Carbon ROM Android 4.3.1 for Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000/SGH-i717/SGH-T879]

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For this week’s Galaxy Note ROM of the week, check out Carbon ROM with Android 4.3.1 for all international GT-N7000, AT&T SGH-i717, and T-Mobile SGH-T879 Notes.

Carbon ROM is an AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?) with the latest (and greatest) Android 4.3.1 baked in so you can enjoy the best of latest Android OS plus an awesome set of UI/system customization offered by “Carbon Fibers” settings, very similar to AOKP ROM Control Settings.  You will also get the latest HALO floating notifications from ParanoidAndroid custom ROM.

I’ve probably tried countless Android 4.3 ROMs and have to say Carbon Team has one of the most solid Android 4.3 builds out there on many different Android devices I’ve tried.  And of course Carbon ROM is one of the first to offer Android 4.3.1, so you can’t go wrong with that either.

If you are looking for good Android 4.3.1 ROM and you haven’t tried Carbon ROM yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Carbon ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Download Carbon ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717

Download Carbon ROM for T-Mobile Galaxy Note SGH-T879

Download Android 4.3 Gapps (DO NOT USE Android 4.2 Gapps or 4.3 Gapps dated July, must use this Gapps with August 2013 date!!!)

To install, reboot into recovery, make backup ROM, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

You can get the latest Android 4.3 Photosphere camera here.  And if you want flash player on stock browser, just install Flash Player APK.

Credits – GT-N7000, SGH-i717 <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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36 Responses to Carbon ROM Android 4.3.1 for Galaxy Note! [GT-N7000/SGH-i717/SGH-T879]

  1. sudip says:

    how is the battery life

  2. laanro says:

    Cant download any app, cos it keeps on saying i dont have enough room :s Bit strange, cos i have GB’s of room.

  3. Hieu Nguyen says:

    When I open Gallery, it always reset my phone.

  4. Yatesh says:

    I love this ROM ..I installed it as soon as I saw your review …but if I reboot my phone or power it off and then on…it goes into bootloop….it stops in that carbon logo after I restart my phone …pls help

  5. craszh says:

    I installed this ROM yesterday, but today they have an updated version so I installed that. I think it’s a bug that 4.3 and up have issue with lock screen wake up when press the power button. The updated today cause that to my phone again. I don’t remember it does that yesterday with your ROM MAX. I’ve been using the stock 4.1.2 for a few weeks and it never reboot on me, but it lag big time. So I give this ROM a try and it does seem to be more faster, but still the benchmark is low. I check Quadrant Standard app under System Information and current frequency only at 1242Mhz and not at it full 1512Mhz. Do you know how to fix this? I’ve check the system under performance and Maximum CPU frequency is at 1512Mhz, but it never go above 1242Mhz. If you can let me know how to get the CPU to work at it full speed that would be great. Thanks

  6. Anba says:

    I have installed this ROM last night and managed to installed all my app back.
    It was working fine for 3hrs only and then got freezed.

    1st- I tried to reboot phone manually by pressing volume key,off button and menu key. Still cant load.
    2nd- I tried to delete all data,catch memory and re-do it again but still cant load.
    3rd- I installed back my previous Nexus ROM

    Probably you guys can take a look the reason why it happen and is there anyone else having the same issues like mine.

    THank you.

  7. 6pack says:

    when i press the power button on after the phone is sleeping the screen doesn’t come on .

  8. William says:

    Max thank you for your work, please let me know how can I recover S Note application?

  9. William says:

    by the way I installed carbon rom in my galaxy note, by now it´s working fine. But I´d like to recover several apps like S Note as I said.

    • Batman2013 says:

      You can’t install the Samsung “S” series of apps (S-Note, S-Voice etc) as they require Touch Wiz launcher. Only available on either Stock Samsung ROMS, or Custom Roms based on them. AOKP is ported from pure Android.

  10. MrMaji says:

    I downloaded this ROM because the PacMan ROM started acting up over the last month. This app works well with my note phone but If I go back into recovery to back it up it doesn’t boot up past the initial Samsung screen. The carbon logo doesn’t display and after a while in that state (if it comes up) you have to re-input your personal info and setting into the GUI for Google and Carbon.
    How do I eliminate this from happening?

  11. concrete says:

    how do we install apps?
    i need to install titanium for my apps.


  12. Dan M says:

    Well done, this rom is the best. I have had know issues what so ever. The carbon fiber setting has customization for just about everything. Very smooth and reliable.

  13. Sameer Ahmed Khan says:

    Hi , i have galaxy note GT-N7000 when ever i install the custom rom every i get 3 Mobile Broadcast alert which has strange symbols in it .. when i click ok , it goes away however i get the same alerts every 1 minute and they keep coming whether i ignore them or click on OK . I am facing the same issue when i installed ParanoidAndroid 3+ . i guess it is an issue with cynogenMod interface because both have the same interface . Alliance ROM works fine . is there a fix for the issue i justr mentioned , if there is one it would be great . loking forward for response .


  14. Ankit says:

    I have been on Carbon Rom 4.2.2 for atleast 4+ months and nerver had an issue with the ROM, Seeing the comments above makes me wonder as does this people actually see the filename before downloading the ROMS… I mean it has “Nightly” word in the name of the ROM file which makes it obvious that this ROM is still under development and yet to have a “Stable” Release for the said rom..

  15. sudip says:

    Guys…. Please Tell Me Hows The Battery Life?

  16. Tushar says:

    I just installed it to my Note GTN7000, works smooth without any issue. Battery life is good and memory consumption is less. But when you enable usb mass storage via data cable its getting freeze.Pls let me know any fix or patch.

  17. Dhiren says:

    Hi ! Max…
    I have installed Carbon rom but facing some issues like my Contacts are not at all synced with Whatsapp & so all my contacts are visible as numbers & not by names. Also Gmail’s Auto sync option is disabled automatically.
    i have installed gapps also but still some issues.

    Please help me…

  18. UMAR CHAUDHARU says:

    How to install please tell me step be step
    thank you!!!!!!!

  19. Habib says:

    how to overclock this rom?
    I tried every option HydraNirvana_n16 kernal but it didn’t work
    I had blank screen and stuck on (Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000) logo
    any help?

  20. thad schwepker says:

    I tried the Pac Rom and carbon and beanstalk. They all froze after opening gallery.And unless I completely wiped everything, it wouldn’t restart. Carbon had problems waking up, beanstalk just shut down at random. Liked all the settings options. None of them seemed real stable. Main problem was phone would shut down after opening gallery on all 3 roms running 4.3.1. So Im going back to jelly bam until they can get kit Kat for the note.

  21. ADY says:

    Is there any way to install Play Store….

  22. tony says:

    i can’t install it, it says “assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”)….. “installation aborted”

  23. Sunny says:

    Hey Rex, could you provide me a link for instructions to install Carbon ROM?

  24. ghost elder says:

    phone crashes when going to the gallery, can someone please help?

    • JoeV says:

      Gallery = I couldn’t get Gallery to work so I used Picasa instead; that worked without shutdown for me.
      Startup = To wake-up phone; I push the Power button 3 times pausing one second between pressing, Menu bar lights up on the bottom on push # 1 and Push # 3, it then starts up after a few seconds. This is annoying so I went back to Jelly Bean. I would like to find an SPen app though for notes.

  25. TRAVELER says:

    Looks like there are more problems than answers! I’ve tried most of these custom ROMs, they all screw up soon! Freezes! Won’t wake up, force shut downs, slow! All these questions and requests for help, no response! Not good! Jbv2 so far was the best for me. Galaxy note i717. Im using carbon 4.3.1, and the problem I’ve been having is waking the phone up with power button! It would be nice of we could get all of these bump in the road removed! Maybe some day we can have good products and superb service! I guess it’s just a dream!

  26. james says:

    Just installed the Carbon rom,it’s alot smoother than Beanstalk, and Candykat. The only issue is with the power
    button,sometimes the screen doesn’t show. It usually takes three pushes for it to come on,other than that so far so good…

  27. Marcelo says:

    Great working ROM!! everything is perfect expect I get no data at all, only wifi-NBot 3g not 4g . ANy ideas? Noticed the phone bars are lit up in light blue when wifi is on and connected, if disconnected they go grey. But it still works. Only problem is the data..

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