ParanoidKangDroid ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

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For this week’s AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 ROM of the week, check out ParanoidKangDroid ROM.

Built specifically only for the SGH-i717, ParanoidKangDroid ROM is another great “hybrid” AOSP ROM (what is AOSP?) that’s a mix of AOKP, CM10.1, and ParanoidAndroid ROMs.

It’s very similar to JellyBAM ROM as far as major features of AOKP ROM Control and ParanoidAndroid Settings but you will find some different customization menus in this ROM.

Why run ParanoidKangDroid ROM if JellyBAM ROM is working fine for me?

If you are having a blast with JellyBAM ROM, I suggest to stick with it but ParanoidKangDroid ROM is another great option if you have trouble with JellyBAM but still want to get hybrid features these ROMs bring. Having more options don’t hurt, right?

If this sounds interesting, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!

You can read up on full AOKP ROM Control settings here or watch video tutorial below:

You can read up on full ParanoidAndroid settings here or watch video tutorial below:


Download ParanoidKangDroid ROM

Download Gapps

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (make sure to backup ROM/apps!!!), install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot.

If GoogleNow search broken, simply update “Google Search” app on Play Store for fix.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer of this ROM if you like it, thank you!

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47 Responses to ParanoidKangDroid ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Wolfegang says:

    I’ve been using this for about a week now and love it. The folks at XDA helped with the one issue I had with JB based ROMs and all else has been great.

    • BVNS says:

      Hi Wolfegang. What was the issue you were having with the JB based roms and how did you fix it? I’m thinking about trying this one, but haven’t had the best luck with JB based roms in the past.

    • BVNS says:

      Have you been encountering any force closes with this on your I717 and are you having any issues with 4G?

  2. mazen says:

    stay hi in android this is an awesome room i love it

    • Chris Whoa says:

      Totally agree, plenty of ROMs here I tried were buggy, slow, crapped out and contained all sorts of issues. This is the first solid problem free high speed build Ive stumbled upon. Sticking to ratings and reviews from now on rather than what the mod promises 🙂

  3. shadow2201 says:

    Can this rom be used on T-mobile Network?

    • Max says:

      You mean on i717? yes if you flash tmo modem.

      • shadow2201 says:

        Yeah i717 i can flash anyone of the tmo radios on my i717 with this rom it should work

        • craszh says:

          ThisAfterI’m Using TMobile And I Didn’t Have To Flash TMobile Modem And I Still Get 4G Street Flash ThIs ROM…..For Some Reason My Swype Keyboard Is Not Working Good On This Site As You Can see.

        • mohaned barak says:

          Hi … I used some of the tmo radios on this ROM but they didn’t work, which are the same tmo radios I used on some ICS ROMs and worked before!, so can you help me by a link of the Tom radios which work on this ROM?

  4. cbolante says:

    Is there a way to root my phone using a Mac OS?

  5. Ralph says:

    Max— Im using JellyBam and I love it— what are good settings for performance and better battery life?

  6. Dimitri Williams says:

    Hi I was making a comment to ask how I can transfer files from my computer to my phone. I am currently running the Jellybam Rom. However, I wanted to try This newest rom. But when I went to plug my phone in, it did not bring up the usual Samsung phone options where I can directly place the files onto my phone. Instead it asks me to use the disk that my android phone came with. I have even gone to the Samsung website and downloaded the driver software that I was missing. Still, it did not work. I used to just re-flash this 4.1.2 rom because it used to easily let me access my phones settings for file transfer. However, unbeknownst to the fact that I cannot transfer files on the Jellybam rom, I deleted it. I love the Jellybam rom however, the only thing I have noticed that is strange is the battery life. When I first flashed the rom, the battery life was INCREDIBLE it had a discharge time of at least 5 minutes between 1 percent. Now I have noticed that, even though I am still doing the same things I did a day or two after flashing, the battery life declined a little bit….Do you know any solutions to this?…..and sorry for the over drawn paragraph…heh

  7. shadow2291 says:

    I can’t install its giving me error Status 7 Any fix for that?

  8. BVNS says:

    I am finding that the battery discharge rates are very high for this rom. Maybe it’s just my i717, but even setting the performance options to “battery saver” results in faster discharge than on one of the older ICS based roms. Just curious but is anybody else encountering this as well?

    • craszh says:

      no i have the same issue with battery drain and my phone gets hot too. i’ve notice all the JB i’ve installed so far have problem with battery drain. i use black star x and have no problem with battery, but signal and wifi started to have a little issue after about a week of use. when Max said ROM of the week i guess it’s good for one week. Now i start to catch up. LOL

      • BVNS says:

        Hi craszh,

        Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I decided to go back to Padawan 8 because in addition to the battery drain, my phone started to heat up too, even if it was on “power saver” for the whole day (shouldn’t it only do that if you’re actually overclocking and not running it lower than stock?). Padawan 8 has been a solid performer for me, I’ve never had a crash with that one, even though I’m sick of the older UI.

        I really like the JB UI on this rom and many of the JB based roms and the options are outstanding with the three together. But the reality is I need rock-solid stability with anything I use and I just haven’t had that yet with any of the JB roms. Maybe it’s just my phone, I don’t know. Here’s hoping when the newest version of Avatar comes out of Beta, it fits the bill. Looking at XDA they’ve made a bunch of improvements since the last “stable release” and it’s now based on CM 10.1.

  9. Everett says:

    Hello, i purchased a galaxy note i717 for use with att about a year ago. My father and i are possibly going toswitch over to straight talk. As i wont be using 4g any way, which would e the best unlocked phone to use uder 400$?
    I am currently looking into the g note n7000 (because ive always this one more than the att model, and on ebay they are roughly the same price as the nexus 4) or the nexus 4. Help meh!

  10. juan says:

    home key and menu key dont work with this rom why?? srry for my bad english i dont speak good the english lenguage… thanks i use that roms with samsung galaxy note i717

  11. Balaji says:

    Its been one day now and rebooted 4 times so far

  12. jim says:

    max, i have only had this running about a day but noticing that some of the features in the AOKP tutorial are not available in this rom. namely, the navring and the navbar. i see the settings for both of these (slightly different than whats in the tutorial) but neither show up anywhere when enabled. i dig the way you had the navring setup to replace the dock, really want to do that. this is my first jb rom and really like it so far. appreciate any help you can give!

  13. Terry Louizos says:

    hey Max, I had this rom for about a week now and really testing everything out and trying to push it.
    no problems found, this rom is very snappy on my note and nova is a pretty nice launcher to go with it.
    I recomend anyone liking this upgrading to nova prime, really great features.
    I think the best thing for me is the nav rings , what a diffence it makes without a dock. Im not a fan of docks now because of the nav rings.
    Every other customizing feature takes getting used to but i recomend really playing around with it to really unlock its potential. There is alot of features in this rom, which gives the user alot of options.
    Had only reboot on me about 3 times this week but not really an issue.
    Over all pretty darn good rom.
    ps…..go 49ers

  14. Alan Fernández says:

    Hey I can’t use my 4G Internet. I’m from Mexico and I’m with Iusacell company. Somebody can help me?

  15. craszh says:

    Updated to version 2.3.2 not notice anything different beside the Apollo app still fc. No change log for this update.
    Anyone know do I need to wipe to install the new Can I install on top of the old one using TWRP?

  16. wilson says:

    Hi max. i installed this because my GPS stopped working while using CM10.1. but it is still not working 🙁
    it only works if i m on wifi (even tethering).
    my warranty expired a month ago 🙁
    do you know any fix?
    i tried clearing the AGPS and updating them. reboot phone. clear mapps. factory reset. idk what else to do 🙁

  17. craszh says:

    Hi Max,

    Do you know which Kernel I need to overclock using this ROM? I went to the performance control built in for this ROM and it only go up to stock 1512Mhz. Is there other kernel I need to use to overclock it? Thanks in advance

  18. Bob says:

    Tried to install with TWRP and it said fail :-/ hhhmmm any help please?

  19. Patrick says:

    both this rom and JellyBam do the same exact thing. After 30 mins to an hour the lock button stops working and the phone will not lock. Anyone got any info on what causes this? I717

  20. Beverly Nian says:

    Google’s rise to success was in large part due to a patented algorithm called PageRank that helps rank web pages that match a given search string. When Google was a Stanford research project, it was nicknamed BackRub because the technology checks backlinks to determine a site’s importance…-

    Please do read our own webpage

  21. nils says:

    Hey Max….
    i have been using the Padawan 8 since february and it work near to flawless.however,whenever i try to install a new rom via CWM Recovery this is what it tells me –
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “SGH-I717 getprop(“”) == “SGH-I717” getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “quincyatt” getprop(“”) == “quincyatt”
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)

  22. goemic says:

    I’ve installed this paranoidandroid rom “­pa_n7000-­3.­10-­18MAR2013-­062243.­zip” on my rooted galaxy note n7000 and i really like the design, especially the menu at the bottom.
    But if I install gapps the android keyboard doesn’t work anymore.
    I don’t know how to fix that bug, help please!! (I really like this rom!)

  23. Jomac says:

    Love this rom! I’m new to rooting and am not sure how I can know if a rom is compatable with my i717. I see an update on the developers site, but it doesn’t specify my phone model. Can flashing incompatable roms brick my phone?

  24. hess says:

    I am receiving error 7 for this rom…. help

    • Aaron Brown says:

      Hess, you need to use the newest TWRP recovery, CWM recovery is too outdated to flash this ROM. Download the las test TWRP RECOVERY zip and flash in CMW and reboot into recovery. Then wipe data/factory reset/system 3 times then flash/install ROM. Be sure to make a backup in TWRP after flashing the TWRP RECOVERY zip before you flash this ROM. Just in case you have issue.

  25. hess says:

    I am recieving error 7 for this rom…..

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