again, haha. Someone have a clue on how to fix this? πŸ™‚ or do I have wait for v03 release perhaps lol.

    • pablo says:

      you can use an application like root explorer or astro file manager to locate ur internal and external SD. ext SD is emmc folder.

      • opiujn says:

        Hi Pablo!
        Thanks for the info, thats good to know.
        I thought I should try installing one more last time before I give up.
        And this time it worked just fine, that is so weird.
        But just happy to be on Paranoid Android now, finally πŸ™‚

  13. katt says:

    mi note is off too..:-(…heeeeelllppp….no sign of life…a solution??

    • Carlos Malanche says:

      reinstall.. 2.3.6 odin……. root and reinstall this ROM!!.. its perfecttttt

      • katt says:

        Carlos,will it work without download mod??

        • carlos says:

          Yes, today test 3 roms and this work perfect!!

          • katt says:

            guys, I think you misunderstand me…by installing this rom my note died … I don’t know what to do now??! shows no sign of life

            Carlos Malanche says:
            June 3, 2012 at 3:08 pm
            reinstall.. 2.3.6 odin……. root and reinstall this ROM!!
            but, odin work only in download mode…or…??

            • opiujn says:

              Hi katt!
              Sorry to hear about your phone. I’ve heard that some times an USB JIG can bring a phone back to life, into download mode, even if it appear to be completely dead and no sign of life at all. I’ve never tried that myself, but a JIG cost about a dollar or maybe 3 to buy. Have you tried a JIG yet? Guess you can Google and YouTube all the info you need about it. Hope it works on your phone.

              • pablo says:

                i think jigs only work for softbricked phones. if the phone is deadboot, only way is to ressurect it using jtag fortunately.

  14. Carlos Malanche says:

    Yes.. Its perfect!…..but dont app’s for Use the s pen ???


  15. Martin says:

    Installed! Works fine. Two issues for now: contacts pictures is scaled up look bad(can is be fixed?) battery time; well check youre selfe..

    • opiujn says:

      I agree.. Contact pics looks like pixel monsters during phone calls, not in the contact list though. I’ve not found a solution yet to make it better. Please let me know if you do πŸ™‚

  16. Daniele says:

    hi guys…does anybody tried the “v.1.1 finale”?
    i want to flash that, but since i’m on ics (official german release) and franco kernel, i really don’t know where to start…wipe? downgrade???
    please help!
    thank you all!

    • carlos says:

      Downgrade and reinstall

      • Daniele says:

        you mean flashing the new rom via mobile odin??? and what about the kernel????

        • pablo says:

          once u downgrade, reinstall abbyskernel…then install…. i downgrade once back to GB and got it unrooted again, used abbyss to install CWM and Superuser and rooted. then installed this ROM.

  17. opiujn says:

    Have now installed Thor kernel 0.9:
    CPU range: 25-1704 Mhz
    9 governors
    Bug with quadrant on my phone: CPU automatically scale down to 800 during test.
    2nd Core app settings can be accessed.
    SetCPU app: I use to run “screen on” gov. Performance 1600Mhz, “screen off” gov. SmartAssV2 100-300Mhz. Works fine, have not tested many other settings yet.

    For fun I tried to run Quadrant at 25Mhz, but aborted after a while, seemed like the test would never end lol πŸ˜€

  18. pablo says:

    is CM9 nightly gapps updates compatible with paranoidandroid?updates from says theres an update but for cm9 nightly.

  19. Dave H says:

    I decided to give it a go.

    Double factory reset and double wiped the caches, just in case!

    Absyss kernel
    clockwork recovery mode
    Flashed from sdcard internal

    working absolutely fine. Hopefully will last!

  20. Dave H says:

    Dave H says:
    June 5, 2012 at 2:25 am
    Very nice indeed. VERY VERY customisable. Number of icons on page (8Γ—8 grid max in portrait), margins, number of icons and which ones in the bottom bar, whether to use hard keys or soft keys or both, erm… you can even change the icon graphics and the name. Brilliant.

    All seems ok, even WMA supported with Power Amp player.

    SD CARD Mass storage working ok; read by ASTRO

    Just downloaded Gmaps, location found fine via GPS.

    What else? Seems stable also, no FCs yet

    Phone works – always a bonus!

    Am hoping i can really bed this one in and use it for a long time. These ROMS are miles better than the SAMSUNG TW nonsense. (rant – Why strip out all the lovely config options and leave the user with a one size fits all product?! – minimize customer service i guess, remove everything and there’s less to go wrong or for idiots to misconfigure – hah!)

    I think ive hit the peak here for my needs!

    Thanks Max and the Paranoid guys of course!

    Am getting mouse soon for use with this and my BT keyboard (also working fine). Hopefully that will integrate ok.

    • Michael Merten says:

      You seem to have everything sorted. Is the rom recommended?

    • Kanishka says:

      Hi Dave,
      I am also using this ROM and it’s awesome but mine does not recognize USB connector Cable is something wrong with my cable? (my cable worked fine with Rocket Rom and Kingdroid)

  21. opiujn says:

    Hi Dave!
    Saw that you are about to connect both keyboard and mouse to your phone. Are you about to connect to monitor/TV with HDMI adapter as well? Have heard about the possibilities but never tried it myself. Please keep me posted on this kb/mouse thing, if it work without bugs. πŸ™‚

  22. Dave H says:

    kb is excellent – i bought an IPAD keyboard from logitech (simply because the shops are wall to wall ipad and no android stuff available πŸ™ ), and it works fine, but the keys are mismapped. No great problem, i have put stickers on them to identify them πŸ™‚ – volume works, home button, arrows, ctrl c , ctrl v, etc all ok. Its a great bonus. Very solidly made, can touch type no problem, an absolute joy to use and the case is also a stand for the Phone. Paid 69chf here in switzerland, about 75usd.

    Mouse i ordered is V470 logitech, should be here by now. Will advise when i get it – next will be the cable you mention for the HDMI πŸ™‚ ; should work ok with the kb and mouse as the USB port is free still.

    Will probably get one, just for completism! But with the kb and mouse i should be able to ditch my laptop altogether for outside work. I am constantly working on emails, skype, whatsapp, and website for my work. Its what kicked off the whole ics rom thing for me; the copy paste with GB was hopeless… just a bad dream for me, many ICS roms later!

    • opiujn says:

      Thanks Dave, for all the detailed information!! πŸ™‚ I’m very curious myself, to see and try how kb/mouse/hdmi will work on this rom. It can for sure be very useful at home, for/at work, or just for entertaiment too sometimes. Kind of sweet to just sit back in the couch infront of the big flat screen TV/monitor, having access to laptop, stationary, and computers at work. It will be interesting to see the high-res Hybrid apps in action on HD TV too. Not to mention for example streaming Spotify music to your stereo while using phone as remote control even if in another room (can of course be done with any other rom and handset too).
      I’ve flashed almost every rom published here in but ended up in restoring my well configured GB stock rom. And I’ve never been a big fan of the other CM roms either since they’ve had some bugs with the apps and settings I like to use. But this rom, according to me and my needs, and how I want to use my phone, is so far the best rom I ever tried out!! πŸ˜€ At first, when it’s just installed, it looks ok, and cool, with the tablet mode stuff and so, like a cool rom but still nothing very special…. after a while though, after spending some hours configuring and tweaking settings/apps it become truly amazing!!! Now I doubt I ever go back to stock again . And if I discover bugs in this rom that “force” me to do so.. then phones will probably feel very boring to use, haha. Thumbs Up for ParanoidAndroid πŸ™‚ *yay*

  23. Dave H says:

    agree opiujn… the power of this thing is awesome. The note in general i mean. And these customer roms are great. It just shows how many features Google has put into the stock ICS which dev’s remove. The stock Samsung TW stuff is very limiting indeed by comparison; its like the matrix, once you know you’re changed forever πŸ˜‰

    Incidentally if you like tweaking, check out TASKER. I havent got it yet my self, but apparently it allows you to write code to do whatever you want to with your phone, eg write a script so that your phone knows when you are in work via location and will change your ringtones or silence itself automatically. Or for example if you want to turn the light on automatically at a certain time of day, or whatever, basically. I want to find a way of disabling the onscreen keyboard completely when i am connected to bluetooth keyboard. Sounds a really obvious app, but I cant seem to find ANYTHING out there. Hehe. Ah the fun of tweaking, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. if you’re a bit of a nerd like me πŸ™‚

  24. Dave H says:

    hah! found a keyboard blocker. guess i wont be needing tasker just yet.

    if ever you have this problem lookup NULL KEYBOARD. there are several options there to block the popup.
    i was looking for keyboard block, disable keyboard. Silly me for using the normal words to search. Null, springs to mind every time.

  25. opiujn says:

    NdGreat! I will try that app when time when connecting keyboard and mouse πŸ™‚ Yes, I’m running Tasker and Locale and both apps seem to work just fine on this rom. But there are so many settings and plugins for these apps and I have of course not tried all of them. I’m using many location based settings. For example you can make one or more computers at work to automatically power on when getting close to office, have to-do-lists that remind you what to do when you arrive at home, work, what to buy when you get close to grocery store and so on. Before I had my torrent app automatically started when connected to wifi so it began downloading files that are in que, and then app automatically close when not wifi connected, right now I don’t get that to work very well, but its probably just a setting to adjust.
    Yesterday and today my phone has “turned off” a few times, screen has become black and I’ve had to pull battery to make it start again. But can’t say if it is a bug in this rom or not, guess it isn’t because I haven’t heard anyone else mention this. Probably just a setting somewhere, maybe should monitor temperature since phone is overclocked lol πŸ˜€
    The great app Multi Mount SD-Card often fc on this rom, on my phone atleast, and to get it work I often have to start the app manually. Can’t be without dual mount so have to find another app or find a way to fix this.

    • Dave H says:

      Ok i got the bluetooth mouse today.

      it works mostly. right click doesnt work which is a bit of a pain. but the right click and scroll wheel work fine. also can set the pointer speed via settings in the ICS panel, which is nice

      scroll wheel button not working either. all other buttons act as the left mouse button.

      life’s never perfect πŸ™‚

      • opiujn says:

        That’s still very cool! πŸ™‚ if you long-press mouse button or doubble click, does it work the same way as when you hold your finger on screen and press for a while to get other options, or double tap the screen? Thanks for posting info on the bt mouse! Can you hold the mouse button to for example bring up a copy/paste option?

  26. salla says:

    hmmm not had ANY issues with this rom so far, but i run a very simple setup.

    music – player pro
    k9 and stock mailer depending on my mood

    these are my core apps

    and a few other bits and bobs. perhaps 15 downloaded apps in all.

    Ref the mounting; I dont know what multimounting is, but i notice some people have problems accessing int/external memory with this ROM?

    i can access both int/ext memory using ASTRO, and oddly, the external card comes up as the default location. you click UP and see emmc as a folder option, the internal mem is there

    Some of your tasker and local scripts sound great! I would need to get the software and try and think up some uses once i see the possibilities. i guess we get used to doing stuff repetively so much we dont even stop to think about it any more.

    sounds like fun though.

    Incidentally, because i read a load of nasties above about this rom, i did the cache wipes and factory rest twice before installing the zips.

    wondering if that had an effect on the stability i am experiencing.

    The only time i had serious problems with a rom was when i forgot to wipe the caches, force closing of most apps, and long pauses

    On a different matter, I would like to know if there’s any way to get hold of the touch wiz apps on the side, just Snote i miss a bit, Hated the samsung style and limiting interface, but liked the apps!

    • opiujn says:

      This rom is for sure very stable. And I can recommend it for anyone who want to replace their stock GB or ICS with something better. Now Im kind of *High on Android* lol πŸ˜€

      The issues I had with phone about screen going black seems to have been solved when I changed overclock settings a bit, so I can’t blame rom for that. And I don’t even dare to tell how many apps I’ve tried out on this device since I installed ParanoidAndroid, haha πŸ˜€ Having much less fc now in general compared to stock, but that annoying thing I can’t dual-mount/multi mount or whatever it is called seems to still remain though. Would be happy if someone can tell me how to fix it πŸ™‚ Have tried some apps from Market without success yet.. not so cool if phone can’t mount at the same time other devices does. If not often mounting phone to computer/TV/other it should not be a problem I guess, but if you do have apps that “need” access to int./ext. card its kind of annoying when phone lose that mount just because you mount it to anohter device.

      dave: I’m not an expert at all in android or cwm recovery, but I don’t think wiping twice or more times makes a difference when it comes to stability. If you wipe it once, it is wiped, unless there is a bug in cwm πŸ™‚ I’m glad to hear the rom works fine on your phone too though!! πŸ˜€

      Hmm, maybe touch wiz apps can be backed up with Titanium Backup or another backup app, and then restored to this rom? I havent tried it yet πŸ™‚

      • Dave H says:

        thanks opi. I know what you mean. a wipe should wipe and that’s it πŸ™‚ . haha.

        I know its not logical, it just gives me peace of mind πŸ™‚ – when u read some of the guys’ horror stories about bricking and suchlike. I am getting much less apprehensive about hitting the reboot device option in CWW now, however, after perhaps 12 or so flashes.

        this rom is the best, by far of all the roms have tried.

        • opiujn says:

          πŸ˜€ yes, I know what you mean. I’ve probably made 100-200 flashes, forth and back.. roms, kernels, gapps, recoveries. Some from from less trusted weblinks too. But still kind of holding my breath every time rebooting, haha. This is for sure a great rom, so good I’ve even deleted the stock rom backup I used to keep on phone and PC.

          • Dave H says:

            i said in another post just now… its an addiction; the slight fear of bricking coupled with the desire to have a “new phone” again.

            • Max says:

              It is funny I bricked my Epic 4G Touch TWICE, that’s the most brickable phone ever but never any of my other phones including my notes, knock on wood.

              • opiujn says:

                I’ve messed my note up several times lol =) and once I thought it was completely dead. But always been able to fix it with custom recovery or odin. It’s called soft bricks, isn’t? Easy to fix most often.
                One time it seemed like phone didn’t power on at all though. After half an hour of struggling I connected it to my PC, entered download mode and pushed vol-up, and it connected, but screen was black all time, even in download mode while flashing, until reboot. This Note is not easy to kill πŸ˜‰

                • santhosh says:

                  Hi Dave and Opiujn,

                  You guys look like the experts here so i just wanted to ask few questions as i am new to these things..

                  I rooted my phone and deleted few of the preinstalled apps and then unrooted it.

                  Iam on ICS 4.0.3 can i use this rom. If so can u tel me the process/steps as i dont want to get it bricked and suffer to unbrick it later

                  Like i said earlier i have deleted snote and smemo apps from my note, what if i want to install them again, how too?

                  Thank you

                  • opiujn says:

                    Hi Santhosh =)
                    Actually, I’m not an expert at all and I’m sorry to say I don’t know for sure how to fix the s-apps, not in PA atleast (I don’t use those myself). But you can easily install ParanoidAndroid on your phone from the Android version 4.0.3 you are running right now, or any other version too.

                    First make sure you have these 3 files on your int- or ext. SD: Abyss 4.2 kernel, ParanoidAndroid ROM file (v.04 is released, just Google it and download, and gapps).

                    Since you unrooted your phone you will have to root it again now.

                    Then you enter cwm recovery and:
                    1. Install Abyss 4.2 kernel.
                    2. Reboot recovery.
                    3. Backup your rom (or backup before Abyss install if you can with current cwm recovery you have)
                    4. Wipe
                    5. Install ParanoidAndroid rom
                    6. Install Gapps
                    7. Reboot phone and enjoy πŸ™‚

                    To lower the risks of bricking your device it is important you do reboot recovery (step 2) after flashing/installing Abyss 4.2 kernel, before you wipe! When you reboot recovery after “Abyss install” you will have a custom recovery that so far is considered as a “safe” recovery for wipes. If you are still on your ICS recovery/kernel after “reboot recovery”, then DON’T wipe. If that happens, try install abyss 4.2 again + reboot, and if it still doesnt work you can flash abyss it with Odin.

                    I’m running Criskelo rom myself now because hdmi does not work in PA (on my phone) and SD “dual mount” fail too often. But I truly miss the Hybrid settings from ParanoidAndroid =o|
                    Criskelo has the S-apps by the way if you need/want those πŸ™‚

                    • santhosh says:

                      Thanks Opiujn, I will try as per your suggestions and i hope i dont brick it(touch wood). i will let u know the result.

                      Thanks again.

                    • santhosh says:

                      Hi Opiujn,

                      I have rooted my phone using the method mentioned in this website ie. without computer.

                      Mine is DDLP8 and i need to install CWM recovery please tel me how to install this as i am not able to find for DDLP8.

                      Thank you

                    • opΓ¬ujn says:

                      Hi Santhosh,
                      I don’t think I can help you there. Once I Googled my version since it wasn’t listed either and found a cwm to install, but maybe that is too risky. Last times I’ve just Odin flashed Abyss 4.2 which includes cwm. But many people recommend not to flash with Odin if it can be done in other ways, also I think you will get the warning triangle after Odin flash and increase binary count. That can be reset with app or jig, I’ve done it several times with “triangle away app”, but developer of the app says it can brick your device doing so. If you choose to risk Odin flash it’s a good idea to save rom installation files and backups on your phones sd first. But before you try this method I would suggest you ask other people which is the safest way to install cwm, because I don’t think that Odin flash is. πŸ™‚

  27. Dave H. says:

    dave h = salla… sorry… bloody different browser cookie

  28. Johnson says:

    My note is dead no download mode jig doesn’t work sent for service

  29. Martin says:

    Wanna put my own alarm tones in (clock) but cannot
    fine that map. Any help please.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Martin,

      Do you mean that your own ringtone files are on your phone but you don’t know in what folder? If thats the case you can use a file explorer to search the name/parts of the name or extension. When you find the files/tones with search you can see in what folder they are located. You will probably find your missing tones easily with apps like ASTRO or ES File explorer or a music/media app. If you use the search option in a file explorer to search your SD then don’t forget to set it to search sub folders. If your tones are files on your int. or ext. SD they should still be there after installation of this rom.

      • Martin says:

        I mean the alarmtones when setting the alarm useing clock,not ringtones. I can only choose those that came with this ROM. I would like to put my own in and that map i cannot find.

        I am useing Root Explore to search / look fore hieraki.

        The ringtones the phone did find without problems on the external sd card,here i could choose my ringtones.


        • opiujn says:

          I did also mean alarmtones but I wrote ringtone by mistake, sorry. I’ve been able to set my own alarmtones in this clock app using this method:

          1. Start Clock app
          2. Go to alarms inside clock app
          3. Choose an alarm and click on alarmtone
          4. In the popup screen that automatically appear, click on ES File Explorer
          5. Search the alarmtone file and click on it once

          This method does require that ES File Explorer app is installed and that you are able to find the alarmtone file you want to use, I chose a mp3 file I have on SD. ES File Explorer has some advanced search options. πŸ™‚

          • Martin says:

            Installed es file explore did as stated but no such luck πŸ™ no pop up)

            • opiujn says:

              Oh, sorry to hear that it didn’t work.
              If you don’t find a way to set the alarmtone you used to have, then maybe you can find another nice tone in the Zedge app that can be downloaded from Market. It got about 500.000 ringtones and about 100.000 notification sounds. Those can be set as alarmtones through the Clock apps alarm after you’ve downloaded in Zedge. I tried it just a few minutes ago on this rom πŸ™‚

              • opiujn says:

                And maybe you can upload your favorite tone to Zedge, and then download it through Zedge app again to be able to set the one you had before, as alarm. But that I never tried myself though.

    • opiujn says:

      If you install ES filexplorer app on your phone it will also show as option to use in your clock app when you are about to chose a alarm tone (if you still use the clock app that was included in this rom) Click it and use search option to find your tone, then set. πŸ™‚

  30. Abdulaziz says:

    hi all
    im new about the subject of flashing roms and i just rooted my galaxy note and i have a few Q

    1- does the clockwork mod come with the LA1 coz i rooted my phone and i couldn’t find it?
    2- i want 2 install the ICS on my phone and i found out that an official ICS was released
    but the Q does the phone have Region lock ? if it doesn’t can i install it on my phone?

    this is my region

    Saudi Arabia

  31. opiujn says:

    Some hours ago I replaced Thor Kernel 0.9 with 0.11, the only difference I’ve noticed so far is that rom lag even less, some scroll lists are scrolling smoother, also Dolphin browser and standard browser scrolling a little more smooth. I don’t know much about kernel stuff, but it was a nice update on my phone, definitely worth the few minutes it took to install. πŸ™‚

  32. mohsen yavari says:

    can install windows 7 (desktop version) on galaxy note??
    If yes, how can do this?
    if No, why?

  33. Hydra says:

    Does Polaris App work with this ROM? If not is it possible to somehow fix it?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Hydra!
      I’ve installed many apps on this rom (300+), only 2 of those doesn’t work. I can try the Polaris app and see if it work or not, but when I browsed Market for Polaris I found several apps with that name. Let me know which one of those you want to use and I can try it to see if it work or not =)

  34. Dave H says:

    Since flashing this rom the first time, i got my mouse for it, but it doesnt support right or scroll wheel clicking πŸ™ – saw some vid on utube showing a nice menu popup on right click and sclick was back buttom

    So i tried the KingDroid rom AND Aokp again, also to see if the interface was better for mouse work, layout, etc. But have come back to Paranoid again. Lol.

    I did have some issues with rotation of homescreen view with paranoid AND also with the soft buttons – home being in the middle, mistype space bar annoying (moved to left, now middle button is recent apps, no where near as annoying) , but found rotation of homescreen in the apex settings, woohoo! So now am completely happy with this.

    also found a super kb AI Keyboard – but it messes up size wise and key activation wise if you change res of system on paranoid or use tablet view, so am using it stock settings and changing only the app res’s.

    FINALLY, have found a null keyboard app to stop the on screen kb appearing when i use the phys kb. Not only that… i found a neat app allowing me to configure the null keyboard for landscape and the AI Kb for portrait.

    So have finally found flexible nirvana for my note!!

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Dave! =) thanks for sharing all this info regarding bt keyboard and mouse. I haven’t tried it out on this rom yet myself. But I will. And hopefully phone will be able to mount automatically to keyboard and mouse when at work or at home with a single widget click or script shortcut.

  35. waldemar says:

    Hi, how i hide the S-Pen pointer?

  36. Kanishka says:

    Hello everyone,
    I have tried lots of ROMs but this is just awesome works great, More battery life, Faster, the style and everything is good
    but i Cannot connect USB flash, Mouse… to my note it does not recognize USB connector Cable πŸ™ πŸ™ Please Help if anyone of you found any solution for this…

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Kanishka!

      I don’t have much experience when it comes to mounting USB devices yet. But I can mount USB flash drives, which probably mean it will work on your phone too with a few settings or something. Does your USB connector cable end in a USB hub? If thats the case, have you tried another hub? Don’t get too paranoid about it πŸ˜€ .. I’m sure you’ll find a solution soon, and please let me kmow when you do. πŸ™‚

  37. stef says:

    how to jtag flash my note since jig doesnt work?

    • Max says:

      Try mobiletechvideos they do it for fifty bucks.

      • Kanishka says:

        Hi Max,
        jtag didn’t work for my Gnote now what to do? is there any way or should i simply go and buy another one?

        • Max says:

          DIDNT WORK? What do you mean, did you drop it in water?

          • Kanishka says:

            Actually i used USB jig it didn’t go to download mode then i went back to store where i bought my gnote to do the jtag for me but they said it doesn’t work. i didn’t drop it anywhere i was searching for a better rom so i was flashing a new rom everyday and i used Paranoid for a couple of days and i faced lots of problems with Paranoid so i wanted to change it to Kindroid with touch wiz after installing the rom there were problems with touchwiz it stopped responding while switching between the home screens so i wiped and re-install without touchwiz after rebooting my note says i will never start again πŸ™
            That’s all…

            • Dave H says:

              Can you be specific? Something appears on the screen which actually says “I will never start again”? Sounds alarming!

              • Kanishka says:

                ha ha ha sorry friends i mean there is nothing NO sign of life just a dead phone

                • Max says:

                  make sure your “store” has the correct jtag machine to resurrect it, second if its not jtag problem its probably something else, did u every drop it?

                  • Kanishka says:

                    I Did drop it, but a week ago and it was working fine there was no problem but as i said before after flashing kindroid 3 without touchwiz i reboot and it did not start. and it was not connected with anything I mean charger or computer i was flashing via CWM and it was charged about 70% so no problem with charge and battery also.
                    Anyway i think there maybe some hardware problem so i sent it to a repairing center to figure out where is the problem and i will let you guys know if I found the problem just for your information and thank you so much and a bundle of special thanks to Max. πŸ™‚

  38. Juwon says:

    Hello people,
    Just flashed this rom on my note so I can use the tab function, but so far I am not having a great time with it.

    I will keep this info short because trying to type on a broken keyboard and Hard as it is.

    As u can guess, the keyboard is not central and trying to type is very difficult.

    Also some of my apparently are not working.

    Amy help

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Juwon,
      Regarding the keyboard, if there is no way to make it work fine on your phone, maybe installing another keyboard will help. There are lots of keyboards to download from Market.

  39. dian says:


    “Note: You will lose S-Pen feature on this ROM.”
    What is the best rom for galaxy note, but without losing the features of s-pen?
    Paranoid’s so cool, is there an update that support s-pen feature?

    • moe says:

      S-pen features on Paranoid — that would be totally awesome! Please let us know when that happens.

      • Dave H says:

        yep , would be the best! I have been using this rom for several weeks now after swiftly trying perhaps 6 or 7 others; this is the ONE! But I yearn for the S-apps. Ahhh, can’t have everything, i guess πŸ™‚

  40. marz adam says:

    I didn’t play with s-pen functionality under Paranoid for Note 0.2 but after installing Paranoid for Note 0.3 I noticed pressure sensitivity in Papyrus App!?…

    In between 0.2 and 0.3 i had Kingdroid Installed. I’m running Paranoid 0.3 with Thor v.11

    • marz adam says:

      But you naturally loose the Samsung S-pen apps. I Don’t know if they can be installed without touchwiz.

    • moe says:

      thanks for the tip marz! just now had the chance to flash PA0.3 and installed Papyrus, and yes pressure sensitivity is there. i did find papyrus a bit unwieldy (i often end up inadvertently zooming/unzooming when part of my hand touches the screen while writing with the s-pen). regardless, i’m absolutely loving this rom, with or without the s-pen.

  41. BLKFRD says:

    I have a problem, the ringtones and notification tones aren’t working, ive tried re flashing the rom, no fix, all other sounds work fine, just not the ringtones

  42. Dave H says:

    Still going strong with this ROM. Not changed rom now for perhaps 4 weeks.

    Am hankering for a change, but not because of any need to haha! Just for the change.

    This rom is easily the best rom to date. i just wish we could have TW and the apps, with the advanced features seen here. Lol..

    may give TW based rom with the S apps, a go, then put APEX on it. I am loving the Apex launcher.

  43. Justin6489 says:

    I installed this without downgrading to GB…. I can access download mode and the CWM but thats it, wont go any further due to getting stuck on the paranoid boot screen… some quick advice?

  44. Hus Soni says:

    Hey guys Im on stock ICS rooted. In the installation guide it is told to flash this rom from gingerbread, so can anyone guide me to get back to stock GB via odin??
    Any help would be rally appreciated… thanks in advance…

  45. Husain Soni says:

    Hey guys Im on stock ICS rooted. In the installation guide it is told to flash this rom from gingerbread, so can anyone guide me to get back to stock GB via odin??
    Any help would be rally appreciated… thanks in advance…:)

    • opΓ¬ujn says:

      Hi Husain! =)
      All you have to do to install this rom is to flash the GB Abyss 4.2 kernel in recovery . Then reboot recovery to wipe and install rom + gapps.
      But if you want to flash a complete stock rom anyways via Odin for some reason, then download latest Kies to be sure you have the phone drivers on your PC. Close Kies and start Odin, pick the stock rom you have downloaded already (in PDA if only one file) and flash.

  46. Nagendra says:

    Hi MAX
    I have ONEdoubt
    currently I have official ICS of Indian version 4.0.3
    CSC: DDLP5
    I want to keep this original rom and kernel backup
    can any one help, also I heard about hard bricking how to avoid it
    I want to install this ROM please give me suggestion after rooting can I take backup of my current rom (PDA, CSC, KERNEL etc.,)

  47. sravan says:

    hi it is not exploring internal sd..i factory formated and again i rooted it but also it doesnt max

  48. sravan says:

    hiiiiiiiiii..if any faces the mass storage option missing….(……fisrt flash the above link..its cm9..and then do not reboot the phone and flash both paranoid+gapps….thats all…………..u get the mass storage option…….

    • sravan says:

      if also missing…………………………………………………………………………………………………here go to playstore and download (usb switcher)app and turn it on mass storage………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  49. HAPPY note:) says:

    thanks….. but where u get those wallpapers?:D in rom after flashing u just have stock ICS wallpapers and cyaogen wallpapers…
    this rom is lot of bugs and…..
    and s pe is not working
    and i LOVE stock rom ;*:D so i resored stock backup:P
    maybe flash kingdroid or…

    • sravan says:

      see( HAPPY note:) …….if u need all the options like smemo and spen……the best rom is rocket rom…..and cm9 and paranoid are just for fun roms..just to feel the tablet..paranoid is the best rom ….and the main problem of paranoid doesnt explores the directory of internal sdcard ,,,,,,,,,,,need to get the full options…..rocket rom is the best(my opinion)

  50. Ankit Mlahotra says:

    Hi, I’ve a Samsung Note with ICS Android 4.0.4 (Paranoid Android). I’m unable to install Google Play on my phone. I’ve tried a couple of items but it always gives an error. Can you help me with this?

  51. Anuranjan says:

    Heyy Max… hav a N7000 running PA v0.5 … am unable to open Play Store…everytime it says “Connection Timed Out” despite browser running fine … installed the gapps from the link given by you bt still no change.. plz help

    • Max says:

      That’s an issue that happens, try wiping cache and dalvik cache in CWM. If that doesn’t fix, try another ROM.

  52. Rahul says:

    i can not find “my files”
    plzzz help me…. i realy love this ROM!!!!

  53. opiujn says:

    Hi everybody =) would like to have some feedback on PA5

  54. RajaGanesh says:

    Rahul mean that..

    “My files” – there is no mass storage [no external sd card] view… same issue for me also…
    please help
    thanks in advance

    • opiujn says:

      Hi RajaGanesh and Rahul
      I had a similar problem with PA before, but I cant remember exactly how I fixed it, it was a long time ago and I think it was on v0.2 or earlier version. I could access phones int- and ext. SD from PC but not from the phone itself. I think I maybe solved it with an option in settings > storage. Check and see if you find anything there. Ive recently installed v0.5, no sd issues so far.
      There is actually an app called “My Files” that come with some roms, a file explorer app, thats why I thought Rahul meant that app =)

  55. Kanishka SAUIS says:

    there is a folder named (emc) or (emmc) i am not sure about the name since i don’t have my phone now but i know it’s something like that. Open it your files will be there. πŸ™‚

  56. SomeGuy says:

    Giving paranoid a try. Liking it so far, but the labels on my icons (on desktop) went away for some reason. How do I get them back? Secondly, is it ok to run franco kernel on the paraniod rom?

  57. opiujn says:

    Would like to have this rom or a later version of it. Does anyone know how to dual mount USB in Paranoid Android? Is there an app or setting or any other way to make it work? Thanks in advance =)

  58. Ethen says:

    @ Max…Messed up… recovred and on 2.3.6.
    what i did > was on CM10 rooted > reboot in recovery > flashed abyss in CWM > reboot in recovery > installd paranoid > installd gapps. > success > reboot > stuck on Samsung Logo. device doesnt boot up…
    Please correct me.
    Really need to try this ROM.
    Thanks Pal.

    • Max says:

      Try the same process, but add “factory reset” before “install paranoid” and add “wipe cache” before “reboot”.

  59. opiujn says:

    I really like the jelly bean version of Paranoid Android!! πŸ˜€
    Just installed it, a few hours ago, and havent done much to tweak it yet. But if I manage to make this one run faster and stable it will for sure be my daily rom. Great improvements in this version compared to last one I tried a time ago! :)))

  60. SomeGuy says:

    I flashed the 2.1 JB version of this ROM which was great but netflix doesn’t work which i need for my little girl. In that version there was option to disable the home and capacitive buttons on the phone to simply use the soft keys. I down graded to the ICS version to get netflix, but I cannot disable the home and capacitive buttons. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

  61. SomeGuy says:

    Or better yet. Does anyone know if Netflix had been fixed on the JB version of Paranoid Android?

  62. rahmat says:

    after install to this android my wifi have problem,cannot plz..

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