AmniX Xperia Note ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out AmniX Xperia Note ROM for your Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

AmniX Xperia Note ROM brings you the best of Note 10.1’s multi-window mode (unlimited windows) and Xperia launcher along with some Xperia apps. For those of you trying to use your GT-N7000 more as a tablet device, this is a fun ROM to try as you get a few more options with multi-window feature including option for quad windows.

Other notable features include Awesome Beats, Walkman, louder Volume hack, GMail 4.2, smart rotation/stay, and some more.

If this is something that might interest you, check it out this week and let me know on your thoughts!


Download AmniX Xperia Note ROM

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thx!

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36 Responses to AmniX Xperia Note ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. MattF says:

    Hi Max,

    Super happy you reviewed this ROM. However its a shame you didnt do it at the time AmniX added the variations, (CM10.1; Paranoid Android and AOKP). I highly recommend everyone have a play with the different versions. I also found the keyboard too small in the original but have fallen in love with the CM 10.1 version. I havent had any FCs yet, battery is much better than Ultimate ROM, it is 4.2.1 and whilst not liking the previous multi-window views, the ability to have windows and resize them has been really useful! Lock screen widgets are also cool, but find the calendar app that comes in CM 0.1 is a bit basic.

    So far, the only things I dont like is that it doesnt have blocking mode and I havent been able to find where i can turn debugging mode on and off??? I also find the naviagtion bar at the bottom a waste of real estate. Any idea how to remove it? I have also found the Xperia FB integration pretty crappy. In the first try I found it added my contacts about 10 times but didnt sync profile images. This time it doesnt seem to sync FB events? Although I wouldnt be surprised if it is just me and not being able to use the settings properly.

    • Wagiono says:

      The best ROM ever until now.
      Many edition kernel can used for this ROM : CM 10.1,PA,AOKP and Philz kernel.
      Solid,fast and light after stress test. And very beautifull and also multiwindows too
      With this AmniX Xperia this galaxy has come to multiífungtion :phone, film,music ,translator, and play game ( from Sony :play staton mobile ).
      Thanks Max for review this Amazing ROM

    • Franco.C says:

      I can honestly say I have tried Roms after roms and after seeing this I was blowned away Even if zedomax didnt record it when it was updated to (CM10.1; Paranoid Android and AOKP its still amazed me. I know this isnt for the SGH-i717 im pretty sure its still flashable…Im willing to take the risk. Im going to see if i can port all the mods i have installed onto my current rom (gubment cheese rom) which by the way isnt performing so well right now. I keep getting randome FC’s and what i think are Kernel panics. So yeah…thanks for this video and all the guys keeping this page alive. Also FYI zedo your facebook wouldnt let me add you cuz you already reached the amount of friends available so ill just email you or add you on G+

      -Franco Colomba

  2. life82 says:

    hey max did you get the htc droid dna if so can you try it on tmobile

  3. wagiono says:

    YESSSS finally AmniX Xperia ROM. I’ve used this for one more week. I used CM 10.1 edition .
    This ROM is very beautiful, strong,solid ,stable and fast. This in Amazing ROM I can play too Sony : Play Station Mobile in this ROM 🙂

  4. sameh says:

    wonderful ROM I Like it

  5. Carlos Torgal says:

    One of the bests Roms !!! battery life extended and super smoth ! sorry for my english =)

  6. Ricardo says:

    I have installed on my NOTE android 4.1.2. version N7000XXLSA and kernel Philz-cwm6.
    I can install this Rom with this configuration? , and how install? Sorry for my english..
    Thank you very much.

    • Ricardo says:

      Hola Carlos Torgal,
      Te pregunto a vos (que hables español) , tengo instalado android 4.1.2. version XXLSA y kernel PHILZ-cwm6, puedo instalar esta ROM (AmniX Xperia) en mi NOTE con esta configuracion? Si es asi, lo hago en mode Recovery haciendo los wipe correspondientes, no? Desde ya muchas gracias.

    • Jack Wu says:

      Yes u can. Remember to do a full wipe, clear cache and dalvik wipe b4 install n it will do the trick. 1st time boot will take a while though. Hope this helps. Thanks

  7. Rimy says:

    Although this is a very nice Rom I switched back to Ultimate JB after a few days. My reasons are: Skype works only in landscape mode. You also cannot switch to earpiece…only speaker. If your conversation is private you have to plug in earphones, very inconvenient if one uses Skype often like me. One other snag, If I open a MP4 file, it opens in Poweramp (my purchased music player). I do not have the “open with” option. I like the Rom but these issues affected me. I will load it again when these issues are sorted out or the next better 10.1 rom becomes available. Luckily from experience I know the wait won’t be long.

    Thanks Max for this site, Your e-mails are one of very few that excite me when I see them in my inbox.

  8. RAGHURAMM says:

    One of the best roms… runs very smooth even with multiple windows.. excelent battery life.. tje draw back r… 1. Very small fonts. .. 2. No gmail,gtalk,maps s pen etc… if these to point were too inbuilt… could have been unbeatable rom

  9. sebastian says:

    Awesome ROM, works very well but makes phone very laggy. Tried over locking and it works well but still too laggy 😉

    • wagiono says:

      Used apk for tuning u can download from google play.I used file defragment, memory optimizer, Mobile care, Dx toolbox and clean master. Not use overcloc just tuning and defrag. U will surprice many file become framented. ( just like optimized treat our PC )

  10. Winston says:

    Does the S-pen works with this rom?

  11. Jayesh Thakkar says:

    its an awsome rom.
    thankx to the developer…
    only 1 prob tht i am facing is that when i connect the phone to a bluetooth device, the sound still comes from the cell spreakers only and not from the connected device.
    pls help for the same…

  12. Jayesh Thakkar says:

    Hey guys needed help…
    I have a rooted galaxy note gt n7000
    N from some few days i am experiencing a prob where my phone automatically gets switched off and gets stuck onto the start screen and heats up a lot..
    I was using sweet rom 1st, thought there is a problem in the rom but i flashed this rom and the problem repeated
    The only way after this the phone starts is by restoring the phone from the boot mode using philz recovery.

    Please help asap

    Thankx in advance

  13. Wagiono says:

    One of the best ROM in the world, fast, light, solid, strong, stabyl, beautiful . BRAVO AMNIX ( from India) for this amazing Roml.

  14. Hagop Demirdjian says:

    Best Rom ever thank u so much i love it every part of it

  15. Carlos says:

    Where’s the rom of this week?

  16. Damjan says:

    I always read the comments first and then decide which new rom will i test-so as i read the comment’s and it wasn’t a difficult decision..yes it is the best rom so far and yes it running smoothly..thank u max&developer(developers)!Regards from Slovenia!

  17. Shadman Mirza says:

    I have a problem on my samsung galaxy note n7000 when Im going to open camera it shows “camera failed”..
    Can u help me to solve this issue

  18. Le0nyt4s.. says:

    Do this ROM work?? It jst Keeps flame going from left to right after showing Amnix Xperia?? STUCK… wht to do??

  19. khalid says:

    live rom for galaxynote GTN7000 has only 1link which is not working.. watz d method to install it

  20. Alan marcus says:

    Hi, i install this room and i find it very cool!
    couldn´t stay better
    but i found one bug:
    When i turn data on, it puts my phone on emergency mode, so i can´t use internet not even make calls!
    there´s some configuration to solve this or is a bug for this rom?!
    and when i turn mobile data off my phone get signal!
    thanks for room
    waiting for solution to use it ! 😀

  21. Ali says:

    hey everyone
    i had it installed
    After the first reboot installation
    it keeps on showing the xperia note gtn7000 logo and flames from left to right

  22. Ali says:

    it has been more than 30min
    my phone isnt starting up
    it just keeps on showing xperia note n7000 logo and blazing fire from left to right
    please help
    is there anything wrong with the installation 🙁

    • Jack Wu says:

      That means u’r phone is bricked. From my experience. You have to flash a new rom 1st b4 reflashing this rom. Remember to use the latest philz CWM (it works 4 me). Give it a try

  23. Xperiasss1 says:

    give me another downlode link this link is slow and not resuming plz do fast………….

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