How to Get FREE Wifi Tethering Hotspot on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

So, you want to get FREE wifi tethering mobile hotspot on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717?  Normally you would have to pay extra $20-30 a month for mobile hotspot functionality but you can bypass this and get it for free.

*Note – This does give you FREE wifi tethering BUT it still counts under your monthly internet usage plan UNLESS you have grandfathered unlimited plan from AT&T.

Step 1. Download and install Titanium Backup app from the Market.

Step 2. Open Titanium Backup app, choose “Backup/Restore” tab and find “TetheringManager”.

Step 3. Choose “Tethering Manager” and hit “Un-install”.

Step 4. Run the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and it should work now.

Step 5. Verify connecting your computer or other wireless device.


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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
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63 Responses to How to Get FREE Wifi Tethering Hotspot on AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Patrick says:

    Seemed flawless, but I can’t get anything to connect to the wifi hotspot. I tried my Macbook Pro and my daughter’s iPod. I tried setting it up as secure and open and neither one worked.

  2. KD says:

    will this root the phone?

  3. jimmie hearn says:

    Awesome… Thank you so much… can’t get any easier than that…

  4. Shannon Badeaux says:

    I flashed the leaked ICs rom for at&t galaxy note and when searching for tetheringmanager I dont see it. Is it called a different name in ICS?

  5. Tam says:

    I have rooted and buy the Titanium back up PRO key root. But it won’t let me open, its said uninstall only . I tried to get the free version first and Choose “Tethering Manager” and hit “Un-install”. went back to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and turn on the wifi hotspot I got black screen. Also I can not find the Tethering Manager in Backup/Restore anymore. Please help. Thanks

  6. Dondi Balisalisa says:

    I ran into the same problem as the user Tam on April 15th. I uninstalled the tethering manager, but it just goes to a black screen and then it says “setting has stopped working” and goes back to the settings screen. It doesn’t allow me to turn on the Wifi/Hotspot. What is my next step?

    • Gerard says:

      first off want to say excellent tutorials i Rooted, Installed ICS Rom, and now it Kicks ASS!.. Thanks Max!. Having

  7. androidinmypants says:

    This didnt work for me either, same problem as TAM. Not sure if the culprit is foxfi BUT by turning FoxFi on I have tethering with the ICS leak (rooted) and seems to be working as desired.

  8. smisco says:

    Stock ROM, rooted with superoneclick, registered titanium backup

    Worked perfect, just as described here. Thank you! No way I was bumping up my data plan with AT&T for the few times I need this each month. Never went over 2 GB when I had my SG2/T-Mobile doing the same thing, so AT&T can stuff their $50 for 5 GB and you get hotspot scheme 🙂

  9. Phillip says:

    Just like shannon i have the same problem under the ics. It dosent have any teather manger as i scroll down to look for it. But i would have it under gingerbread.

  10. Kevin says:

    If I was to root my Note…will my 4G LTE still. I’m in an area where I get 15 to 20 mbps consistently. Thanks

  11. samir attalah says:

    What is going on with you? Thanks for serving your community. I’ve done what you’ve said but i wanted to know if this is the “APN” method which will allow AT&T to find out if I’m tethering my device. I sure don’t want to lose my unlimited data plan. Thanks

  12. Bobpantsspongesquare says:

    Folks, you will have to be rooted for this to work.You don’t have permission otherwise through Android to uninstall a system service such as Tethering Manager. Get rooted, then follow the steps and you’ll be fine. 😉

  13. Robert says:

    hey my man … i root my phone with HYFR” Beta 4 room.i have the Tethering option ready to go, but if i use it will tell ATT that I’m tethering my device???because when i had my old htc inspire ATT knew at one point what i m doing and they threatening me to kick me off the grandfather plan, and i stop using it. i need to know if this is safe.Thanks.

    • Max says:

      They will just throttle u now if u go over 5gb but no tethering charges.

      • Robert says:

        well last time i barely went over 3.5G on my unlimited plan, and they said that they can tell that the data is tether and if i keep doing it they will kick me out of the unlimited and sign me up on 5G data plus the tethering charge automatically. so i dont even know what to think.i m kind of scared to try it again. i what to see if u have any experience with this stuff before i try again cause i dont want to louse the unlimited data tho. appreciate your feedback.

  14. omar says:

    Hum… I’m always skeptical about things. Could this be a plan from the evil money sucking att to tempt those with GF unlimited dataplans, to use this trick and cheat them out of the unlimited data plan? I mean what is the difference from the previous tethering methods from the jailbroken iPhones and android devices? They were aable to tell you were tethering back then! What is different now?

    • Robert says:

      well i acted stupid telling them that i dont know what they talking about and i told them to tell me when and where that happen and they said that they can`t tell because theyr system dosent show where and when but all that they can tell is that it has been i dont know what kind of BS is this but i heard that i u tether over usb they will not be able to tell, but on wireless tether they can tell .so i guess my concern is should i try the wireless with my note or look for a good usb tether app ( maybe u guys can recomand something ) . i m a truck driver so i need the internet on my computer all the time.

      • Max says:

        Just so long as u dont abuse it and download gigs of stuff u should be fine just use ur common sense and dont abuse the system.

  15. SAM PUNIA says:

    Dear I have I717 unlocked
    kindly tell me when i near wifi router (N-Series 150) it shows connectivity 65 Mbps and other devices show 150 Mbps if far from router it shows 5 Mbps and other shows 45 Mbps to 60 Mbps

    This N-Series why it shows less connectivity

  16. Gunz2011 says:

    This worked like a charm. Thank you very much on how to get tethering to work. I use my Tab 10.1 to watch Netflix during lunch and don’t want to rely on anyone’s WiFi working. Perfect.

  17. Joe says:

    What happened to your YouTube channel?!?!?!?!?!? AHHH!!! No bueno!

  18. johnboyee247 says:

    I have been tethering since the relase date of my Note and for 2 years previously with my Streak, no issues or upcharges from my unlimited plan. (AT&T is clueless on this one) Thanks and great post!

  19. Raghav says:

    I have did same in Galaxy worked great..

    How about in Galaxy S3 ?
    I have rooted and installed titanium backup .

  20. note guy says:

    I did this after i rooted the new ICS update.

    USB tethering seems to work, when i select “Portable WI-FI hotspot” it says…

    “Please wait while verifying”….

    “To enable mobile hotspot on this device, go to or dial 611”.

    This leads me to believe that this will not work with ICS, since i did get it to work with the previous OS.

    Any info or a workaround would be greatly appreciated.

    • Max says:

      You can try Wifi Tether for Rooted users from Play Store and set Profile to “Generic ICS”. That will work also.

      • Jackel383 says:

        OMG!…. Thank you so much for saying that… I tried for so long to get that app to work on my phone, it was saying htcdoc driver failed and some other errors. Changing the profile to “Generic ICS” made it work. Thank you!

      • Gopi says:

        Thanks max, works great for me. Also thanks for helping me how to root my device.

  21. Scott says:

    HELP! Phone is rooted, uninstalled tethering manager, turned on tethering…all works fine but it is requiring a WPA2 security code to tether my computer to the phone. What is the WPA2 code?

  22. halo82 says:

    hey max im runnin saurom 7.1 but i can’t find the tetheringmanager thru titanium…is it under a different name? thnx…

    • Rex says:

      I am also having trouble as halo and some other people. I don’t see tethering manager but i DO however, see tetheringprovision. It’s not the same thing is it? Other than that, I see Wi-Fi sharing and Wi-Fi shaing manager.

      • Max says:

        yes same thing.

      • Catalin says:

        Same problem… but after I un-install the tether provision and try to turn the Wifi on, I get the black screen, then after 20-30 secs it says, “unfortunately, set-up stopped working”. I am on an ATT phone, unlocked, rooted and used on Tmobile.

        Please help, o master!

  23. none says:

    i am having the same problems as catalin…i’m rooted..i have the titanium backup installed..but i dont see tethering manager….i am currently running the official ics rom from att…what do i do

  24. RockOn says:

    Rock on Max dude, Tether App works great, it even report the data usage unlike the native which does not.

  25. Lulu says:

    Max thank you soo much! I had rooted my phone once and had figured it out, but when I went to root my new phone and tether it, I was getting the black screen and couldn’t figure out why my Tether app wasn’t working; thank goodness your comments are still here and I was able to figure out the profile setting! This little loophole is huge for a young, single, income strapped person who can’t afford cable or internet costs at the moment (ME)!!

  26. Rob says:

    Hello, I rooted my galaxy note i717 just the way you said and it work. However, I tried to use the wifi tethering, like you said, going threw Titanium, uninstalling the tether stuff, then installing a wifi tethering widget in the Google Market. Well it does send the signal but there’s do data. The signal is really strong, but I can’t open no website in my other device (Samsung Galaxy Tab). What should I do? Thanks.

  27. Karl says:


    What happened to the post with google now on the galaxy note? I’ve been trying to find it. I saw on here last week.

  28. Roni says:

    I have a
    AT & T Galaxy S3-i747

    When I tried to install the app:
       Titanium Backup * root

    I get a text:
    Asks permission Roth

    And a window:
    Sorry, I could not get root’s permission.
    This application will not be processed.
    Please make sure you have Root privileges and it includes Busybox /

    This attempt was carried out by using the command
    system / xbin / su

  29. Evan says:

    Hey man, Thanks for the instructions. Incredibly easy. So I rooted my phone (4.0.4) and then did all of the steps for the free wifi tethering. When I got into Titanium Backup there was no tethering manager but tethering setting or something of the sorts, I uninstalled that without backup, and when I tried to turn the tethering on everything but the status bar went black and after ten to fifteen seconds there was a message saying ‘Unfortunately, This program has stopped working’. I was looking to see if I uninstalled the wrong program but all I could find was ‘WiFi Direct’, ‘WiFi sharing’ and ‘WiFi sharing manager’. I don’t want to delete them without knowing if they would fix the problem. Do you think they would or do you know another way to help me out?


  30. Alon says:

    On ICS 4.0.4, you’ll need to use something else.. This method doesn’t work anymore.

    Here’s a new method. Use “Power Toggles”.
    This will turn the hotspot on and off, and you’d use the standard hotspot tool to config it. Like “Quick Settings” used to do for LG Optimus. Tested to work on my rooted i717. (I’d love to have tried it before I rooted it.)

    Another app that works is Wifi Tether for Root Users… of course, you’ll need to root, first.

  31. John C says:

    does this work on tmobile galaxy note 2?

  32. Techie Girl says:

    Well after an hour or so and all these great posts, I was able to root and tether my phone. Thanks so much for being here and helping all of us!

  33. Jorge says:

    First of all, thanks for the solution, it works great.
    Second, please help with suggestions regarding the following issue:
    I have been tethering with your method (using WiFi Tether for Rooted Users) since end of Jan 2013. I have unlimited data with ATT, Galaxy Note from ATT, rooted (needless to say). My data consumption history before enabling tethering was pretty decent (avg 4GB per month, mostly from ESPN watch and Slingplayer on my 1hr daily commute).
    With tethering I started using my laptop for online classes during the commute, they are not video intensive so the data consumption reduced significantly. I recorded download and uploads lower than 30MB (each way) all those days, which is significantly smaller than what used to be. In fact, after checking ATT data consumption I confirmed Feb 2013 is the lowest of the last year.

    All this to explain in detail I have not abused it.

    Yet, two days ago I got a text msg from ATT saying that to do Tether I needed a special plan, etc. and suggesting to contact them for details.
    Have you experienced this and what solution did you arrive to, please? I dont want to lose the tether option nor the unlimited data plan.

    Please help

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  35. jJdeezy says:

    Instructions were perfect, posting this using a tethered device, thank you!

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