Criskelo ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [TouchWiz UX][Best ROM]

Here’s an update on the Criskelo ICS ROM we saw back in April.

The updated Criskelo ICS ROM version 7 is very impressive indeed, now comes with TouchWiz UX and many Galaxy S3 add-ons like many of the top ICS ROMs today. Certainly, Criskelo ICS ROM is one of the best ICS ROMs available for your GT-N7000 and I’ve had zero problems so far so go ahead and try it out and let me know what you think!


Download Criskelo ICS ROM

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400 Responses to Criskelo ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [TouchWiz UX][Best ROM]

  1. n3m3 says:

    Hey Max, thanks again for all the good work you do.

    Tell me, do you have any words on battery life for this version of Criskelo ROM?

    Also, can I just flash it straight over KingDroid? It looks much smoother than KingDroid.


  2. Darren says:

    This is the best Galaxy Note ROM in my own opinion. The KingDroid crashed a couple times when taking or viewing photos but this one is rock solid. Very happy so far. As for battery life I get about 2 days without doing too much on my phone.

  3. Ahmed LegenD says:

    it seems that is doesn’t have S Voice Like KingDroid i think it need more stuff to be perfect…

  4. Ahmed LegenD says:

    i wanna ask about can i have a backup for the whole system as i have the official android system and i wanna flash with its original kernel if i don’t like the roms and want to have my official android back again…is there is a way to do that to make an image for the whole partition and kernel like image of windows in PCs ? can any one help me with that?

    • opiujn says:

      Yes, you can use custom recovery to backup your stock rom, and restore it later on if not happy with the custom roms you try. Just Google “nandroid” or “cwm recovery backup” for more details, to see if it is exactly what you are looking for or not =)

  5. Shiraz says:

    How come all the ROMs that you review are ‘The Best’ Max?

    • Max says:

      Not all the ROMs are actually if you look carefully but I am trying to put “best” on the best ROMs that I’ve tried. And also trying to focus only on the “best” ROMs lately since that will mean less headaches for users.

  6. Simas says:

    More faster then Kingdroid, but benchamrk qadrant test is very low… Why? With KingDroid i have 5100 with this only 4100.

  7. Simas says:

    Sorry for double post, but then i press home button , phone ask me to chose twlauncher or touchviz. Wtf is that?:) I dont need twlauncher

    • Gulraj says:

      Hi, you can mark the required launcher as a default option and have only that running 🙂

      • mondy says:

        Ps: a launcher is the way the home screen of an android phone looks. Thats one of the things ios cant do. There are plenty of other launchers on the play store. L8ke apex launcher or go launcher

  8. Gulraj says:


    Your reviews are always nice, full of information and some entertainment too. That keeps me busy with the videos.
    You take like 10 days to come up with a new rom…. I wish that could be shortened a bit, i am sure there must be some crazy people like me lol…. who keep checking your website daily… :)) Anyways am sure you are occupied with other phones (S3, huh) and many more rom reviews…. 🙁

    Still many thanks for the help.

    • Dave H says:

      yep am checking daily too – lol!! its a bit of an addiction – checking out the latest roms! Its the slight thrilling fear of bricking offset against the “newness” and potential of the latest OS to play with that does it!

  9. Ahmed says:

    Criskelo ICS ROM version 5 is Much More Faster, less lags, less battery drain than Criskelo ICS ROM version 7
    I came back from Criskelo ICS Rom v5 »» Kingdroid notemania v3.0 »» Criskelo ICS Rom v7 »» Kingdroid Crash v2 »» Criskelo ICS Rom v5

  10. mondy says:

    YÝYYYYYEEEESSSSS. final y a ROM that has the samsung features and a crt lock animation. Best rom.! Only thin needs samsung apps

  11. Sundar says:

    Installed criskelo v7. cons: 1)the panorama in ICS doesn’t work… force stops, 2)In the samsung camera,The camera shutter doesnt mute in silent mode (same as in kingdroid), let you know if other problem is there. 3) The clock in the center of the notification area is annoying, 4) No S voice
    Pro: Smooth, No lags, way better than kingdroid. social hub is included,
    i think i ll stick with this for now

    • Safaa says:

      Hi Sundar
      – Panorama works fine on my G.note .. taking 8 pics with no problem
      – “S Voice” is not the same as “Voice Talk” ?? .. am little confused here!

      mine G.note with Chriskelo 7 + TouchWiz

    • Sundar says:

      Dunno about the Battery usage though… any comments

    • Mondy says:

      to get rid of the shutter sound for food download root explorer. Then fo to system>media>audio>ui. Find the shutter sound. Long press and delete.

  12. n3m3 says:

    Last night I installed Criskelo v7 over KingDroid and at first the installation process gave me quite a scare. After flashig Abyss kernel and rebooting into recovery, the screen started blinking every time I tried to navegate the menu, returning the highlighted text to the first option all the time. It was impossible to flash the ROM, so I had to do a hard reboot.

    After that, things went fine and the phone seems to be smoother now. However, I already had two or three freezes, having to hard reboot it, and the battery life seems to have shortened even more from when I used KingDroid.

    Has anyone tried Speedmod kernel over Criskelo ROM yet? A lot of people are saying that Speedmod extends the battery life substantially with other ROMs, but I haven’t heard anything about Criskelo.

    • Ver says:

      Abyss kernel is touchscreen. I thought mine is broken as the screen keeps blinking when i navigate using volume up and down. But all I have to do is touch the screen. 🙂

  13. Sundar says:

    Thanks max… for showing us the Criskelo rom… Its the topper… better than Stock ICS for Note or kingdroid… Some cons can be fixed though i presume

  14. Nimalen says:

    I have officially updated ICS 4.0.3 running in my n7000. Can i root with this Rom? How can i do that MAx? Please consider my request.. Give me the link.. i have downloaded your rom but i have no ideas to follow.. Please tell me.. waiting for your reply guys.. Give your advices

    • Sundar says:

      I was a newbie five days back…
      any way… everything is on the website… on the top panel…
      1) root your phone
      2)reboot in recovery,use CWM zip if you havent CWM installed, flash abyss, then clear data and cache, install the rom

  15. opiujn says:

    Does mhl hdmi work on this rom? 🙂

  16. EBA says:

    Thanks for the review Max. I installed the from and it is noticeably smoother than note mania 3.0 . However after I restored the my apps using titanium backup the note my note got slower. Even the S pen is showing some lag.
    The device is still faster than it was when running notemania. Is there any way to get it back to the to shape it was at before ????

    • opiujn says:

      You can try wipe in recovery and wipe dalvik too. Don’t forget to backup your rom first in case it become worse 😉

  17. salem says:

    i installed this custom rom, but im having trouble using the data for internet. Wireless seems to work just fine.

    • Gulraj says:

      What is your trouble with the GPRS/3G?

      Maybe you need to configure the data settings. Check data settings and ensure they are correct by calling customer service.
      My data mode works perfectly fine.

      • Salem says:

        Hey Gulraj,

        The problem was fixed turned out the service was out lol!
        I just wish this rom has the new gallery view thingy just like the one in Kingdroid V.3


  18. dldc says:

    Thanks for everything!!! I’m now running on Criskelo ICS.. will wait another few days and see how well it does.. Am hoping the constant reboot problem I had before while running on stock ICS will be solved 🙂

    Thanks again for all your work!!

  19. real says:

    download link not working..

  20. leakim says:

    I’m just novice in samsung’s GN world, custom rom, etc…
    So, this new custom rom have a french language?
    And if you want to return to an “official” rom, is there no problem?

    Thanks a lot for the answers. (sorry for my english…)

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Leakim!
      Yes the rom support french language, and if you backup your stock rom before flashing this you can easily restore whenever you like. Enjoy 🙂
      If you are new to custom roms, flashing and such, then reading threads is a good thing. To see others mistakes, to learn and minimize risks of bricking your own phone lol 😀
      There is always a risk of something bad happening to your phone while flashing roms, kernels and other stuff. You have to decide for yourself if its worth the risk or not. Most bricks can easily be fixed 🙂

      • leakim says:

        I flash the Criskelo ICS V7, it’s a good thing, smart, faster but the battery… -30% in 1 hour intensive use!! (it’s too much), so I must charge every day (like Iphone!!!!)
        Before Flash, my GN works more than 2 day in normaly used (GB 2.3.6)
        So… maybe the V8 solve that?!

        Another question: What is wipe?
        For install ICS, i just flash Official Kernel to Abyss (with Odin), and install the rom in recovery (start with CWM)
        Is there everything else, maybe for the battery? Wipe?

        • opiujn says:

          Wish I had some good advice regarding the battery, but I always use phone a lot with full brightness, most often overclocked, downloading from internet/wifi. I charge phone 2-3 times on all roms I’ve tried 🙂

          You can wipe from cwm recovery to clear cache, data, and more. I think the best way to get info about how and when to do a wipe is to Google it. It’s a common procedure before and/or after flashing roms. If you want/need to wipe, flash abyss gb kernel 4.2 or another safe one, avoid flashing from ics to lower risk of bricking.
          Battery calibrate app can be downloaded from market. I think it can be done in recovery to, but I’ve never tried that

  21. Alex says:

    Try Paranoid Android V3!!! Hope you like it 🙂

  22. SBT says:

    I love the information on this website, but must admit, it’s one of the most confusing websites I’ve ever seen. Downloading a file? Forget it… you have to comb through a lot of confusing information that is misleading to take you to many other sides, and confuses you to download other materials. The actual download button is buried deep in advertising, so it’s clear this is your intention to confuse us, and trick us into downloading other items (like 7 Zip 4.1) and read other advertising. You just need to know that it’s not pleasant that you purposely do this to your readers. I hope you’re getting a ton of advertising money.

    • n3m3 says:

      Dear SBT,

      I know the focus of this site is only Android related stuff, but I can’t help but to jump in to defend Max.

      The guy does an incredible job gathering all the information, which is solid and reliable, makes a video and puts it all here for us to simply watch, listen and read.

      I see some people don’t like seeing ads here, try going to a forum related to the subject and prospect out all the information you are looking for. It’s that simple.

      Without this site I wouldn’t have been able to upgrade my SN to ICS. And everything went flawlessly just like Max said.

      So, give Max a break and some support. This site is the best thing around regarding information about ROMs and Kernels for my Android Note and I’m very thankful for it.

      Thank you Max, and keep on gathering all the great information and publishing it here for us. I support you a 100%, and I bet 99,9% of the people here do to.

      • Max says:

        thanks bud, highly appreciated, i had to edit out the part about clicking stuff since I don’t promote that way. But awesome for the long ass complements!

        • Ver says:

          Thanks, Max. I was confused but I used my brain and a lot of common sense so I can follow everything, give it was my first time to root and flash a custom rom to my Note. 🙂 There’s no perfect site you can get a step-by-step hand-holding kind of rooting and flashing a new rom, so I don’t agree with the other person. I don’t have any major issue, except for the battery, which I think can be solved (hopefully) in later versions. Thanks for the videos, they are super helpful. Please continue reviewing custom roms for Note to help us readers. 🙂

      • Shiraz says:

        I second your comments. Max has worked tirelessly with a newbie like me and I thank him personally for assisting me.

        As for the bad apples in our bunch, let’s see past them.

      • Alàa says:

        I totally agree with you n3m3. Thank you Max, you’re doing a great job 😀

  23. Beeshy says:

    i just had king droid on my note and had this problem that it doesn’t connect with kies ,too bad i had hell getting my 990 contacts on my phone so i downloaded Criskelo ICS and i was blessed it connected to kies at once was so good to get my contacts that easy ,i guess me and Criskelo ICS gonna b ok i disliked the downgrade to talk voice from s-voice so i have this idea to use advanced restore to king droid so i can keep the Criskelo ICS with king droid apps unless s-voice is a Part of the kingdroid system so guess it wont work ,,,too bad hope we can have an upgrade to s-voice ,thx any way and keep up the good work we all count on u

  24. trimavis says:

    This ROM version is sweet, although I have experienced a crashed app when using the ICS camera and

    • Gulraj says:

      Yea the ICS camera always crashes. Frankly, I feel that this ROM has not been nicely tested out. I see no difference from stock ICS. Even the dialer lags in this ROM. Still looking for a ROM which has a superfast dialer as that is the main prominent function of a phone! Good thing about ROM? – The dandelion live wallpaper . Would I recommend this ROM? – Let’s not talk about it! :p

      Seriously, it’s been quite a while, but still the UI has remained almost same for all. Bored! Or maybe I expect a lot too much. Still like ICS stock rom more.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi trimavis!
      I’ve been using both camera apps a lot and never had a crash. But I never really tried Criskelo v7 for long, upgraded to v8 after an hour or so. Try backup your rom and flash v8 without wiping. Maybe it helps, I don’t know for sure though. =)

  25. markikswabe says:

    Is it better then Rocket rom v7? I’m using it right now and it is super smooth and super stable. Battery life is at its best. I’m on battery mode for more than 1 day now. still at 43%. Last night it was 45% only 2% was drained after 10 hours of deep sleep 🙂

    I haven’t used criskelo tough since Rocket rom is my first custom rom and I’m already satisfied with it

    • Gulraj says:

      Hi Markikswabe,

      Can you help me with the link of Rocket Rom v 7 please, I am unable to find it, although am still searching.

      Am excited about the battery life you mentioned although you haven’t mentioned how badly you use the phone :p

      Thanks a lot 🙂

      • markikswabe says:

        Here is the link for Rocket rom ICS v7:

        I use my phone from time to time reading forums, browsing internet. Watching you tubes. A couple of games. Actually, I always charge my phone at night, but I would like to see how good is the battery on deep sleep and after calibrating the battery (Battery Calibration app). And to my amazed, it only drop 2% after 10 hours of deep sleep. At the moment, my phone is at 1 day 7 hrs plus and it is down to 36% left. hehehe. good battery life indeed. 🙂

  26. trimavis says:

    Hi there Max, I’ve flashed my Galaxy Note GT N7000 with this rom and at first I was excited seeing that I have TW5.0. Unfortunately the battery is something that failed for me, I flashed it with Franco Kernel r6 and it somehow behave a little better. What if I flashed the modem to DXLP5? I live in the Philippines and the XXLPT is for Europe, will it somehow decrease battery drain?

    How about the additional stuffs that this rom installed on the add-ons folder? Any inputs? thanks.

  27. Hk says:

    1) I flashed this ROM Everything seems to works fine EXCEPT when I downloaded apk for Svoice and was trying to copy it to my system/app through root explorer (pro, latest version) which said that it cannot copy or do any other command as it is only readable!
    Thanks in advance

  28. Sundar says:

    drains battery very fast….. what should i do?

  29. Dinesh says:


    Earlier i had stock ICS rom installed in my SGN. I wiped out data/Factory reset and trying to install CriskeloROM.
    I am not able install CiskeloROM in ClockMod Recovery and getting the message ” E:/emmc/ (status 0) ,installation aborted.

    How to get rid of this problem. I tried with other ROM (KingDroid) also, but it is not allowing install none of these ROM
    Please help me.

  30. Dinesh says:

    Similarly while trying to install Kingdroid ROM, the installation interrupted in the middle and after reboot my SGN struck in Samsung Galaxy note logo with yellow triangle below. Not able to install any of the ROM.

    Please help me, how to recover my phone.
    Thanks in advance.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi! Are you using the recovery that come with Abyss 4.2? It is stable. And have you tried to move the rom zips to internal SD before installing?

  31. Aleksei says:

    Hi, I installed ICS, looks nice but the camera does not work.
    How can I fix it?

  32. Darg0r says:

    Just tried the ROM and the phone is so fast, I will comment later when I’ve tested for a few days, hey MAX any rom with GS3 features you would suggest? this one only has that weird live wallpaper wich after a while turns kind of annoying.

  33. shahalim says:

    Hi Max,
    Been following all your videos for ROMs and it has been great. Need some advice from ya Max:

    I read from another site about the ‘right way to do a full wipe’ before installing a new ROM i.e. to format system, data, and cache. This, the site says, will avoid complications due to leftover kernels/system data from previous ROMs that doesn’t go away with a wipe.

    Is this true/advisable? Or should a wipe before flashing new ROMs suffice?

    Thanks Max.

  34. Thai N7000 says:

    Thanks Max for the wonderful Guides n email replies

    I Learn how to root n install rom from your videos (the easiest way)

    Thanks again

  35. Roberto87 says:

    whats up Max!, sorry for the noob question, but how do i install Abyss Kernel, and where can i get it from? oh! and how do i know it is up and running after installing it? THANX!

  36. GoleN says:


    Thx for for the step by step guides u have made!=) Made it real easy to root and install custom ROM:)

  37. Alan Chan says:

    Everything seems fine so far. But, there is one thing quite annoying, ie, when and after making a phone call to a mobile phone, there is a message on the screen saying: “GuangxiNanning, Chongzuo
    call ended

    Anybody seing this message? And how do I get rid of it?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Alan!
      I get the same message but calling works perfectly fine. If you find away to get rid of the message, then please let me know 🙂

    • n3m3 says:

      Go go ‘Configurations’, then ‘Calls’, then ‘Phone number locator’ and disabled all the options ther. The weird messages in Chinese everytime you receive a call will disappear.

  38. n3m3 says:

    Go go ‘Configurations’, then ‘Calls’, then ‘Phone number locator’ and disabled all the options ther. The weird messages in Chinese everytime you receive a call will disappear.

  39. William says:

    Hi Max,

    May I suggest that you also review apps


  40. Alan Chan says:

    n3m3, Thanks a lot. Message gone now.

    opujn: Please read instruction given by n3m3.

  41. claudio says:

    battery sucks with. this room

  42. Alan Chan says:

    I am also interested to know about the battery performance of this Rom. Not sure if it is better than the stock Rom battery. Could some experts comment on this issue please. Is there anything to do to improve the battery performance of this Rom? Thanks.

    • claudio says:

      i install this room yesterday and never enter in deep sleep.

      • opiujn says:

        Deep sleep is working here, but running v8. I never checked if deep sleep worked or not while I still had v7 though, so I’m not sure if upgrading will be a solution or not for you. You can backup rom and test it perhaps =)

      • mark fish says:

        ive found if you turn phone off take battery out for few seconds and turn back on deep sleep works 🙂

  43. Eduardo says:

    Hi Max,

    did you ever answer Dinesh, i’m having the same message when i try to install the Crisklo ICS ROM ” E:/emmc/ (status 0) ,installation aborted.” I have the Bell Galaxy Note SGH-I717. my phone is rooted and running on the ICS Objection ROM.

    N.B on the Objection ICS ROM, the emergency feature on the lock screen always force crash the phone.


  44. nicholas lee says:

    oh man…. i just installed V7, now the V8 show up on XDA……..

  45. real says:

    The best ROM so far.No lag and battery life is amazing.believe me;-)

    • Gulraj says:

      Rocket rom V7 is better in terms of smoothness, battery, camera, no lags with dialer and contacts too.
      No wierd chinese names during calls. It has made my life easier 🙂

      So one can choose from Criskelo V8 (which carries camera fix and other fixes) or Rocket rom V7.

      Now waiting for a custom rom based on Jelly beans.

  46. Hi Max: Your site is useful. I really like the S3 theme pack and thus decided to go for Criskelo ICS ROM, but I am not able to find the V7 or V8 download links that the others are talking here, please help.

  47. Alan Chan says:

    Hi all,

    How to install Criskelo V8 from V7 correctly?

  48. William says:

    Hi Max,

    I like Criskelo ICS ROM much smoother from KD V2.0. I did not take a chance on KD V3.0 as I was not happy with KD V2.0

    I still feel the best ICS ROM is still to come which should be complete and balance.

    Best regards


  49. fijuuuu says:

    could you please try the new cyanogenmod 8 RC1. I`m very carefull with my Note since I fullbricked it. Important functionallity: S-Pen(Presure recognization). thnxs

    • fijuuuu says:

      I ment CM9 RC1………………………………………………………………………………………… 🙂

  50. myrooph says:

    Everything is working fine but Sim Toolkit (stk.apk) missing. how to install that? any one help me……

  51. Sundar says:

    I have tried kingdroid, criskelo, and rocket rom…
    The best is Rocketrom… in terms of battery and performance…. not going to change it.

  52. Me.KG says:

    i kinda have a problem with the open and close folder sounds.. how to disable the sound? its kinda annoying :/

  53. Nadeem says:

    Thanks alot max , I love the new criskelo rom , and could you please tell us when is the next rom coming 🙂 ? thank you again 🙂

  54. unclewizz says:

    Hi all. Having problems locking onto my wifi network. Anyone else have this problem.
    Any suggestions.

  55. Taller says:

    This ROM is just AWESOME. I just followed the instructions and now i have a brand new phone. Thanks Max and even more thanks to the makers of this ROM.

  56. lalz says:

    hey im new to this.. so can u please tell me haw to download this rom?? not the previous version

  57. matthew says:

    The rom is fast and smooth, but the screen capture by s-pen failed because it does not come with s-memo. i need to find the cwm zip from xda and flash it.

    • opìujn says:

      Hi Matthew!
      I had both S-Note and S-Memo. But I installed v8. Haven’t compared the changelog between v7 and v8 but if those apps are not available in v7 then maybe upgrading is an easy solution. No wipe required.

  58. opìujn says:

    Have someone else encountered the DF-BPA-09 error in Play Store? Have tried to clear cache and data for Play Store and browsers. Hope it is an temporary error, but it’s been for two days now 🙂

  59. Vishal says:

    Is there any way we can enable the on-screen keys???

  60. Vincent says:

    great! nice rom gonna try it out

  61. iqbal says:


    i have a galaxy note. already updated to ics by samsung. now android version 4.0.3. i would love to flash the custom rom criskelo ics v8 and would like to go over the steps with you :

    1. backup rom using cwm
    2. backup apps using titanium backup
    3. go to cwm
    4.wipe date/factory reset.
    5. install the criskelo ics v8 from sdcard
    6. if any additional file install it before reebot
    7. reboot phone

    questions :
    1. is this steps correct?
    2. at which step do i flash abbys kernel?
    3. this is my first time changing the rom from stock to custom. thus do i really need to flash with abbys kernel?

    your kind consideration are much appreciated.
    thank you.

  62. normano says:

    is version 8 any good???

    • opìujn says:

      It is good for sure 🙂 I haven’t bothered to look at the changelog but I don’t have the “bugs” I’ve read ppl mention they have in v8 so there are probably some nice improvements in v8 😀

  63. Ahmed LegenD says:

    Rocket Rom V7 is better than criskelo ROM in stability, battery life is awesome and performance is very good its the best ROM until now i hope you flash it and see by ur self…..

  64. William Wu says:

    I have experienced automatic redial of last call made very often. When you reboot after making the call then this does not happen.

    This seems to be a bug with this Criskelo ROM.

    PLease do take note and be aware.

    Best regards


    • opìujn says:

      Hi William!
      I’ve never had that problem on any rom. Right now I’m using Criskelo v8. If you like the rom except for the redial thing that happens on your phone, then maybe it’s worth to a try to reinstall it? =)

      • William says:

        Here is what I did and now the last call getting redial automatically as stopped.

        I replaced the Wallpaper “Dandelion” with a normal still image.

        All the best.


  65. sravan says:

    i installed criskelo rom,,it is pretty good ..and i m facing a prob……my screen after locking it ons and offs…..again i reinstalled criskelo…and again i m facing the same prob..can anyone help me

  66. William says:

    Hey max,

    what do you think about Criskelo V8 ROM?

    • G says:

      V8 = awesome! fast! best ROM i have used..and yes i know you asked MAX but i couldn’t help but give it a thumbs up!

  67. Luckidrag says:

    Hi all,

    Has not anybody noticed that the background scene also scroll on home screen as one turn from one page to another? It is kind of annoying! This does not happened on Galaxy S3! Also, when I select the potrait size for the home screen, it blows up (magnify) the picture!

    This happens to V7 and V8 of the rom! Is there any fix?

  68. Chris says:

    Hi Max, I am curretnly using Criskelo rom v6 on my note at the moment, and planning to upgrade to the lastest v8. I was just wondering if I need to do a wipe/factory reset before I flash the new rom. (I heard that wiping ICS4 might brick the device, so i m a bit worried on that), or can i just go to install from SD in CWM, then select the new rom to flash? I hope it can be that simple! haha Thanks 🙂

  69. William says:

    Hey Max,

    I have downloaded the Criskelo V8ROM and ICS Camera Fix file and ADDON S-Voice

    Now I have a question do I need to flash all 3 files?

    Or I can only flash the V8 ROM?

    Do I still have to flash Abysss Kernel first over my current Criskelo V7 ROM?



    • Max says:

      Shoild be fine just dont wipe.

      • Sundar says:

        Max…, need your advice badly.
        I think i Super bricked my phone. I was having problems with my mini usb port. connects and disconnects while being moved. I flashed it with stock GB via odin, presuming it would fix it. the problem persisted. the problem is i tried flashing it with stock ICS, i am stuck with factoryfs.img at around 90%. nothing works. only able to go to download mode.I have warranty, I am planning to tell them fault occured during upgrade from GB to ICS via kies due to the faulty mini USB port (frequent disconnection). flashed pit for 16GB and PDA for ICS. my question is will the samsung service people buy my explanation?

        • Shawn Ong says:

          hi Sundar….
          I experienced that too….it was motherboard!!!
          just sent it to samsung centre, i get mine fix …. yup they will buy your explanation.
          good luck on your warranty claim


          • Sundar says:

            Hi shawn,
            They accepted my mobile for repair. did the change of motherboard fix your mini USB problem? i.e disconnection and reconnection when being moved?

            • Shawn Ong says:

              hi Sundar,
              have you try another usb cable?
              probably it was the causes……

            • Shawn Ong says:

              hi Sundar,
              have you try another usb cable?
              probably it was the causes……

              • Sundar says:

                hi shawn,
                they are going to change the motherboard. i ll check and see when i recieve more custom rom… only rooted stock with juice defender ultimate…. i think when they change the motherboard, the mini usb also changes?

                • Shawn Ong says:

                  hi Sundar,

                  lets hope so…. but i still suspect that is the usb cable problem….. by the way, u can still use a custom rom if u want….

                  1. go back to Ginger Bread (Stock) using odin
                  2. root the device using Abyss Note kernel4.2CWTouch
                  3. flash the rom u want in recovery mode.

                  this is what i do to flash custom rom .
                  enjoy my friend

    • Bjorn says:

      Just put the files in you’re SD card, i’ve updated the rom today

      1. Copy files to SD card.
      2. Install zip from SD or internal SD (DO NOT WIPE!!!)
      3. Flash the other 2 files after you installed the rom

      The Svoice app is amazing by the way.

      • William says:

        Install zip from SD or internal SD (DO NOT WIPE!!!)
        what do you mean? do I use the internal CWM to do this install or use Abyss 4.2? or go to Recover using VolumUp+Power+middle button pressing.

        Best regards


        • opìujn says:

          Hi William!
          All you have to do if you are still on Criskelo v7 is to press volup+middle+power to enter recovery and then install the v8 rom. You can install the rom file only if you like and skip the other two files. Install and reboot, but don’t use any of the wipe options in recovery. Just install rom in recovery and reboot. No need to go back to Abyss 4.2 at all 🙂

  70. Bjorn says:

    Heey Max,

    You should do a revieuw of the V8 version

    it has more options in the settings and it comes with Svoice, and it’s working fine for me.
    hope you will give it a try

    Bjorn (from the netherlands)

  71. Vishal says:

    Please give download links for the Criskelo V8ROM and ICS Camera Fix file and ADDON S-Voice

  72. Chris says:

    I know this has been discussed on here several times but you have alot of roms that say best. Have a suggestion that may help you. Why dont you rate the roms on a number scale. like 1-10 for speed, 1-10 for looks, 1-10 for factory apps that work correctly (camera, bluetooth, s-pen for example), 1-10 add-ons, 1-10 for battery life. Then have an overall score for each rom

  73. markikswabe says:

    I’ve only tried 2 Roms in my galaxy note. And for me, I love both of them. Rocket Rom v7 is very stable, fast, and smooth. The other one is Goatrip 2.1 rom. I think this outpowered Rocket rom v7 a little in terms of features like different types of lock screens, Can be themed (although their are no other themes yet). Configurable battery icon and so on. It also has higher benchmark scores. 🙂 The only problem I have with Goatrip is its additional features are all in german but you can use your instinct to guess and their is the might google translate 🙂

  74. Bradley Fritts says:

    Is anyone else having issues with GPSD on the note since installing this rom?

    • opìujn says:

      Hiya Bradley! =)
      I only use GPS a few times a week, but haven’t had any problems so far. What problem/issue do you experience?

    • opìujn says:

      Try update to v8 if you haven’t already 😀

      • bradley says:

        V8 did it too. I’ve uninstalled all my apps and i’m adding them back one at a time. so i hope i can figuring it out. it i will drain a fully charged battery in under 2 hrs -_-‘

        • AniMach says:

          check in Cpu monitor .. if something is hoggin ur cpu !!!

        • opìujn says:

          Have you tried battery calibration? I’ve been doing it a few times and never noticed any difference. But maybe it will do on your device. Have you found out yet by checking cpu and battery usage?

  75. shahalim says:

    Hey Max, since criskelo 8 is out, waiting for your updates and links. Somehow i feel safer downloading stuff from ur links. Haha


  76. Amit says:

    Hi Max.,

    I have installed the new criskelo v9 over the v8 before that I have xperienced the kingdroid ics on the international note..All three have worked great so far….no hitches no lags just the only problem is the battery life which is the only question any idea if there is a rom which gives the similiar performance with an extended battery life…I have not yet tried the Rocket Rom as yet…can I get some comments on the guys who have been on Rocket Rom.

    Keep up the good work….

  77. AniMach says:

    This izz a nice ROM … i really like this … i changed ovr from stock ICS when update OTA updates spoiled my Note…. nice smooth interface .. and a nice theme battery life iz not really gr8 but acceptable for normal use….. phone stays pretty stable.. !

  78. russ says:

    hi there
    great ROM works fine for me is there anyway of improving the sound for video. it6s very poor at concerts
    i had a voodoo control sound on my galaxy s that was very good

  79. Amit says:

    I am so sorry guys it was the v8 which I have installed over the V7

    • Bjorn says:

      i thought so.. because V9 isn’t released haha

      • opìujn says:

        The funny thing is that there was actually an unofficial v9 released at the time you guys were talking about it 🙂 and for a while I thought I should download to see what it is, but changed my mind xD

  80. Jong[z] says:

    V8 in my view is not good enough
    the problem is usb connectivity.

    • opìujn says:

      Hi Jong! What kind of USB connectivity problem do you have? I connect my phone to computers and TV/monitor every day =)

  81. AniMach says:

    this criskelo V8 izzz awesome for music lovers … its beats audio plugin just tried it n it sounds WOW!!!

    • n3m3 says:

      My “awesome beats” does not work at all, and any other equalizer I tried after installing Criskelo doesn’t respond to the bass adjustment; only works with mid range and treble.

      Has anyone had the same problems?

      • AniMach says:

        no …not at all.. my awesome beats works .. n the bass adj in musicFx also wrks .. maybe therez some other issue that u might have missed.. check again.

  82. Gulraj says:

    Hi Max,

    You seem pretty busy though…..your last rom review was on 21st june…. are there going to be more reviews?
    thanks and regards

  83. Nikhil says:

    Hello All,

    I am newbie in installation process. This websites has given me very useful information how to root and how to install new ROM even if I could not view YOUTUBE from china.

    I will grateful if you help to confirm my steps which I have followed to install Criskelo ICS V7.

    I had GB 2.3.5 in my mobile(GT-N7000) without root.

    1. Root mobile using abbys kernel(ODIN method)
    –This steps gave me CWM and superuser, both were working fine.
    2. Backup ROM using CWM
    3. Backup application using Titanium Backup
    4. Copy custom ROM ( Criskelo ICS V7) to SD internal memory card
    5. Factory reset/wipe data using CWM
    6. Install custom ROM ( Criskelo ICS V7) from SD internal memory card using CWM
    7. Factory reset/wipe data/Wipe Dalvik cache using CWM
    8. Reboot
    —I tried to reboot but screen was struck, then I again rebooted two times as screen was struck..not sure why..may be it was taking more time to reboot than I had exptected…but later phone rebooted successfully.
    9. I installed Titanium Backup to restore users apps.
    10. CWM was already there after installation but I could not found i installed superuse from google market.
    11. LATER I opened root file exporer….and i want to change any file permission(Read/write/execute) then it wont change????any idea…

    Please confirm above steps are correct to root and install custom ROM


  84. Nikhil says:

    One more question….I had installed “root uninstaller” on GB 2.3.5 was working fine…but in Criskelo ICS does not work…get hang and later ask to force close. Please advise, any other good apps to uninstall system apps which I don’t need anymore.


  85. Amit says:

    Hi guys,

    I am facing a slight lag with the touchwiz on the V8 cause whenever I try to click on a link in the browser it seems like I have to touch the screen for 8 to 10 times before it gets selected. Is anyone facing the same problem???

  86. zack says:

    Hi max… I am new to custom rom flashing.. I wanna root and flash a new rom…
    Looking at the posts seems CRISKELO is the best but i still wanna have the samsung apps like s voice…

    Is there a way to have that in criskelo?

    I am on official ics..

  87. normano says:

    Kingdroid V4.3 is available now worth to try

  88. n3m3 says:

    Hey Max, are you OK?

  89. Jithesh says:

    Hi max..!! i cant install any Roms in my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 upadated to ics 4.0.3.. i rooted my phone n installed some custom roms like king droid n rocket rom.. it was working fine.. recently i miss something when am installing new rom.. so i cant install any roms now..? also restore backup too.. the problem is when am try to install new roms it stuck in the middle … after i have to remove battery n put it back. it will restarting as same. nothing change.. what i have to do..?? give me your valuable information.. thank you 🙁

    • gme says:

      Hi Jithesh, pls do below

      – start phone in cwm
      – flash
      – start in recovery again found in advanced
      – flash the
      – start in recovery again found in advanced
      – then do your flashing, etc…

      then advise outcome.

  90. mark fish says:

    Hey Max

    a few of the vids arnt working. Youtube saying account deleted or something. Im just after an install video or instructions. Coming from note n7000 gingerbread (standard) to Criscelo ROM

    Thanks in advance

    love your work keep it up 🙂

  91. Alex says:

    Hey Max, are you ok? It’s been ages since your last update here. Hope you on vacations! 😉

  92. n3m3 says:

    Hey guys, let’s help Max out . YouTube deleted his account and he’s trying to get it back.

    Let’s all sign up the petition to reinstate his account.

    Check below the e-mail I received from him, and do what is right: Help him out. It’ for our own sake:


    I don’t usually ask for help from people but I need your help to get your YouTube channel back.

    In case you didn’t know, my YouTube channel Zedomax was terminated with all of my near 2000 Android/tech tutorial videos removed. That is why you are not seeing my videos on my site right now, some of them are still alive but most of them are gone.

    If you can just sign this petition for me, I would highly appreciated and would help greatly getting my channel back, HUGE THANKS!

  93. zach says:

    Can anyone tell me if kingdroid v4.4 is better than criskelo v7? Thought max would be the first one to review it.

    • normano says:

      Kingdrois 4.3 nk 4.4 yet… I like criskelo v7. Im using kingdroid 4.3 now i like it, battery live much better than criskelo v8 and rocket rom v7

  94. mark fish says:

    Anyone!! I have installed Criollo ROM and can’t take a screenshot what is the combination???

  95. noobster says:


    I’ve noticed that my galaxy note, running on Criskelo ICS rom did not last long with battery. I’m using the lowest brightness possible and the highest processor possible. is it normal? or is it due to the overclocking?

    • AniMach says:

      refer speedmod kernel..!

      • noobster says:

        hmm, i dont get it, can i flash this kernel while running on Criskelo?

        • AniMach says:

          yup flash this kernel while running criskelo v8.. 2 get instant deep sleep .. n a much faster n efficient LINARO toolchained kernel => +performance, +battery

          • noobster says:

            oic. what do you mean by “instant deep sleep”? i dont get it.

            and another thing, how to know which version of criskelo my note is running on? i cant remeber which version i used. when i go to setting, the build no shows something like “CriskeloRom ICS ZCLP6” is that the version?

            sorry, im new to all this android stuff, a little bit noob, hope you dont mind showing me around.

            • AniMach says:

              lol.. deep sleep izz like a super powersaver mode… hence saving battery… n for the version look under ..rom version .

              • noobster says:

                oh. ok. do you have the link for the kernel? that suitable for CriskeloROM, been googling for it. most of the link are dead already.

              • noobster says:

                lol. flashed mine already. haha. thanks. I always have this thought “what happen if I bricked my phone?”, luckily so far nothing’s wrong with it, yet.

    • mark fish says:

      For me it was a sleep problem. I turned the phone off took battery out for a few secs and back on and sleep worked

  96. mark fish says:

    Cheers! Thanks for that

  97. AniMach says:

    does anyone get this ….>>e:unknown volume for path [sd-ext].. while wiping dalvik cache from cwm manager????? O.o

    • jerbs says:

      @AniMach Did you ever find a solution for this? I am also getting the error:
      “E: Unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]” while wiping dalvik cache from cwm

  98. aaron says:

    Hi All,

    I am using Criskelo V8.
    Battery is ok but I have this screen unlocking problem.
    When I press the home button, there are normally two scenarios:
    1. Late response (3 secs lag)
    2. No response at all and I have to press the power button to wake it up.

    Also, when somebody calls, it takes 2 secs for the phone screen to come up

    Are you guys facing this? What can I do to solve this.

    • opìujn says:

      Hi aaron!

      I’ve never had that problem in v8. Are you still on the kernel that came with Criskelo or have you changed kernel and made some cpu scaling settings? Once let my cpu scale from 25-1704Mhz in another rom and discovered similar problems.

    • Max says:

      I tried V8 but went back to V7 because of bugs. Well, I am waiting for V9 now.

      • Bjorn says:

        well max v9 is out now

        i’ve installed it with franco kernel and it’s a lot smoother in my opinion.

        and aaron maybe it helpes when you clean up you’re phone (Task killer)

      • William says:

        Hi Max,

        Have you tested Criskelo V9?



  99. Avi says:

    Hey max…when installing custom roms, do we need to check the modem versions? For example my phone has the xxlpy modem does that mean I can only install roms supporting this version? Thanks

  100. Matthew says:

    I’m using king droid 4.4 now, very smooth, no lag, perfect

  101. noobster says:

    hiya.I installed this ROM and flashed it with speedmod kernel, then today I noticed that I had this problem, my gyroscope, and accelerometer is not working! which means, motion-based games and apps cant be used. anyone with this problem? and anyone know how to fix this?

  102. Bjorn says:

    criskelo v9 is out now!!!

    • opiujn says:

      Yes, v9 got a very nice installer for sure. Wish more roms had that kind of installer =)

    • opìujn says:

      Hi Bjorn =)
      What do you think about v9 in comparison to v8 about “lag” in browser, drawer, scroll lists, Google Maps and so?

      • Bjorn says:

        It’s a lot smoother than v8, but i’ve got some crash problems.
        my note crashes and reboots again, but that was just 2 times.
        ics camera is working and things are more smooth than v8.
        the install wizard is easy to understand.
        and with the s voice app it makes it complete

        • opìujn says:

          Nice to hear it’s running fine on your note! =)
          I’ve tried the most roms out there, and the most versions of those roms too. The Criskelo v8 was very different from all the other though, running so extremely smooth. I installed v9 about 6 times today.. first 4 times (trying the different kernels with Criskelo theme), then two more times trying it with the kernels that seemed to be the most smooth with my phone together with stock theme. In all those installs rom seemed to work very fine, but sadly not as “close to perfect” as my v8, so I had to restored the v8 backup again 🙁 I’ll probably try v9 soon again and see if I manage to tweak it =)

          • Bjorn says:

            I’ve installed the samsung apps and used the criskelo’s theme for the toggles. the kernel i’m using is Franco Kernel R6.
            My phone got stuck this evening. And i needed to reboot it again.
            So i flashed the kernel manually in CMW.
            But the v9 is a lot smoother than v8 for me

            • opìujn says:

              v9 never got stuck or crashed while I used it, not on any of the kernels included with the installer. But on the other hand I didn’t run v9 for very long either. Next time installing it I will try to wipe my phone clean and begin from scratch instead to see if it makes any difference =) or perhaps I’ve made some settings before I can’t remember, in v8 that makes it run so nicely but disappear during upgrade, who knows =)

              • Bjorn says:

                I have no problems for now, sill on Franco kernel 6 and use the S3 launcher. runs super smooth and have a battery life of 2 days!!!

  103. Matthew says:

    Bjorn do you have the download link of criskelo v9

  104. John says:

    wanna ask
    after download Criskelo ICS ROM
    how to install?

    • Bjorn says:

      Install with Clockworkmod recovery.

      • John says:

        ok. i will go try later

        • Bjorn says:

          – boot in Clockworkmod recovery
          – No need to wipe becouse it’s a base rom (but you can wipe if you want)
          – Install zip from SD card or internal SD
          – Follow the installer
          – Enjoy

          tip: Flash with Franco Kernel, it’s the most smooth and stabel way

  105. normano says:

    Anyone having problem with wifi using criskelo v9?? Any sugestion on what kernel should i choose?? One of them the wifi doesnt work.

  106. rizandamom says:

    hi max.. I enjoy this criskelo rom rather than KD3.. Runs smooth and enjoy with apex launcer pro.. No problem at all… Hey, should i stay on abyss kernel or flash to franco #6? Whats these kernel s are really about? thanks for your great vids n reviews…

    • Bjorn says:

      if you want a better battery life than you should go to Franco Kernel and use th pagasusq mode. i’ve got a battery life of 2 days now!!!

      • Vishal says:


        I am using setcpu in pagasusq mode but I am not getting battery life anything close to 1 day also.. did you change anything apart from that.. I am using Franco Kernel..and V9 of Criskelo ROM.. what is your screen time on in battery? Mine is now 43 mins and I am 25% down on battery.. Overall battery on time is 2 hrs and 31 mins… so if you calculate by that logic, my phone will last max for 4 hrs of continuous use…

        • opiujn says:

          Hi Vishal! =)
          Lets face the facts now when you have been doing some calculations.That nice big, bright and vivid screen you got on your phone will for sure always be the thing that consume most of your battery (battery usage/min) if you run it continiously at full brightness, as long as nothing else is wrong/damaged with your phone of course. Therefor you can also kind of see it it this way: tweaking and settings you do for power saving is for what is left of the battery after screen usage. If your screen is continiously on with full brightness your battery will drain fast. If your screen is off the most of the time, then it could be a good idea to look into some power saving options so you don’t have to charge it all the time. Have a look at your battery usage over a period of time, lets say 24h, and you’ll know what to do. 🙂

          • Vishal says:

            Thanks for the reply opiujn. I am aware all those things.. just that Bjorn mentioned his battery last for 2 days with Franco kernel and setcpu in pagasusq mode.. so was curious to know more details.. I have already tried many things so my battery will last longer but i never got 2 days battery ever…
            Just one question, how do I check deep sleep mode is working properly?

            • opiujn says:

              Bjorn is right!! 🙂 With a good kernel and proper settings you can have your phone for about 2 days, and sometimes even longer than that too =) Once I didnt touch my note in 5 days and had about 15% left when I had it back. There is a big difference between the roms, and you can tweak those settings. But as soon as you turn on display/screen battery will start to drain quickly. Continues usage will drain battery fast on any rom for sure if using full brightness.
              CPU Spy is a free app on Play Store/Market that will show if your phone enter deep sleep or not

            • opiujn says:

              What I meant is that how long your battery lasts is pretty
              much up to how you use your phone, and if you rarely touch it, then kernels and settings will make a difference for sure! But if you often use your phone and screen light up bright, then your battery will be fucked no matter what rom you use, haha 😀

              • Bjorn says:

                i give you a few options that i’ve used

                – turn of auto sync
                – 30 sec to turn screen automatic off
                – turn off GPS (saves a lot!!!)
                – Task killer (the less apps, the more batterylife)
                – check if you CPU is going in “deep sleep” mode, if not check if you have running any apps on the background like a virusscanner
                – set brightness of automatic

                that are a few things that i did, and i still have a battery life of 2 days!!!
                hope that it will help you


                • Bjorn says:

                  – brightness ON automatic

                  sorry for the mistake

                  • Bjorn says:

                    if you want to check the CPU “deep sleep” mode you have to go to setting and see thrue the CPU apps

                    • Vishal says:

                      Everything is same… just tht my display is at manual lowest brightness..
                      May b I use a lot thts why it wont last for more than 12-14 hrs.. but thts good for me.. 🙂
                      I am planning to try CM9 RC2.. any review????

                • opiujn says:

                  Hi Bjorn =)
                  Just curious to know.. how many hours approximately do you have your display on during those 48h without charging, and at what brightness level?

                  • Bjorn says:

                    My brightness level is set on automatic. but i can’t reply that much on the topics now. i’m on vacation now in spain for 2 weeks (jeej)

                    • opiujn says:

                      Vacation in Spain sounds great!! 🙂 Hope you are having a good time over there right now! And maybe (hopefully) we are on Jellybean when you are back. If you really are into power saving on your phone, then try an app that automatically put your phone in flight mode from the time you go bed til the hour your morning alarm sound, that really makes a big difference to battery too. But perhaps you’ve made that already. Have a good time in Spain now! You are from Scandinavia, aren’t you? 🙂

    • Max says:

      If it’s working for you, just leave it! My advice. 🙂

  107. Amit says:

    Hi Max,

    Hearing a lot on this criskelo v9 I am presently on the kingdroid v4.4. I want to try this with criskelo v9. I have used criskelo v8 which was not so good as the criskelo v7 which was very smooth do I have to flash using the abyss kernel or is their any other method.

    Thank u


  108. mark fish says:

    @bjorn – Im on v8 at the moment so its safe to flash the franko zip in cwm recovery yea?

  109. vishal says:

    Jus flashed version… very smooth.. battery seems to b better.. Bt I m having priblem with Bluetooth…. I am unable to start the Bluetooth… any idea how to resolve this???

    • Bjorn says:

      i can’t start bleutooth eather, but it’s now a very big problem for me

      • mark fish says:

        Thanks for that. Also is everyone having problems with Bluetooth on v9??

        • n3m3 says:

          Believe it or not, after flasing v9, I had the same problem with bluetooth. After flashing v9 again, I gained bluetooth back, but lost wifi. Then flashed again, and wifi was back, but no bluetooth. I even tried differente modems and kernels, but it was either one, or another (about 12 flashes).

          Then, I decided to flash kingdroid 4.4. It all came back. Then, just for the heck of it, I tried flashing criskelo v9 again, and both wifi and bluetooth are working fine now. Actually, my battery life improved substantially. I’m up for 3 hours (light usage), and the meter still shows 100% battery – maybe it’s broken :< .

          • Bjorn says:

            sounds really weard. i don’t know why bluetooth an wifi aren’t workin sometimes.

            • Vishal says:

              Yea, overall its very good ROM. just once had some issue and had to restart the phone.. Bluetooth is not working… very smooth and quite fast.. but not as fast as Stock ROMs.. hopefully we will see this ROM with 4.1 early….

              • Vishal says:

                One More issue… Phone freezes thrice now and I had to reboot… No idea why this is happening.. Dont remember exactly, but I guess that happened when I used chrome extensively… May be something to do with it… Will reinstall chrome and see.. else will just flash v9 again…

  110. Abhishek says:

    Hi Max,

    This is the first rom i have ever flashed on a droid and i am feeling like
    an ass for why i kept using the slow samsung official rom for 6 monthes now. Lol
    Followed your advise to flash from abyss kernal.and everything went fine.
    Just a query should i go for v9 or v8 is as good. i personally have no problem with it.


    • Bjorn says:

      only the bleutooth isn’t working, but it’s a great rom

      • opiujn says:

        I only use bluetooth for my bt handsfree, for music with Spotify. That worked just fine. But didnt try any other kind of bt connections back then while I was running Criskelo on my phone.

  111. zuhairi says:

    Hi max!

    Cant i do the ROM straight away with odin??

    Can anyone give the guideline how to upgrade step by step coz the viedo above not working..

    • Bjorn says:

      – Download the ROM
      – Put in SD card
      – Reboot in CMW
      – flash abyss kernel
      – advanced – reboot recovery
      – Install zip from sd (if you comming from another criskelo rom, you do not need to wipe. but if you want it’s ok)
      – follow the install guide.

  112. papas says:

    I got the Criskelo v7 since a month now (~June 25). Got memory issues with games. They do not start:)

  113. Albert says:

    Hi Max,

    Just loaded in Criskelo on my GTN7000, everything went well except adding Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account.. it keep prompt “Unfortunately, Email has stopped.” Any idea?

  114. Vishal says:

    Has anyone tried CM9 RC2.. saw it on xda site.. this is very stable ICS ROM… they are claiming that even your mom can use it.. 😛

  115. kundie says:


    Please help me out, i flashed my note with criskelo rom and everything went fine till i need to use it and my phone wont respond to my finger touch but rather the stylus only.
    What did i do wrong i used the abyss kernel.

    please help me


  116. Bjorn says:

    and now we have criskelo 9.1

    • Vishal says:

      Is it a big change or just minor tweek?? Now I wanted to try 4.1 on my Note or a Stock ICS ROM to see the speed difference…

  117. yetryx says:

    alguien me puede decir como instalarlo algun video o tutorial

    ya soy superusuario y ya tengo un respaldo de mi rom y mis aplicaciones

    solo necesito guiarme para poderlo instalar


  118. Mangesh says:

    Adf. Ly sites does not open… It says Web Page not available…. Any solution…

    Gr8 rom till date….

  119. Telezakis says:

    Hi Max.! is there a chance to disable wallpapper scrolling in Criscelo Rom? currently i am on v 9.1

  120. John says:

    anyway to extend battery?
    cost so much battery

  121. Lalaji says:

    Hey guys, im gonna check out a new rom..
    So what u guys recomnd as the best ron for my galaxy note?
    Currently im running Chrack rom. Becouse i like its appearace..
    Plz give a hand.. Thank u!

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Lalaji =) It’s not easy to say what rom that is the “best” one. It’s pretty much a matter of taste and how you use your phone. I thought v8 of this rom was very good, in my opinion better than v7 or v9. Some ppl find other roms and/or rom versions are better. I’m running KingDroid 5 now and replaced TW with Nova Launcher (KD version 3 wasnt good for me at all, but v5 is great), KD looks pretty much like Criskelo, I prefer KD5 though. I suggest you just backup your current rom and try those you think look interesting. Hopefully you find a good one! 🙂 Criskelo rom is very stable and nice for sure.

      • Lalaji says:

        Thaks alot Opiujn…. 🙂
        Ill see.. By the way im concerning about the appearnce and the
        Speed.. Thanks alot for ur opinions dude. 🙂

        • opiujn says:

          It’s just my opinions but I dont think you will be disapointed if flashing one of those, atleast not if comparing with stock roms 🙂 .. in Criskelo and KD5 you get very good speed in launcher, menues, browser, scroll lists even though the Quadrant score isnt impressive at all, it’s actually very low unless you tweak settings and overclock. But KD5 I havent even bothered to overclock yet, just made high cpu scaling for “screen on”, its very fast and responsive anyways, much faster than stock ics for sure and even stock gb, I was impressed about its speed. Flashed almost every rom Ive found, but now I’ll probably settle for a while and stay with KD5 until jellybean roms are released. Maybe its a good idea to watch youtube vids before installing, to see what appearance look like. Happy Flashing! 🙂

  122. matthew says:

    any way or rom can get a finer volume control instead of 16 levels

  123. :) says:

    Just wondering..would i be able to flash this rom on 4.0.4 xxlrg?

  124. Zam says:


    i love this rom, before this i use rocket rom and i see that this criskelo rom i try it.. it was the best.. after 7 days of try.. i realise that this rom suddenly delete my application especially game.. i install the new one the old one gone.. what is frustrated was the game is still in my application when i check at the setting..

    can anybody tell me is the issue come from me or what???

    change back to rocketrom…

  125. William says:

    Hi All,

    Criskelo 11.1 is out!

  126. kim says:

    Oh sorry max! I confuse about flashing Rom, I noticed that My phone is currently in this rom
    but I can’t flash any rom or update, now its can’t flash super su now !

  127. Alejandro Aguila says:

    Hello everyone, does any of you guys know something about the playstation certified and bravia something that come with criskelo 11.1? I have it right now but i dont know for what it is any help please…

  128. Ivan says:

    Hello Max,
    I’ve just installed the Abyss Note Kernel and rebooted in Recovery Mode just like you did. What happens is that I’m now stuck on Clockwork Recovery Mode, without being able to scroll the options or even select the highlighted one which I’m stuck to. I’m able to get in Download Mode though, so I was wondering what can so that I can use my phone again? I really do hope you can help me out, because I think I can only manage to be calm for another hour before killing someone near me. Cheers and thanks in advance.

  129. Alejandro Aguila says:

    Hey guys please say something about playstation certified…

  130. Wendy says:

    Hi – I’m interested in trying out version 11.2 Criskelo ROM – newly released for the Note. Has anyone tried already? If so, what is it like – any issues/problems etc?
    Also, in the Aroma installer, which modem is best for the Note – there is a choice or 3-4 and I don’t know which to choose. I am in the UK on T Mobile, if this makes any difference.
    Finally, is it possible to move the Status bar clock over to the right?

    Thanks in advance.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Wendy,
      That was a bunch of tricky questions 😀 and I can only help you with one of those I think.
      Haven’t tried 11.2 yet but in the aroma installer for 11.1 you just make sure that “center clock theme” isn’t selected and your clock will be to the right. That probably goes for 11.2 also. Guess someone else here can advice you on the rest of your questions.

      • Wendy says:

        Great, thanks for that 🙂

        OK – can anyone advise me on which modem is best for the Note? There is a choice or 3-4 and I don’t know which to choose. I am in the UK on T Mobile, if this makes any difference.

    • Max says:

      I tried the latest version 11.2 yesterday but I didn’t like it much I like the older version better.

  131. Wendy says:

    Forgot to ask…which kernel should I select for best battery life please? Advice on all of these points would be really appreciated 🙂

    • rizandamom says:

      i’m on speedmodkernel k3-9 rite now… still on testing my battery testing. while sleeping i put my note in flightmode… 😛

  132. keyur says:

    I am having some problems with play store over wifi…i am unable to download any app via wifi. ..i can download the apps on data mode but not just wont do pls help

  133. simos says:

    Dear Max ,

    I have the followng problem .

    I decided to change from RocketRom to Criscelo .

    I did a wipe and tried to flash abyss kernel through CWM . The whole procedure stuck into “installing update” .

    Tried to flash directly the Criscelo rom but still stuck on installing .

    Rocketrom had a problem with the bluetooth . It was not turning on .

    Please help .


  134. rizandamom says:

    lastnite i migrated mynote from criskelo 7 to 11.2. Wow! I use the recommended setting via the aroma installer. I’m getting used to this new version. Last version (7) wasnot pleasing me, it frequently forced to restart after having a 5-7seconds hanging. I was using #6 franco kernel for the recent criskelo v7. Now i’m still on the rec9mmended setting for this 11.2. Have the cpu spy and other upgraded function. With the TB Pro i never lose my recent apps n data. Give this version 11.2 a try.

  135. Anthony says:

    Hi Max,
    I tired to charge my SGNote every 4-6 hours due to the battery weak and device was very heat, the internal temperature around 45-60 degree C. I charges my device 3-4 times per day now. I don’t know what’s wrong, I tried to wipe data / factory reset on and off. But seen the problem is same. I’m using Criskelo v7 ROM.
    Now, can I return to original or official ROM? How can I do it?

    Thanks in advanced.


    • rizandamom says:

      hi Anthony, as i’m online and reading your comment, i would share you mine. i had this experience with my note flashed Criskelo V7. But i changed the kernel to franco kernel #6. I managed to save the battery power: uncheck the gps,wifi, brightness (lower this) , auto syncronise, and data toggles! this tip can be found in your task manager. i upgraded to criskelo v11.2 from v 7 as the v7 always Force closes (maybe because of some uninstalling activities that i have done) … i don’t blame the franco kernel #6. once you need to activate data or gps or wifi, simply check the toggles. if there is no need, just uncheck it. try it.

    • Max says:

      You can try also installing setcpu and make sure governor is set to ondemand.

  136. Vishal says:

    Hi Guys…

    I am on criskelo V11.2. I want to go back to stock ROM since I am giving it someone. Please let me know steps to do it.

  137. mauricio says:

    has support of s-pen?

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