How to Avoid the EMMC Brick and Install/Restore ROMs on Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

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I know a ton of people have requested to make a video/tutorial about the EMMC Brick, so here it is as a person who has never bricked his Galaxy Note GT-N7000 and have flashed hundreds of Gingerbread and ICS ROMs.

*Note – AT&T/Rogers Galaxy Note SGH-i717 does not have this bricking problem because it has a different CPU/system.

So, the main problem with EMMC brick that causes hard brick (your phone will not turn on at all and you will need a $50 JTAG service from MobileTechVideos) is mainly with “leaked” ICS ROMs.  If you have flashed one of those “leaked” ICS ROMs, there’s a chance you can brick.

But to clear things up, your phone doesn’t get bricked unless you try to “wipe data/factory reset” in ClockworkMod Recovery while trying to install a new ROM.

The problem lies in some of the system partitions and whatnot.  I am not going to get into details of this as it’s boring but I will show you how to avoid it altogether.

Whenever you are installing or restore ROM using ClockworkMod Recovery, flash Abyss Gingerbread kernel beforehand and reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.   This will also make sure you have a good ClockworkMod Recovery that can install ICS ROMs.

I always have a copy of Abyss kernel zip file in my phone’s SD card so before I flash any new ROMs, I just flash that beforehand just to be safe.  And if you do this too, you cannot brick your Galaxy Note GT-N7000.  You can use other kernels too but I am sticking with Abyss since it’s been proven over time and I don’t like taking any chances with my phone.

Although I have posted the ICS install method before, here it is again so you know.  I am assuming you already have a custom ROM installed, most custom ROMs come with ClockworkMod Recovery.  If you rooted using the ICS root method, you can get into ClockworkMod Recovery by flashing from stock recovery, just like you did when you rooted your phone, then follow the rest of instructions here.

Step 1. Download and copy over the Abyss kernel zip file to your SD card or internal storage.  Again, I always have a copy of Abyss kernel zip file on my SD card I suggest you do too.

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Download Abyss kernel

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Then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together until your phone resets and you get ClockworkMod Recovery.

Step 2. Choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 3. Choose “choose zip from sdcard” or “choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on where you copied over the Abyss kernel zip file to.

Step 4. Choose the Abyss kernel zip file and install it.

Step 5. Once installed, you still have to reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery so go back to main menu and choose “advanced”.

Step 6. Choose “Reboot Recovery” and this should reboot back you into ClockworkMod Recovery but the one off Abyss kernel.

From here on, you can install new Gingerbread or ICS ROMs without worrying about bricking and also you can restore ROMs.

For backing up ROMs, you can use any ClockworkMod Recovery, there’s no bricking issues there as you are reading the system, not writing to it.


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155 Responses to How to Avoid the EMMC Brick and Install/Restore ROMs on Galaxy Note GT-N7000!

  1. Luckidrag says:

    As always, very informative. Thanks for the tutorial! I have some more questions for you. Hope you can comment on them.

    1. What are leaked ICS Roms? Would Criskelo ICS Rom V7 or V8 be considered as leaked one?
    2. How about doing Factory Data Reset from the Settings? Will it brick the phone?
    3. How about restoring, i.e. does one need to run Abyss before selecting the restore button?


    • Max says:

      1. Leaked ICS ROMs are “leaked” ICS ROMs when there was no official ICS out yet but you still want to be careful with any ICS ROMs. By using Abyss kernel, you eliminate any of bricking.
      2. You can do factory data reset after flashing Abyss kernel.
      3. Yes please flash Abyss kernel before restoring just to be safe.

      • Kaung says:

        Hello Max! Thanks again! can I use this Abyss kernel on any custom! Now I am using Rocket rom! after I install Abyss Kernel can I factory Reset? Thank you so much Max! Plz answer to me!

        • Max says:

          Yes once abyss kernel is flashed and you REBOOT into recovery u r safe to do a wipe. But abyss does not run on ics roms so u will have to reinstall rom.

          • Kalyan says:

            What do u mean by “abyss does not run on ics roms” means it will not run on stock ics roms. How to install it.

  2. sha says:

    Hi, thanks max.. quick question, I’ve used version 4.0.1, the latest and prolly final version of abyss kernel. The problem I had in the cwm recovery was that I couldn’t scroll down + it refreshed and menu/ok button never worked. So I had to flash gingerbread stockrom and then start all over again, this time with version 3.0 of abyss kernel and everything works fine. Have u had probs with the latest version of Abysskernel custom logo ?

    Many thanks mate.

    • ReubenNg says:

      There is an Abyss Kernel version 4.2 that is the final version.

      • AniMach says:

        ….. since abyss kernel 4.2 is a touch input kernel … using the power .. n vol keys wud force it 2 refresh .. the kernel iz problem free.

        • Max says:

          Yes the one posted here is the final version 4.2

          • Scotty says:

            arrrghhh I did the same thing was trying to use the volume up and down to scroll and it just kept refreshing… Ended up using pc odin but was a bit of a hassle. Thanks for your tutorials Max.

  3. rofiqul says:

    I have a galaxy note gt-n7000. but I want to update my phone with latest ics 4.2.
    Please say, How can I do that ? thanks .

    • DRKRpr says:

      Latest version of Android is 4.1 (Jellybean). If you were referring to 4.0.x (ICS), you could either go Settings > About phone > Software Update > Update to check if ICS is available for your Note. Otherwise other options such as flashing custom ROMs are available for your phone.

  4. Hey Max, i’ve bricked my Note n7000. But i’ve repartitioned it by using GNU Parted. now it runs Official samsung Firmware 4.0.4 XXLRB. Due to making repartition, i’ve lost space of few GB of my internal sd card (only 6.24gb available). I still have warrenty, so should i go to Samsung service and get it repaired or should i stay? what do you think? reply. n we want zedomax channel back on youtube. regards……

    • Max says:

      I would stay that way, I’ve never heard of anyone partitioning their GT-N7000 especially using GNU Parted!!! Did you plug the phone as disk drive and did it???

  5. delphiguy says:

    This is cool, I’ve just got a few questions:

    1. Will this work with Stock rooted GingerBread DXLC2? is it going to be the same steps?
    2. Which Rom would you recommend?
    3. Will this affect my call and data logs? as this is the way I monitor my usage. Or will
    Titanium Backup do this for me?


    • George says:

      1. GB ROM’s are safe (abyss kernel is for GB rom), so u can use its own or any custom GB CWM
      2. I’ll live this to Max 🙂
      3. Yes, it will erase logs (if you do wipe and clear cache), but Titanium can restore, if you have backup, make sure to make full backup (for system applications too) before flashing new rom
      you can afterwards restore only application data

      but, in my case, I restored only call/sms logs, no mobile data log

  6. Austin says:

    Thanks for posting this Max. And if I were to re-flash a STOCK ICS Rom.. Should i flash into GB then ICS or straight away ICS?

  7. Alex says:

    Thanks Max for your contributions.
    I was with Criskelo V7 with the Kernel CF-Root LQ3, but I updated to 4.0.4 XXLRG stock rom with Mobile Odin, I uploaded the tar file to my external sd_card and I flashed without making any wipe, just selected “Enable EverRoot”, “Inject Superuser” (SuperSU) and “Inject Mobile Odin”.
    So far, the result has been good and the stock rom is rooted, I found some lags but I guess is cause the rom needs to settle. The question is: Can I wipe – data, cache and dalvik cache – from Android Recovery? If the answer is “yes” what would be the order to do it.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Tom says:

    where is the xda link to back up this support?

  9. Fernando says:

    excellent!!…now i know the way to flash between roms!!now on rocket rom v7 its definitely smooth so far!!…i got one question max…

    I want to use the riangle away app but when i enter and push reset flash counter it say it has to eter to a special boot mode and they warn me to continue…current status says it cant be determined amd to do so it has to emter a special bootmode..should i hit continue?

    • Max says:

      Should be okay, just so long as it says GT-N7000.

    • George says:

      special boot mode in this case is download mode:
      press Volume down+home+Power btn simultaneously before it enters that mode
      in download mode you can check you Binary Count, that number should be same what Triangle away shows, but be aware, all ICS rom’s have EMMC Brick bug, so be sure to use safe kernel when using triangle away,
      CF-Root kernel will be best chose (because Triangle Away and CF-Root are both chainfire’s developments)
      but 100% safety not guaranteed.

      • Max says:

        I don’t think Triangle Away app is affected by EMMC bug tho.

        • fernando says:

          thanks a lot for the reply to both of you Max and George…its good to see that there are other user willing to help. after reading your replies i decided to give it a shot…i went into special biot mode it said device:gt-n7000 so i hit continue…my triangle is gone and my count too! Id rate this site top 1 helpfull sites, has helped me a lot..hope zedomax on youtube gets back.

  10. Jack says:

    what if I only want to ROOT my phone so I can remove some of the standard apps that come with the official Samsung ICS, whats the best way to do that?

  11. George says:

    Thanks Max for excellent tutorial!
    I have question: can I install stock ROM’s using abyssnote kernel’s CMW?
    they are zip files, inside tar.md5 file and one dll file, I use Odin PC to flash extracted tar.md5 file, but if I can install from CWM, it would be very handy

  12. George says:

    sorry, mobile data logs are also presented

  13. tai says:

    after i flash abyss kernel with clockwork mod and goto advance and reboot recovery, it shows that install from sd card is complete and then theres a counter at the very last line and all it does up counting upwards…

  14. SKy says:

    yes, its abyss kernal, install ur rom.

  15. Shanil says:

    Hello everyone

    First of all sorry for asking a question not on topic. I have a USB Jig I used to clear the binary count on my GS2, will the same Jig work for the Note as well?, I am afraid to try it with all these EMMC bug talk.
    Thanks in advance!!

    • SKy says:

      @shanil…… Dont use usb jig…. Instead of that use triangle away app. I’ve used d same n got samsung’s warrenty too. If u found my info helpful and if u want to know whole process n apk, then like my page @ it will support me a lot. Thanks.

  16. david says:

    Hi! there is something similar for the galaxy s2?

  17. Lily says:

    Im such a bimbo the newbies or dummies just like me, REMEMBER TO READ COMMENTS before flashing or installing abyss kernel..lmao..i thought abyss was something totally different to cwm recovery haha smh..oh and with the newest CWM, remember, its touch activated..not like before..phewww, i was about to throw my phone at the wall lol..thanks guys..

  18. david says:

    Thanks for the answer!!!

  19. HairyOneMan says:

    Kinda off-topic but does anybody know, if it is safe to use triangle away with kingdroid v5 (built in CF-kernel)?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi =) ..I don’t know if it is “safe” or not. KingDroid 5 has 4 different inbuilt kernels to choose from during install I think btw, if you installed the version with aroma installer. The developer of Triangle Away app is warning about risk for brick using the app too. I’ve been using TA around 30-40 times I guess, 2 or 3 times while on KD5, and never bricked. Check your binary count before using TA, make sure the app has recognised your device model (N7000) and your binary count. If not, then don’t proceed.

    • opiujn says:

      I was on cf while using TA. But if I’m not mistaken TA flashes another kernel during install process. I’ll try it now again to see 🙂

    • opiujn says:

      Just ran Triangle Away app 3 times in a row now. It detected my N7000 every time and binary count which on my phone was 0 already of course lol. Didnt brick, everything worked just fine. =) It is working on phone, but still I cant tell anything about if it is safe or not. Chainfire made this app so I think its good and solid, but cant guarantee its safe.

  20. Albert says:

    Hi Max, need your help. my gtn7000 just freeze at start up screen. i went through the guide on loading the criskelo ics and it when well on the loading in part but were having error after the reboot. ie; log file stop working, some tools not working. i did a stupid move by restore the backup and it doesnt work. i went and reload the criskelo v2 and it just freeze at NOTE image. i tried loading Adyss kernel and it just freeze at installing update…. but loading franco kernel no problem but it franco and install again criskelo v2/ v7 it just freeze at NOTE text image… please advise. Thanks!

  21. Aman says:

    Getting Error : “E: signature verification failed”

    I am trying to install abyss kernal on my Rooted Note (GT-N7000) ICS, Samsung Official ROM installed.
    Performed the following steps:
    1. Booted the phone to ClockworkMod Recovery.
    2. Choose the Abyss kernel zip file and install it.

    After this I get error “E: signature verification failed”.

    Please help.

  22. DanteSpec says:

    for real the BEST and CWM kernel ever!
    totally works and it helped me to unbrick (soft) my N7000 today =)
    cheers Max

  23. Eduardo Gonzalez says:

    I dont speak English very well so excuse if I write something wrong.

    Ok I want to install customs roms or Stock GB. Right now I have this:
    unrooted ICS Stock ROM Ver. 4.0.3 / N7000XXLPT / Kernel 3.0.15-N7000XXLPY-CL474507
    I have so many problems with my phone rigth now always if shut it down or hangind up and better not to tell about the battery (its gone the same day doing nothing)

    What I have to do firts?
    1-root the stock ICS (following the ICS rooting method)
    2-install AbyssKernel
    3-install Custom Rom (Like Criskelo or KingDroid) or install Stock GB

    Please correct me if this arent the step. I dont wank to brick my phone and I tired of this Stock ICS rom.


  24. Delphy says:

    Last night I flashed a costum rom for the first time. Everything is is working perfect and I’m so happy with my ‘new’ smooth phone. I did it without any form of wipe. Is that correct?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Delhpy =)
      As long as your phone is working fine without problems then just enjoy it!! Glad to hear that its perfect:D
      But if you start notice that you get fc, lag or other problems with the phone that should not be there, that isnt known as bugs for the rom you installed, then maybe wiping can solve those things. And if you need to wipe one day, then make sure you’ve read instructions carefully for how to make it safe wipe and avoid brick.

  25. LALA says:

    Can I full wipe abssy 4.2 on GB, or ICS, or both?

    • opiujn says:

      Hi LALA =)
      When you use Abyss 4.2 it does not matter if you run GB, ICS or any other version. But after installing it you must reboot recovery before you wipe. Are you about to install a new rom? If not, you will need a kernel that works with your current rom, to install after wipe procedure because A4.2 is a GB kernel.

  26. Delphy says:

    In the xda forums I read that it depends on the emmc chip you have and the kernel your rom uses. I’m scared to do anything right now. I flashed to Criskelo using this method, but I have no idea if the kernel it uses is safe. What should I do?

    • Max says:

      Should be safe if you use method shown here.

      • Delphy says:

        Ok thank you very much for your reply and the tutorial. Just to be sure so I CAN do a wipe, and I should only use tested roms right? Could you tell me which wipe option I should use when installing new rom?

        • Max says:

          Yes you can do wipe after installing Abyss and rebooting recovery. Only then. You should stick to custom ROMs yes. “wipe data/factory reset”.

  27. Kyle says:

    Hello , i was on stock 4.0.3 and i flashed abyss kernel before flashing paranoid android. But the thing is, after flashing abyss kernel, i did not reboot recovery before i went ahead to flash paranoid android. Now my phone i bricked. help

  28. Kyle says:

    Hello , i was on stock 4.0.3 and i flashed abyss kernel before flashing paranoid android. But the thing is, after flashing abyss kernel, i did not reboot recovery before i went ahead to flash paranoid android. Now my phone i bricked. help!!!

  29. Andre Perman says:

    OMG! I overlooked the fact that you talk about the GT-N7000 and I flashed the Rogers kernel onto my SGH-i717 and now it won’t turn on, it’s a brick. It all started with me trying to get T-Mobile modems to work, losing my IMI etc. etc… What can I do now to fix it? I guess some expensive repair sill be needed? Please, please, please help.

    • Max says:

      You flashed a Rogers kernel to i717? Rogers is a i717 tho? Does it turn on at all?

      If all else fails, there’s a guy who does JTAG repair for $50.

    • opiujn says:

      Hi Andre, can you enter download mode?
      If thats the case you might be able to odin flash a kernel that works with your rom.
      Ive never used a i717, but once I installed a kernel on my n7000 that wasnt supposed to be used on that model. I could not start recovery or rom, but was still able to fix it with odin from download mode.

    • Andre Perman says:

      Rogers is an i717 kernel? But where I found it (on this site) you had two paragraphs with videos about rooting the Galaxy Note, one paragraph for each version, and you mentioned the Rogers kernel under the GT-N7000 rooting-paragraph. No kernel mention on the instructions for rooting the i717, so I assumed that being a newer device it has a better kernel… Since the devices employ different processors and a kernel has to be written in machine language, I assume that flashing the wrong kernel onto the wrong devices would indeed kill it…Anywhoooo…. yep, it’s pretty dead. None of the buttons respond, so I could not enter any download or upload mode. I have now dropped it off at a local repair shop in Palo Alto who have a jig and they’ll let me know tomorrow if they were successful in reviving it. I assume it’ll come back with stock AT&T ROM. That’ll be $59 if it works… Before that I paid $10 to one of the online services to unlock it using the IMEI number and for some reason after 48 hours they told me they were not able to do it… Why does that happened? (They refunded my money, so no hard feelings). I found a web site that offered unlocking with a cable and that indeed worked, as I got the T-Mobile voice network after inserting a T-Mobile SIM Card. Encouraged by that I proceeded to try to flash the T-Mobile modem onto the devices and that just went from almost good to bad to very bad, as neither of the 3 modems I tried nor ROM flashes could bring back the T-Mobile (phone) signal, then IMEI disappeared, nor even recognition of the SIM Card…

      • Andre Perman says:

        So, now that I’ve shown that the i717 can indeed be bricked (contrary to your assertion on top of this page that it was not possible… 🙂 ) would be lovely, if you could give some advice or write something similar about reliable ROMs and kernels for the i717 to avoid bricking it again…. Thanks!

        • opiujn says:

          Darn.. what a nightmare!! =o| all phones can indeed be bricked in one or another way, but some models are less unlikely to brick by flashing than others. Hope they revive your note! I flashed a Galaxy s2 kernel on my N7000 once, by mistake (think it was abyss 1.2 ultimate), when I started my phone the screen became bright for a second and then dark with sparkling colorful dots, looked like a stary night sky. I showed my friend and we laughed a lot when he said I should not try flash Christmas themes on note during summer vacation, that might brick the phone. And there was weird scratching noices comming from the speaker as well, haha 😀 But I managed to flash a stock rom in download mode and then I restored my backup.

  30. kartik says:

    hey max i have hard bricked my phone.can it repaired by usb jig

  31. Ahmad says:

    max plz help me i had install costom rom and wanted to go back to original i made factory reset and then in cwm restore but it stuck on restoring system… and when i saw your update you said that use abyss kernel i did it also it stucked on installing update…. and after long time phone restart and just samsung logo in front screen appears… plz help me what should i do?

  32. Ahmad says:

    max plz help me my phone can’t start now

  33. Noodles says:

    Hey Max,
    I tried doing this with rocket rom 7… but i think i messed up. Im in a forever startup mode? Any ideas on how to fix?

  34. =) says:

    Thank God for Max and his hard work. Either wise every dummy with a note would’ve probably by now have had to either get a new motherboard or gotten a new one. Thanks once again MAX. You’ve taught us well lol have a good day/night =)

  35. Tanzim says:

    I flashed my Galaxy note with CM9 and my phone stuck at samsung logo.i couldn’t even flash Stock Rom using ODIN. Then i used PIT file and successfully flashed but the problem is my 3GB of internal storage was damaged, may be because of emmc bug. It is showing 8.24GB of total space. Now i want to claim for warranty . I used Triangle Away to reset flash counter and flashed stock ics Rom without Root .Is it ok now for claiming warranty?

    Thanks in Advance

  36. cikubage says:

    After installing Abyss in CWM.
    In CWM, I chose “Reboot Recovery”
    There’s a counter at bottom & keeps counting:
    “ClockworkMod Recovery v5.8.1.5
    eg. 30485……and keeps counting”
    Take off the battery, restart phone….stucked at Samsung logo…

  37. Ronnie says:

    Can you tell me if there are any potential issues which could brick in this scenario:
    -Phone arrived with stock GB 2.3.6
    -Updated OTA “the official way” to 4.0.3 (no wipe)
    -Very unsatisfied with 4.0.3 (got the kernel wakelock battery drain bug)
    -About to flash back using PC ODIN to GB (non wipe image)
    -Up to this point, I haven’t touched/used/done any of the following: ODIN, flash, “wipe”, factory reset, root, recovery mode, install CWM etc.

    I’ve read many forums and blog posts about the EMMC brick bug, but I’m still confused… Some people say it only has to do with CWM (which I haven’t installed), some are saying you have to go to a ‘safe kernel’ first etc… Others are saying the bug can only be invoked in Recovery mode, and not in Download mode…


    • dalephill2 says:

      Yea I wiped mine out using the cwm, completely dead, the motherboard needed to be replaced, 250 dollars, from 3rd party fix, good thing i was still in my 15day warranty they just replaced it. , point it yeah be careful, very careful cause u can mess it up i can attest to it. Even reading all the forums i’m just more confused.. Good Luck.

  38. InsanitY says:

    Is there a version of AbyssNoteKernal that can be Odin’ed to a ICS note?
    sorry about me being so stupid on andriod >.<

  39. dalephill2 says:

    Max, This is my second Note as my first was completely disrupted when I did a datawipe, , good news is was still in my 15day buwarranty, so I sent it back and they sent me a new one with new firmware. The other had gingerbread, when I got it and just updated it to 4.0.3 as an update on phone, I did root it following your root method and it did root fine, it wasnt untill I tried to unroot that caused the problem. Now the new note has 4.0.4 build number imm76d.xxlrk, i do have the gt-n7000. my question is i would like to root again but am really shy of doing so again, it appears with reading and all different firmwares unless u have the rt one can lead to problems, and most vids really are lacking on the info, what would be my first steps to rooting the firmware I have and all thanks

  40. pilas says:

    hello max ….. I need help. I’m using official 4.0.3 rom on my galaxy noute N7000. how can I install paranoid rom on my device. thank you;-)

  41. Elias says:

    zedo,after flashing lots of roms…i did this last one..i think i soft bricked my matter what i do ill still be stuck on factory.fs ..i tried most of the methods to avoid this from all over the net..still the same..what kind of kernel ,rom.pit file do u want me to use..and no i dont have recovery ..i think i fucked up this time..

  42. cyrus says:

    Dear max
    want to install zip from sd card but this item is not shown in my recovery mod, please help through this

    I would like to use kingdroid v3.0 rom +touchwiz ux and I dont know whether I should flash abyss kernel or franco kernel???

  43. anuj says:

    hey max…i hv installed minicynomod 10 in xperia x8 without changng krnel version…now after boot by xrecovry my phon does not start at all….nly sony logo apear….wht to do now

  44. anuj says:

    hey give some idea plz

  45. anand says:

    Sir i am using jelly bean cyanogenmod version 10-20120727-unofficial-n7000 on my galaxy not N7000.
    everything is good. only two thing i am facing,
    one that my handfree bluethooth is working only for calling. but it is unable to listen music. and radio is not working
    other battery is draning very fast.
    can this crash_rom_special_edition_v8.2_0XXLRK will solve my problem.
    reply me soon

    with regards

  46. Mark says:

    Hi Max, i still have stock 4.0.3 on my Note, still no 4.0.4 update (Slovenia), i was thinking could i root first, install mobile odin, than flash via him Abyss kernel + German latest 4.0.4, then wipe cach and data? Would that work?

    Ty in advance, cheers.

  47. Jackson says:

    Hi Max,

    I was running my galaxy note on Rocket Rom

    And tried to go back to ICS stock due to some issue of inconstant performance, ( sometimes unlocking the screen was taking longer than expected, sudden audio service drop ). Then I landed with a Total Brick, no access to Recovery mode, only download mode available.

    I tried to find many solutions, all pointing to samsung service stations, but then I flashed PIT using Heimdall Suite
    and I got my recovery mode back.

    After that I tried to install the stock rom, and now I have EMMC Brick, Now again all solutions pointing to Samsung service center. ( I was on high and didn’t checked that you already mentioned how to avoid it… my bad.. )

    And here the problem starts, I have reset the binary counter and No Triangle and where using AbyssNotekernel42CWTouchOriginalLogo but now if I go to recovery mode, it has CWM recovery. And that can be pain while getting phone replaced.

    Is there any way to set it back to Android Recovery 3e ?

    Thanks for your all tutorial and reviews about ROMs.


    • Max says:

      EMMC Brick is where your phone doesn’t turn on at all, if you can access CWM recovery, did you try installing a new ROM? You can extract recovery.img from any stock ROM file, re-compress it using .tar format, and flash using ODIN btw.

      • Jackson says:

        Thanks for your reply Max.

        my phone is still turning on, getting into both download and recovery mode. But when I try to mount /emmc… error …. can’t mount /emmc or /sdcard

        I am able to connect my phone to PC Odin, tried to install couple of ROM but all fails at factoryfs. I’ll try to install new recovery and let’s hope for the best.


  48. nitin says:

    I have flash customize rom on my gt-n7000 and now i want to flash official gingerbread by using clockworkmod
    Please give the link of official gingerbread rom and safe brick proof steps
    Cuz i have brick my note one time while flashing customize rom.
    And also give the gingerbread kernel link.

  49. Mubeen says:

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Its a great one. However, in spite of all the steps given in detail, I made a mistake by not selecting reboot recovery after applying abyss kernel. I rooted my galaxy note(int) using the ICS root method from stock rom being official ICS 4.0.4. I robooted the phone using “reboot system” and not ” the mentioned reboot recovery”, so the phone is now stuck at logo screen. I rebooted into recovery mode again and then this time hit reboot recovery, which upon selecting shows the cwm version and a counter? What do I do now?

    • Max says:

      that’s fine so long as you flashed abyss once, you can just flash a rom from that state as you have abyss kernel running.

      • Mubeen says:

        Thanks a lot for the reply. I just want to add that after hitting reboot recovery, a counter shows up. Do I wait for the counter to finish? I don’t have a custom rom in my sd card yet.

        • opiujn says:

          I dont know exactly what that counter is, but it has appeared some times on my phone too, my best guess is that it is some kind of harmless bug. Try abort the counter by pressing “back button” if it doesnt abort then reboot recovery and try again =)

          • Max says:

            Sometimes that happens when trying to reboot after flashing Abyss kernel, no worries, just pull battery then reboot into recovery. same thing.

  50. madore says:

    Hi max, to restore a previously backup stock or custom rom, I do it from abbys or directly from CWM? Do I need to do the three wipes? Thank you for your help.

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