HydraCoreNirvana Kernel for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Overclocking]

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FINALLY! Overclocking is available through a custom kernel on the Galaxy Note GT-N7000.

For those of you who need to get some serious performance out of your GT-N7000, check out latest HydraCoreNirvana kernel, get your OC on up to 1.6Ghz.

I’ve got it installed along with my Live Note ROM and definitely this kernel gives me the extra horsepower needed to process some of the latest Jelly Bean features much faster.

This kernel is also compatible for TouchWiz ICS/Jelly Bean and AOSP (ROMs like CM10.1).  Also features an AROMA graphical installer that will guide you through the process.

Not overclocked yet on your GT-N7000?

Grab the HydraCoreNirvana kernel today and add some boost to your phone.  And do let me know how this kernel worked for you!


Download HydraCoreNivana kernel zip

Download HydraCoreNivana kernel tar


If you have a custom ROM, simply reboot into recovery and install the kernel zip file.

If you are on stock ROM, you can use ODIN and install the kernel tar file using PDA option.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit “Thanks” button on XDA if you like this!

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23 Responses to HydraCoreNirvana Kernel for Galaxy Note GT-N7000! [Overclocking]

  1. José Glz says:

    Do you recommend to delete cache while flashing this kernel? I prefer not to do so but if you recommend other thing let me know. Thanks for the post!

  2. Ruben Mangao says:

    Do i need to flash cwm and install this and delete factory reset? In flashing this kernel? Oh and is this compatible with supernexus rom? Thankyou.

  3. Rstgo007 says:

    Is it compatible with Padawan v8 ?

  4. Teun says:

    sorry not working on supernexus rom on my n7000

  5. khaled says:

    did it work with paranoid rom 4.2.2 ?
    are there is a real faster experience ?
    do you recommended ?

    please let me know . thank you

    • teun says:

      it worked not for me
      I need to install the ROM again
      On SuperNexus -2.0-N7000 BUILD4 Rom
      build numer JDQ39
      Android 4.2.2.

  6. Gian Tommaso Baldi says:

    I use it on latest sweet rom, but the problem is that when you open the video player it crashes if u overclock phone, the rest seems good

  7. Frohbaer says:

    Well actually you can overclock your phone via tegrak under touchwiz, can’t you !?

  8. mickyrasta5 says:

    Wish I could have this running on my gtn7000 running jelly beer4 cm10 would top it nicely seem 2 get boot loop on the boot animation ;(

  9. mickyrasta5 says:

    It does work on touchwizz live note ROM but lool cm10 does it for me them extra buttons got me hooked ;))

  10. Rstgo says:

    If i run it with Padawan v8 will it brick my phone? Any help would be appreciated thank you in advance

    • mike says:

      yes you will brick your phone if you install this kernel onto your i717… this kernel is for international note only

  11. Rstgo007 says:

    Will it work on Padawan v8 on i717 and if i install it will it brick my phone? Any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance for any help

  12. wagiono says:

    good morning
    Not compatible for BAKED ROM, hang and stuck in logo and than vision brur . I realy dont now why. ( may be setting when instal this kernel ) and CWM change to v 5 ( before flash CWM v 6. ) make Big frustation. And than after faild reinstal Baked rom, flash CMW 5 and other ROM I remember from Max flash with save kernel ( thanks Max) i flash with kernel cm-10-2012 UNOFFISAl – n7000.zip and thanks GOD it work and CWM back to v6. again and than the rest in flash other ROM again. back to BAKED ROM ( with inverted GAPPS.)


  14. Paulo Serra says:

    This kernel its just easy to install and very fast,mij samsung note n7000 as never bean so fast like now.Only down side is that benchmark apps don’t run i don’t know why. Thank you zedomax

  15. Lars says:

    Installed the kernel on my Note with Asylum ROM JB 4.2.2 CM10.1. It just keeps running the opening animation over and over again. Then tried to return to my “safe” kernel Asylum_CM10.1_20130311_n7000 but now it won’t start at all. Only the “Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000” start-up text and then nothing. Help please?

  16. Lars says:

    Asylum_CM10.1_20130311_n7000 is the exact ROM.

  17. Ira Morris says:

    Kudos for making this ROM compatible for all stock JB running on GTN7000. I’ve had recent troubles with stable voltage when I run the stock ROM without this custom kernal because for some reason the system always ramps down the speed almost constantly so I always get a lot of slow lag when I am doing a lot of my multitasking on my Note. Also at the same time I would get a hell lot slower boot up time eventho I have been OCing my device with both SetCPU(Paid Version) and Tegrak OC Ultimate(Paid Version). But after installing this custom Kernal, I noticed a Huge speed difference in boot time and app run time. Well done with this Kernal and please do continue on making more in the near future. I look forward to seeing more versions of the Hydra Kernal. =)

  18. Amit says:

    Which kernel supports swap ? to use ramexpander…

  19. holiday says:

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