Alba Syndicate ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [S-Voice][ROM of the Week]

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If you haven’t tried Alba Syndicate ICS ROM for your Galaxy Note GT-N7000, you should give it a go. It’s a ROM that comes with Aroma installer and a ton of features like TouchWiz UX from Galaxy S3, S-Voice working flawlessly out of the box, and much more.

I was actually not going to try this ROM but when I did, I was very surprised by the numerous features offered by the ROM (as the XDA page does not tell you much of its features).

So, this is the ROM of the week, Alba Syndicate ICS ROM, I highly recommended for flasholics out there!

Try it out and let me know what you think and have fun with S-Voice.


Download Alba Syndicate ICS ROM

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Credits – XDA <----- Donate to the developer if you like this ROM, thanks! ROM developers do not get enough donations and they work for free!

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94 Responses to Alba Syndicate ICS ROM for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [S-Voice][ROM of the Week]

  1. markikswabe says:

    Actually, This is my favorite rom among others. I’m using this while waiting for new version of Rocket Rom. Alba V4 is the best version. Alba v.1 is battery heavy

  2. opiujn says:

    ..I told myself I’ll stop flashing now until some jellybean roms are out. But now just put this on download to see what it is, haha. ๐Ÿ˜€ is there a cure for flashoholics? lol

    • wagiono says:

      Yesssss this will cure for flash kohollic for me this very good.
      But how about best kernel for alba? When instal alba litle frustation with rusian language!!! :-O
      Thx opiujn for alba rom

      • opiujn says:

        Alba rom is beautiful! But don’t thank me =) I am not the one who made Alba rom lol
        Regarding kernels people have different experience after installation of those. I would suggest you just download a bunch of ics kernels and try those out one by one to see which one you like the most ๐Ÿ˜€ don’t forget to backup your rom first.

        • wagiono says:

          Thank for you is for several reasons: 1 alba is very nice and smooth compare the rocket. 2 Alba strong could penetrate the damage installed after install another ROM software ( Bean and King ), until Alba finish instaled .Rocket failed to break the loop and keep loop in the rocket logo or other logo and jammed in this poin. Alba can handle it. 3 Now I keep various ROM software in SD External l and store the backup also in SD external. The key should not panic and frustration. Can u tell me what kind a bunch of ics kernels This important if i am fell sick flasholics desease again. :=) Thx for sugestion.

          • wagiono says:

            yess I find a list of ROM and Kernel from here
            i feel sick flashoholics again

          • opiujn says:

            Lol.. I think there is a misunderstanding here. All thanks and credits should be to Alba team, for the rom. And also to Max for reviewing and posting it here ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to me, because I have nothing to do with this rom. I have not made it, I dont know the guys hwo made it, and I have not supplied it.

            • wagiono says:

              I mean you open my mind as the novice, brave to root on samsung galaxy, installing King, Jelly Bean ( fail and Loop) and Alba room ,install the kernel. Almost every day my phone crash. In this brick phone situation I install Alba room and able to survive my phone and… than install again ๐Ÿ™‚ ( flashoholics ) Lastly I installed Chrack XXLRK v 12 and install kernel NoteCore v 14.1 standard with remarkable results. There are doubts whether the CF LRK kernel can be installed to samsung galaxy ICS ?

              • opiujn says:

                Nice to hear =) yes, it’s fun to try out different roms, and Alba is a very good one. I’ve tested many kernels but almost never the CF kernels. So can’t tell much about that one, but I know some CF kernels works fine with ics. If you have a link to the kernel version you doubt will work, then I can test it on a custom ics rom, but it has to be an ics kernel to work I guess.

                • wagiono says:

                  when I install: ChrackXXLRK_DBT_v13 crash when installed, Chuan_dualboot_aroma_v1.6 can not detection root file and can not get IP for WiFi and GL_NOTECORE_HIDRACORE_V1 std with stangle result. All can be resolved by reinstalling Alba. Other qustion: Is it usefull if I used over lock kernel ( GL_NOTECORE_v13_OC )Thx very much

                  • wagiono says:

                    Sory I mean GL_NOTECORE_V14_OC Thx very much

                  • opiujn says:

                    Hi wagiono,
                    I installed Chrack v14 with the CF LRK, and it works. It is an ics rom so the kernel will most likely work on many other ics too if you like, as Alba. But I dont use the CFs myself. Yes, you can choose an OC kernel if you want some more speed. Be careful so you don’t damage your phone by overheating it. If you find higher CPU frequenzy useful for the things you do with your phone, then it is =)

                  • opiujn says:

                    Didnt really understand the dual boot problem you had with Chuan installer? Do you experience problems with the roms after pushing them to SD as secondary dual boot rom. For example, if you configure Alba as primary and its working fine until you move it to SD and set it as a secondary instead?

                    • wagiono says:

                      Hi boss
                      I instaled Chrack v14 and flash Kernel name Hydracore : (claim 1 kernel can used for many ROM !!. ) ( )
                      The result is : this kernel can fix bug from kernel CF LRK from Chrack v14. and can open many mode from Chrack v14 ! and better than dualboot.
                      May be I hope my desease Flashoholic stop in here ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • opiujn says:

                      cool wagiono!! Thanks for posting the the link !=) Ive been waiting a long time for a kernel that can be used for all kind of roms, or most atleast so one dont need to change kernel while dual booting for example alba, or chack and a cm. Now I see chuan 1.8 got an hydracore inbuilt as well. This just makes me more of a flashoholic now I guess lol. Have to try it out. Hope it works

  3. mondy says:

    1. S voice is crap since I tested out Google now ice from xda
    2. I want to use this ROM but I am using the stock ice for the note
    Can anyone please tell me why nandroid backups keep on dm5 mismatch even when I’m not changing the name of the back up.
    3. If I install Franco kernel doesn’t that mean doesn’t that mean I don’t have a Linux kernel so my phone is nor open source?

  4. Nadeem says:

    hey zed ,
    can you suggest us us jelly bean roms ? which have google now ?

  5. Zakir Hussain Attari says:

    A good and fast rom with s3 voice & music player, but equilizer does not work in music player.

  6. Moreno says:

    When I try stalling this rom it stops at Unmounting 95% and it does not move from there I try several times and nothing si anyone have the same problem?

  7. cool says:

    i hope god cure your mam and thanks a lot, you Taught me every thing i know about roms and other stuff

  8. normano says:

    hi max, i flash alba rom, and after it finished asking me for network unlock key. its wierd i bought my phone outright so it already been unlock since i boght it. Is there any step to unlock it?

  9. Johnny says:

    bro the awesome beats got no effect when i enable also? lol

  10. Sas Bindy Pebbles says:

    It wont start !! the screen stays on the samsung logo…. Anyone??
    pfffff reinstalled kingdroid rom!!!!

    • opiujn says:

      It worked fine for me to install. Its a nice looking rom =)

    • opiujn says:

      I installed from Abyss 4.2 cwm-r, full wipe, full install

      • Sas Bindy Pebbles says:

        Witch choices kernel and modem did you make??? the ones Max showed in his movie?? I did not do a full wipe…. maybe that’s the problem??

        • opiujn says:

          I installed abyss 4.2 and rebooted cwm-r, then I made full wipe and started installation. In the aroma installer i saw the option of full wipe too so I ran it just for fun and installed all apps/mods. used the default kernel and modem in aroma, dont remember now which they were. A very nice rom but went back to KD5, then KD6 and today Ill install KD7 =)

  11. Fiquincy says:

    So far im loving this then criskelo. Criskelo its good with those neon themes BUT my Gnote get hits up pretty warm. After flashing this. My Gnote feeling better and battery wise gets the hang of it. Kingdroid crash and hangs. Cm9 isnt a choice for me. As i need my spen for work stuff. Overall ill rate this Rom is up to my expectations. Looking forward for new Roms for my daily needs. – Sharing Is Caring :))

  12. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    I am stuck with it now…. It has several errors after installation. Now trying to go back to criskelo but stuck with CWM not working …. don’t know what to do next

  13. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    I got my note back! As i was stuck when i run cwm so i didn’t know what to do. I just installed abyss kernal without running cwm. Then, rebooted it to recovery again and installed crickelo v9 instead. It was successfully installed. After that, i rebooted to recovery again and tried to run cwm and found that it could run this time. So lucky. I plan to stay with this rom for a while but not sure how long.

  14. Diego says:

    Thanks a lot! It works perfect! the only problem that I have is that sometimes a google process crashes and that I miss my calendar widget =(
    But except for that is an excelent ROM! You are a genius!!

    • Diego says:

      The process that always crashes it do you know how can I fixe it?

      • Max says:

        Try a fresh reinstall, make sure to flash Abyss again and reboot recovery, then do wipe factory reset and re-install ROM. That might be from not doing a factory reset while installing ROM?

    • Diego says:

      And I have a bug with S voice, you know what happends? I ask about the climate and tells me the climate of hammond indianna, and when I want to put the timer it never starts.

  15. banuka athuraliya says:

    hi MAX…….i like your site & videos keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚ you prefer this rom or the criskelos rom ??? why ???

  16. shaun says:

    hey max. please this time respond to this.
    this rom is really cool. it came with ctr animation. but when i restored apps from titanium back up. my ctr animation is gone dude. please help. how can i get it back

  17. Nice rom. Working great. Now let’s see the battery and performance. Good job, keep doing it. cheers mate

  18. amithslk says:

    Hi Max.. appreciate all the good work. This rom is great too.. but i couldnt add a short cut to the screen. please help. anyone..

  19. fernando santos says:

    hi all , and thanks for this awsome rom , iยดve tried kingdroid , criskelo and now alba , its a really great rom , keep up the good work ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. SasBindyPebbles says:

    My favourite rom till now, except for the fact that I can’t make a backup from this rom!… Any suggestions? Anyone?

  21. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the review of the Alba ROM. I’ve gone ahead and installed it – great so far, apart from the S3 weather widget is transparent ๐Ÿ™ I really don’t like this effect, is there any way I can display as on the S3 – i.e. with grass and sky etc?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  22. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    I have been with this rom for 2 days and I like it. It’s very smooth and fast. The problem i found is that I can’t run cwm …….except that I install other kernel ,for example, abyss and reboot it.

    One more is the transparent weather widget ๐Ÿ™

  23. kasemsuk says:

    Just today that i noticed main screen freeze that I can’t slide to left or right page. I had to press power button to turn screen off and then back to lock screen page and unlock screen , then it’s back to normal. Does it happen to others as well?

    • One thing I noticed , after first day of use it remained frozen for many times and the touch stop responding. I could use phone only with my pen. Even after restart it freeze again after a while. I installed exactly everything , kernel, wipe data …even 3 times…now back on Criskelo they updated 11.1 with aroma installer too

  24. Tony says:

    Does the phone dialer look like Galaxy S3 dialer or is the same original factory dialer you never show thlove at in your videos IM curious how it looks. Please show next time you feel x rated Android videos jk lol.

  25. Tony says:

    Anybody think I should buy the TMobile galaxy note instead of the galaxy s3 and just put a custom ROM so it can look like galaxy s3. Please respond before August 8the 2012 .

  26. tony says:

    Does the phone dialer look like the galaxy s3 on Alba Syndicate ICS ROM or does look like the factory rom? PLease get back to me MAX or anybody. By the way max i think its mess up what they did to you on youtube i going to protest max got to come back.

    • Like factory…I’m searchin’ for that too, more from s3 on GNote, I sold my S3 and bought back Galaxy Note. Was ok S3 but for me better Note with S3 inside ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Max says:

        totally agree, GNote is better device, just needs faster CPU.

        • With a nice rom you don’t feel any difference … and note is more fun on gaming…rom-ing… s3 is no fun… I have x one too, still I prefere Note. Is one of a kind… 3900 on benchmark is enaugh without overclocking . Why more processor? Have you noticed any lag from processor? I tested on titan games and works better then s3 on gaming. Order and chaos online and Aralon sword and shadow. On s3 you have a freeze every 3 to 5 seconds same on s2. They missed something. I tested on more devices. International note works without that lag. Take care.

        • Lol and s3 needs more RAM. Wich one you think is more visibile on daily usage… Better lower cpu and overclock then low RAM… A nice day

          • opiujn says:

            I think Max is looking forward to GNote 2 now, right Max? ๐Ÿ™‚ It will probably have some great improvements on cpu among other things. Hopefully GNote 2 comes with much more cpu, gpu and ram *yay*

  27. swapnil says:

    HI there. I am running stock ics ROM 4.0.4. I need to flash this ROM. Can i directly flast it over stock rom or should i first flash Abyss kernal & then flash the ROM? Alos is there any need to wipe data?

    • Max says:

      flash abyss first, then reboot into recovery, then flash ROM yes, you can try without wipe for this ROM, should work but make a backup ROM beforehand.

      • It sucks…. it freeze a lot… only pen working, touch with fingers not…after a while not from beginning. Just like that no modification to anything at all. I was just calling someone and when the pop up message with call cost …it died. again I power it off after a while I was browsing pictures on sd card … again freeze…. delete… unninstall

  28. William says:

    Hi All,

    I really like this ROM very good Stable, Good Battery life, I like the option to changge launcher, The Modem give me a tough time as I had to re-install the ROM many time with all the Modems one after another until I got the one which worked for me. The Modem is very good give me good download speed, something similar to Criskelo.

    Only problem I faced is the equiliser does not work, and some large size widgets do not fit into the home screen. Still have not tried all the features.

    Good for all to try before moving on to Jelly Bean.

  29. Tony says:

    How does the dialer look on this ROM does it look like the galaxy s3 are does it look like the factory one came with the galaxy note. Please get back to me asap on this anyone who has installed this ROM on those galaxy note.

  30. Koen says:

    First of all, a big thanks to Max who’s been my guru ever since I bought my Note!

    I’ve tried RocketRom, KingDroid and Criskelo, but Alba is the first one I’m really really happy with. It is the first TouchWiz-based ROM (that I came across) that doesn’t have this annoying lag (it always felt like a full second!) when returning from an application to the home screen using the home button. How silly it may sound, that one thing was really something giving me some kind of dissatisfaction.
    Also had CM9 which didn’t lag either, but then no S Memo unfortunately (I’d take CM if it wasn’t for the S Pen).
    But also for the rest, it feels smoother than the other TouchWiz ROMs.

    Now something strange and maybe a tip for some: when I installed without wipe, it is as fast as described above.
    I already tried an install with a wipe (in an effort to get rid of some Criskelo pre-installed applications), but then for some reason some lag appeared. Not so much as the other ROMs, but it wasn’t as fast as without the wipe.
    Don’t know why but I recommend to install as Max shows it – without wipe.

    One minor point that I also encountered with RocketRom at the time (and for that reason immediately got rid of RocketRom): crashing when trying to set an S Memo note as a widget.
    Now because Alba is so pleasing I made myself a workaround I’m happy with: first create an empty widget by holding the home screen, then edit it. You might need to rewrite some of your notes, but since I always have the same 4 widgets on the homescreen, that works for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Tony says:

    How does the dialer look max on this ROM does it look like galaxy s3 or does look like galaxy note factory ROM?

  32. Wesley says:

    This rom support other language?

  33. swapy says:

    After installing this ROM i faced network connection problem.The message was showing No sim. Insert SIM card. Even in the Video i saw the same message.
    Can someone please help me in this regards?

  34. opiujn says:

    But dont bother too much about what dialer looks like. If you dont like the dialer that comes with the rom, then just install another one afterwards =)

  35. kartik says:

    hey max the phone is in the reboot screen after i have flashed this rom should i wait for some time or put it in the download mode

  36. Jek says:

    Tmobile’s out with its Note. Does anyone know when we can expect Tmobile’s modem and ICS?

  37. William says:

    Hello All,

    O love this ROM, very stable, Good Battery Life no Lag,etc….

    suggest everyone to use it.

    Good Job Alba Syndicate team!

    Best regards


  38. tony says:

    i install rom i have question the galaxy s3 clock weather widget does is the clock clear are doe’s adujust to wallpaper?

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