Crash ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out the all-new Crash ROM for your rooted Galaxy note GT-N7000! Notable features on this ROM features CRT-Off animation, Awesome Beats (only works with Google Music and Sony Walkman), Xperia Gallery, Chinese IME keyboard, Galaxy S3 live wallpapers, S-Voice and some more.

This ROM is very similar to other ICS ROMs out now but with a slightly different flavor. Give it a twirl and let me know what you think! (And yes, I am going to eventually work on my own ROM!)

For installation, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FLASH abyss kernel so you don’t brick!!!

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Download Crash ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

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Credits – XDA <---- donate to developer if you like this ROM!!!

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88 Responses to Crash ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. kartik says:

    very useful information like every time just one questin that how to change boot animation in gt n7000

    • opiujn says:

      Rom Toolbox is one of the apps from Play Store that you can use to change boot animation. Sometimes it work fine, sometimes not. So make a backup first and be prepared for boot loop =)

    • Max says:

      Download from and place the whole zip in /system/media directory with ES File Explorer, enable root/mount in settings.

  2. Jithesh says:

    for this Rom i am facing some problem with Titanium Back up application…….!! does anyone have same issue..??

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Jithesh! =)
      What kind of issues do you experience with TB? I restored about 80-90 user apps in this rom from TB earlier today without any problems. So far TB seem to work fine on my note. If you have some more detailes about your issue I guess I could test it.

    • Anibal says:

      Hy friend,

      Try “go backup” Apps. Is incorporated in the ROM. Or find it in play store for free.

  3. Adedokun says:

    I’ve just rooted my galaxy note gt7000. I want to know how to install romantic without pc

  4. Adedokun says:

    I’ve just rooted my galaxy note gt7000. I want to know how to install rom without pc

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Adedokun =)
      Max did video and text tutorials for this. Check out category “GALAXY NOTE RECOVERY” (link above)
      – How to install cwm
      – How to backup
      – How to avoid emmc brick
      – How to install gb/ics rom
      ..don’t forget to do a backup and carefully read about how you avoid emmc brick before you wipe.

  5. wagiono says:

    Good morning opiujn
    I have good experience this Crash ROM combine with Hydacore kernel ( now V 3 OC and V 3 STD ) .This kernel has MMC_CAP_ERASE REMOVED AND SAVE ALL WIPERS ON ALL ROM TYPES. ๐Ÿ™‚ Some time I change with kernel GL_NOTECORE_V14.2.HIGHRAMFIX.OC zip. also same result.
    yess prepare for brick The early symtom for brick is boot loop. There is reference for Save kernel, Borderline kernel and unsave kernel , But iI am forget the link . GL NOTECORE and Hydracore are included in save kernel..

  6. Anibal says:

    Good Morning

    I am using Crash ROM since July on this year (starting V7 version) Currently I use V8.2, last version since August 30.
    Itยดs perfect. No bugs, not fails. Runs with awesome velocity, battery remains in 40% after intensive use at the end of the day. (16 hours of intensive use)
    I installed the main version, mainly looking for a good performance of battery (recommended by the cooker ) but you can choose several kernels, themes, and others topics in the rom.
    installation: following cooker’s instructions carefully is absolutely secure and easy.
    In addition, I tested several cooked roms before crash for my Note, and always failed in some aspect, I knew about Crash’s rom by a friend and I can recommended it strongly.
    For detailed information, visit XDA developers forum site (English) and HTCmania forum site (Spanish)

  7. Anthony says:

    Hi all,
    I just tried Crash ROM these few days ago. This ROM quite nice and smooth, I think this ROM is better than Criskelo or Rocket ROM.(In my opinion). I love this ROM.
    I just want know something about ‘Drawer’ in Apps pages, can I combine some apps together into 1 folder? I know in the Apex Settings — Folder Settings — Auto merge folders, tick yes, then can be joint apps in 1 folder in Desktop Page.
    How can I do this in ‘Drawer’/ Apps page? I tried to double tap the apps icon, it go to that program. If I long press the apps icon, it will create a shortcut to the Desktop page.
    1 more question is, how can I freely arrange my Apps like drag and drop in ‘Drawer’ / Apps page? Is it only can done it in ‘Desktop’ page?

    Thank you.


    • opiujn says:

      Hi Anthony =)
      I use the drawer as little as possible, and dont remember about Apex. In Nova you press and hold drawer app and then move it to top right corner, to “group” that will appear, Nova is very similar to Apex so maybe its the same thing there. Ive not tried touchwiz launcher in ages, but in old versions you open drawer and klick the menu soft button and work your way from there, perhaps still the same in later version also. Does it work? If not let me know and I can check it out for the launcher you want to use

      • Anthony says:

        Thanks. But I tried your mentioned that still can not. When I press & hold the apps icon in drawer page, it directly go to desktop screen. At top of desktop screen, left corner is Uninstall, right corner is Apps Info. Other of these is create a shortcut to desktop.
        So, any thing I can try?

    • opiujn says:

      Have you tried “AppZorter”?

      • Anthony says:

        I Just downloaded & tried Appzorter. Nothing changr at all…

        • opiujn says:

          I just tested for a few minutes. Didnt find a way in Apex (but maybe there is,I dont know). In Nova I could make groups/folder, but didnt manage to freely move around apps in drawer. But in TouchWiz I could do both =)
          Go to TW launcher and open drawer. Make sure you are in the section for Apps (not widgets). Press menu button and tap on Edit. Tap and hold an app and you can move those around to rearrange, or tap and hold and move it to the bottom screen where folder options appear.

  8. Carlos Malanche says:

    fine… i liked!!!
    working S-pen!!!

  9. Leandro says:

    The best so far. I ve tried kingdroid, criskelo, and rocket before.

  10. Rimy says:

    I rooted my galaxy note, I installed kingdroid v3, I notice now that I have only 29mb rom memory remaining. Is this normal? if not how do I clean up the rom memory in order to increase it? I did not do a wipe when installing kingdroid. I would like to try crash rom but i am not sure if the low available memory will cause problems.

    • opiujn says:

      Are you sure it was not just what you for the moment had left as RAM? =)

      • Rimy says:

        I eventually installed Crash rom and wiped all cash and user data. After installing the rom I see that I have 79mb rom memory free. I have no idea if that is normal but everything works very perfectly so I do not really mind.

  11. tommy says:

    hi.I love this rom..ive tried olmost every rom on this site and beleve me..this is the one..for now..sorry for my bad english.i,m from holland

  12. tommy says:

    And i want to share s.omthing..i have never flashed abby.s kernel.and never had a this pure luck??..grrtzz tommy

    • opiujn says:

      either you had luck or a safe kernel or a safe chip when you wiped ๐Ÿ˜€

      • tommy says:

        Oke but I wiped the fone minimal 50 times,Ive tried a few different kernel and never give.s me problems..:-)..grtzz

        • tommy says:

          I am now on notecore v14.1…safe then??grtzz

        • opiujn says:

          Hi Tommy, I’m glad to hear you haven’t bricked. ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe you can wipe on unsafe kernels forever without bricking. Or maybe your phone will brick one day you don’t really feel like sending it to service center to wait and pay for motherboard replacement or jtag. I read at xda that notecore kernels are safe. I personally don’t know if its correct or not. You can download apps from market to see if you have a “dangerous” chip in your phone if you like.

  13. Martin says:

    Hi all,

    Is there any way to remove transparency in quickpanel?

    Thank you.

  14. opiujn says:

    Hi Rimy =) if the rom memory you are referring to is the same as system storage then I would say it’s normal and nothing to worry about. I got 68,25MB of that left after installing this rom. It should not cause any trouble while running your rom unless you find stuff you want to add to the system storage that exceeds what you have free there. And it should not be a problem to change rom either. You can use a root explorer to clean it up, go to system folder and delete stuff you don’t need, but be careful doing that because you can get bugs from removing files in there if you remove stuff you think you dont need, maybe your rom needs some of those things. I dont recommend it. Maybe you will not even be able to boot your rom afterwards so backup your rom before touching system files. I just removed s3 voice app from there and now I have 98,11MB free, LOL ๐Ÿ˜€

    • opiujn says:

      Another way to clean it up could be to use titanium backup and delete system stuff you don’t need. But backup first, because you might get your Crash rom completely crashed ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Rimy says:

        Thanks very much for your advice opiujn, I appreciate it, I read lots of positive things about Titanium Backup, I will definitely get it immediately.

        • opiujn says:

          To most of the times get a stable rom after TB restoring from an old to new rom I recommend you filter TB to backup and restore user apps, and avoid the system apps except for those you really need/want. And don’t forget to backup rom with cwm recovery once in s while =)

  15. tommy says:

    And flashed too with franco v5 and v6 no problem there..

  16. Rimy says:

    Can anybody tell me what the Dalvic cash is? Is it safe to Clean it up?

    • opiujn says:

      It’s usually safe to clean up dalvik. Don’t know how to explain what it is with a few words but you can Google it. Its the jvm applications cache. Clearing it will not trigger emmc brick. Make nandroid backups on regular basis if playing lot with cwm and system stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Tipos says:

    Hi guys,

    I really need help now. I flashed Abyss, did not perform a wipe and factory reset, boot into recovery again and flashed CRASH Rom. It started and tried to upgrade and optimize applications, first freezes when optimizing 222, after reboot, tried to optimize 184, then 77 and at the end it succeded in optimizing 32. Now when it starts, goes nuts, freezes and I can’t do anything. I can NOT boot into Recovery Mode again (with Vol Up+Home+Power), it just stays on the black ”Samsung Galaxy Note” screen. I booted into Download and pressed Volume UP by mistake. Now it is trying to Download something from Samsung, but the SIM card is out.
    First, can I interupt this Download (since its saying not to turn off target!)?
    Can you please help me get back into Recovery Mode?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Tipos!
      Your download mode is just waiting for you to play with it, in Odin. It’s actually not downloading anything. Turn off your phone. Remove/Insert battery, and (pwr+home+volup) to try enter cwm-r again. Does it work? Your phone is alive so probably no need to worry or panic yet

      • Tipos says:

        Hi, Opiujn,

        I’ve been waiting to hear from you. Yes, I tried that already. Removed the battery, waited, started again but no. It stays on the same black screen. With normal restart I can boot up into this freezing Crash ROM any time, but that has no point…

        Now what?

        Is this a new situation just discovered or…?

        • opiujn says:

          I have crashed my recovery before, but just a few times, so I don’t have much experience from it and maybe I’m not the one to further advice in this case. But your phone seem to be alive so I would be very surprised if you don’t get that Crash rom up and running soon =)
          Once when my cwm-r stopped working I used Odin 1.85 to flash Abyss4.2.. make sure you have update phone drivers on your pc before you attempt. This method will flash the kernel and make you rooted at once, but you will increase binary count. Ive also flashed stockrom with odin, that would repair your note.
          But I’ve only used Odin a few times and if you encounter trouble in there Im not so sure I can fix it

          • Tipos says:

            Wright. Maybe, I will have to go back to Odin again at the end of the day…
            I am also not an expert on Galaxy Note, but I also noticed that I lost the root access. The Crash ROM reports it before freezing. I am not sure if that has anything to do with booting into Recovery Mode.
            Maybe the phone is still rooted, but definitely the root access is denied, once the ROM boots up.

            • opiujn says:

              Try start phone in safe mode once and then start it normal again. If you are lucky you will at least be able to run your note till the end of the day without freezing at least, until its time for Odin. Your rom seem to have been screwed up, but you can fix root again if unrooted now. You will probably need to use odin if cwm-r doesnt work and rom freezes anyways

        • opiujn says:

          What happens by the way if you turn of your phone and power up phone by pressing (pwr+volup+home) and keep holding these button until your phone start and keep holding till it reboot again and still keep holding those buttons? Not even then able to enter recovery?

          • Tipos says:

            What do you mean by starting in the safe mode?
            By the way, nothing happens if I keep holding the buttons (Vol Up+Home+Power), it just stays at the same startup screen. But the phone is getting very hot as if it is permoring some sort of internal loops or the CPU is trying something real hard.

            How can I boot normally into the screwed up ROM (phone getting real hot also), and not boot into Recovery anyway? I mean, this must be some sort of a brick be it a soft or hard one…

            • opiujn says:

              Yes, you got a brick.. and hopefully it’s just a softbrick that easily can be fixed. To boot into safe mode you press and keep holding volup+voldown, power on and keep holding those buttons. That will boot your rom but not your user apps/settings. Have a feeling it doesn’t work now, but you can give it a try. If it doesn’t work I don’t know what else to try but Odin. We need Max to assist here.

              • Tipos says:

                Yes, we are going to need Max’s support here. Anyway, I cannot boot it again at all any more. I suppose it went dead due to the battery drain. Last time I restarted it it was on 17% only. From 89% when this happened to zero in less than an hour with all the attempts.
                If only I could get back into Recovery again (yeah, wright!). So, how to flash the Abyss kernel back into the phone, that is the question. We have a PC, an internet connection, USB cable with the f..d up phone and indefinite supply of chewing gums. Using Odin and the download mode?

                • opiujn says:

                  That was a very quick battery drain for sure =ol Yes, first a few gums to relax. Then make sure you have latest phone drivers on PC or drivers you know has worked before while flashing things with Odin. Abyss “tar file”, not the zip, connect note to pc with cable, enter download mode and make sure odin recognize your phone. Flash abyss or maybe a stock rom in PDA.

                  • Tipos says:

                    Ok, help me here please. I got Odin 1.85 running and phone recognized.
                    I got .tar file Abyss.

                    Now what?

                    • opiujn says:

                      Klick PDA to select the Abyss tar file. Flash it, and when done, try reboot your note into recovery again. And hopefully you manage to install Crash after that, but this time try to do a full wipe before installation.

                    • Tipos says:

                      I had to ask you this because thats exactly what I did in the first place. But, I ended up with the phone booting only in the start up screen with a yellow triangle this time around. Cant boot anything again, but the download mode.

                    • opiujn says:

                      Yes, when flashing with Odin you might increase binary count and yellow triangle will appear. But thats not much to worry about, it can be removed later on with for example Triangle Away app. I worry more about why you still can’t access cwm recovery. Guess you need to find someone hwo knows Odin better than me, and how to fix this in a “safe* way. Guess Max know, or xda. Did you try Odin flash a GB stock rom?

                    • Tipos says:

                      I did not try flashing a GB Rom. I have no idea what to try next.
                      How do you reach Max anyway?

    • Tipos says:

      One more info. It seems like the phone is not rooted any more.

      • Tipos says:

        Hey Opiujn,

        Just to let you know. I finally decided to go out on the web and find about flashing a stock ROM. Found a pre-rooted GB 2.3.6 and flashed it through Odin 1.85.
        Now, I am on fresh GingerBread!

        Now, I am going to proceed with the installation of CRASH again. I guess, I can flash Abyss again, do a complete wipe this time and flash CRASH straight?

        • opiujn says:

          Hi Tipos! =) nice to hear you are back on track. Yes, that thats the way to do it. Abyss4.2 again, full wipe and then rom installation. Sorry for the late reply, had a tough night and hurt my back so I almost couldn’t walk or breath today xD *i guess I bricked my back and arm* lol

          • Tipos says:

            Hey man, you got to watch your back. I had a similar problem with my spine and its not easy at all. Installed CWM again then ABYSS and finally the Crash. I can only say it was worth the effort. The rom is great! And the experience regarding a soft brick recovery is priceless.

            • opiujn says:

              Hi Tipos! =) I was lucky this time and didnt hurt spine, but two ribs broken. Crash is a great rom and I didnt know it existed until Max posted it here *Thanks Max!!* I had seen it before but back then I thought it was “Chracks” people meant. HydraCore oc 3.5 @1600 works very well too, adds a little extra boost without heating up much at all. Ive completely quit caring about benchmarks lately, but when I noticed how very fast this rom turned out to run on my phone compared to most other roms Ive tested I just had to install quadrant again, just to check for fun, and the range of 5 tests was 4905-5250.

  18. Abo says:

    plz help after my phone upgraded automatic to 4.0.4 i installed and super cwm to root it and then i installed aybass without rebooting then its start counting numbers to thousands so i had to remove the battery to stop it…..then i installed the crash rom but now its very lagging and keep saying “unforcinatly the process android.process.acore has stopped”
    so i reinstalled the crash rom but its still the same
    PLZZZZZZZZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tipos says:

      Hi Abo,

      I am not an expert, but I was helped when I needed it so I will try to assist you. You should have not removed the battery, instead, you should have just rebooted in the CWM recovery again, any time during the counting process.

      I can only suggest to try flash Abyss again from CWM, wipe/factory reset, check that you downloaded the CRASH rom correctly and install it again. It is difficult to understand why you have a problem with a particular app. I can only assume that if you wipe it and re-install it, that it will work again.

  19. mega says:

    hello there, i installed the crash rom then the samsung logo came and a small animated movie about red crash comes, and it restarts itself and the red crash again. i am new in the android world, could you help me get out of it please . thank you

  20. Rimy says:

    I installed Crash rom and it has been running on my phone for a week now. This rom is fantastic, the occasional freezes are something of the past. The only annoyance remaining was the slow standard phone app. I searched Play store and installed exDialer. This solved the problem and my dialer app is now instant and snappy. I love the way my Note is running now. I don’t believe it can get any better. Thanks again and again.

  21. Tommy says:

    now we wait for the note 2 jb rom for note;-)

  22. tommy says:

    Crashrom v9 is online..xda

  23. PhilipineNay123 says:

    Hi there, I flash this rom, but iโ€™m having a problem when playing games, back then when i was on rooted 2.3.5 gingerbread, my asphalt 6 works fine no lags. but when i flash this rom whenever i played ashphalt 6, it became laggy, not fullscreen, sometimes crash. and whenever iโ€™m not connected through wifi some of my games are laggy, but when iโ€™m connected vice versa? some of my games doesn’t work properly if i’m not connected in the wifi, even though they are lan games or non-wifi need.. any suggestions

  24. Amit says:

    Hi….I have been using this rom for the past one week very stable and smooth performance…but I have been having some issuses with my note not sure if its because of the rom…I am having this problems when I want to end my music player my note hangs for 15 seconds and I get a message Music Player unfortunately has stopped…The other issue is I sometimes get a Camera Failed message when I switch on the cam…I checked with the emmc brickbug check and passed it……Can I get some help on these issuses please….

  25. Amit says:

    Hello guys need some help on these issuses….

  26. Ante says:

    Hi, I flashed my GNote N7000 and i’m running this amazing rom, but i wanna switch to the new SweetROM and I have a problem…I can’t flash anything, like kernels or mods via CWM because CWM freezes and with this crash rom i didn’t get SuperSU or something like that (so I installed it from market but it gets force close…) so i’m wondering how can I make my CWM work properly so i could change the rom…i’m asking here because i think its rom related…thx

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