Carbon ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.2.2]

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For those of you looking for a good Android 4.2.2 ROM, check out the Carbon ROM. Based on Android 4.2.2, the Carbon ROM is a “new kid” on the block offering UI customization a lot like AOKP but slightly different and “new”. I’ve been following their ROMs and testing them since Carbon Team has released their first Android 4.2.2 ROMs on the Note 2 and they are beginning to look like a solid team of ROM developers with new features like notification shortcuts (up to 16!) that no one else offers.

Their latest version on the GT-N7000 seems pretty solid so if you want to try some new ROMs, definitely give Carbon ROM a try this week and do let me know what you think of Carbon ROMs.


Download Carbon ROM

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (most likely needed, if you want to try without, just make a backup ROM, and backup your apps!!!), install ROM, reboot.

Once rebooted successfully into the ROM, if missing Play Store, install Gapps in recovery.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the ROM devs if you like this ROM, thanks!

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39 Responses to Carbon ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Android 4.2.2]

  1. vijay says:

    hi max, if we want to install this rom which kernel we have to use to flash.

  2. Rahul says:

    same question….
    which kernel should i use to flash this rom….
    i am already using a custom jellybean rom…
    plzzz do reply

  3. Lou says:

    Hi Max… you seem to like (and recommend) LMT very much, but in my phone in all cases happens to be a huge RAM hog!…. do you (or anyone else) also have this issue??

  4. Abdullah says:

    It is very nice and fast but it is too bad that it does not have samsung apps such as snote. Also, contacts are diffucult to organize.

    • Tay Chun Min says:

      Sir, please do note that this is an *AOSP* ROM. Android Open Source Project, meaning straight from the Nexus. Samsung apps are Samsung. By flashing an AOSP / AOKP / CM ROM, you are agreeing to leave the realm of TouchWiz and their Samsung bloatware (500+ MBs of them) such as S Note, S Memo.

  5. aliahmed says:

    is snote in this rom is Enabled

  6. vijay says:

    after flashing this rom my note stuck and now i have to replace my motherboard bad for me……………….

  7. vijay says:

    thanks max for ur reply, my note screen is on and when i try to install custom rom it stuck at factoryfs and giving no response.i restart my phone and again try to install but result was same….

  8. Jason says:

    running this rom a few days now, so far so good. Stable and fast, great battery life… I would like to get overclocking access. I heard AOSP have a kernal for it, do you know where i can dl it ?

  9. Efren Sy says:

    I flashed this ROM correctly and then the gapps. I just want to ask how to take screenshots and where can I find S-Pen Apps?
    or other S-Pen related features?


  10. Habib says:

    When I tray to install this rom I had a massage in the end of installation says (installation aborted)
    I use galaxy note international version with ultimate XXLSC rom

  11. Amol Birje says:

    I flashed the rom with success but I don’t know how but I am getting language other than english. How to change my device language to english?

  12. Addie says:


    • Addie says:

      i did go to setting-sound and under the SYSTEM i unclick the TOUCH SOUND..but still have the clicking sound while using the keyboards.

  13. Frohbaer says:

    Hey Max, i don’t know why, but can’t download any of your Roms. Already disabled the Adblock… still it only shows “Please wait”.

  14. Kamal says:

    Hi. I’ve just rooted my Note and right now I’m rocking the franco kernel. I want to flash this ROM. As I’ve read the comments, do I have to flash the abyss kernel?

  15. Tarek ElGeresy says:

    trying to flash rom but always getting an error message
    installation aborted error 7 ???
    what should i do ?
    also another question , if i install this rom i know there will be no S Pen apps, but will the spen it self work ?

    • Kamal says:

      What I did was flashing the latest cm10 kernel. Reboot system. Then do a full wipe and then flash the ROM. Remember to backup your current ROM first.

      The S pen works.

    • Ankit Soni says:

      Dear Tarek,

      I think you would need to flash the kernal first and than flash the ROM..

  16. Ankit Soni says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks !!!

    This is an amazing ROM, I specially like the customization options available with this ROM and Battery Life is just outstanding for an average user like me single charge lasted for 29+ hrs which is amazing.

    After installing this ROM my total RAM rounds up to 779 MB where in my stock Jelly Bean was showing around 840MB+ of total RAM, Is there a way i can increase the RAM amount back to 840MB+ which i had while using my stock ROM. Any adivse would be greatly appreciated.


  17. Tom says:

    Hey max, Been running the latest version of this ROM for a few weeks but I’ve noticed recently the phone gets mega hot and the battery life and charging sucks any help ? Also do you know any compatible kernels for the gt n7000 that support fast charge that I can run with this ROM ?? Thank you in advance

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