Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

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For those of you who have been asking me for Jelly Bean on your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717 (or Canadian models starting with i717), I am glad to tell you that Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM is ready for “beta” prime time.

This ROM isn’t by any means done but the good thing is that the developer of this ROM, Jamie Doege has been uploading new versions daily so you can quickly get updated when new fixes come out.

It’s certainly a usable daily driver ROM so long as you don’t mind some things not working fully like camcorder and Netflix. Other than those minor issues, the Jelly Bean ROM gives you a ton of features like Google Now (working flawless), fast UI switching you couldn’t get on ICS, Paranoid Android tablet hybrid mode (you can set each app to run in Phone or tablet mode), and more.

My suggestion is to try the ROM out and if you don’t like it, simply restore back to your current ROM (make sure to make a backup ROM of course before hand).

You will also need to use TWRP recovery to install this ROM, so flash TWRP recovery in ClockworkMod Recovery then reboot recovery to get it. (You will have to re-flash ClockworkMod recovery in TWRP to restore your ROMs. )  You can find both flashable TWRP/ClockworkMod recovery here.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

And by the time you read this, camcorder/Netflix might be working. (I will update this post when it does.)


Download ROM (download latest version!)
Download Gapps
Download Kernel

To install, install TWRP recovery, reboot to TWRP, do a factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install kernel, Wipe cache/dalvik cache, and reboot.

Credits – XDA

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If you have any suggestions/questions, you can ask Jamie on his Google+ Page.

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264 Responses to Paranoid Android Jelly Bean ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. kenneth says:

    Thanks max i download the first version on this rom and is really nice the only thing that these rom dont have is all the opcion to customize like in the ICS version but im gonna try donwloading the new updates to see if they are available!!!!
    One question how do we get back to CWM?

    • Jonivan says:

      Hi I am trying to flash the latest Jelly bean Rom for my i717. I’ve downloaded the release. When I flashed it with Touch CWM it says there was an error in /sdcard/ (Status 7). help?

      • david f says:

        HELP! i’m getting the same thing using either the aug27 or aug28 roms.


        1. reboot into recovery with TWRP
        2. factory reset
        3. install ROM
        –>>> error

        assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “SGH-I717” || getprop(“”) == “SGH-I717” || getprop(“ro.producct.device”) == “quincyatt” || getprop(“”) == “quincyatt”
        E:Error in /emmc/_ROMs/
        (Status 7)
        Installation aborted.

        can’t get past this. any help?

        • Tamer says:

          do you have the super user zip installed? maybe you have to do this first. also make sure that you flush all data and all caches.

        • Jonivan says:

          Try this method.

          1.First Boot into CW Touch Recovery
          2.Then Wipe/Factory Reset
          3.Wipe Cache
          4.Then go into Advance Settings and Wipe Dalvic Cache.

          Then: Flash openrecovery TWRP-2.2.2.
          Reboot into TWRP.
          Flash the Aug 28 JB rom
          1.Wipe Cache/Dalvic Cache
          2. Flash gapps-jb signed
          3.Wipe Cache/Dalvic
          Then, Go back to the main menu of TWRP and Do FIX PERMISSIONS!
          then Reboot your phone and hopefully it works

          • david f says:


            i got through rebooting into TWRP and then tried to flash the latest (sept 02) rom (even after the aug 28 rom) and got the same message each time:

            * verifying filesystems
            * verifying partition sizes
            Error flashing zip /emmc/_ROMs/

            any other ideas?

  2. Daryl says:

    I got everything installed correctly and android keyboard keeps force closing

    • Rahsaan says:

      I’ve installed this ROM and been on top of each update over at xda forums and I really love it especially in tablet mode. It’s really quick and development is coming along extremely well thanks to JamieD81.

  3. Ryan says:

    I installed TWRP, reboot to it, do a factory reset, install rom, gapps, and kernel, then clear the cache/dalvic and reboot the phone but my phone wont start, it keep staying at the picture of a jelly bean-like android -.- Help please

    • chris says:

      I am having this same issue, I have tried to restart several times, and also re-installed, however nothing, just the paranoid android icon.

      If you figure out the issues, or know how to fix it, please let me know.

      • Ryan says:

        i finally figured it out, i clear the Cache/Dalvik Cache after each install (Install Rom, clear it; install kernell, clear it; install gapps, clear it) and then go back to the main menu and choose the wipe options and wipe the cache and Dalvik Cache and then reboot. It worked for me. Hope it works for you too

    • kenneth says:

      Try installing in these order: ROM-KERNEK-GAPPS
      The wipe cache and dalvik and reboot

      • chris says:

        Thanks for the help, I tried downloading and re-installing ROM-KERNEK-GAPPS, in that order however still same issue. paranoid android icon…

        Please assist if possible.

        • chris says:

          Got it up, no issues as of yet.

          Thanks for the help.

          • Matthew Im says:

            I had the same problems… after a couple of tries I finally got it to work.

            Unfortunately, applications won’t install/update… Is this a common

            issue? It’ll say, “Error processing purchase. [DF-BPA-13]”

            For updates: “Update for “(app/game)” could not be downloaded due to

            an error. (Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0])”

            • david f says:

              i’m getting this too… but i’ve been getting it for the last few weeks on my ICS rom i’ve had running for a couple months.

  4. Craig says:

    I tried this one out. Still has a few bugs. I got a few force closes and sometimes the phone rebooted itself. Also I wasn’t getting the greatest signal. For now I went back to using OnlyOne HYFR. I always seem to go back to that one. I might wait a little bit once a few more bugs get worked out in this rom and then I’ll try it again.

  5. Daryl says:

    I keep having very frequent reboots but other than the camcorder everything is working fine.

  6. Marvin says:

    Does this rom have the S Memo/S Note app(s)? In addition, does S Memo Lite pop up when you double tap with the S Pen?

  7. troy says:

    i down loaded the addons like kernel gaps and so forth but when i download the rom my comp says warning at end of download something about malware and what not. what is this about anyone know ?

    • Victor says:

      Are you using Chrome? if you are try using another browser. I was getting that, but then I use Safari and it worked.

  8. Roberto Cruz says:

    Hi Max,

    Can you please post a video on how to install this rom?


  9. Aaron says:

    I keep havkng tons of force closes and also numerous errors. Somthing about exchNge and quadcore and a googleapps one. It also reboots almost everytime after I wake it. Can anyone help me because I tried to download an older version but it force closes and the other rom I have saved gets me stuck in bootloop. Please help.

  10. Ed says:

    Nice dude! USB is working now 🙂

  11. Nweran Jaber says:

    This ROM is working flawlessly, very nice! i could wait for a week or so for a camcorder fix and netflix not a big deal! Favorite feature is the Google Now, and second favorite is the option to use your touch buttons as a notification light. awesome!!!! Oh and blazing fast!

  12. I’ll wait a bit on this one after having run Paranoid Android ICS version on my Note for a couple of months, I went with the Rogers ICS release a couple of days ago and unrooted the phone. Although Paranoid Android had some great features like the higher DPI customizable for each app, there are just so many things on the Note that Samsung seems to have proprietary control over that at least the ICS Paranoid Android disabled…for example audio out USB for my Samsung desktop and car docks. Also, Paranoid Android ICS version had memory overflow issues such that any audio content being played, whether with Audible or PocketCasts would crash more frequently the longer you listened. At first you could get up to 10 minutes before crashing but then not more than one minute.

    So, here’s for hoping a JellyBean Paranoid Android can overcome the flaws of its ICS release. At least JellyBean is supposed to support USB audio out natively but not sure if the Note will be compatible with that on custom ROMs.

    • I forget to add that with paranoid android ICS, a few apps would disappear each day whether on external SD or internal. I hope when they get their JB version tweaked it doesn’t do that.

    • Also with Paranoid Android ICS version for me, LTE never worked. If chose LTE even with correct Rogers APN, data and phone stopped working. Nice to have my 50 Mbps over the air data back thanks to the official Rogers ICS ROM. However, still want Google Now and better audio and display controls once Paranoid Android or others have a JB ROM that can properly support the Note.

  13. Brandon Fako says:

    Just a FYI, You can flash this ROM, Kernel, and GAPPS through ClockworkMod Recovery. I have been doing that since day 1 of this Jelly Bean ROM with no issues! So those out there not trying to flash TWRP, Just try it through CWM. Really wish the CamCorder worked for the concert I am going to tonight..but, I will just use a different device 🙂

    P.S. Very awesome that you gave recognition to this ROM! Amazing work by Jamie!!!

  14. Kevin Khan says:

    Worked flawless however cannot restore my setting and messages. No biggie though. My issue is my SD card is no longer recognized and cannot use camera because of this. Cannot check setting as storage crashes. Any help?

  15. Troy says:

    I like the ROM and I think it is fast and all but not to sure about it over black star I probably give this a few more days see if I get used to it seems to be OK other than notbebeing able to restore my contacts and I like the one hand operations on black star

  16. full says:

    Rom is great! But it cold boots all the time. Any ideas? And the mobile data doesn’t register that well compared to stock rom

  17. Robert Gandy says:

    I tried this rom for a couple of hours. Don’t think it’s quite ready for me to use on a daily basis. No camera app-had to download from the play store. Some of the other apps that I use, like thumb keyboard(I think this is the best Android keyboard around!)won’t install. Went back to Objection rom. Will check out Paranoid as it gets updated. I really do want to try out Jellybean, but am happy with ICS for now.

  18. Rich says:

    Worked no problem for me although i was a little nervous when the android JB icon was sitting there for a little while.

    Some of the problems I noticed is FC if I try to check out my Storage info in the settings and my home/menu/search keys don’t light up when I touch them (unless I’m missing a setting)…they do flash when I get a text though.

    Is the text supposed to be so tiny in the status bar? It’s seriously small. And is there a way to take the google search off the home page and get rid of blank pages? I can’t figure it out.

    • Tim says:

      Hey is sounds like you need to go into the system settings > paranoid settings > configurations…..this way you can change your setup…Stock UI will make things larger.

  19. joaquin says:

    max how are you bro??? hey i install this rom but flash player isnt working what can i do to fix this

    • moneybythaton says:

      Adobe stopped releasing flash player for android 4.1 and above try ticking the desktop option while your browsing while you have flash player installed

  20. joaquin says:

    that fix the problem a little bit some videos played on my phone but on my friends all he gets is a black screen and we have the same adobe i try putting an older ver but didnt work i can see the videos here on root galaxy and youtube but when i go to pages like IGN all i get its a black screen. thanks for the help moneybythaton!!

  21. derrick says:

    Hows do get I updates for the new jelly bean rom.Will S pen be available for this one.

  22. Rich says:

    hmm, voicemail telling me my password is incorrect…even when reset. Also when pressing 1 to go to voicemail, the call doesn’t go through. Sometimes I get “incorrect key” when trying to hit numbers for options during voicemail set up.

    Strange. May go back to ICS to see if resolves it.

  23. Anson says:

    Hi Max,

    I really enjoy watching your overviews. Can you also do an overview on the Paranoid Android Jelly Bean Rom for GT-N7000 too?


  24. Julio says:

    This rom is amazing!!! But I am very sad because I have been using the ICS version of ParanoidAndroid. I don’t like how Tablet and Phablet mode make everything small, so I’ve been using Hybrid off mode. I like having a “regular phone” feel with hybrid off mode.

    Unfortunately, when I have this rom on Hybrid off mode, the phone crashes VERY FREQUENTLY 🙁 However, when I put it on Hybrid on Mode, the phone doesn’t crash? Is it just my device or is someone else experiencing this?

    I flashed the Aug. 9 version of this rom.

    I have tried re-flashing, and re-flashing in different orders.

    Someone please give me input on this, I badly don’t want to go back to ICS.

    • Rich says:

      I didn’t even realize you could do this. I thought the “paranoid” options was for paranoid folks and quick shut down of stuff. Anywho, i turned Hybrid Mode off on my Note and for about 30 mins now its running fine, no crashing for me.

      The only thing I noticed when it first rebooted after turning HM off, there was a delay when I tried pulling down the notification screen..few seconds, nothing would move and then it would all work again. Since that short delay it all opens/moves fine now.

      I installed Rom > Kernel > G-Apps if you were wondering.

  25. Adam says:

    I get frequent random reboots, YouTube doesn’t work and whenever I try to look at the storage tab on settings it closes

  26. JOSE says:

    hello you mount the rom and it works fine but sometimes restarts just because someone happens to me please help me

  27. joel says:

    this is a good efford from the paranoid team for me this still a alpha ,too many bugs to use this as a dealy driver.i went back to cm9 by cyanogen thats a solid rom for the i717.

  28. Fox says:

    Everything installed fine and is working as advertised but I am having a problem with the gmail app, when you click on any email it immediately crashes. It anyone else having the same problem?

    • Adam says:

      No one I’m not having any problems with gmail at all in fact it seems to be working much better than before

    • Nick says:

      I’m having the same problem, having it in landscape orientation works but as soon as switch to normal it crashes.

      • Dan says:

        Same thing here. GMail crashes when reading through notification or when trying to view email in portrait. Landscape works fine…looking forward to a fix.

        Galaxy S3 i747, ParanoidAndroid, Android version 4.1.1, Kernel 3.0.39

      • Dan says:

        Same thing here. GMail crashes when reading through notification or when trying to view email in portrait. Landscape works fine…looking forward to a fix.

        Galaxy S3 i747, ParanoidAndroid, Android version 4.1.1, Kernel 3.0.39

        Edit: found the issue….Change the Layout size of the Gmail app.

        Settings>ParanoidAndroid Settings>Apps>GMail>Layout/UI>Changed 600x to 720x

        Works for my phone, you might want to try out different settings for yours.

  29. kenneth says:

    I just got cold boots when i use youtube or when i wanna see my videos ….i like these rom becuz you can overclocked and the new google! but i prefer the ICS version becuz i feel it has more customize options..

  30. Nick says:

    First off- wanted to say thank you, brand new to rooting/flashing roms and with the info posted I was able to figure it out after not too long, so thanks again for that!

    Second – I am getting no data connection over anything other than LTE under access point names. I have tried various other HSPA networks, and with the amount of time I’m on my note, using LTE just kills the battery and I find myself having to charge mid day if I can’t get on the normal HSPA 4g network. When on LTE, it displays a 4g sign above the network strength, and when I choose the wap.cingular APN it just displays the network strength, no 3g, h, or 4g. Help please!

  31. Adam says:

    First of all I really like the ROM everything works for me except YouTube camera and other expected things, I just want to point out minor things that need to be changed.
    1. The slide lock is a little off from the center for me
    2. The phone apps contacts and call log have an obtruding line on the top blocking the first thing in the list
    3. Whenever I try to restore the data of my previous ROM it keeps tellling me that a bunch of processes have stopped (ex: acore)
    4. Keep up the good work and please update soon 🙂

  32. Danny says:

    great rom love all the features you put on this. How I can just about adjust anything and everything on it. email was too big and could hardly fit on my screen but in paranoidandroid settings I was able to make the fix. cpu changes ,love the speed, google now wow. The only thing buggin is the videos on youtube it cant play them it reboots or even on the web it force close or cant play error etc phone reboots. Every day I find something new to play with on the settings that makes me love the rom more, mind you, this can be a bit frustrating but once I find the the right settings its well worth it. Any help on the net or youtube videos and how to fix would be great. My hats off to you excellent rom.

  33. omar says:

    Nice ROM. Only set back its youtube videos crashes

  34. joaquin cruz says:

    I hope the new vertion fix most of the problem Cuz its a great ROM.

  35. Mike says:

    Has anyone noticed the latest version does not have Google Now? Just Google Voice? Also zero camera app?

  36. Daryl says:

    Anybody know if the updated version fixes the soft reboot problem. I was trying to wait until the soft reboots were fixed. Help me out please.

  37. fuzai says:

    Not bad of a ROM other than the frequent cold boots. You guys could try out the AOKP’s JB Rom too. Works great for me.

    • Mike says:

      Where can we get it? Sorry for the noob question. Max’s site is the only one I trust after bricking a phone using another website’s methods.

  38. joaquin says:

    those the new version works better know cuz the only thing not working for me is the video camara and some videos that uses flash player.

  39. JP says:

    Is this Jellybean Rom works with Tmobile? please help

  40. Tim says:

    When are there going to be updates to last weeks ROM? Thanks and love the ROM even thought there are some hicups.

    • Tim says:

      Oh and if we already have the rom on our phone is there somewhere in the settings to check for updates when they come out?

  41. Adam says:

    When is the ROM being updated please update it soon all my YouTube subscriptions are pilling up

  42. Danny says:

    Just flashed the aug 13 update and got some major improvements. Nice work! I put my hat back on to take my hat off to you sir. excellent. One thing I did notice on how you removed the cpu overclocking, I love to overclock for some reason as I love the speed not to much of a fan about that being removed but it is Jelly Bean and project butter and still work beautifully. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your hard work. I am so curious about all this development and would love to be pointed into the right direction on how all this work and how to get myself started.

  43. Adam says:

    Where is the update?????

  44. kenneth says:

    These is the link for the last update:

    And guys use google to find it is not that hard!!!! Just saying!!! 😉

  45. Sal Lettieri says:

    This is the best rom I’ve ever flashed and I say that knowing that YouTube and video camera dont work…..yet. somebody please post the link to the Aug. 13th update. It would make my life complete.:-)

  46. Danny says:

    I got a

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

    Not sure if it will post. Be patient or what I did was find it over the web. google it, you now the name of the rom.

  47. Fox says:

    Aug 13 Update here:

    Read the new instructions as you do not need to flash the kernel for this update.

  48. Wayne says:

    Max, I installed TWRP but am having problems with the .zip files for the Gapps and JB. I downloaded the .zip files fine and I can copy them to my external SD card and they show up fine in the card. Everytime I boot to recovery they .zip files are deleted from my external SD card. They are still in the download folder on the internal SD but disappear from the external SD. I even tried 2 different ROMS to see if it was the ROMs fault, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated!

    • Adam says:

      This happened to me to, I thought that my ROMs dissapeared but really they are there, make sure you look in the internal and external tabs and in all of the folders in /sdcard /ext_SD, and all the folders inside of them

      • Wayne says:

        Well it turns out that anything I do to my SD card is undone when I enter recovery. I tried to make a new folder and it disappeared when entering recovery. I ended up just flashing the JB ROM and Gapps from the internal SD card and its working thus far. Still upset that I can’t do anything to my external SD card though. Maybe Google search will help me.

  49. Rene says:

    Installed the lalest rom, still getting frequent reboots while navigating or launching an app. Has anyone experienced this issue? Any workaround or fix?

    • Danny says:

      I don’t get reboots. Ive also flashed other roms with no problems and returned to paranoidandroid. I would wipe dev, ca, and data, start fresh. (Just be careful follow the step read everything, I wouldn’t want you to brick)Then flash all three files. great rom still got some minor things wrong with it that many won’t even notice.

      • Rene says:

        I followed the steps and tried it several times, still having frequent reboots. I guess it has something to do with launcher and apps compatibility with the rom. I’ve used apex and nova. Same thing happened with restoring apps from titanium backup, tried restoring several apps but after 3 or 4 apps restored, it would crash.

  50. Danny says:

    Retold created another folder where your files are when I use astro to find it as soon as I open the app I go up one one which shows three folders. Sdcard0 Sdcard1 and usbdsk0. Retold puts the files inside sdcard1/download…..grant it tthere’s still more files within. Trasnfer the files to that location and you should be set.

  51. Danny says:

    Twrp not Retold . Darn auto correction.

  52. Tamer says:

    guys, lots of applications that I try to download to JB says that the application is not compatible with the device, for example, Moxier mail, youtube app, etc….
    So how do you force your apps to install? I also tried to download it from the web but I get the same incompatibility message. let me know, otherwise I will roll back to ICS.

    • Tamer says:

      never mind my last comment, I just upgraded from aug 3rd build to 13th and what a difference, all apps now can be installed and the layout of the new version is as clean as ICS plus all the bells and whistles of the new system, really nice work…

  53. Mike says:

    Eff this Aug13th build is beautiful. Super easy install.
    Using the latest CWM, do a wipe, install ROM, install JB GApps, and DONE.
    Best ROM in my opinion. Hands down. Once the camcorder and youtube bugs are fixed, I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t use it. Yey for Paranoid!

  54. UDroid says:

    Hi Max, could you please help me as the HDMI mirroring does not work on the ROM and I need it for a project I’m working on. No rush but do you have an eta as to when this will be fixed

  55. joaquin cruz says:

    Shot ever doesn’t he Google just flash the old gapps it works I got almost everything working.

  56. derek says:

    very nice.. but the mute button doesnt work for phone calls.

  57. Danny says:

    A couple of days ago I tried to use 2sdcard and titanium and it started freezing and rebooting on me. luckily I had a backup created as to which one caused it am not sure so I never re-installed those apps.

  58. Julio says:

    I liked the blue iconed-dark sms app that was stock with Max’s Aug 9 version of this rom. I installed the Aug 13 version from XDA and it has the original white version :/ Hopefully when the final version is released it will contain the dark SMS app.

  59. Fox says:

    I have the Aug 13th rom, everything seems to work great. The only issue I have is I am not getting 4G now, I am only getting 3G. Is anyone else having the same problem and is there a fix?

    • Danny says:

      I added it to my notifications under system setting/system/notifications widget and I turn it on along with LTE , I can’t seem to find it now but There should be a way to turn it on under system setting.

      Gamers! !!
      Side note I was able to even get call of duty black ops zombies on as well

    • Tamer says:

      same issue here, the phone switches from HSPA to 3G and vice versa, but no 4G…system system should have a search feature to look for the setting you want, it’s hard to find what you are looking for under system settings.

  60. Erick says:

    works well!!! very smooth.. had a few issues at first but now its smooth as butter!!! one major issue is google play is not working it starts up then close out on me every time…. is there a fix???

    • Max says:

      try reflashing Gapps.

      • khairul anwar says:

        hi max..
        i successfully install and the basic thing is working..
        just that i have an issue where no standard application such as play store, gmail on the phone..
        can you please help on this? this is my first time change the custom root on my galaxy note..
        thanks in advance..
        (sorry for being very noob, i read out most of them use, but i just lost on this step.. tq.)

  61. Arvind says:

    Can we use the same rom for N7000 version as well !

  62. Eric says:

    New update Aug. 18 is out and everything is working now (Google Now, Youtube, phone setting…and so on). Only one bad thing so far is the screen flickering once in a while, maybe I can fix it in the rom setting.

    The best one!

    • JamieD81 says:

      yes aug18 is out, i built it from source this time.

      it will have all bugs present in cm10 and those should be the only bugs and there are not many.

      screen flickering if you “disable HW overlay” in developer options that flicker goes away *note; you will have to do it each time you reboot* this is a CM10 bug and its being worked on by CM team.

  63. Danny says:

    Seems too run more smoother too. Beautiful . Great rom.thank you for all your hard work. Only thing I can’t use (out of my daily uses) is G4 app won’t play the videos but I have no problem going over to the web for it. I can’t point out how much I love the hybrid options for just about every possible app to modify.

  64. troy says:

    I was thinking about running this Rom again but o don’t like how there is no S Voice unless Aug 18 build comes with it? let me know thanks

  65. Udroid says:

    Max could you please tell me when you will get the HDMI mirroring to work I really need that function and I’m sure I’m not then only one thanks a lot in advance

    • Max says:

      You need to go with a touchwiz based ROMs for HDMI mirroring to work, most likely not supported on these CM9/CM10 type of ROMs.

      • Udroid says:

        Thanks for the reply Max, do you have any suggestions for me I tried quite a few and to no avail. And are you working on any ROM that it would work. Thanks again for your help

  66. Rich says:

    can someone just sum up in a quick couple sentences why I should flash from ICS to JB? I did the Aug 9th rom but crashed a lot so back on ICS. Tempted to flash to Aug 18th rom but then though “why?”…doesn’t seem to be that all a huge difference. Or am I just being a dummy?

    • Julio says:


      Give the new update a try. It doesn’t crash anymore.
      What I love about Jelly Bean that ICS doesn’t do is when you have app updates from the play store, the entire app updates which can be a pain in the ass if the app is a very large app. With Jelly bean, only the updated portion of the app is downloaded! That is very nice if you don’t have access to wifi.
      The other big thing is the noticeable better response and smoothness when it comes to screen response.
      Google now isn’t a big thing for me, but if you are constantly googleing things, you will love it.
      Definitely flash, and thank you so much to Jamie, Max, and the other CM10 developers.

      • Rich says:

        Since i went back to my ICS rom do I have to flash the kernel again along with the Rom and G-Apps?

        • Rich says:

          And thanks to those braniacs that know how to do all this stuff…its awesome. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

          • Rich says:

            dang it, also forgot to ask…if I made a Titanium Backup of all my apps and data from ICS can I restore at least all the apps (minus the data) in JB now? I would think restoring data could screw with things since its JB instead of ICS now?

            • Julio says:

              You don’t want to flash the kernel, if you do you will get a black screen. Only flash the ROM and the gapps.
              About titanium backup, only back up the apps. I have backed up apps and system data that I backed up while on another ROM to a new ROM and I kept getting a lot of errors.

  67. Rafa says:

    MAX Can u tell me y the jelly bean rom is not reading my SD CARD or y is YOU TUBE app is not work for me? my phone the note I717 on t-mobile and i install TWRP recovery, reboot to TWRP, do a factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, install kernel, Wipe cache/dalvik cache, and reboot.

  68. Rich says:

    crap…i installed Aug 18 rom and gapps…worked fine. Thought I needed to flash kernel so I did that and now my screen just stays dark. If i press a button at bottom it lights up and vibrates but screen is blank.

    Tried reflashing rom, kernel and gapps again through CWD and TWRP but no screen image.

    Can’t even install backed up ICS rom cuz it tells me “mismatched MD5” now.

    • Julio says:

      You have to reinstal rom and gapps only, and do a factory reset because the updated rom already has the correct kernel it it. And since you already installed the kernel, you must do a factory wipe to undo it.
      If you want to restore to ICS, you have to install touch cwd and do a factory wipe. Max has a link to where to download it.

  69. Daniel says:

    i flashed and now i dont get 4g, only 3g.. also i cannot use my internal or external USB\SD storage.. gallery and camera cannot be used due to this.. no netflix.. no hdmi.. no sammy s pen app support.. it looks nice though.

  70. Rene says:

    It looks like we have an Aug 19 rom update.

  71. Fox says:

    I only get 3G as well, I tried everything I could find but no 4G. I flashed back to Black Star V rom and 4G popped right up. Im going to stick with Black Star until they get all the bugs worked out of JB.

  72. Julio says:

    Is there any way to get my computer to recognize my Galaxy Note as a Galaxy Note i717 with these cm10 roms?
    I mean, Kies doesn’t recognize it, and my computer doesn’t recognize it. The only way to transfer files from computer to phone is to put it in mass storage mode.
    Is this even possible?

  73. Danny says:

    Hey anyone ever had a problem with answering a phone call. My answer/message/hangup button isn’t centered. Any one ever have a problem like this if so can I get some help on how to center it so that I can slide it to answer .

    A little help
    Thanks in advance

  74. Omar Cuebas says:

    Anybody experiencing screen flickering with last update?

  75. Julio says:

    This is probably going to be a stupid question, but oh well here it goes.
    Does NFC work with the galaxy note with this ROM?
    I have no way of testing it since the only phone I have is this one and no one that I know has a CM based ROM.
    Does it work or does it just come with the ROM?

    • Tharon says:

      NFC does work…….so cool!!!

      • Danny says:

        Can you tell me what NFC does and it’s functions please.

        Thank you in advance.

        • Julio says:

          NFC is what the samsung galaxy s3 has. When you put two phones back-to-back, you can transfer files such as maps, contacts, pictures, videos, and etc.
          All you have to do is go to the file and put the two phones back-to-back and the system of NFC will recognize that you are trying to transfer a file, and it will do it automatically…. this can only be done with phones that have NFC, which according to Tharon, our phones have 😉

          • Danny says:

            Aahhh the android beam, right? I haven’t had a chance to use it but definitely a very cool feature. Am also very. Interested in seeing . Google voice or s voice.

            Thanks for the info

  76. Ryan says:

    How come the “” rom doesnt work? i tried to flash it just like the first time i flashed the Jelly bean rom but my phone wouldnt turn on whatsoever … any help please?

    • Danny says:

      can I get a link to the Aug 20th update.

      Also I’ve been looking around about the phone fix I cant slide it to the right to answer a phone call saw something about a phone fix but lost it. I also read on how it was a past rom problem so am assuming its happening within the installation of the update I even tried doing a clear all data/dev/che and installing rom then gapps but still no fix anyone with any help would be greatly appreciated.

  77. Edzik says:

    Why is it on all these roms when you call a contact it stretches the picture
    cant it stay smaller ?

  78. Sean says:

    is the bluetooth working? My car system cannot find it.

    • tamer says:

      Works here, after are you sure under bluetooth settings it has the bluetooth enabled for both Media Audio and Phone Audio? there are 2 checkboxes under bluethooth setting.

      • Sean says:

        There are no checke boxes under bluetooth setting. available device searching and make it visible options.. that.s it

        and also Email app need to be fixed.
        when I try to reply It looks off sized over the screen.
        and Gmail app collapses often

  79. tamer says:

    my phone stuck on the “Emergency Call” and I cannot get beyond it, I can see that all apps are running in the background, for example when I receive an email I get an alert, but I cannot get around the emergency call dial pad…any tricks here?!

  80. Danny says:

    One quick question to all. For all updates roms do we need to flash gapps as well as the rom or do we just flash the rom. I usually flash both but I was just wondering. Trying to rule out any possibilities of causing a brick

  81. Danny says:

    Sounds good. Thanks just did that along with the nighties and phone fix and runs great one thing I’ve notice is that my battery doesn’t charge up to 100 prevent but I’ve been on it for about an hour now and haven’t lost any percent at all and this is just surfing the web . Transferring files with airdroid.

    • Rich says:

      what do you mean “phone fix”? And where are the nightlies? Last i saw was the 20th…and they say just run the rom and g-apps.

      • Danny says:

        Sorry my bad I meant I flash the inverted apps (email, talk etc.) I had to download and flash phone fix because I couldn’t answer the phone as the button was to the bottom right side and couldn’t slide it to the right to answer. I tried posting a link as to where I get the updates before but for some reason I can’t not sure if am allowed. I usually check here when I come across a problem and see if any one else does to try and come up with a solution like the phone fix and to help as well. I get my info from a xda forum paranoidandroid etc.

        • Rene says:

          I experienced same issue that I couldn’t answer the any calls, it seems the culprit is the inverted contacts app. Right now, my phone is working again. I only installed inverted mail, SMS and calendar.

  82. Fox says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get 4G yet? This is the only rom that 4G does not work, I only get 3G.

  83. Craszh says:

    Hi Max,
    Can i just flash the lastest updated one or i have to flash the first version first?

  84. tamer says:

    guys, which Kernel does go along with the latest file
    I installed then I installed and then googleapps but when I turn it on, it shows the samsung log and then blacks out….and you have nothing other than turning it off by hard shutdown…

  85. wigg- says:

    I did the same thing eaRlier. Just reinstall it, but this time don’t install the kernal.
    The kernal is already built into it, and if u install the kernal, ur screen will be black after boot up. It should work…

    • Rich says:


      I got the black screen after I installed the kernel separately after the rom and gapps. reflashed without the kernel and all was good.

  86. mario says:

    hi max is there an update yet for the jellly bean on the galaxy note canadian?

  87. mario says:

    hi max is there an update for galaxy note 1717 please let me know thank you.

  88. Rene Baladiang says:

    Does anyone have tried any of the bar or qr code reader apps? I can’t get it to work, the camera doesn’t activate and only displays blank screen.

  89. mario says:

    does anyone know if we have jelly bean fully updated for note i717 and is s pen available s voice? if so can some kindly post the link, thank you….

  90. WIGG- says:

    If I already have a rom installed and gapps installed from the 23rd. And a new one comes out today…do I just install it over the old one? Or do I have to wipe and delete everything. Then flash it? I’m a little confused.

    Amy steps would be great. Thanks. I have the 23rd installed and works incredibly well!!! And wanna flash today’s


  91. mario says:

    hi downloaded latest update and will not install latest update is aug 20 cannot install from 23 onward help pls!!!

  92. mario says:

    hi tired installing jelly bean on my note got as far as aug 20 2012 it does not let me install aug 23 or the latest aug 27
    it aborts install any help is very appreciated

    • Rene says:

      I’ve been flashing 3 different roms, aokp, paranoid & cm almost everyday and don’t have any issues. I’m using TWRP, I usually do a clean install and followed these steps, 1-wipe, 2-flash rom, 3-flash gapps, 4-wipe delvik/cache, 5-flash inverted apps, 6-reboot, then restore apps using titanium, been successful everytime.

    • Danny says:

      Are you using trwp recovery? I had some minor issues as well. It could be many things that can be wrong like from the previous flash and then flashing the update over the previous.this is what I do when things don’t go right. A complete wipe of data, dev, and cache I also even wiped my SD card but copied the the importante files like pics etc that i wanted to keep and rre-installed all as the steps given. Titanium back up is something I haven’t used but will be as soon.

      • Rene says:

        yes, I use twrp. First thing is wipe(cache, delvik cache, factory reset & system), DON’T wipe external and internal storage. Then, flash rom, gapps, delete delvik cache and reboot.

        • tamer says:

          Rene, TWRP is a blast compared to CWM!! after I decided to stick with ICS, I’m now on the Aug27th update and working pretty well. thanks!

  93. Mario says:

    Im lost on step 4 and 5 where do i get the inverted qpps? also you said wipe cache?

    • Rene says:

      step 5 is optional. If your using TWRP, after flashing rom or gapps, you’ll have several options, wipe delvik/cache is the left option and right is the reboot.

  94. Sam says:

    The latest rom from Aug27 does not suppport google maps or Red box. I can live without a few things, but these, I’m not so sure.

    • Danny says:

      I just installed both and it works for me. From my experience making paranoid setting changes such as DPI, phablet, hybrid or tablet or any kind of modification changes cause reboots of freeze ups. Keep track of changes and if something goes wrong revert back to old setting. I had to go back and forth many times and yes this can be frustrating but when you get the right settings its all worth it.

  95. tamer says:

    From my experience with Jelly Bean, I have rolled back to ICS, very stable, no shutdowns, and all apps work!! I will stick with ICS for few months until JB is stable.
    my latest attempts to install the 23rd version came to an end after JB was stuck on the jar logo when booting the phone, so I knew that my phone did not want to have it and I was tired of re installing all the apps over and over and setting up my personal preferences every time I try a new version of JB.

    • Danny says:

      The first initial start up take a good while for the actual start up. I came close to restarting it once thinking it had froze but it actually started up. Try using titanium back up for all your apps.

  96. joaquin says:

    hey for the 27build how that heck you pick up the phone i can only hang up and send text. tank you for the hard work max and Jamie

    • Danny says:

      There’s a phone fix file that you can flash to fix. I keep the file handy sorry can’t remember where I got it. Google it its out there.

  97. manny says:

    28build is out guys

  98. mario says:

    buold 28 keeps saying unfortunately the process has stopped on andriod.process.acore – keyboard(aosp) how can we fix this?

  99. opie76 says:

    is there a download link for TWRP2 For the att note? if so can you post, having a hard time finding it

  100. Trev says:

    Do I have to re upload ALL my apps and widgets and sign in to everything over and over again for each update? Or do the daily updates go over the top of the existing rom essentially… that make sense? Anyone try this yet?

    • Danny says:

      I don’t wipe user data in recovery and flash update and gapps. You can also use titanium backup to backup and restore you data.

  101. joaquin says:

    hey im getting a lot of force closes when i use music player on build28 any one else experiencing this I even did a darkside wipe and still same problem,

    • Danny says:

      Using power amp and dont have any problems. Runs good even on lock. The rom came with apollo player and it crashed “apollo isn’t responding”, gave it a second try and started up fine played pretty good and with better sound quality. I would try and a different music player see what happens.

  102. mario says:

    hi Max
    will twrp2 work to restore other roms example i installed twrp2 to install Aug update but did not like the rom because too many constant foreclosures for no reason, i tried to restore my objection rom but this twrp does not see these files so i tried going back and installed cwm and bricked my phone I had an awful night ( galaxy note i717) finally was able to add stock rom on download mode then re root and installed cwm again and then restore my objection rom? any thoughts on when we will have a good working jelly bean ROM

  103. Julio Pizano says:

    I have notices that since the 18th update, if not even before that, that the camera only goes up to 3 megapixels. When you go to the camera and go to settings and chose the resolution, it only let’s you chose 3 mp or VGA? What’s that about?

  104. Aaron Naber says:

    Someone please help. Ever since I flashed this new update my phone talks but only when I’m in the internet app. Everything I click it says. Pages with a lot on it just goes nuts. I’ve tried everything setting I can find and I can’t shut it off. Please help.

    • Danny says:

      Have you tried to see if you have talk back on in accesibilty under setting? Make sure its off. What have you tried?

      • Aaron Naber says:

        Ya I’ve done that plus anything I can find with voice is off.

        • Danny says:

          Not sure if this can help but if it was me I would re-flash the rom and gapps only and only do a cache and dev cache wipe so that you can still keep your apps your already done and save the settings you already have on it. Hope this works for you but if not I would start all over I would ( and have in the past) re-downloaded the files again and get rid of the old ones, wiped everything even the files on your sd card but browsed through any importante file that you may want to keep and download it to your pc and re-install all of course following the step given to install this rom. I myself have noticed that Twrp recovery has been starting up slower then usual and am considering re-installing it again.

          Good luck with all.

    • tamer says:

      I have a similar issue, after few days of running the new rom, I can receive phone calls but I cannot hear the person on the other side the person cannot hear me, this happened on two different installation so far.
      last time I rolled back to ICS, and If I cannot resolve it today, the phone is not going to be usable Unless I roll back to ICS again….

    • Danny says:

      Wow. That’s a new one for me. I don’t want to give you any ideas that might make things worse or more complicated but if it was me (inwhich I have done to my note) but I would start fresh from the start. I would wipe all user data/cache/dev cache and evena wipe the SD card. I had noticed a while back that I had extra file in my SD card(not sure if it was causing any issues) flash rom kernal then gapps let it boot up and see how it does. Don’t flash anything else or make any modification like setting, configuration or app changes. Check the phone make a call text and lock screen. If all is good start making the modification to your preference. But with caution( from experience when I’ve changed phablet, Tablet and apps dpi around and I would get reboots or sometime freeze remember your default setting in case you need to revert back) I’ve had phone problems before and had to flash a fix phone file.

  105. Boulepick says:

    Hello Max,

    any idea what i going on the download links for Gapps and Kernel are not working, when i try i get an error page “nginx error!”


  106. Trev says:

    Aug. 28 version. Keeps freezing and restarting.

    • Danny says:

      If you have made modification like changing hybrid, phablet, tablet and within the apps DPI’s your going to get freeze, reboots and other things so careful on just how much you change. You might need to do a fresh start flash because you wont know what the default setting were before. before you do a fresh start make sure you do a back up, I use titanium back up works great. Thats what I would do.

  107. moneybythaton says:


  108. moneybythaton says:


  109. sabaaynas says:

    Aug 23 version works the best for me. Aug 28 has a few issues. have not try the 27th version yet.

    • Danny says:

      The only thing I get in the 28th is that the lock screen size keeps changing size on me other then that everything works great for me. I only get reboots if I modify things to much like tablet or hybrid modes and DPI settings but after so much testing and changing around I was able to get the settings just the way I like with out any problems with the exception of the lock screen issue.

      I’ve tried other ROMs and had much more problems but read many good things about it. Maybe its because if the mixture of different ROMs being flashed.

  110. Ecko380 says:

    Hey there max I just found this new ROM I thought you would be interested in looking at up
    The MidTeam MIUI V2.8.2 ROM For Galaxy Note
    The MidTeam Hybrid MIUI ROM for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000. This is simply an amazing rom, quite unique and cool. This rom is based on the android 4.0.4 but you don’t get the face unlock,signature unlock and the pop-up player but then again this rom has its own bunch of cool features like:1) Double tapping the lock on the lock screen will start the music player, listen and change tracks directly from the lockscreen.2) Double pressing the Home button will open the torch.3) Backup functions pre-installed.4) Status bar is cool and gives all functions needed,you get a page full of toggles not just only the 15 toggles.5) Dialer and closing running apps are really different and cool.6) You get  the four main launchers pre-installed that are :i) MIUI Homeii) Touchwiz Homeiii) Touchwiz Launcheriv) Nova launcherSo the MIUI Home is quite like the iphone. You don’t have  the App-Drawer. Anything installed directly comes to the home screen. You can also change the themes,download more themes etc. This launcher is highly customisable.Touchwiz Home as in the Galaxy S3 styled launcher and the touchwiz launcher is the stock one that you get with the galaxy note.So coming to the features and functionality, everything works perfect. No issues with any of the functions like the S pen and other android 4.0.4 features. You get Awesome Beats pre-installed on it,CRT-off animation,Call recording , galaxy s3 ringtones and UI sounds etc.Overall the rom is simply fast,stable and amazing to use.No issues with any of the functionality. Its different from all the other custom roms. If you don’t like the MIUI look switch to another launcher. Its highly customisable. Graphics are pretty good as well. As for battery life, again the rom is amazing. I would say 20 hours for heavy use and 30+ hours for moderate use.The S-Note is still lacking.Other than that amazing rom. Just give it a try for a change. Its different and something new.

  111. Ecko380 says:

    Hey max I got another 1 for you to look at

    Kingdroid ICS Notemania V7.4 ROM for Galaxy Note

    Kingdroid ICS Notemania V7.4 ROM for Galaxy Note N7000Kingdroid ICS Notemania V7.4 ROM for Galaxy Note N7000Kingdroid ICS Notemania (all versions)  is one of my personal favourite ROM  for the Galaxy Note beside midteam’s roms.One of the most stable ICS  rom that I’ve come acrossed.The latest version that is the 7.4. This rom is really fast and stable. No issues with any of the functions like spen features, pop-up player,signature unlock etc. Also you the Galaxy s3 icons with this rom.You also get the Awesome Beats pre-installed with this rom and also the kingdroid OTA updater through which you can be notified with the latest version of the kingdroid ics rom and can directly update your rom through your phone.You get the Touchwiz Home with this rom by default.The galaxy s3 styled interface and launcher.The battery life is decent as well. You get around 10-15 hours on heavy usages and 20+ on moderate usage. So,what I would like to say you is1)This ROM is really fast and stable.2) All the features from android 4.0.4 works perfect.3) The rom looks cool and classy.4) You get the Aroma Installer while flashing this rom that lets you chose apps that you want to install and uninstall (like some stock apps that you don’t want).Check my video on details for the Aroma installer.You get optional kernels and modems as well. You can choose any one you like, its safe.The S Note is still lacking and the only negative about this rom is that whenever you tap and hold on your screen, you get a wallpaper choosing option for the Home and the Lock scree. Changing wallpaper for the home screen works but the lock screen doesn’t. Its not a big thing but still that’s the one negative.

  112. bird_420 says:

    Is anyone else having gps problems with the 28 build? My location shows on google maps, but that’s it. I can’t use google now or navigation. Any help is appreciated.

    • Tamer says:

      Same here, on Aug 28 build. It always says searching for GPS although I have all location options enabled.
      Also the built in camera software is not visible and I’m using an after market app for camera.

      • Danny says:

        G maps works fine for me, direction and all finger gestures like two finger swipe down etc. Not sure what can be causing it. Do you guys have play store and Gmail working without it closing? I used to have that problem so I re-flashed the gapps again. If that dont work I would do a titanium back up and start from scratch wipe and flash with the lastest rom gapps and kernal. That is what I would do.

  113. Joseph Karman says:

    Hi everyone!

    This is what I did to get the bugs out.
    First get twrp
    Second copy your APN settings for your internet
    Third get the lasest ROM Gapp and Kernel. Flash it in that order.
    There is a nice 1.1 kernel by hotcakes. I got the 28 august version of paranoid android and the modem drivers aren’t so stable on the i717 so had to down stock uclf6 modem driver for my i717. Camera works and video. Pretty stable. Modem drivers suck on it though.

  114. PaceyPimps says:

    Hi Max

    I just flashed from the Onlyone to the latest 2.0 sept edition of this Rom but i am having trouble getting internet i get nothing so i assumed that it might be my APN setting so i when to setting/mobile network/Access Point Names and when i choose this it either blank or show me the available WiFi networks not sure why? IS there a Fix or do i just have to reflash. And does the new version need the Kernel and why? I am on Claro Guatemala network as of now so do i need to flash the modem. In the Onlyone or Objection Rom it just worked. So do you think is because i did not istall the kernel as everything else works.

    Pls hlp

    • PaceyPimos says:

      I am such an idiot i did not know all i had to do was hit the options key yo add new APN now i know and all is good except the stability and compatibility on JB still not great ok but not great.

  115. david f says:

    how do i get usb utilities enabled on the sept 02 ROM? i’m in phablet mode… do i need to be in phone mode?

  116. Scott says:

    Hey max, i need help with a soft brick issue!
    i just flashed this rom and it worked fine. i forgot to flash the kernal so i went back and wiped the caches and installed the kernal. i decided at this time to also install gapps… is there anyway for me to un brick my phone? – it boots, vibrates, gives samsun logo twice, then the lights stay on at the bottom and nothing more. please help me

    – also i have about 3 hours before i have to leave for the weekend… i wasnt planning on messing with my phone all weekend to figure this out 🙁

  117. Danny says:

    Its not bricked just a case if a bad flash. You need to get into recovery which you should be able to by holding down both volume up and down plus the power volume after you get a vibrate release the power button and it should boot into recovery. If your installing the latest up to date ROM you don’t need to flash the kernel just the ROM and gapps but before you flash do a wipe data, cache, and dev cache the flash.

    • Scott says:

      @ Danny, i have tried booting into twrp, however as i hold them keys it basically reboot’s the phone into a loop, i have to step away for a bout an hour i’ll try again when im back and let you know how it worked.

  118. Scott says:

    @ Danny & Max – thanks for replying just wanted to say got it back into recovery, im not sure if i wasnt holding both volumes down or not however after making sure both were down i managed to boot in to recovery. pretty sure this is working now, did’nt flash the new kernal. also when i had it running the first time i noticed i had no reception o.O is this common i havent tried dialing out anywhere with it like that. i’ll let ya’s know whats up when im back from vacation!
    Thanks again!

    • Danny says:

      Sounds good glad I can help. I may have forgotten to mention that after a reboot to let it fully turn on completely meaning leave it for a bit just for a minute or so. Then start testing it out by making a the most important features like make a call and send a text. As for the o.O not sure about that one haven’t heard or seen this issue before. Did you do a complete wipe? All three wipe steps? After a it booted up did you go through the sign in to google email process? try a reboot, let it settle in ( Ive heard that for the first time flashing a new Rom to let it fully turn on and let it fully load up all that it has to do, just the first time) Everything should work after finding that it does you can now start making any modifications you like to your liking. Explore settings paranoid settings but remember what you change because some modifications may cause unexpected reboots or freeze adjusting you settings back to default.

    • Danny says:

      Question what steps did you take to get it back running again? Did you just flash the ROM over it? Or did you start fresh from start with all the steps listed in directions without the kernel? Depending on how you did it the cause of lock ups/freeze, force close and reboot start. From experience and many forums I’ve read cause the bugs.

  119. scott says:

    @danny seems like after using it most the issues sorted them selves out. I had a few force closes or lock ups leading to a reboot. Haven’t had any issue with reception since. My only real issue now is that using adw launcher my screen tends to studder… no lag just the occasional black flash happening so fast you can hardly see it. Also my Google play store has restricted my phone to a certain list of apps. Most apps say are not compatible with my phone. Is there a fix for this. I have to scour the internet for the apk to apps I had already owned.

    • Danny says:

      From my experience when I flash a different kernel the flashes start to happen during keyboard inputs or when you drop down notifications bar. The change of kernel seems to cause this but can be stopped in setting/developer option and check mark disable HW overlay the bad thing about it you have to check mark it every time you reboot the phone. As for the not compatible app, the ROM it self causes this and I’ve played around with a couple of them and all have similar issues but a small price to play for Jelly Bean, smooth as butter and so many other features. Your going to have to side load the apps just like you said start looking for the apk files. The force close, locks ups/freezes and reboots ( again from my experience) are caused from the modifications with over clocking min to 192 possibly over clocking max to high, processor CPU govener changes and change of apps DPI and other changes, for this you have to experiment a bit and play around with it, or just not make to many changes. Another would be test each setting and when something goes wrong revert back to the default or try another. Seems like a big pain but once you got it the way you want it, it will be well worth it.

  120. John says:

    Question for you, as a new android guy and wanting to experience Jelly bean, which ROM would you suggest I flash. I am a Rogers Canadian LTE user, with a rooted i717. I am looking for stability and functionality, I don’t care for much of the samsung apps, likeSmemo, etc. Would like your opinion please. Or for that matter any other Rogers people using either the CM10 or Paranoid version.


  121. Trev says:


    I have an issue. I flashed the paranoid ROM on my i717 and everything seemed flawless except my phone would randomly reboot like one a day. So I switched over to cm10. Unfortunately, I had the exact same problem with random reboots. Finally I switched over to liquid, and sadly, I have the exact same problem. It happens sometimes during phone calls. It has happened twice during class causing me to lose unsaved notes. I love the Roms I have flashed but this is hard to live with. What am I doing wrong?


  122. Rob says:

    Hi max. I just downloaded this rom. however my youtube app says is not compatible and cannot be downloaded. what should I do?

  123. Rodney says:

    Not an expert or anything, just a guy who loves flashing the latest and greatest. I know you can dirty flash this rom provided you’re running previous versions. But I have to tell you, I always run into problems going that route. Do yourselves a favor, spend the bucks on the Titanium app, backup all, perform a factory wipe, install rom/gapps, then restore your Titanium backup. No forced closes/reboots and I’m happy with the rom.

  124. tamer says:

    Can you put a quick release note with each version to tell us which bugs it fixes or what new about it? It’s always preferred to know what is new about each version before applying it.

  125. jeff the flashaholic says:

    camera didnt work, gmail fc, phone call no sound in or out , BT didnt work, went back to padawan at this point didnt see a reason to try it further. looked really cool i will try the next release.

    • jeff the flashaholic says:

      just flashed the new version and everything worked. when i flashed the kernel it froze on reboot. reflashed the rom and was ok. BTW where is everyone is this post dead

  126. kemar says:

    I was getting reboots whenever I tried playing nes,snes emulators or whenever the system would freeze but the 2.54 update solved mot of that except I still get signal errors (I would get 0 bars outside) where I would have to reboot the phone to correct and random reboots but their alot less frequent

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