Criskelo ICS ROM V2 for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [UPDATE][Best ICS]

Here’s a quick update on the Criskelo ICS ROM, now in V2, gives you full 1.4Ghz, Note S pen app (the new one), RoleTube app (that let you download Youtube videos), and a few more enhancements.

This is probably one of the best ICS ROMs out for your GT-N7000 with S-Pen functionality working so give it a go and let me know how it works for you!

Download ROM:

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Download Criskelo ICS ROM V2

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For those of you coming from Gingerbread, you will have to flash Abyss kernel FIRST, then install this ROM, you can follow install video from MidNote ICS ROM(2nd video). You DON’T NEED ICS REPACK.

*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow GT-7000 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.

Credits – XDA

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NOTE: If you are a noob, please remember the author of this site is not responsible if you mess up your phone. Make sure you know what you are doing before following any instructions on this site!
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51 Responses to Criskelo ICS ROM V2 for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [UPDATE][Best ICS]

  1. salla says:

    Does the video camera work with this rom?

    on the imilka version, my vid cam is not working 🙁

  2. salla says:

    great, works like a dream. I get the feeling this is pretty much how the pucker samsung release is going to be. Its a keeper for sure. Resolves the problems I had with imilka rom; ie no video working, and no wma support. Both work fine here. However the nice ICS touches are missing, like the panorama mode in the camera, and the sexy ICS look is replaced with Samsung TW look. Np. Its a great ROM.

    One thing I must mention is that prior to installing the ROM, be sure to clear the caches in the recovery mode (also in the advanced section). I had a scary first attempt and it was freezing and giving all sorts of errors until i did that. Perhaps mention that in your install videos, when flashing over a previous rom, clear the caches.

    Thanks a lot!

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  4. Slider says:

    @salla, i have the same problem right now, iam in the CWM, but the screen freez every time 🙁 the galaxy not do not boot any more.

    Can you give me a tip to fix this problem ?
    I have clear all caches, but nothing 🙁

  5. salla says:

    did you do a factory reset before applying the rom? did you flash via odin the chainfire repack, to get the basic Chinese ICS for note loaded first?

    My routine was this (right from the start)

    Root the note using method 2 (ie using odin)
    Backup my note using the Titanium backup.
    Backup my rom using the Recovery mode
    Do a factory reset via recovery mode
    Load the Chain fire repack via odin
    Load the imilka ICS Rom via the recovery mode (install zip from sdcard) (used this for the last week, quite good but no video 🙁 )
    Factory reset, today
    Load Criskelo ICS ROM V2 via Recovery – (install zip from sdcard)
    Had loads of problems, loads of stuff closing then reeopening, freezing, etc
    Wipe Dalvik cache via recovery (advance section)
    Wipe data, factory reset again
    Wipe cache partition
    Reboot – all ok. – this time booted as if from new, rather than straight into homescreens which was what was happening when i had the prblems

    i cannot say where you may be running into problems, but the above worked for me.

    Good luck!

  6. Slider says:


    thanks for you info,

    my ICS was running, but i have make a mistake and install a DPI changer (3 Times) (very bad idea)

    1 time) i have install the ROM with delete all caches, so i have to reinstall all my apps.
    2 time) i have install the ROM Without delete the caches, it works also, but i have again to install all my apps.
    i have create a backup with CWM, and make some tests, so i crash it again 😉
    3 time) i have try a restore with CMW, but this makes again more truble 🙁

    after the restor the CWM freez every time,

    i have fix this by flash the ICS pack again via ODIN over USB

    Now all works fine (no DPI Changes) i love this ROM, it is extreeeeeem fast. 🙂

  7. Chandran says:

    Well that s how I would like to describe my experience. I followed the tutorial mentioned above. When my GT-N7000 booted and swiped to unlock the screen, I opted for Apex Launcher and got the message android process not found. Later it showed calender process not found. But i did not face any other problem except that some of the apps were getting stuck. I rebooted again and used the Tw launcher and found that it was working okay. I finally went to CWM and tried to load from the zip again. I dont remember exactly what mistake I mad and landed finally with the following
    CWM – baqsed recovery v5.0.2.7

    ro factory test = 0
    ro seriqal no =
    ro bootmode = unknown
    ro base band = unknown
    ro bootloader = unknown
    ro haqrdwqre = smdk4210
    init.svc.recovery = running
    I : checking for exterded command……
    I : skipping execution of extended command.file not foun

    I started odin and connected the phone in debugging mode, flashed the chainfire Repack again and flashed the ROM again with Criskelo ICS Rom V 2. I was really surprised when it booted. It appeared as if I am booting my phone for the first time after purchase. Both the launchers are working perfectly and the functioning of the phone is really good now. I really appreciate the speed. Thanks a lot for all the tutorial. I am still a novice but feel more confident now

  8. salla says:

    Slider: good to hear you have success.

    actually i was not that bothered about restoring a backup of apps; i just reload them as needed. But anyway, somehow they had all been saved by google and restored automatically! Nice touch!

    Its all running nice for me… will be great to see the Official update when it comes, but i think it will be not much different to this.

    Chandran: I was really surprised when it booted. It appeared as if I am booting my phone for the first time after purchase. Both the launchers are working perfectly and the functioning of the phone is really good now. I really appreciate the speed. Thanks a lot for all the tutorial. I am still a novice but feel more confident now

    I second that – Its quite exciting and satisfying when it works eh???

  9. Chandran says:

    Yes salla. I find it a lot more better than the stock ROM with Gingerbread. I however noticed it getting heated up a bit so I changed the the settings on Power to power savings mode from custom settings. The images and videos are really good. Now I need to remove the yellow triangle which appears at the time of booting

  10. Ahmad says:

    Hey everyone,,

    I installed this rom…
    everything just works perfect and fast.. I’m lovin it 😛
    But .. when I double tap with my S-Pen.. It wont open the Quick note.. and crashes !..

    anyone facing same prob?? … and any ideas fixing it?


  11. Abbe says:

    I tried this ICS rom and its awesome.. almost the premium suit i hope next update includes smemo and my story.

  12. DrLeoB says:

    Just did this on my factory unlocked n7000 and had “0” problems…. was sure to follow recos for clearing caches and everything loaded smoothly… I’m running the Shell 3d Pro launcher…. KILLER!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all your efforts to explain how to do this.

  13. DrLeoB says:

    WOW…. spent the weekend playing with the various ROM’s, bricking and restoring and re-bricking the Note… what fun!!! Finally got everything back to “Normal” (as I had it Friday morning) and back into the CrisKelo V2 ROM with SPB 3d launcher for the work week.
    Only one issue showed up with this ROM….everytime I try to let the Font App open the online download, the app stops. I am using Fontomizer, instead and it works just fine…. Anyone have any ideas for me to try???

  14. tigeliu says:

    i have an rooted N7000 with Abysskernel via Odin (european version with gingerbread 2.3.6) and i am not sure what i have to do to install this rom. Please, someone help me with a step-by-step instalation guide !

  15. Ajatshatru says:

    After instaling this ROM, the Facebook calender does not sync with the S-planner. No birthdays and Facebook events get sync’ed with the calender.Does anyone else also have this problem.Even if u dont can anyone tell me a way out.

  16. Garry says:

    any body can help me how to install this Criskelo ICS rom V2 step by step?

  17. Joe says:

    Does anyone faces the problem of the phone shutting down by itself. I faces it once every 2 days.

  18. Alejandro says:


    I am currently using KingDroid V3 and i would like to switch to this version. The thing is while I was fallowing the steps to get kingdroid from GB 2.3.6 I did everything but I could not swap it said that i couldnt mount sdcard. However it did work and I am good on it. What should I do to switch from ICS KingDroid to ICS Criskelo? I downloaded CW but the Galaxy Note model is not in the options when it asks what phone do I have. Thank you!!!

  19. Rajesh D. Yadav says:

    Will this increase the binary counter…or will yellow traingle appear after flashing this rom

  20. Sunz says:

    Dear brother,

    I got an rooted rom (Check rom HD6) in my device.. I tried to update with a stock ICS rom..
    then I got a problem with my GT-N7000. Its stucked with an exclamatory sign in welcome screen..
    And i could not turn off it.. When i try to turn off , its restart again and got stuck.. i tried many times
    to get download mod by (volume up+power+center button), but its got stuck with the “sansung galaxy note”
    Can you please help me in about this problem??? I’ll ever grateful to you if you can do me this favor..!!!

  21. dr mohanned says:

    is this better or the criskelo v9 with ics 4.0.4?

  22. dr mohamad says:

    hi.. does any one knows if this package contains the arabic language ????

  23. sad note:( says:

    hey mike PLZ help im jsut a 13ywars little noob dev!(reading)
    i first flashesh the rom but i forgoted to backup apps and..:O my really important data but i don’t care
    then i remmber i forgoted to factory reset first then after compelet i tryed to wipe/factory reset than the bar is not moving and waiting for it..:( i didn’t have cwm
    so after rebot i see the roms cwm than i tryed to startup stuck at samsung galaxy note n7000 than i’m trying to factory reset again but stucked bar is not moving PLZ HELP this little noob:(

  24. sad note:( says:

    and the bad thing is i frogoted to do a backup ^_^

  25. sad note:( says:

    oh.. i have some :S

  26. sad note:( says:

    damn:S i restored backup but auto reboted at data nefor compelet than it stuck at galaxynote n7000 but it dosen’t have cwm recovery than i flashed abbys kernel than in advance selected rebot recovery but its showing number and going higher
    ;( PLZ

  27. sad note:( says:

    ok frogot everything i sayd
    now i restored first time backup
    than in the stock recovery i tryed to wipedata/factory reset than i reboted inr ecovery after few mins than in jupdate i chose CMW.ZIP than in recovery i chosed isntallzip than abyss than rebot recovery than succsed wipe/factory reset than flashes criskelo succses than reboot system now but it stuck at
    GALAXY Note


  28. sad note:( says:

    flashed paranadroid as i did and it was succsess but it also stuck at samsung glaaxy note logo every rom and .. i tryed will stuck at samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000:( can i return my phone;(

  29. sad note:( says:

    some one told me to unroot and root than flash rom again so im doing it…

  30. (i don't mean u:P) mean my self! says:

    i did this but my phone is still stucking..!

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