KingDroid ICS ROM v3.0 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [BEST ICS ROM][TouchWiz UX]

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Want the best ICS ROM running on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000? It’s been almost a month since I’ve been using KingDroid ICS ROM and in my honest opinion, this is still the best ICS ROM for your GT-N7000 after trying many other ROMs.

The KingDroid ICS ROM version 3.0 comes with Franco kernel (the biggest change from previous versions), TouchWiz UX, Galaxy S3 apps, and a whole lot more.

The new version should be even better than ever to give you best performance and battery life so go ahead, give it a flash and let me know what you think of this ROM!


Download KingDroid ICS ROM

Download TouchWiz UX/S3 Add-on

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To install, make sure you use ICS install method if coming from another ROM.

If you are on KingDroid previous version, just flash over it in CWM without wipe. If you want TouchWiz UX, flash the Add-on after.

Credits – XDA, Note Mania(in Spanish)

Previous version:


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402 Responses to KingDroid ICS ROM v3.0 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [BEST ICS ROM][TouchWiz UX]

  1. Julius Samaniego says:

    I would have to agree. For me kingdroid is a head above other ROMs at the moment, but to each their own.

    Just a question, my s voice seems to be the only sore spot in that it doesn’t start up. When clicked it stalls to load anything and ends up just force closing. Any one have any ideas?

    I remember reading somewhere that, due to size, a choice has to be made either between keeping the s3 notification sounds and a working s voice. Not sure if that holds any truth though..

    • Benlad says:

      I’ve just changed to the Kingdroid 3.0 and am using Kernel version 3.0.15 – Franco.Kernel. Have to say I’m very impressed as the whole user interface looks and performs quicker. Battery usage is back to something like the performance when running Gingerbread. The email facility when connecting to Exchange is a lot smoother as well. All in all really please I moved over. Only issue is that I can’t seem to connect with Kies now. Not sure if anybody knows of work arounds.

      • nikhil says:

        hw much is the battery working….?
        Because i use to get one and half days back up and nw on kingdroid i get only 8-9 hrs before it drains out….is there any way to increase the back up….

        • opรฌujn says:

          Hi nikhil! ๐Ÿ™‚
          I’ve noticed that there are like battery debates in almost every rom forum, some have long battery time, and some have their batteries drained very fast and I guess it pretty much depend on individual settings and device usage. A good idea could be to monitor the cpu usage and the battery usage over a time to see what it is that is draining your battery, and calibrate the battery. Also check if your device enter deep sleep. Then you hopefully find a way to tweak the things that consumes your battery.

          • nikhil says:

            thanx buddy…i guess its because of the display but even after reduc8ng d brightness to 10 its nt helping…lets see what else can be done….

            • opรฌujn says:

              =) for me it’s definitely the display that drain my phones battery. I use it alot and at full brightness, so I have never even spent much time trying to tweak the power/battery options. Whenever I look at battery usage my display has consumed about 70-85% lol. Instead of lowering brightness or trying to power save I carry around a 2500mA external usb battery pack in my pocket, for emergencies, haha

              • Nikhil says:

                i am on kingdroid 3.0. Can you give me step wise instruction of how to revert back to stock rom. i was on ics4.03. now i am on franco kernel and xxlpt baseband

                • Max says:

                  Did you make a backup of your stock ROM? If you did just restore, otherwise, unroot, everything here you can check first:

                  • nikhil says:

                    it just worked well…thanx a ton dude cos i dint knew it was so simple…now just one more issue…earlier my ram use to be occupied around 330-360mb but nw its occupied about 480-600 due to wich it lags…i tried to clear d ram and also used task killer but no results.
                    Also i am using spb shell cracked…but even after blocking and freexing d mkt using droid wall and titanium it stops.

                  • Nikhil says:

                    hey need urgent help.
                    i was rooted using su busybox and now i tried to unroot.
                    i went into cwm recovery and applied install from sd card and then installed the uninstall file of su succeded.then i did wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache then wipe/factory reset and then reboot.
                    the phone is not starting.its stuck on samsung galaxy note gt 7000 screen.
                    neither it is going in recovery shows the android sign.
                    please help in starting my phone. very tensed.

                  • Tony says:

                    I really wanna give kingdroid v3.0 a try from GB 2.3.6 (fully rooted)

                    can you tell me how to get to kindroind v3.0 directly from my current state?

                    I want to overclock cpu so i can play intensive hd games like batman or the amazing spiderman as well as the king of the fighters

                    Please help me do i have to upgrade to Official ICS then use abyss kernel
                    or i can flash from my current 2.3.6 directly to the kernel provided inside the 3.0 package and after that i install the rom ?

                    • opiujn says:

                      Hi Tony,
                      First carefully read and watch video about emmc brick. put abyss4.2 + rom file on your sd (there is a KD v5 and v6 too if you google it).
                      Install abyss4.2 from cwm-r and REBOOT cwm-r. Then wipe and install rom. =) I’ve not really done much overclocking in KD but maybe someone else can recommend a good kernel for that.

                    • opiujn says:

                      And don’t forget to backup your rom in cwm-r first, thats always a good thing to do just in case something unexpected happens or if you want to back to your previous rom. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Max says:

    Have you tried the RocketRom v5? Because I found it a lot smoother thant the Kingdroid.

  3. Gaurav says:

    hi Max..
    So m using kingdroid v 2.0 from last two weeks or so..
    Its good to have s3 features and tw 5.0
    But it lags a lot..
    Many a times the phone hangs to such extent that restarting it is the only option available
    Good to see v 3.0 out..
    But.. Now have already heard a lot about hard brick if we use cwm..
    With the help of a app released by xda to detect the risk of hard bricking the device i found that my note does have the same risk..
    So shld i go back to stock? Or go ahead with 3.0?

    • dave says:

      what is the app that detect the risk of hard brick on note

      many thanks

      concerned note owner

    • ace says:

      same experience here with v2. even touchwiz occasionally crashes ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Kanishka says:

      I agree Gaurav it gets stuck all the time both versions 1.6 and 2.0 so i just used it for two days

    • prashant says:

      hi gaurav,

      i am planning to buy galaxy note n7000 in this week. i intend to upgrade it to ICS 4 (kingdroid), but i am absolutely non technical person. can u please guide me on the process step by step? also let me know is it worth to upgrade? will it still run all the applications like S-Pen, Camera, Videos smoothly?

  4. Hi,i am member of kingdroir team,one question,why put the credits to xda?,no way,the credits are to kingdroid team or

    • Max says:

      Cool! Great ROM you guys are building, I am loving it! Sorry if I didn’t post to your site directly I usually link to XDA plus there’s no link to your website on XDA either so that is why. But I did update the credits to!

    • Miroku Asakura (@MirokuAsakura) says:

      xD hello question, how do i install CWM from your kingdroid room 2.0 =( i want to update but my phone does not have CWM

      xD hola pregunta ocmo instalo CWM desde su room kingdroid 2.0 =( quiero actualizar pero mi telefono no tiene CWM

    • Nazeer says:

      great ROM,
      can you please embed the Arabic keyboard within Kingdroid please!

  5. dr.taly says:

    sorry y donยดt see the link .. i see only the credits – xda —

    • Max says:

      Click on XDA and you’ll find all what you need on that page!

      • Johnny says:

        Bro how to dual boot galaxy note?

        • opiujn says:

          Hey Johnny =) I’ve been waiting a long time for dual boot too. And once in awhile I Google it to see if someone found a solution. Heard it’s tricky with the note because of it’s file system, but if you find something, then please let me know. I really want dual boot on my N7000 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Fernando says:

        Hey Max, I was wondering if you could tell me how to flash rocket rom over kingdroid… I would really appreciate it thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Fernando says:

        Max can you please teach me to flash rocket rom over kingdroid… I want to try that one too if you could give me the steps or something thanks

        • joe says:

          i’m using rocket rom gb. i’m fully rooted no problem. ive been trying to update it to rocket rom ics v7 and rocket rom ics v5 but always ending up losing the root.. you could stay on kingdroid. rocket rom for now have problems of retaining root.

          • Fernando says:

            Thanks for the info. Appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

          • normano says:

            I flashed mine to kd v5 without loosing root… Tried to install superusr from play store try if it still working

            • Carlo says:


              could you give me the download link for kd v5. Do you notice any lags or fc.
              KDv2 was fine on my note, I have a lot of problems with v3


                • opiujn says:

                  Thanks, I didnt know there was a new version released, now Im downloding it ๐Ÿ™‚
                  Have you upgraded from aother version of KD and tried install without wipe, or did you do a fresh clean install with this one? I read the changelog and it seems interesting

                • opiujn says:

                  Thanks, I didnt know there was a new version released, now Im downloding itย Have you upgraded from aother version of KD and tried install without wipe, or did you do a fresh clean install with this one? I read the changelog and it seems interesting

                  • draco says:

                    Man, this is d best thing that has happened to my fone. Plus its so damn smooth. !
                    Amazing. !

                    • opiujn says:

                      Hi draco! Glad to see it worked out just fine ๐Ÿ™‚ yes, KingDroid 5 is pretty much like a stock rom, but very smooth and nice in comparison for sure. If you are not a big fan of TW, then install Nova Launcher ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • normano says:

                    I always wipe it just to be sure, and after that restore with titanium backup

            • termize says:


              how u get back root access after flash kd5

              • normano says:

                I dont know how to answer your question, because i never lost my root acess… It always there after every flash with any rom

              • opiujn says:

                Hi termize!
                When you have installed KD5 you will not loose root. Just install and you are still rooted =) Or do you mean something has gone terribly wrong with your installation and you lost root? (that has never happened to me but there are several methods to root n7000) =)

                • termize says:

                  Thank you very much
                  Now my phone running on KD5 with rooted. Very nice interface i can say, going to test KD6, downloading .. 70% to be completed.

                  By the way is there any good rom to use?

  6. KAKA says:

    i tried kingdroing but it did lag v2.0. i tried rocketrom, it works much smoother and better. although not as pleasant as kingdroid but it is stable

  7. Rusty says:

    So I went from Gingerbread to ICS no problem. Then to Rocket Rom no problem. Now I tried King Droid Rom and I have what I hope is a soft rather than a hard brick. All I get is “Samsung” “GALAXY Note” “GT-7000” “!”
    Have you got a clear idea how to get my Note back?

    • dr.taly says:

      Flash with odin a stock rom

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Rusty,
      If you got the 3 files on your SD for installation, that are recommended to use, I would suggest you try:
      1. Enter recovery (press and hold middle+vol up+power).
      2. Install recommended Abyss kernel.
      3. Reboot recovery.
      4. Install the rom file from recovery.
      5. Install the the add-on file from recovery.
      6. Wipe data (factory reset).
      7. Wipe dalvik.
      8. Reboot. Done ๐Ÿ™‚

      Im not sure if these wipes are necessary, but this is the way I did and it work on my phone.
      If you don’t have the files on your SD then maybe its time for Odin flash or other solution.

    • ram says:

      same here ……please help…

  8. Pacho says:

    This version has lags and touchwiz of S3 doesn’t work

  9. Alife says:

    Hi Max,
    I flashed this on my N7000 after rooting the official ICS and with a wipe and everything seems fine but the notification page has a strange theme on it which I don’t really like!

    I was wondering you could tell me a way to go back to the original theme?

    Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. ino says:

    this still the best custom ics rom, i’ve tried the rocketrom, it makes my note froze!

  11. ino says:

    Hi Max,
    What overclock app you using now with your KD V3?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi ino,
      I use Tegrak overclock app for KDv3. I also run Franco Kernel r6, I didn’t try it on the r5, but perhaps it work. Or perhaps you should just try SetCPU app first. I think overclocking is available in r5 already without using Tegrak app. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. DROIDMANIAC says:

    hey Max theres a new version of Franco kernel vr6, check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ Im always high on android!!!!

    • opiujn says:

      v6 works fine with this rom. It will limit you to 1400Mhz though and only support one governor. But if you want to get the speed back, then just install Tegrak overclock app from Market ๐Ÿ™‚

    • opiujn says:

      I meant Franco Kernel r6 ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Eric says:

    Hey just wondering how do i change the lock screen so it can select either sms or unlock and also when i restart the phone i get some spanish words, and also one more question how do i get the S voice to work? like when in lock screen i say hi galaxy and it doesn’t turn on? and when i double press the home button it doesn’t have S voice?

  14. Aneesh P says:

    I looked at xda and found that ther s3 addon for kd v2 has only 95 mb and here is the link

    And ur update is same as the previos versions 134 mbโ€ฆ.So can someone tell me which is the actual addon for kingdroid v3???

  15. markimiki says:

    I was stuck at the installing/updating modem. How do I go abt it. Is this update already rooted? Thanks a million

  16. Al4ric says:


    I have problem with this rom. If I’m doing something a bit longer my phone freezes. I tried to install it over original ICS rom from Samsung and after that wiping everything and still the same. After some time screen changes colors and everything is frozen.

    Can I fix it somehow?

    • simon h says:

      hi i was wondering if any one found a fix for this problem as iflashed over ics and i sometimes get a pink/green screen and only reset will start it up again…also i get random shut offs i go to use the phone and its on the charge icon…thanks if you can assist me…

  17. Rosebell says:

    Im using KD v2.0 now to V3.0 but seem still have some problem, some time my phone stuck and restart. so heartbeat :)). hope will soon have update for this, anyway KD still the best rom ICS

  18. rajshroff says:

    Hey Max Im really really happy with the latest version of rocket rom (v4.1) but after reading your review i will try this version of Kingdriod…However i have a question does this come with Polaris Office, its actually very important to me and would be a deal breaker if it doesnt….Thanks

    • opiujn says:

      I can’t find the Polaris Office you are looking for, in this rom. But maybe you can backup your Polaris in your rocket and restore in KD? I’ve not tried it, but maybe it works? ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. GeoUX says:

    Had KD 2.0 and went back to stock ICS (downloaded from sammobile). Phone was heating up like an iPhone4S while using GPS navigation and battery life was sick. Decided to go back to KD 2.0. Did a factory wipe using CWM and got bricked. The mmc bug kicked in, I presume. Got a shiny new motherboard yesterday with stock ICS. Now I want to change to KD 2.0/3.0 but scared to do a factory reset from CWM or from any other place. What is the safest method to install Kingdroid now? I am already rooted (without the yellow triangle). Also, will it increase the Custom Binary count?

    • GeouX says:

      Hi Max

      Pls. help. Need info on will installing KG 3.0 increase binary count? I am rooted using CWM and BusyBox.


    • opiujn says:

      Hi GeoUX!

      I think this is a safe method but maybe you should wait to see what Max has to say before you do anything, just in case Im wrong.

      I would recommend:
      1. Make sure you have the recommended files on your int. or ext. SD (GB42Abyss Kernel, rom zip and Addon zip)
      2. Enter cwm recovery and flash the kernel.
      3. Reboot recovery.
      4. Install rom in recovery.
      5. Install addon in recovery.
      6. wipe
      7. reboot.
      8. Enjoy KingDroid ๐Ÿ™‚

      Its always a good idea to make a nandroid backup first, just in case

      • GeouX says:

        Thanks @opiujn. Did that and it’s working perfect. Also the the custom binary counter did not increase and the firmware in the download mode is showing Samsung Official ;-). The speed is impressive and the battery life seems to have improved.

        • opiujn says:

          Glad to hear it worked out fine ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve seen that many people think this rom lag and freeze and so on. But on my phone this is the most stable and lag free custom rom I’ve tried so far, and Ive been testing many roms. Im using ParanoidAndroid as my daily rom though because I really like the hybrid settings.. just waiting for either KD to get hybrid settings or PA to become more stable. PA is stable enough for daily use I think, just a few annoying things

          • sudheer says:

            The process that you told is same for kingdroid 4 also ..?? Which one is more stable kingdroid 4 or kingdroid 3

    • opiujn says:

      This method I mentioned above should not increase the binary count. But the binary count can be reset to 0 anytime if you increase it by odin flashing or something else. Triangle Away app can be used, or JIG

      • albert says:

        hi Opiujn, i have a rooted ics galaxy note…downloaded abysskernel…do a wipe n install kingdroid v3.0….after installing KD… rebbot…but screen stuck at Samsung galaxy Note..
        i dont thick is brick coz i can still go to CWM….pls help and guidance …..ASAP…Thanks

        • opรฌujn says:

          Hi Albert!
          Seems like you got a soft brick from some reason. It happens sometimes. If you didn’t see any errors or something during install I recommend you go to recovery now and flash Abyss 4.2 again. Then reboot recovery (it is important you reboot recovery after install of Abyss 4.2). Then try again(wipe +rom install) , but this time also do a wipe directly after rom install. When wiping after rom install, make sure you do it directly after rom install so you still are on the custom recovery that comes with Abyss 4.2 when you wipe, else you might discover a worse kind of brick. Then just reboot and hopefully KingDroid is working ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. dcdancruz says:

    Just flashed KingDroid v3. Everything’s working fine, but just wanna ask how to adjust the position of the clock in the status bar. its centered and annoying most of the time. Need some help on this one. Thanks..

    • mtorzel says:

      read xda, there is a thread called ‘kingdroid ICS NoteMania Edition V3.0+ OPTIONAL MOD S3’, unfortunately i don’t remember on with page there is a link to the mod with place your clock back on the right.

  21. William says:

    Hi Max,

    I have already installed KD V2.0 in my GN7000 what more can I get out of KD V3.0? which I may not have at the moment?

    Is there any Bug Fix?

    I see some amount of lag in my note but better than the Gingerbread.

    I don’t see all the S3 features in KD V2.0



  22. Miroku Asakura (@MirokuAsakura) says:

    i installed the version 2.0 but…xD i do not have CWM, how do i install CWM =( i want to uppdate to version 3.0 but i do not have CMW helpppp!

  23. rosebell says:

    Love kingdroid.but just confuse when go to 3.0. My note some ttime stuck and whitescreen till scare

  24. rajshroff says:

    Hey just installed this latest version of kingdriod with the s3 mod….but when i installed version 2 it came with flipboard this upgrade doesnt have it….That really sux because flipboard was really really nice….

    • GeouX says:

      If you have KingDroid v2.0 zip, just extract the zip and copy the apps from “data\app” folder and install like any other apk. Working for me.

      • Sundar says:

        when i trying installing some apps from kingdroid v3,to my stock ICS, it says not installed. any advice….

  25. Dominik ฤŒemez says:

    good job, very nice custom rom ๐Ÿ˜‰
    thanks from Slovakia

  26. alpit says:

    don’t update to v3 … it lags a lot and loads of force close issues…previous versions are better

  27. alpit says:

    hey max,
    please make a tutorial on how to remove the yellow triangle on start up.
    in urgent need!!
    thnx a ton

  28. shaun says:

    hey max, can u upload video or written instruction on how to remove/unistall touchwiz add on…. i want it completly removed, i didnt like it that much.

  29. Aneesh P says:

    Maaaax… There is a problem……..after creating nine homescreens. . Go back to the original homescreen and try to delete the other home screens….the thing is that u wont be able to. …. Atleast not in mine…..someone pleez help

  30. shaun says:

    hey max. please respond, i have installed optional touchwiz UXs3, and i found little laggy while playing games like asphalt, before adds it was super, i love this rom very much. please tell me how to remove touchwiz …its URGENT

  31. En says:

    Hi Max,
    i have my GT-N7000 running on android version 4.0.3, with the franco kernel ver5.
    Do i still have to flash the Abyss kernel before i flash the kingdroid v3 rom?
    Does this increase the binary counter?

    • GeouX says:

      It doesn’t increase the binary counter if you flash using CWM. Do not use Odin. Its safer to flash Abyss before flashing KD if you are coming from stock ICS. The stock ICS kernel (specially the ones downloaded or leaked) are known to corrupt the emmc and brick the phone. I bricked mine and had to get a new mother******board at a price.

  32. Rosebell says:

    Still waiting for the update of v 3.0, look very beautiful just problem still appear:)

  33. Vijay Kumar says:

    yea it is better than v2. But it also lags some time, like force close or self restart. Which irritates some time. Please do update.

  34. Sotero says:

    I had some problems with freezing.

  35. Vijay Kumar says:

    One more lag is there, when restart the phone, the app drawer does not show all the apps installed on phone. But after sometime all the apps gets appear. Why does it happen. And how resolve it. Please guid.

    • GeouX says:

      Look my comment below. I solved the lag problem with Nova Launcher. Much lighter and responsive than the TW4/5.

  36. Aneesh P says:

    Maxโ€ฆ There is a problemโ€ฆโ€ฆ..after creating nine homescreens. . Go back to the original homescreen and try to delete the other home screensโ€ฆ.the thing is that u wont be able to. โ€ฆ. Atleast not in mineโ€ฆ..someone pleez help

    • GeouX says:

      TouchWiz 5 problem. Chuck it and install Nova or Apex Launcher from Play Store. Both look and behave like the AOSP ICS (one that comes with the Nexus phones) an dvery customisable. If you have root then it’s still better.

  37. Aneesh P says:

    Is ther any other way to delete the homescreens without pinch zoom

  38. G says:

    All you guys that are having issues, either watch Max’s videos or go to XDA for your problems.
    Take your time and read instructions clearly, if you do this your roms will work.
    I have been running KD2.0 for the past 3 weeks and find it awesome!! Battery life is 2 days on moderate use… TW5 is smooth and have only had 3 screen freezes the whole time.

    Looking for a pure ICS rom WITH note features and ill be happy ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Awesome review MAx! keep up the good work.

    • ray says:

      yer i did it kingdroid on did how max di in his video love the work max . this rom cool love had no trouble so far ,

  39. notawiz says:

    First flash ever and im very happy with it. KD v3 works, as mentioned in one of the comments, follow the instructtions. who needs an s3 when my note looks and works just as good as the s3. waiting for the note 2 thou.

  40. Jessy Abdurrahman says:

    Kingdroid V.3 with speedmod kernel are fantastic combination.
    Much more stable than franco.

  41. imran says:

    Hi i was on ics stunner rom now flashed kd v3 no lags at all.

    My question is how to activate tab mode and dose this rom have a native tab configaration.


  42. pirisman says:

    Hi. thanks for these rom guys… you rock…
    some feedback.
    camera app is working very bad.. cant change orientation. it will crash

  43. mark says:

    Hey guys,

    What exactly do you mean by flash from KD 2? From CWM application to run flash update or to boot into CWM recovery and install zip without wipe?


    • mark says:

      Ok, update complete through CWM recovery, install from zip. The clock is fixed in the middle of the upper display?

  44. johnny eng says:

    Bro how abt auto restart issues? will restart once a day. V2.0
    Don hav this issues? Anyone experience it?

  45. geoux says:

    Hi Max

    flashed KD 3.0 with Franco 5 over KG2.1. Everything working fine except that it cannot connect to WiFi. It gets struck at Obtaining IP Address. Urgent help required. Thanks.

    • GeouX says:

      Works now. Did a full wipe and re-flashed KD 3.0. WiFi connection using Franco #5 is working but having difficulties in range. With stock ICS and GB I had good coverage till my bedroom. Now its patchy.

  46. Sundar says:

    Works fine… samsung TTS english was not available in the stock ICS rom with touchwiz , but works in this one…. the Clock in the middle of the notification area of the custom rom is so annoying. it has to be moved to the side…. please update that. unable to use Social Hub, anyway its fine. the speed is 40% better than stock ICS with touchwiz. S pen Utilities works like charm
    Where can i get the Google ICS rom with S Pen functionality?

  47. Adryan says:

    Is anyone else having issues with CWM recovery after flashing kingdroid v3.0? It removes my abyss kernel touch cmw and it installs some other version but it doesnt do anything. It wont flash zip files or anything. it will do regular wipes but it gets stuck at installing update/package. If anyone knows how to flash another cmw without using odin any help would be great.

  48. vikram says:

    I have 2 questions
    Can I simply installs new touchback directly on rooted stock I’ve ROM
    From where I can get google Ics with a pen

  49. vikram says:

    I have 2 questions
    Can I simply installs new touchback directly on rooted stock Ics ROM
    From where I can get google Ics with a s pen feature.

    • GeouX says:

      Google’s AOSP ICS does not have the S-Pen enhancements. For this, you will need to install the KingDroid ROM which includes all the S-Pen enabled apps. It also includes the new TouchWiz 5 UX. You can install Nova Launcher too which will give you the stock ICS launcher.

      • vikram says:

        thanks. i have installed Kingdroid 3.0. works fine but do hangs sometimes.
        Also how to update those roms. can we do auto update or we have to constantly check for updates in forum

  50. Dave says:

    Hi, I flashed kernel Abyss onto my Galaxy Note, then Kingdroid v3. Kingdroid doesnt appear to have the S3 addons and I cant remove Kingdroid off my device, my laptop also doesnt connect to my device, any ideas?

  51. kartik says:

    will the s-pen work in kingdroid ics v3.0 rom

    • GeouX says:

      Yes, it works perfectly fine. All the S-Pen optimised apps are also included in KD v3.0 including the new S-Note.

  52. jon252 says:

    Very nice ROM, but why can’t I silence my camera shutter anymore?

    • n3m3 says:

      True, the same thing happened to me. The app shutup!camera freezes.

      Any thoughts everyone?

    • opiujn says:

      Camera shutter sound can be silenced by manually deleting the shutter sound file in system/media/audio/ui/. But be careful with the system folder and files! Don’t forget to backup your rom before you try this ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. William says:

    Hello Max,

    Just a quick question do you recommend Speedmod Kernel after rooting my GTN7000 with Abyss Kernel?
    Have you Reviewed Speedmod Kernel?
    How do I Flash or update mt Rooted GTN7000 with KD V3.0 + Speedmod Kernel?


    Best regards


  54. eepos1027 says:

    Hello I wanted to post this question again I ran ics4.0 on my note and had compatibility issues due to h20 configurations not being available so therefore I could not use the internet or sms…. Is there a fix to this issue ? thanks in advance to all…

  55. Andre says:

    Can You help me please…..i have my note ” Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000″ only. Its stuck…
    how can i fix it…??? Please….

  56. Joachim says:

    I installes V3 from this but under Build Number it is still listed as “KingDroid ICS NoteMania Edition S3 v2.0”
    Is this correct?


  57. simon h says:

    i reverted back to ics stock after this which was a shame because it was really nice rom,the pink screen freeze was too much everytime i watched or did stuff online hopefully v4 will sort out these problems….

  58. Budi Hendra says:

    im a new user of Gnote, and now i want to try your rom, can you teach me what is the first step i must do before i use your rom?
    the condition my g-note is unroot right now, it look like fresh from the oven.

    thank you in advance

  59. Neeraj Kapoor says:

    I downloaded the files. Loaded into recovery mode. Flashed abyss kernel. After wipe i tried flashing the kingdroid rom. After 1 min it said unable to install file bad. i rebooted and my phone was stuck on the “galaxy note N7000” screen. After reading a million forums i presumed i was screwed but as i kept fidling with the phone i found a very simple play around that will get ur stock rom back. Instructions below:

    – Boot phone in recovery mode (volumeup+power+home)
    – In recovery mode choose install zip
    – Look for any previous version of Franco Kernel (5 or 6)
    – Flash the Franco kernel ( i tried Abyss and Speedmod both dont work)
    – Reboot phone and viola u should have phone in stock mode ( its like a factory reset state. everything will be required to be installed again ftom backup)

    Please let me know if this works for you

    Neeraj, Bangalore,

  60. slava says:

    I recently installed this rom, first abyss kernel and then rom it self, s3 mod and then factory reset and wipe cache everything went ok, but after 2-3 mins the phone stopped responding, screen went pink with a funny looking effect of old tvs (this was before first reboot after flashing rom if it matters). after that i rebooted the phone by pressing buttons combination for recovery boot and everything went normal. Who can explain me this reaction? The previous rom was paranoidandroid if that makes any difference

    • simon haines says:

      same thing kept happening to me mainly when i was watching tvcatchup or streaming from net it got so bad i went back to stock its a nice rom if u can cope with the screen freeze 3 or 4 times a day hope a new version will fix this…

  61. kartik says:

    how to flash that s3 optional one

  62. Danny says:

    Hi folks,
    I;m running kingdroid 3.0. was working fine, today when I turned my cell on. It got stuck in the “blue rings” that show up when you turn on the phone. It has been stuck in there for 30 minutes. Have tried several things still stuck. Any advise?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Danny!
      If you still have the abyss 4.2 kernel file on your SD and also a kernel file you know will work with KD3. Then you can try to: 1.flash abyss 2.reboot recovery 3.wipe 4.flash the kernel for KD3 5.reboot phone. But try this only if you know you have a KD3 compatible kernel to flash after wipe (I don’t remember which those are). But maybe you’ve tried this already?

  63. Ryan Tang says:

    Awesome ROM! Thanks! and one question here does it have chinese language and keyboard?

  64. gilven says:

    i just want to ask something coz before my note was rooted using abyss kernel now i update my phone manually by downloading the firmware ive update it using Odin now it was successful updated to XXLPT but i notice that i lost my can i root it again? tnx and advance

  65. welbongz says:

    it was my 1st time to root and install a custom rom on my note and i gotta say that my phone really icreased its performance. Faster,smoother and longer battery life.
    What i did was:

    Rooted my phone using method 2 (flashing a rooted kernel)
    Backed up in cwm
    Installed kingdroid rom 3.0 using cwm
    Installed touchwiz ux

    Everything were fine for 2 (actually the other 1 is bearable)
    -cannot connect to kies anymore (dont care anyway)
    -wifi disconnects on itself (quite irritating)

    Is there a way to fix that issue? I really am content with this rom except for the said issue

    • welbongz says:

      Btw im using

      N7000 from stock gb
      Used method 2 rooting because the 1st one fails…it tellls something about helions with blue flames (i forgot what it was exactly.and found that the 1st method isnt compatible with the latest gb.

      I am also worried about my kernel because i wasnt able to back it up because the 1st method was not applicable to my phone.can i flash a stock kernel again?

    • HAPPY note:) says:

      a application name is like wifi fix manager ๐Ÿ˜‰ it fixd my sensation whit same problem!!!

      • welbongz says:

        thanks dude! i’ve already changed rom to criskelo…seems alot more efficient than this for me. though kingdroid blue theme looks more simple which is good atleast for me

  66. welbongz says:

    still having wifi disconnections from time to time. anyone knows how to fix this? thanks

  67. sad note:( says:

    is s pen working????? and does it have s note s memo and s planner and other factory original apps?? like hand writing-to text

  68. J. Carvalheira says:


    Thanks for the excelent work. Been using it for two weeks and all is going well.
    Is it safe to flash Franco Kernel #r6?
    Is it safe to use CWM recovery and perform wipes on my GN7000 (X019 afected by the brickbug) with this kernels R5 and r6?

  69. Sachin says:

    KingDroid 4 is out now with loads of new features like:
    SONY BRAVIA MOD -Add settings redenderizado photos and videos sony bravia
    BEATS MOD AUDIO & XCLOUD -Add audio enhancements known system
    VOICE MOD SIP-Enables VoIP Calls
    I am trying this out in few minutes.

    Max, please do a full review of this ROM with S3 mod ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Brandon says:

    Do I need to install Franco kernal? or is it already with the ROM?

  71. ino says:

    Hi All,
    I need some help, after I flashed the Abyss Kernel and rebooting it just stuck in: Install from SDCard COmplete and there’s a number counting…never stop counting…please I need HELP!

  72. Eason says:

    Hi,max,i using office ics 4.0,i follow ur video root my galaxy note alredy,and my note baseband version:N700DXLP5,kernel version:3.0.15-Franco.kernel,buildnumber:IML74K.DXLP9ใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚can i just flsh the kingdroid ?and can u pos the way ho to root kingdroid? Thx

  73. HAPPY note:) says:

    is this right? to flash it? i’m new to note i buyed it yesterday….
    _sorry for English_
    just select install zip from internal SD card then chose the rom …. reboot system now…!

  74. aman says:

    hey mark this is aman here……i rooted my galaxy note n700 ics using yr steps and was done with it…..then i tried downloading kingdroid v3 from, then i also had clockwise recovery installed…and I have franco kkernel also installled….but i incured a problem…..the kingdroid zip file which was showing 501 mb something was downloaded and it was only 70 mb something… it ok tht it was downladed in 70mb only…..and then when i tried to install the kindroid rom it said the installation was aborted…….wat do i do to install…pls.pls.pls.pls help…….

    • opiujn says:

      Hi aman. You need the full zip file to successfully flash the rom. Download it again (I don’t know the file size, but I’m sure it’s much more than 70mb), and try one more time ๐Ÿ™‚

      • aman says:

        Thanx a ton buddy…..but how do i do it…i mean i have downloaded it this time i guess and installed it on my external sd card and nw… do i do it….this is the first time i will b doing all this …….so a bit scared if i mess it up… this is wat i knoe
        1. i will wipe the data and factory setting then….
        2. install zip from sd card and choose the zip file ….
        thts all na right ……
        and nothing else right nothing to do with formating or wiping the catche or any thing else right na?

  75. William says:

    I see you guys still struggling with KD V3.0

    Move on to CriesKelo and you will love it!

    Really The Best ICS ROM till now!!!!!


  76. Eason says:

    Hi,max,i using office ics 4.0,i follow ur video root my galaxy note alredy,and my note baseband version:N700DXLP5,kernel version:3.0.15-Franco.kernel,buildnumber:IML74K.DXLP9ใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚ใ€‚can i just flsh the kingdroid ?and one can help,pls Thx

  77. kirdy says:

    do the king droid rom work on the at&t version?

  78. RunningMan1972 says:

    I installed this ROM and it worked perfectly until I decided to go back to the stock ROM and I ended up with a hard brick. I had to get a new motherboard. I got my phone back and decided to try again. Stupid idea I bricked my phone again. I have flashed ROMs on both my galaxy S2 and galaxy note what seems to be thousands of times now but this is the only ROM I’ve ever had an issue with. It seems every time I try to flash a different rom after using KD I end up with a bricked device. My rom flashing days are over. I wish the official rom was as pleasing to the eye as the custom ROMs. It sucks you have to risk bricking your device to make to look great. Still waiting for ICS in Australia gingerbread is ugly in comparison.

    • opรฌujn says:

      Hi Runningman
      I’m sorry to hear about your bricks! I am running Criskelo, but about once a week or so I flash KingDroid to test it and tweak the rom a little, and other roms too. Can you please tell me step by step how you flashed the other rom after KD. What kernel did you install before rebooting recovery to wipe and install the other rom and got bricked?

      • RunningMan1972 says:

        I was using the Abyss Kernel. Always did a full wipe, and a delvc cache wipe.

        • opรฌujn says:

          Darn.. what a mess!! Now I don’t know if I dare installing KD again =ol I use the same method while flashing as you did. But my phone has never bricked that badly yet. I wonder what makes that brick. Were you using the 4.2 version of Abyss Kernel or any other version? And you didn’t forget to reboot recovery before wiping so you were on any ics abyss kernel or other by mistake?

          • RunningMan1972 says:

            I was using Abyss 4.2, booted into CWM and performed a full wipe and delvic cache wipe then installed criskelo rom from external sd card. Got part way through the install shutdown and bricked. Same deal with a backed up copy of the gingerbread stock rom. I’ve used this method with no problem for other roms in the past. If im doing something wrong i am open to any comments ..

            • opรฌujn says:

              Then I have no clue what makes your phone brick :(..I’ve been flashing hundreds of times the same way you do it, and some of those times from KD to other roms. A guy I know got a nasty brick once. He installed abyss 4.2 and then an ics rom. A week later he wanted to try another rom, but he thought he was still on Abyss 4.2, he didn’t know that he must install Abyss 4.2 again so he just entered recovery, wiped and installed and got bricked.
              Those times your phone got bricked, has there been no sign of life at all? Haven’t you been able to power it on and enter recovery and/or download mode?

              • RunningMan1972 says:

                Yeah the phone was completely dead no power at all. Needed a new mainboard. You may have just answered my problem however. Im now thinking maybe I thought i was still using Abyss but does kd overwrite the Abyss Kernel?. Ive never had this proplem before though.

                • opรฌujn says:

                  Yes, that’s what I thought and why I kept asking about the kernel. The Abyss 4.2 is a Gingerbread kernel that is one among some others considered as a “safe” one to wipe in. When you flash an ics rom you will get an ics kernel and some of those are dangerous in recovery mode, especially while wiping. So when you flashed KingDroid your 4.2 Abyss kernel was overwritten with an ics kernel, I don’t remember which one. But apparently that one is in the risk zone for hard brick. You can run KD without any problem on that kernel, but if you want to change rom it’s always a good thing to flash a Abyss 4.2 again before wiping, to lower risks of bricking.

                  • RunningMan1972 says:

                    thank you I know its a little late now to fix my problem but at least now I know why I had an issue.

                    • opรฌujn says:

                      Yes, sorry to hear you had to experience it the hard way by bricking your phone! ๐Ÿ™
                      But if you like to have the KingDroid rom it should not be a problem as long as you install in Abyss 4.2 again before wipe. There are no guarantees, but so far 4.2 is told to be safe. In my opinion ParanoidAndroid is the coolest rom, but Criskelo v8 the most stable and smooth.. so for the moment while waiting to see what happens when new updates for the roms appear I run Criskelo as my daily rom ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • RunningMan1972 says:

                    just 2 more questions.

                    1. always flash Abyss before flashing a new ICS ROM?

                    2. Abyss is safe to flash over any ICS ROM?


                    • RunningMan1972 says:

                      thank you again for your help. Im a bit scared to flash again but knowing me I wont be able to go with out trying it again. Custom ROMs are so much better than stock.

                      Thanks for your time.

                    • opรฌujn says:

                      1. Yes, but make sure you flash Abyss 4.2 kernel. There are other Abyss kernels that might work fine too, but I’ve always used 4.2 because it’s told to be safe and I’ve never bricked my phone while using it.

                      2. Yes, as far as I know it is safe to flash over any kernel you like. But I don’t think you can run an ics rom on abyss 4.2. I haven’t and wouldn’t even try that! ๐Ÿ™‚ you will probably just soft brick your phone if you do. Use the Abyss 4.2 kernel only while installing a new rom, before wipe. Once the new rom is installed you will have a new kernel automatically that works with that rom. If you want to replace that new kernel with another, then make sure the kernel you flash is compatible with the rom you run. But stay with Abyss during install!

  79. RunningMan1972 says:

    Fist attempt I was running KD and decided to restore to gingerbread stock ROM as i was hoping to get the official release of ICS. Resaulted in a hard brick. Second attempt was running Criskalo with no issues but it was a little laggy so flashed KD. All was ok but wanted to try Criskalo again. Resaulted in a hard brick again. Ive tried pretty much every ROM out there but it seems every time i go from KD to something else i get a brick.

  80. Akee says:

    Hey max ,
    Hv been following ur posts from abt 5 months now ….
    tried various ROMS posted on your site …..
    I never had any problem till I installed Kingdroid V 1.6 …Since then M not able to flash any roms or kernels using CWM .
    Whenever i try to flash a new rom it gets stuck in message “Flashing modem “.
    Some how i managed to update to KD 3 by flashing abyss kernel using ODIN , but now again I am unable to flash “Download TouchWiz UX/S3 Add-on” as it also gets stuck at installing update message .
    M even unable to root my KD as the file flashes perfectly , where as the “” gets stuck on “System/unmount ” message .
    I think there is some problem with my CWM . So can u help me with this issue as i dont want to flash abyss kernel using ODIN to flash ROMS as it increases my binary count and i don’t feel very safe using triangle away app every time.
    Looking forward to your reply mate ….Thanks

    • joe says:

      mine seems like that …when i flash a rom i seem that it is stuck either at update or flashing modem or sometimes flashing system. Frustrated than i waited for about 9 minutes than everything is ok now.. i just wait a little longer for the process to complete even it seems like it is stuck.. ive been flashing that way since then with no problem. (sorry for my bad english)

  81. sudheer says:

    Should i install kingdroid vs 4 or should go for kingdroid vs 3…..which one is more stable ? Why we need to install abyss kernel for installing any ics rom? I have galaxy note with stock ics rom …I got every thing except the need of abyss kernel for kingdroid 3..As many person like albert is facing trouble with it

  82. matskinner says:

    auto rotation does’t work. how to fix this?

  83. rizandamom says:

    hi Max.. I have installed this KD V3 as it is V3 in zip file.. Why i see it is KD v2.0 instead of v3.0 in the system about? I’m using franco kernel #6 and i use the franco kernel updater for sgn to set the cpu.. My sgn always restart..reboot.. Why is that happening? It really annoys me.. This KD is awesome though.

  84. Abhishek says:

    ICS 4.0.3 N7000.
    I ran Franco kernel, everything works fine except WIFI. IT simple wont aquire an IP. I havent switch ROMS yet.
    How do I replace this kernel with original preinsatlled kernal that came with the ICS update.

    Kindly advise.

  85. normano says:

    I flashed rocket room v7 from criskelo v8 without losing root.
    Both rom work well but i end up flashing again to Kingdroid V4.3
    Im staying in Kingdroid now, battery life is better than the other 2 rom.

  86. normano says:

    flashed rocket room v7 from criskelo v8 without losing root.
    Both rom work well but i end up flashing again to Kingdroid V4.3
    Im staying in Kingdroid now, battery life is better than the other 2 rom.

  87. normano says:

    I flashed rocket room v7 from criskelo v8 without losing root.
    Both rom work well but i end up flashing it again to Kingdroid V4.3
    Im staying in Kingdroid now, battery life is better than the other 2 rom.

  88. Rom Hak says:

    hi like to say i just flash this rom and its going nicely for me at the moment, its my second day now n no reboots or lag yet.
    can anyone tell me please if they having the same problames as me, after flashing this rom i got full root but when i go into super user it tells me i need to update my binery and everytime i go to update everything will be fine until it gets to the bit where its saying getting root permission or something like that but it comes up fail, everything else downloads besides that bit, if anyone got the same problames and know how to fix it, please i need help some one but i got full root its just like everything works besides super user.
    Please help some one?

  89. Manish says:


    I am currently on stock firmware N7000ODDLP4 , international version of Galaxy Note N7000.
    Earlier I had a Samsung Galaxy Spica and was quite familiar with flashing and trying new ROMs once I had the recovery installed. However, here after reading regarding eMMC brick, and seeing multiple guides on the internet to root, I am hesitant of doing anything without proper guidance.
    Can you please point me towards a proper guide/steps to root, installing CWM and then finally installing Kingdroid ROM v4.3(downloaded from XDA)

    Thanks for all the efforts you have put on the website.

      • Manish says:

        Thanks for the steps
        I was successfully able to obtain root on my note.
        But I am still on stock android recovery…Do I need to install the Franco kernel to get the CWM recovery permanently installed so that I can later install abyss kernel in order to install Kingdroid ROMs ?

        • Max says:

          You can or simply load up file again and flash abyss, reboot recovery, then install new rom.

          • Manish says:

            Hi Max, I followed your instructions and I am now stuck
            I loaded up file and then flashed abyss after which I see this…dont get the option to boot into recovery:

            ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.1.5
            — Installing: /sdcard/
            Finding update package…
            Opening update package…
            Installing update…

            Flash dell’ AbyssNote kernel 4.2

            Install from sdcard complete
            xxxx (counting number)

            There number counting start from 1 and now at 12000

            • Manish says:

              I yanked off the battery and then tried to boot into recovery and now have the CWM installed but when I apply abyss kernel and then reboot….it just stays there at counting the numbers as mentioned above…if i press the home button the counting goes away but i am still in recovery and the phone does not reboot into recovery……i read some forums which are pointing it towards a partial root…although I was able to use titanium backup, adfree and emmc brickbug check fine ….any thoughts how to proceed further now as phone is not functional…? I was thinking of flashing it back to ICS stock using Odin

  90. mousti says:

    hey , Just i need to know if this rom support the arabic language !! Thanks you guys !

  91. matthew says:

    just flashed kingdroid 4.4 very good, no lag

  92. riyaz says:

    Cant connect to kies after installing this rom ๐Ÿ™
    please help me….

  93. Fiquincy says:

    Hi Max,

    so i flash KD v3 + optional. after succesfully installed. The battery drains fast and heat up. Touchwiz 5.0 not responding, And at times my phone gets a lag and stuck then it restarted. Any ideas ? I did a wipe cache and dalvic still the same

  94. opiujn says:

    Just installed KD5, it seem to be a fantastic rom. But havent tried all the functionalities yet

  95. RunningMan1972 says:

    Got my note back today. So happy to have a decent phone again. I flashed KD3 which went perfectly but it is not very smooth any ideas on how to improve this.

  96. opiujn says:

    Hi! I’m not sure if you can tweak KD3 to be real smooth as for example KD5 or not. I guess the easiest and fastest way to get your KD real smooth is to flash KD5. You will find the rom if you Google it ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. ray says:

    i just using Kingdroid ICS v3.0…everything is ok but i have ia problem when i connect to will show update fail..can u tell me how to handle it??

  98. ray says:

    i just using Kingdroid ICS v3.0…everything is ok but i have a problem when i connect to will show update fail..can u tell me how to handle it??

    • opiujn says:

      Hi ray! Have you solved your wifi issues? If not, then maybe a fresh install of KG 5.x.x.x could help. Have been running 5.0 for a while now without any bugs or issues. Seen there are new versions released already, have downloaded some of those but not installed yet =)

  99. draco says:

    do i always have to wipe factory reset while flashig a new rom ? that kinda sucks if i must.

    • opiujn says:

      Not always, but it is most often recommended to do. For some upgrades you dont need to wipe at all. I for example went from another rom called Criskelo 7 to 8 and then 9 without wipe. And I also tried a fresh install with wipe. Why would it suck to wipe btw? Unless bricking of course =) which rom are you on now and which one do you plan to replace it with?

      • draco says:

        hey, hi. am kind of a newb here. i have just installed the franco kernel and want to flash kingdroid. but the idea factory reset and messing with my data is something to think about. could you tell me how i could back up and restore. do i use titanium or somethin else ?. can i restore all of my data after flashing this rom ?..

        • draco says:

          i am rooted with CWM btw

        • opiujn says:

          Hi! If you are new to flashing rom its a good thing to read a lot in forums about it before you flash as much as you can. It’s easy to install roms, but it’s good to be prepared and have a backup plan if it from some reason goes wrong and you brick the phone or loose data you want and so on. Here at Max’s page you can find all the info you need, reviews, installation tutorials, videos. Read about the emmc brick carefully because you don’t want that to happen. With titanium backup you can backup apps+data, but it’s not sure you can restore all of it in your new rom. You can for example use Google sync to have your contacts backed up. Backup your rom with cwm-r. When ready, then Google KingDroid 5 and save rom file on your phone, save Abyss 4.2 on your phone too. Install Abyss from cwm-r and reboot recovery (reboot recovery before wiping is important, see emmc brick)
          When in Abyss 4.2 cwm-r: wipe/factory reset, wipe dalvik, then install KD rom. =)

          • draco says:

            hey thanks for that opiujn. i do use this site a lot. i can find everthing i need about my phone here. really cool

            • opiujn says:

              Glad to help =) hope everything goes fine when and that you like KingDroid if you decide to flash it, I would recommend KingDroid v5.
              A good advice is to backup your rom before you start, and always have at least one or more backups on your phone. Also copy backups to your computer. Always have Abyss 4.2 on your SD too. Backup everything that is important to you and send a copy of it to your computer. Better to be safe than sorry lol =) one more thing I would do is to setup Odin on computer (in case you will need it) and check so it connect well with phone. If you install latest Kies on your PC you will get good phone drivers. Then you can go on and try every rom you find to see which one you like the most ๐Ÿ˜€ Just make sure you are on a safe kernel during wipe (Abyss 4.2 install + reboot recovery before wiping) .. know I mention it a lot, but that’s because it’s easy to forget and then suddenly, phone is dead, boring to send it for repair just because forgetting those two simple operations ๐Ÿ˜‰

              • draco says:

                thanks a lot for that info, man. i have abyss saved on my sd. gonna flash KD5 today :).. and i do have kies latest installed. can i back u p my rom with it. ? or how does that help here.

                • opiujn says:

                  I actually don’t know anything about Kies, I never use it. But I have it installed and by updating it you will get the phone drivers for PC. To be able to connect phone to the PC version of Odin you need drivers.
                  But I only use Odin for flashing if I from some reason can’t do it in CWM Recovery, Some times I root with Odin. But flashing with Odin will increase the binary count. Once I crashed my phone and couldn’t boot or enter cwm-r, then I connected it to Odin and flashed a kernel. I’ve used Odin to flash stock roms as well a few times. But normally I do all operations from cwm-r. So i backup rom with cwm-r. remember it just backup your “system/rom with apps”, if you have lots of photos and other stuff you might want to backup that too. Either manually transfer files to PC, or maybe Kies work, I have no idea =)

                  • draco says:

                    ok. thats great. i’ll remember that !

                  • opiujn says:

                    When everything is done and prepared, such as manually backing up personal files, is on your sd, then just go to cwm-r and make a backup of rom. Reboot phone and connect to PC. Copy the rom backup to PC so you have one backup on sd and one on PC.

                    After that you are just a few simple steps from KingDroid, make sure abyss + rom file is on sd, then:
                    1. Go to cwm-r and install Abyss.
                    2. Reboot recovery.
                    3. wipe/factory reset.
                    4. In advanced menu, wipe dalvik.
                    5. Install KingDroid rom.

  100. Nikhil says:

    hey max and opiujn need urgent help.
    i was rooted using su busybox and now i tried to unroot.
    i went into cwm recovery and applied install from sd card and then installed the uninstall file of su succeded.then i did wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache then wipe/factory reset and then reboot.
    the phone is not starting.its stuck on samsung galaxy note gt 7000 screen.
    neither it is going in recovery shows the android sign.
    please help in starting my phone. very tensed.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Nikhil! I’ve never done that unroot method myself, but have you tried to remove and insert battery again and still not able to enter cwm recovery? And can you enter download mode for Odin flash? (home+volDOWN+power)?

    • opiujn says:

      If you manage to enter cwm-r you can flash a kernel from sd that works with the rom you use, and reboot, if lucky its that easy, but it sound like it is another kind of problem you got there.. or try restore a backup you have, or install a rom. Be careful with wipe as usual, if you wipe make sure you are on a safe kernel (Abyss 4.2).
      If you still don’t manage to access cwm-r, then try get into download mode to flash Abyss 4.2 from Odin, then try access cwm-r again to restore a backup. Or maybe flash a fresh brand new stock rom from Odin and you will be unrooted.

  101. luke says:

    Hey max, followed everything to the letter, it starts installing the rom gets to installing system, then just reboots, what can I do? I have tried everything for 2 days, read 300 xda pages and no luck

    Please what have I done

  102. William says:

    Hello Guys,

    Please share your experiences with KD V5.1.1

    Any issues with Bluetooth, WiFi?
    Any Lags
    Any crashes
    Battery life?

    Thanks in advance


    • normano says:

      5.1.1 are very smooth wifi working just fine, and battery life is the reason why i keep coming back to KD rom from other. Bluethooth i haven’t tested yet as i dont have blutooth device.

  103. nikhil says:

    my screen is stuck while trying to flash a stock rom via odin.
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:19)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    please if someone can reply instantly what do i do.

    • Max says:

      Make sure you are not using a USB Hub and also just try another USB port, one of the two solutions should work.

  104. Robbe says:

    Hi Max,

    How do you install the Add-On?

  105. Robbe says:

    How do you install the add-on?

  106. opiujn says:

    Hi Nikhil! Did you manage to fix your n7000 and get the rom installed yet? Ive never been stuck in Odin so cant help there. Can you access your SDs from PC? Did you run Odin 1.85 or any other version? And the stock rom you downloaded, was it a single file to flash with Odin PDA only?

  107. termize says:

    Hi Guy,

    What is the installation step? anybody can help?

  108. termize says:


    How can i install this rom? anybody can give me the link? my phone been rooted and i want it be rooted as well by flashing kingdroid rom


  109. saad says:

    Hello i have samsung galaxy note (kernel version root@DELL140320

  110. Sheriff says:

    hello Can anybody get Kingdroid V6.0 link please.

  111. Daniel R says:

    hey max one quick do you flash the add ons? an do i have to flash the rom as well if so how is that done as well..

  112. Cristian says:

    How can i move the clock to the right or remove it?

    • Max says:

      You can probably hold down the clock and move???

    • opiujn says:

      I dont remember for sure but I think it is an optional setting in the installer (center clock theme or something like that), if you mean the small clock on the status bar

    • opiujn says:

      ..if you got a version of kd that was installed with aroma installer you can run installer again without wipe and make sure centered clock isnt selected.

  113. opiujn says:

    v6 is released =)

  114. normano says:

    Downloading Kingdroid v6.0c

  115. U’r great, thanks and agree with that last thing you say on this tutorial. How can there be stupid people that still buys iPhone? OMFG. I had iPhone 4s just for 2 days and was enough. Android for now on Note, One x and S2. Testing and playing them for my website too. Cheers mate you’r great!

  116. Zai says:

    Hi, Im currently on the V3 of KD.. How do I flash the V6 of this rom? Can I just flash over? However, when I tried doing that, I have the green android lying down with a red exclamation mark.. Am i doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance for ur help!


    • opiujn says:

      If going from v3 to v6 I would recommend wipe. Install Abyss 4.2 and REBOOT recovery, wipe and install rom file. I don’t know about that android with exclamation mark. Did you install Abyss 4.2 and reboot recovery first?

    • opiujn says:

      If you don’t install Abyss 4.2 and reboot recovery before you wipe you might end up in a nasty hard brick.

  117. :) says:

    V6 is pretty effing aswesome..just for some reason, my battery seems to drain abit quicker than the stock rom i was previously on..also the wifi played up for a few minutes..but THATS FIXED. Other than that, its pretty smooth and a rom worth sticking too (my first time flashing a rom ahihihi) THANKS ROOTGALAXYNOTE..i learnt quiteeee alot ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh and thankGOD for the comment section..otherwise my phone would’ve been longgg gone by now ..

    Have a good day everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    • n3m3 says:

      I’ve flashed KD v6, and for some reason it locked my sim, so now I cannot make phone calls. It keeps asking for the code to unlock it.

      I tried restoring my backup (v5.1), but still cannot make phone calls. I even tried a program called Galaxy S unlock, but no go.

      Does anyone know of an alternate way to unlock the sim?


  118. William says:

    Hello All,

    KD V7 is out now!!!!

  119. opiujn says:

    Hi Max! =)
    I’ve seen its now possible to dual boot N7000 as long as both roms are of the same kind (based on same kernel if I got it right? For example KingDroid + Criskelo). Have you tried this method posted by c4e on youtube yet, and/or do you know anything about risks for bricking using this method? I didnt find much information while I Googled it. It would for sure be great to dual boot the phone and wil probably try this out soon, but kind of have a feeling about this dual boot method at the same time lol ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Max says:

      Yes heard about it, just haven’t got time to try it yet but will post somethin’ soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • opiujn says:

        Thanks =) Im dual booting now already, but would be interesting to later on know more about backing up secondary rom to restore it as a primary ๐Ÿ˜€

        • normano says:

          When it can dual boot 2 diffrent os like ios or other os and android i will try ๐Ÿ™‚ a bit point less dual boot with 2 ics for me

          • opiujn says:

            Yes, if you have found your perfect ics or cm its kind of pointless to dual boot two of those (one that is perfect, and one that is not so good at all) ๐Ÿ˜€ lol. But if you like testing different roms once in a while and new/old rom versions then dual boot is kind of a very sweet thing to have. Or if your favourite daily rom has some flaws after all and you need another rom to quickly switch to, to manage to do stuff you cant on the primary rom. =)

          • opiujn says:

            I like the idea you had of dual booting Android and iOS ๐Ÿ˜€ not that Im a fan of iOS myself at all ,but still it would be fun to try. Devs are actually working on porting iOS to N7000 this very moment and have been doing so for a while, but I havent been following up the progress. One thing is sure though, Max will never post an iOS rom at, hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

          • opiujn says:

            I “dual boot” 6 roms for the moment. Most of the time I spend with this KingDroid v7, it is my favourite and daily rom so far. But sometimes I quickly dual boot to any of the other roms to test and tweak for a few minutes. Saw that KD 7.1 is released so it will soon be installed as my 7th secondary dual boot rom, for a test run. If you flash a lot of roms for testing, then dual boot will save a lot of of time, one dont need to backup and restore every time switching between roms, its very convinient to use. But if you seldom try out roms then dual boot is probably just a waste of time instead and not a good idea to use at all =)

      • n3m3 says:

        Max, do you have any quick solution for a galaxy note with a locked sim? After I flashed KingDroid 6, my phone got locked. I tried using Galaxy S Unlock, but the weird thing is that it only works when the phone is back to KingDroid 5, and even so, every time I reboot the phone I have to turn Galaxy S Unlock if I want to make and receive phone calls.

        I tried other ROMs too, but the only one that I can use my phone now is KD, and version 5 only.

        I’d appreciate any help given.

  120. Wendy says:

    I’ve installed this ROM and have been using it for a couple of days now. I really like it so far, for me it’s faster and smoother than the Criskelo, Rocket and Alba ROMS. One question though, I can no longer see the Super User # icon in my App Drawer, but the CWM icon is there. Does this mean I no longer have Root access? I would be grateful of some advice please.


    • opiujn says:

      Hi Wendy =)
      It does not necessarily mean you dont have root. Try download super user app from play store. In play store you can also find various apps for checking if you are fully rooted or not.

      • Wendy says:


        Thank you for the reply and advice. I downloaded SuperUser, but am confused as I see a circle icon on the SU app menu bar (top of the app window) which is constantly being drawn/refreshing. Any idea what this means?
        I then downloaded Root Checker, this app reports that I am fully rooted – so good news here.
        I’d appreciate why SU has the circle refreshing, I left it for a minute or so – no change. And I also thought SU would ask me for permission for SU access, this has not happened.

        • Wendy says:

          Update…SU crashed on me on opening again just now. I was taken back to the Home Screen, then TouchWiz stopped responding momentarily. Following this little episode, I thought it would be a good idea to restart my Note.
          On doing so, the SU app appears to be working fine, no refreshing circle icon either (I guess I should have restarted immediately after installation of SU).
          I have now installed Titanium Backup, that is also showing full root access too ๐Ÿ™‚

          Thank you again.

          • opiujn says:

            Glad to hear its working =) Yes, sometimes a phone start acting a little weird and just a simple reboot can solve many temporary issues. Just don’t forget to install BusyBox from Play Store, or maybe you’ve done that already.

          • opiujn says:

            What version of KingDroid did you install by the way, is it this v3? If so I would recommend you try v6 or v7 (they are more stable and smoother in my opinion). Just dont forget to flash safe if you do, always backup up your rom first and install Abyss 4.2 kernel + reboot recovery before you proceed to wipe and rom installation. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Wendy says:


              I don’t have an icon in the App Drawer for Busybox. How can I find out if it’s installed on my device please? When I originally rooted my device I followed Max’s tutorial and installed Busybox then – that was before I started flashing ROMs though ๐Ÿ™‚

              I have Kingdroid V3 including the S3 add on installed currently. I downloaded the ROM from the link in Max’s review on this site. Which version do you recommend I install, 6 or 7? Also, if I update, will I loose my S3 add on I have currently with v3?

              Many thanks for your help. It’s a steep learning curve for me at the moment – I’ve recently switched from an iPhone 4S to a Note. Got to say mainly for the openness and customisation options available with Android.

              • Wendy says:

                …also, please advise me where is best to download the Kingdroid ROM you recommend (a link).
                Will the installation be the same as for any ICS custom ROM? I have followed Max’s tutorial on installing custom ICS ROMs to date. Thank you.

              • opiujn says:

                Search for BusyBox in Play Store. The one I use is the one made by Stephen (Stericson), but there are other ones you can install too. I just ran v6 for a few days before I installed v7. Those roms are very similar and you will probably not notice a very big difference between those. But Im sure KingDroid team made some improvements when they released v7 so go for that one. Check out normanos link above, there is also a v7.1 there now I see (I will probably try it tonight or tomorrow). If you havent read Max’s section about emmc brick, then do it before you flash another rom. So many people brick because they forget to reboot recovery after installing Abyss 4.2.
                Iphone 4S is nice, but size and openess does for sure matter!! lol ๐Ÿ˜€

              • opiujn says:

                KD6 and 7 come with several s3 add-ons. Do a backup of your rom before you try another one so you can restore your rom if something goes wrong during install, or if you liked your previous rom more =)

                • Wendy says:

                  Thanks for the advice ๐Ÿ™‚
                  I’ve just got my Note nicely setup with my apps. homescreens in place etc. Is there a way I can backup this stuff to save me having to download each app again, after I have installed the new ROM?

                  Also, shall I wipe my user data and partition/dalvik cache etc in CWM Recovery?

  121. William says:

    Hi All,

    King Droid V7.0 is out!

  122. opiujn says:

    If you are happy with the rom (KD3) you are running now and have everything nicely set, then maybe you should stay with it and not flash another rom ๐Ÿ™‚ But on the other hand, as long as you successfully backup your rom you can install other roms and then go back to your well configured KD if you dont like any of the others more. I never use TouchWiz launcher and dont know if there is a good way or not to make backups for that (your homescreen, shortcuts, widgets) but maybe someone else can advice. When it come to app backup I recommend you only restore app+data with Titanium in new rom for those apps you have installed yourself, those you downloaded from Play Store and so, to get a stable rom. Some other apps will work just fine to restore too, but some might force close and cause trouble on your new rom. As long as you keep backups you can try and then restore if needed. Yes, when you have installed Abyss 4.2 and REBOOTED recovery you wipe data/factory reset, wipe dalvik and install rom file. =)

  123. Wendy says:

    Great. I will report back tomorrow when I’ve installed the ROM ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you know if 7.1 comes with the aroma installer?

  124. normano says:

    anyone know how to make AdAway works??

    • opiujn says:

      All you need to do, if nothing is wrong, is to start app and click on “download files and apply ad blocking” and reboot. It works on my v7. If that doesn’t work maybe you can replace it with AdFree from Play Stone. =)

  125. RunningMan1972Mi says:


    I’ve hard bricked my phone twice now which resulted in replacing the mainboard both times. I know now that I need to flash Abyss Kernal before installing ROMS. I want to know if Chriskelo v7 better than Kingdroid. I’m running King Droid and really happy with it except the fact that it lags to bit more than I would like. Is it worth risking another brick to install Chriskelo v7 or is it just as laggy as KingDroid ?.

  126. RunningMan1972Mi says:

    thank you for your reply. I won’t risk another brick. Kingdroid is a little laggy for me though I wonder why it runs smoth for you.

    • normano says:

      For me everytime i flash criskelo i have problem with my wifi at home i dont know why, and also baterry life not that good

    • opiujn says:

      Hi RunningMan =) where in the rom do you experience lag? In menues, launcher, browser, scroll lists?
      Im dual booting and testing KingDroid 7.1 And Criskelo 11.1 right now. Both works fine I think, they are fast and smooth, but Im not using TW launcher though.

      • normano says:

        Criskelo v11.1 any good??

        • opiujn says:

          Yes, I had no problem with installation. The rom is fast and nice, but I have not been using it long enough yet to try everything yet. No fc or problems so far ๐Ÿ™‚ It seem to be stable.

          • draco says:

            hey opiujn,
            how is the criskelo 11.2. is it anything like kd. worth a flash ?!

            • opiujn says:

              hiya draco,
              I flashed 11.1 not so long ago and it seem to be very good. Haven’t tried everything with the rom yet, but had no fc or problem at all so far. If 11.2 is out already I think you should install it and try.. I would guess its pretty much the same but with some improvements. Criskelo do good and solid roms, so just go ahead and try it ๐Ÿ™‚

              • draco says:

                Awesome. i will try it then !

                • opiujn says:

                  Rock on and let me know what you think ๐Ÿ˜‰

                  • draco says:

                    Hey,am usin criskelo. Its nice but am really used to kd’s 240 dpi settings. So i think ll go back. One think i enjoy most in criskelo and kd5 is its is the lock screen animation,how the screen goes off. Thats missing in my kd6 n 7. Do u guys have it or do u know some way to get it?

                    • opiujn says:

                      Yes, KD7.1 with 240dpi mod is my favourite rom so far among those Ive tested, that one is now my primary rom. =) KD7.1 and Criskelo are pretty similar. I dont remember the difference between the lockscreens, but there are many lockscreens to download from play store. And I guess its possible to set Criskelo and most roms to 240 and other density too, I will soon try that with Criskelo 11.1

                    • draco says:

                      Hey i was talkin of the crt off animation. I din have it with kd7 for some reason. Now after comin back 2 kd from criskelo i got it. All good now:-)

                    • opiujn says:

                      =) good to hear you got it fixed

                • Wendy says:


                  You discuss the CRT off animation. Do you mean a thin white line before the screen goes black? I have experienced this on KD 7.1, Criskelo and Rocket Rom. Is it a feature of these ROMs, or an issue/bug?


                  • draco says:

                    Yes it is a feature of these roms. If i am not wrong this animation is borrowed from the stock ics. Really love it

  127. Tony says:

    Anyone can help me with this ???
    Flashed many roms and this still happens everything else is working fine, only this partial/full root dont you think?
    no CWM app in App DRAWER

  128. =) says:

    I ain’t gonna lie, but kingdroid v7 kinda let me down. I don’t if what I did was wrong (I’ve flashed it how many times and yes, I did do it correctly), I’ve lose the notification bar and the s3 mods (the themes and crap). I’ve only installed the music player and the kingdroid last options, just not the rest. Someone have a clue as to why,? And battery life sucks. I’m running speed something and it sucks lol. Yeah creator of it is pure genius. I just may be the dumb one here =s


  129. Salih says:

    Hi max, i used all xda rooted karnels and after abyss and your rom always stuck in cwr mod did all the combinations still no use and i gave up goin for another rom

  130. normano says:

    Anyone know how to fix error procesing purchased [DF-BPA-09] When try to install app from google play store??

  131. opiujn says:

    Try to clear cache for framework and/or play store, then reboot phone.

    • normano says:

      Where do you find framework?? I did xlear goofle play store, even uninstall update still not working

      • opiujn says:

        It should be in the list of where you manage apps, but it might have another name depending on what language you use.If you happen to run swedish language app/service is called: “Ramverk fรถr tjรคnster frรฅn Google” lol ๐Ÿ˜€

      • opiujn says:

        The app size is about 1.34mb on my phone, but I dont know how much it can differ. It has an android icon as many other system apps, hope you find it =)

  132. draco says:

    Finally. kd7.2 is here. It’s been a long wait!..

    • opiujn says:

      Yes, did you manage to install 7.2? =) I didn’t

      • draco says:

        Not yet. will do soon

        • opiujn says:

          I tried several times some hours ago, tried to install it in many different ways. But just got stock at boot GT-N7000 screen after installation and reboot. If you manage to install it, will you please let me know which method you used and where you downloaded it? I checked xda and ppl has successfully installed it =) just don’t understand why I can’t get it working, hahah ๐Ÿ˜€

          • normano says:

            are you using 240 mode? if you do dont select the one under stock theme, just select the one bellow under kingdroid theme

            • opiujn says:

              Thanks for the advice =) I did install it once with 240 dpi (the way you mentioned it, and several times without. Didn’t get rom working on my phone so going back to Rocket.

              • normano says:

                Did you choose full wipe?

                • opiujn says:

                  Tried wipe from abyss and no wipe in aroma. Have tried wipe in abyss and full wipe in aroma too. Also no wipe at all while going from 7.1. One time I even tried to wipe after installtion by flashing abyss again to wipe and manually install different ics kernels too, haha. Now I’ll wait for 7.3 unstead ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • normano says:

                    how about 7.4.0 on xda? have anyone tried?

                    • opiujn says:

                      Have installed 7.3 it seem stable and good, I guess 7.4 is too. In 7.3 I had problem with browsers fc when I try to use: menu>search on page. I had the same problem with 7.1 and 7.0. Probably not a big problem for most people, but I use browser a lot and want to be able to search on a page. I’ll not use a KD rom again until I see its solved. So now I’ll download 7.4, install it and try page search, if it work I’ll try the rom, if not I’ll remove it immediately. Maybe it works this time, who knows =)

                    • opiujn says:

                      Hi again normano =) I installed it (7.4.0), tried it for just a few minutes. The few things I tested worked just fine, and it’s smooth and nice. But this version too did fc my browser as soon as I tried “search page” so I have deleted rom already.

  133. draco says:

    Ok. I that sux. I will let u know what for sure… But ll be doing it only on Monday… Wifi issue at home.

  134. draco says:

    hey, am in real trouble here. i flashed 7.3 many times and it is always stuck in the Note GT-N7000 screen always. And when i try to backup, it says backup files not found.. so i reflashed kd7.1 and its still stuck in the same screen. the worst part is am unable to backup. plz help me out

    • draco says:

      i mean, am unable to restore !. plz tell me what i should do.

      • draco says:

        ok. i’ve managed to restore. great relief ! i don know what shit happened there

        • opiujn says:

          Good to hear you manage to restore! =) I was just about to try think about possible solutions. You know there is a 7.4 out there too, don’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • draco says:

            Thank you opiujn. ll download 7.4 now. i wonder why 7.3 didn’t work.. will try this one tomorrow

            • opiujn says:

              7.3 and 7.4 worked fine for me to flash, but I had a similar problem with 7.2 and I just can’t understand why. I tried it over and over.. tried different aroma setups, wipes, kernels and so on. I kept trying since Id read in forums people had managed to install 7.2. And I didn’t notice anything unusual or error messages during install in aroma either in any of my attempts. But I never managed to get that 7.2 version up and running on my phone. 7.3 and 7.4 worked just fine at once :

              • draco says:

                Same here man. But what scared me is after flashing 7.3 d same thing happened again with 7.1.which I had successfully installed before. Anyway, I will try 7.4 n see what happens

                • draco says:

                  hi opiujn, does, rocketrom come with 240 dpi setting. ? or do they have an option to do that ?

                  • opiujn says:

                    Hi draco.. rocket rom does not come with 240dpi mod if I remeber it correctly. But on the other hand you can manually change the dpi 240 and other res too, that you can do on every rom I guess. Im running 286dpi for the moment. Remember to backup your rom before you start trying out dpi on your note. Might get some bugs and bootloops, a big risk for that while playing with dpi settings. As long as you have a backup you can always restore though ๐Ÿ˜€

                    • draco says:

                      No, i will change d resolution manually unless the rom provides its setting by default. have tried it once, lot of app crashes. its no good. 286 dpi seems ok. i think i’ll give it a try. how do you like rocketrom ?

                    • draco says:

                      i meant i will not change manuall unless the setting comes with the rom

                    • opiujn says:

                      Thats right, when you manually set dpi then apps might crash, graphic bugs too, play store can get screwed up and so on. But sometimes it works just fine. KingDroid team and ParanoidAndroid found a way to do it so if you try hard enough you’ll probably do too one day. ๐Ÿ˜€ I saw a youtube clip in which 286 among other was mentioned as a quite stable dpi to set. I don’t know why or if it’s true, but it works fine for me so I just kept using that manual setting. I like rocketrom, its very similar to KingDroid, but I would use KD instead if I found a solution to make it stop fc browser when I “search on page”

                    • draco says:

                      ok. in that case i’ll stick to kingdroid.. man, this kd7.4 link is locked.. not able to download it. might have to wait for the next version.

                    • opiujn says:

                      Yes =) new versions of KingDroid are released often so you will probably not have to wait too long. And if you from some reason need 7.4 then maybe it’s possible to still find a mirror link to it somewhere on internet.

                    • draco says:

                      thats true.. yup, am still lookin. din find any… i’ll just wait i guess

                    • draco says:

                      found it. had to make an account in

                    • opiujn says:

                      Great! Hope the new version works fine for you ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve downloaded lots of roms n stuff from wuala, but I’ve never needed to actually make an account there. But maybe I have too reg there too next time.

                  • draco says:

                    actually its not that i had to register,,.. the kd file was locked. so i found it after downloading the wuala explorer. that needed me to create an account. its like a wuala database browser, with a downloader. pretty neat

  135. OG-SWAT-RV says:

    Hi Max,
    do you update the download files?
    Or is it better to google for the latest files, from your download list ?

    • Max says:

      i only leave the version i reviewed as new versions may be different but you can always click on credits section to download latest. i find sometimes new versions arent better so that is why.

  136. Maninder Singh says:

    Awesome ROM!!But some doubts-
    Do i need to flash any kernel or will it work on stock kernel?
    Do i need to have CWM recovery installed?
    Please any link for detailed instructions.

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