How To Unroot to ICS 4.0.4 on Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For those of you who want to try out the latest ICS 4.0.4 on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000 that just came out, you can use Mobile Odin to do it easily.  This new version has some upgrades like floating video player from Galaxy S3 and the new Galaxy Note apps.  We’ve already seen most of it with custom ROMs but if you really want to try, here’s how to do it.

Make sure before you begin, you make a backup of your ROM, backup your apps using Titanium Backup app, and also hide your wife and kids.

Step 1. First, you will need to download a 3 files, Mobile Odin Lite, Mobile Odin Flash Kernel for GT-N7000, and the stock ICS 4.0.4 ROM.

Also, if you want to help the creator of Mobile Odin ChainFire, you can simply buy the Mobile Odin Pro version on the Play Store (then you only need to download the stock ICS ROM).

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Download Mobile Odin Lite
Download Mobile Odin Flash Kernel for GT-N7000 here
Download Android ICS 4.0.4 stock ROM here

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*If you are unrooting your phone for warranty, you can also download Triangle Away app (also available on Play Store) and run it just before unrooting to reset the binary counter.
Download Triangle Away app here

Step 2. Unzip any zip files and you should get the 3 files like shown below.  Copy all of these 3 files to your phone.
(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

Step 3. Use a file explorer app like ES File Explorer and find the files you copied over.  Select on any files ending in .apk and install them.  In other words, install Mobile Odin Lite and Mobile Odin Flash Kernel for GT-N7000.

Step 4. When done installing the apps, run Mobile ODIN Lite and select “Open file…”.

Step 5. Find the stock ROM file you copied over, it’s the file ending in tar.md5.

Step 6. Select “OK”.

Step 7. Select “Flash firmware”.

Step 8. Select “Continue”.

Step 9. Select “Check”.

Step 10. Mobile Odin will start flashing the stock ROM on your phone so just let it do its thing but keep watching carefully just in case.

Once it’s done, your phone should reboot and you should now have Android ICS 4.0.4 running on your phone.

If you have any problems after unrooting, see How to Do a Factory Reset on Stock Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

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Galaxy Note Reference
You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
First time to rooting and custom ROMs? Please see our Galaxy Note Root Guide FIRST!

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