How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

Here’s how to enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717.  With this you will be able to fully use your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 3G/4G network and get voice with 3G/4G data.

In other words, T-Mobile users can now buy the AT&T Galaxy Note at full retail price, pop their SIM cards, and start using Galaxy Note fully.

Here’s a video demo of my T-Mobile SIM card with voice/data/3G/4G/HSPA+ working flawless on my AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717:

Before you begin, you will need:

A rooted Galaxy Note SGH-i717, ClockworkMod Recovery installed, and Unlocked SIM on your AT&T Galaxy Note.

Video tutorial:

Once you have done the above steps, you can simply flash T-mobile modems using ClockworkMod Recovery to get 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717.

Step 1. Connect your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 to your computer via a micro-USB cable.

Step 2. Download T-mobile modem and copy to SD card or internal storage of your phone.

Download modem:

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T-mo VKL1 – This one worked for me, try this first.
T-mo KID

Step 3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together.

Step 4. Let go of the Power button when your phone reset (you will feel a little vibration) and keep holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.

Step 5. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard”.

Step 6. Choose “choose zip from sdcard” or “choose zip from internal sdcard” depending on where you put the modem files to.

Step 7. Go find the modem file you copied over earlier.

Step 8. Choose “Yes”.

Step 9. When it’s done, choose “Go Back” and “Reboot system”.

Step 10. You should now be able to get full 3G/4G HSPA+ on T-Mobile’s network along with voice working.

Tip: You can “force” your phone to use T-Mobile’s 4G network (if you get bad T-Mobile signals like me) by switching to HSPA Only mode in Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile networks->Network mode.

The GSM/HSPA (auto mode) only goes to 4G when you have a certain number of 4G bars while forcing HSPA Only mode gets you 4G even if you have 0.5 bars.

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Also, if you want to revert back, here’s AT&T and Rogers stock modems: (Flash the same way as you did with Tmobile modems)

Yippee, now T-mobile users can use Galaxy Note fully by buying a the AT&T Galaxy Note at full retail (which is what I did).  You can buy it on Amazon here.

AT&T UCLA1 Radio

Rogers XLA2 Radio



Q: Where do you find those HSPA+ only settings?
A: You need to be on a Rogers based ROM for that work, you can try installing Saurom ROM.

Q: I am stuck with EDGE on T-mobile on ICS!
A: The modems listed here are only for Gingerbread (as ICS was not out when this tutorial was written) BUT you can install these ICS modems for ICS to get it out of your Edge.


There’s also a hack you can switch bands by dialing *#2263# but you don’t have to do this, just leave it on Auto so you can use both T-Mobile and AT&T SIM cards with one modem. No, you don’t have to flash the AT&T modem back to use AT&T.

Credits – XDA

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310 Responses to How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Omar lozada says:

    I have a galaxy note from Europe, it’s that possible to do with this one? as you know the European version is unlocked so, it is possible? thanks for your help.

    • Max says:

      Not sure if Exynos processor on the European version supports 1700Mhz, that will have to be supported first, looking into that next tho, don’t worry I will be the first to let you know.

      • Omar lozada says:

        thanks,I really like my note but since I am with t mobile I only use it as a mini tablet, it will be excellent if I could get full internet speed on this one too,I am waiting for your answer, thanks again

      • Olivia Pozos says:

        Hello, I have the Europe version. Did you figure out if that works with that version, too?


        • Matt says:

          The European Note/International Note is an unlocked Pentaband GSM device. You don’t need to flash any modem firmware to get it working the same way as in the video, at least with HSPA+ speeds. If you’re already using an imported note on tmobile that’s about all the speed you’re going to see.

          The modem flashing is only to re-enable the AWS bands on the radio so it can pickup tmobile’s 3G service. I’d be curious to see a video where you don’t have Data Roaming enabled too, since the built in LTE modem shouldn’t access anything on tmobile, flash or not. I’m wondering if your speed results are from it roaming on to At&t’s network or not.

      • mel says:

        hey my friend i did alla fine but went i turn the phone on dosent reconosies the sims card . what i do to fix that?

    • MORDECAY says:

      How to identificate the current radio on i717 galaxy note?

  2. David Golden says:

    I got straight talk for my note and im getting 4g with 4megs, idk if its worth going back to tmobile??? what do you think tmo or straight talk?

    • Max says:

      Oh nice, stay on straight talk, i don’t usually get that high scores only today, maybe just lucky. 4mbps is good.

    • shad says:

      how much data does straight talk let you use a month? I have simple mobile now having had any problems with overage yet but always on the back of my mind. And did you you have to do anything special with your phone other then unlocking it?


  3. Aaron says:

    hey thanx for the root tips but since i rooted my note now when ics comes out will i not be able to download the new os? from my understanding i would have to go back to stock then download the new os and wait for a new root?

  4. johnny says:


    Has anyone tried to flash Rogers/Bell/Telus Galaxy Note to work on T-mobile?

    Are Rogers/Bell/Telus Galaxy Note is the SAME as AT&T Galaxy Note?

  5. Nick Camacho says:

    For some reason, i am not getting the “install zip from SD card” option, only apply update from SD card….help?

  6. shad says:

    Thanks so much for all your hard work I bought mine almost 3 weeks ago was getting ready to take it back to store until i found your site!! Btw the t-mobile worked great I actually have simple mobile and changed some of the mmsc, mms, and mms port settings and it seems to be working!!

    I did however lose you at the when you went to the hspa only settings, my stock rom doesnt have that are you using a different rom to get to that setting? Not quite getting the same 4g speeds i was before, picture messaging working but a little slow do you think that is the problem? and what rom do you recommend?

    I am very new to all of this but within two hours was able to root, add clockwork recovery,, super user titanium backup and back up my stock rom!! now off to try the new rom thanks so much!!

    YOU ARE THE MAN!! Make all of this very easy to understand even to the clueless!! thanks love the phone


  7. shad says:

    Oh and added the t-mobile zip….just having trouble getting to that hspa only part thanks again!!

  8. shad says:

    You can “force” your phone to use T-Mobile’s 4G network (if you get bad T-Mobile signals like me) by switching to HSPA Only mode in Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile networks->Network mode.

    I don’t have the network mode on my stock att, do i need a different rom?

    Thanks for your help

  9. Jake says:

    Hi Max, I was trying to ask you a slightly complex question about the Note – I tried via Facebook, but to no avail. Can I email you the question directly, and if so which email should I send it to?


  10. shad says:

    Thanks so much I am getting awesome speeds with simple mobile!! wasnt just getting edge speeds for first several hours but suddenly kicked in, hopefully keeps up. I put in same apn settings as with my tmobile galaxy s2

    I am having a problem with flash player not working on the saurom rom as well as not being able to power and keep the phone off any help with that?

    • _____homz says:

      install power off apps or power off widget, that’s the only thing i found on using the saurom rom, it doesn’t shut off completely, it only reboot/restart.

  11. Beto says:

    hey before i read the comments i did the rooting and flash and now my imported “european note” wont read my t mobile sim card and it did before… do u know if i might of locked the sim on it since it is already an unlocked phone?

  12. Mohamed says:

    i use it to t989 my phone was too slow and it doesn’t work and i install new rom but no way tooo slow

  13. Dom says:

    Can you flash att samsung galaxy note i717 rom into samsung galaxy note GT-N7000? they have the same specs just different Chipsets right?

  14. Mohamed says:

    i have a problem i used it on T989 and the mobiles soo slow and i flashed many times but no way please any one can help me what i do now please

  15. marcopt79 says:

    Hi Max everything works great just seam to have a little issue
    with data and phone calls when i leave the phone on standby for a few minutes looks like have to launch things twice or else it wont pick up im in canada and using wind mobile
    witch is the same frequencies as the tmobile
    any help would be great or should i just wait for another radio?

  16. marcopt79 says:

    Also looks like incoming phone calls are not coming in all the time as with text messages i hope some one can fix this as i really love the note and dont want to give it up im also using the galaxy s2 tmobile version on the wnind mobile network and dont have these issues

    • Hey Marcopt79 – I was wondering if you can reach out to me as im looking to do this but i just cant seem to find anyone willing to do this for me…

      Can you help me out?

  17. Max says:

    I Followed All Your Steps But My Download Speeds Are Slower Then 1Mbps Its Like 200 kbps Pluss The Phone gets A Little Hot..PLEASE HELP I Tryed Both Modems….

    • Tolik says:

      I have the same problem. The speed (even with HSPA only) is slower than 512K/s, the phone gets hot and the battery dies within 10 mins of browsing. I did everything you suggested: Unlock, root, SAUROM, T-Mobile Modem, HSPA only. Got good speed for the first 20 mins or so and then went to very slow even though it shows 4G indicator on top.
      Do you think I should return to the original ROM? Try another T-mobile modem? Or what would you suggest? Thank you

      • kevin l says:

        hey there i had your same problem. i thought i had a faulty device. turns out ive been running speed test all day and came to the conclusion that the 4g speeds are slowest for me in flushing main st which is where i work. I have in Bayside NY towards Long island and as im on the bus my signal gets stronger. ive run a total of abnout 100 test and its safe to conclude leaving flushing towards my places of residence i avg 2-5 mbps. in flushing some good spots give me plus 1mbps but others mostly under 600kbps.

    • Herri says:

      I think that all problems is come from T-mobile network. I have Galaxy S2 rooted T-mobile. At my home T-mobile signal is very week, so I tried to change HSPA Only mode. After that Same crazy thing happen, I went to T-mobile dealer to ask about that, T-mobile guy said, “When 4G signal is week, don’t try “force HSPA only” mode, it make phone hot and battery out quickly because phone’s antenna turn on and off automatically”. T-mobile Prepaid Plan is very good, but 3G/4G signal is very weeeek in some places. And Now I use GSM/HSPA mode everything O.K.

  18. Victor says:

    Hi max,
    I was wondering if you be willing to sell a Samsung Galaxy note, with all the software installed on ebay. So I am able to use the phone on the AWS band here in Canada, on Wind Mobile. I would be willing to pay 150 dollars above phone cost, on ebay, and pay you via paypal. I have over 260 positive 100 percent.

    Let me know


  19. victor says:

    Hi max,

    found someone to root and purchase the Galaxy note from.


  20. ariel soria says:

    dear sirs
    How are you ? i was watching your video and i will try to do that on my galaxy note from att too , but i have a question my wife she have samsung infuse already rooted and she is using tmobile but only works on edge , what can i do ? if i follow the process that you show can work ?
    Awaiting your promptly reply

  21. Juan Carlos Palos Alferez says:

    how can I do a rooting my Samsung Galaxy note to use it on T-Mobile 3G/4G? thanks

  22. Todd says:

    My first time rooting a phone. I now have 4g indicated on my At&t galaxy note with a tmobile sim card. Everything worked as indicated except when I go into wireless setting, mobile networks, I do not see a option for network mode anymore. Can you please tell me what I did wrong or what can I do to correct the missing network mode option.


  23. Hannes says:

    I have rooted my unlocked galaxy note but i cannot install the modem settings.
    it keep failing 🙁

    something like no signatures found 🙁

  24. Hannes says:

    i guess this does not work for my GT-N7000 that is international unlocked 🙁

  25. sid says:

    I did this and i have working tmobile however i cannot sendor recieve mms. My apn is correct it just says server response error and fails when i try to send an mms.

  26. gin says:

    It work perfect, but for some reason, i dont have the option to choose from in the Network mode…
    Whats happen.??
    do i need a custom rom?
    i am still on stock rom.
    Not a big deal, i still got 4g pretty good on tmobile here in nyc.

    just wondering ya know.

  27. Homer says:

    I have an unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII, I am using it on T mobile but can only get 2G, is there a way to upgrade, as discussed above, to get the Tmobile 4G on my phone, by downloading a difrfernet modem?

  28. Brent says:

    Ok, I know there are two models for the galaxy note…the ATT version and the GT-N7000 Unlocked International Version. I just bought the GT-N7000, so even if I followed the instructions, I would not be able to get 3G/4G on T-Mobiles network. If this is the case, I’m going to return it to amazon and pick up the ATT version. Please let me know because there is no way I can deal with using EDGE. Thank you

  29. Abubayan says:

    I have the International Version of the Galaxy Note GT-N7000. please let me know if I can use it on T-mobile
    Thank You

  30. Eric says:

    After ” Verifying update package…”
    I get “E:signature verification failed”
    Install_package =(2)
    Installation aborted..

    I have tried both of your modem files…. any suggestions?

    • Max says:

      Do you have a SGH-i717? Don’t try it on GT-N7000.

      • Eric says:

        Yes the ATT version i717

      • duke says:

        have a GT-N7000 and would like to get it work with tmobile 4g, do I use the same steps on the instruction?thanks

      • danay says:

        i tried this step on my unlocked note, and now i dont have no modem at all, and when i got to modbile networks it said “INSERT SIM CARD” please help, i have no service now, should i restore or how can i add the modem it came with? please help thank, my husband is going to kill me thanks

  31. Lucky says:

    Hello Max.
    i already message u on Fb but didnt get any reply. so im trying my q here. im from toronto. i need ur help that im going to buy galaxy note.. could u plz tell me which rom is best fully workable and great on battery life and plus that Tmobile thing. im looking to use with mobilicity which uses AWS 1700 and 2100. so how i can do it in order to use this note . plz im waiting for ur reply and if u do uave videos on it. give me links thanks

  32. dbstevey says:

    hi and thanks for all the information. all of us t-maybe users were hoping for a phone like this and after tmo’s launch of the gs2 i was really disappointed they didnt pick up this model. i have gs2 on tmo and i bought the i717 from the AT&T crooks. at&t note gets between 4-9mbs on att (no LTE here for the near future 🙁 ) the gs2 gets between 4-11mbs on tmo with good signal. iv done this whole procedure and it all works perfect.
    sorry for the long preamble so here’s my questions.
    1. is there any special reason other than the force hspa option in settings to flash the saurom rom? i did find that rom slightly buggy and as these bugs wont be present in the stock at&t rom it seems more effecient to stick with the stock rom until the bugs get sorted out?
    2. is there a way to get the wifi calling app off of maybe the tmo gs2 (closest hardware to my knowledge) and get it on the note? if the radio is a gs2 radio? im hoping theres a way to get it to work. i havent seen anything on this or even anyone asking about it so far. any info u could find im sure would be as appreciated as it would be beneficial to all of us t-maybe people with lousy signal issues at home.
    big thank u’s for all the people that put time into getting stuff like this to work.

  33. kevin l says:

    hi everyone i currently have my note rooted and have followed all procedures on this post however my 4g speeds with t mobile are very slow the most i get is 1 mb and i avg mostly 512k to 600k speeds. I noticed 2 other users have had this problem. can this be fixed? or is it due to a faulty device?

  34. Michael ji says:

    I have mobile hotspot from tmobile. Would it work with the note after i do all these steps? And also will picture message work? Will everything work 100% for tmobile? Thanks.

    • kevin l says:

      after you root ur note there will be a way to get hotspot and tethering for free so id say get rid of ur hotspot feature first or else you ll never know if you hvae succesfully got it to work for free~! cheers.

  35. Dan says:

    Hi Max,
    I have Note N7000, South Africa Version. I need instruction to use T-Mobile 3G/4G network. How do i get and install HSPDA in the phone?
    Thanks so much.

  36. Ed Schneff says:

    This is the best site for Rooting ,and changing the Galaxy I have ever seen . A big big thank you from me to you all

  37. David Gamboa says:

    Please help! I flashed this modem to my phone and it wiped my IMEI. It now says null/null when I search for my IMEI. Please help! How can I retrieve my IMEI??

    • danay says:

      I think i have your same problem, what did you do please?

      Galaxy Note Root Method 2.
      install ClockworkMod Recovery
      Superuser app and root

      I did all the steps where i messed up is that i followed the steps for ” How to Enable T-Mobile 3G/4G HSPA+ on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!” and i have THE UNLOCKED one that the AT&T.

      So apprently i earsed all my networks and now i can connect, and unfortunally i did not do a back up, the phone works excpet for NO NETWORK

      please someone help, thansk

      • eric says:

        im having the same problom with my phone is there a fix for it?

        Please Help

        • BU113T 4G says:

          Well for me i had already rooted my galaxy note sgh-i717 and installed the rom OnlyOne… once i had my phone unlocked to T-Mobile I flashed the modems, then rebooted, once at the start up screen my IMEI # had dissapeared and i had no network. I got scared, therefore decided to give it a try to fix it. I booted up into clockwork recovery again and just RE-FLASHED the OnlyOne rom finsihed the installation then Rebooted again… and bammm!! I had my IMEI # back and my T-Mobile network back on. Havent tried re-flashing the modems anymore.. screw that.. HELP ZEDO

  38. duke says:

    I have a international unlocked version of GT-n7000 and would like to use on tmobile, do I follow the instruction here for 717 exactly? thanks

  39. JT says:

    After flashing and trying both tmobile modems individually I notice that I only receive At&t 4G and don’t get LTE.
    I receive LTE only when i’m flashed back to At&t’s stock modem. HELP

  40. juan collado says:

    after flashing and getting the tmobile 4g working can I flash any galaxy note ROM I want with out losing tmobile 4g or do the modems need to be reflashed with ever ROM

  41. juan collado says:

    can I flash any galaxy note I want rom I want after getting tmobile 4g working

  42. Philippe says:


    I want to root my bell galaxy note and install ics rom and use it on wind mobile but I want to be sure I can unroot it.
    can you please post bell stock rom and radio so I can unroot it for warranty or in case I want to use it on bell lte network??

    can I use this T-Mobile radio on rooted ics as well??
    thank you

  43. Shad says:

    when I download the tmobile modem I get two folders titled “META-INF” and “System”. I dont get “Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE (1).zip file” that is shown in the picture. I dont know what to do.


  44. pete whit says:

    haven’t seen if there is a way to get 4g on t-mobile with a note n7000 euro version? ihave it rooted, clockworked already, tried the two radios out there with no success….

  45. raj707 says:

    will it work on unlocked att galaxy s2 i777?

  46. wayne says:

    , everything works great and that was a very informative tutorial but I have a quick question,.. if i wanted to flash a custom rom like sauron, would i have to redo everything I already did like unlocking, rooting, installing the tmobile 3g/4g mod etc?????

  47. Ron Givon says:

    Do you know how to do the same on AT&T Galaxy SII ? I need to use it on T-Mobile, but I can’t get the 3G/4G to work… same problem as with the Note…

    Any ideas?

  48. marlon says:

    switch bands by dialing *#2263# .I tried this now I have no bars on my international unlocked version.. Just need help getting back to normal

  49. george says:

    Doesn’t seem to be covered here. AllGamer made a custom tmobile modem flash called “Blaze 4G LB7 modem modified for i717” you can get it here

    I was getting less then 1 mpbs using the 2 other radios, now I’m avg about 4 mbps. Not great, but its a big improvement.

    original post:

  50. Glendy says:

    hi I have an UNLOCKED AT&T Note using on TMobile how do I get it to work on 3G and 4G? Please help me

  51. Mirian says:

    I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note n7000 at the moment it only works on the E network and I would like to know if there is anything that I can do to use it with the T mobile 3g/4g network. Please help! Thanks!

  52. da1boomer says:

    Do anyone have this problem I notes that when I have low bars I get 4g speeds but when a have full bars I only get very low edge speeds I tryed both modems on this site no luc k changed settings hspa gsm automatic installed surom need my speed back HELP!!!!!

  53. Kent says:

    Same problem as danay: NO SIM INSERTED it says. I BRICKED MY PHONE. At least the phone portion. Of course tried to flaw with AT&T stock modem, downgraded to Gingerbread, all to no avail. ANyone, PLEASE help us.

    • Charles says:

      Same thing happened to me.

      I had an unlocked i717 and rooting/CWM worked fine.

      I followed this walk through and bam, NO SIM. My phone isn’t bricked… it’s just that the sim slot doesn’t see a sim card.

      Is it possible to get a copy of a recovery file from someone to fix this and just relfash or should I just flash a new ROM?

      There must be a way to fix it as it’s not a hardware issue.

  54. Myke says:

    I bought my phone unlocked. worked great with tmobile. I have a 4g plan, but the phone would only pick up 2g data, When I saw there’s an ICS i was ecstatic. After upgrading to ICS service was excellent, until i saw this Tmobile 4g “upgrade”….

    After the Tmobile 4g “upgrade” It constantly says no network detected. I looked through the forums and apparently I’m not the only one with this problem. Reading no sim card on the working Tmobile sim. Already tried the original ATT load,,,, still nothing…. help??

  55. bob says:

    hey, is saurom the only rom that allows you to force 4g hspa speeds? what other stable rom would you suggest?

    • jb says:

      You can try ics rom called Sepherim with ics modem. This will work for tmobile 4g as well. Just so you know, they are all unstable. If I were you and if you haven’t bought the ATT Note yet, wait for the Tmobile Note. You will run into very unstable 4g tmobile speed with the ATT Note, though ICS rom can give better speed. It’s still very unstable.

  56. da1boomer says:

    Why does it shows low bar I get 4g upload speed when I have full bar shows 4g a I get lower then 4g Speed
    It would be nice if I had low bars every where I work but don’t.

  57. james lee says:

    i have ask something..
    i got a galaxy note gt-n7000 is it possible to use i717 4g upgrade??

  58. neftali says:

    Hey guy, i followed the steps in the video and i got it to work but i only get 40kbps with the 4g on. yes i have the att sgh i717. is any one else getting really slow speeds too? @max or anyone that knows, howw can i get back on the stock edge?

  59. Gabriel perez says:

    Hello max I have the same problem I get slow 4g speed always I install but modems but the same slow speed

    • Max says:

      Unfortunately, that’s where I am stuck too, I have no idea why that is happening to some people.

      • Gabriel perez says:

        I install OnlyOne ICS ROM with the blaze modem and now is super faster 10mb down and 1.9up thanks zedomax you are the best…

  60. Rob says:

    Hello have unlocked rooted att note using simple mobile, tried both modems and both times mms and internet are not working. Any suggestions?

  61. Raf says:

    I did what you showed on your video only thing I did not get was the options for the hspa under settings can u please help I have a Samsung galaxy note i717

  62. gee says:

    i did every thing u showed i have i717 att it works but speed are slow tried all the modems!
    help pls………..wat can i do

  63. gee says:

    i did every thing u showed i have i717 att it works but speed are slow tried all the modems!
    help pls………..wat can i do

  64. gee says:

    i don’t have another device but I will get 1 and test it out I have the stock rom does that have anything to do with it because I have 4 g and all bars. .. should I flash a new rom?

  65. jptheone says:

    Hi. please help.
    im using suarom and unlocked for tmobile. got 4g bar but speed is really slow..
    i’ve tried every modems but still slow… Please help.

  66. Ashish says:

    Hi guys…can i use the same method to get the 3G signals in Airtel India on My SGH-i717 at&t unlocked version.

  67. Ed Schneff says:

    I upgraded my Galaxy note to android 4.0.3 , I rooted it and installed backup , I use Tmobile , and tried installing the radios that worked b4 with gingerbread. None worked , they shut down my connection period.
    Is there a radio for the 4.0.3 ? for tmobile?

  68. christine says:

    thank you so much for this helpful video! i was hoping that its possible to get my tmobile 4g speeds on an unlocked atnt phone since i have had problems in the past w/ unlocked atnt phones but now i know it is possible! i have a few questions actually.
    1.) would this same process work for any unlocked atnt phones? or is this specificially for the galaxy note only?
    2.) i was looking to try this with an unlocked atnt htc one x. do you think it would work?
    3.) can this process work on any internationally unlocked phones? (galaxy note or htc one x)

    pleaseeee help me!! im stuck on whether to buy the atnt unlocked or internationally unlocked version due to tmobile being lame with their 4g…thaank you so much!!

  69. Beast says:

    hi i’m having a serious problem, at first i rooted and flashed my phone to work with t-mobile (now i was actually using simple mobile that uses t-mobile towers) well i changed to t-mobile cause my phone said i had 4g but i know my speeds were horrible, so then i upgraded to ICS (onlyone) and at first it worked, but i would only get edge, then i tried flashing the antenna or radio, trying to use the blaze modem, now my phone wont get any signal (it says i don’t even have a SIM card in the phone) even if i try to switch to another antenna, i have to completely recover my phone in order to even use it again, when i upgraded to ICS i didn’t do the wipe, would that really b my problem, or has anyone else had this problem? plus i don’t get the option to choose a network mode, any suggestions and right now i tried rooting the phone after i upgraded to ICS to see if that would help the process of flashing to a t-mobile network

  70. eric says:

    i did everythin and it all work up to installing the UVLKI and wen it installed it desable my sim redder and wen i look for my IMEI by using the phone *#06# i just says null/null is there a way to fix this
    Please Hellp

  71. annette says:

    hi….. I (think) i have a unlock galaxy note…i have red pocket and i dont like it.. Do u think att sim card prepay work. The place i got it done they put my tmoblie sim card in i didnt get 4 or 3g. So i want to no what can i do to get my phone to work rite… I NEED HELP..

  72. Carlton says:

    Ok I’m thinking about getting the Galaxy Note and put it on tmobile my questions is do the Market Place still work on the Note and will it be tmobile ??????

  73. ED says:

    Yes everything works on it even Marketplace .

    annatte if you want 4G you have to flash and install a new ICS modem

  74. Eugene says:

    hey max thanks 4 everything u done 4 us man i appreciate it. max i bought a note off ebay, i rooted, flashed it 2 Tmobile, got the Tmobile modem, i notice my note has the data from the person i bought it from if i factory reset my note, will it delete all that i done?

  75. Jasmine says:

    How do I know if I enabled my phone correctly? My settings menu is different than yours……

  76. Jasmine says:

    Yea I don’t think i’ts working for me. I’m not sure what I did wrong. I tried both modems and followed all instructions step by step. Also, my phone doesn’t have the android sign, and the settings menu is different. I don’t have the network mode option. :/ Am i missing something?

  77. Tan, Jasmine says:

    Yea I don’t think i’ts working for me. I’m not sure what I did wrong. I tried both modems and followed all instructions step by step. Also, my phone doesn’t have the android sign, and the settings menu is different. I don’t have the network mode option. :/ Am i missing something?

  78. Brian says:

    I was wondering if this method would work on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 , SGH-I777 . Please and thank you .

  79. ED says:

    Now that I updated my Note to 4.0.3 I have that AT&T opening screen . I would love to get rid of it . Phone is rooted and I use T-mobile. Anyone know how?

  80. elissia says:

    So I tried both TmoVKL1 and Tmokid and I have the same problem with both of them as soon as i try to open and install them in clockworkmod it says Installation has been aborted and shows a red triangle…what am I doing wrong?

  81. Phillup says:

    I want to know is you can do this with a unlocked Samsung infuse ? Every works great except I can’t get 3g/4g its stuck on edge …

  82. Will Liang says:

    I have downloaded the T-mobile Modem but there are only two bin files, a meta-inf folder and a system folder. Where is the actual modem?

    • BU113T 4G says:

      You don’t extract the zip file you downloaded.
      Simply place it like that unzipped to your sd card and flash.

  83. Tim says:

    Thanks for all the help max. I rooted my AT&T Note today and i am getting 4G speeds. Is there anyway to get the hotspot working? When I try it tells me mobile data not available or invalid sim… Any ideas?

  84. brandon says:

    max when i try installing the zip file it always says the E: signature verification failed. what do i do?

  85. Dee says:

    Hey I just got My at&t note unlocked and switched to simple mobile at a store. I went simple because the guy there said i would have unlimited data 4G. but I’m on edge. I know that simple mobile runs on T-Mobile network, so would this fix my problem?

  86. Dee says:

    sgh-i717 at&t galaxy note. Question was can anyone help me overclock my sgh-i717? Not sure how to do it.

  87. Dee says:

    I have an i717 on simple mobile rooted running Saurom and tmo blaze modem. I just need someone to show me how to overclock

  88. Blankita says:

    I saw that some people have better 4g service on kid radio and i already put Vkl1 on my att note for my t-mobile sim card. How can i put kid radio since i already have vkl


  89. Dee says:

    @blankita I originally had vkl1too. I switched to blaze just by flashing it just like I did with vkl1.too

  90. Carmen says:

    I have a very low signal at home, is on tmobile network and at home is all the time with a circle around the bars, not signal at all.

  91. Joe Franklin says:

    Help please.
    I installed the Official ICS rooted rom from the previous post on this website. I installed the T-Mobile modems and followed the instructions to the “Tee”. After the reboot I have no signal, IMDI, Firmware, anything. Where my bars should be there’s a stop sign. I can’t use any phone features or messaging. I tried each modem with no positive results. Even when I installed the factory At&t modems I get no service. In fact I had to unroot my Galaxy Note I717 just to get it working back to normal. Ive been searching the inter-webs to see if this a common problem but every forum I visit seems to ignore the question. If anyone could please help me get T-Mobile 4g speeds on my rooted Galaxy Note I717 I would really appreciated it.

  92. carlos says:

    i got my galaxy note unlock and it worked with t mobile but internet didnt and mms , so i tryed this, now i dont get t mobile or nothing , it says to insert a sim card when i got to mobile networks but i got one in ??? how can i fix this or undo this ??? help pls

    • Max says:

      Not exactly sure but you can try backing up everything, use Titanium backup app to backup your apps then try doing a factory reset.

  93. mohannad says:

    I installed the last update for galaxy note from the provider “Rogers”. when I tried to install one of these modem it shows no signal at all and shows to me unknown basedband version. it was working Before I updated to ICE. Do you have any idea how can I hacked t-mobile or tellus modem to my Rogers Galaxy Note??
    Thank you in advance

  94. DJ.LUCKY says:

    Hello Gang!


    I have the at&t samsung note using t-mobile and the phone is unlock but seems to be on the edge network. can u still get the 4g/3g speed using the instructions above. I would not have to do the unlock part again would I.


  95. Damastah says:

    Code unlocks are permanent.
    Here’s what I did. I’m using this ROM
    I then flashed the T989 Galaxy SII Radio for Tmobile.
    Then I tried to reboot. Most of the time, it’d bootloop, so then I’d reflash the ROM and then I’d be connected on 4G.

    • DJ.LUCKY says:

      hello there,

      Im really having a hard time with this is there anyway u can help me get this going. im not a tech expert.

  96. DJ.LUCKY says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have a unlocked galaxy note using t-mobile. can someone in detail tell me how to get the 4g on my phone. the easiest way please.

    • Damastah says:

      What version of Android are you running? I’ve posted over and over, upgrade to ICS, then flash the modem I linked to, then install the ICS again. It should take in about 1 minute. Thats what I did. Just search the page for Damastah. I Didnt use the modems on this page

  97. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    When I installed this mode my baseband is now show unknown, is this going to be a problem? Thanks in advance for your help.

  98. Vouda says:

    I had installed the Saurom RC7 with the Tmobile modem Vkl1 i think and had no problems for about a month. In the past week. I am constanly losing network. I replaced my sim card a couple times with new 1’s and it doesnt seem to help. The only thing that gives me network for an hour is by resetting the phones power. I have tried clearing the cache and reflashing the same Tmo modem with the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  99. Kathy says:

    Hi Max! How close is the t-mobile launch for the Note. I’m hoping that their radio will be the permanent fix to those of us with the att note on t-mobile.

  100. DJ.LUCKY says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Can someone please tell me the correct up to date way to get 4g LTE on my galaxy note from att, when i got the phone i got it unlock so im using it on t-mobile. when i tried to steps above it totally locked my phone back up and it had to re flashed again and i had to pay another 60.00 to get this done, can someone who knows the system can get me on 4g. this edge stuff sucks.

    • Max says:

      Make sure you KEEP THE UNLOCK CODE that way you don’t have to pay if for some reason it re-locks although I have no idea why that happened, installing new ROM does not lock your SIM, probably unrelated matter. 4G LTE does not work on T-Mobile as 4G LTE doesn’t exist for Tmo. 4G HSPA+ however can be done, u just need to flash Tmo modem.

      • DJ.LUCKY says:

        Hi max, thanks for the info I did that before and i got no signal so i guess i should not mess up my phone

        • Max says:

          install blaze modem, should get u 4g, if it doesnt u probably dont get 4g where u live, i only get edge where i live, only 4g if i go outside my backyard. Make sure u have another phone to test this otherwise u don’t know.

  101. tony says:

    Hi. I have galaxy note and flash to T-Mobile radio. Now phone can’t read some card. What can I do
    Please help

  102. AboZain says:

    hello ,,, I have question can I use it on my Galaxy S III AT&T ,,, I need to use T-Mobile on my galaxy S III is ( AT&T Version ) instead AT&T wireless .

    Thank You

  103. Ralph says:

    Hi ive tried many modems on my att i717 and have horrible download and upload speeds…. after flashing a few radios that u provided in this tutorial i sometimes lose the IMEI # and dont want to have to go thru that whole process again.

    Im in Los Angeles… anyone have any recommendations or can guide me into helping the settings.
    My wife has the Galaxy S2 and has way better speeds up and down then i do.

    Currently i am using these radios:
    -Leaked T-Mobile SII based Radio

  104. DJ.LUCKY says:

    well is there anyone in NYC that can help with this issue

  105. Damastah says:

    Email me. I take PayPal 😀

  106. Stephen says:

    Does anyone have any interest in swapping an AT&T note for a gtn7000? I have tmobile and this thing is worthless without 3G or 4g. It’s pretty much brand new – white.

  107. Jek says:

    With Tmobile’s version coming out on the 8th August, Do you think the Tmobile modem and ICS be available for ATT version?

  108. Chip says:

    HELP! I have a rooted unlocked att g note running the stock ics rom installed from this site. I have tried all the radio’s listed in this site and the updated ones from XDA.. No matter which one I install, it seems as though I have to choose fast data or call signal. I have not found one that allows me to get both. Either I get fast data and not be able to make a call or I can make a call but only get EDG speeds. Cant have both. Does any one in here have any sugestions for me?

  109. DJ.LUCKY says:

    hello everyone after tons or research and craigslist searching i finally found a person who added the 4g to my unlocked samsung galaxy note (at&t version) using t-mobile. and i must say it works well. its actually fast. why i could not find this to be done in my city of nyc. i looked when i got here to philly and found it. must say well done.

    but my question everyone. i backed up my files on samsung kies before i got this done. but phone had to be rooted for the 4g to happen. now samsung kies does not support rooted phones. do anyone know how i can get my files back to my cell. i still have the folder saved on which files i want in my documents. can someone please help me.


  110. Jek says:

    Tmobile’s out with its Note. Does anyone know when we can expect Tmobile’s modem and ICS?

  111. tony says:

    Hi Max, you have try installed T-Mobile note radio on att note yet?

  112. Vouda says:

    I really hope we can get something worked out. I could be wrong but I saw on Xda that the Tmobile version, has a different antena. I really dont want to have to do a hardware replacement.

  113. craszh says:

    Tip: You can “force” your phone to use T-Mobile’s 4G network (if you get bad T-Mobile signals like me) by switching to HSPA Only mode in Settings->Wireless and network->Mobile networks->Network mode.

    Hi Max, how to force to HSPA only on ICS 4.0.4 UCLF6? I don’t see Network mode under this setting.

  114. craszh says:

    I’ve messed with my phone modem all night last night to see which modems you putted out is the best. Tried all 3 modems you putted out and test each 3 times and the best one I came up with is the blaze modem. A lot of the area around L.A. and San Gabriel area is just crappy speed. Not sure if it just the phone or the network itself. Using GN i717 rooted with official ICS UCLF6. Still thinking of switching to Tmobile Gnote. 🙂

  115. Aamir says:

    Man, I think I’m messed up big time.
    My baseband disapeared.
    I did all the steps. Used blaze modem first, 4g was terrible.
    Then with same method I flashed the att modem to go back but no more signal.
    Baseband= Uknown and at the place of signal there is a round circle with line in it.

    Help anyone.. I just want it to go back to edge to stock band or modem.
    I didn’t change the rom just was trying to change the modem to use 4g and ended up in really bad situation.

    • Max says:

      try the blaze modem again, the “unknown” is normal when you flash it.

      • Aamir says:

        The problem was that the phone completey stop reading network (Stuck on round sign) I tried unrooting yesterday without knowing that it will take me back to gingerbread.
        Installed onlyone rom with blaze, internet speed was very very slow.
        Installed the Stock ICS and returned the phone.

        Thanks for all the instruction on this site and xda forums, helped me getting back everything.

  116. luis says:

    Hey i got a galaxy note i717 and i have the HYFR rom on it. but i only get 2g speeds. i had another ROM and 4G worked fine. should i install the tmobile zip antenas to get 4G again? or what do i do.?

  117. Azilla says:

    Hey Max when is the radio from tmobiles version of the note going to be available

  118. Thinman says:

    Hey i did the exact same thing with my att i717 GB 2.3.6 using sauromrc7.1, setting> wireless and network> mobile network> network operators> but instead of getting GSM/HSPA but im getting t-mobile/at&t/usasxlp, when i select at&t i will get 4G but the signal is weaker than t-mobile edge, feel like im doing all this just to get the 4G symbol on my display :/ anyone els have the same problem? ..

  119. Thinman says:

    NVm i felt stupid i didnt install saurom7 first ;P

  120. colly says:

    help me Max! I went through every step in there with my samsung glalaxy note i 717 and now I don’t get any network connectivity and it keeps asking me to insert SIM card.

  121. Jeanniene Baker says:

    Thanks so much for all of the steps from Rooting to enabling 3g/4g speeds on my new Note. However, I was wondering do I have an option to turn 4g on and off? I really dont have a need for it often. 3g is just as great

  122. sean_m says:

    Hey max i am on the offical rooted flashed by cwm rooted ics rom i used all threee ics radios not getting past 1mbs upload or down what am i missing or doing wrong is it the rom? I live in south florida

  123. sam says:

    i bouth a at&t galaxy note and its already unlocked so currently i am able to use it with talk, text and edge speed so do i still need to do this unlock in order to use it with TMobile 4g

  124. Jay says:

    Given that T-Mobile is now moving to 1900 MHz spectrum for 4G HSPA+ service, will the i717 now function with 3g/4G without this workaround?

  125. Jim says:

    I’ve rooted, installed clockworkmod and then the modem that was the recommended version. When all that was done, I got the message to insert my SIM.

    I’ve tried both of the T-Mobile modems as well as Blaze, but I still get the same message. All of the non-radio functions seem to be working as expected, but the phone still have no mobile network capability.

    Android Version 4.04

    What have I done wrong?

  126. Murray says:

    Hey there,
    so I have an ATT Galaxy S2 SGH-i777. Will the modem that worked for this phone work for mine? I switched to a t-mobile based carrier (solavei) and am stuck with 2g speeds because of the radio in the phone. I am assuming this is the issue we are tackling. Thanks for the response!

  127. DAN THA MAN says:

    this worked for me. when u install a new ROM, after it is done install icsblaze when that’s done reboot Ur phone and it should have 4g now let me know how it worked.GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  128. BNIASW says:

    I have the Note with 4.0.4 ICS. I followed the steps you provided now I cant get any kind of signal keeps telling me to insert a SIM. What do I do?

  129. PeteT says:

    I have an AT&T rooted phone on TMo; it’s stock with ICS 4.0.4. Can I just install the blaze modem and get 4G speeds or do I still need a custom rom?


  130. PeteT says:

    It’s already unlocked. I wouldn’t be able to use it on TMobile otherwise. So which ROM works well with the icsblaze radio?

  131. PeteT says:

    Which rom is the least buggy and closest to the stock ICS rom? I really don’t want to change anything, just want the 3/4G connectivity.

  132. PeteT says:

    So, I can just go with what’s on the phone (ICS 4.0.4) and install the icsblaze radio? Thanks Max.

  133. PeteT says:

    It didn’t install the radio, so I must be doing something wrong. In CWM I see the file but when I go to install it just scrolls through to other files on the internal card, so I don’t know what’s going on.

  134. PeteT says:

    When in CWM it goes to the icsblaze/ then when I prompt it to install it goes to META-INF/ >and on and on. What does this mean? Is this a zip or did I miss something? Sorry for all the questions, but I haven’ t done this since I bought my Dell Streak 2 years ago…

  135. Michael M says:

    I am running stock ICS. I unlocked and rooted the Note in preparation for doing this. However, the following happens:

    1. Using the VKL1 radio, I get an error that says I need to install my SIM card.
    2. Using ICS Blaze, I stay on EDGE speeds.

    When I go back to stock ICS with no root, the Note sees the TMobile netowork with EDGE speeds.

    Any help is appreciated.

  136. Jon Suh says:

    I have followed all the procedure for 3/4G data access, however now it doens’t detect the SIM card after installing Modem Driver. Any idea? Please help….

  137. craig says:

    I have a stock Note 1717 ATT. It was updated to ics over the air.Ics is slow so I want to downgrade to the operating system that came with the phone. I also need it to get 4g on tmobile. What should I use?

  138. Diego says:

    I did all the step but now the phone is not reading my SIM card. It says to install one. I have my Simple mobile card installed,

  139. craig says:

    Thx. Will the blaze modemwork to give me tmo 4g using this rom?

  140. Josh smith says:

    I have the same problem
    what you mean by plaze the modem
    sorry I am new on this

  141. Josh smith says:

    Hi Dear Max
    I have Samsung Galaxy not i717m from bell, with ICS
    and I did try to work it to wind’ so:
    -I did unlocked it with unlocked cod (went good) it worked with Rogers and TELUS
    – I installed “Samsung Kies” to make sure my computer will recognize my Samsung
    – I did rooted as you said;
    -I did download ATTGalaxyNoteRootICS,, Tmo_SGH-T989_KID_radio_ATTNOTE and Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE
    and I did open odin3 v1.85 and I choose odin_n1717_cwm_recovery_b4.tar, it all went well so far, but when I try to install Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed and
    Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE, I had no option to install from sdcard, so I did read some comment in your site and I did find out I have to go to recovery mood right after when root is done and I did and I got install from sdcard option
    then I installed Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed and Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE
    but when I reboot the phone it did not recognize my simcard and keep asking me to install simcard,
    – so I installed Tmo_SGH-T989_KID_radio_ATTNOTE, cause I thought this may work, but it didn’t.
    I did read again all the comments and someone had the same problem and you said blaze the modem,.
    I did not understand what you mean by that(well I am so new on this)
    so I did download “icsblaze” and installed it again but it did not worked
    and still my phone does not recognize any simcard, even with bell,
    any chance to help to fix this or at least back to before,
    thanks in advance for you help
    Josh Smith from Vancouver

  142. Diego says:

    unrooot your phone back to stock. that fix the problem of not read the sim.

  143. Franky00602 says:

    Hi, i have the same problem, i solved in this way:
    using the official ROM: I717UCLF6_I717ATTLF6_ATT4.0.4 in odin, reflashed the samsung I717, I loose the root, But the imei come back again, and the siganl too. Root again using: odin_n1717_cwm_recovery_b4.tar
    and the: Superuser-3.1.3-arm-signed After this, Truy using the ics blaze file, and everythimg is working fine!!! Wishing this help others!!!

  144. Josh smith says:

    cheers mate
    where can I find the link for odin_n1717_cwm_recovery_b4.tar?

  145. Josh smith says:

    hi again,
    thanks so much for your help
    I could unroot it and get my phone back
    it is working good now

  146. Byron Gonzalez says:

    max do u think we will be able to do this on tmobile note 2 to have lte working with at&t sim on it ?
    same hardware right

  147. Josh says:

    I flashed my note with the ics modems. (i have ics). and now I can’t call, text, data, nothing. Says I have no service. PLEASE HELP!!!

  148. MOCO says:




  149. Arnold says:

    Hello, I have a question…
    I have a galaxy note at&t model (not rooted)
    I installed the latest update on my phone Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    will these instructions also work on a galaxy note with android 4.0 ?

    thank you

  150. Stephanie says:

    I installed the i717 new modem for tmobile…but now it does not recognize my sim…what did I do wrong??? how can I access the old ATT radio to make the phone work!

  151. Stephanie says:

    MY IMEI is now Blank….PLEASE EMAIL FIX

  152. Waqas says:

    Hey Max,

    any updates on how to get t-mobile 4g speed on samsung note 1 (7000) international version?

  153. alazhri says:

    I installed the i717 new modem for tmobile. but now it does not recognize my sim. how can fix that???
    I just bought it yesterday !!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. MACOY says:

    i have a rogers galaxy note i717, and i would like to use it on a wind mobile what modem can i use.. tnx..

  155. Caleb says:

    Straight Talk is garbage, and we were on t-mobile.. have you guys heard of solavei? we just made the switch and love it. it’s t-mobile’s 4g network. they allow full speed data to 4gb a month unlike simple mobile that cuts you off completely at 2gb. open a live chat on our site if you have questions.

  156. Excellent way of explaining, and nice piece of writing to obtain information regarding my presentation subject,
    which i am going to deliver in university.

  157. Melvin Hsu says:

    If you lose your IMEI, just unroot with your stock rom with Odin, You should be good to go! STOP trying anything else! Again, just unroot back to stock rom with Odin!

    • adolfo says:

      HOW PLEASE HEPL!!!!!!! I DID every step it but my samsung doesnt recognize my sim card i dont know why i did wrong pleaseeeee!!! help im so frustrated!!

  158. Erica says:

    rooted the phone and downloaded the tmo modems and now I don’t get any network connectivity and it is not reconizing sim. what should I do?

  159. ERICA says:

    its not reconizing my sim card I have no connection. what do I do?

    • Tony Pham says:

      i have the same problem. I was researching we are using ICS and we installed Gingerbread modem that is why it doesn’t recognize.
      Is there anyway to reverse back to AT&T modem?

  160. Scott says:

    I had rooted my Note I717 and used the work around in Kies to get it to upgrade to Jelly Bean. I attempted to use the T-mobile radios on this page and no work. Actually, after installing them it caused the phone to lock on the Samsung Logo. I have managed to get it working again and hope you are going to have a solution to get the T-Mobile radio on.

  161. eliab says:

    is their a way to do this on an iMac??

  162. daniel napoles says:

    Hello I have a rooted i717 in tmobile. Its unlocked and I wanted to know if youbhave the modem zip for the modem for tmobile running jelly bean or do you recommend another rom. I do have cmw and I want to use jb on tmobile 4g with my unlocked att i717 any info would help.

  163. Reinaldo says:

    Is there any TMO Modem that will work with stock 4.1.2 on sgh i717?

  164. lildaddym says:

    This didn’t work for me…I have no signal, and there is no baseband listed…I was using UGLV3 prior…

  165. Deshawn says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get LTE using the T-Mobile SIM using the AT&T note?

  166. Tank says:

    Yes I tried this and now the phone says mobile network not available. I can only get the modem you tried 1st and the 2nd modem as a zip file. thats what i tried to put on there any help

  167. eric w says:

    Help. I replaced the radio with the VKl1 and now my att connection does not work at all. Just a circle with a line.
    Help please

  168. Antony says:

    Max, I followed the instructions and installed the modem on my att galaxy note. However, prior to all this i was using this phone with walmart family mobile which runs on the tmobile network & it worked fine other than the super slow data speed. After installing this modem on my phone, it shows no signal. I tried putting a valid att sim card in it & it still shows no signal. How do i undo the modem install??? Please help

  169. Hey thanks a lot for your help i did it and now i can use my ATT I717 in germany on a tmobile service with 4g you were alot of help i appreciate IT!!!!

  170. says:

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  172. Faisal says:

    when i tried to install VKL1 and KID modems….. it says E: signature verification failed…..

    kindly advise further


  173. Damian says:

    I really need your help. I followed your video and did everything as you said.
    I have rooted 1717m, and unlocked, this model belongs originally to Bell in Canada.

    So now nothing works in terms of sim card networks. I just get circle with a cross line in the middle where normally you would see the signal strength.

    I have tried to use Wind sim card, originally I was using Rogers/Chatr card that work and i wanted to switch it to WIND, which has same frequency as T-mobile. Unfortunately, after following your tutorial my phone does not detect any sim card anymore.

    Could you advise me in this situation? What should i do now?

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