ParanoidAndroid ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Tablet Hybrid Mode]

Want to run apps in phone mode or tablet mode? Well, you can now run ParanoidAndroid ICS ROM on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717, which allows you to individually select apps to run in phone or tablet mode. Besides that, you get a full “Tablet” or “Hybrid” experience, getting the best of both worlds.

One downside is that you will lose the pressure-sensitivity feature on your S-Pen but you can always restore a custom ROM with S-Pen working.

Go knock yourself out with this ROM and let me know what you think!


Download ROM
Download GoogleApps

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To install, wipe, install ROM, install GoogleApps, reboot!

Credits – XDA

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76 Responses to ParanoidAndroid ICS ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Tablet Hybrid Mode]

  1. aman says:

    Hmmmmm let see how that work.

    • Chris S says:


      My girlfriend and I both have the Galaxy note. ( I bought her one then sold my Xperia S once I saw how Amazing it was) She flashed hers with Parandoid and I flashed mine shortly after. I really loved paranoid! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS AMAZING THE BEST ROM TO DATE ON ANY PHONE! PERIOD Except I’m a photographer, part by trade and part hobby. Needless to say…..( and if you’ve flashed this rom you know what i’m talking about) the CAMERA BARELY WORKS. Half the time the camera doesn’t connect and when it does there are basically NO controls and forget video. the Quality is total BS, and when your viewing the screen as you record, it almost looks like it’s zoomed IN and slightly out of focus, (BTW none of the DPI/ FRamework settings changes this issue) then when you play it back, it plays somewhat normal….Weird…..So needless to say. I flashed back to stock before I got through half of my battery. On the other hand AND HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART! My girlfriend went an entire day, and let her battery drain totally dead, (lol as 95% of all the girls i’ve ever known do) and sure enough there was not module in the rom to dealing with totally dead batteries. So I had to charge my phone battery put it in hers to start it and then charged her battery in my phone. Like I said not such a big deal. BUT FOR SOMEONE WITH ONLY ONE PHONE? COULD BE A BIG PROBLEM? Could you look into this MAX?


      ALSO WHATS THE NEWS ON EMMC BUGS? I Haven’t seen it mentioned on your site period? It’s a clear and present Danger that needs to be ADDRESSED? Are all of YOUR ROM (suggestions) free of this THREAT? THANKS

      • Max says:

        Hmmm that is weird but will look into it. The EMMC bugs are not affected on the custom ROMs posted on this site yes but still use Abyss kernel to install ROMs just in case. I’ve flashed 100s of ROMs on my GNote without brick so…

  2. LuisRaa says:

    Hello Max:

    This ROM looks interesting, i’ve try only one and some widgets works bad (in the beta 5), but i’ll be in the search of the perfect ROM for my note.

    This ROM size a half of the Only1 and Objection (google apps included) can i install via CWM?

    best regards, nice work =)

  3. jonathan says:

    how do you even install it?

  4. Mickey Davis says:

    I installed this rom. I got the cartoony animatin and nothing else. But the disaster is that I cannot get into recovery mode to go back to my stock rom. If I power on with volume up, it vibrates slightly every few seconds, but no screen response. No matter what I do I cannot get into recovery. Basically I have a brick., I have the Note on t Mobile and I saw a note that said this shouldn’t be put onto a tmobile phone but that appeared nowhere in this artricle and I had no idea that perhaps that was something to avoid., I guess I have to buy a new phone. Can you help me in any possible way to get into recovery? My email is fine for anyone who can help me:

    Help please.


    • Max says:

      Let go of the power button when trying to get into recovery after your phone reboots.

      • Mickey Davis says:

        I do that in every possible way but it never really reboots. The most it does is go into the paranoid android cartoon and that gets me nowhere. I simply cannot get back to recovery. But I’ll be happy to mail the phone to anyone who will get it rebooted for $100. I’m just too frustrated.

        • Max says:

          just take a deep breath, try holding down Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power button together for 10 seconds until your phone resets, then let go ONLY the power button when you feel the vibration of your phone resetting and keep holding down Volume Up and Down. It will get you into ClockworkMod Recovery, wipe cache and reboot, voila.

          • Mickey Davis says:

            Thanks for all your help.I have an almost mint Galaxy Note again. The only problem is one MORE stupid thing I did. After getting stock back I couldn’t find my google apps so I flashed gapps(the right version, I believe). Then it became clear that gapps was already in the stock version so now I’ve flashed gapps over gapps. The only consequence is a message that gapps has failed but then all is fine.I’d like to get rid of my erroneous flash but not at the expense of getting all my apps in order.Any suggestions?

        • troy says:

          If you still could not get it fixed i would be glad to get your phone in recovery for ya but i believe you can get it done your self try for a bit and take your time with it follow Max’s instructions to the “T” you should have no problem

          • Mickey Davis says:

            Holding both did the trick. Now I am trying to get back to stock but this flashing corrupted my SD card so I have no backup. I tried to download the, but I’ve spent all day trying to download and it goes so slowly, which isn’t so bad, but then terminates before the zip is completely downloaded so it is not usable. Any tips on getting that stockrom somewhere else more reliable???

    • jewbsong says:

      hi max

      ive installed rom and everything is fine but i cant find the theme purple cush. ive proved both zip and mirror and i didnt find it. if you can explain what im doing wrong, please

    • John says:

      HI i had the same problem a while Back make sure its plugged into the Wall charger Preferably, and than hold the power button until it vibrates a few times than your battery should come up chargeing and your done

  5. james says:

    Hi Max

    My comp is down at the moment and was wondering if I could download this rom straight to my note or is a comp really necessary?

  6. troy says:

    I love this Rom i have no problem getting back to clock work recovery i like how smooth it runs and i love the
    Table look only one problem i can’t seem to get to my titanium back up even when i go to the market
    To re install it, says already on this device so i tried to send to my phone from my pc but says same thing
    So i not sure how to get all my apps and data back to the new Rom i am sending this on goldie atm still
    Messing around with paranoid do you know what i am missing great Rom though max

  7. Ian says:

    I have installed this rom as the video looks very enticing….it took a lot to pull me away from Saurom…but nothing works. The apps continuously fail and force close. I can not get apn settings to save, so no internet. Any ideas? Thanks.

  8. kenneth says:

    i wanna give it a try but i dont know looks kool that it let you chose the tablet looks and the phone look , im actually runing OBJECTION rom is nice(the only bad think is the energystar reboot scream), but i think im goin back to ONLYONE…but maybe i gonna give it a try!!!!

  9. Pj says:

    Max, im a big fan of ur site basically fool proof
    instructions. I appreciate that keep the roms coming

  10. kennett says:

    SWauuuu!!!! Install with out problems….these is rom is crazy …I like that make some apps look super nice in tablet mode we can say….maybe I’m gonna keep it but still testing everything the only bad thing is that the pen don’t work

  11. troy says:

    Anyone have an idea how to get titanium back up i having problems with it all explained in my las post thanks
    In advance

    • Pete says:

      Do you have pro? I tried downloading the pro key after changing my rom but someone pointed out I needed to install the free titanium backup, the key is just a key!

  12. john says:

    Idk why you all are having issues with installing this rom……if u do it correctly then it will work
    don’t skip anything and wipe all caches ….its idiot proof ..just saying
    Also titanium backup is already thier

  13. craszh says:

    I am a little hesitant to install this app for my galaxy note i717 (Tmobile) after seeing all these problems. If the only good thing is to be able to switch to tablet mode i will stick with my cm9 for the time being. I love cm9 wish they update a little faster. Only thing missing for me is the S pen to work only if they get the s pen to work and that will just be the most awesome ROM for me. Everything else seems to work so good so far been using it for a whole week now.

    Thanks Max for your sites and ROM updates and youtube videos. After discover your sites I have been flashing more ROMs than I use to. BUT I will skip this one for the time being.

    Thanks again!

  14. jay says:

    Anyone else have a problem getting their buttons on the bottom of the phone to light up? I have only found one setting and it says that they are set to light up when the screen is on.

  15. Marlin says:

    This is a really cool rom, however, I also experienced random issues such as the entire home screen bar at the bottom not lighting up, cant use mouse through micro usb adaptor or on screen with s pen, and my date and time wouldn’t atomatically update. I also experienced alot of lag transitioning from screen to screen and while on the internet…issues I didnt have before. I repeatedly treil and errored many of the problems as well as completely uninstalling paranoid android and my new 4.0.4 ics and restoring my crappy gingerbread just so I could reinstall everything again but still had probs. I love the freakin rom and hopefull these small yet irritating gliches will be remedied. Thanks for everything I love this site.

  16. Mr.W says:

    I downloaded this new rom but I can’t get it to read my sim card contacts. Anyone knows how to fix this problem?

  17. troy says:

    I figured out how to get all my data back with this Rom i flashed it then did advanced restore and restored all data but not system. But i kept getting force closes on every thing hmmm i really like this idea but till this is fixed i think I’ll stick with goldie so far so good unless someone has figured out what i might be doing wrong should i just flash this Rom over with out a wipe or

  18. Joe says:

    okay cant find play or market wth

  19. Aman says:

    Hey mix I have problem in my phone seen I flash this room on my phone is tripping lol my phone is turn over other side over and over I have no idea what to do please help me now what to do ???

  20. Caleb says:

    It would be perfect if it had the s pen apps (w/ pressure sensitivity), s voice, and if the capacitive search button worked the same as on touchwiz.

  21. Alfredo says:

    Max, have you had any issues with signal and data? I have at random times had no signal or no data connection with full bars. ruled out possible network as i placed sim card in another note and was perfect also restored to stock rom from back up and signal and data connection was constant.

  22. Eduardo says:

    Hi Max,

    I have installed the ROM, it looks nice and works fine. like the interface and the Tablet Hybrid option. Restored all of my apps on it and they all work great but for some reason i cannot see the S-Pen and S-Note on it and also it lost the Wi-Fi and Network connectivity once not sure why. Anyone can tell me where or how i can get the S-Pen, S-Voice and S-Note on it. These were available on the Objection ROM.

    thank you

  23. Thanks so much for this and your other postings. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note on Rogers in Canada and it is now running Paranoid Android. Finally, after 4 months of suffering with Samsung and Rogers bloatware on Gingerbread, I have a screaming fast machine with ICS. The only other reminder if running LTE, is to be sure to create an APN for rogers LTE (or the carrier of your choice) or LTE doesn’t work. So, until someone has a Jellybean ROM ready or something with the enhanced S-Pen suite….I’m happy for now!

    NAME: Rogers LTE

    APN: ltemobile.apn

    Proxy: Not set

    Port: Not set
Username: Not set

    Password: Not set

    Server: Not set


    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 80

    MCC: 302
MNC: 720
Authentication type: Not set
APN type: default,supl,mms

    APN Protocol: IPv4

    Bearer: LTE

    • chris says:

      Hey when I flashed this ROM (telus phone connected on Bell) I couldn’t open the APN settings, I’d click APN settings and it would go back to the settings menu. Did you have this problem, was there a fix you needed to do?

  24. djabouti says:

    What about getting inverted colors to work?

  25. djabouti says:

    It would be nice…I’m not sure what settings need to be “tweaked”

  26. E says:

    Im getting the problem of not being able to connect the note to computer into kies. it keeps saying troubleshoot then it downloads the android install only to fail.. any help tnx

  27. tony lansky says:

    great rom but i keep getting force closes for almost damn thing and the playstore is also unavailable. how do i stop it from these force closes anyone?

  28. kenneth says:

    I saw where the link to downloads is .i saw a opcion thats said mirror whats that for. And other question we can change the boot animation for these roms or the others is like a universal way to do it in any rom???

  29. Jimmy says:

    Great rom but i am only able to get 3G instead of 4G. Also speaker volume is very low

  30. Mickey Davis says:

    What should I do of I flashed gapps over existing gapps? It stats out telling me google oops failed but once that message goes away the phone is perfect. Any way to remove the extra gapps flash?

  31. Jimmy says:

    I am now having problems with my dialer. When i try to dial a number it says unfortunately contacts has stopped working and kicks me out so i cant dial any numbers

  32. dhruv says:

    will this work on rogers galaxy note???

  33. seon says:

    I have a SGH-I717R Rogers galaxy note.
    It s working
    don t worry

  34. Dee says:

    @Max, When i use this ROM i get many force closes. no Gmail, No GMAIL account sync options just room to add an exchange account, no playstore, i’ve even downloaded the playstore apk and it will not open after install just forcecloses. it’s almost as if the phone has no relation to google when i use this rom..

  35. Raul says:

    First off thank you for all the roms and info. I have installed a couple of roms from your recommendation. I just installed the paranoid andriod rom And I really do enjoy the hybrid and tablet. My only question is that my phone always says “unfortunately, the process andriod.process.acore has stopped” what does this mean. I wiped, installed rom and google apps then rebooted. Any suggestions

  36. Daryl says:

    IIhave an att galaxy note and when I tried to install another rom it still booted up with the paranoid bootloader. Any ideas?

  37. twospirits says:

    I like the idea of the hybrid/tablet mode on this rom. Are there other roms that have hybrid / tablet mode? Besides this one, are there any others that you recommend or have tested.

    Great work on the site btw.

  38. Shiv says:

    Hey I’m sorry to be a bother to any of you. I have a galaxy note and I rooted it and it works great running stock firm ware. The thing is before I rooted my phone I got it unlocked. It was originally from bell Canada and I am currently using it with mobilicity. After I unlocked the phone I and put in my sim it didn’t work. Though after I rooted it and flashed the base-band it did. So I was wondering if I were to flash this ROM would my phone be locked again. BTW yesterday T-Mobilie brought out their version of the galaxy note and I was wondering if their software would be more compatible with mobilicity considering they utilize the AWS frequencies. When I flashed the base-band I used the T989 base-band. I hope one of you can help me if it isn’t too much trouble; thank you all and take care.

    • Max says:

      You might have to re-flash modem(baseband) again, it depends on the ROM. Yes, T-mo modem should be here soon, in theory it should boost signals also on the i717.

  39. daryl says:

    My led lights won’t come on when I touch them. Any ideas?

  40. jathan says:

    Thanks for having this webpage! Finally rooted my i717 and added this neat ROM. It’s just so classy and useful, I’m not sure I’m ever going back to the stock ICS! Keep up the great work Max 🙂

  41. rhycam says:

    Can I go straight with this when my firmware is 2.3.6 Gingerbread?

  42. Alan says:

    Max I need help!!
    The ROM is awesome but it doesnt connect to the 4G Internet. What can I do?

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