MidNote ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best ICS ROM]

Looking for a really stable and flawless ICS ROM for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000? Well, try the MidNote ICS ROM, this one features leaked ICS 4.0.3 base from Chinese Galaxy Note plus many enhancements. Honestly, I was having a bit trouble with RoMow ICS I posted last week but MidNote ICS ROM seems to be much better with no funky keyboard bugs that I was getting.

Everything works well and seems to be purring, definitely and highly recommended ICS ROM. This maybe be one of the best ICS ROMs available right now for Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

Try it and let me know what you think!

Download ROM:

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Download MidNote ICS ROM

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Download Abyss Kernel

Download GoogleApps

Installation Video Tutorial:

You MUST install it in the following way (a bit different from regular ROMs) otherwise you will end up in a bootloop.

Credits – XDA

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47 Responses to MidNote ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Best ICS ROM]

  1. IbAKing says:

    can you give me a link that download galaxy note driver for my PC? i can’t install it, even plug and unplug the USB cable. CDC Serial and SAMSUNG_Android are not install.
    Last question, if i ignore the CDC Serial and SAMSUNG_Android not installed can i still root my Galaxy Note?

  2. Damien says:

    Fuzzy formulating gets yo nowhare m8

  3. deiby says:

    la camara no funciona
    the camera no work

  4. taufufa says:

    the camera is working… just toggle between video and camera for the first time and after that it’s work like normal.

    I have test this ROM it’s very smooth even though at 1.2Ghz. I hope there will be a review about ICS Rocket ROM 1.5 too 🙂

    • deiby says:

      ya encontré el problema dura mucho para montar la sd(sd-interna) y si no hay sd para no funciona la cámara la . también

  5. Rohit says:

    How do I get back to CWM?

  6. aldia says:


    I cant mount my USB mass storage? Any idea?


    • Phil says:

      Got the same problem. Sometimes, you can mount and sometimes you just can’t mount at all. Don’t whether this is a hardware problem or software problem.

  7. Saj says:

    Rooted with this ROM and after my corporate email security encrypted the device, the device reboots.
    Upon reboot I am presented with a Chinese screen which asks me to enter my password to decrypt the device.
    However there is no way to enter the password – no on screen keyboard and i tried all buttons but the keyboard does not show up.
    Any ideas or will encryption not work with this ROM

  8. Chirag Baid says:

    This rom is. Super Fab.
    I am just loving it..
    The face detection feature so very cool
    Hats off to the programmer..


  9. Rohit says:

    Any ideas on how to transfer files to and from a mac? the device does not show up on my mac.

  10. Michael Merten says:

    I noticed a yellow triangle on your note. That should mean you flashed with Odin PC in order to keep root. Is this true? If yes you didn’t explain this in the tutorial.

  11. Bibiboy says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Got installed Midonte and everything works fine except my Data Mobile (3G, 3G+…). I create my new APN and all of settings but no sucess.

    Anyone has the same king of problem ?

    Thanks for your replies…

  12. Mygalaxynoteisrooted says:

    Ive tried a few roms now darky, rocket and now midnote and im enjoying this one the best. Very smooth, no issues that i have noticed yet everything is 100% functional.

    I did notice however my market does not display any apps under my account. Cant see purchased apps, downloaded apps, nothing just a blank screen when i go to “my apps”. I did try market doctor on titanium backup but it did not solve the issue.

  13. suliman says:

    Thanks for this rom it’s smooth it’s work fine for me with
    kernel 3.0.15 but i search for some rom to give me a full functions
    of ics like dialer and lanchuer and lock screen like google nexus

    And also no support for arabic languages for keyboard

  14. kikorb says:

    Try AOKP rom for galaxy note

    • suliman says:

      Thanks but i already use it now 😀 it`s great rom but with some major bugs so i still search for stable ics rom

  15. chirag says:

    is anyone of u guys facing network problem in 3g and also in turning on/off WiFi…??

  16. mrlongshen says:

    halow sir, i want to ask something, why i cant send MMS to my frend ? is that a Major bugs of this ROM?

  17. me says:

    hi i want to install this rom,
    but where can i find the file’s i need to install the rom.

    i have download the rom, but not the other 3 files, where you talking about in the video.


  18. Prime says:

    Is this normal? I only got 1.2Ghz of CPU…
    Can anyone tell me about this???

  19. Ray says:

    Everything works fine but if I save my contacts with the + prefix, when the caller calls me… I will not see name of the contacts I saved. Will reflect the mobile number.if I save delete away the + prefix.then.the caller name will appear. Anyway to fix it?

    • leo says:

      i have the same the problem :Everything works fine but if I save my contacts with the + prefix, when the caller calls me… I will not see name of the contacts I saved. Will reflect the mobile number.if I save delete away the + prefix.then.the caller name will appear. Anyway to fix it?

  20. mikey says:

    Hi, i flashed this rom but i want to go back to checkrom 2.3.6 but it isnt possible to flash any other rom or kernel now . Tried CWM (checkrom,rocket rom)and Odin. It seems like it is locked or something else.
    In CWM i get stuck at “Formatting/ system & /cache”
    With Odin i get “write failed” Message if i try to flash a different kernel.

  21. Will says:

    The new message noise isnt working, not sure about incoming call noise. Im definitely not on silent mode. Tried to reinstall, alas the same thing happened.

    Any ideas? any other ROMs to try?

  22. geekinwhite says:

    Does location work? I’m using Criskelo ROM and even when I switch on my GPS, I can’t get it work so I totally can’t use such apps like Foursquare.

  23. samrazor says:

    this is a really good rom the only problem is vibration for notifications doesnt work
    i hop they fix it

  24. fazd says:

    How to get back ap news and weather widget?
    Cant restore with titanum backup

  25. gowsa says:

    i’m already use this ROM this ROM really good and i love it…
    BUT, 1.5 month have effect on my note hank and i wipe again now my note just show samsung icon
    what can i do?
    i already instal other rom and no change
    sorry bad english

  26. ishu says:

    My note switchs off on its own after installing this rom

  27. psyphen says:

    My only issue so far has been no keyboard to unlock phone on startup after encryption. Any workaround for this or is encryption broken on this rom?

  28. Spencer says:

    Does S Pen work with root and roms?

  29. Andres says:

    I have one month installed this rom but sometimes in a day it has a “sleep dead” or it’s frozzen and I have to reboot to work normally again. This rom don’t work for me very well…. Anybody have the same problem????

  30. Andre says:

    I installed this room and I loved it. The Only problem is that my sytem reboot one time every day. Any sollution for this?? Thank You

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