Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note/Note 10.1! [GT-N7000/GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010]

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For this week’s Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and Note 10.1 (GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010), check out Illusion ROM.

Based on Android 4.2.2, Illusion ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) that’s a mix of many cool features.

Probably the coolest feature on Illusion ROM is the Key Lime Pie theme (from Android 5.0) and its transition animations. You also get UI customization that will allow you to customize your ROM similar to AOKP ROM Control Settings.

The ROM also comes with HALO floating notifications ported from ParanoidAndroid ROM.

Overall, this is a very fun ROM with good performance and battery life so definitely check it this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 (3G SIM model)

Download Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8013/GT-N8010 (Wifi model)

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, make a backup ROM (just in case), wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from Illusion ROM), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

To fix broken Google Search, just update “Google Search” app from Play Store.

You can upgrade to the latest Android 4.3 PhotoSphere camera.

Need S-Pen? Here’s S-Pen alternatives you can use with this ROM.

Credits – Note 10.1, GT-N7000 <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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29 Responses to Illusion ROM for Galaxy Note/Note 10.1! [GT-N7000/GT-N8000/GT-N8013/GT-N8010]

  1. Donald says:

    Do you know if there is a copy of this ROM for the ATT Note i717? Thanks for the help..

  2. diego says:

    Hi! .. Im testing right now this ROM and is very fast… I lov it.. But have a problem no data mobile the fone N7000 is root and unblock for have any carrier.. In one line have data and an other no!!.. Help and sorry the english.. Saludos desde México awsome page..

  3. sudip says:

    What about the battery life?

  4. Kailashtalanki says:

    I would say that this is one of the best ROMs I’ve tried till date …….its buttery smoothness is awesome and I love the transition animations a lot…….£€…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED……….

  5. fernando quintero says:

    I tried to install the illusion rom on my samsung note 10.1 8013 model and the rom got installed very well but the google apps gave error and I was not able to I install them, it says on the link that those are for android 4.2 or higher and my device is 4.1.2, can u help me with it? And tell how to install everything properly, I really want to have this rom, thanks

    • fernando quintero says:
    • Kailashtalanki says:

      It says that gapps are for 4.2 , means that after you flash your ROM your device is running android 4.2 and gapps of v4.2 are the ones which are compatible with your device……So they should work , if they don’t just get a root browser and go to root of your sd card and system->apps and delete whatever apps are not working and now install whichever gapps you want from the play store……………..

  6. nidesh says:

    BEST ROM i used on my samsung galaxy note n8000

  7. Mitch says:

    Great rom using as daily driver – running for a few days and still cant get through the many options – so far they all work well

  8. Jeffri Ibrahim says:

    Hmm. quite nice, as per now im using this ROM for half day and didnt have any issue yet.. Quit smooth.. But one thing obvius is the my note battery temperature hike a lot than usual..

  9. Guilherme says:

    After install this ROM, I’m having problems with the SD Card, the phone doesn’t recognize the sd card, what I’m I supposed to do?

  10. jeff says:

    help! I am stuck on the boot up screen, n8010

  11. Manas Xavier says:

    Thank you once again Maxi …for introducing this rom. As you know am a great follower of yours on this site and on the youtube.
    Bro i am not able to see fb contacts sync on my phone contacts (even after enabling contact sync on settings ). Is there any way to access facebook contacts on this rom. Please help

    Thanks in advance . 🙂

  12. Manas Xavier says:

    Sorry to mention I am using N7000

  13. stevekourou says:

    The ROM is great but I spotted three things.
    1.Something goes wrong with the Greek language. Some letters(in Greeks) are appearing with “?”.
    2.On my tablet when I’m charging it(closed) the battery “widget” is like cracked all over the screen.
    3.When it’s on and charging,the battery icon don’t “charge”.

    Any solution about the language?This is the only really annoying think.
    P.s. I have the note 10.1 WiFi edition.

  14. ahmad says:

    great rom, super smooth
    but ext sd card not working, what to do?

  15. Helmut Stephany says:

    Awesome smooth ROM and the best I have experienced.
    One question please.
    Since using it, when plugging the charger sometime, but not always the phone (N7000) powers of itself. Now,when I switch it on again later, it asks me to setup (Google account/language, WLAN settings, chrome settings etc as if I was initializing the phone for the first time.
    Completing the setup everything is fine and no apps or data missing (beside the fact that things like greater or pocket have to be reactivated again as well
    Anyone else experienced this?


  16. farao says:

    screen asks about pin code?

  17. andrey says:

    what happens to my esque tablet will not turn and remains in the lyrics of android please help

  18. Paot says:

    Hi guys! Wih Kernel do you recommend for this ROM?

  19. diddz says:

    Hi does S-PEN work on this rom?

  20. INJJ says:

    only installed the rom but not the gapps……….got stuck in a screen showing the name android////

  21. Amr says:

    i have installed it… but my the phone service can does a call but can’t receive the calls…
    also when i have tried to call my phone it is ringing on the other phone but not shown in my Note 8000 that there is even incoming call

  22. muhammet says:

    romu yüklemeyi başarımdım format atmamışım terkrar yükledim şimdi wifiye girmiyor ?

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