CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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Hey, long wait is over! CM10 Jelly Bean ROM is here for your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

Almost everything is working except Bluetooth which is great since you may be able to use it as daily driver. There still may be bugs so just be aware before flashing this ROM. Also do make a backup of your current ROM if you ever need to go back.

Update (7/27): GPS will only work correctly if you turn off Google location services.

But the CM10 Jelly Bean ROM looks pretty good so far with Netflix/Hulu working on top of 3G, 4G, and WiFi working.

Don’t wait, the time is now, try out Jelly Bean on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and let me know what you think!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you flash Abyss kernel then reboot into recovery BEFORE installing this ROM!


Download CM10 Jelly Bean ROM
Download JB Gapps

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Credits – XDA

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153 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. DavidH says:

    Crear! Just a preview, but really happy to see my Note running JB!

  2. DavidH says:

    Great! Just a preview, but really happy to see my Note running JB!

  3. Jay says:

    At&t note needs some Jelly been loving MAX

  4. PhazEmon says:

    How do I get the apps for this like PlayStore and what not?

  5. Shawn says:

    @PhazEmon, go to There is a gapps link in the JellyBean article for the Note. Very slow download link though so be patient. Thanks Max

  6. matthew says:

    does s pen work? eg screen capture?

  7. Simon says:

    if only it had bluetooth! DANG! i would have loaded it straight up!

  8. Anson says:

    While seeing Jellybean is finally on N7000, i am quite happy!! Although I like it so much, I did not flash it because S Pen is quite important for my daily usage, and I don’t want to lose the S pen function. Also, CM10 is a beta version. When it comes to stable, I will flash it for sure.

  9. fabian says:

    can i just go ahead and flash it if im in cm9? how i back up my current rom so i dont lose my apps and contacts and data?

    • Gulraj says:

      You must make a backup of your contacts, sms and other sensitive data.

      Use apps and methods like ‘export to SD card’ to back up contacts and sms.

      You can easily flash CM10 on CM9. For safety, you may use Abyss Kernel to flash it and then flash google apps for JB. Also do a ‘Data factory reset’ at last.

      That’s all πŸ™‚

  10. zaxis says:

    Hi Max,

    My keyboard is not working…

  11. Mondy says:

    id like to try this but im on stock ics (rooted of course) and it wont let me make nandroid backups of it. it sais dm5 miss mach. i did not rename the backups. is this normal and is there anyway around it?????? i tried like 10 but it soft bricked my fone.

    • Karim says:

      The way around it is to root your phone. Android is kind of stupid if it’s not rooted anyway.

      • mondy says:

        it is rooted.
        and its no use now.
        i think i have a hard brick. i had the stock ics rom on my note then i used recovery to wipe data factory reset. now i cant load any roms, reboot phone. tried using odin to restore to unroot but it didnt work. dang

      • icl0udn3t says:

        Android is awesome despite the CM10 bugs i am having but AWESOOOOOOOOOOME
        I wanna be a developer so soon

  12. wellandon says:

    hi max,this rom use abyss kernel to flash also?

  13. William says:

    Well Bluethoot is must for me.

    So I am not flashing this Jelly Baen ROM now.

    I shall wait.



  14. Ray... says:

    Can you set apps back with titanum in this ROM?
    On CM9 it was not recomand i’ve read on XDA.


    • DRKRpr says:

      If your apps were backed up on previous version ROMs, though you are advised not to do so, sometimes it may be possible. Other times, you may screw some things up. So don’t. End of story.

  15. Vishal says:

    Hi Max…
    What about Google Now.. New notification… Are all the new features covered in this ROM and they are working perfectly fine? Any Battery improvement?

    • Max says:

      Google Now works perfect! Battery life not so sure, about average I would say.

      • Vishal says:

        Thanks.. thn may be I will flash this on week end.. lets see…

        • Vishal says:

          Read the warning on XDA site about this ROM :
          Make sure to run CM9 or an AOSP-based ROM : FLASHING FROM STOCK ICS OR ROMS BASED ON STOCK ICS WILL RESULT IN A BRICK! – You’re warned!

          What does this means? I believe I should just follow normal steps to flash this ROM like.
          1. Flash Abys 4.2 kernel
          2. Wipe data
          3. Flash the downloaded zip file..
          4. Flash the gapps file..
          5. reboot the phone..

          Please let me know anything else needs to be taken care.

          • Max says:

            Yes the steps are right but between 1 and 2, MAKE SURE REBOOT RECOVERY!!!

            • Vishal says:

              I gen flash abys kernel thru PC Odin.. so it gen automatically goes in new recovery… Apart from no spen feature and missing bluetooth.. Did you find any other bugs..
              just want to be 110% sure before flashing this as it is a Beta one… going thru xda forum too.. heard many people hav bricked the device… may be due to wrong kernel use….

              • Max says:

                Bluetooth/GPS are broken, those are the only things not working at this point.

                • Vishal says:

                  GPS is important for me… will just flash see it for 1 day… may be will go back to Criskelo V10 if GPS fails….

                  • Vishal says:

                    getting error “could not download due to error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0]” while installing apps from market.. any suggestions???

                    • Vishal says:

                      GPS is surely not working.. even when the google services are disabled.. Bluetooth is not tht important do did not test yet…

  16. PhazEmon says:

    Any advice on how to unbrick a GT-N7000? I was trying to instal this rom and my phone shut off and just wont turn back on.

  17. Rai hemanta says:

    Thanks for jb.and one thing why the screen does not auto rotate while opening pics and videos even I have enable autorotate…any idea

  18. carlos says:

    Max :

    My Bluethoot its working PERFECT!!… …

    very good ROM!!!…..

    only Spen.. noooooo πŸ™

  19. opiujn says:

    I would guess this is a rom most people install just to exeperience what jellybean could be like, for a little while, from curiousity. But most people will then go back to their previous favourite rom and wait for Cyanogenmod and other devs/teams to release the real deal. =)

  20. hey says:

    hi! can you do a full listing of application safe to remove for the galaxy note GT-7000

  21. Victor says:

    When I install the other ROMs on My Samsung Galaxy Note i717. It doesnt work with Mobilicity’s Network(Same as T-Mobile) The only ROM that works is SAUROM. I want Ice Cream Sandwhich without a buggy performance. Im also using the VK1 T-Mobile Radio (Only Works with SAUROM).

  22. DRKRpr says:

    Got issues to report with this port! For my case, there was a hiccup with Gapps, input with any form of keyboards – stock, previously installed, etc. Keeps burping error popups.

    Another, was with app installation. Try installing one from Play (on phone), crashes. Try from PC (, doesn’t initiate installation.

    No choice at that point but to wait for a stable release. /:

    • vishal says:

      I had same issue but with apps crash in and keyboard issue.. it was my mistake though… I didn’t wipe before installing this ROM….
      About 2nd issue… I just added another Google account.. restarted cell phone and that’s it… it worked perfectly…. few minor thing but still this is very smooth and most of the major stuff is working….

      • DRKRpr says:

        So you’re saying, all I have to do is wipe, and it will work as advertised?

        • vishal says:

          At least me it worked 2nd time… and it was mentioned on xda also to wipe before u install this ROM.. BT make sure u install abys kernel and wipe the data… battery is bad… but its not very bad.. its been 7 hrs and battery is 60% left…

          • DRKRpr says:

            Hi, thanks! It’s working almost flawless for me after the wipe, just lacking the butter part!

            • Vishal says:

              thats great… I found its very smooth.. compared to other TW ROM.. specially Google Now… its awesome and looks like a major useful app.. yesterday used it for almost more than 4-5 times… πŸ™‚
              Yet to test GPS and Bluetooth.. Just had crash once but I was trying to do things too fast… at start thought battery is not good but it held well…
              Minor bug for is, I was unable to sync my pics with Picasa… i.e. Gallery is not working properly for me..
              2nd thing is, unable to use SD card in camera.. default is inbuit memory.. so no using Google+ insta upload to private camera album… as a work around…

              • Vishal says:

                Mapquest is working properly but not google maps… still okay for me.. expecting the issue has been resolved in next preview… πŸ™‚

  23. I want the full working stable release, so the wait goes on…. still alba rom thanks, for JB yet no thanks.

  24. Rai hemanta says:

    I used this rom for 2 days. .battery sucks, a full charged battery only last for an hour (10% left).so now i am not using it anymore. ..Any way great job Maxx

  25. Rai hemanta says:

    I dont know but without using the phone also it gets heat and drains all the battery .before i normally used up to 5 hours in a single charge ,but after i flash it rarely 1 hour …

    • DRKRpr says:

      It went fine for me. Try wiping your phone data head to toe, then re-flash ROM. Do not attempt to restore apps via Titanium Backup or similar backup solutions.

    • Vishal says:

      try flashing it again.. whole Sunday I used my Phone and at night battery was almost 30% which is very good for me… after installing try one more thing.. just power off the phone.. remove battery and place it again.. install app cpu spy and check deep sleep more is working or not.. also put the brightness on AUTO mode or minimum brightness…

  26. Goran says:


    I love this ROM but my GF is taking the phone off me at the end of the week and she wants TW so i need to install Criskelo or another ICS rom.

    Do I flash Abyss kernal then Criskelo rom or is there another way to go from JB back to ICS?

    Cheers for your awesome vids and keep up the good work!!!

  27. Lorenzo says:

    Hi, 3g is not working on my phone, any help?

  28. Dennis says:

    screen rotation does not work for my.. does anyone encounter the same problem?

  29. Sameer Khojla says:

    Hi Max thx for Great News JB well i want to ask that Titanium Backup and Restore Works with CM9 JB ????

    • DRKRpr says:

      Firstly, are you referring to CM9, which is based on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), or CM10, based on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)?

      Assuming CM10; which is most likely why you’re here, try not to. Compatability issues. But if you go ahead and restore anyways, good luck. πŸ˜›

  30. dan.... says:

    im running stock 4.0 rom, can i install via instructions above or do i need anything else
    kernel version: xxlq2

  31. hasan says:

    hi bro, google play in my phone is not working.. why? (after install this ROM) help me..

    • DRKRpr says:

      Assuming Gapps installed and you can see Google Play on your phone, enter recovery and do a wipe. Before you do that, remember to flash Abyss kernel first, just in case you have a EMMC-prone kernel currently flashed.

  32. Ino says:

    Hi can anybody do a step by step on how to install this coming.from ics custom rom. Im on Cleanote 3.10 now.
    Tell me if this step works:
    1. Flash in recovery mode
    2. Flash abyss kernel 4.2
    3. Go to advance and reboot recovery
    4. Wipe cache
    5. Wipe dalvik
    6. Wipe data/factory
    7. install the zip file
    8. Install gapps
    9. Reboot
    please can anyone confirm the steps above?

  33. amithslk says:

    kingdroid v7.1 with aroma installer available

    the best i ever used. hope max will make a review on this. ROM OF THE YEAR!!!!!

  34. dan.... says:

    iv heard alot of people say you have to be on cm9 or gingerbread to be able to install this rom, is this true.
    i am already rooted with cwm installed.
    sorry very worried as last time i tried to install paranoid rom completly bricked my last halaxy note
    thanks dan

  35. Jek says:

    With Tmobile’s version coming out on the 8th August, Do you think the Tmobile modem and ICS be available for ATT version?

  36. dan... says:

    Up and running!!!
    Had to downgrage from stock ICS to gingerbread then re-root then install.
    DPI settings seem a bit off, I.e home screens went used to there full potential and lock screen slightly off centered.
    The most annoying thing is auto rotate not working tried method above but didn’t resolve issue.
    Other than those things everything works perfectly and when used with nova launcher aswell it is quite easily used as daily driver IMO πŸ™‚
    Voice search is amazing!!

    Can’t wait for the real deal!!

  37. Fabian gamboa says:

    Hello guys

    How can i fix the gps issue, I tried Turning off the Google location but still i dont get signal.

  38. raghav says:

    hey it works just fine but my battery way too worst…i got my bluetooth , wifi ,gps,…all works awsome,,and its awsomely fast…but still needs lots of improvement

  39. LegoBoy says:

    Hey guys …. I just flashed this rom but stuck on the boot screen I think. I’ve tried to boot into cwm with the button combo but it won’t get me into cwm

    I NEED HELP SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please replay ASAP

    • Vishal says:

      Did you flash abys kernel before flashing this ROM?
      Can you go into download mode?? If so, connect phone to PC.. go to download mode and flash abys kernel using PC ODIN.. and then flash the ROM again.. you should be good..

  40. Aboud says:

    Hi How R U ?
    Thanks for your nice ROM But i have problem my phone does not ROTATING What can i do ? please help

  41. William says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for the JB ROM test, I will pass this ROM as without Bluetooth using GN GT N7000 is a pain.

    everytime putting the big device against ones ear is not a practical idea.

    Best regards


  42. Matthew says:

    really want to try

  43. Frenza says:

    ahh the orientation not working. now i have to do it manually

  44. Jignesh says:

    Hey Max,

    I’m on stock ICS and rooted with your method but didn’t install the Franco Kernel. Anyways, are you sure that I wont brick my phone if I install Abyss kernel and then Install CM10 in recovery mode.

    I just want to be sure. Reply soon.


    • DanteSpec says:

      Guys, please remember that any of us make responsible for any damage caused to your smartphone!

      Since people start using the Abyss kernel, the amount of users doing custom roms installations that have bricked their GT N7000 are minimum, how ever it still being the possibility if you do something wrong.

      You are doing this under your own risk.

      PD> I did the installation on my own GT N7000 and had no issues.

  45. Jignesh says:

    Hey Max,

    Was verifying whether the ‘reboot in recovery mode’ of works fine.
    I didnt install anything yet,was just checking. The Phoneshows

    “ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.1.5”
    and it is just doing something. I see increasing numbers. What should I do?
    Reply soon.

  46. Frenza says:

    everything works fine and the orientation on this one cm-10-20120803-UNOFFICIAL-n7000

  47. Nitish Saxena says:

    You could also have a look at Half Illusion JB which is built on AOKP.

  48. Yash says:

    hey i am new to flashing and all related stuff.
    my situation is,
    i am on this ROM at the moment.

    if i go into recovery, flash abyss kernel, reboot recovery, wipe data/cache, and then install from SD card n select a STOCK ICS ROM, will it work?

    and also will i loose my root?

  49. SomeGuy says:

    I made the jump from the iphone 4S to the N7000 (my first android phone after years of iphones) a few months ago. Since then thanks to your site I have been flashing ROMs like a champ. So far I have used Rocket, King Droid and Criskelo.
    After a bit of a rough start with CM10 because I skipped a step in the loading process got CM10 working. Love it so far after a few days. The look is clean, I am getting better battery life … though not having blue tooth is a bummer. The S Pen has a huge lag when used in Evernote , but works fine on apps like Sketchbook. This ROM functions faster and smoother than the others I’ve tried in my opinion. If only the blue tooth and S-Pen issues could be fix this ROM would be damn near perfect. Is it possible to edit the desktop though? For example deleting or adding pages, or expanding the app grid. Can’t seem to find a way to edit the desktop.

  50. tappajakettu says:

    tried this but auto-rotate, gps, bt, viber etc. did not work so just flashed back to paranoidandroid and love it.
    i do not recomend this to anyone :s

    • Vishal says:

      there is build 3 ready and except bluetooth everything is working fine.. smoother than any other ROM… I belive by next release everything will work… still butterly part is missing though…

  51. RajaGanesh says:

    There is no mass storage [external SD card]….. please help [i am in Paranoid A v1.3 (CM10)] its running fine.. but no mass storage can you please please help me

    thanks in advance

  52. RajaGanesh says:

    There is no mass storage [external SD card]….. please help [i am in Paranoid A v1.3 (CM10)] its running fine.. but no mass storage can you please please help me

    thanks in advance

  53. agboa says:

    Check in /mnt/sdcard and you will see the list. The external card is sdcard1

  54. Jody says:

    Hi Max,

    You mentioned on another vid that dual boot will be coming, I just saw mention of it on another site!/2012/07/dual-boot-g-note-gt-n7000.html
    Not sure if this is real or not but would love for you to validate and if true do a vid on it.


  55. HAPPY note:) says:

    great site:! but i don’t like to download it coz its so stupid to downlaod 1gb or 400 500 mb for only a try:S my current net is 20kb/s my new wimax is 1mpbs and its limited to 4gb per mounth:S so i need to pay 5$ for each adddition GB but its freee at 2am-8am

  56. Jek says:

    Tmobile’s out with its Note. Does anyone know when we can expect Tmobile’s modem and ICS?

  57. dan... says:

    Now running on preview 3.
    Auto rotate now works
    No problem with Bluetooth works fine in the car.
    DPI settings of home screens still not right but nova launcher is the perfect fix for that.
    Can’t wait for butter smooth, cause this is such a zippy ROM already everything to me already feels butter smooth
    Keep up the good work cm team!!

  58. Oliver Cross says:

    Anyone sorted the auto rotation, I love the ROM but can’t really use the phone without the rotation fixed.

  59. 3arb4day says:


  60. kenny says:

    its does not read my external memory card

  61. SomeGuy says:

    I know the ICS ROMs out there are far more stable, but its hard not to jump into the Jelly Bean pool just because it’s there (or maybe that’s just me). Running the Half Illusion ROM right now … still putting it through it’s paces but so far so good.

  62. susanim says:

    I ‘m using GB galaxy note gt-n7000 now Any one can tell me pls how can i get up to ICS ?

  63. bashizip says:

    I think i have a hard brick too πŸ™ ; Any solution there?

  64. Ethen says:

    Dear Max,
    Thanks Pal for wonderful work…i am trying to install CM10 jellybean on my GT-N7000 4.0.4 DDLR1, surfed like 100 pages everywhere…
    let me know if i can directly install CM10 on my 4.0.4 DDLR1(rooted) or i need to roll back to GB ? secondly do need to install CM9 and then CM10???
    Awaiting your reply…
    Thanks in Advance…

    • Max says:

      You can install directly but flash abyss kernel beforehand.

      • Ethen says:

        installd succefully…works pretty fine…just a little question is there any way i can get read of “google now” button on top of main screen? its kind of blocking my wallpaper…just to add somewhr in process i got yellow triangle and binary count to 1…however “triangle away” worked pretty well on this 1 and i got rid of both…
        Thanks for all knowledge Max…

  65. Ankit says:

    does nfc works in this rom?

  66. NOX says:

    The NFC is optional it comes supplied with the sim card.

    BTW: Does it have Project Butter ??

  67. Fernando says:

    How can i make the H+ work, i mean i try to put in the apn names and it works but only for a while…is there anyway to make it work on the mobile network?!!!

  68. Leonytas says:

    what shud i do to install windows os on my gtn7000???

  69. khan says:

    max i love the new jelly bean
    bt there is a problem i just cant find any file explorer with it

    i folowed all the steps have i done something wrong ????

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