Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Multi-Window][ROM Customizer]

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For this weeks ROM of the week on the international Galaxy Note GT-N7000, check out the latest version of Alliance ROM.

Based on the latest official Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2 XXLSZ, Alliance ROM brings you mostly stock ROM plus great enhancements like multi-window (enabled for all apps), ROM customizer (change status bar, battery, clock, lockscreen, ink effect, and more), and lots more.

The heart of this ROM is Alliance ROM Control Settings which allow you to add cool stuff like long-press to skip songs, customize status bar/icon colors, lock screen torch, 7 different lockscreens, and auto call recording options.

Also for overclocking, I suggest to use Tegra Overclock app (free on Play Store) to overclock your Note to 1.6Ghz for lag-free performance.

I’ve been following Alliance ROM developers for awhile with many other Android smartphones I own and have to say their ROMs are pretty solid as far as number of features added to the stock ROM. Give the latest version a test drive this week(end) and let me know what you think!


Download Alliance ROM

To avoid bricking, please follow the fail-proof/brick-proof to install ROM!!!

Credits – XDA

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35 Responses to Alliance ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Multi-Window][ROM Customizer]

  1. ali ahmed says:

    before download this rom how is performance for battery?
    sorry for bad English

  2. vikas says:

    I have unlocked galaxy note with Ics 4.0.4,i want to install the above roms,please let me know the whole procedure to safley install the roms.Thanks

  3. Le0nyt4s.. says:

    The Tegrek Overclock Says on pressing load overclock module that “Your Device or kernel isnt available. Do u want to see available modles??” im using a rooted note gtn7000 what to do???
    Plzz Max need ur reply,,,, Thnk yoo…. (^_^)

  4. David says:

    I’m using the Alliance ROM and it’s pretty solid ..while I was having some issues restoring my Ti backup on if ( from GB ) what I do like the most it’s the stability .. all in all 1GB RAM it’s kinda short if you are doing more than ” regular phone ” use .. IMHO ..

  5. Deepam Desai says:

    Power button not functioning properly.. I don’t know what the problem is.. Rest is pretty awesome.

  6. Deepam Desai says:

    Please recommend what to do.. I am not able to flash cm10.1 or jellybam from recovery mode as well.. What do I do?

  7. Le0nyt4s.. says:

    the ripple effect with the required colour is not obtained…. . . . (@_@)

  8. Le0nyt4s.. says:

    The alliance control would stop working if u try to turn over the screen to horizantal screen……

  9. chinmay says:

    Not able to install this ROM.

    Error – cant open the
    installation aborted.

    please help

  10. chinmay says:

    Not able to install this ROM.

    Error – cant open the destination path of the ROM
    installation aborted.

    please help

  11. JakobSalvatore says:

    Felt like a nice rom, no lagg after overclocking it but there is no way to use the data to browse internet only wifi worked.

  12. Aman Choudhary says:

    hey i have just rooted my galaxy note ics 4.0.4.
    And being new to all these can you please tell a detailed method for beginers

  13. Nizaridrees_kylm says:

    It’s very good ,I have been looking for this

  14. George Tan says:

    I have flash this Alliance Rom successfully with any problem but I notice even after using Tegrak Overclock to get 1.6G .. the response is very lagging compare with the previous ICS stock ( unroot) . Also, it get overheated a few times for no reason.. please help on this..Otherwise this is a excellent Rom!!.

  15. George Tan says:

    I was using this rom for a 5-6 days now but this morning suddenly rebooted and it stuck at AllianceRom logo for a long time.. the “O” is blinking but it just stuck there. I tried to reboot to recovery and then reboot again .. it is still the same.. Please help!!

    • Le0nyt4s.. says:

      change ur CWM version and then flash ROM again… it helped me might be helpful for u tooo….


  16. George Tan says:

    More updates from me : I reboot into Team Win Recovery and do a Wipe Cache and reinstall the Alliance Rom ( basically select the same zip file) and it completed successfully . But when I rebooted it, it stuck at Alliance rom logo for a long time.. cannot boot up.. .. what else can I do ? Factory Reset ? If I need to get back to STock Rom what should I do ( My previous STOCK is ICS ).. need urgent help!!

    • johnhoon says:

      i find out this rom isn’t a good rom at all, bluetooth will disconnect half way u talk, data connection had to setting yourself in the apn , loud speaker will disable when u middle your talk , laggi even u over clock it , need a lot of fixing to this rom . i m now want to go back to recovery mod also cannot , it recovery mod so weird , and this mod wouldn’t let u restore what u backup when u backup your before in last recovery mod … now try to use abyssNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo.tar see can go back to ultimateRom or not …

    • George Tan says:

      t worked now.. I did further wipe on cache/davic-cache and do factory reset and reinstall Alliance Rom .. the factory reset again and reboot.. it got pass the AllianceRom..voila!! it caught me by surprise.. looks like factory reset did the trick..

  17. Tricki Riki says:

    i love this rom ive used it for a while now, Rom customisation is brilliant no lag when using it on 1.4ghz. and with changes to the script you can flash other customisations like floating windows etc awesome.

  18. M.G.Winter says:

    I know there is a slight difference between I717 and the N7000 – will this ROM work with the I717 AT&T version?

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