How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Bell][Telus][Rogers]

So, you’ve rooted your AT&T/Bell/Telus/Rogers Galaxy Note SGH-i717.  What next?

If you want just root so you can get root for your Galaxy Note and get free wifi tether, that’s fine but if you want to install new ROMs on your newly-wedded bad boy, you will want to install ClockworkMod Recovery tool.  Which will allow you to install, backup, and restore ROMs.

Step 1. Hold down the Volume Down and Power button together until your phone resets.  When it resets, let go of the Power button but keep holding down the Volume Down button.

Step 2. When you see a warning screen like shown below, hit the Volume Up button to enter Download mode.

Step 3. Connect a micro USB cable from your Galaxy Note to your computer.

Step 4. Download and unzip.  You will find three files like shown below.

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Step 5. Run odin3v.185.exe by double-clicking on it.

You should see the ODIN program running with a yellow highlighted COM port.  If you don’t see the yellow highlighted portion, you don’t have Samsung Kies installed.  Download and install Samsung Kies (then unplug, plug the micro USB cable.)

Step 6. Hit the PDA button and choose the file odin_nI717_cwm_recovery_a1.tarodin_nI717_cwm_recovery_b4.tar.



Step 7. Hit Start to flash the ClockworkMod Recovery to your Galaxy Note.

Step 8. Your phone will reboot.  To get into ClockworkMod Recovery, hold down Volume Up, Volume Down and Power button together until your phone resets.

Step 9. Then let go of Power button while holding down the Volume Up button.

Step 10. You should be in ClockworkMod Recovery.  Congratulations!  Pat yourself on the back, you’ve successfully installed ClockworkMod Recovery on your AT&T/Bell/Telus/Rogers Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

Credits – XDA

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
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69 Responses to How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Bell][Telus][Rogers]

  1. Austin Jay Stewart says:

    Hey man, LOVE what you got going on already, but, is there any good roms out for the samsung galaxy note shg-i717? cause for the life of me i cant find any for the att version, all of them are for the international version, let me know! already got rooted and running clockwork mod thanks to you! keep it up!

    • Taylor Harris says:

      I’m wondering the same thing as you Austin because I just bought the SGH-i717 two days ago and am already sick of Gingerbread’s poor performance due to TouchWiz because I know the specs on this phone should present a much faster, smoother UI experience.

      It’s awesome to see a site already up that’s devoted to my specific device concerning mods, ROMS, and rooting/flashing utility updates. Excellent job to all responsible!

      I would also like to know what ROMS are available for the SGH-i717 besides the stock Samsung ROM though because all of the ROMS currently available seem to be made for the n7000 Internation Version. I was so despereate for a different ROM that I tried to flash the ICS port ROM for the n7000 to my SGH-i717 with CWM and it bricked my phone so far beyond any expectation. I mean, the phone didn’t even light up. You could forget getting into any sort of download or recovery mode. Fortunately, I did buy the phone two days ago so after playing stupid for 5 minutes in front of the AT&T manager, I got a replacement so I’m back to where I was: rooted and CWM running but no ROMS to take advantage of them!

      Please post ROMS available for the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note when you can!

      • tyson says:

        I too am desperately waiting on some SGH-I717 ROMs. The battery life so far is unacceptable to me… my only hope is a custom ROM to combat this.

        • Max says:

          I am waiting on this too, there’s a couple roms out now but I would advise wait couple days until they are more stable, I haven’t been able to get a rom running smoothly yet.

  2. Taylor Harris says:

    Hey guys, I found a decent ROM for the AT&T SGH-i717! Its a fairly recent work in progress but its workingvery nicely for me. Although it’s still based on gingerbread, it provides much smoother animations and performance in addition to better battery life when compared to stock. You’ll first want to flash a customized overclocked ROM made by Da_G and then you can flash the ROM. You can find the forum here:

  3. Tena says:

    XDA just updated cwm to beta 3, has anyone been having any problems with the current cwm

    • kevin says:

      I’m not completely sure which version I’m running but I tried to do a backup for the stock rom and got an error message when it was done. I want to start flashing but I’m not going to start until I see clear that the stock rom is fully backed up.

  4. Steve says:

    I followed your instructions and something went wrong, no matter what i do my galaxy note boots in to clockworkmod everytime. How do i stop this please help.

    • Tena says:

      Hi was just wandering if you could do a updated video on how to install cwm Beta 3,which was updated to Really love what your doing.. thank you 😉

  5. Jeff says:

    I am also stuck in cwm loop. Please let us know how to get out of it.

  6. Jean says:

    I flashed a rom and i cant get past CWM it keeps rebooting into it some help on this one please

  7. Bharath says:

    The Step 9 must mention that both up and down buttons need to be held pressed down, not just the up button to get into the clock work mod mode.

  8. spectre Death says:

    Just install the Beta 4 recovery 0r the modded 3e from xdA with Odin put yOur Phone in DL mode turnon your phone holdindg down the -Vol Button thenUP when PrOmpted use the tut On XDA Fixed mine

  9. Alex says:

    Anybody found any custom ROM’s for the AT&T version yet? I can’t find ANY. I desperately want to increase my battery life so I can actually USE my phone. If not, I may be taking it back and get another iphone. 🙁 If anybody knows of any, please send me a message. Thanks.

    • RealtorRod says:

      I have found that D_ag’s O/C kernel has provided me with much better battery life.

      I ran Cpuspy prior to flashing for a day and then after flashing it and the numbers were awesome.

      We have less support for our version unfortunately.

  10. magus says:

    So, any clear way to get out of the CWM boot loop issue? Is this a result of using ROM Manger to enter CWM initially?

  11. Vinny says:

    I seen a CWM R3covery over in the XDA site, (cwm-1717-b4 bf This is the same recovery with much bigger font, I think, the recovery # is, has anyone flashed this one thru Odin with success?? Looking at this recovery compared to the smaller font, much bigger font.


  12. Gavin Dundee says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. Best tutorial ever 😀 I got a custom battery in my status bar with your help :DD

  13. jeremy says:

    thanks to his retarded tutorial my phone is now stuck at the samsung screen thanks your the best

  14. Rob Milestone says:

    Where do I find the actual Roms? I can’t find anything!! I also need a full Stock ROM for Bell Note – i717M. Can’t find anything anywhere. I did find the kernal.tar but need a stock Rom complete. If you have one or can re direct me with a URL or what have you, I’d certainly appreciate it!

  15. alexander choi says:

    i did everything as u said, and everything was fine till then, i dont see “ClockworkMod Recovery ” at the end;;

  16. Bob says:

    Dude, you’ve got so much junk adds all over the place and download links that put EXE files on your computer, its really hard to get to the good stuff you’ve done here. Clean up the crap ads if you plan on keeping a following.

    • Pete says:

      You obviously never owned or operated a website, Quit complaining and start donating. How do you think he pays for your free stuff on here.. Between hosting fees and his time, you think some people would just be grateful for the wealth of knowledge you can find here. If you don’t like the ads here’s a little trick..

      Alt + Ctrl+ Delete 2 times fast……. Maybe this place would be a little better off if you didn’t stick around u troll 🙂

  17. Bigman says:

    Why your download link is not working??

  18. Taimoor says:

    Will this CWM work with the international version? This methods seems much easier than the other one you posted.

  19. Sean says:

    Thanks everything works great. But instead of Clockworkmod Recovery I have CWM based recovery with less options and smaller font??!? Anyone else have this problem?

  20. Pete says:


    I love the new ALLINONE ICS, How do I get the Blue (factory style) clock widget to re-appear, when I go to add a widget I only can find the back or charcoal grey colored ones, I want it to match the accuweather widget??

    Help it’s driving me crazy I can’t find it???? Anyone???

  21. sam says:

    hey max can you make a video on how to make a custom boot animation for the galaxy note att..


    • Gavin Dundee says:

      Hey man! UOT Kitchen is a great way to do custom boot animation! The interface is very simple too.

    • Max says:

      yes will do soon i think there are apps now that let you do it also, u just need a rom with the support.

  22. Michael says:

    For the life of me, I cannot get my Note to boot into CWM Recovery! Can anyone tell me the trick? I either end up in ODIN mode, or it just reboots. What am I doing wrong?

  23. mutkas says:

    I followed this Tuto and now I have samsung flashing on the screen continually. Help please

  24. elissia says:

    I did everything even repeated the steps and still have CWM v5.5.0.4 the only thing that comes up are
    -reboot system now
    -install zip from sd card
    -wipe data/factory reset
    -wipe cache partition
    -backup and restore
    -mounts and storage

    Did I do this right?

  25. Zheng says:

    I cannot install Clockworkmod touch on my att galaxy note. I got a FAIL message (with red background) in ODIN. I tried to disconnect the phone from the PC, close ODIN, remove battery, re-insert it, turn phone on in Download mode again, and do the procedure again, but the FAIL message comes out every time. What should I do? Can anyone help me?

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  27. Keven says:

    I have a quest @Max.. After I install the OnlyOne Rom. My Google Marker keep getting me the 492 error. I try a fresh restore wipe cache, wipe factory reset thand reboot it still do it. It wont do it on the stock ROM but that one will do it. Can you help me out? Thanks

    • Max says:

      Try wiping cache “after” installing rom.

    • Tim says:

      Wipe your Dalvik cache. Happened to me and once you clear that then access the Play store from your mobile device, you then wait a couple hours for Google Play to figure out you have a “new” device.

  28. Mike says:

    I meesed up using tutorial at top with pictures…

    My Telus i717D running ginerbread and rooted,

    keep on rebooting and lock screen appears , tries to scan media but no wifi , no network and reboots again and again

    Please Help…

  29. scot says:

    I have a Note i717 and tried rooting but the ClockworkModRecovery steps DO NOT work. I have Kies, it does the flash, it reboots, but when I hold the power button down and the volume up button, the phone just reboots. On the root page it says to hold the volume up and volume down buttons along with the power button, but that doesn’t work either.

    Which one is correct, and what am I doing wrong?

    • Max says:

      sorry typo, if you watched my video, it tell u the correct way but recently youtube removed it, you need to hold down both vup/vdown and power.

  30. Curtis says:

    No go here either, increases counter but no cwm

  31. Curtis says:

    vup tried many times

  32. Curtis says:

    need to reset my counter in ics
    btw it looks like its resetting wallpapers too, not to stock but to previous

  33. Curtis says:

    4.0.4 ICS system

  34. Aug1 says:

    After I did this… my Note won’t recognize any SIM cards. None! Not even a virgin one from a phone not even related to the mods…


      • billy says:

        I did upgraded my i717 to 4.0.4, then use your t-mobile modem to fix the 4G. However, after I installed it. The phone doesn’t recognize SIM and IMEI# say unknow. Tried to installed back ATT modem, didn’t work. Only thing I did to make it work that I reinstall firmware 4.0.4.
        When my phone is at 2.3.6, the 4G worked perfectly.
        I was wondering if you could help me to improve the 4G with ICS 4.0.4
        Thanks a lot,

        • DaFooKila says:

          Hey Billy, right now I’m somewhat where you were, but more stuck.
          I’m on T-Mobile but use an AT&T i717 gNote. After carefully reading the tutorials (and more importantly the responses to the tutorials) on this website I was finally successful in upgrading to ICS 4.0.4 with root and CWM.
          A week later I flashed a new ROM for my i717. ICS IMM76D UCLF6 – Stock, Rooted, Deodexed build 5 by FJmod. I was really getting into the in and outs of this ROM and had it for over a week. . . then the noob in me went rogue and I totally disregarded the pages and pages of people speaking about their experience with TMo radios using the GB based Sauron ROM.
          I wasn’t even back on ICS stock when I took a wrong turn and flashed a T-Mobile radio (KID, VKL1 or KJ3/Blaze, I forget which now) using CWM. After the reboot I noticed I had no signal whatsoever and I even had a notification saying “no SIM card” or something, even though I never removed it. I clicked on it and had a network error message. Same error I see when going into “Settings”, then “Mobile Networks”. While still in Settings I went into “About Phone” and the build (4.0.4) is still there but my Baseband now shows “unknown”. It used to say UCLF6. From there I went one folder deeper into “Status” and I also don’t show an IMEI number any more. This last detail is serious considering how some Moderators are quick to “shhhhh!!!” people up when speaking about IMEI number changes. Sounds like I could lose my freedom for not having my IMEI. Being a noob is not a solid legal defense in a court of law should I get caught without my IMEI number.
          I did try to help myself at first, but probably only succeeded in making things worse. I was doing pretty good about diligently making Nandroid back ups before any big changes. Or at least I thought they were Nandroid back ups. Hopefully they are.
          I didn’t really pay attention until today that my Nandroid back ups are not zip files or img files like I thought. Now I think I know a zip file is used for installing while a back up is used for restoring. Please dont laugh too hard. I really do my best learning when I phuk things up myself. Honest.
          I wiped the Dalvik and partition cache before, and maybe even after, my first unsuccessful attempts to safely revert to a good back up.
          I’m not sure what I did but when I try to restore or install a zip from the internal SD card I get an E: no files found, and/or something about a problem mounting the SD card. It seems my back ups are not located on my SDcard, internal SD Card or even my external SD Card but instead they are located on “EMMC” (wtf?). I have no clue why its not on my internal SD card or and no clue about who invited this EMMC to the party
          I even went as far as using winrar to zip the folders which contain my back up contents. I noobishly thought I first had to install the back ups this way and I did manage to get the installation going . . . for about a whole second, then . . .installation aborted. That sucked..
          Worst case I’m thinking I can always reinstall the original FJmod build 5 zip I downloaded since I know that zip file does install correctly BUT I’ve put a lot of time customizing the settings within the menu trees of this ROM.
          At this point I just trying to restore a good back up. Now I’ve gone as far as deleting all user data. Still no luck. Where exactly did I go wrong and what should I have done instead. What can I do now?
          Within my back ups I see 2 image files. One says “recovery” and the other “boot”. Are any of these two useful to me? Which one and how, if so. Anything with the word “boot” still scares my noob ass so I won’t do anymore trial and error learning with anything that says “boot”.
          Please help.

          • Tim says:

            I would call your mobile carrier and have the device RMA’d. They will more than likely try a few troubleshooting steps with you and once those fail they should have no issue warranting the device.

          • DaFooKilla says:

            thanks for that Tim but everything fell into place just now.
            apparently some ROMS change how sdcard/data/cache is mounted. to restore my good ole Nandroid back ups would of been impossible UNLESS I “mount system” and “mount data” only first and then “restore” my newest back up i made.
            Again, in this CWM recovery i had to select “mounts & storage” then “mount system” and “mount data only!! anything else listed as being mounted under “mounts & storage” HAD to be unmounted!

            i went back to “back up & restore”, and selected my Nandroid back up folder to restore. SUCCESS!
            then after a few minutes i noticed my screen notification say 4g! basband is still unknown (it was KID btw) i ran a speed test and it is noticeably faster.

          • DaFooKilla says:

            but of course! hey Max, thanks for your website. i appreciate what you do for us.
            everyone else ahead of me who I’ve learned from too. . .THX!!!

          • DaFooKilla says:

            omg max, you didn’t warn me about wearing my seat belt!

            With KID and Blaze I only got low single digit MB/sec but with Blaze I did the “force HSPA” tip and now I pull down 14 MB/sec!

            is it possible the JKL1 modem can go even faster here in the DFW metroplex? This is texas and i dont know if im allowed to go so fast.


  35. Jeanniene says:

    I cant find the recovery file. Is there a link? Please help!

  36. PaceyPimps says:

    I already have the latest CWM but can you help me install the touch version with out a PC. Is there a way to to that if not can you show us how to install using a Mac Thanks.

  37. jeet says:


    i did everything and get the pass in odin but cannot get into cwm, it keeps going into android recovery system or whatever

    • Max says:

      there is a script that overwrites the recovery you flashed. If you get stock recovery, just simply flash recovery again, as soon as you see “PASS!”, pull the battery before your phone reboots.

  38. edward says:

    I tried too instal clockworkmod but its dosent work all I get is the stock recovery i followed to the word you tuto and still dosent work need help pls.

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