T-Mobile ICS Radios for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

For those of you who are using AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 on T-Mobile (or similar networks), here’s 3 ICS radios you can try to improve your signals.

Try all of them out and let me know if any of them work for you.

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T-mobile Blaze ICS Radio

UVLK1 based ICS radio

KID based ICS radio

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To install, simply reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery then use “install from sdcard”. DO NOT WIPE!

Credits – XDA

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98 Responses to T-Mobile ICS Radios for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. wiz says:

    Will this work with the onlyone ics rom, the sii ics leaked base rom is incredibly unpredictable …one minute my download speeds were close to 10mbs but when I re test it in the very same spot I barely get above 1mb

  2. Ivex says:

    Support tmobile 4G network?

  3. jems says:

    Any Luck with wi-fi calling with the OnlyOne? l like it a lot !!

  4. bob says:

    hey max, why aren’t these radios working for cm9 or only one ROM? your reply would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Triplex says:

    I also tried these three radios with OnlyOne Rom on T-mobile in Southern California with no luck. Flash each one of them multiple times, and the phone would not even recognize the SIM card. When back to stock Rom with the UVLK1 radio and imediately got my 4G back to work. Any ideas?

    I found other person with the same problem in the XDA forum (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=26490698&highlight=+no+sim+#post26490698)

    Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

    • Kashman says:

      That happend to me as well (flashed radio and then no reception at all!). I freaked out and was like what just happend. I had to go do something else for a few minutes and when I came back the phone recognized the sim and was on Tmobile. I suggest you give it like 5 minutes and see if it eventually recognizes the sim.

      • ghanemar says:

        Which one did worked for you? only the blaze worked for me but I couldn’t see the options to change between Edge and 4G. next to the bar I would see 4G but I couldn’t find a place to change the options

    • ghanemar says:

      I tried the blaze and it worked but had the same issue on the other two… did they work for you after giving them some time?

  6. ghanemar says:

    Whenever I flash the blaze, I can see the 4G sign on the top bar but I can’t find the option to change between EDGE/3G/4G? Any suggestions?

  7. Jorge says:

    Hello could you please help me I want the onlyone ics with Tmobile 4g I have tried it but one minute it works and then it doesn’t could you please upload a restore file from your phone then I could just go on recovery mode and restore to it

  8. AndrewGrabelle says:

    I have the HYFR rom installed and i flashed blaze and it loses all reception and wont recognize the SIM. im freaking out. what do i do??????????????

    • BU113T 4G says:

      Well for me i had already rooted my galaxy note sgh-i717 and installed the rom OnlyOne… once i had my phone unlocked to T-Mobile I flashed the modems, then rebooted, once at the start up screen my IMEI # had dissapeared and i had no network. I got scared, therefore decided to give it a try to fix it. I booted up into clockwork recovery again and just RE-FLASHED the OnlyOne rom finsihed the installation then Rebooted again… and bammm!! I had my IMEI # back and my T-Mobile network back on. Havent tried re-flashing the modems anymore.. screw that.. HELP ZEDO

  9. jimmy world says:

    hi i really need some help… i flash my AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 to run “HYFR” ICS ROM. I tried all radios ROMS from the BLAZE to KID BASED ICS and my net speed is still slow only (0.12 Mbs down) and about (0.14 Mbs up) can anyone give me some advice and how to fix this thanks.

  10. hhhh says:

    Most of the new ROMS require the UCLE2 modem. I recommend the modems of this link http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1679722 . Just give them some time to connect.

  11. Jennifer says:

    whoop whoop! worked like a charm! I have 4G now after suffering with 2 months of Edge speeds. Thanks Max!

  12. rob g says:

    It worked first time!!! So happy.. Now get the wifi calling down and I take you out drinking..

  13. wes says:

    Will att still run on it when i flash T-Mobile rom on it or not

  14. Gee says:

    ….hey max i tried all the mdm….ics blaze working fine..and im using the kid its workin fine also…the uvlkmdm dont work. …one more thing how come the baseband is unknown..?any suggestion

  15. Kalani Reece says:

    Max, I have stock ICS on my phone and i unlocked it today and went to flash the radios and all the radios i flashed don’t work… i gave it about 5 mins for all and even put my at&t sim in there and it still don’t work… idk what to do.. plz help

  16. David says:

    I tried these radios using the Official UCLF6 ICS ROM, and I went from Edge only after flashing to ICS, to no signal, no IMEI, no number with any of the radios. Do these radios work for the Official UCLF6 ICS ROM?

    • Max says:

      blaze modem should work.

      • David says:

        Ok, I’ll try again tonight after work. I had restored to Gingerbread and the T-Mobile radios work great in GB.

      • David says:

        You were right Max. Not sure what I did wrong the first time, but this time:

        1. Backed up (same as before)
        2. I cleared the cache before installing ICS (didn’t do this before)
        3. installed the Official UCLF6 ICS ROM from zip (same)
        4. rebooted in the ICS and set the Nova Launcher to default (different)
        5. rebooted completely (different)
        6. rebooted to recovery (same)
        7. installed icsblaze from zip (same)

        and . . . it just worked. I changed three things up, and this time it just worked. Not sure what if anything I did differently that made the difference, but if anyone else has the same problem, this worked for me.

        Thanks Max. Thanks A LOT!!!

        • Max says:


        • ZAhid says:

          hello, David, one question, now that you did all these steps, you have official ICS ice cream sandwich on your phone running android 4.0.something. is that true ?? or you still have gingerbread android 2.0.something.

          if you have ICS and the new android version on your at&t galaxy note with tmobile 4G.. is the 4G speed working good…???? please replay !!!

          • David says:

            I am running ICS, Android version 4.04, using the Official UCLF6 ICS ROM. Using the Blaze ICS modem, I am getting 8-12 mb/s down and 1-2 mb/s up from my house, and I get a signal of around 2-3 bars from my home. So to answer your question, yes, the modem works in ICS for T-Mobile and I’m getting very good 4G speeds.

            Hope that helps.

  17. Mordanosus says:

    I am in NYC (Manhattan) have the ICS UCLF6 ROM. I flashed each one of these (inside a brick building w/ ONLY two bars) and got the following speeds:

    ICS Blaze, D/U: 0.20/0.01 Mbps
    UVLK1, D/U: 3.29/0.16 Mbps
    KID, D/U: 3.69/0.27 Mbps

    I will try and get a full speed test in an area outside my home where I get optimal reception… but for now I will stick with KID. Although ICS blaze was recommended as the one for ICS my phone was not happy with it for whatever reason.

  18. John says:

    Ics Rom? ??? Did you flash that using clockwork i have same ics but i installed it using odin ??? where can i get the ics Rom thank you guys in advance

  19. Daniel says:

    ive tried all three modems multiple times as well as system restore.. no luck i lose imei # and says no sim is inserted… im on stock ics att galaxy note i717.. any ideas? i had egde b4 now nothing

    • Daniel says:

      i also just installed the stock att modem back from your other page and still not even getting edge now.. i did a factory reset and still nothing.. please help

    • Ralph says:

      U have to use the unroot instructions on this website and reflash to stock in Odin… Trust me i did it many many times when i lost the imei… I think it has to do with flashing the wrong radio be it ICS radio with a gingerbread rom

  20. ZAhid says:

    Hello Max, or anyone PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have Samsung Galaxy NOTE SGH-i717 on T-mobile 4G
    Android Version: 2.3.6
    want to update to Official ( ICS ) Ice cream sandwich

    If i do that can i still get the 4G speed i have now??
    or NOT???

    • Ralph says:

      I would say if ur unlocked and going to tmobile… I had the best results flashing Saurom rom and using any of the gingerbread radios… Example: Blaze

      • ZAhid says:

        Hi, Ralph. i am already on t-mobile with 4G speed my phone is Rooted & Unlocked. But what radio or modem do i need after updating to ICS, Ice cream sandwich??? So i can get 4G speed…..

        i updated one time but i was not getting any 4G Speed, so i went back to stock,

  21. David Dunn says:

    I updated my AT&T Galaxy Note to the official ICS update via Odin. It was the only way I could figure out how to to do it since the Kies method never worked for me. I just rooted to CWM Touch and am trying to update the radio to work with my T Mobile service, but I can’t get any of them to work. Any ideas? Oh, and I should say that I am not interested in installing a custom rom at this point. Any ideas?

    • Max says:

      blaze modem should work…

      • gliveron says:

        Hi Max,
        I have a i717M with Bell Mobility in Canada and I also use the same device on T-Mob when I’m in the US (my Gnote is unlocked). Prior to upgrading to ICS, I was able to use my Gnote on T-Mobile’s 4G network and it worked beautifully.
        However now, since upgrading my Gnote to ICS 4.0.4 I have lost the ability for my device to work on T-Mobs 4G network. Is the T-Mobile modem (as launched on the T-Mob version) available for the Gnote available yet ?? If not, do you expecvt it to be available soon ??

    • gliveron says:

      Hi Dave , I have a i717M with Bell Mobility in Canada and I also use the same device on T-Mob when I’m in the US (my Gnote is unlocked). Prior to upgrading to ICS, I was able to use my Gnote on T-Mobile’s 4G network and it worked beautifully.However now, since upgrading my Gnote to ICS 4.0.4 I have lost the ability for my device to work on TMO ‘s 4G network. Is the T-Mobile modem (as launched on the T-Mob version) available for the Gnote available yet ?? Or better yet what did you end up doing to resolve the issue?

    • gliveron says:

      Hi Dave , I have a i717M with Bell Mobility in Canada and I also use the same device on T-Mob when I’m in the US (my Gnote is unlocked). Prior to upgrading to ICS, I was able to use my Gnote on T-Mobile’s 4G network and it worked beautifully.However now, since upgrading my Gnote to ICS 4.0.4 I have lost the ability for my device to work on TMO ‘s 4G network. Is the T-Mobile modem (as launched on the T-Mob version) available for the Gnote available yet ?? Or better yet what did you end up doing to resolve the issue?

  22. 3rotorfc says:

    Hey Max! Will the TMO radios work on an SGS2 i9100?

  23. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    Since Tmobile now came out with the galaxy note 4g for Tmobile on 8/8/12 will this phone 4g is more faster than the ATT version using Blaze modem on Tmobile? I am currently using the ATT version rooted, unlocked with Blaze modem for Tmobile running the official ICS and I am not getting the speed I am looking for even the signal bar is between 3-4 and display on the notification is say 4G.

    I am planning to get the note for Tmobile version and wondering if it’s the same speed as what I have now. If it’s the same there is not purpose for me to switch. Please advice if you have any intel about this, thanks.

  24. sean_m says:

    I have a i717 att note using simple mobile i have the 40 bucks plan so 2g or edge i will get but i installed the rooted official ics rom then flashed the blaze ,kid,uvkld1 ics modems but on all three i get not even past 1mbs 0.177 mbs uploads on all three ..what am i doing wrong is it the rom i am using? I get the 4g icons n good signal just those low speeds for some reason in south fl please help..

  25. sean_m says:

    I ment to say the max speed i will get is 3g not 4g speeds..so 3g or edge

  26. nicolas says:

    Hey, I did try several of these update.. looks like it screwed the imei.. now it is unnown.
    I moved from edge to nothing..
    anyone any clues how to restore whatever was deleted.. I did not backup anything.. sights..

  27. Rahil Ali says:

    Hey i have a i717 on android version 4.0.4 baseband uclf6 and kernel version 3.0.8 which one of these modems would be the best one because i tried one of them last time and i couldnt even get the phone to recognize my tmobile sim card.

  28. Vmway says:

    4.0.4 uclf6 and kernel version 3.0.8 with blaze modem, it’s not recognize my tmobile sim card. Could you please help.

  29. eloy says:

    Would this modem work for jellybean ROMs?

  30. Nicolas says:

    blaze works for me on jelly bean. i just don t use the airplane mode – it gets stuck and never allows me to disable it…

  31. James says:

    HEY MAXX! its urgent!! i have a pretty serious issue!! i am running clockwork mod i believe it is and i unlocked my galaxy note sghi717, now in order for me to run it on tmobiles 3g 4g speeds i had to downgrade from the stock ics to gingerbread 2.3.6 EVERY TIME I TRY AND INSTALL THIS ROM MY PHONE DIES!! IVE HAD TO SEND IT OUT TO SAMSUNG TWICE TO GET FIXED, I NEED A HAND BUDDY I REALLY WANT TOUCHWHIZ UX OR ICS BUT I CANT FLASH ANYTHING CAUSE IT LITERALLY DIES THE BOARD FRIES ON IT I AM CURRENTLY RUNNING 2.3.6 BBAND VERSION T989UVKL1 AND KERNEL VERSION BUILD NUMBER IS GINGERBREAD. UCLA1 CAN U GIVE ME A HAND BRO I DONT WANT THE PHONE IF I CANT UPGRADE PAST GINGERBREAD!!

    • Max says:

      does it not turn on? It should work fine, I think you are doing something wrong. Well, let me know what you did to make it like that then i can help you further.

  32. Justin says:

    Guys, I need to update this information. it is strictly important to us. I am using T-mobile. and this was a biggest problem for me during my last weekend California vacation. I live in Utah. I was driving there. and throughout the way from Utah to Cali, I could not get any signal from my phone (I installed Tmobile Blaze). and once I reached Cali border, I got signal again. Oh, I got signal when I stopped at Vegas too.

    This means this modem can only work when we are at big city. it was not helping on travel. It was scary. Because I cannot contact with my family, and also, the ADT service for my house was registered under my name for emergency contact. so, I was completely “dead” from everyone.
    I actually bought a cheap prepaid phone for 35 bucks and I was survived all the way back to Utah. haha.

    • Max says:

      That could also be just network issues, T-mobile isn’t great while you travel, if you have another Tmobile to test with, that could be more accurate. Were you able to test with another Tmobile phone?

      • Justin says:

        yes Max. my brother was travelled with me. and he used my previous tmobile sensation rooted. and it worked like a charm. my simcard did work just awesome.
        installed the VLK1 Test modem. and I see it gave me quite better and stronger signal and faster 4G. im using the cm10 rom FYI.
        I will update when I head out of town again for my field work. but FYI, prepaid phone is strictly with me now. haha

        • Max says:

          Just load a bunch of different modems next time you travel, so if you have trouble with signal, you can reboot into CWM and flash different modem on the go.

          • Justin says:

            Thanks Max, I did put couple of them in my SDcard now. Actually, I believe there is a fault with TmobileBlaze modem.

            another FYI, when I was in California:
            I installed CM10 using TWR recovery (sorry don’t really remember its name) but I also did backup my ICS Rom which I could install from CWM previously. and I did it to hope that there was a fault with CM10, but, truth was even I went back to ICS Rom. it still showed no signal.

            but I am pretty impressed with VLK1 now. it gives very decent signal. sometimes I got signal from where I never had before.

  33. JJ DELEON says:

    Just a little tip for anyone Flashing ICS or losing IMEI and the other stuff related to the network base band etc. on the AT&T Note and then Flashing the T-mobile modem to get 4G Null IMEI no signal no nothing, Here’s how I fixed mine , I hope this Works for everybody else. :
    Put the Galaxy Note in Download mode, make sure Kies and drivers are installed on the PC .
    Once in Download Mode Connect the Note to the Pc
    Run Kies ,It might not show being connected ,mine did not show being connected but it did do it’s thing.
    Go to Tools and Run Firmware Upgrade Initialization
    Let it run ,Now this is gonna take a while at least 20 to 25 minutes ,It’ll show a little window with the Percentage of work done by Kies when it gets to 100% the little percentage screen will go blank “Stay connected! DO NOT UNPLUG ! It’ll go from 1 to 100% a second time once it finishes Your phone will reboot with factory settings if Running Gb will be GB or Ics will be ICS , and IMEI Will be back on the Note, You won’t lose unlock on the phone if running on T-mobile but will lose root, I did this to my Note this morning and worked like a charm ,I rooted it and flashed The blaze modem and I’m up and running on 4G again.

  34. Alain says:

    i have the note i717 and i have twrp n when i flash any rom it stays on the boot screen, maybe i m doing something wrong please help, its happening for the onlyone ics rom but not for the jb cm10 rom

  35. Justin says:

    for the onlyone you need to install by using clockworkmod. its weird but I tried and it should work.

  36. daVinnie says:

    Blaze works fine in my area. Same download speed on hspa as my old exhibit 2 on t-mobile which is not fast where I live (~500kb .. bleh) but upload is significantly slower (<100kb). Will experiment more in metro areas of so. Cal. to see the difference between these modems. Easy enough to flash using CWM. I'm using stock ICS 4.0.4. Without this I get basically no data service and ok voice with TMo on unflashed ATT

  37. morana says:

    hey just got tmobile service for my galaxy note today here in New orleans and this thing is really fast and i’m using the icsblaze zip and it’s giving me some nice 4g speeds

  38. Juan says:

    Hey any suggestions on which one I should try using Padawan 4?

  39. Juan says:

    UVLK1 based ICS radio worked for me in the San Francisco area running Padawan 4 No problems so far

  40. Josh says:

    Don’t know what to do. I have sgh i717 with cm9 collective rom. Tried to flash the different modems and give them time to connect but still have no 4g and no imei number. I can’t do anything.
    By following this form it seems as though I have some options. I can unroot my phone. I can instal the original rom and hope it works, and a few other options.
    I want to keep my rom as I like it and am used to it. Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to get me back to being able to make calls? I don’t know the tech world very much. I bought the phone rooted. So I need lots of basic steps with links to videos or something like that. Thank you very much!

  41. Pedro says:

    I want to complement the solution provided by “BU113T” above. If your situation is similar to mine described here, try these steps:

    Scenario: I rooted a I717 Galaxy Note and flashed the Padawan 4 ROM with Note 2 TouchWiz (love it!). The default radio in that ROM is UCLF6 Modem, which only gave me EDGE connection on T-mobile. Looking on XDA forum I decided to flash the “Tmo_SGH-T989-UVLH1_radio”. While I got 4G, the phone was crashing bad all the time. Flashed ICS Blaze modem: lost IMEI… no connection… tried several other ICS radios… no IMEI. Every time that I flashed a new radio file, I wiped the cache and Dalvik cache, as recommended by some. I didn’t want to unroot the phone back to GB and loose all my apps and setting (takes me 2 days to reinstall everything!).

    Solution: following “BU113T” user above, I did the following:
    a) Reboot into TRWP (I guess CWR would work as well, but I didn’t test)
    b) Reflash the current ROM that I am using (Padawan 4) without wiping any cache or partition. No formating of the current room. Just went ahead and flash the same ROM on top of the system as it is.
    c) Rebooted and got my IMEI back!! I was back to UCLF6 Modem, with no 4G, but this time I was able to flash other radio files without loosing my IMEI again. I have tried 3 other radios and my IMEI remained untouched.
    d) (Optional) I had to reflash the Note2 TouchWiz at this point to get all my icons as it was before, but it did not cause any problems with the radio or IMEI.

    End up losing 4 hours of work trying to be able to make phone calls again, but at least now I got 4G on T-mobile. 🙂
    Once the Jelly Bean with TouchWiz is released for Galaxy Note, I guess I will have to struggle with radios again.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi I also lost my IMEI..you said if you unrooted it would wipe everything out??? I have tried all the radios…but no IMEI no signal…all I want is my phone working even if its with edge….please help if you can.

  42. Pedro says:

    I personally have never unrooted my phone, so I don’t have experience enough to tell you if your phone will be wiped out, but based on other people’s comments, it is very likely.

    I understand your feeling that you tried to get a better 4G connection in a phone with 3G/EDGE working but you end up with a useless phone… Follow the steps above by flashing the same ROM on top of your system without formatting or wiping anything. If works it is definitely better than unrooting, for sure.

  43. dakota says:

    i am having a problem getting my phone to work on 4 g as well. i did everything it said in the video, and still only on edge. i am running gingerbread, and will be up grading to ics soon, so i will try the ics version of the radios, but any ideas why

  44. George says:

    Blaze ICS radio works fine on my i717 running stock UCLF6 ICS ROM. I routinely get 14 Mbps down and 2.5 Mbps up in San Francisco Bay Area. However, GPS fix now slows to a crawl – usually takes 5 minutes. Anyone experienced slow GPS fix problem? Is there a workaround?

  45. Peter says:

    I was using the Blaze modem and decided to try the T889V modem in the hope that my data and GPS would improve. I am on Wind Mobile in Ontario and I have found a slight improvement in both. I took a chance using this modem as I hadn’t found any info on whether or not it would work on my i717. The GPS seemed never to be accurate unless I had the WIFI turned on. Someone suggested to reboot in airplane mode and it should help and it did, don’t know why but it did. I am using the Blackstar Rom Version X.

  46. ricky says:

    Whats up for the GT-N7100 can this radios work on it too?

  47. Shilo says:

    Soooo . . . stupid question: I had the Saurom ROM and decided it was time for an upgrade so I went to the Padawan ICS ROM. I tried a modem and it didn’t work. My question is: do I have to start all over or can I just flash a different modem? Cuz I tried to flash a different modem and then my phone couldn’t even detect the SIM card anymore.

    I’m going to wipe, reflash the ROM, and then try a new modem but I was just curious . . .

    Anyone know what modem goes best with Padawan? (I have an AT&T Galaxy Note i717 and my carrier is T-Mobile)


  48. Shiv says:

    Hey whats up peoples?
    sorry to be a bother but i flashed the official 4.1.2 at&t rom to my i717 and i am using my phone on Mobilicity which is somewhat like Tmobile. Ive tried flashing the different modems and my phone just wont work on Mobilicity in this rom. any ideas? should I even be using these modems?

    • Shiv says:

      when i click on mobile networks i get the following user prompt ” INSERT SIM CARD – Insert SIM card to access network services.”

  49. Zach says:

    Fairly dead thread now, but I’m looking for a modem file that will work with ParanoidAndroid JB…I have 4G working on T-Mobile, but the strength is shyte. I realize there is a Saurom fix, but I’m attached to ParanoidAndroid. Any ideas?

  50. Manoj says:

    hi max,

    I downloaded the official jelly bean from the samsung website. Then i followed the steps from your website to get my phone rooted and also got cwr on it. Now after i flashed the tmobile radios i get no sim card inserted. Also when i look at the baseband version it says unknown. Any help would be appreciated.

  51. tim says:

    how about jelly bean

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