BlackCNA Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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So, you want full Jelly Bean ROM but with your SMemo app working fully with touch-sensitive S-Pen intact? Well, there’s a ROM for that, the BlackCNA Jelly Bean ROM combines the best of Jelly Bean, S-Pen, UI customizations, and more.

Some notable features include a hacked SMemo app dubbed “GNote”, camera with continuous focus and power shutter button, weather/calendar lockscreen widgets, and also customizable lockscreen (up to 8). I really like this ROM and if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go and let me know what you think!


Download BlackCNA Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Download Gapps

Make sure you use fail-proof/brick-safe install guide to install ROM!!!
Credits – XDA

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90 Responses to BlackCNA Jelly Bean ROM for Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. Diego says:

    Hi Max, I want to know if it works smoother. I’ve been following you with a lot of ROMs but 2 weeks ago I put the stock ROM preparing me for an original JB, how much time do you think we are going to have it with us?

  2. claudio says:

    hi the rom dont support pressure sentive but we can install this modifed app of snote, right? so apps like sketchbook will not have pressure sensitive with this rom…for my is very important this feature becouse i love to draw in my note.

    greetings from Mexico.

  3. Matthew says:

    does this rom include s note?

  4. Javier A. Velez says:

    Hello, I tried to use this JellyBean ROM but when I installed it, I didnt have the google play store and I couldnt use my 4g or 3g connection, only wifi. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance for your cooperation and for all your information!

    • Mondy says:

      flash gapps.
      you need it for all aokp and cyanogenmod roms

      • Javier A. Velez says:

        thanks for your reply, it worked, I have everything now, except internet connection. I installed the ROM and then the gapps (all through the simple process of clicking install while on recovery right?) now i have the play store and i can use my google account, but still, no internet service unless I use wifi. Do you know why is this happening? Thanks in advanced for your help and cooperation!

        • Mondy says:

          so you cant use 3g data connection? not normal. go to settings and data connection. make sure its on. is the sim inserted? backup your data with titanium backup and reinstall the rom with gapps. sorry cant help any further

      • ganaa says:

        What is all aokp and cyanogenmod?

  5. Zik says:

    its only 143.43 MB but y all other ROMs are more than 800 mb or higher?
    and what it gapps/ ????

  6. Mondy says:

    too bad i short circuited my note 🙁

  7. Natheer says:

    Hey Max, Iam on official ICS 4.0.4 , what is the best procedure to install the BlackCNA JB?

  8. mickyrasta5 says:

    Im going to try this rom tonight currently on ics 4.0.4 going to wipe everything… install abyss kernel and boom jellybean….. hope all goes smoothly and hope i can get gapps working this time from the uk…. tried the previous release to then later discover it was the international version… loool ( stoner )……… thanx max and credit to those making great roms as i get very bored with my phone easily lol….. Aaaaaaaiiiii Peace peeps;)

  9. mickyrasta5 says:

    Can anyone inbox me on how to change my imei lol i got hoes in different area codes 😉

  10. Nishit says:

    Hi Max, Good eve.
    Out of subject query…my aisan note i had flashed with XXLRK i.e. German version. Workd vell and was rooted also. Last week it had OTA update of 196mb i.e. XXLRQ. I installd and was successful. However ever since all sounds from device are gone. No system music anything. However calling sound works. I flashed this unit with original 1 package files on GB ICS but no luck. Finally i repartitioned and flashd with PIT file but again noluck. I wonder whts wrong and mostly wht else can b done.

    Can you pls guide me on this pecular prblm.

    Thank you.

    • bhavit sharma says:

      flash your country’s stock ICS rom with odin and then go to android recovery and wipe data, wipe cache and wipe delvik cacke so that ur note could be on factory settings

  11. robert says:

    How do you remove the Nav bar 😀

  12. Matthew says:

    does this rom have s note?

  13. Leonytas says:

    i’m the preetiest new to rootin i’ve galaxy note gt n7000 can u plz tell me wher shud i start from?? i jst rooted my phone with one of ur video of rootin without computer n it worked!!!!tnks fo tat video

  14. casainho says:

    This ROM doesn’t have original pen apps. I am waiting for the official ROM…

  15. Matthew says:

    after installed the rom, cannot find s note and s memo, how get in back?

    • Mondy says:

      noob.. all aokp and cyanogenmod roms are pure google android. no touch wiz skins or htc sense. no nothing. no snote. no smemo. no samsung software

  16. Sam says:

    It’s a neat ROM, but I am having a couple of small issues.
    Sometimes music player will close itself randomly while I’m listening to music, and the keyboard will sometimes minimise while I am typing messages.
    I also would like to remove the nav bar, and it implies that you can do it, but I can’t find the option anywhere. I came close by making the nav bar have only one button, reduced the nav bar size to the smallest, and made the buttons completely transparent so I can’t see them anymore.

    It is pretty nice, though, despite those small issues.

  17. bhavy says:

    not able to connect my note via usb…problem with the rom…

  18. Joelson says:

    I miss the radio, and mxplayer didn´t like the new home

  19. KsengRoy says:

    Hi Max

    Can i flash it on ics stockrom 4.0.4 with rooted ?


  20. Baldev Singh Nagi says:

    Hi Max

    is it ok to flash Abyss Kernel for JB ROMS as well or do we need to use some other Kernel??

  21. Joelson says:

    Didn´t Work
    Navigation Bar Removal
    Some players like MxPlayer didn´t work properly too, refusing to play certain movies
    Some errors lke “XXXX stop to work” randomly.

    But is fast…very fast….looks like a beta version

    I will wait for the final version…

    I play 4 hours with this ROM and restore my Cryskelo…works perfectly…4.03 with touchwizz…

  22. Darren says:

    Currently useing RocketROM ICS XXLQ3 V7 KERNEL > hardcore@speedmod-n700-ics #k3-3 best wat to upgrade to this please cheers.

  23. Shawn says:

    Hey Max, Tried BlackCNA JB, it was nice but I noticed a few bugs that were ultimately annoying.
    Out of curiosity I flashed…. RocketMIUI V2-4.0.3. Its not JB but it is very nice. The screen res is awesome and S-pen works. Very smooth, clean, crisp UI! Try it.

  24. InsanitY says:

    Hey Max!
    Id like to know of a ROM with Any of the following:
    1.naturewiz UX
    2.touchWiz with AOKP customisibleity
    3.something that will fix my non-working WiFi connection(dosnt turn on and when it does it shuts off soon after).
    Thanks! from the android Noob:|

  25. Michael Merten says:

    hi Max, how about the memory lag that comes with the Jelly Bean Leak. I have at times up to 10 apps running on my Note. If there’s a memory leak it just won work.

  26. Tipos says:

    Hi guys,

    I d like to ask a couple of questions, so if anyone feels about sharing your knowledge and/or experience, give me a reply.
    So, this Hydracore Kernel ver. 4.3 , both Standard and Performance version… Has anyone tried it?
    Actually, I did and it worked fine to the point when my sd and external cards could not mount from time to time (running under CRASH ROM Ver 8.2SE).
    Also, for this Kernel it is said its BRICK FREE and safe to use to re-install ROMS, same as Abyss. Is this true?

    Any word on the Paranoid Android Jelly Bean that I just got the news about?


  27. Leonytas says:

    my downloaded apps not working what is a soln. fo it???

  28. umang kolamkar says:

    hey dude !!!!!!!!!!! is your site or server having a problemmm!!!!!!!! cause the download for cna jelly bean rom is not completing … the transfer rates stays 0 after the download goes above 100 mb…pls help me out…

  29. jk says:

    worst ever rom!!!!

  30. rizandamom says:

    hi max! meh secawan ! (let’s have a cup …) hope to get this rom soon…

  31. Luis says:

    I have two questions :
    1. Is there a way of using the handwriting recognition tool from galaxy note with this rom?
    2. Wich is the easiest way to backup my apps and data? Is there a good tool for that?

    Luís Fernando de Araújo

  32. Rob says:

    I plan on checking this out next weekend. Just installed the paranoidandroid JB cm10 rom. As tempted as I am to check this out, I will make myself wait a week before trying this rom. I really like the PA rom, but really want s note back, and as this is the next best thing it seems!

    I have a question to all you ROMérs . How do you guys back up data and stuff? I use titanium backup but when you restore all apps with the batch you still have to click install and done for every app! Apex launcher saves my desktop nicely, but I still find that it takes a long time. My GF hates my phone, even more than she did my i9000, (seems to be a good benchmark to me, forget Quadrant standards, how much my gf hates it, thats how good it is!) But, anyway, I try to limit my time using the phone, and each time I install a new ROM it takes me long time to get back to “how I like it”.

    Any tips people?

    Oh and Max, you are a legend.

  33. hamed says:

    Hi max
    I have a problem with my phone temperature!! When I’m working with Google voice or even Google chrome my phone back under the cam get really hot. what is it about?? I hadn’t have this kind of problem with any of your ROMs!! Is it going to crash my CPU?

  34. Ricardo Dias says:

    Max, I made a Mess!
    I forgot to use abyss before update to BlackCNA ROM.
    is there a way fix this??

    • Ricardo Dias says:

      Hi max, My phone still working with BlackCN, but as I told before, I forgot to flash abyss before install blackCN.
      some features aren’t working good for me, I need to return to old ROM.
      Is there way to return to ICS??

  35. amrit says:

    HI max , actually flashing d rom then i selected reebot then when it was reeboting then d cn mode logo appeared and it was going on and on the for 30 mins it has not been completed and im nt able to do anything

    so can u suggest something

    • Max says:

      try re-installing ROM and make sure you do a factory reset before installing if you didn’t the first time around, also make sure to flash Abyss kernel and reboot recovery to avoid bricks.

  36. Mubenn says:

    How do I connect phone as usb storage in black CNA? I also cannot copy files from one folder to another? Is there a workaround?

  37. Steve says:

    Maybe I’m just being special but mine is in German. Am I missing a language pack or something? :/

  38. Mubeen says:

    Having problem playing video. Be it HD or not, its playing below the desired fps. What could be wrong? Any fix?

  39. Louis says:

    Very smooth and fast rom…BUT, I have 2 problems with it.
    1st. My Note does not connect as usb storage on my Imac and there is no option in the rom to change the setting.
    2nd. My Bluetooth connects to my Imac but I can’t transfer files to and from the Note, keeps saying “The file transfer failed: internal error”.

    Is there a way to fix this?

  40. Chris says:

    need help…!! Just installed this and now it wont connect via usb….it registers on the phone and laptop….it comes up ‘Connected as an installer’ but when i try and select ‘Media Device’ it ticks it then deletes the tick so i can not select that option……please help…..!!!

  41. Matthew says:

    the Rom also suitable for note lte?

  42. Matthew says:

    any room work on note lte n7005?

  43. Milo says:

    I had problem about this rom

    When I use it my cpu goint up to 1400 MHz every time
    I change to blackCNA 2.1 rom from Chrack V16

    How to fix it

  44. normano says:

    is anyone know how to turn on Power Saving in this ROM like ICS?

  45. Crang says:

    The Power Buttons take too much of space. Is there a way I can remove them from the screen? Thanks in advance.

  46. Shreshth says:

    Hi Max i have been trying developing custom roms for the different organisations based on their requirement as i had gone through the source file of all the rom mentioned they are using the very same base of open Source i mean don’t u guys have source for JB (from samsung). I also tried to get the source file from samsung as I m having very deep resources to get stuff like these but their developer team haven’t completed their testing yet so it is nt available. if u have the samsung official source or rom file for jb kindly provide me .
    and as well is there any way to install s3 features in note n7000 like direct call etc. kindly pm me at

  47. normano says:

    Anyone have link for galaxy note 2 gallery apk that compatible for this rom??

  48. Soedirman D says:

    I have try many ROM and even had one single experience bricking my Galaxy Note. Just got back my N7000 from service center. Trying Jelly Bean. Best ROM so far is Black CNA. Only problem i cannot sync with KIES. Other than this.. its a cool ROM to try…

  49. Shreshth says:

    Hey Max,
    But obiviously already tried but haven’t found anything although i had found the contents and features I was trying to incorpeorate but these features can’t added in the jelly bean version since the framework is compeletyly different so if u can arrange and leaked samsung official romN-7000 for me that would be gr8

  50. kamikazi says:

    its too bad:Sdont waste ur time in jelly bean roms:D im waiting for a TW and spen and… rom
    btw paranoid jb is not bad but it cam’t detect my iternal sd
    btw im trying criskelo now then iwill swich back to awesome sweet romxD

  51. wagiono says:

    good afternoon
    Hi Max
    I am now in Supernexus N7000-Build 20121017.
    It all very good and fast too. But i am curious how if install to Blackcna-jellibean ROM.
    Can i instal as usually ( via CMW) because the OS is same 4.1.2 like install from Roket ROM change to CleanROM in OS system ICS ? or I must install abys kernel full wipe, install ROM and then instal GAPP and reboot ?.
    Thx very much for your help. 🙂
    By the way JB is much much better then ICS. and now the problem is in ROM type and Kernel. and I have download BlackCNA v 2.1

    • Max says:

      Yes you do have to install Abyss kernel with full wipe for that one.

      • Wagiono Suparan says:

        Hi Max, good morning
        Yes. I used as you save procedure sugest : abys kernel etc. And now I used BlacCNA v 2.1. Beautiful,fast and light. S pen very sensitive.
        But the version from android is v 4.1.1 and used kernel hidracore.( very good and now hidrcore v 5.4)
        In Super Nexus ROM OS is android v 4.1.2.
        How to upgrade v 4.1.1 to v 4.1.2 ?
        Thx for your help

  52. thomas says:

    hey max , just installed this rom .. pretty good .. was successful in doing it thanks to u .. but one problem it s not detecting the external sd card .. help ?

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