How to Fix Force Closes on Rooted Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

So, every once in awhile I get a question like this:

So every rom i install on my note book my mms and sms force closes on. Telling me that messaging has stop work. Please help before i throw my phone from a moving car

Well, there’s a fix for this. The reason why you get force closes on your Galaxy Note SGH-i717 when you install custom ROMs and if it doesn’t go away even with wiping cache, your data partition has become corrupt.

For fix, simply download Darkside Wipe (it’s for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 but I’ve used it on my Galaxy Note SGH-i717 before to fix) and flash it in ClockworkMod Recovery. Then install any custom ROM you want to run, and voila, no more force closes.

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Download Darkside Wipe

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I am not exactly sure on why this is happening but usually the problem goes away for good after flashing Darkside Wipe.

Warning: DO NOT FLASH THIS ON GT-N7000 models, it’s not compatible!

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You will need a rooted Galaxy Note to install all ROM/kernels.
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15 Responses to How to Fix Force Closes on Rooted Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Intellectua1 says:

    Not a good idea.. I tried this and it sent my phone into a bootloop..

  2. E says:

    will this work for all force closes or just certain ones. i keep getting the android close and some other bs so i just cleared all data and didnt run the titanium backup. it seemed to only do after i restore.

    • Max says:

      If it happens from app restore this aint going to fix it u will have to restore app one by one to find the culprit.

  3. e says:

    I just wiped all n reinstalled but didnt uae the restore altho i lost all.
    But att released ics official yesterday but i cant get thevupdatw thru kies is there another way

  4. jesse says:

    I have cwm touch and everytime i flash a rom it is fine in cwm and then it shows the two samsung logos then goes completely black, no vibrations no boot screen and nothing like that any ideas? galaxy note sgh-i717

  5. Meshick says:

    i do get the sms force close but sometimes i have to restarti my phone for my messages to go threw and receive messages will doing this fix that problem? And sometimes my phone say its sent but its not.

    • Max says:

      Not sure on this one that could just be the ROM u r running tho.

      • Meshick says:

        Im running objection right now.

      • meshick says:

        okay the other day my phone shut off and wouldnt come on so i did the power and volume it came to the os mite be corrupt i was on the road so i could do anything so i left it on the charger it came on then after 3min shut off did the same then about a hr later it came on and finally started chargeing and now no problems should i wipe it and reinstall objection?

  6. abraham says:

    Hi Max, Just want to start by saying, I love your work! You explain things in a way that makes me comfortable doing all this stuff. I have a unique problem that I cant find ANYTHING about after searching all over for a week. This is my last try. I just got an i717 from girlfriend. Long story short. ALL of the 4.2 ROMS I flash on it work untill I open ANY game. The screen flashes wildly black and then to game and back again. It’s fast to like blinking. I AM still able to navigate when it’s on like to quickly hit reboot. If I just leave it alone it will eventually just reboot itself. Sometimes it just reboots right away when I open the game. It can happen with other market apps but mostly games. Have you seen this? I have a feeling its just me cause I cant find anything about it.

    When I run Blackstar ICS it runs fine, perfect in fact. I’m using the TMO icsblaze radio. I use darkside wipe. I wipe system, data, cache before running Darkside wipe. Then I wipe cache and dalvik. after installing the ROM, Gapps, and radio in that order.

    Your my only hope for getting JB on this phone. It just started and we had Liquid RC 7 running on it for 6 months before it started doing this. I feel like theres something I’m need to wipe before going to 4.2. I’m missing something.

    My way of explaining is crap I know. If anyone can help me it’s you man! I’ve looked everywhere on XDA. Please help Max!! I want Slim on this baby bad!! I’ve tried CM 10.1, Slim, Supernexus, they all have the same result…crazy fast blinking black or sometimes purple screen flicker then crash. or just a RR. I’m doing something wrong and it’s never happened on my One X just this Quincyatt.

    Your such an awesome teacher!! Thanks for everything you do!!


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