KingDroid ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [S Voice][TouchWiz 5.0]

I’ve got some great news for Galaxy Note users out there, Galaxy S3’s TouchWiz 5.0, S-Voice, and lots of parts from the new Galaxy S3 has been leaked and already implemented into custom ROMs.

UPDATE: Please see update version 2.0!

For those of you who want to try the all-new TouchWiz 5.0, S-voice, and other cool Galaxy S3 apps, you can try the KingDroid ICS ROM for your Galaxy Note GT-N7000. This ICS ROM runs “really smooth” with the new TouchWiz 5.0.

Give it a go I know you will like it and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

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Download KingDroid ICS ROM

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Credits – XDA

*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow GT-7000 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.

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135 Responses to KingDroid ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [S Voice][TouchWiz 5.0]

  1. john skov says:

    thanks for a great site.

    I have just installed the king droid ICS rom and all seems to be running good.

    but since i am danish, I have chosen the danish keyboard, but there is some mis alligment between the keyboard and the actual letter that i press.

    for example if i pres “j” an “k” appers in the text, or an “k” then a “l” appers.

    it is like the danish letters are there but can not be used, and after the danish letters every thing is wrong
    meaning the first line in the keyboard is ok, until you get to the first danish letter “å” after that the second line all letters are 1 of, when we get to “æø” and on to the 3 line all is 3 of..

    please give some help or info since i like the rom but also need my danish letters.

    thanks john.

  2. nelonez says:

    Hey Max,
    Thanks for the awsome videos…. Just installed this rom and I must say it is one of the best ones Ive used… Very smooth and lag free….

  3. robert guda says:

    Great Rom for a great phone. +max help= too good to be true.
    up to now i havent come across a flaw or a bug…all programs run just fast and smooth.
    looks like a winner rom for the note !
    thanks for the rom & thanks for the help & keep up this great site !

  4. bhavit sharma says:


    • Max says:

      Do a factory reset in stock recovery. To get into stock recovery, hold down V-up, Center Home, and Power button together for 10 seconds.

      • bhavit sharma says:

        thnx it tell me how to root this stock ics rom and flash king droid rom would be very helpful

      • bhavit sharma says:

        u r the best MAX…:)

      • manju says:

        PLZ HELP ME!! MY GALAXY NOTE IS NOT BOOTING AFTER I FLASHED STOCK ICS ROM USING ODIN….IT IS JUST STUCK ON SCREEN SHOWING LOGO OF SAMSUNG..PLZZ HELP ME i did , hold down V-up, Center Home, and Power button together for 10 seconds.but factory reset in stock recovery not showing wat to do?

  5. Mike says:

    i get stuck at download mode, is anyone can help me get off that

  6. Naz says:

    Hay i just installed this rom, Everything runs smoothly and super fast. But only problem is i cant make call from my phone and also receive any!!! I installed the ics tablet mode rom before this and back then i couldn’t make calls. but dont know what is wrong. Any help will be much appreciated.

  7. Bryan says:

    I think this might be the rom that I’ve been waiting for. too bad there’s no guide from stock to this.

  8. Nadigavinash says:

    The download servers are dam good….Pl upload the kernel which your are talking about…for N7000.

  9. Ty says:

    Thanks Max, your the best! I’ll be trying this. Perhaps it will (later) include Allshare mirroring and SmartStay!! Awesome.

  10. Ty says:

    btw, with the stock ics released in germany the battery is legendary! I guess it will be for all ics roms now. No more turning off data and sync etc. I don’t notice any drain at all! loving ics.

  11. KEVIN says:

    ROM worked great. Is there anyway to get the program that keeps the phone awake using the front camera.. I don’t recall the name of it?

  12. Ignacio says:

    Hi Max!! I must say this is a great ROM, but I have a question about it: is totally necesary to use the AbyssKernel in this ROM?? i mean, I´m using a different kernel and it works fine, very smooth, but, if I use the AbyssKernel should be better?? it will improve the performance of this ROM?? because with my actual kernel is still having some lag with the widgets.
    JAJaja Sorry for my english, I’m a Spanish speaker.

    Greetings from Chile!!

  13. Ron says:

    Max, thank you very much for you guidance,
    after flashing this ROM i lost my root permissions, i flashed it from a rooted gb stock ROM,
    any advice would be great.

  14. Sunny says:

    Hey MAX you are the BEST, i have tried every rom u posted here but i must say this one is AMAZING ROM for an awesome phone. Its the best ics rom so far and thanks alot for the same.

    Any new for touchwiz 5.0 for galaxy S2??

  15. PaulsNZ says:

    Thanks ZedoMax.

    Smooth ROM, only one minor bug, Setting the lock-screen wallpaper crashes for me!?.

    One other thing that BUGS me with this ROM and Previous ICS ROM is that making or receiving phone calls I SEE on the screen under the phone number Chinese (Korean words) ShandonLaiwu ???????? where does this come from ?????? Its not in my contacts etc> Chinese puzzelling !

    • bebe21 says:

      hello PaulsNZ,

      i have the similar thing too !!
      When i call my best friend, i have “guangdong shanwei” who appears under him number !!
      that’s crazy because thise name doesn’t appear on my others contacts !!
      please reply if you’ve got an issue 🙂
      thank you in advance and big up to Max for Kingdroid ! perfect expect this thing 🙂

    • robert guda says:

      @PaulsNZ…..according to me it has to do with the resolution of the image you choose.
      i also experienced lockscreen change crash but then i took a normal screen from the gallery
      and it no longer crashes. (do think they will fix this little bug)
      marvellous rom…

  16. Jessy_a says:

    Hi Max, thanks for this wonderful information.
    I just wanna make sure that this ROM can be flash to my Notes safely. At this moment I’m running a stock ICS ROM. I already rooted this phone but not using asbyss kernel. Is it safe for me to install abyss kernell using CWM and aftre that install this ROM?



  17. Ravideep says:

    Hi Max,
    Can i install this rom over Midteam 1.3 ICS. Doi have to use abyss kernel. Is this rom completely stable.

  18. Aleksei says:

    Yesterday I installed and everything works.
    I added a “go keyboard” for Hebrew and Russian.
    Thank you!

    • Aleksei says:

      Hi Max,
      I have a problem with the camera, she gets stuck. Works only with external software, some sample “Instagran”.
      You know how to fix the problem?

  19. Kostadin says:

    Only one MINOR but annoying bug. Setting the lock-screen wallpaper crashes on me! Any solutions?

    • Kostadin says:

      Only one MINOR but annoying bug. Setting the lock-screen wallpaper crashes on me! Any solutions?
      I later found you can go to gallery and choose from your own pictures.

  20. Ignacio says:

    HI!! I tried to flash my note with the AbyssNoteKernel42FinalCWTTouchOriginalLogo, but I couldn’t do it. I tried many ways. If someone could give some help in this matter will have my thanks.


  21. DrLeoB says:

    Recently, I have been getting a lot of practicing flashing ROM’s and removing soft bricks but after a serious hard brick incident, flashing an corrupt bootloader, I decided to go back to stock GB and clean everything out….. Then you have to tell us about this KingDroid rom….. didn’t take long to decide to give it a go and WOW!!!!

    This is the fastest, smoothest ROM going…. I also updated the kernel to Franco R3 and saw significant increases in speed and general GUI response. Absolutely no hitches SO FAR….
    Thanks for your great review videos….

  22. Mike A says:

    Hi Max!
    This is a great Rom. S – Voice is nice but it needs an update. Before flash this Rom, I had Rocket Rom which like what you said I did not wipe or format my phone before I flash it. And it works just nice.

    The adjust brightness short when you swipe to top part of the home screen is not working and I tried to search it on the settings but I did not see any enable option. Same with Rocket Rom. Lock screen wall paper was not working sometimes when I tried to use the new wallpaper. Other than that, everything seems to run nicely. (Wifi, blutooth, HDMI out, call, battery life was average (15 – 20 Hours moderate use).

    I hope if ever I will have S3 you will have another website like this.

    Nice job!

  23. ashpokemon says:

    unable to set s notes as widgets because the touchwiz crashes
    But the rom is really fast

  24. khalid says:

    hai, i’m downloading the kingdroid ics rom, i just want to know, if it’s okay i install this rom on top of paranoidandroid rom by imilka?

    also, what version ics this rom uses?


  25. malik says:

    Guys plz anyone tell me where is the download link for this ROM , i cant find it . And can i install on non rooted , gingerbred 2.3.6 ,n7000 ?plzzzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyyyyyy.

  26. malik says:

    Can u plz tell me how i have to install this ROM on my mobile , can u tell me plz whether i have to root my galaxy note for installing this rom. And if yes than which method of rooting will be the best , and could you plz give me complete instructions how to install this Rom as i am not familiar with rooting and installing New rom process ,
    i have a non rooted , gingerbreed version of galaxy note (international) version.
    I am waiting for your reply very very very.

    • Michael Merten says:

      Dude, it’s all right here, click Galaxy Note Root. Use the pc Odin method to get proper root. Read all the instructions carefully, go step by step. Follow Max on youtube, facebook and gmail. And say thanks.

  27. matteo says:

    i feed ics to install this Rom?

  28. Mark says:

    Guys, please help. I rebooted into a CWM recovery mode, installed Abyss zip file and rebooted the phone into CWM

    From that moment onward, the phone keeps rebooting itself, the list down menu does not work, I cannot scroll down with the volume buttons and what every I try it will just display the same startup menu. I switched it off, removed the battery and turned it on again, now it will not even pass the first startup screen ”Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000.

    Help really needed.


  29. Michael Merten says:

    The update v2 is a bit laggy and does crazy things with my phone, overheat, freeze, etc, going back to 1.6. Otherwise a great rom.

    • Mark says:

      Thanks mate, but let me say again: I can NO longer boot the phone completely. Its stucked. If I boot it into recovery mode, it loops rebooting and nothing works. If i boot it in download mode (ODIN mode) it goes for downloading of an official binary forever. i do not know how long i am supposed to wait. How to root the phone that cannot boot?
      if I manage to solve this, I will be very greatful!

      • Michael Merten says:

        Are you using abyss kernel? If yes do the three wipes and reboot. If no wipe cache and dalvic and try rebooting. Once rebooted shut down and go into download mode. Flash stock Gingerbread with pc odin and start over. Otherwise you need to check on xda for more help.

  30. Joe says:

    Hey max thanks for this review everything went fine and works great but I lost my full root flashing v1.6 how do I get full root back using ics coming from gingerbread and I would like to try and flash v2.0 but can’t without root so how do we root ics on N7000. Thank bro and keep up the great work!

  31. Mark says:

    Michael thanks for the help. I feel stupid but I have to say that I was terribly wrong. The thing is that the volume button did not work in CWM mode, that is, I could not do anything with buttons after flashing abyss, once it re-booted into recovery. But I did not have a f-in idea that the touch screen was working. Just out of annoyance I started punching the screen and all of a sudden the phone was jumping from one menu list to another. Only then I realized that I could just finger press on wipe data and continue with the installation of the ROM. After that just went to install the ROM and rebooted. Now examining the KingDroid on my N7000.

    Sorry for all the trouble, I did learn something today…

    BTW, does it have the option to check long press of the go-back button to kill an application?

    • Michael Merten says:

      Damn I laughed. Thats why it’s called Abyss touch base recovery. Hope the rom works just as well for you as for me. Don’t bother with v2 just stick to 1.6. Cheers. No worries bud.

      • Mark says:

        The KingDroid is ok, working nice. Funny enough, but with Rocket ROM before, I was able to thether and connect to PC and at the same time, have the phone visible to exchange files and with KingDroid, that is not possible?

  32. Vaibhav says:

    Hey there!
    I am new to flashing custom ROMS.
    I just rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N700. I have a back up for my apps, I used Titanium Back up.
    I so badly want to try this Kingdroid ROM. I just wanted to know that whether it is a WIPE version or a NO-Wipe one? :/ I have to factory reset before installing it?
    Please help.

    • Michael Merten says:

      Did you use pc odin to root? The other method doesn’t give proper root. PC Odin is better. After just follow Max’s directions. They are fail safe. It is a wipe version. Like this only if you are coming from a rooted GB rom:
      download Abyss Kernel 4.2
      – put zip-file on your USB-storage
      – boot in Recovery
      – Flash Abyss Kernel 4.2!!!
      – boot back in recovery (you find this option under ‘advanced’)
      – FullWipe
      – Flash ROM
      – reboot system
      – …you are done.

      NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do a full wipe CF root kernel, only abyss kernel.

  33. malik says:

    Thanks michael martin , i will check it now , thanks really for ur attention brother.

    • Michael Merten says:

      No worries mate. Thumbs up to Max for supplying all the info, links and tutorials.

      • malik says:

        Thanks to Max for putting so much time and effort on this for us and not asking for anything in reward.
        thumbs up

  34. Taimoor says:

    So i installed this, and now its stuck on the rotating logo of the ROM. seems to be stuck, since its been 5 minutes and its not doing anything.

    Any suggestions?


  35. Sam says:

    Hi Max,

    I am currently on Rooted Stock ICS DDLP8 ROM.
    In case I decide to go to a Custom ROM, what do you suggest as the best way form below 3 approaches?

    1. Stay on LP8, install Abyss Note kernel, then follow instructions for Custom ROM installation.
    2. Flash Stock GB ROM (wipe version) using PC-Odin so that I go back to GB 2.3.6 from ICS 4.0 LP8,
    then Root and install CWM,
    then follow instructions for Custom ROM installation.
    3. Flash Stock GB ROM (Non-wipe version) using PC-Odin so that I go back to GB 2.3.6 from ICS 4.0 LP8,
    then Root and install CWM,
    then follow instructions for Custom ROM installation.


    • Max says:

      Try Abyss.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks for the confirmation Max. Much appreciated.

        I am hesitant as I have already super-bricked my Note once while doing a Wipe/Factory Reset through the CWM Recovery Mode while being on the infamous LPY kernel. Yeah I was one of the unlucky few to try too many things too soon after the LPY leaked. 🙁

        I was lucky to have the Mother Board replaced under warranty 🙂

        I surely don’t want to test my luck or put my Note out of commission another time 🙂

  36. Andre Souza says:

    Hi all!!

    This King Droid is an Bug-Free version?? I flashed 3 days ago the XXLPY ICS Stock ROM(Odin method), and I really worried about hardbrick hazard… May I flash this directly from LPY? Maybe got GB back??? o.O

    • Sam says:

      Root LPY and then use Abyss Kernel to flash this ROM and go from rooted LPY to KingDroid ROM.


  37. Omar says:

    Thanks max
    Great rom

    have some lag
    Polaris office is not found
    The touchwiz crashes alot
    Alot of games and apps crashes
    Other than that it’s great rom
    By the way i didn’t flash the abyys kernal cuz i heart it hurt the phone sometimes
    If there is any advice i’ll be thankful

  38. Muhammad sani says:

    Oh my GOD! I swear I have never seen a ROM that I liked like this ROM. It is sooooooo EXCELLENT without any hitches what so ever.
    Max you are great, thank you very much.

  39. RayLau says:

    My english is no so good. Sorry.

    My galaxy note now is KK1 kernel with root.
    Can I directly flash this rom in my note.
    what is the procedure of this.

    1) flash abyss
    3)flash this rom

    is it the method?


  40. laviniup says:

    it’s smooth,fast,good optimized….but with a lot of force close (web browsing,games…) and the battery life is not a good one.thanks

  41. M.A.Sheriff says:

    Hi, MAX. Before I proceed with this Kingdroid, will you please kindly suggest. Phone is GT-N7000 Android 4.0.3.Kernel 3.0.15-N7000DDLP8-CL551076.Build numberIML74K.DDLP8. I have rooted CWM+SuperSU(xda developers).Clockworkmod- Thank in advance.

  42. Sean says:

    Great ROM but got some issue with some apps that i have purchased. wish it was Android 4.0.4. any idea when it will launch or any other ROM that base is Android 4.0.4 ? Thanks

    • Michael Merten says:

      You can try ParanoidAndroid Rom. It’s AOSP though, so most likely the Spen functions won’t work. It’ll still write though, but the stock Samsung Apps won’t be there. It looks quite amazing though, I’m thinking of flashing it. Check on XDA. It’s 4.0.4 based.

  43. Sotero says:

    Hi there my friend,

    Frist of all, i would like to thank you for great post. I´m facing some problems, and I´m going to need some help.
    The first problem came when I tried to do the ron installing by ron manager, didn´t work well, and I needed to do it by odim, after that, on the star messenger when the name sumsung appears, now is showing a exclamatory icon, and I can´t get it off, and after I did the rom flash my Kies doesn’t recognize my phone anymore. Please help.
    Thanks for your time.

    • Michael Merten says:

      The exclamation is normal when you flash with Odin, don’t worry about it. As with Kies, after you root most likely you wont be able to use Kies anymore. You’ll have to do everything yourself.

  44. arash says:

    hey max!!!! i just tested the kingdroid its Rom man !!! thanks!! but there is a problem, most of the times, when i want to play games like fragger or cut the the rope the screen stays black, or freezes on the loading screen, ( i had this problem before installing the ROM too, 2.3) but sometimes loads smoothly, even when i close all the apps using task manger or advanced task manager !!! what should i do??

  45. Emad says:

    Very cool and stable, I did the temperature rise much Is there a solution Thanks

    Is there any new updates in the future

    I wish Malk

    • Max says:

      Try using it for a day or two see if it keeps happening, probably just warm after ROM install, sometimes it does that.

      • Emad says:

        How are you an engineer

        There are words I do not understand when the show contact and receive calls while

        And how it is possible that the canceled

  46. medic211987 says:

    you have really great posts and youtube videos. theyre really helpful.

    i just recently got my galaxy note GT-N7000, and its still on the stock rom, gingerbread 2.3.6 (recent iphone convert, first android phone ever 🙂 )

    what is the ICS rom currently available you most strongly recommend? and what are the known issues of the rom?


    • Max says:

      Any GT-N7000 ROMs on the front page of this site is usually what I strongly recommend/running myself.

      Most ROMs are pretty darn solid but sometimes may have issues with Kies (you can use Kies Air if you have trouble).

  47. grave says:

    heard that there is an updated version king droid v2 know how update i really like this rom

  48. i have flashed and its working on my SGNote N7000 Great. i think this is the 1st rom very looks stable and camera working good very fast well i have to ask you that what should i do with this 2 files ?

    Please help me

  49. Mike B says:

    I’ve installed the kingdroid rom it so far it works fine except that my wifi does not work. I believe that this happend after I update my phone when requested. Everything else seems to work ok.

  50. Dominic says:

    Hi Max,
    Thanks for maintaining this awesome site. It’s extremely reliable and awesome.
    I have one question. I’m on the KingDroid 1.6 and I want to upgrade to the 2.0, should I just flash it or should I clear the cache entirely again? As for the Optional S3 installation, how should I go about installing it?
    Once again, thanks a million for your help.

    • Dominic says:

      Oh no, wait.
      It’s not the same as above. So the question still remains: should I flash it or do I need to clear the cache and flash 2.0 and flash optional without clearing cache?

      Thanks once again.

  51. Dominic says:

    Oops. I just read the post above. Sorry!

  52. Sajan says:

    little help please,, which rom should i choose from those three??? ver 1.5,, or 2.0 .. or gIII ???? m confused,,, or is it compulsary to download all ??? plz plz, i need a reply . :))

  53. KAKA says:

    If i had the back up on KIES. Is there any way to restore it?

  54. Jay says:

    I’ve rooted my GNote without the Computer, will I still be able to install this ROM?

  55. TANASE says:

    Hey Dude, Awesome work and site… THUMBS UP!!!
    Quick question, I have the AT&T Galaxy Note (SGH-I717) and I want to know, is there a GB or ICS Rom without any of the AT&T Bloated software? I am not in the US and don’t need any of their stuff, I have a different service provider… would really like to clean up and remove some of these apps rather than placing them into a FOLDER name “BLOATED”.

    Thanks in advance…
    Keep up the good work!

  56. ino says:

    Hi mAx,
    can install it this version 2 straight to my note without having the version 1.6?

  57. Kenn says:

    I have tried to use the abyss kennel and my GT- 7000 only shows the samsung galaxy note and reboot and do the same again and again. please what can i do to restore it back? I have the back up on my pc but i am totally helpless now. please help.

    • Max says:

      You did flash the abyss kernel, reboot into recovery then installed it? If so, try clearing cache in CWM and reboot.

  58. Kenn says:

    sorry max, i finally got it back working… thanks

  59. RajaGanesh says:


    I plan to install KingDroid Rom to my Note which is Rooted ICS 4.0.3, Baseband XXLPT, BuildNumber XXLQ2. Shall i install KingDroid Rom with this version.

    Also please advice how to root after installing KingDroid

    Thanks in Advance


  60. Vargas23 says:

    Refer to Kingdroid ICS ver 3.0 I had install this rom on GNote, but screen keeps going on and off..does anyone have this same issue?? Please replay and thanks! This Rom its awesome!

  61. Varun says:

    i am excited reading all of this and want to try rooting my Galaxy phone in India.
    This is what i got:
    1. Root the phone using Max’s video on youtube. (which has CVM and Francokernel).
    2. Update the Kingdroid V2.0 ROM.
    but, from the discussions above, i understand that i require Abyss kernel.
    So, should i first install Francokernel and later update using Abyss.??

    since, this is the first time a non-tech guy is going to try out something worth INR 30,000…. a bit scared…
    so want to be doubly sure … 😛

    Also, If something goes wrong.. how do i recover to factory settings?

  62. John says:

    Max, need help here. I flashed Abyss kernel and boot into recovery then do 3 wipes and flashed Kingdroid v4.1 rom. After reboot, I’m stuck at the rotating rom logo. It’s been 30 minutes and still no boot. Please help.

  63. Rasheen says:

    During the installation of the rom, its saying ” Signature Verification Failed” and it got stuck right there.. Please Help me MAX!

  64. chris bradford says:

    hey max is 3.0 the latest version even though the files are smaller than 2.0 – 1.6? :/ and the optional s3 mod is tht just to be installed after the rom?? cheers dude 🙂

  65. Fiquincy says:

    Hi guys. Ive update my Gnote with KDv3 + optional update. My S voice not responding well, battery drain and Touchwiz 5.0 Failed. Just for sharing. Now trying for Rocket. Cheers

  66. satya says:

    During the installation of the rom, its saying ” Signature Verification Failed” and it got stuck right there.. Please Help me MAX!.can u pls help me out

  67. Prince says:


    I’m running stock ics rom on my galaxy note gt-n7000.
    i just wanted to know that if i back up using cwm n then install kingdroid rom,can i restore my stock rom back up?
    n if i want to go to stock rom from kingdroid,do i restore my backup directly or first flash the stock rom??
    m a newbiee so plz help

  68. K.C. says:

    Hi just wanted to say great rom! Just one problem touchwiz will not work on my N7K and error message comes up every time and the samsung apps do not load onto the system. Is it because they are connected to Touchwiz? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated! Other than that absolutely fantastic rom, runs smooth as silk when I do anything on here

  69. Kuldersak says:

    Hi Max
    I’m running KD ICS notemania Edition S3 v2.0
    with France 3.0.15 (as per this site tutorial) which is excellent i may add
    how ever..i find that this rom freezes from time to time,then my screen goes to a odd green/purple color?
    and i have to take out the battery to reboot.. it also reboots itself from time to time?
    is that the Rom.. or my hardware?
    it never happen on Chracks J-kay mod?
    Please advise if possible?

  70. tayyab says:

    Great rom…. Can someone tell me how can I enable ad-hoc support for this rom… I have tried several wpa_supplicant files, but its not working

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