KingDroid ICS ROM v7 for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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Many of you requested for the latest version of KingDroid ICS v7 to be posted here on so here it is! The new version comes with a TON of options and AROMA graphic installer during installation. I won’t go into details other than that this is one of the best ROMs you can install on your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000. Also, I really like Criskelo and Rocket ROM.

Let me know what you think of the new version!


Download KingDroid ICS ROM v7

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Credits – NoteMania, XDA

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95 Responses to KingDroid ICS ROM v7 for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. kenneth says:

    What happen with the screem is just a opcion that show you when the cpu runs is nothing bad you can take it off

  2. kenneth says:

    The action is call “show CPU usage” is under developer options

  3. kenneth says:

    Actually you can see when max acidentally press is is really fast!!!!

  4. HuffyFuffy says:

    hey max there is nothing wrong with the rom πŸ˜‰ if you have a closer look on your video you will see that when you wanted to show about phone incidently activated a feature called show screen updates under developer options.
    then the screen is blinking every time it is refreshing. if you had it turned off the flickering would have disappeared πŸ˜€ i liked this rom very much but am back on latest rocket rom which for me is still best for our note πŸ˜€
    a rocket review would be great keep up your awesome work dude πŸ˜€
    sry for not the best english i am german guy^^

  5. kenneth says:

    Sorry in not “show cpu usage” is on ” shoe screen updates”

  6. Jody says:

    Hi Max,

    My favourite ROMs are Kingdroid and Paranoid but am a huge fan of being in tablet mode, so I’m on the Paranoid rom with Apex launcher which resolves all the small font problems etc, would love to find other Roms that can support tablet mode, I tried changing DPI settings while on Kingdroid but just came up saying something like UI unsupported. I know most of you all love the s-pen etc but I’m not someone who has ever writen notes for anything in my life so obviously don’t use notes on my phone either , so for me TABLET rules.


    • Salem says:

      I love the paranoid rom, I had it for a while because it was really amazing! I’m trying other roms but i know for sure that no one will top the paranoid rom.

      • opiujn says:

        Hi Salem,
        You dont happen to know if it is possible to dual-mount USB in PA?
        PA is the only cm rom I like, but I cant dual mount yet, in the versions Ive tried.

  7. Akshay Deshkar says:

    Dude, you could easily use Kingdroid v7 in tablet mode. While installing v7 using Aroma installer, pl select the 240 DPI mod and then select Apex launcher once your phone reboots in Kingdroid. Lo and behold, you are on tablet mode in Kingdroid v7. Pl don’t forget to thank Max for all the wonderful work he is doing for geeks like us.

    • Prithvi says:

      Hey! I’m not a geek! I am a champ in basketball, also i used to be a bully until i was litirelly beaten to pulp by my dad! so im not a geek1

      • Prithvi says:

        Also where did the taskbar go . the one which drops down as we run down our finger???
        its not there in my phone once i installed this

        • opiujn says:

          That taskbar is supposed to be there, and if it isnt, then something has gone terribly wrong during install I guess. Backup your rom and important stuff and try install again.. a clean install from safe kernel with full wipe.

  8. bassim says:

    this ROM has a lot of problem the camera not working. crash all the time i’m not happy with it

  9. Tony says:

    Will this work on tmobile galaxy note?

  10. Ratz says:

    Max, great ROM, but I installed with notecore_V9 Kernell and SETCPU is locked in 14000ghz default max clock. What can I do to enable it up?

    • Ratz says:

      Any help here, pls πŸ™

      • opiujn says:

        14000GHz is a very successful overclock, can I buy your Note?! πŸ˜€

        Sorry, just kidding =) ..have you tried to reboot phone? Checked that performance governor isnt on? Also check profile settings? And minimum MHz in scaling?

        • Ratz says:

          Yeah man, almost sure that kernel Notecore v9 that comes with ROM is locket to overclock. Or not? =(

          • opiujn says:

            I have flashed so many roms and kernels I can’t remember if I tried that one or not. If it is the kernel that is the problem only then the good news are you just have to install another one =) it’s done in a minute, just go to recovery and install your favourite ics kernel, then reboot.

          • opiujn says:

            I just installed KD7 with Notecore v9 to test and see if same thing happens on my phone with SetCPU. But its not locked at 1400Mhz, it is scaling nicely from 200-1400.

            • Ratz says:

              Yeap, same here. Thanks for attention!

              • opiujn says:

                Ok, then maybe I just miss understood the problem you had. I thought you meant that your cpu was locked on 1400, that it didn’t go down to lower frequencies? But you want to overclock above 1400? =) for that you just need to install an overclock kernel. Or install “Tegrak Overclock” from Play Store, it will allow 1600 πŸ˜€

  11. Tony says:

    can you used this on tmobile galaxy note

  12. Lalaj says:

    Hy max,
    When u review a rom, can u just drag down and show us the notifications too..
    Cz im really concerning about those stuff (appearnce).
    Thanks alot

  13. Wendy says:

    I’ve installed Kingdroid v7.1 and would like to change the modem. Is it possible to run the Aroma installer again and select a different modem? If so, what is the procedure? i.e. do I need to do flash Abyss and do a full wipe or not in CWM Recovery? Thanks.

    • opiujn says:

      You can run aroma again from cwm-r without using abyss, but make sure you dont select wipe within the installer! Backup your rom and go ahead. What I dont know though is if installer will remove aps that arent selected or not, because when I did I chose exatly the same apps/mods I had before. But you will soon notice. Another way would be to find a collection of modems on internet and flash the modem file only in cwm. If you find them you dont need to go through hwole aroma installation process just to change your modem.

      • Wendy says:

        Mmm thanks for this information. I’m not too happy with the modem I selected in the Aroma installer. Sync is very slow, as is anything to do with data. I’ve downloaded the following modem zip file: from XDA Developers, as the LPT modem worked well for me when I was using KD version 3. Do I just flash this file in CWM Recovery – without first flashing Abyss?

        Thank you πŸ™‚

        • Max says:

          yes u can do that, try RocketROM v10 i like it more than kingdroid “this week”.

          • Wendy says:

            Thanks – I will go and do that now. Flashing ROMs is addictive LOL πŸ™‚

            • opiujn says:

              There are rehab centres for android flashoholics you know πŸ˜€ flash moderately or you might end up in there.

              • Wendy says:

                LOL πŸ™‚ Thanks for that! Hope you’re not speaking from experience!

                • opiujn says:

                  eehhrrmm.. … no! … I got this friend… All he does all day long is flashing roms, kernels and other weird things, he also says it’s kind of addictive.. the modems are highly addictive I’ve been told, he say he just can’t stop flashing those LOL πŸ˜€ And when he curses he speaks something about apple or apples… 4S.Me? No, I just install 1 rom/year. No risk I end up in that android rehab!! πŸ˜€

                  • Wendy says:

                    Hehe πŸ™‚ I guess there are two sides to everyone! πŸ™‚

                    • opiujn says:

                      Yes, You do know something about that already, don’t you? Good! πŸ˜€ You can now say those words thats were so hard to spell out once before: “Hi everyone! My name is Wendy, and I love flashing roms, I actually can’t stop doing it. I am so high on android!”. πŸ˜€ Welcome to the never ending flashing community.

                    • Wendy says:

                      LOL. Thanks for the warm welcome πŸ™‚ Shame there aren’t more girls on here and in the Android community generally.

                    • opiujn says:

                      I thank Max for this root and rom site!! Max is the King of Droids πŸ˜€ If I hadn’t seen Max’s site on internet I would probably still just be rooted and cursing over my old gb stock rom. Yes, I know girls who has s2/s3/note and other new phones but they don’t seem to be interested in custom roms at all. Did you find out anything about what modem it is that is working best with your note? Would be interesting to know. Before I flashed some different modems but didn’t really see much difference.

                    • Wendy says:

                      I too would have been just rooted and stuck on my stock ICS ROM without this site. I was a bit of a geek before, but as i said previously, I knew nothing about Android – just Mac and iPhone stuff really.
                      Now I can flash ROMs confidently and experiment much more than before. Still got loads to learn though πŸ™‚
                      Regarding the modems, I went over to XDA and downloaded a bunch of ICS modems and learned more about them – how they are numbered, released, updated etc. Got to say, after trying older modems and the latest release – LRK, I noticed very little difference.

  14. William says:

    Hi Max,

    Nice review again.

    I feel you have missed out on Alba Syndicate ROM, is also among the good ROMs, I am currently using and happy with is.

    Best regards


  15. Tony says:

    How much you make this site and selling your cellphone cases. And your YouTube channel?

  16. max payne says:

    hey i have a Big problem with this rom,i flashed you new RocketRom V10 before this,and now i flashed this Rom,but after flashing this i got some Strange bugs like some Apss(phone, notification bar,some menus) are missing…i think i flash it wrong,so again i flashed it but still same. so can you please tell me what is the issue?

  17. Carl says:

    Has features i use from both criskelo and rocket rom. My major gripe with this release though is that the aroma installer is in spanish and i do not speak a word of spanish. i flashed it a countless number of times before i managed to figure it out. would be great with instructions

    • Wendy says:

      Yes, the installer is a pain. I typed everything into Google translate, took a bit longer but then I understood what I was installing etc πŸ™‚

      • opiujn says:

        lol πŸ˜€ .. I have never studied or spoken Spanish, but I had no problem understanding it at all =) did not understand every single word, but could easily understand what I was installing. I speak swedish, haha

  18. saad says:

    hey i have flash Kingdroid Notemania v7.0 but my touchwiz home is not working when run it it says (UNFORTUNATELY, TOUCHWIZ HOME HAS STOPPED. ) any idea … help….

    • Rye says:

      Same problem :).

      Any recomendation or link to improve my battery life??? Opiujn…max!!!!

      thank you for not let me sleep enough (This site is addictive)

    • Wendy says:

      This happened to me when I selected 240dpi mode as well as S3 Touchwiz UX in the Aroma installer. Go back to CWM Recovery and uncheck 240dpi mode this time if you want to use Touchwiz. Hope this helps.

      • Rye says:

        Thank you. anything for my battery? πŸ™‚

        • Wendy says:

          I’m no expert here, but a good starting point would be to check which apps you have running and find out if your Note is going into deep sleep when not in use. I believe there is an app called CPU Spy in the Play Store which can help you with this πŸ™‚

    • Wendy says:

      See my post just below. Hope it helps you too πŸ™‚

  19. saad says:

    hey i have flash Kingdroid Notemania v7.0 but my touchwiz home is not working when run it it says (UNFORTUNATELY, TOUCHWIZ HOME HAS STOPPED. ) any idea … help….

    • saad says:


  20. GeoUX says:

    Running KD v7.1 without any major problems.

    1. TouchWiz and 240 dpi mod are not compatible. DO NOT select TW if you opt for the 240 dpi mod
    2. 240 dpi mod is addictive. I love its crispness and fluidity
    3. After flashing, download and flash Speedmod K3-13 kernel (of course, after flashing AbyssNote kernel). It has improved my battery life
    4. Music Player (S3) crashes when you end it from the menu
    5. Unable to change the icon grid size for the app drawer in 240 mod. It can be changed for the desktop though. I presume it is more of an Apex Launcher feature. Am using Nova Launcher and facing the same problem.
    6. S-Pen works perfectly with S-Note and S-Memo in the 240 dpi mod

    Undoubtedly, the most stable ROM even though the installer is huge.

  21. Kamlesh Joshi says:

    Dear, Max,

    I have installed this ROM and I am so much happy with it.

    But I found problem with the battery life so today I have flashed Notecore v13 STD.

    I hope for best battery life.

    I would like to go for latest version of this ROM 7.2, may be today or tomorrow it will be going to launch, please keep your eyes on it…

    Please suggest me good kernel for improving my battery life…

    Thanks… I loved your work…

  22. opiujn says:

    Hi everybody! πŸ˜€
    Can you please let me know what happens if you go to a website and then in browser: press menu button>search on page>”and start to type something in search field that appear”.
    – Does browser force close or not?
    – What rom version was used during test?
    – What browser was used during test?

    Thanks in advance.

  23. opiujn says:

    Downloading 7.2 now, hopefully updating solves the problem I used to have with web page search. =)

  24. opiujn says:

    I can’t install KingDroid v7.2, I just get stucked at the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 screen after installation and reboot. Someone know how to get the rom up and running? It would be nice to try it.

    • Wendy says:

      I’m downloading v7.2 now. Please post when you get this issue sorted, then I will install and test it too. After trying Criskelo, RocketROM, Alba etc. Kingdroid ROMs are my favourite.
      I couldn’t find the changelog for 7.2, do you know what has been updated etc?

      • opiujn says:

        I tried to install it in many ways πŸ™‚
        – different kernels and modems from installer
        – full wipe fresh install
        – upgrade from 7.1 without wipe
        – cache and dalvik wipe after installation too as a test
        – different kernels and modems after installation
        – full install with all mods and apps
        ..just didn’t get it working on my phone, so I’ll leave it for now too until I hear about a solution =)

      • opiujn says:

        I found a changelog, but since I’m not able to install I can’t confirm it:
        -Ajustados los valores de iluminacion y autobrillo para un consumo mas ajustado-Nuevos y mejorados tweaks para optimizaciones varias-Actualizado SpeedMod a k3-13-Actualizado NoteCore a v12-Ajustada para una compatibilidad total con CFk@-Β rootΒ LRG-Redenderizado de procesos 2d por gpu-Actualizado google maps-Actualizado google street-Actualizado google play-Actualizado gmail-Actualizado Adaway-ActualizadoΒ Super UserΒ IL CHANGELOG E’ IN AGGIORNAMENTO ANCHE SUL LORO SITO.
        Maybe you’ll need Google translation for this one πŸ˜‰

        • Wendy says:

          Thanks for the information. I too will leave installation until there is a solution πŸ™‚

          • opiujn says:

            Have been watching xda, many people have installed it already. I’m probably just a noob, doing something wrong πŸ˜€ lol

            • Wendy says:

              Mmm I’m probable more of a noob than you though lol. I will have a look over at XDA πŸ™‚

              • opiujn says:

                I saw that 7.3 is ready for launch already, but that it will take some days for it to be on the servers πŸ™‚ maybe the file I downloaded got damaged during dl in some way.. But I couldnt see any errors in aroma.. a few hours ago I tried it two more times. Now I’ll delete it and wait for 7.3 *yay* πŸ˜€

  25. Ankit says:

    how can i install this rom?
    i have criskelo rom on my note
    plz tell me the steps which i should follow to install this rom on my note
    thank you

    • opiujn says:

      Download the rom file and save it to SD.
      Go to recovery: 1. Backup rom 2. Install Abyss4.2 3. REBOOT recovery 4. Wipe 5. Install rom file
      And if you want to Titanium backup some of your user apps and so on, then you do that first of course =)

  26. opiujn says:

    v7.3 is very nice but on my phone browsers fc when selecting “search on page” in menu. Someone know how to fix? If not, I’ll remove this rom and try KD again when next version is released. =)

  27. Manish says:

    Hi Jay

    not sure if you remember me but I asked you a few questions when v5 of the above ROM released
    I am currently on KingDroid_ICS_NoteMania_v5.1.1_FiNAL and have downloaded v7.4 now
    Was thinking of backing up my data using titanium backup and then restoring it after flashing the above rom
    I read the steps above in the last post
    Download the rom file and save it to SD.
    Go to recovery: 1. Backup rom 2. Install Abyss4.2 3. REBOOT recovery 4. Wipe 5. Install rom file

    My question is which wipe ?

    says needed full wipe to install 7.3.0 due to changes made in build.prop and other

    please advise if there is any difference in steps
    also please have a look at this

  28. opiujn says:

    Hi Manish =)
    I saw your questions was sent to someone called Jay. But thought I better comment on the steps in the last link you asked about anyways, before you attempt that installation method yourself. If you just enter cwm recovery and wipe using (wipe data/factory reset) there is a risk you end up with an emmc hardbrick! So unless you are really sure you are on a safe kernel then flash a safe one first and REBOOT recovery before you wipe data/factory reset. There are many installation methods for rom installations, and you can try them all to see what makes the best result for you. Just make sure you are on a safe kernel before you “full wipe” xD

    • Manish says:

      actually the question was for Max and wrongly addressed him as Jay…forgot his name…
      anyways thanks for the reply

      max had explained the same to me…i am currently on CWM with kingdroid v5.1.1 so i will proceed with
      booting into CWM and flash abyss kernel and then reboot again and do full wipe and then flash kingdroid v7.4….this is the best way right with no risk of bricking my device?

  29. opiujn says:

    I can of course not say there is no risk of bricking and I cant guarantee you will not brick your phone. But we can also put it this way.. Its over a long time now considered as a very safe method, and most of the times Ive heard people telling they’ve hardbricked using this method it turned out that they forgot to reboot recovery after flashing abyss4.2. They thought they were on a safe kernel and wiped.
    A few still claim they did everything right, step by step, and bricked. In those cases I have no idea what caused the brick. I dont know how many hundreds of times Ive flashed using this method myself, and still never experienced the emmc brick on my phone so far. I think the risk of a hard brick is very very little. But its up to you to decide if its worth taking that risk or not πŸ˜€

    • opiujn says:

      @Manish: Yes I would do it by the steps you wrote.
      I would probably do a jbroid wipe too (but I dont know much about how safe that is or how much difference it does).

      • Manish says:

        Ok thanks opiujn,

        I will proceed with the steps and post back soon. I do have good experience in testing out different roms on my last phone which was a samsung galaxy spica and whatever i did to it…in the end it would still live but with this note…considering the price and people bricking their phone….was a bit skeptical so thought of asking the experts

  30. Manish says:

    i think i am screwed…the phone is stuck on the galaxy note screen after the aroma installer finished and rebooted…..i followed simple steps

    boot into recovery
    flash abyss kernel
    reboot into recovery again
    flash kingdroid and selected full wipe
    reboot and it was waiting at the logo screen

    i tried again and this time after flashing abyss kernel and booting into recovery, did wipe/factory reset and wipe dalvik.
    applied kd7.4 zip again and rebooted
    still same

    any thoughts on how to bring it back to life or go back to stock ICS ?

    • Manish says:

      never mind…i followed the guide posted here and it came back to life…such a sigh of relief

      Thanks for all our support

    • opiujn says:

      What happens if you go to recovery now, install abyss4.2, REBOOT recovery and wipe, and then restore a nandroid backup?
      You can odin flash a stock rom in download mode, but it would probably be easier to just restore your backup

    • opiujn says:

      Try installing another rom or another KD version. But remember to flash Abyss and reboot recovery again before every attempt, because as soon as rom is installed you’ll have another kernel that can be unsafe.
      Have you solved it yet?

      • Manish says:

        Yes it is solved…..thanks for your help and support
        I am kinda now getting used to it
        There are bugs in v7.4 related to no notification bar and wallpaper with 320dpi mode
        so running it for now in 240 dpi with apex launcher
        will flash again as soon as new update is available

  31. opiujn says:

    Glad to hear its working! =) since you were on Abyss while you wiped I was pretty sure you would find a way to fix it. As long as able to enter download and or recovery mode there are several things one can do to get out of a soft brick. I always have abyss 4.2 installation file, atleast one nandroid backup and a set of kernels on both my internal and external sd just in case. And updated titanium backups of userapps will save a lot of time when flashing roms. If you like Apex launcher then also try Nova if you havent already, they are very similar.

  32. carlos says:


    sorry for my bad english.

    i had a today 3 softbricks.
    but somehowe i manage to install Paranoid Android ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 on franco kernel.
    but i want abbys 4.2 kernel.

    what is the safe way to install abbys without wipe etc. on parnoid rom?

    thanks for support

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Carlos! The Abyss 4.2 kernel is a GB kernel and will not work on PA(CM) or ICS roms. You can run it on GB roms. If you are going for a rom not based on GB you just use Abyss4.2 as a part of the installation procedure, to be able to wipe without bricking. When installation is done you will be on, and use another kernel. In this case you will have to use a kernel that is compatible with cm9 or cm10 I guess (depending on what ParanoidAndroid version you have installed).
      But as soon as you need to wipe again… go back to a safe kernel temporarily, as for example Abyss4.2 =)

  33. carlos says:


    thanks for repy.

    kernel =3.0.15-franco

    rom kingdroid notemania edition v3.0

    this is what am running now.
    it is very stable and batt. go`s 2 days.

    but i want abbys kernel.

    just change kernel which steps should i take.


    • opiujn says:

      Last King Droid version I tried was v7.4 I think, and the same things goes for 3.0. They are both ICS roms and you cant use Abyss4.2 with it since that kernel is for GB roms. Maybe there are ICS Abyss kernels for ICS too that you can install if you Google it. But not 4.2.
      If you want to use a rom not based on GB you only install Abyss4.2 right before you wipe in cwm-r to ensure you don’t emmc brick. But as soon it is done you will most likely use another kernel for your rom.

    • opiujn says:

      If you run King Droid 3 and install Abyss4.2 from recovery and reboot phone you will be soft bricked I guess. If you still want to try it you can download Abyss4.2 from Max’s link and flash. But don’t forget to backup your rom in recovery (nandroid), because I’m pretty sure you will be bricked.

      To get your failure fixed I would recommend you first backup your rom an
      d then boot your phone in “safe mode” to see if the same thing happens or not. Don’t forget to backup rom first.

  34. carlos says:

    ok,i will keep it what i have but now i get contantly is stopped.

    what the fxxx is this i have made a reboot but no result.

    what can i do???


    • carlos says:

      To get your failure fixed I would recommend you first backup your rom an
      d then boot your phone in β€œsafe mode” to see if the same thing happens or not. Don’t forget to backup rom first.

      didn solved de problem.

      what els could i try???

      • opiujn says:

        Then I actually don’t know.. had the same problem before once and tried lots of stuff.. then suddenly when I booted in safe mode and rebooted again it was gone. Maybe wipe cache and wipe dalvik will work? “fix permissions” is also told to solve some fc issues. Or perhaps it can be fixed by flashing gapps? Im just guessing now and dont know if any of this will help or not

  35. carlos says:

    i will try all of them.

    where can i download gapps?

    maybe another rom.

    what do you suggest??

    and which steps to take for the installation i have now ics 4.0.3 and kernel =3.0.15-franco

    rom kingdroid notemania edition v3.0.

    Thanks for repy

    • opiujn says:

      I remember it wrong, thought that gapps was installed seperately for v3.. but its not, and then Im not sure what gapps version to download. I suggest you try a later rom version or another rom. Nandroid backup your rom, and backup your important stuff too. Then use the old “safe” Abyss4.2 method: Install abyss4.2 and REBOOT recovery, after that just wipe and install the rom you like to have. =)

  36. HairyOneMan says:

    currently I’m running KD 7.4, but during the call I can’t hear the other side. Tried the tip from the internet (attaching/removing headphones during call – it worked once, but it doesn’t work anymore).
    So my question – how can I switch to unrooted stock (slovak CSC) without triangle so I can bring it to service center? Did anybody else have problem with the “front/call speaker”? Thx for any advices.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi! I haven’t had the same problem, but if you did not solve it already you can download a stock rom and flash it with Odin. That should reset your binary count and remove the yellow triangle as well if you had it =)

  37. baris says:

    i install this rom my galaxy note it is working very well but i cant find my photo editor i thing i am not install right but this rom is very fast.

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