How to Install GB/ICS ROM on Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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For those of you who want to install GB/ICS ROM on your rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000 (NOT SGH-i717), here’s a fail-proof and safe way to do it using Abyss kernel.

Simply download the Abyss kernel in CWM zip format or ODIN tar format and install it in CWM or flash it using ODIN. (ODIN for those of you who don’t have a rooted phone OR lost Recovery somehow.)


Download Abyss Kernel:

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Download Abyss kernel (for CWM)

Download Abyss kernel (for ODIN)

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I suggest to use the CWM version but if for some reason you lost your current recovery then you can use ODIN tar version.

Credit – XDA

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
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202 Responses to How to Install GB/ICS ROM on Rooted Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. Luis Howell says:

    Just to be sure, will this defiantly work with the cm9 rom you reviewed earlier, thanks

    • Luis Howell says:

      just went for it and it worked perfectly, using your guides I had it on cm9 and rooted within 20mins of getting it

  2. abdullah says:

    absy kernel did not work!!!!! what to do.

    • Max says:

      which ROM are you trying to install?

      • abdullah says:

        I have GB kingdroid 4.02 rom. I followed your instructions.after installing abssy kernel, I tried to instal rocket rom but new cwm could not read the file and it says the file is bad. Do you think the rom file is somehow is corrupted. Kingdroid is the best rom so far.

  3. raj says:

    Hi, XDA Developers site says some issues (eMMC wipe bug) with ICS ROMs esp for Galaxy Note and few other phones. I just rooted and updated with Criskelo’s ICS v2 build. what is the impact for us on that bug? pls help us to clarify. thanks.

  4. Prathamesh says:

    FUCKKKK!!!! I flashed My Phone having Criskelo Rom with Abyss using ODIN..
    Ans it’s not booting, it’s stuck on “Galaxy Note” GT-N7000 Screen, It’s vibrating like there is some error. ITS FKING GONE :(.

    what i did was
    1st went into Download mode using CWM,( the option)
    then selected tar file in ODIN 1.85( abyss, the one which you gave)
    pressed run, It was a pass. and NOW I’m fucked in the ass. Help me. It’s painful.

    • raj says:

      dont panic. did you follow the steps as mentioned here? i believe you might have missed the wipe/reset step.

    • helmyshankly says:

      hey im using official ICS 4.0.3 Malaysia and following this method but utterly failed. My screen stuck on “Galaxy Note GT-N7000 screen” and there are triangle icon too.

      what i did ;-
      1- download odin kernel abyss (the one u give link)
      2- selected tar on Odin v1.85
      3- passed, the phone boot, and it remain stuck.


    • Chris s says:

      Hopefully this isnt the emmc error showing its ugly face! But befor you panic just do a complete unbrick/unroot using odin and the unbrick pda file. You can email me if you need some guidance. Ill send you the files you need if you cant find them on this site. But basically just search unbrick att galaxy note odin on google and it should take you to the same website we are now but with all the proper files. Email me if you have issues at sorry to hear about your problem.

  5. Prathamesh says:

    Please Replay soon, Now i’m downloading a stock rom from the xda… I have one more problem that is in ODIN i can’t select any custom rom to flash, I mean it does not show in the browse menu, I have 2 stock roms Criskelo and Rocket…But when i click on pda only kernels are shown, no roms, how am I gonna supposed to flash it to repair my phone ??

  6. Kashif Alvi says:

    I have a N7000, rooted it using CWM and AbyssNoteKernel (I believe it was the preferred method on your website), installed the Rocket XXLPY_v1 ROM just like I was supposed to… every thing went exceptionally well. Except for….
    in the Setting>Security>Find my Mobile….
    I can’t put a check on either SIM Change Alert or Remote Controls. I’ve followed your instructions religiously.
    Whenever I try to check those boxes.. I get a msg. Unfortunately, Settings has stopped.
    What could be the problem?

  7. Cleber de Jesus Silva says:

    Man, I followed all your steps for install a custom rom in a galaxy note. After this, I’d saw in the xda-developers foruns a post about hardbrick bug on some samsung devices due to the version of Kernel. This Kernel is really secure, or he is one of the Kernels blacklisted by the devs of XDA?

    (Post on xda:
    ps: Sorry for the bad english, i’m brazilian guy.

    • Max says:

      Just don’t use ICS Repack files and you will be fine.

      • raj says:

        I just used your steps, and installed abyssnote kernel and Criskelo ROM and it just worked like a charm and found the above eMMC issue with ICS repack kernel. Then I was worried and moved back to GB, original version.

        Can you please clarify “ics repack?”.


        • Max says:

          If you used ICS Repack LP5 and later, chinese ICS leak via ODIN, you can get into this dangerous state where you can brick your phone. If you followed any of our instructions, you are completely safe though as we never ask you to install that version of Repack. So just don’t install ICS repacks to be safe.

          • Steve says:

            Hey Max!

            Love the speed of this baby, … but unfortunately it doesn’t have full root access (/system), meaning I can’t install my cracked Maps app with driving directions! πŸ™

            I’m a total n00b at this, but followed your instructions with ease – so could you help me understand:

            1. Can I jump back to a CWM Backup (of a GB Rocket V22 Rom with CF-Root Kernel) ?

            2. How? Just CWM Manager -> Restore, then select the backup? That simple?

            I ask, as I heard that using the current XXLPY Kernal from this vid, there is a danger of bricking using CWM / Wiping etc.

            Finally just a suggestion for your Rom posts… it would be great to know going forwards, whether we get ‘full root’ or not.

  8. rumbod says:

    hi , i have some problems with my galaxy note n7000. i cant install any apps on my phone and it give the((application not installed)) error. first i thought its because my phone is not rooted so i rooted my phone but problem didn’t fixed … then i thought its from my android version (2.3.6) then i changed it to 4.0.3 ics but i still have the same problem and i getting my apps from 1market because my android market (play shop)give me error when i openning it that says ((authenication is need to sign in to ur google account.)) but i was already signed in with my gmail and my gmail was even saved in the play shop accounts menu. plz help me about these 2 problems…

  9. Mark says:

    Used Rocket ROM and went into flashing for the King Droid. In CWM mode, installed the Abyss…zip and rebooted into CWM After that a disaster striked. The volume key did not work, could not move down the list to continue with wipe/reset, the phone stayed in the same mode without being able to do anything. Turned it down, removed the battery and put it back again, but only the startup screen comes up ”Samsung GALAXY Note GT-N7000” and its stucked there. Cannot reboot into any other mode, it just remains stucked.

    Is there any help for this, please?

    • lost says:

      haha same here..;p..but did u by any chance get it fixed? i need help plzzzz..

    • Naseem says:

      I got the same problem. Is there a resolution? Can’t even get into recovery mode. Only CWM
      Looking at unrooting via Odin now.

      • blurenciel says:

        Hi naseem..cwm is a recovery..after flashing abyss, it is mandatory to flash a rom..if you only flash abyss without rom,then it won’t boot (except you are on gb roms)..i believe you’ve flashed a new rom by now, right?find me if you still want to root it..

        • Naseem says:

          Hi blurenciel, Sorry I meant to say stock recovery mode. In CWM I pressed either volume up or down and the screen would refresh and select the first option (reboot now) only. I could reboot but nothing else. This is After flashing abyss kernel.
          Could not get past the galaxy note n7000 startup screen of course.

          Used ODIN to flash a stock JB ROM and that resolved the problem. Flashed a new version of CWM from their website specifically for n7000 and v0.95 for root access instead of v0.8something provided at this website.

          I believe CMW v5.8.1.5 already comes with abyss kernel. Does this mean flashing abyss kernel again is unnecessary?

          Thanks for your time.

          • blurenciel says:

            Hi Naseem,
            So you’re going to flash rocket rom..that means you are going to need abyss kernel later..not now but only when you decided to flash it..
            Flash abyss only if you want to wipe data..normally we wipe data when flashing new rom..after flashing rom you don’t want to flash abyss..just keep it in your sd..

  10. M.A.Sheriff says:

    can I install this abyss kernel on indian ics4.0.3 ddlp8

  11. Sarf says:

    Hi Max,

    I got several questions

    1. Can you do a short review on the Taiwan ICS, LPF that comes with bootloader?
    2. If I install the LPF, can I go back to GB (curious)?
    3. Currently on Germany LPY, any special flashing procedure on what to do and what not?

    That’s all for now, great blog and guide by the way and probably the most simplest rooting guide I’ve ever encountered with good video. I hope you reply to my questions above ASAP, currently downloading dxlp9 and zslpf roms

    • Max says:

      I would not install the LPF, only stick with custom ICS ROMs.

      • Sarf says:

        Ok, so I’m currently on LPY, downloaded Rocket V2, if I want to migrate to this Rocket V2, which is I’m on cf-root kernel right now, flash abyss note v4.2 kernel through cwm then flash the .zip file (the rom) from there after flash abyss v4.2+reboot to cwm?

        I won’t get bricked from this steps am I?

  12. Allen says:

    Just installed Rocket ICS πŸ™‚ Worked like a charm! Very awesome!! Thanks a lot!

  13. Celso Moraes says:

    Is this abyss kernel the same one that u used for the root method number 2? If it is, than u can just go to the wipe data and than install the rom?

  14. gtkang says:

    Hi! Max
    This is my first post i got a new note n7000 not even a month old, i pc odin the chinese repack ics by chainfire and flash AOKP sunner v5 ics without any problem running smoothly, dicided to change to TW new rom by criskelo again to rocket rom, then again pc odin the german ics firmware xxlpy this time flash with rocket rom everything going smoothly, then saw the release of the new DXLP9 flash again with pc odin to DXLP9 this time trying to flash KongDroid v1.6 just halfway during flashing then hung on CWM the note just stuck and doesnt process anymore FYI all this process is flashing using the Assby repill kernel 4.2 but really dont know why its a hardbrick to my note, sending to samsung services center samsung just replace a new MB for me without any cost, now i have my note running with ZSLPF taiwan firmware my concern is can i flash kingdriod v2.0 from this ZSLPF firmware using Assby 4.2 kernel? Now i am afriad to do all those flashing anymore, i need your expertise and advice. Thanking you in advance, sorry for my poor english.

    “Curiousity Kills a cat”

    • Max says:

      Just don’t flash Chainfire Repack and you will be fine and use Abyss kernel when installing new ICS ROMs, so long as you stay true to that no bricks will even happen.

  15. war says:

    Hi Max,
    Can i directly flash this rom using cwm on my n7000 with 3.0.15 franco.kernel? I’m using an official ics xxlq2 and my n7000 is rooted already. Do i have to install abyss kernel and if yes, when will i install it before or after the rom and optional features? I’m a noob, pls help

  16. Nazeer says:

    Hi Max, i have the offcial ICS vesrion N7000XXLQ2_N7000XEULP4_XEU and rooted my device as per your method without computer.
    i tried to installed the kernel from sd card but the devicefreez for “samsung galaxy note” plus a yellow rectangle.
    and then after i go to CWM recovery and try to install the kingdroid, it fails.

    can you please tell me where is the wrong?

    • Max says:

      You have to flash abyss kernel for installing ics correctly did u follow the ics installation guide in faq?

      • Nazeer says:

        thanks for the quick response,

        well, I play the video and simultaneously I do the same as you do!!
        i also have read the faqs and found no solution
        but i cant install kingrod at all “installation aborted”
        moreover abyss let my device stcuks

        do i need to go back GB and then upgrade ICS kingdroid?

  17. Max says:

    Seems like u r having problems with the file try redownloading again.

    • Nazeer says:

      Ok ill redownload and update the thread
      Thanks Max

      • Nazeer says:

        unfortunately, still the same
        stuck on the “Samsung galaxy note” screen atfer ODIN the abyss kernel or install from SD, and still unable to install kindroid ROM πŸ™

        any suggestions?

  18. suleiman says:

    is this official ics?and i am a noob so cqn you give step by step instructions

  19. albert says:

    Hi…can anyone help me?……i have rooted my Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and trying to install new ROM on it
    but its a disaster…after installing Kingdroid ICS ROM …..when do rebooting screen only stuck at SAMSUNG
    GALAXY NOTE GT-N7000….can anyone kind enough to tell me whether can be save or any solutions to
    this problem…before installing the ROM i have back up my stock ROM……however i cant go into Clock mode Recovery to restore it…..Please HELP!!!!

  20. albert says:

    Dear Max, what is the solutions?..

  21. zaheer says:

    i have a galaxy note model GT N7000 ANDROID VERSION 2.3.6, BASEBAND VERSION N7000 XXLA4, KERNEL VERSION 2.6.35, BUILD GINGERBREAD JPLA1.


  22. lost says:

    Okay so my phone is on boot i know u get this alot, but umm ive wiped all cache and the other weird named it possible using odin? if so, how do i do that? and will it fix my phone..thaaankss πŸ™‚

  23. GeoUX says:

    Can I install Kingdroid 2.0 directly over the stock ICS 4.0.3 without the Abyss kernel flash? I am on the official DDLP8 (Kernel version 3.0.15). Phone is rooted using CWM and Busybox and without the yellow triangle. Also will installing another ROM increase the binary counter?

    • Max says:

      I suggest flashing abyss first to be safe.

      • Blurenciel says:

        hi max..i’m on ics your video, you are using a GB question is, can i use this method to flash abyss kernel and rocket rom on ICS DXLP9?

        • Max says:

          yes abyss is the way to be safe, I’ve flashed hundreds of roms on mine np.

          • Sundar says:

            Need your help here. took backup of the ICS stock rom using the, downloaded the kingdroid v3.0, rebooted entered CWM using the file, applied the Abyss kernel from this page. when I reboot I am stuck with bootup screen. entered the CWM recovery mode and cleared the cache and dalvik cache, still no use,,, help here… what should I do

            • Max says:

              Install abyss kernel then u must install a new rom unless u r running gingerbread. We only use abyss kernel for installing but the kernel itself is only compatible with gb roms.

              • Sundar says:

                Thanks Max, Installed the kingdroid and is awesome fast.
                i Have some doubts, can you please clarify them,
                1) Should I Fash Abyss kernel in the recovery mode before “RESTORING BACKUPS”… say ICS stock rom or Kingdroid backups?
                2) Should i use the the same version of CWM i used for backing up a rom to restore it? for e.g, i backed up the ICS stock rom with ie v5.8, and the kingdroid with its own CWM i.e v5.5?
                asking these questions cause i dont want to so called BRICK the phone.
                3) I restored a kingdroid backup with its own CWM recovery v5.5.04, (not flashing abyss) and its working fine. The back up was taken with them same CWM v5.5. after restoring a file called “EFS Backup” is created in the card. should i delete it or keep it?
                4) any rom there with a simple Google ICS with S pen capabilities?
                thanks man…. for responding..

                • Max says:

                  1. Yes, for ICS, use Abyss at all time for install and restoring.

                  2. Doesn’t matter which recovery you backed up with, it just is important you use Abyss for ICS install/restore.

                  3. Not sure, just keep it I think.

                  4. Not really, it would have to be TouchWiz based, AOKP/AOSP ROMs don’t support TouchWiz/S-pen yet until someone figures it how to put it together.

                  • Sundar says:

                    (After king droid), i flashed abyss and I restored my stock ICS rom, unrooted the phone. when i connect to kies, under firmware it says “your device does not support firmware upgradation” why is this?

          • Blurenciel says:

            thanks max for your i have a bigger problem..i was trying to restore my phone back to ics and did it using cwm but it stopped somewhere and turned off.. now my phone is there any possible way to revive my phone back?

  24. Darren Gardiner says:

    Hi All

    Flashed my N7000 Note as per above and everything is working fine except the internet connection. There is an icon with 2 arrows in the top left hand corner of the screen indicating the data connection is on but nothing showing in the browser. I have checked Mobile data and packet data and done a reset but no joy! Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?

    Thanks Darren

  25. Darren Gardiner says:

    Forget about that last post.
    Just found out that the APN settings had to put in for my carrier. All working now. Thanks

  26. Max says:

    APN settings video for noobs if you lose 3g/4g installing new ROM:

  27. joel says:

    Can you post a video how to downgrade stock ics back to gingerbread roms? Looks like theres a compatibility problem between ics stock roms and abbyss and cwm recovery. Please put a link on stock gingerbread roms. Compatible with abbys and cwm recovery. Because i went to repair shop and upgrade to ics roms. Then i said install cwm recovery then the shop tells me theres a bug between ics and cwm recovery. Now im stuck here so jealouse to you cause you could change roms

  28. Amit says:

    Hi Max,
    I installed and
    I want to have the CriskeloRom and so tried installing the Abyss kernel but it says failed to authorize signature ….something something…..
    plz HELP!!!!

    • Amit says:

      Forgot to mention……I already had the samsung official ics upgrade installed….

      • Max says:

        did u boot into CWM using like you did when rooting? Sorry, the ICS tutorial misses that step.

        • Amit says:

          Hi Max,
          Yes I went to CWM and from there installed the abyss kernel and then selected reboot now….now its stuck on the “Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000” screen….

          plz help

          • Amit says:

            Hey Max….just installed the criskelo rom… went on nicely and I now have the criskelo image running…..I didnt back up my stock image b4 rooting to criskelo… if needed is there a way I can revert back to the stock Image say if someday I need to get use the warranty…….sorry for the trouble…


          • paul says:

            Hi the same thing as happened to me how do I fix this? I cannot get into boot menu.. please help

            • Max says:

              You only install Abyss kernel “right before” installing a new ROM, it’s a Gingerbread kernel so won’t boot your phone after flashing it but will allow you to boot into ClockworkMod Recovery so you can install custom ROMs safely.

              • paul says:

                Hi, thanks for getting back.. well unfortunately it did not go straight to clockworkmod recovery after I installed it said abyss kernal installed then a counter that kept counting. I then did the restart method up + middle key + power. and now stuck on the β€œSamsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000β€³ screen. No matter how many times I reset I cannot get into the recovery screen.

                I can however get into odin pressing vol down + power + middle button.

                please help

  29. Jed says:

    Guys i’m afraid i really messssed up big time. I’m a total newbie to this whole thing. I tried to use CWM to flash the kernel but it didn’t work. Then i tried to reboot but its stock on “Samsung GALAXY NOTE GT-N7000” boot screen. I can boot into recovery, but i’m really at a lost.

    • Jed says:

      and the reason why i think i messed up so bad is because i backed up my system using CWM to my internal memory, but i changed the name. so now it says MD5 mismatch ….oh God. Sigh……help anyone!!!

  30. Darg0r says:

    To me happened the same thing everyone is complaining about, got freaked out, just wipe data and cache, nothing happened, so I flashed the new rom through recovery mode and now its fully working, used criskelos

    • Jed says:

      Yup, same thing happened to me and I also used Criskelos Rom just as you did. What i did was to rename the old backup folder file name to something similar as how it was, then restored my old rom. Thats it. Something like “2012-06-”

  31. Leon says:

    hey! i did exactly what you said, but just that i didnt download the rocket rom so i just rebooted after clicking on the abyss file. but the thing is that when i reboot i got stuck at the start up screen, it just froze there. i did all kind of wipe but its still not working, so what should i do?! HELP!!! :S

    • blurenciel says:

      I faced the same problem before..from my readings, abyss is a gb kernel, so it wont boot on ics must flash rom to get it working..or you can flash other ics kernel (i use franco kernel) to get back to your old rom..

  32. Eason says:

    Max, i followur video root my note alredy, can i just flash kingdoid

  33. yavhadjiev says:

    Now I have a big problem. My Note is bricked, stops when flashing with pc odin in the begining and stack there. I can flash kernels I may go to cwm recovery and download mode, allso i have 2 cwm backups on stock GB and custom ICS, and i have waranty. But whats my bothered mostly, is there any tool to copy internal storage to PC in this situation. I’ve maked a pictures and videos that is important to me, and the docs too. In CWM I mount internal sd but that it was external sd. What I must to do to get this files. In recovery I can see every folder but just that. Another question is if I doing that unbricked mode with PIT files, will I be eable to restore phone with CWM restore in external sd and will that restored my files in internal sd.
    Thanks in advance. Yavor

  34. David says:


    I am on rooted stock ICS ROM now.
    After I flashed the Abyss kernel, do I need to do a full wipe before install the custom ROM?
    Or I can skip the full wipe and install the custom ROM directly after flashing the Abyss kernel?


    • Max says:

      You can try first without wipe and if it gives u problems install again with wipe. Make sure you make a backup rom first.

      • David says:

        Thanks for the advice.
        Will start my first flash later today!

        **finger cross**

        • David says:


          Thanks for all your great info with tutorials.
          I just wipe the cache and dalvik before flasing Criskelo ROM.

          Everything works smoothly now and all the data & apps still remain.
          Don’t even need to restore from Titanium Backup.

          Once again, thanks!

  35. CyraX says:

    Well… I kinda messed up this time^^

    Never happende to even mess up my old phone (SGS1) before but well…

    Here my problem:

    After flashing Abyss and pressing reboot recovery my phone keeped just on counting and reached already 8000…
    Don’t know what happened just flashed normally from Stock ICS with root…
    What should I do?

    • CyraX says:

      Well… okay^^ I just rebooted holding “Up-Home-Power” pressed till the recovery showed up and then I released the buttons… Okay kinda scary^^

  36. Felipe CΓ΄rrea says:


    I’ve tried the method above and something is not quite right: I’ve managed to flash the new kernel but I can’t go in the redpill mode, it boots back to clockwork mod and after pressing something it just blinks the screen. I can use my phone just fine, that’s how i’ve managed to see that the kernel was flashed.

  37. tung3400 says:

    Is it support Chinese?

  38. mayank says:

    please help me …. i jus tryin to root my galaxy note n7000 ics 4.0.3 but after using odin my screen stuck on startup ….. please help … πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  39. maaaatteo says:

    this video is not available (the whole channel, to be precise!)

  40. Mohamed says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz max another link 2 the videooo

  41. claudio says:

    can u please write me the instructions instead of the VIDEO ..

  42. Aung Tin Win (Myanmar) says:

    I already finished installing ICS with smooth……………..

    • Aung says:

      Bro, Can you help me out, please? I have a samsung note version 4.0.3. It has rooted. But a problem started installing rom. I did not install cus rom and that I did not realise untill the step installing cus rom. So, I pressed reboot and after that the phone stcuk with samsung note gt-7000 screen. If you know anything, could you let me know. My e-mail is

      • Max says:

        First, try wiping cache in CWM and reboot. If that doesn’t work, try installing Abyss, then install the ROM again.

  43. Gulraj says:

    Max need your help…
    I did a restore of my phone using CWM. Now running the “kind of” stock ICS 4.0.3 but :

    1. My super user is missing. I downloaded root check app and it says phone is rooted.
    2. I am unable to install even ABYSS kernel, installation stops at Installing update

    Please suggest what should I do. I want to try newer roms.


  44. Jithesh says:

    can anybody tell where can i find gingerbread custom roms…!! πŸ™‚

  45. Usaith says:

    Hi, I went through your videos, its brilliant… I have a samsung galaxy note i9220 with the Chinese firmware, so i can not use playstore or any other google products… is their any way i can do it??? can you please help me out

  46. mizi2054 says:

    you video no longer on youtube… please update new 1

  47. Marine says:

    Dear Friends,

    I have Samsung Galaxy Note GT N7000 Stock GB Rom XXLA4 (Rooted CWM and Superuser) and now I am getting software update 4.0 notification and when i start to update it stucks on 49% and give network connection lost error, I have tried restarting the phone and factory resetting the phone but getting the same thing. And now I am asking If i unroot my phone can I be able to get this update?

    Looking forward to your kind help in this situation,


  48. Darshan Mehta says:

    Hello Max

    thanx for the ffort of making the video for us novices

    Unfortunately it bricked my phone or so it seems . When i followed the instructions as at 3 min 20 seconds of the video , where it said to select the wipe ….. when i did this the phone never recovered and it is stuck at the Samsung logo ………..

    I cannot go back to the CWM recovery mode either

    I can go into the download mode only

    What do i do ?


  49. Nott Tippayasanti says:

    Max ,
    Is there the newer version for file for use with no computer method?

    • Max says:

      There might be but you don’t really need it as every time you install new ROM, it will overwrite whatever CWM you have.

  50. Sherif says:

    I have updated to N7000XXLRB – ICS 4.0.4 German Version. As it rolled out in India how can I transfer my Galaxy Note N7000 to Indian mode ?

  51. Sherif says:

    Plz update me how to Update my N7000 Galxy Note to Indian ICS 4.0.4. I have rooted my phablet to German version. Plz help me

  52. Rahul says:

    thanks for the amazing guide…..
    but a few questions..

    1. i checked my GN and it has the chipset known to have emmc bug issue.. so now if I flash using the abyss kernel it should be fine. But do i need to flash it with a ICS ROM only or can I flash it with a pre rooted GB ROM as well?

    2. I understand there are two versions of Abyss Kernel. One for ICS and one for GB. Which do i install if i plan to move to GB from ICS official stock? and vice-versa?

    3. Is it safe to directly move from rooted stock ICS 4.0.3 to CM9? using Abyss kernel?

    4. Just one las thing. When we flash a kernel like Abyss to ensure non bricking, does it mean that the new ROM would use the same kernel? or would it install its own kernel? For example if i flash Abyss and then flash CM9, will CM9 use Abyss as the system kernel or will it install its own kernel?

    Sorry for asking soo many questions, but i want to get my facts right before i flash.

    Thanks in advance.

    • blurenciel says:

      can i help? or you have found your answer?
      1) you can do both but if you are on ics the you must flash abyss before wiping..we cannot wipe on ics kernel..if you are on GB then it’s optional to flash abyss..
      2) max uses the GB version.. “*Note – This is a GINGERBREAD kernel…” quoted from the post above..
      3) yes it is safe.. just flashed PA rom (cm9) successfully..
      4) the new rom has its own abyss after install..that’s why you’ll need to flash abyss again if you want to flash other rom..
      hope this will help..

      • Rahul says:

        thanks a lot blurenciel

        you gave me exactly what i was looking for…!! πŸ™‚

        perfect to the point answers….

        thanks again

  53. reehan says:

    hi brother max,
    have read your tutorial post many time…just a newbie..many people told that if u are running ics cant be wipe or factory setting if u still use a stock kernel..if u have change the kernel like abyss,speedmod etc..its can be wipe because the kernel has been disable the emmc cap…is it true??
    so, in this website showed us that u use the abyss kernel to do any flashing activity with harm your it right??then for more understand, ics or gb rom need to root by using abyss first( dont reboot) after flash kernel just go flash your custom rom. is it true???
    your rom still downloading (too slow) is it u have any link??i will try flash once you reply my post that i really confirm with what i understand. please reply asap.

  54. minkal says:

    After flashing Abyss and pressing reboot recovery my phone keeped just on counting and reached already 8000… Don’t know what happened just flashed normally from Stock ICS with root… What should I do?

  55. Susanim says:

    Sad My galaxy note dun read my external_sd

  56. Siva says:

    Thanks for your guide. Just i succesfully installed RocketROM ICS v10 with Abyss Kernel.

  57. Lone Jafa says:

    . My phone would not get off the opening reboot screen (the pretty circles within a circle cycle). And now it’s stuck ClockWorkMod Recovery v. and if I select a menu item – the screen goes blank and back to the menu. Can I reinstall externally?

  58. blurenciel says:

    flashed paranoid android using abyss kernel..a success..thanks..

  59. husaini says:

    please help me πŸ™ after flash abyss in cmw, my note get stuck at the samsung galaxy note gt-n7000 logo, what i supposed to do, PLEASE HELP

    • blurenciel says:

      dear husaini, u need a rom..flash a rom..don’t just flash the kernel..get back into recovery and flash a rom..

      • husaini says:

        thanks man, but can i know how to get the right official ics rom for my phone? is there any number or code that i have to know, and where to find that number/code?

        • blurenciel says:

          if you need official rom then you don’t need for n7000 stock rom and you’ll find an xda thread where you can find your answer..

  60. Rahul says:

    hey everyone

    this is a little off topic but what is the selective advantage of moving from a stock ICS 4.0.4 to say CM9??

    I already have setCPU installed…. works fine… so what additional features are we looking at?

    thanks in advance.

  61. Jacky says:

    Hi Max,

    i’m using some custom GB rooted ROM.
    i want to install the Abyss kernel but when i go to my recovery mode there is no “Install from ZIP file” option.
    how do i go about this?

    • blurenciel says:

      Does “install from sd” available?it’s the same..

      • Jacky says:

        i only have these options:

        reboot system now
        apply update from sdcard
        wipe data/factory reset
        wipe cache partition

        when i select apply update from sdcard, i’m not able to select my external sd folder.
        should i attempt PC ODIN instead?

  62. Johnny says:

    Hey Max,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note N7000b series International here in Australia.
    Now, I rooted my device using your method which was nice and simple, but then I went ahead and downloaded Abyss Kernel(For CWM) [before flashing one of your custom roms]; and attempted to flash Abyss Kernel via CWM , then after rebooting my device got frozen/stuck at the “Samsung Galaxy Note N7000b” boot screen.
    I have already re-flashed my device back to stock ICS after experiencing this issue, but I do want to flash your custom roms.
    Wiping data/+ Dalvik Cache.
    Please advise.

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi johnny,
      I did face the same problem too..
      Abyss is a gb kernel so if you are on ics it won’t boot..if you wnt to boot it back just flash an ics kernel..flash abyss only if you want to flash new rom..
      1. Boot to rcovery
      2. Flash abyss
      3. Reboot recovery (under advance menu)
      4. Full wipe
      5. Flash rom (and gapps if needed)
      6. Reboot

      This should be working on n7000, not quite sure for n7000b..

      • Johnny says:

        Thanks for the reply Blurenciel.
        I am currently on the Official OTA ICS 4.0.4 for my SGN from Samsung.

        I’m wanting to flash a custom rom, preferably the Kingdroid ICS;, do I flash the (CWM) Abyss version?


        • blurenciel says:

          Sorry if this is a late reply..yes youcan use abyss method..we install abyss to wipe and get permanent recovery to flash roms..theres a post on installing kingdroid under galaxy note rom category..

          • Johnny says:

            Thanks for the reply.
            Its okay, you still got to it :p
            I’ll try flashing with your steps again and hopefully dont get a freeze at the boot screen!

  63. Jacky says:

    Hi max, blurenciel, whoever can help,

    i managed to use PC ODIN to flash the custom RocketROM.
    now i try flash another custom KingDroid ROM but accidentally started the flashing before i boot my phone to download mode.

    keep getting error “the process has stopped”
    please help!

    • blurenciel says:

      Hi jacky, if i ever faced that problem i would most probably flash the rom again..and i would use the tutorial above preferably..

      • Jacky says:

        i did flash again, but once it loads in the launcher the error keeps coming out and phone is totally not usable.

        could the download mode have done something?

  64. blurenciel says:

    Mm..most probably it happen because of that..
    I’m not sure if there’s any short solution for that..what i have in mind is only this way:
    Odin stock rom > root > flash abyss > wipe > flash rom again..
    That is all that i can think of..hope it can be of any help.. πŸ™‚

    • Jacky says:

      thanks blurenciel for all the advice.

      i was so desperate as my phone could not use anymore.
      tried flashing back to stock rom, tried flashing abyss, and in the end i do not know how i manage to, think i went into recovery mode and select the factory settings.

      then before it boot i flash the stock rom again.
      so far seems to be working just like brand new.

      ok, going to flash the custom ROM now…
      great, my phone is working again! phew…

      lesson learnt: always confirm what you are about to press, accidents do happen! =)

  65. prince royce says:

    hii..i have only one question, recently i bought samsung galaxy note GT-N7000 it come with ICS 4.0.4. and i want to flash kingdroid rom. so please tell me can i wipe/factory reset before flash this rom or just flash it without any wipe by using CWM recovery..please reply soon..

  66. Rimy says:

    Hi, please help, I planned to flash kingdroid but flashed abyss4.2 first. When rebooting my Note gets stuck in “Samsung GALAXY Note GT-7000” screen, I rebooted again to clockworkmod. when in CWM I cannot scroll to any of the options, please help

    • blurenciel says:

      Your phone won’t boot if you install abyss on ics because abyss is a gb kernel but it’s okay..just reboot to recovery and flash a rom..the steps are: install cwm > flash abyss > reboot recovery > full wipe > flash rom > reboot.. you are just missing one step sir..

      • Rimy says:

        Thanks very much for your help. Where do I start? When rebooting to CWM I cannot scroll down, Sometimes it goes and I can scroll to “install zip from sdcard” but when I select it, it jumps back to “reboot system now”. In CWM the only option that works is to reboot. I will really appreciate any help.

  67. blurenciel says:

    you are using touch don’t use buttons..just touch the menu to select..

  68. Rimy says:

    Thanks so much, I feel so damn stupid now. I just flashed Franco kernel again and my phone is operational again. I am new at this. I will leave it like this until I gather some courage to try again. Thanks again

  69. Robert J Lausen says:

    Help! I am stuck on Android/Samsung after flashing a rom………

  70. Sarf says:

    Hi Max, I wanted to ask, what if I’m currently on RRv10, wanted to migrate to original stock ICS? I heard someone said that I only can flash use Odin PC. Please give your feedback about migrating from custom to stock, stock to custom and both custom to custom, stock to stock, I want to know the flashing rules when migrating between these roms. Thanks in advance πŸ˜€

  71. Stephen says:

    hi please can someone help me ???

    i install GALAXY KINGDROOM NOTECORE 7.0 , and my phone was nice , but after 3 or 4 boots the phone suddenly didnt boot again , then i install a stock room , the one from germany , and the note start well , i did sueruser , and try to unlcock the simcard , didnt work so i decided to install again gingerbread greman room , but when i did with ODIN the Note didnt booted again and a samsung logo with a big ywlloe triangle appear….

    i install abbsynteh kernel to try again but doesnt boot , would this be a brick ???

    please could you help me and tell me if you can get me and advice or maybe tell me what can i do ??

    thanks !!!!!!

  72. kamikazi says:

    stuck at installing update im going to try again but ims cread btw im coming from ics rocket rom latest version v11
    i wonna install sweet ics rom:(

  73. Jhaps says:

    Max, can I use this method too in installing JB from ICS? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  74. yinok says:

    Will this work also for GB roms? If not, do you have a similar method for rooting GB roms via stock recovery?

    • blurenciel says:

      hi yinok..
      you can find instructions for gb in ‘galaxy note root’ category..this post is for rooted phone..can i know what is your current rom baseband?

  75. yinok says:

    @blurenciel oh sorry, posted on the wrong article, i’m on stock GB XXKKL8 and looking for method to root my phone via stock recovery only. can’t use a pc so that is my only option. always show signature verification error when i try to flash via stock recovery

  76. yinok says:

    @ blurenciel I’M on N7000XXKL8,

  77. ace says:

    help! anyone?….

    i rooted my galacy note 1 using the no computer required method. and now i want to change new rom. i don’t know where to start. i’m afraid that i might brick my phone. i’m a newbie in rooting phones. hope you can help me. thanks in advance.

    • Blurenciel says:

      Hi ace,
      Just do as instructed in this entry..using abyss kernel is fail-proof..i use this method everytime..super brick will only happen if you are on stock ics kernel.. πŸ™‚

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