How to Unroot/Unbrick AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Android 2.3.6]

So, you want to unroot/unbrick your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717?  You can easily get your Galaxy Note completely back to stock Android 2.3.6.  If ICS comes out by the time you read this, you can still use this method then use Samsung Kies or the software update function on the phone to get back to stock ICS.


Step 1. Put your Galaxy Note SGH-i717 into download mode by holding down Volume Down button and Power button.  When your screen goes off, keep holding down Volume Down button but let go of Power button.

Step 2. When you see the warning sign, hit Volume Up button to enter download mode.

Step 3. Connect a micro-USB cable to your AT&T Galaxy Note from your computer.

Step 4. Download and unzip, you should get a file called attstockrom.tar.

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For those of you who have Rogers Galaxy Note SGH-i717R, please download Rogers stock ROM here.
For those of you who have Telus Galaxy Note SGH-i717D, please download Telus stock ROM here.

Step 5. Download ODIN program, unzip and run the program.

Download ODIN

Step 6. When ODIN runs, you should see a yellow highlighted COM thingee.  If you don’t see it, you need to download Samsung Kies and install it.  Un-plug and plug in the micro-USB cable to your Galaxy Note and you should now get the yellow highlight.

Step 7. Choose “PDA” in ODIN and choose “attstockrom.tar”.

Step 8. Choose “Start” and relax as your AT&T Galaxy Note is being unrooted back to stock Android 2.3.6.

Step 9. After about 5 minutes of flashing, your Galaxy Note will reboot.

Step 10. Once it reboots, you will want to do a factory reset also to wipe all your user settings, apps, and etc.  Hold down Volume Up and Power button together until your phone resets.

Step 11. When your phone resets, keep holding down Volume Up and let go of the Power button.

Step 12. Choose “wipe data/factory reset” in stock recovery.

Step 13. Choose “Yes”.

Step 14. Reboot your phone and you should find a completely stock Android 2.3.6 on your AT&T Galaxy Note.

For Canadian Rogers/Bell/Telus, the steps are identical but you need to find the stock ROM tar file for your carrier.

Also, this unroot method doesn’t wipe your personal media files such as your photos and videos on your SD card or internal storage.  If you are returning your phone to AT&T for warranty, make sure to move them to your hard disk and erase them.

For Mac and Linux users, you can use open-source Heimdall tool instead of ODIN and also you don’t need drivers.

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186 Responses to How to Unroot/Unbrick AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Android 2.3.6]

  1. hOmz says:

    After installing the Saurom Rom, my home capacitive button is no longer vibrating when you touch it but the rest of the buttons are normally vibrating… Anyone experienced this before?

  2. Gavin Dundee says:

    To hOmz,
    It is a customizable option for saurom. Haha you can make it vibrate again like it used to in delux settings.

  3. Aida Irizarry says:

    How can I root my Galaxy Note at&t using MAC? I am new at this please help. In a part of your video you said ve can not use ODIN which is the online that you have available for download

  4. Aida Irizarry says:

    I need help I want to root my Galaxy Note but I own only MAC;s computers. In one part of your video you said we can not use ODIN

  5. Dan says:

    you rock!!!! this was so easy to do and i am in business rooted and free wifi tether as well, thanks so much!!!!

  6. Julien says:

    Anyone found a Rogers/Bell/Telus stock ROM out there?? Or a “naked” ICS for SGH-i717?

  7. marky says:

    can anyone post a link for Rogers Stock ODIN and please not the one made by Da_G as it has Telus Boot animation on it and the lag on the phone makes it unusable.

  8. Pete says:

    Anyone know how to root the ICS ROM that was posted on today?

  9. Teseract says:

    So does this increment the dreaded flash counter?

    Just trying to find out before I flash back to stock to fix some “oopsies” I made.

    • zosmatech says:

      I would like to know as well, if it does have any affect with the flash counter. Max how come I am the third person to ask you this????? You say you can reset to bring it back to stock, but if the flash counter is not zero, they know you rooted the phone and there for the warranty is void.

  10. androidinmypants says:

    Sorry to sound like a beginner but I am new to rooting androids and ICS. I have a rooted ATT GAlaxy Note running the leaked “ATT” ICS ROM. Can I still use this method to unroot and restore to 2.3.6?

    • David says:

      Yep! No worries, the only thing it will not do is clear your flash counter which is how many custom add-ons you’ve made on the phone in simple terms but yes it will restore you to 2.3.6, I just did it!

      • sean says:

        i rooted my att galaxy note and then unrooted it cause all the jelly bean roms did not work for me and so i went back to stock now it wont let me use kies do u know y

  11. Philippe says:

    can anyone post the stock rom and radio for bell canada…I want to root…install ics and T-Mobile rom to use it on wind but need to be sure that I can unroot it in case of warranty or if I want to use lte on bell … thank you

  12. Squashdog says:

    Also looking for stock rogers tar…anyone find it?

  13. premiel says:

    ni puedo aser llamadas se supone que note que dara igual d frabrica por que tiene esos problemas y por que no lo corrijen

  14. Curtis says:

    Is there any way to identify a stock rooted Rogers rom?

  15. Dennis says:

    Rather than doing steps 11 and up, can I just do a factory wipe from the privacy settings? Would that do the same thing? Thanks.

  16. Tim says:

    Title is a little misleading. A bricked device is one that will not turn on and, to my knowledge, there is no way to resolve that issue other than warranty the device. Personal experience…

  17. Yura says:

    I rooted my Note and after two reboots phone started showing me logo carrier Rogers on screen and thats it.Phone stocks on this screen.I tried to wipe using recovery mode but it didnt help.
    Maybe someone had same issue as I have now?

  18. Joe says:

    Don’t see any reply to Teseract and zosmatech so I will post question again..

    Will this increase flash counter?!?

  19. crys says:

    cant open serial com port pls what should i do :((

    • Max says:

      Do you get yellow highlight at all? If not, check drivers. If still having trouble, try on another computer, hopefully you have a spare?

  20. crys says:

    pls help me is faild im little bit desperate

  21. robert decosta says:

    I bricked my phone. Install ICS stunner on galaxy note SGH-I717. Phone won’t turn on how i can unbrick. Someone please let me know.

  22. Sean says:

    Thanks for the video did everything as followed and I completed it fully. Best site to go to to do these types of applications. Love it, keep up the hard work.

  23. robert says:

    no samsung logo at all. No lights , phone is not even turning on

    • Tim says:

      If you do not get any vibrations while holding the power button it is bricked and needs to be sent back for warranty.

  24. Abbas says:

    hey bro… i rooted my bell galaxy note and installed the only one ics rom.. but now wish to unroot it.. how can i do that ?

  25. marc says:

    my baseband still says UCLC5 after flashing ODIN Stock

  26. ceekay68 says:

    hey max having a issue so i need to exchange phone so put stock att rom back in phone. seems to be having problems with forcecloses on everything what should i do ? TRIED to factory wipe and i get into where i need to be but wont let me select it

  27. Bobby says:

    Hey I was wondering if i could just restore to my last back up on CWM. Before I went to the Saurom Rom, I hit backup in CWM(its a backup of my rooted stock rom). So I was wondering if I could just hit restore or do I have to find my Rogers Stock Rom?

  28. Albert says:

    Hey, where in the world can i find telus canada galaxy note stock rom?

  29. Ebinesar says:

    telus canada is gonna release ICS update on july 13, can we get the stock rom before that date,

  30. Kreig says:

    I can’t unroot my ATT Galaxy Note. The .tar file is not working. Any suggestions?? Desperate!!

  31. shane says:

    I did the leaked ics for att galaxy note, didn’t like it. I was told to go back to original condition I would have to root my phone and then follow your process here. I did this, the problem I am having is that now Keis will sync my phone but wont let me upgrade software and when I go to samsung the site showa I have a galaxy s2.
    Is it a kernal problem? How can I fix it? I am new to all of this.

  32. shane says:

    Any ideas?
    Will I still get the ugrd to ICS when it comes out? Just a little worried….. Keis tells me my phone is not recognized. I can still sync to it, but, when I enter my phone info to try recovery it will not let me.
    And as I said before when I visit my samsung act it asks me if I would like to register my Galaxy s 2 it
    does not show it as a Note. The phone is working great tho. Just want to make sure I can get the update for
    ICS. I did factory reset twice on it, phone works great, guess I will deal with whatever happens down the road.

    • Tim says:

      The joys of “hacking”. I wouldn’t be concerned, I’m sure Max will have the official ICS up here fairly quick upon release.

    • Franklin says:

      Same thing happened to me, phone restored to factory 2x so I wanted to put back the AT&T stock ICS but it says it can’t install it or whatever.

  33. Dean says:

    I need help. I was using saurak rom then upgraded to ics rom. The Launcher kept crashing, so I reflashed different roms and tried EVERYTHING. All I get is the samsung logo. I have been doping this for 2 days now. I am on Rogers but used the att rom, got a voicemail notification that never went away. Anyways I really need help. Did I brick my phone. Going back to stock, or reflashing roms and reinstalling cwm, did nothing. Still Samsung logo forever and ever

    • Max says:

      Backup all apps using titanium do a fresh install with wipe then restore.

      • Dean says:

        How can I do that when it’s stuck on samsung logo. I have tried everything. This all started because of the Touch wiz home launcher crashing like crazy. All I wanted was the stock calander as a widget and every time I added it the launcher crashed.
        Thanks by the way you site is awesome. Glad there is someone like you on here to show us all what to do with our note

        • Max says:

          Did u make a backup rom? If so u can restore to it first.

          • Dean says:

            Well I did lol. But I didn’t know what I was doing. I am a quick learner and a master of jailbreaking the iphone. I converted over and am learning this so I also know this device very well.
            I used titanium backup but didn’t know how to restore. I think I would have to do a backup from cwm? Once I got everything working. I should have done that to my stock rom with rogers but I didn’t. Totally kicking myself because I tried to restore a stock rom but the only one I found which didn’t work was supposedly a rogers but it came with a telus logo. It also froze and never booted up.

  34. Suhail says:


    I just had a quick question. I was following the tutorial, and everything went great up to the point where the point rebooted. Basically step 9 of the tutorial. At that point, it just kept starting over and over again back to the “rethink possible” screen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Max says:

      Try a factory reset.

      • Suhail says:

        Thanks for the quick reply, this is my first android phone so I’m kinda new to this.

        At this point, how can I factory reset if it keeps going back to the At&t logo?

        Sorry, it probably is a silly question.

      • Suhail says:

        It worked! Thanks, sorry again for bothering you.

        Your videos are great, and thanks for taking the time to educate us!

  35. Suhail says:


    On a side note, when I got the phone, it had ParanoidAndroid on it, I don’t know if that makes a difference.

    I just didn’t like it because I didn’t have as much S-pen access, which is why I bought the phone. So I figured I’d just unroot it.

    I realize I probably made a big mistake along the way. Thanks in advance for any help.

  36. George says:

    Can anyone tell me how i can go back to GB (stock rom) on att galaxy note? Im on objection rc1

  37. Dean says:

    I finally got lucky max it finally booted up with the ICS Objection Rom. Still glitchy and un runable.

    A trick I found to help other people out. If you load objection rom and the touch wiz keeps crashing. Load another launcher and it is now flawless. You won’t get the stock calendar widget, but that’s normal. More options in other launchers anyways. It’s working great.
    Now if I could get rid of that ATT visual voicemail icon in notifications I would be really happy. I am with rogers. I check my voicemail and it still says I have voicemail.

  38. Craig says:

    I made a backup of my stock Rogers rom in CWM. I`m trying to get it completely back to stock. Once I restore my stock rom, how can I go about getting the stock recovery back and getting rid of superuser?

    • Max says:

      This should get rid of superuser automatically and give you stock recovery too. You can do a factory reset after unrooting in stock recovery to reset everything also.

  39. Matt says:

    I made a backup and tried reseting the flash counter, and after i tried to reboot the phone, it wouldnt turn on and ive tryed getting it into download mode but it wont work…

    any ideas on how to unbrick it?

  40. khellyozzz says:

    Hey, I think i may have bricked my galaxy note n7000
    Phone won’t turn on at all. Is this considered hard bricked !?
    i tried download mode but it didn’t work..
    even when i connect it to pc it won’t.
    need help!!

  41. skerooo says:

    is rooting a galaxy note safe !?
    and what’s the worst thing that could happen if some thing went wrong !?

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  43. John W says:

    I unrooted my i717 this way and it worked great but the baseband is i717ucle2 now, is there any way to get the baseband back to i717ucla1 so I can get the official ics upgrade from AT&T or do I just need to re root and forget about the official release? I wanted to go back to the official to have s talk instead of s voice.

    • Clif67 says:

      I am having the same trouble. I have the AT&T SGH-I717 Galaxy Note. I want the official AT&T ICS update now that it is available. I was running the Only One ROM but went back to stock per Max’s instructions but my baseband is now I717UCLE2 and Kies tells me my firmware is not eligible to be upgraded via Kies. I need to get back to baseband I717UCLA1 somehow. Please help!

  44. Shawn Casadevall says:

    Followed directions to the letter, unfortunately still get the Kies error when attempting to update.. Any thoughts?

  45. Shawn Casadevall says:

    I managed to get it working by making sure both the unroot and the modem were back to default then happened like a charm….

    Unfortunately, the site is not letting me link without the need for mod approval… (No idea how long that will take..)

    Need to FIRST unroot your phone, then make sure and install stock modem.. Immediately following that, KIES gave me the update.

    Make sure links below are loaded correctly.


    • art prus says:

      Worked like a charm.
      Did the steps on this site for unrooting followed by flashing both amss.bin and mdm.bin under phone in odin and kies gives the option to upgrade.

    • Johnny C. says:

      Thank you Shawn, I had already unrooted and just needed to flash that radio.tar through odin. Fixed everything and was able to update through kies.

    • Rodney says:

      How do you install the stock modem files exactly? Can someone list the steps or a link?

      • dustin says:

        Having problems with update as well. Please help.

        • Shawn Casadevall says:

          You need to use ODIN program to flash the ROM and the MODEM. The factory ROM and Modem links that Iisted above need to be flashed using ODIN back to your device.. The ROM gets flashed to the PDA and the Modem back to the PHONE…

          Make sense?

          • Rodney says:

            You do not have to do any of the above re the modem install. Here is what finally worked for me, a shout out to the xda developers.

            First thing; turn your Galaxy Note off and take out the battery. There you will find your S/N number; write it down. You will need this and the model: SGH-I717.

            1) Boot your note into download mode
            2) Connect your Note to the laptop with factory USB cable
            2) Launch Kies on your desktop (full version)
            4) Choose Tools, Firmware upgrade & initialization
            a) While in download mode, pull battery and enter the S/N & model name (ALL CAPS!!)
            b) It will prompt to initialize to original settings. Click “YES”
            c) It will prompt to initialize the latest version. Click “YES”
            d) It will download the firmware upgrade components (DO NOT DISCONNECT THE DEVICE!!)

            5) It will prompt for firmware upgrade and initialization.
            a) Click check box for reading above information
            b) Click your choice if you want your information saved on Samsung Kies corporate servers (I choose WITHOUT saving).

            Just kick back, wait and the phone will update to the original out of box software with the latest updates already applied. No issue with anything, no tripping of the flash counter, and Samsung/AT&T knows now different (if you tripped the counter back before performing this, or performed the process of installing CWM recovery through ADB as to NOT trip the flash counter when changing recovery).

            This is the EXACT process I did, and had an AT&T tech verify and it’s not detectable I was rooted, and was running a custom ICS ROM. Now, I will qualify that I DID the Recovery installation with ADB so that I didn’t trip the counter with the Recovery installation. So if they are able to check the binary information to detect modification even with flash counter reset, that’s out of my hands and can’t confirm or deny.

            This is ONLY to reset to factory GB Latest & greatest for performing OTA/Kies update of ICS when it’s finally released.

            • Rodney says:

              A note for the above instructions. You do not have to pull your battery out again in 4 (a) above, so disregard that part if you have already done so.

              Also this will install the official ICS on your Note when all said and done. The instructions only work on Kies for Windows. The mac version does not have the ” Firmware upgrade & initialization” option, unfortunately.

            • Eduardo says:

              Rodney, I bought a phone att sgh-I717, galaxy note, that supposedly was new but had been unlocked. I am trying your instructions because I had the problem downloading ics from kies.
              Let me read you some stuff that shows on the phone while I wait for the kies download.
              On top left corner of phone says:
              Odin mode
              Product name: sigh-i717
              Custom binary download: yes ( 4 counts )
              Current binary: custom

              Do those number tell you anything ? I am not very familiar with android. Like I said, I was told it was unlocked, but the 4 counts, after reading the posts, make me think that this phone was rooted four times. Am I right?
              The download is coming along just fine. I don’t know how long the process will take.

              Last. After doing this update, do I lose the unlock on the phone or not?

              Thank you.

            • Eduardo says:

              This procedure worked perfect for me. It installed ICS automatically and now I can check on kies and don’t get any error messages.

  46. Ray says:

    Just wanted to say thanks.
    After playing around with differents roms I found out my external video out to HDMI is not working correctly. So I need to take it in for service. I wanted to get back to the stock rom and reset the counter to 1.
    I flashed using odin to attstockrom (available on this site.)
    Then just followed Jagpinder’s instructions and it worked perfectly.

    Thanks Max (voted to get your vid’s back) and thanks to Jagpinder for the great info.

    I only wish I could reset the flash counter before attempting to get it serviced.

  47. Austin says:

    Bell ics was released ota 2 days ago, I am rooted.. does this prohibit me from receiving the update as I have checked multiple times throughout the 2 days and still nothing

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  49. Canadian says:

    i accidentally used attstockrom on my telus galaxy note. now my phone thinks it is att. i tried rooting my phone again and then using telus stockrom but that did not work. i tried resetting my phone to factory settings but that did not work. everytime i turn on my phone it says samsung then telus and then rethink possibilty. then the screen goes to AT&T ready2go fast and easy phone setup. i followed the instructions but my phone still thinks its att. when i go to contact list, all the numbers are unknown. and the phone keeps trying to connect to att server to update the phone but it cant cuz its not att… i need help getting my phone back to being telus.

    ps. if i were to call someone would my phone think its roaming and charge me extra??

  50. Dustin says:

    Anyone having problems with video output with hdmi adapter after new stock update?

  51. Dean says:

    NEED HELP. I am with rogers. I put my phone back to stock and downloaded the stock ICS. That went very well. Then I tried to root to get rid of bloat. Now it stays on the samsung logo and does nothing.
    It will not let me root the new ICS. Is This Normal or I should be able to root.

    Also I tried to go back to my rooted ICS Rom and it booted fine. Constant annoying voicemail notification as always cause it’s ATT I guess. Has anyone rooted the new ICS Stock roms? What am I doing wrong?

  52. Dean says:

    oh great thanks. So is this different from the stock? Or does a stock rom need to be modified in order to root.
    Honestly I am I better off sticking with Official UCLF6 ICS ROM . One thing that drives me nuts is the visual voicemail icon will not go away in the notifications. Probably the ATT thing

  53. Dean says:

    I converted back to that Rom so please if you could just tell me how I should proceed with the rogers rom you are uploading, I would appreciate it. Thanks Max

  54. Dean says:

    Doesn’t matter which browser I use I cannot download any file from this website. Firewall is off. This is weird

  55. Dean says:

    website must have been down or something. Working now. So what should I do with this . Just install from CWM that way I am still rooted and have the new rom?
    Thanks Max

  56. luis says:

    i unrooted..just one thing my baseband is i717uclf6 and i need the stock in order to update to ics…help

  57. clmill79 says:

    I’m having major problems trying to download the Stock ROM so that I can upgrade to stock ICS on AT&T. The link keeps opening a new window to an other download link. -_- Seems to be stuck in an infinite loop and won’t give me the file. >_< Anything that can be done to fix this, or can you send me the file via email? Thanks for all of the awesome guides and info! Love your site! =D

  58. katherine says:

    when i doing this , idk how but i lost the unlocked function now i cant use my tmobil sim for this anymore help

  59. Eric says:

    Hi Max,

    I love you post and need help to unroot my Bell Galaxy Note.


  60. KatsumieRhea says:

    This definitely did not work for my phone. and i dont know what to do now i want this stupid root off. its making me angry ive tried so many things.

  61. Andrew says:

    I was following step by step and when I reached step 11, just like in the picture all of that came up but at the bottom it had E: failed to mount/date (Unknown error: 0). I’ve tired it several times and it does the same thing. Can someone please help me out!

  62. filipo says:

    I have a problem only shows samsung i717 The only way to get the phone to show anything on the screen is to press the volume down button and power button at the same time and then it shows the warning message is frozen and just does not enter download mode . I thank you for your full support. thanks

  63. filipo says:

    yes, but frozen screen in warning only..

  64. Jason Lee says:

    I already rooted my Galaxy Note (2.3.5).
    Can i straight away updated my phone to latest android version without unroot my phone?

    Please help me. Thank you very much.

  65. azwad says:

    Please help me! I dont know if i bricked my note or not! its a shve 160s version. it doesnt turn on. when it turns on it just vibrates a little shows the samsung logo for a sec and then goes back off again. Please help on what i should do!:((((

  66. azwad says:

    ive gone through everything you have done and succesfully unbricked but i just want to know how am i supposed to install CM10 4.1.1 on my shve 160s?

  67. azwad says:

    ok so i tried something else and probably completely bricked my telephone. doesnt vibrate or anything comes up in the screen. any idea?

  68. azwad says:

    please tell me what to do 🙁 my korean version galaxy note shve 160s does not turn on, no samsung logo no vibration nothing. no response even when plugged on with computer, please please HELP ME!

  69. Jeanniene says:

    I want to completely return this phone back to ATT stock so I can return to the store. Do I need to get rid of the tmobile modems that installed or will they automatically be deleted when I restore the original OS?

  70. amp305 says:

    hi i need some help …. i gote the galaxy note from att sgh-i717 model i rooted but it got brick so i unrooted and got back to android 2.3 but the baseband version is still i717uclf6 how cant i get it back to uclf1 ? i tried to upgrade to ics with kies but it wont let me … can somebody help me please ??

  71. amp305 says:

    I fix the problem on my note. . After i unroot i get back to att stock rom android 2.3 but when i conect to kies to upgrade it woulnd let me update so i unistalled kies and installed again open it and go to tools then formware and initialization and place your device model and then the sn number of your phone and then just next and basically follow instruction with ur phone already conected to the computer of course and it will star downloading the upfrade and it would restar your phone and you will have ics upgrade it works for me. .

  72. Daniel says:

    hey max i tried watching your youtube clip on installing the stock rom back onto my galaxy note?my volume worked for all other youtube clips but your isnt producing no volume. can you fix please? i know i can jus read the steps but you break it down good in your clips! thanks max

  73. Moder Alsamarrai says:

    Hey hey max
    Can you make a guide on how to unbrick a super bricked or hard bricked n7000?
    A friend of mine bricked his note and he has no experience on how to repair it, I tried to flash a kernel using oden but nothing happened and I also tried the repartitioning method but had no luck, the phone is very damaged that it has no recovery mode and when I boot the phone it does not even show the galaxy note logo, it only boot to a warning screen like when you fail to upload using kies, please help me as the binary counter is 5 and even if it was 0 I think his phone has no warranty
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  74. Denis says:

    Help!!!! I want to downgrade from Jelly Bean to ICS … How can I do?

  75. Jayson Norris says:

    I followed your root for 3g / 4g on tmobile and it didnt work for me so i unrooted it does it also remove the flashed tmobile modems?

  76. Kenny says:

    Actually, my phone is N7005 (LTE, Hong Kong Version), i root my phone by your and now i want to unroot my phone. And it success.
    The question is my phone is 4.0.4, the first version since i bought. If i unroot it, can i still update my phone from 2.6.3 to 4.0.4 ??
    I worry i can’t get the version of 4.0.4 back, because of the unroot.

  77. james tearn says:

    Help, my rooted att i717 quit charging. I was under warranty so no problem. The problem is my computer no longer sees the phone. USB, kies even bluetooth(well bluetooth sees it just has no driver for it). How do I return the phone if its rooted? I already have the new phone but must send in this one soon. HELP!
    Thanks in advance for your help in this matter, HELP…

  78. vic says:

    i have a bell i717m … im assuming the AT&T rom will work? someone reply plz

  79. Anthony Workman says:

    I used this method to unroot my Galaxy Note i717 back to 2.3.6 and my baseband still says I717UCLF6

    and kies wont update it becuase it wont change back to the one i need

    Please help!

  80. Bruce says:

    I try to download the GalaxyNote/SGH-i717/ fromn the link, but I cant get it from that link, can you post teh new one for it? I need to send my phone back to ATT for service
    Thank you

  81. danny says:

    i factory rested my phone using odin,,on my samsung note sgh i717 and i got a question when its finisihed reseting ,,is custom binary should be on no or yes with 1 count?

  82. Aziz says:

    after I unzipped I did not get the attstockrom.tar file.

  83. meshick says:

    after i did the reflash and its at the Rethink Possible it keep redoing that place for the past 3min how long does it take till it starts up?

  84. Javier says:

    Hello Max, my i717 was working with tmobile and I have test making the 3g / 4g on tmobile modem mod after updated to ISC and rooted. Since that not a single of the three modem files worked, no sim dectected and desided to reflashed back to Gingerbread with your file, but still did not have network nor signal. You mentioned in this video that modem can be reversed to original, please let me now how??? Please help.

  85. Gilbert says:

    Hello Max (and anybody else reading this)
    My unlocked, rooted n rom’ed phone had been spontaneously turning off and losing pictures for a about a week, and then just completely stopped working 2 days ago. I’ve tried numerous ways (counter was 53 last time I looked) to reinstall ANYTHING using Odin and recovery screens (stock n CWM)…..some methods work better than others but none get the phone operational again….and I’ve definitely changed some settings along the way
    The most “successful” ones are:
    1. Kies emergency firmware recovery says it completed but still no joy.
    2. Padawan_JB2 gets about 20% (with input screens) and then resets/bootloops.
    3. The ATT stock rom only gets halfway to the third ding and then resets/bootloops.

    What are my options?
    …..If this means anything, I’ve noticed is that I actually get a red “ODIN MODE” at the very top when I go into download mode….your vid didn’t.
    …also, I can only get into recovery modes if the micro usb is connected.

  86. Gilbert says:

    Hang on……the phone is also acting crazy with the battery with all the startups. It will show almost depleted and then a few seconds later 80-100%. Think the battery is shot and causing all these problems? I don’t have a spare but could buy a new one to see if it helps. It was about 85% on Word w/Friends when the phone just died….and never completely booted again.

    • Max says:

      it could be do you have another battery to test?

      • Gilbert says:

        Just ordered one on ebay for $3.99……don’t wanna just throw money at this if its gonna end up being a paperweight. Should be here in about a week…..I’ll let you know what happens. =)

        • Gilbert says:

          It was the damn battery ! ! !
          Put in a new one and it started right up !
          Lesson to all…..make SURE your battery is good. =P
          Now to try out some new roms. =D

  87. hani1257 says:

    Finally found this!!
    Last question before I try and attempt this.
    Will this work for Jelly Bean too?
    I really need to downgrade my phone ASAP….

  88. Eric Barnes says:

    If I use a rogers rom, originally with bell, will that work?

  89. Eric Barnes says:

    If I use a rogers rom, originally with bell, will that work too?

  90. ANas says:

    Guys am really screwed i need help i did exactly as you wrote sir but when it opens it hangs on Samsung at start please help me i think am screwed OMG

  91. ANas says:

    ok Guys Help me again now it hangs on rethink Possible WTF i should do please help its not my phone and am going to be F*cked if my dad knew what i ‘ve done to his phone please help 🙁

  92. Tayla says:

    My relatives every time say that I am wasting my time here at web, however I know I am getting knowledge
    everyday by reading thes fastidious posts.

  93. Veronique says:

    It is not my first time to go to see this site, i
    aam browsing this web page dwilly andd obtain pleasant data from here daily.

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