KingDroid ICS ROM v2.0 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [BEST ICS ROM][TouchWiz UX]

KingDroid ICS ROM v2.0 is out now!

UPDATE: KingDroid ICS ROM v3.0 is out now!

The new version of KingDroid ICS now features more cool features like Franco kernel 3.0.15, LP5 mode, NEW init.d Tweaks, NEW Tweaks build.prop, transparent task manager widget, native call recording, and a lot more.

I think this is by far the most complete ICS ROM (with S-Pen pressure-sensitivity working fully) right now for your Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and my daily driver.

Let me know what you think of this ROM!

Rating: 4.9 out of 5.

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You must flash ROM then the Add-on to get Galaxy S3 TouchWiz UX.

For those of you on previous version, just install via CWM without wipe.

Everyone else, please follow this method.

*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow GT-7000 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.

Credits – XDA

See previous review:

See previous versions:

Version 1.6

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235 Responses to KingDroid ICS ROM v2.0 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [BEST ICS ROM][TouchWiz UX]

  1. Emad says:

    Application of S-Voice exist?

  2. Sachin says:

    Max, Looks like 2.1 is out too. See this:

    I am downloading and will try it today….. Let me know is it official form KingDroid or anything else?

  3. Lior says:

    Would you please check if in the languages of the rom you have Hebrew.

  4. real says:

    how to flash the add on?

    • DROIDMANIAC says:

      Flash the rom first, then flash the S3 add on, then reboot sistem and enjoy the best ICS rom right now πŸ™‚

      • M.A.Sheriff says:

        How to flash addon? thru 1.PC Odin,2.Mobile Odin 3.or thru CWM. Thanks.

      • M.A.Sheriff says:

        Did not see earlier post. So add on should be thru CWM. OK.(I got already kingdroid V.2, installed) But my kernel is 3.0.15 hardcore@speedmod-n7000-ics #3-3. can I go ahead and flash add on.

        • Sachin says:

          Flash the same way you flashed kingdroid rom (Through CWM). Optional s3 add-on will replace the touchwiz and will install more s3 neutral apps.

          • M.A.Sheriff says:

            Thanks. it said ‘updating kingdroid V1.6, then ‘Installing the package’. I waited 15 minutes, nothing. slightly panicked, removed the battery and put it back and power on. everything normal. I assume the S3 optional package is for Kingdroid 1.6. Kingdroid v2 contains already S3 feature. Pls clarify.

          • Is Optional S3 Mod compatible with KingDroid v1.6 ? Or its only compatible with KingDroid v2.0 ?

      • S3 Add-On Compatible with KD v1.6 ?

  5. ray says:

    so just to confirm should i be using abysskernel to flash this?

    so go through cwm….

    then flash abyss kernel….. go to advance and reboot into recovery, then flash the new king droid?

    and then repeat the above to flash the add on?


    • Sachin says:


      You can do abyss from odin too but make sure you use the appropriate kernel file for this like max suggested in earliar article. You should be good then.

  6. dave parton says:

    hi flashed king droid v2.0 will also flash s3 addon via cwm everyhing fine but hangs at installing applications pls help does this with lots of other roms. thanks very much your help would be appreciated..

    • John Wang says:

      I had this problem too! It freezed at installing modem.
      Heard it is partial brick as some memories in emmc is unusable.
      But i got it fix by downloading stock rom and unroot my device using odin.

  7. susst says:

    Max, I’m still on RocketRom its now on v3 great Rom do you honestly think the Kingdroid one is better. I’m very happy with Rocket and particularly with Nova launcher..


  8. hamdogg says:

    hmmm…. i would still say that rocketROM is better than this. Seems to have some issue with returning to home/ launcher after an app. often take 5-10 seconds, will then force close an app. I do like the stockness of the ICS, but losing ‘s-note’ function with this rom is a bummer. (s-memo still works)

    flashing back to rocket. Thanks max

    • DROIDMANIAC says:

      I tried Rocket rom v3 yesterday but its missing the S3 apps dont know why and you dont have the animations and S3 sounds like this rom.

  9. bi0hazard says:

    After using the kingdroid rom, I still think that my previous rocket ics rom is better, because it is smoother than kingdroid. However, rocket’s battery life is terrible..

    • G says:

      I have been running Kingdroid for 5 days now, no lag issues smooth as silk and am currently coming up to 2 days of battery life…awesome rom!

  10. Jsblfm says:

    I have just flashed Kingdroid v2.1

    Works perfect, just that im constantly getting FCs on the Touchwiz when ever I try to edit my background

    Any ideas to fix dis problem??

    • DROIDMANIAC says:

      Jsblfm theres a bug on v2.1 that u cant change the lockscreen background it will crash but flash v2.0 and problem resolved.

      • Jsblfm says:

        Lock screen background is working fine with me

        It just the Touchwiz FC.

        Any idea how to fix it?

        • DROIDMANIAC says:

          Man just flash v2.0 with S3 add on,its working fine, why u want an old version.

          • DROIDMANIAC says:

            Sorry my bad u flash v2.1??? Its recommended that u dont use it,have a bug that will brick your note.

            • Jsblfm says:

              I followed Kingdroid’s spanish version how to install. And it worked perfect. Iv been using it today and only issue i have is the FC on Touchwiz. Everythin else works like a charm

  11. Jsblfm says:

    Oh snap, Is V2.1 old version?? Ayt will do Tmoz THanks neways

  12. Victor Hugo says:

    Hey Max, thanks a lot for the videos, and I was wondering: I saw on the video that you have alot of white phones, and what I think it was a white galaxy s2, I’m thinking of buying one myself but was wondering if it gets “dirty” from use? You know, the black ones you can use for years, then sell it and if it’s not scratched you can even pretend it’s new… But I don’t if this can be for the white ones… Thanks a lot.

  13. AKMu says:

    Hi everyone, I just installed KingDroid V 2.0 & the S3 Add-on provided in this page, everything went smooth & it’s an amazing rom. But when I added a page to home screen (9 pages now) it crashes everytime I want to remove pages [by sliding two fingers inward together] I get the following message :
    (Unfortunately. TouchWiz Home has stopped.)

    Any ideas? thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  14. Gaurav says:

    Not getting ne s3 features on this version..

  15. M.A.Sheriff says:

    Now I got ICS 4.0.3 kernel DDLP8(stock rom from dr.ketan). I copied kingdriod 2.0 in microsd and tried to flash thru CWM. Installation failed. Pls guide.

  16. HEELP!! says:


    I had V2.1 installed working fine, and I tried installing V2.0 of this rom by

    1. abyss kernel installed den reboot to recovery

    2. 3 wipes

    3. install the rom

    and reboot.

    The display is just BLACK no respond what so ever..

    Any ideas to fix this?? (wont even go to DOwnload mode)

  17. Crockett says:

    Is it possible to also underclock the processor using this rom?

  18. mopdeep says:

    hi just installed the 2.1 n it seems good ! every thing works great just the keyboard issue still here

  19. Azri says:

    Great just did evrytin n werks like charm….but got one prob n need help..y is my system is not mounted cuz i want to rid of some of e system app…wat shud i do?

  20. sabih says:

    hello guys! i flashed the rom succesfully but whenever i try to flash the addon it stucks on installing zip! πŸ™ any1 help me out?

  21. M.A.Sheriff says:

    I did a U turn. Downgraded to custom GB, rooted with abyss. Flashed kingdroid2 and addon. Everything fine and works. Thanks to all.

  22. Rick says:

    bro, anyone can help me as my gnote keep showing the samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 screen after I deleted all user data/factory reset in cmw mode before installing a new custom rom. I had rooted my gnote using the ‘no computer required’ method.

  23. Gaurav says:

    Hi Max..
    Thanyu so much for this site..
    Got Note and got rid of boring stock GB the very same day with king droid v2.0.. Its awesome..
    But some bugs for me..
    1) s-voice: does’nt wakes up with wake up command
    and doesnt starts with dobble clicking the home key
    2) connot change the lock screen wallpaper..
    Hav ne solutions?

  24. GeoUX says:

    Using KingDroid NoteMania 2.0 with S3 Optional Pack since 31st May. No major problems except:

    1. Crashes when trying to change lock screen wallpaper from the Wallpaper gallery. Works fine when using any picture from the normal gallery.
    2. Crashed while adding a homescreen
    3. WiFi range has somehow got reduced. With stock ICS and GB there was no problem using WiFi in my bedroom but with the KingDroid 2.0, signal drops and falls back to HSDPA

  25. GeoUX says:

    Am running Kingdroid 2.0 ROM. Can anybody point me to any link which explains how to get back to the stock Samsung ICS and remove the yellow triangle. Basically if I want to get back the phone I unpacked in the showroom, how do I do that?


  26. Savada SIN says:

    Hi All,

    I am running on Kingdroid 2.1 ROM it works smoothly but the only one problem is Wifi-HotSpot (Clients cannot connect). is there any solutions for this problems?

    Thanks in advance!


  27. aShinYoe says:

    Hi there.
    I have tried installing KingDroid ICS ROM v2.0 with the add-on according to your instructions, but I did not get any S3 features. have reinstalled at least 5 times, but still no S3 features. Please advise!

  28. Humberto says:

    Hi Max, tx a lot for your videos! They are great.
    I tried to install this ROM (2.0), but when I try to flash the S3 Add on, it get stuck in the black screen informing “Installing the package”, but this never ends.
    Any idea of how to solve it? Thanks!

  29. fernando says:

    why wont s voice shortcuts such as wake.up command or double tapping the home button work?am i missing something or is it the way the rom is?other than that v2.0 works great

  30. Zipzorps says:

    Cant get the s3 launcher after installing the mod. Update from v1.6. Flashing three times now. I want dandelion livewallpaper

  31. bananasiong says:

    I had stock ICS, rooted. Then flashed with stock GB, then installed the custom ROM and S3 addon as above and everything works fine.
    As for live wallpaper, deepsea and luminous dots are available, but not dandelion. There is only dandelion wallpaper, but not live wallpaper.
    For those who wants back the polaris office, you can backup with ES file explorer and install the apk back after the flash. Worked for me.

  32. mazen says:

    kingdroid 2.1 very great rom

  33. Craig says:

    Too many force closes for me and too much lag. Maybe something i did wrong?… Flash Abyss kernel, full wipe and install via CWM?… Sticking with CM9 nightlies for now – fast, light weight and stable and no issues as yet…

  34. mazen says:

    everything is ok with kingdroid v2.1 except battery life is low

  35. craig says:

    Yes interestingly battery life IS noticibly better! I’m gonna re flash again now and see what happens

  36. DROIDMANIAC says:

    Ive been testing Criskelo ICS v5.1 rom for 3 days and its super smooth and great battery life.

  37. n3m3 says:

    I’ve installed KingDroid 2.0, and the instructions given by Max were great! Everything worked perfectly.

    However, there is one drawback. It seems that the scrolling is not as smooth as it was with Gingerbread.

    Can anyone tell me if the scrolling on 2.1 is much better than 2.0. And if so, can I just flash it over 2.0 without changing the kernel back to Abyss, since now it has de 3.0.15- franco kernel?

    Oh, and I forgot, there is also a funny problem that started to happen after the installation of the 2.0 ROM: names like “heliosgiangha…” appear below the names of the people who are calling me, when the phone is ringing. Does anyone know what that is?


    • Sachin says:

      I didn’t try the 2.1 and after hearing the issues with 2.1 and the battery issues as well. I love to stick with 2.0. I am using it since over a week I think. (No issues at all). Scrolling seems perfect to me.

      Answer of your second issue:
      This is not an issue. This rom enabled one settings which is related to phone number locator. Follow these steps to get rid from it:
      1. Go to Settings >> Call >> Phone Number Locator
      2. Uncheck both the options you see there: “Enable PNL” and “WLAN Update Only”

      • n3m3 says:

        Thank you very much for fixing what I thought was a problem.

        As far as the scrolling on the 2.0 version, I’m going to try removing some programs that might be causing the issue. I guess I too will stick to 2.0 for now.

        Thanks again, I really appreciated your input.

        Best regards,

  38. markikswabe says:

    Hi Max, You said that the rocket rom ICS is the best ics rom for galaxy note way back on your previous post and then I saw this. Does that mean that kingdroid ics bested out rocket rom now? Because I’m currently in RRV3 and this is really fast and smooth. I just got my note last week and I am really unsure what custom rom should I install and then I saw your post that the rocket rom ics is the best that’s why I installed it. And I’m really happy with the rocket rom. I dont’ have a lot of experience when it comes to flashing roms and don’t have the guts yet to flash different roms. Since you are exposed on flashing different roms, I want to get your opinion about this. Thanks in advance

  39. Vishal says:

    Just updated phone with version 2.0. I got the quadrant score of 4755. that’s amazing, it beats HTC One x too.. πŸ™‚

  40. mazen says:

    plz anyone help me plz
    i want downloading the new rocket ics v4 from kingdroid ics v2.1
    after i made wipe factory reset and data my galaxy dont respond any more
    is this brick?
    plz need help

  41. mazen says:

    yes im able go download mode

  42. mazen says:

    plz what should i do after download mode

    • Sachin says:

      Your phone is perfectly fine. Just flash any of the stock GB or ICS ROM from ODIN and you will be good.
      Then later you can root or install custom roms.

  43. mazen says:

    how i flash any rom the download mode dont respond it stopped at oddin with red colour plz help me sachin

  44. mazen says:

    plz any one help me if it bricks plz tell me

  45. hamdogg says:

    rocketROM 4.1 is out now.. I’m running that as i was soft-bricked after a restart using KingDroid. Not sure why, just restarted cause my wireless wasn’t working well, and keyboard was slightly off to the left. (and alignment/collaboration was way off for touch sensitivity)
    Then BOOM! So flashed rocket v4.1. MacDonalds!! aka, loving it!

    • Sachin says:

      Do you mind sharing screen shots or video?. Does it have the S3 TouchWiz, SNote, s-Apps bundle or not?

      • swapnil says:

        Sachin need help on upgrading to kingdroidv2.0. Currently i am on ICS 4.0.3 DDLP8. My kernel version is 3.0.15-N7000DDLP8-CL551076 dpi@DELL142#3. So can i directly flash this kingdroid ROM without wiping data? I am scared of bricking my Phone with wipe as i read in some blog. Also do i need to upgrade my kernel to franco before flashing this ROM?

        • Sachin says:


          You are perfect to go ahead to flash KingDroid 2.0. This is the rom I am running on my note since past 10+ days I think. TouchWiz 5.0, performance and battery life, everything is so perfect for KD2.0.

          Just make sure you have a rooted phone with abyskernel. Let me know if you need further help on it.

          • swapnil says:


            I have rooted my phone using via CWM. I am not sure about abyskernal. Could you please put some lights on this?

            • Sachin says:

              You can flash Abyss kerne via CWM and also you can flash it via ODIN.

              You can directly now flash the abyss kernel and then flash the KD2.0 but I would advice you to do a fresh start and follow the steps from start. You can follow these steps to make sure everything works for you in one go.

              1. Install any stock ICS firmware or GB firmware (you can find recent one from sammobile).

              2. Root your note by installing abyss kernel. (this kernel includes the CWM latest 5. ver). To root your phone, Follow these steps: h t t p : / /

              3. Your phone is rooted. Now go into CWM mode. To make sure you do not have any left overs from the previous installations. Do a wipe cache, factory.

              4. Copy the kingdroid 2.0 and addon zip files in internel or externel SD.

              5. Flash the KD2.0, go back to the menu and flash the addon the same way you did KD2.0

              6. You are done, restart your phone and enjoy the super blazing KD2.0 with S3 features.

              Let me know if you need more help. Add me to your IM sachinkraj[at]gmail[dot]com I shall guide you through.

  46. Johnny says:

    Bro i wanted to update kingdroid latest rom, but unfortunely i not sure how
    I am on Root LP9 ICS rom with rooted LPY kernel.
    So what the step should i do now?
    i have downloaded the 2 files
    GUIDE me!!!!

  47. Al Marenger says:

    Just installed ICS from UK on my note GT-N7000 rooted it’s a pleasure compared to the Asian version works super well now.

  48. War says:

    Hi Max,
    Can i directly flash this rom using cwm on my n7000 with 3.0.15 franco.kernel? I’m using an official ics xxlq2 and my n7000 is rooted already. Do i have to install abyss kernel and if yes, when will i install it before or after the rom and optional features? I’m a noob, pls help

  49. raj shroff says:

    I tried droidking version 2, i thought it was super fast and responsive, however i felt my internet would run slow (wifi), also i use and the interactive chart and for some reason my settings would get erased every time i logged which meant i had to redo them every log on. And another thing that annoyed me to no end was that temple run would be very very choppy. Which was actually very surprising because on the whole the rom was super fast. Anyway now i am on rocket v4.1 and WOW!!!!! This is the bomb for real!!! the internet is super fast, no choppiness on temple run. I like the UI much better as well, it feels lighter and i like the little perks like the fact that the battery is shown in a numeric value and i have a flashligh in my notification bar and the option to wifi tether is on my notification bar as well…. battery life seems to have been greatly reduced….this one is a performer for sure…I recommend tryin rocket v4.1…

  50. Xtremizt says:

    They still have a long way to go before competing with stock roms. Yes this looks prettier than stock and has the s3 apps on it but as you use it, you notice:
    1. Wifi slows right down, internet browsing is pathetic
    2. Random lags while typing text in the messaging app, Facebook, etc.
    3. Battery getting drained quite fast, thats the norm with any ICS rom (stock or not)..

    Before getting flamed, i must add that I have followed all instructions to the word and am computer literate (not a noob, lol). I do appreciate the developer’s effort though!

    • raj shroff says:

      I would have agreed with you till i began using rocket rom v4.1. There is no way i will go back to stock this is better on all fronts, it’s faster more responsive and the wifi works pretty fast…check it out, then decide.

  51. Johnny says:

    Just teach me how to flash this, while i still in Stock ICS rom LP9 with rooted LPY!!!!

  52. Johnny says:

    whenever i install abyss kernel.. my CWM cant function.. keep restart the CWM

  53. n3m3 says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been trying the KingDroid ROM for a couple of days now and it is a beautifull looking ROM. However, my battery life has been reduced somewhat and sometimes the scrolling lags a bit.

    So, I’d like to try the Rocket 4.1 ROM, however I don’t know if I can install it right on top of KingDroid without doing any wiping, and if I have to change the kernel back to Abyss before changing the ROM.

    Could anyone shed some light here. I’d appreciate it.

    • raj shroff says:

      All i did when i went from droidking to rocket 4.1 was do a clear wipe and then install the rocket rom zip file and wallah i ws upand running

  54. aznandroid says:

    I have a following issue that has nothing to do with this topic but since the comments for the tmobile radio band is kind of dead on the other tutorial im gunna ask here…

    I have a international unlocked version of the note. However, i took the risk in trying the Guide posted on this site to install the tmobile band settings, even though the topic said it was for att note. Now i cannot get a connection at all for my note. i didnt back up my phone or anything, so is there another way or an original galaxy note radio band rom for me to install to get me back?

    thank you in advance if i dont see your help!

    • Max says:

      Gtn7000 doesnt support tmo bands you can goto xda forums and flash a gtn7000 radio to get your phone working again.

      • aznandroid says:

        wow thanks! although im xda right now, i cant find a thing taht says
        gtn7000″ radio…. do i have to unroot my device?

      • aznandroid says:

        i tried doing the baseband thing “XXLR1” flash thing and im not sure if its right or not, but whenever i try to install it, there is still no signal even after it says installation complete. am i looking a tthe wrong thing?

        • Max says:

          You can try unrooting then it should restore everything back to stock.

          • aznandroid says:

            well i pretty much found other stock firmwares online and used odin to flash it in.. im not even sure if im able to get it back to what it once was. however, the EDGE signal appeared and im just stuck at the android screen taht says” touch the android to begin” and then it just wont continue… im soo madd right now haha. im downloading another firmware hopefully it wont get stuck LOL is tehre any other solution? it seems like its unrooted now.. but maybe i ddid something wrong

          • aznandroid says:

            YAY! I got it to work ~ now i just gotta find a way to get ICS 4.0.3 back on it.. thanks for all your help MAX!

  55. aznandroid says:

    well i pretty much found other stock firmwares online and used odin to flash it in.. im not even sure if im able to get it back to what it once was. however, the EDGE signal appeared and im just stuck at the android screen taht says” touch the android to begin” and then it just wont continue… im soo madd right now haha. im downloading another firmware hopefully it wont get stuck LOL is tehre any other solution? it seems like its unrooted now.. but maybe i ddid something wrong

  56. Adryan says:

    Hey max Whats your opinion about certain ICS kernels hard bricking some of the galaxy notes? I was reading this article on xda
    I wanted your opinion on it and i think people should read it. Also read and download this app from xda here it goes along with this article
    Let me know what you think max

  57. kapil says:

    Hi, I need help with my Galaxy note. i recently updated to ICS 4.0.3 firmware. now my phone keeps hanging all the time. I dont know what to do. I’ve been reading up a lot on these custom ROMS but dont understand which one is good and safe to download and main concern of how to go about it.

    Can anyone tell me step by step details of what is to be done. Also If i want to add custom ROM is kingdroid or pandroid better,

    My phone is not rooted, how do u know if the phone is rooted?

  58. AlΓ a says:

    Thanks a lot πŸ˜€

  59. ino says:

    Just finished installing kingdroid v2 + add-on, but theres a bug whenever i will change the wallpaper
    It keeps on giving error secwallpaper can not be loaded something like thst.
    Any one having same error? And how to fix it?

    • n3m3 says:

      I went around this problem by going into the ‘galery’, selecting the picture I wanted to have as the wallpaper, and defining it as the wallpaper.

      From there it worked fine.

      • ino says:

        I did that too, but i just wonder why when you select the Wallpaper selection (not the Gallery), the screen went to black and an error will pop out. Same thing when changing the Lockscreen…

  60. Jessy says:

    Kingdroid V.3.0 is solid.. I’ve been testing it for almost half day. There are significan improvement in speed and smoothness..
    I did not use the full wipe.
    Just flash abyss and flash the rom+add-on.


  61. Fabs says:


    i rooted my phone and flash it with mobile odin one of the official ics, i want to install this kingdroid buy i will really apreciate if you can post the list of the intructions because this will be my first time flashing a rom that is different from the stock.

  62. Jay says:

    ust I installed this ROM.. Brilliant! But the battery life isnt as good as stock .. Now here is my problem i flasjed and installed RocketROM and it worked fine but didnt like the looks with soo much green on it. Now i tried to go back to stock by going on to CWM>back up and restore>restore>and selected the image which is tje obly backup there is before i installed this ROM.. then it told me it failed.. So i tried to go back to this rom… Now it justat ‘Installing update…’ When i flash Abyss Kernal.. Anyone help me pkease… I can get into CWM fine flash franco kernal fine but anything else it doesnt do anything :/

  63. n3m3 says:

    I’ve read somewhere that Speedmod kernel helps battery life immensely, and short battery life is a problem I have with KingDroid 2.0.

    Has anyone tried to install the speedmod kernel with KingDroid 2.0 on a Galaxy Note GT-7000N? If so, were the results satifactory, and, if so, what version o Speedmod kernel was used?

    Thank you,

  64. johnny eng says:

    Does anyone my problem
    I in Whenever i open.browser,there voice commanf.reading.out
    All the words. So annoy. How to.disable?
    And play games quite lag

  65. Hi Friends well i am back after 2 days back my phone gone Soft Bricked coz maybe Kingdroid 2.1 or i forgot to enable USB Debugging well its happened when i had wiped data and my SGnote was stuck on boot than i have recovered by under Samsung UMG warranty thank God they don’t know how its happned well so i am now again on GB 2.3.6 LA1 πŸ™
    Sachin can you tell me what Could happened when we forget enable usb debugging ?

  66. Carlos says:

    Hello, has someone installed Kingdroid ICS v3.0? I wanna install it but I’m not sure.

  67. Johnny says:

    where the link for kingdroid 3.1???

  68. Vishal says:

    Help needed… Urgent!!!!!
    I updated my Note to V2.0 and then I reset it back to factory setting from setting menu… since then my phone stuck on Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 window…
    It is going in CW recovery Mode… I tried restoring it.. nothing worked..
    Then, I copied ROM files on my SD card and trying to flash it, but its now stuck on flashing modem thing.. Can anyone suggest me something fast…

  69. Jay says:

    Does anyone know what’s the difference between v2.0 and v 3.0?

  70. n3m3 says:

    Hello Max, do you think it is safe to go from KingDroid 2.0 to 3.0, and then flashing the Speedmod 3.3 kernel?

    And if so, is it ok to just flash the ROM (2.0 to 3.0) and the Speedmod kernel in a sequence, without wiping?


  71. n3m3 says:

    ok, if I gather up enough courage, I`ll do it. πŸ˜€

    And if I do it, I`ll let you know.

  72. Aneesh says:

    Hai Max…. i currently have the Kingdroid V 2.0 + Optional S3………I really want to upgrade to KIngdroid V3.0 but it has less size compared to v2.0… u think anything is left out of the v3.0

  73. Johnny says:

    Max.. install update kingdroid 3.0 zip via Stock CWM or Abyss kernel??
    i currently kingdroid 2.0
    so just copy the file to my sdcard.. then install zip.. or need flash abyss kernel first???
    if anyone know help me

  74. Ayu says:

    Hello, I did the ICS ROM and the optional Mod, everything is okay but there is no 3G data….
    Can anyone advise please?

  75. Johnny says:

    How to disable voice guide when i open the browser???

  76. chris wood says:

    Hi , Wonderful Rom works a treat but when someone rings me on a mobile it has Chinese locations under the caller id.. If I ring through a landline its ok.. Just a minor problem just everyone in the uk seems to live in china.. One in kuangdong.. Hahaha

  77. dcdancruz says:

    Got a concern for the bricking issue and I was wishing to flash this rom on my note. First time I felt scared playing with custom roms. Anyway, here’s my case. I upgraded my note to ICS via OTA, under DXLP9. Rooted the phone by flashing cwm and su stufs, also flashed Franco kernel. Note’s already rooted. So when I flash this rom, do I need to wipe data/factory and flash Abyss kernel then the rom? Just need some confirmation.. thanks..

  78. Johnny says:

    Kingdroid v3.0 works fine.. so far.. it auto reboot once.. after 6 hours usage!!!!
    How to disable voice talk for web browser?

  79. n3m3 says:

    Max, did you flash Abysskernel before going from KingDroid 2.0 to 3.0?

  80. Vishal says:

    Hello Guys,

    I have updated my Note with the V2.0 but now I am unable to flash the add on.. when trying to flash the add on.. it just stuck on Installing package.. no progress after that…
    Also, I see the counter now.. shows 2 updates… how can I go change that count back to zero?
    Can I install V3.0 directly on v2.0 without add ons? will that work??
    Help appreciated.

  81. sunny says:

    sigmature verification failed.
    what i can do to install via cwm

  82. sunny says:

    signature verification failed.when i installing.
    what i can do

  83. sunny says:

    same with abyss kernel

  84. sunny says:

    ther is any update file which can help my device to go v 3.0

    • Aneesh P says:

      I didnt choose the update option…. I chose the install from sdcard option for both the files…
      If u have kd v2 u dont hve instal abyss kernel again. ..just flash from the franco in v2.
      There only one problem… The live wallpapers are missing from the previous version.

  85. mosimanyana says:


    I need help on rooting to ICS with touchwiz 5.0 my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 currently running version 2.3.6 original and baseband version 7000XXLA4. I’m very new to this rooting activity.

  86. johnny eng says:

    Kingdroid 3.0. Review. It shut down itself once a day or reboot.
    Cwm now cNt use. Can enter but cant select any optiob.
    Maxxxxx helpppp

  87. joel says:

    how do i know if im using abbys kernel? i went to repair shop and i said root my phone. heres my kernel info
    its on ics
    kernel version

    • opiujn says:

      If you had an Abyss ics kernel it would probably be seen there in the kernel info. Are you thinking about safe Abyss 4.2? That one you should only install when you are about to flash a new rom as a part of installation procedure, or if you from some other reason need to wipe, to be able to wipe without bricking. But remember you cant run your ics on Abyss 4.2! If you install it and reboot rom you will soft brick your phone. Don’t do that =) lol
      If you want to wipe (most common during rom installations), then go to cwm-r, install Abyss 4.2 and reboot cwm-r. After cwm-r reboot you will see your cwm-r looks different from the previous version. You will have the cwm-r that comes with Abyss 4.2 and you can wipe safely. But if you just install Abyss 4.2, reboot cwm-r and wipe without flashing a rom you will need to have an ics kernel to install afterwards, else you cant boot your rom.

    • opiujn says:

      Im using KD v7 which is an ics based rom too, so for fun I tried to flash Abyss 4.2 and reboot phone a few minutes ago. I knew this would softbrick my phone, but didnt know exactly what would happen. Nothing funny or interesting though, phone got stuck at the black Samsung N7000 screen. But I did of course backup rom before doing this test. Abyss 4.2 is a GB kernel and you cant boot ICS from it, but you should install Abyss 4.2 and reboot cwm recovery before you wipe and install rom to lower risks of hardbrick.

  88. SHAY says:



  89. Ilyas says:

    I did update my note with kingdorid v 3.0 ………….. but .i dont know why is not dwonloading in play store …….. its busy like dowloading I wait a lot …. but still busy not downloading ……….. can u please help me to fix this problem..
    thanks in advace ……………………

  90. Kushal says:

    WIFI is not working in v3…any comments?

    • opiujn says:

      I did work for me in v3. And it does work in v4, v5, v6 and v7. If you dont get your wifi working then maybe/hopefully flashing one of those later version will solve your problem =)

  91. reehan says:

    hi max..i’ve down;oad n flash v2.o with any charming but…i got no screen lock/unlock…something like missing…have u any idea about that?? or i need flash for 2nd time?? if yes, is it i need to at the first step???downgrade to gb first and flash abyss kernel and flash back v2.0….please give me a respon on this case…

  92. Roscoe says:

    I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you
    make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
    Plz answer back as I’m looking to design my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. many thanks

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