JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000/SGH-i717]

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the latest JellyBAM ROM for your international Galaxy Note GT-N7000 or AT&T Note SGH-i717.

Based on latest Android 4.2.2, JellyBAM ROM is a “hybrid” ROM mixing AOKP, CM10.1, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs all into one.

You will get complete AOKP ROM Control for UI customizations, PIE controls, stability of CyanogenMod ROM, and also ParanoidAndroid Hybrid settings to run your apps in Tablet/Phone/Hybrid modes.

This is one of my favorite ROMs obviously because you can have the best of all three ROMs in one ROM. But also it’s a solid performer that you can use as daily drivin’ ROM.

So, if you want to experience the latest Android 4.2.2 with all the bells and whistles, check out JellyBAM ROM this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Download JellyBAM ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717

No Gapps needed

To avoid bricking on the GT-N7000, please follow theΒ fail-proof/brick-proof to install ROM!!!

Credits – JellyBAM

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87 Responses to JellyBAM ROM for Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000/SGH-i717]

  1. vincent says:

    hi can you please help me how to install this?? i tried installing this, im running 4.04 rooted samsung i717. with cwm – based recovery v5.5.0.4…. im noob to these cause i just switched from apple to android. thanks!

    • vincent says:

      it just says installation aborted. (status 7)

      so frustrated T_T thanks!

      • wilson says:

        use twrp always

      • Le0nyt4s.. says:

        i’ve got a perfect solution for you…..
        See first of all open ur CWM (whatevr version it is)…
        Apply the cache wipeout….
        Now flash abysse kernel….
        Reboot ur cell again in CWM (now the version must have changed)…..
        Now flash ROM of ur choice and it will be successfully done…..


  2. vincent says:

    Thanks in advance!

    • lily says:

      Hey vince. Well firstly, you’ll need to ROOT your phone..

      Then follow this guiimpulsivelype cache/factory reset
      Wipe dalvic cache
      Install jbroid (optional, but ideal)
      Install GL-NOTECORE-HYDROCORE v4.3 (personal preference and safest I assume)
      Reboot recovery

      After the phobe reboots back into recovery, you must :

      Wipe all cache/factory reset/dalvic cache
      Install ‘Flash jellybean bootloader zip’ (optional..this step just prevents ongoing bootloops on jb roms)
      Then you can go ahead and flash the lovely jellybam rom (WHICH IS EFFING EPIC)..

      I should also mention that its best to do a backup of your current rom (stock or custom) before proceeding..

      Remember to always MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE πŸ™‚

      • lily says:

        I hope you can understand that lol..And sorry about the typos. Stupid autocorrect..

        The first step was meant to be ‘wipe cach/factory reset’..

        But only do so if you are on a safe cwm thingy mabob lol..otherwise your phone may hard brick..

        Best of luck! And please dont hesitate to ask if you need further guidance lol..ive been in your shoes and i was lucky enough to have had all these wonderful people from rootgalaxynote and xda simplify all the waba gaba goo that comes with flashing custom roms, unrooting and going back to stock rom, and the many soft bricks i had to deal

    • lily says:

      Omg WAIT! I just realised you had the SGH-i7i7 and not the gt n700..MY BAD..

      You should therefore not follow my guide and instead, go to the jellybam xda userguide for your phone..or if max is feeling helpful, he can or probably already has, provide you with a link on how to safely flash roms for your SGH i7i7..

      I hope you read this before you go ahead ..
      Sorry if I couldnt help πŸ™
      Good luck

  3. Drew says:

    Yo, Vincent. Here is the link for you in case you haven’t found it yet.

  4. dan says:

    Flashed with TWRP but now hanging on animation in reboot can get into os. Help

  5. dan says:

    Go in, now only stating 3G for the network. Previously had 4G LTE. Do I have to flash with a new modem? Does Blaze modem work for this ROM? Thanks for any help in advance.

    • johny says:

      i think you may need to change your apn setting.

      • dan says:

        Thanks for your suggestion Johny, but that’s the first thing I did. I’m on the Rogers LTE apn (I’m Canadian) and the best I can get is 4G, where before I had 4G LTE. Maybe this rom just doesn’t have that symbol? I’ll do some speed tests but I’m pretty sure this isn’t the LTE I’ve come to know and love, which is what prompted my post about the raido drivers. Thanks anyway though.

        • johny says:

          just tell me how to change your setting,maybe something worng,i am on fido in canada but no problem,(just not stable of 4g lte).

          • dan says:

            Thanks, but it’s pretty simple, I just choose the Rogers LTE .apn and turn on data. I used to get solid LTE on a early version of Padawan (the blue one), now i get 3G or 4G if I’m lucky. It doesn’t really matter though because I have to use another rom anyway. I appreciate the help and the ambitious work of the developers, but since I’ve tried this rom I’ve experienced the speed thing and 5 hard crashes today alone. If by turning on wi-fi results in a hard reboot of your phone, than that’s anything but stable as far as I’m concerned. I can’t use this for a daily driver unfortunately, which is a shame because I really liked the higher rez. Oh well.

  6. Wolfegang says:

    Downloading now for i717. I always use twrp. With phone backed up, I reboot to recovery, wipe cache, wipe dalvic cache, factory reset, install zip, wipe dalvic again and reboot. Most roms take over 2 minutes to boot first time. Make sure battery is good before going into recovery as well. I’ve never flashed below 50%.

    • dan says:

      The problem that I had, with this particular ROM, is that I did what you’re stating after the install by wiping the dalvic again, of which I also normally do. After the reboot it hung at the animation. I had to reflash in TWRP and not wipe anything and then it launched into Jelly Bam.

  7. John says:

    For Status 7 – That means you loader (probably CWM recovery) is too old.

    1. Dowload odin (1.8.5) Free on web just google
    2. My opinon would be to replace CMW with TWRP2 (look for odin compatable at the bottom nd save)
    3. Trun on phone and put into download mode (hold volume down while starting then press arrow up once android logo pops up
    4 open Odin 1.8.5 and with phone plugged in you will see a colored box saying COM4 (or some COM port)
    5click PDA in Odin
    6 Find file you just download for the i717
    7 Now click Start and wait for COM to turn green and will say pass
    8 now with phone restartshold the vol up and vol down button at same time while starting to enter your new (way easir recovery)
    9Flash the file you wanted to run (ROM)

    (This replacment to CMW is all touch screen so no more arrow up click vol up, etc… like CMW

  8. Sudeep says:

    First of all, thanks for the review. I need your suggestion on how to make LMT launcher (Pie Control) work with JellyBam Rom as the BAM settings in jellybam rom configure pie settings and would not allow LMT launcher to change any settings. I saw your youtube video about LMT launcher settings to configure pie but it would not work and the only settings I am able to configure are via BAM settings in the jelly bean ROM. Please need your help. Thanks

  9. ProFresh says:

    If you wanna install this use Twerp not Clockwork. But I installed and did not get any signal. Not sure if what the problem was but other than that it worked fine

  10. saad says:

    says after installation that has stopped
    setup wizard has stopped
    how can i fix this , i already tried to flash gapps via twrp too
    please help

    • Gabriel Jones says:

      I re installed my previous rom and then re installed this rom without a factory reset but do the cache and delvier or whatever its called wipe and it will load and work fine.

  11. patrick says:

    love the rom but have noticed a weird problem. after a while the lock button stops working an the screen refuses to dim. anyone have any input as to what might be causing this?

  12. dimitri says:

    I was asking about adobe flash player…i have been trying to watch things online but i cant because the flash player isn’t working…i have downloaded APIs but they aren’t working apparently. Do you know what i can do about this?

  13. Ralph says:

    Flashed this rom… After a few hours the power button wont respond and my screen is on and cant do anything about it…. Reboot doesnt help.

  14. Gian Tommaso Baldi says:

    Nice Rom, but the note feature???!!!!

  15. john says:

    i have the padawan ver.8 now on my i717 , download the rom and it said invalid.
    my question is do i just install the jellybam rom over my padawan rom? and then wipe and cache only?
    help please. thanks

  16. jeff says:

    I just read all the comments and I would like to thank everybody. I’m running away as fast as I can cause nobody got it to work correctly.

  17. fabio says:

    rom this rooteada???

    if not this
    as rootearla???’ :/

  18. Randall says:

    I love this rom, only issue i have seen so far is when trying to use google voice it doesnt work says stopped responding when try to use it with the google now, is there a fix on this? other then this everything is flawless at this time.

  19. Hydra says:

    Hay i cant install any of the new Roms because it keeps saying no MD5 File found. Plz help

  20. Le0nyt4s.. says:

    Works quite FINE….

  21. Lily says:

    There is a new update of this rom out..

    • Le0nyt4s.. says:

      7.0.1….. (-_-)
      What kind of changes did it got??

      • lily says:

        Alot of changes to the settings. I honestly don’t remember what the changes exactly were cos i switched back pretty soon after, only cos the update didnt include the ‘ hardware back to kill’ option..should try it out for yourself though..i could be wrong.

  22. Ralph says:

    How do I disable the flashing buttons on the bottom of the phone when i get a email or notification… seems to drain my battery?

    Also how do u do a screenshot…. Home and power doesnt work :/

    • jeff says:

      the flashing buttons in settings advanced and sensors. but I doubt that’s draining the battery, screen shot you add to the power button menu from settings. good luck with the rest of this flaky rom I had too many issues to use it as a daily

      • Ralph says:

        What rom do u reccomend ….. I love the overall use of the rom and the fact that i have it on Phablet mode!

        Battery draining is my main concern

        • jeff says:

          im going to give the new update a shot. nothing to do this weekend. can always nandroid back. no one seems to be concerned about the battery drain is it possible you have a different issue. sometimes i pull the battery after a full charge wait minutes boot into cwm and in advanced recovery reset battery stats.

        • jeff says:

          Hey Ralph I just flashed the new version 8 hours ago and I have to say so far its flawless. I didn’t do a true battery test as I’ve been tweaking every thing I can but even after all the heavy use I’m at 50% after 8 hours. att visual voice mail isn’t working but it dosent work on any 4.2.2 not a deal breaker for me. Maybe do a factory reset etc and reflash the new version clean.

  23. Dave says:

    I had to uninstall this ROM due to frequent crashes, no S pen support, no USB recognition and no 4G. I did not like this ROM……

  24. shadab says:

    Hey I have a problem installing this ROM on GT N7000,
    I am already using Alliance Rom the latest what you have updated.
    Now when i went to install this rom using CWM of Teamwin from Alliaance ROM it gives me and error and didnt install this Jelly Bam.

    could you please guide me how should i install this Jellay Bam on my GT N7000 (ROOTED)

  25. mazen says:

    hi, thanks for all the work.
    how can i get rid of the Control bar?

  26. jeff says:

    latest versions available here

  27. nathan says:

    I just flashed the newest version of this ( I was still using ics). I love it but now my screen won’t sleep. In the settings I had it set to sleep after 15 seconds and 15 minutes later still no sleepy. The power button when pressed doesn’t even make the screen sleep. Is there a setting that I’m missing and if not how can I fix this?

    • nathan says:

      sorry i have an i717. using TWRP I wiped cache, dalvik, factory reset and system. Then flashed the newest verson. This is the only problem I seem to be having. Thanks in advance.

  28. carl says:

    just installed on gtn7000 how long does it take to load be loading a while just stuck on jelly bam screen with rocket

  29. John says:

    Hey Max,
    I am using a bell I7I7M with t- mobile modem using on mobilicity network. Can yo you please make a video showing how to upgrade to custom jelly bean roms from ICS. I am using Padawan v8. Thanks a lot

  30. mickyrasta5 says:

    All u ppl moaning about this rom… Please scroll abit further down the page and install carbon rom… πŸ˜‰

  31. jeff says:

    I just installed the latest update 7.3.0 from the update me app . went smooth runs ok so far will post any results tomorrow at this time . keep bumming everyone

    • jeff says:

      Well after a few days fon getting hot battery life not so great and having a few issues . nandroiding back to ics and waiting for official.

  32. john says:

    i have i717 att currently on the padawan v8. I’ve been trying to get this rom on my phone for quite sometime. im cant get the jellybam rom to flash to it. it keeps saying error. wont flash. i use twrp and wipe everything i’m suppose too. I’ve been rooting phones for quite some time now and i never experience anything like this. if someone can help why it’s telling me that i have an error when flashing i would highly appreciated.

  33. mickyrasta5 says:

    Why cant i install super su pro on this rom i don’t wanna use the system superuser… Feels like someone else hasmore control than i have lolol

  34. mickyrasta5 says:

    Cant delete system apps when in es file explorer… ? Set as writeable

  35. mickyrasta5 says:

    Its OK i deleted su from system xbin and reinstalled supersu from play store… Now i have my supereuser… Not a superuser requesting privelages from another superuser πŸ˜‰

  36. john says:

    Im guessing no support for screen capture using the s-pen for i717? If there’s a way besides downloading an app for it then i appreciated. Thanks.

  37. hiram yong says:

    hi,after installing this rom successfully i tried to restore all my data & apps(contacts & calender storage)by using TB.but after restoring it my rom seem to be malfunction as a few popups starts to popup on my phone..which notify me that my contacts storage has stop working & my adroidcore too…

    do u have any words of advice for this Jellybam cz i cant fully utilize this rom if my contact storage,calender & messaging storage cant be seems that this rom is not giving me the ability to restore my datas from my previous roms that ive used.

    p/s: i think before i can fully utilize this rom i can see that from the interface itself is a very awesome rom but the problem is i just cant restore my datas anymore by using this rom..pls help me MAX

    SAM G Note N7000

  38. melbin says:

    hey guys I have the old rooted gingerbread and was wondering for some help to upgrade to jellybean. can you guys help me thanks

  39. Rinkesh says:

    Dude can u give me any other link to download this rom its taking too long toο»Ώ download from the wich u gave……. thnx keep up d great work buddy πŸ™‚

  40. The Razzler says:

    Hi there,
    I rooted my Samsung GT-N7000 a long time ago but after installing this ROM my phone doesn’t recognizes the external SD-Card.
    How to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  41. Yaser Ramezani says:

    I’m using android 4.1.2 official
    I’ve already rooted my note and need step by step instructions to install this rom avoiding brick
    Please help

    • shadab says:

      Hi Yaser,

      If you already have a Rooted GT N7000 then dont install this ROM

      Get the PACMAN Rom which Max updated last week.

      You are going to be Crazy once u install that Rom.
      links is there in Galaxy Note Rom tab.

  42. Karl says:

    I have the samsung sgh i717 and i bricked it. for some reason i keep getting status 7 i have the latest version of twrp and im attempteing to install jellybean v7.o.o and jellybean v10.0.0. can someone help me please

  43. Max says:

    Hi, I have a problem with number of characters allowed in one message on this rom. if i type a 250 letters text it splits one message into 4 separate texts. so it splits on 70th letter. thats a bit low in my opinion, and there is no setting for it as far as i know. Does anyone know the solution?

    thanks in advance.

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