Stock Android 4.1.2 Firmware with Root for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

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For those of you who have been waiting for awhile for official Jelly Bean for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717, it is finally here.

You can grab the rooted version that you can flash using your CWM/TWRP recovery OR you can also grab the totally-official, non-rooted version you can flash using ODIN.

How is the stock Android 4.1.2? Frankly, it’s very laggy and I don’t actually recommended, I do recommend trying Padawan JB ROM instead along with PhaseKernel.

If you do really want to try it anyways, go ahead and do let me know what you think!


Download rooted stock Android 4.1.2 for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (install with CWM or TWRP)

Download stock Android 4.1.2 for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (install with ODIN)

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42 Responses to Stock Android 4.1.2 Firmware with Root for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Andre says:

    Do you have flash gapps

  2. Dhruv says:

    I installed the official one after unrooting my phone and boy was it laggy. But factory restoring the phone after installing jellybean fixed the issue. Battery life is also back to normal.

  3. Chris says:

    Hi man, longtime fan of your stuff however i have a few pointers.

    1. How can you say that the stock is laggy? i installed it fresh via odin put twrp to root it and it works like a legend.

    2. I am comparing this to CM10, i dont know about you and i would love your opinion, but cm10 kept rebooting frezzing everyday or even twice or three times a day. I did what any normal person would do reset cache reset factory default, i even installed the new cm10, from source. It just kept lagging and freezing,

    Stock is bloated that you can unbloat it, but atleast it is stable and not laggy!

    never tried padawan but frankly the cm10 experiance sort of scared me away from roms for a little bit seeing how my phone is a mobile office.

    ideas? do you agree that cm10 is complete crap?

    • steven777 says:

      youre right cm 10 plus cm10 based roms suddenly freeze and crash my device it was so annoying

    • Carlos says:

      I’ve used CM on a dozen phones, most recently the GS3 (i747) and the Note (i717) with CM 10.1. The GS3 works great with no issues, the Note is a fluster cuck to say the least. Freezes, random reboots and forget about bluetooth.

    • Joy says:

      My experience is the same as you, just added a better kernel and cleaned bloatware and it’s all good. I was previously using the latest PacMan which was good for a couple weeks before going all too happy with freezes and restarts.

  4. Shadow2291 says:

    For T-Mo this Roms works on 4G Signals ??

  5. jeff says:

    I second Chris. As much as I Iove custom roms the reboots and system freeze drives me nuts most stable I have installed is cm10 . Will try stock and see how it goes

  6. Neo says:

    Hi There

    I am trying to update to the latest telus 4.1.2 though kies or even over the air since I heard it is available, but I get an error saying my current firmware version is not supported to update via kies. I tried ota and says no software update available. I have installed the stock telus rom, but nothing

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    • Chris Gabrielsson says:

      IT seems to me that you have already rooted your phone once. IF that is the case do you still have root?
      That might be the problem. I know that since i first rooted my phone even with stock, it wouldnt allow me to update.

      Not a big deal though because you can find those stock images on sammobile and flash via odin

      • Neo says:

        Yeah I rooted before, but I was having battery problems so I wanted it to go back to stock everything. Followed instructions but still nothing. Through Odin is it exactly the same thing?

  7. shadow2201 says:

    I dont know if someone is having the same problem but on the status bar the signal icon is not showing anything but the 4g logo still there. Someone is having the same issue

    • Richard says:

      Having the same issue, just tried it out. Updated my APN settings, 4g popped up for a sec. but not service status. also making calls, 3/5 times the other person couldn’t hear me. not going to try out anymore of it, I’m on to the stock JB w/Phase kernel…

      • chris says:

        im confused are you guys on padawan with the kernel. Or on stock with that kernel. Or with stock with stock kernel?

        • shadow2201 says:

          Im on Stock Rom

          • Chris Gabrielsson says:

            This happened to me once i think. Sometimes it fixes when i change cell towers, but the quickfix is to see if you can turn on wifi and get on to wifi.

            Then once your on wifi turn it on after 5 min, and that should make the 3g reset.

            Also hate to ponit it out but have you made sure that your apn settings are on correctly? just go through it.

            • shadow2201 says:

              wifi and 4g on t mobile are working well is the signal sign that stays there no signal when really is because i can make calls without a problem i dont know it is the rom or something

              • chris says:

                Weird glitch? i mean you can try to reflash it but i dont have a tmobile one so i wouldnt be able to tell you

              • craszh says:

                i have the same problem 4g and wifi are there just the signal bar is not showing any signal when i flash the blaze modem, but i am using the Padawan JB Rom not this stock rom. i thought i was in the Padawan JB Rom section sorry.

  8. Keeps420 says:

    Max if I install the stock jb with odin dose that unroot automatically. Am running a custum stock ics on my i717 at&t
    and I’d like to update with the stock jb what’s the best way to go about it, I was thinking of using your unroot video and rein-staling the stock ics and then flashing jb and doing all with odin whats the best way thanks.

  9. Garrett Thomas says:

    after i flash the stock rom with twrp it says that there is no root binary… what do i do……
    and can i install phase kernel with the stock rom?????

  10. Larry says:

    I tried the pre-ROOTED version of the stock 4.1.2. (GalaxyNote/stockROMs/JB/rooted/ First time, I didn’t have root (both titanium and root checker agreed), so I couldn’t restore my apps…. went back to avatar. Tried again, and not only wasn’t it rooted, which I figured I could do on my own, but I couldn’t find gps and didn’t have any data signal….. not happy, returned to avatar again…

  11. Richard says:

    After extensively trying multiple scenarios, I have finally figured it out it looks like, so far so good on my end. What you need to do is, revert back to android stock ICS 4.0 official. Use odin NOT cwm/twrp (don’t know why I had to do this, but was the only way to fix) After doing so, re-root your phone install Cwm (do not use twrp) flash stock jb 4.1 (factory data reset) everything should work. Also, this method also needs to be used if your upgrading to padawan jb w/phase kernel, everything works as it should on padawan jb /phase kernel. Hope I helped ya out!

  12. marc says:

    Installed rooted verison and it unrooted my phone I confirm that if you install this rom it WILL unroot ypur phone and I am on tmobile network I’m unsure which motem to use I have flashed many roms so I know what I’m doing thanks ppl just an fyi

  13. kenji says:

    I installed the padawan rom and got root access then I tried connecting the mhl adaptor and couldn’t get audio through my stereo I tried everything but still no audio I switched to the deodexed version and it unrooted my phone I tried multiple times with no luck so I tried switching back to padawan and now I cant get root on either rom

  14. Shahrukh swati says:

    Hi, I updated my phone as in videos, and it is successfully updated but now my mobile cannot find NETWORK, I mean no GSM signals are there. I have samsung Galaxy Note i717M and it is not AT&T version, it is canidan BELL version. Please i will be very thankful.

  15. Wellsies2 says:

    I flashed the rooted ROM and now have Clockwork Mod recovery and Super User, but the phone is not rooted. Titanium Backup cannot obtain root rights and SU says there is no SU binary. Any ideas?

  16. Jim says:

    I would suggest heading to ptmr3’s post (linked above) and downloading/installing the ‘debloated’ version. I also did not have root with Max’s linked download but did with the one on the post… and all the junk is gone and running pretty smooth so far (only a couple hours in). There is slight lag but not nearly as bad as the ‘bloated’ version. Also, the UCMD3 radio was not included in the zip but I flashed that as well (from UCLF5). Have been having signal issues ever since upgrading to ICS (stock upgrade). Could also possibly be the fact that i dropped this joint in the toilet a few months ago, havent quite figured it out. The post also has links to upgrade your power menu and notification toggles.

  17. Marky says:

    this WILL NOT DOWNLOAD for me. Either file for CWM or Odin. CyanoCRAPmod sucks(device freezes and screen turns blue and resetsALL THE TIME including calls) and I want that crap gone and do not want some crappy ROM other than TouchWiz for my SGH-i717 and this doesn’t work every timr I tried to d/l it. Now what?

  18. Daniel Salazar says:

    I installed the non rooted 4.1.2 rom and my phone will grab a hold of the att network. someone plz help me!!!

  19. Curt says:

    First off, Thanx Max for all the great tutorials!
    I installed this stock ROM and now I am not rooted, internal memory is low and I’ve tried to reroot and it keeps failing! Please help with this.

  20. Branden says:

    Hello there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest
    to my friends. I’m confident they’ll be benefited from this

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