AniDroid ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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Here’s an interesting CM9-based ROM that’s based on CM9 RC1 and built from latest “Linaro” toolchain. It’s pretty much CM9 ROM but with Linaro, which should give you a slight boost in overall performance. Upon trying, I think it’s safe to say that it does indeed increase performance a bit and definitely much faster than any TouchWiz-based ROMs I’ve tried.

Of course, you will lose S-Pen touch-sensitivity and MHL/OTG but the developer of this ROM, XDA user novic_dev says he’s already working on USB OTG and other cool things in the works. It’s a fairly new ROM so I would keep your eyes glued on this one to develop further.

When you have some time, give this ROM a go and leave your feedback in the comments. Thanks!


Download AniDroid ICS ROM
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To install, please flash Abyss kernel first, then flash ROM, Gapps, and reboot! (You can follow the ICS installation guide here.)

Credits – XDA

*NOTE – To install a new ROM, you need a rooted Galaxy Note, install ClockworkMod Recovery, and MAKE BACKUP of your current ROM, follow GT-7000 instructions at Galaxy Note Root Guide before you attempt this.

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42 Responses to AniDroid ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. Mondy says:

    Does anyone know when we will see the first jelly bean rom for galaxy note with google now and mabe even s pen?

  2. Gulraj says:

    Thank you Max for the review, will be trying it soon :))

  3. HAPPY note:) says:

    I HATE CM9 and all cm9 based roms… :@

    • Michael Merten says:

      A bit harsh aren’t you?

    • Karim says:

      Insanity. CM9-based ROMs have been the only ones I can even put up with.

      • Max says:

        I think it depends on what you use your phone for. I find sometimes CM9/AOKP are great for something while Touchbased for taking notes so…

        • Karim says:

          I used to think this. I thought I had to put up with the Samsung bloat, the crashing, the bad battery life, the lackluster features and the laginess of ROMs like KingDroid, Rocket ROM and Samsung stock, just to get S Pen functionality.

          I eventually tried CM9 RC1 anyway and was amazed. I couldn’t be happier. And then I found apps like Papyrus, which in a lot of ways are better than S Note anyway. So now my N7000 is abnormally smooth, lasts 2 or 3 days without needing a charge, and has crashed or frozen not one time. I’ll never look back.

          • opiujn says:

            Hi Karim! =)
            There are for sure cons and pros with all roms when comparing, glad to hear you found the rom you want!! I haven’t tried this rom yet, but I will probably flash it tomorrow or during weekend. Saw you compared with KingDroid among others. Did you try KingDroid 5 or was it another version? *just curious to know*

    • craszh says:

      What???? Are you kidding me? LOL

  4. Crvy says:

    Hello max. Thx for the review.
    Compared to criskelo rom which you previously review
    Which one do you think better?

    • David H. says:

      In my opinion, this ROM is better than the Criskelo. Why?

      – I hate touchwiz, think you too.
      – It works faster and smoother. Browsing webs, opening apps, playing games… Everything… i couldn’t belive it yet.
      – CyanogenMod 9 really let’s you to do “whatever” you want with your phone. You are going to forgive a lot of external Apps and discover settings that you never known that could be set.
      – The battery life is notoriously longer.
      – The phone boots and launches unbelivably faster (and the bootlogo is amazing trust me)
      – If you tried CM9 and you liked it now it’s still better cause it’s based on Linaro.

      You have to remember that the MHL and the OTG aren’t working with this ROM, as well as the Styluss functions. But i think that in the future those will run.

      So if you need those things, stay with Criskelo or other ROM’s, but if you don’t need them come on, try it!!

  5. thecityboy781 says:

    I didnt do the factory/cache wipe (currently have…or had CM9 nightlies) and i works fine this ROM is pretty darn good

  6. PhazEmon says:

    I installed this rom but it didn’t give me the option to set up any of my account settings. Google Play isn’t on there either. Anyone else experience this?

  7. akin turan says:

    ıt’s the best rom ı have ever used, but ı had 2 big problem so ı had to change my rom again. firstly with this rom ı cant see my sd card in my galaxy note. but it can be seen on pc. the other problem is poor phone connection. after ı have changed my rom, my problems were corrected.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi akin!
      I can’t help you solve your problems step by step. And I haven’t tried this rom yet either. But I remember I had the same kind of SD problem in another rom, I think it was one of the ParanoidAndroids, solved it however after a while. Can’t remember, but I think there was a setting among the system settings. Have your modem changed after flashing the rom? Perhaps flashing another modem after install can help you with poor phone connection. Sorry I can’t help you with detailed instructions or similar, but had to share my thoughts because I think that if you find this rom the best and those problems you mention were the only problems you had with this rom, then I think it can be fixed =)

  8. Vishal says:

    I want those onscreen keys. On such huge screen they should be perfect.. Can anyone suggest good ROM with software keys? Any body used liquidsmooth V2.2

  9. PhazEmon says:

    Ive been using the Rom for about a day and I really like it. Its really smooth and responsive, tons of features that I don’t know the meaning of what they do, and yea, it looks awesome. Ive honestly been looking for a rom like this that isn’t touchwiz based and I found it. I didn’t use my S-pen as much as the commercial advertises so I’m good. Plus you can just D/L any note app if you want to take notes. You of course won’t be able to use your pen, but you can type. The only problem I’m seeing with it, is when it comes to account and sync. I can’t add a Facebook account so I can Sync my Facebook contacts with my Google ones. I even downloaded the Facebook app and it doesn’t give me the same settings features as it would with touchwiz, weird. Anyway, its not a big, big, deal. after all this rom is still new and it wuld be awesome to see it get use of the S-pen, and the issue thing i brought up. until then, I really like this rom. I just don’t love it.

    • Anton says:

      But you could use your pen.. I use lecture notes and I could use the pen and the button works too.. even though maybe you lose some pen fuctionality like taking screenshot.. but these roms can take screen shot from by holding the power button, so we’re good.

  10. Emon says:

    Any updates to this rom yet?

  11. sajan says:

    MTP not working,, mass storage too 🙁 … wt shud i do now ??

  12. blackbird says:

    I am stuck on a loop boot (the animation part)… any idea what’s wrong? how can i fix it?

    • Max says:

      Try a fresh re-install, make sure to reflash abyss, then do a factory reset before installing and also clear cache after installing.

  13. Shiraz Mistry says:

    Did anyone ask my permission to be made a celebrity on this video? 🙂

  14. ckaponi says:

    dont have google play please help

  15. mal says:

    Hey max and everyone. have a question, i downloaded abyss kernel from . and followed the rest of the instructions. however it seems i am stuck at the [Samsung GALAXYNote GT-N700] logo. its not a loop, i can’t go back to stock using Mobile odin since phone won’t even boot. what are my options.
    Any help is appreciated.

  16. Johnny says:

    Battery comsuption very high.. why?

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