Padawan ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Version 8]

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Looking for a good stable ROM for your AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717?

If you haven’t tried the latest Padawan ROM by XDA user Ptmr3 (Follow him on Twitter), definitely this is one of the first custom ROMs to try on the SGH-i717 (also works for Canadian SGH-i717M). Definitely one of my “go to” ROMs, the Padawan ROM gives you speediness and powers of Sony Bravia Engine 2, Note 2 Gallery/icons, and performance improvements you will notice right away.

The latest version is also much faster than previous versions (as it’s based off 7005 base), completely de-bloated, and should give you a solid TouchWiz experience without lag while you wait for multi-window. And yes, multi-window should arrive on the i717 soon although we don’t know exactly when.

If stability and speed on TouchWiz is what you are looking for, give Padawan ROM a go and let me know what you think!


Download Padawan ROM V8

Credits – XDA

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50 Responses to Padawan ROM for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [Version 8]

  1. keen_nth says:

    Im gonna give it i try im been using padawan 4 and.i love itand like you say still.waitnig for.the multi window

  2. Rstgo says:

    I have a question, i already have the Padawan 4 how do i install this new version do i have to do a total wipe or can i just flash over, can you please give a step by step, thank you.

    • Bigdog714 says:

      The steps as I know them are, do a backup on the phone first to protect what you have currently running, then I do a backup with Titanium Backup for all my apps and settings, then flash the new ROM. Once that is successful I reinstall Titanium Backup and run restore.

  3. Janiel says:

    This version doesnt have nfc! Already tried!! Thats a deal breaker for me I dont really care much for speed improvements!! Version 4 is the best one yet

  4. Herman says:

    Ultimate Jelly Bean ROM Android 4.1.2 (Note 2 Features) for galaxy note i717 ATT do you have?

  5. Chris says:

    What is NFC? I am running the 6 version so I can only assume it doesn’t have it either

  6. rekamyenom says:

    Will this and all other i717 ROM’s work on the T879? Someone emil me please

    Thank you!

  7. rekamyenom says:

    Tried this on my T879 no go… Why not?

  8. Alan says:

    Do I have to install Galaxy Note 2 Add-on??? Like in the other version of padawan?

  9. mazen says:

    hi, this padawan doesn’t support Arabic other version of padawan? i cant send Arabic sms, what can i do? every time i send it send this ???? ???????? ???? ?? ?????? ???. i don’t know why. please help.

  10. Alexis says:

    Multiwindow for i717 soon??? And also for t879 ???

  11. Cesar says:

    I had the version 6 installed which worked pretty good for me, but since I installed this version, I had problems with programs closing unexpectedly (browser, Gmail, S planner) and a VERY HIGH memory ram consuming.

    • Jim says:

      Any body else experiencing this? Cesar, did you wipe for updating?

      • johny10 says:

        i had a probllem too,but after wipe out everything then re-install and everything going perfect.

        • Jim says:

          same here. working pretty flawlessly right now.
          my steps are this:
          1. backup with titanium backup
          2. backup with cwm
          3. factory reset
          4. wipe cache
          5. wipe dalvik cash
          6. repeat steps 3-5 (not absolutely necessary but also doesn’t hurt)
          7. flash the new rom.
          8. enjoy

          I only had issues when i restored EVERYTHING back with TB after flashing the new rom. so i wiped all and flashed again, only restoring stuff i actually use this time, and now working like a champ.

          and fwiw, ill add that although i have read this and probably should have done it (but not real sure why), i did not wait 10 minutes after initial reboot.

  12. Richie Rico says:

    -Boot system and DO NOT TOUCH FOR 10 MIN

    what exactly does that mean? Once flashed just hit “reboot system” and don’t touch for 10 minutes OR are you supposed to enter your gmail info and all that to get to the home screen finally and THEN wait 10 minutes

    The instructions are vague.

  13. Dhruv says:

    installation went fine, but im unable to install new apps both from he playstore or through apk. Any solutions?

  14. Dwangs says:

    guys had some issues when installed the rom
    it was giving me some issue and didnt install my back up correctly tried to do a reintall of the rom but now cant find the back up cant go back to ics the stock edition
    i liked the swipe feature and i cant get it with this
    can any one help

  15. Dwangs says:

    Need some help guys had some issues when installed the rom
    it was giving me some issue and didnt install my back up correctly tried to do a reintall of the rom but now cant find the back up cant go back to ics the stock edition of ics, I liked the swipe feature and i cant get it with this
    can any one help

  16. nick says:

    Hey guys having some issues
    I install the rom but it says process.acore blah blah
    Idk what it is then I wiped the data then installed rom then when.I boot it it says %a$s isbnotbresponding then. Butbitbeont let me press anything… help…. and the button says score??? Helpp

  17. owen says:

    Hey, this comes with theme chooser, but i can’t find the theme menu under settings? Does this allow me to change themes? I’m fairly new to all this, but in theme chooser it says i need to be running cm 7-8-9-10, is this one of them? am i doing something wrong or looking in the wrong place? any help would be appreciated!

  18. Del says:

    download gapps + ROM latest zip. CWM wiped and loaded zips from SDcard. Android Keyboard keeps failing (“Unfortunately, the Android Keyboard has stopped” keeps popping up). Older version (6) works fine. Ver 8 doesn’t play nice. Can you verify the correct zip file has been loaded to server? Thank you…..

  19. suparedJFK says:

    I’ve been running this version for about a month now and am going back to 4. Lot’s of things not working, even after repeated wipes and reflash. TouchWiz crashes, Snote and other Samsung apps don’t work for me, no NFC, etc. It is a little faster, but I liked the previous ROM.

  20. crhistian says:

    Awesome ROM! Installed with no problems. I would suggest following the developer’s instructions regarding flashing. First flashed rom and I think I made a good choice. This will be my daily driver it is definitely a lot quicker than a stock rom and the little extra’s help as well.

    I do have one question though. I wanted to have the CRT effect offerred in the tweakbox however it says:

    “Please note: You need to enable the native library “” in the Xposed installer to use these effects”

    Does anyone know how I would do this?

    • terry says:

      open the installer and install/update it. under libraries you will see 3 options come up. thats where you enable the libraries you need. you may have to reboot a few times in between steps.

  21. Trao says:

    For some reason I get a picture message and it stays stuck on downloading. Any help??

  22. wil says:

    This is my favorite rom so far. It’s not jellybean but its the most stable rom that I’ve tried. It is my go BACK to when the others fail…looking at you jellybean roms.

  23. wil says:

    Is there a good way to update the google now app?

  24. terry says:

    does anyone have an issue having a picture on the homescreen wallpaper. i doesnt like to show it on one screen

    • terry says:

      the padawan rom is by far my favorite so far.. couple things i have noticed over the last few versions is
      1.. the homescreen pics wont size right to fit on only one homescreen.
      2.. the call log always defaults to “all logs” which also shows texts and etc.
      3.. the music at bootup is kinda annoying.
      4.. every time it reboots it adds a duplicate song list forcing you to clear out media storage data.
      5.. i have noticed that it seems that the ringing volume is a little lower in the last couple updates.
      6.. i have already had the touchwiz freeze on me even on the new update.
      if there is any of these that can be fixed with changing a setting or two i would appreciate the input otherwise they are suggestions for future updates.

  25. wil says:

    for anyone that wants to use the 3d android battery in romtoolbox here is a link, I edited it so it would look right with this rom.

  26. miguel says:

    i have flashed v6 and v8 but cant overclock past 1.5 with set cpu for root. I do have the superuser icon in my apps. Can someone tell me what im missing? Where can i find version 4 padawan?

  27. craszh says:

    V9 just came out on 4/17.

  28. cajun says:

    im having an issue putting the padawan rom on my i717 , its at&t , i have the team win recovery , ive tried the same process as clockwork but i cant get it to work , please help , am i just missing a step or ????????/

  29. wil says:

    I have V9 ROM on there now, how do I get root access to my system folder now? It is rooted and all the other stuff works but I can’t change the annoying boot sound or the charging sound. It keeps saying “deletion failed”.

  30. craszh says:

    I don’t understand why they don’t enable nfc on this ROM. I think this ROM is very stable i have been using version 5-8 and now v9. Overall i think v5 is the only version that can overclock pass the 1.5 mhz on this ROM unless i am missing something. I have been using JB roms also and i like it, but seem all the JB roms have a broken USB which i can’t stand. This rom and black star X are the best for star battery life seem to be a little better than this rom for me. But jb roms battery life is horrible.

  31. Taze says:

    I’ve installed PadawanV9 and have a question about the LMT Pie control. Has anyone installed V9? How do I get the Pie Controls to work? I’ve enabled LMT through the accessibility screen but I can’t get the overlay to come up. I have it set to the right hand side at the middle of the screen. There is also a configuration menu under MENU>Jedi ROM tricks>Pie Launcher Controls.

  32. Tom says:

    Hey im using padawan v8 and its great. The only problem is my data symbol constantly changes from h-h+-3g and its really slow all the time. Is there a radio i can flash to fix this? I really need my fast data connection.

  33. craszh says:

    Padawan JB 4.1.2 just came out 5/7/13 and it is very stable for me. Only been using 1 day and it have NFC and S Beam enable now. A few more cool features I don’t see it on v9.0 first use is kind of lag a lot, but after a while it seem to be more better. I am using the ATT i717 for Tmobile and modem on this one seem to be broken. The signal bar always show zero bar and only getting Edge most of the time and no service most of the time. Rarely see the 4g even on out door. Flashed the blaze modem and still show zero bar, but speed test getting around almost 7mb indoor at my work which is not so bad, but upload on another hand is very slow around from 22kbps to 245kbps with blaze modem. Also USB seem to work fine when connected to PC unlike other ROMs usually broken, but this the only one I use seem to work fine. See in a few more days if it still working. Over all I like it hope XDA fix the signal or upgrade the modem soon.

    • Abhishek says:

      Hi Craszh
      After flashing the blaze modem, did *#2263# work for you?
      *#2263# is supposed to let us choose the band (2G/3G/4G)

      can blaze modem work on ATT network also?
      I want to use it if it does not restrict band selection as the stock modem does.


  34. Colin says:

    This is the best custom ROM I have installed to date. No other ROM has been this stable, fast, smooth and with good battery life. Maybe all my issues with other ROMs were just isolated to me but I have had Padawan on my i717 now for 48 hours, not one crash, not one reboot. Absolutely flawless! Never has a custom ROM been that flawless. I have not found another ROM this stable in the past year! Also, you don’t loose SPen stuff! I thought it was going to crash at one point when I was screwing with GO Task Manager (trying to fix what wasn’t broken of course) but it hung in there and came back with no crash.

    I had given up on finding a stable ROM for my i717 and started accepting it wouldn’t happen. I was going to do the official update to jellybean and call it a day but after some research I found people were having nothing but issues. So while looking at other options, I noticed the moderator here saying “if you want a stable ROM, try Padawan” quite a few times so I tried it.

    I have NEVER BEEN HAPPIER WITH MY NOTE! If you haven’t tried this ROM, you won’t be disappointed! Make sure when loading any new ROM you clear cache’s and factory reset first. I always do it a couple times just for good measure before installing a new ROM. Also, I use TWRP as CWM has given me too many issues and won’t work when loading most new custom ROMs.

  35. wil says:

    V9 is working great for me, I had to enable read/write in my file explorer app (ES file explorer), it was weird because i didn’t have to do that before, it was just enabled. V9 is very stable. i look forward to checking out the JB version.

  36. Sidetracks says:

    I see that these comments are from last year but I just installed this and , maybe they have updated it…This thing is amazing and fast, and I mean fast. Its not filled with things you dont really need. It will be my daily driver for a long time. Best one I have tried so far

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