Padawan Jelly Bean ROM + Phase Kernel for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

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Want to experience the latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean stock firmware without all the AT&T bloatware, lag, etc?

UPDATE: See version 2 instead of this, CLICK HERE!!!

Check out this killer-combo, Padawan Jelly Bean ROM plus Phase kernel overclocked to 1.836Ghz.

This is probably as good as it gets if you want to experience the latest Jelly Bean ROM “rooted” way.

The Padawan Jelly Bean ROM is based on the latest UCMD3 Andrioid 4.1.2 Jelly Bean base, de-bloated, and comes with great stuff like 23 customizable toggles, network/speed/battery tweaks, Sony Bravia Engine 3 (for better quality images), and removed tethering provisions.

Try it this week(end) and do let me know how it goes for you but I think you will like this much over the stock Android 4.1.2 experience.


Download Padawan Jelly Bean ROM

Download Phase kernel

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from stock Jelly Bean ROM), install ROM, install kernel, and reboot.

If having boot problems, try installing Super Darkside Wipe first then re-install ROM.

Credits – ROM, Kernel

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106 Responses to Padawan Jelly Bean ROM + Phase Kernel for AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-i717!

  1. Andre says:

    Do you have to flash gapps with this like you do with Paranoid Kangroid

  2. craszh says:

    Hi Max,
    This ROM is awesome and like it a lot. Wish it have the multi widow. I am currently using this on my i717 for Tmobile it was laggy at first and battery is horrible, but after a while it got better. Let your battery drain out and charge it couple cycles and you should see the battery is much better. A lot of people have problem with Walkman I read and just need to change the build.prop ipa.decode=true to false, ipa.use-straight=true to false just in case someone have problem with walkman. Also I didn’t like the modem came with it, so i flashed the blaze modem and it works fine only problem my signal bar is not showing any bar just icon 4g or E which i am fine with it. The reason i’ve flashed this modem is because i get a better signal indoor vs. the one that came with it. I am still getting 4g indoor at my work which is good. Yes i’ve tested too just to be sure it’s not just the icon 4g looking good on the status bar.

    I’ve tried the phase kernel and didn’t like it make my phone laggy and reboot couple times, so flash it back to stock kernel that came with the rom. No issue so far.

    I have flashed this ROM a few times and ran into issues at first and I’ve to wipe everything in the wipe section of TWRP cache, factory reset, system using TWRP. Start fresh and I didn’t get any issue since. Try to disable ripple effect on the lock screen if your phone is laggy.

  3. chadman says:

    Holy smokes! This is one crazy crashfest for me. Not sure what’s going on but by 717 hates this ROM. It take 5 minutes to boot and crashes at random like crazy.

  4. Craszh says:

    You should use TWRP I think it’s much better and see instruction above. I think CWM not that good for flashing jb rom.

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi I installed this rom and my phone gets a poor reception how could I fix that

  6. user says:

    One alternative to going to a new kernel and overclocking is using the stock kernel, but run System Tuner Pro or some other tool and jack up the governor. My Note 1 was running super slow – sometimes taking 20 seconds to dial the phone after picking a contact. I backed up, ran factory restore, upgraded to 4.1.2, rooted and changed the governor to Performance. It locks cpu0 to 1.2GHz minimum so it is always ready. It looks like cpu1 kicks in faster. Only gets warm when doing lots of graphics. Battery life is a little less, but still good. Now it runs snappy and I’m totally stock.

  7. Abhishek says:

    When I installed it a few days ago(directly from XDA site), I saw that there was no option to customize the network type(eg force 2G, or force 3G, or force LTE) . It appears that ATT has removed this options from almost all of it’s recent ROMS(including note2). This is a deal-breaker for me.
    At my home, I have wifi and scanty 3G signal, but perfect 2G signal. Even after I turn on wifi on phone, the dumb ROM tries to connect to the 3G network and the voice call quality is bad

  8. Dave says:

    Needs a serious fix for Rogers users in Canada. My phone is useless; it wont connect to the Rogers network.
    Max, Bueller, anyone!!!!!!

  9. fizul says:

    for the rogers galaxy note my phone wont read my sim card and i dont get any bars and its also really laggy

  10. craszh says:

    LOL WOW!! this is like the slowest JB ROM I know or just my note? Only getting 2457 and 2500 tested twice on Quadrant test and 6083 on AnTuTu. WOW, but at lease I’m getting battery life over 16 hours that should make it up. I guess this is ok since I don’t usually stay long with one ROM anyways since I discover Max’s website and learn how to root and flash ROMs now I am so high on android and flasholic. Hope the next ROM do better than this one though. For some reason I don’t find JB ROMs any better than ICS beside the name. LOL

    Thanks MAX!

  11. rothrube says:

    I am having problems with connecting to straight talk. It uses AT&T network but I don’t show any bars at all. I did the APN settings and can get 4g signal and make calls (it shows no bars) some times, but then it will drop out and lose the 4g data and lose connectivity to make phone calls and not be able to make calls. it never says I have any bars but can make calls sometimes.

    Any solutions?

    • rothrube says:

      Same problem as Rob Smith I get on and off the cellular network constantly and never get a bar on the screen.

  12. Rob Smith (Milestone) says:

    Great Rom and with Phase Kernal….except…..I’m in Canada using Bell. Seems that my Note is dropping and connecting to cellular data on and off…..back and forth. Anyone else getting this or know the repair? Thanks in advance from up North!!

  13. Rob Smith (Milestone) says:

    See people talking about modem fixes…where might I get these? Please drop me a link…if this will fix my dropping off cellular network on and off on and off…

  14. David Bratton says:

    Data connections drops every few min. Are there any fixes for AT&T? This may be a stupid question but this is the first ROM I have installed where I flashed a Kernal. If I go to another ROM, does that replace the Phase Kernal?

  15. Robert Hargis says:

    Yep, I’m losing network connectivity too. I love this ROM, but must be able to make calls. I’ll be looking for a fix.

    • David Bratton says:

      Side note which is troubling me. I tried flashing to various other ROMs which had worked for me in the past and I have the same issue. Did a system restore, wiped cache and system. I even tried the Darkside Wipe and I now have same issue on all ROMs. Wonder if the Phase Kernal did something??

      • Craszh says:

        Did you try install it without the phase kernel? For me every time I installed the phase kernel I had problem. Wipe everything again and reflash rom. BTW I’m using i717 with tmobile, but that shouldn’t matter.

        • robert says:

          yes. nothing changed in the area of connectivity. the modem used is the same one on both ROMs, that hasn’t changed. I actually went in and installed my ‘old’ modem after the padawan/phase install and nothing changed.

          Now that I have returned to my ICS ROM, my Home button no longer works. I get the haptic and light feedback, just doesn’t function.

  16. curomlo says:

    Thanks, craszh! Those are some good tips.

  17. Woods says:

    I updated without the phase kernel using TWRP recovery, and the Darkside reset and I am having no problems. I always fear messing with the kernel so I did not do that part.

    • chadman says:

      Same here – I thought I was ok with the kernel, but then I started getting the boot loops again, so did same as you and is working great so far.

  18. Reree says:

    Please help same problem drop connectivity every few minutes. Who can help with this I have tried everything. I really like this rom but if I cant use my phone to make calls why have the phone. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  19. olepainless says:

    Same, no connectivity.

  20. craszh says:

    For those of you having problem with signal which carrier are you with AT&T or Tmobile? Also is the modem you having trouble with is UCMD3? I am using i717 on Tmobile and both modems works for me, but I flashed the blaze modem (i think it from ICS) that i got long time ago from Max and it works for me on Tmobile. I got a better signal than the UCMD3 modem that is why I flashed the blaze modem instead. The only problem is my signal bar is showing no signal, but it show the icon 4g or E depend where I am at. With the blaze modem I often get the 4g indoor at my work and hardly E tested too and it is 4g not just some icon looking good on the status bar. Hope this help if you on Tmobile. Can’t say for AT&T user since I use Tmobile.

    • craszh says:

      Also just want to add battery on this rom is awesome on my phone tested out 3 days already and getting over 16 – 20 hours for me. At first the rom drain a lot, but after let it drain all the way and recharged it a few cycle the battery life is just awesome.

      • Abhishek says:

        Hi Crash,
        Could you please do me a favor by checking whether the settings menu has options to select the network type? Typically, such settings are in Settings->Wireless&Networks(more)->Mobile Networks as:
        Use only 2G networks
        Network mode: has bunch of options like LTE/WCDMA, LTE/GSM/WCDMA

        • craszh says:

          nope not with this rom i don’t see it. under mobile networks is data roaming, access point names and network operators.

          • David Bratton says:


            I know this isn’t an answer to the data drop issue with Padawan JB, but after trying numerous things such as
            1) Resetting to factory
            2) Wiping all cache
            3) Using TWRP to flash another ROM (Padawan ICS, Liquid JB)
            4) Tried running Darkside Wipe multiple times

            I finally used ODIN and flashed back to stock ATT. Modem problem was fixed. Just went back to JellyBam and appears to be fine as well.

  21. olepainless says:

    I’m on AT&T I717. As far as modem version, no clue where to find that info. Phone was fine running an old ROM I got last year on this site.

  22. olepainless says:

    Think I found it. UCLE2 sound right?

    • craszh says:

      the modem UCMD3 not work for you? i thought it work for both AT&T and Tmobile. Modem UCLE2 i am not sure since i am on Tmobile. sorry

    • olepainless says:

      I never had it. If it was suppose to install with the rom, it never did.

  23. Reree says:

    ATT and my current modem is UCLF6, where can i download another modem?

  24. Finally Works! says:

    Robert Hargis:
    Thanks craszh, I have mine working. I have the Padawan ROM, Phase Kernel and the i717UCMD3 modem (downloaded here ) I can see the bars, I am maintaining network connection and the bonus is that my HOME capacitive button works again. I am one happy dude.

    Thank you everybody – I can only hope this works for everyone who is experiencing this problem.

  25. Reree says:

    please download ucmd3 modem and flash that onto your phone. here is the link solved

  26. Rob Smith (Milestone) says:

    Still having Data issues with this ROM. Tried everything and still keeps dropping and connecting every few mins. I have went back to a backup of PadawanICS and no problem with data network at all. Hey max if you hear of a fix please let us know brother!!! Thanks in advance!

    • rothrube says:

      found the solution that works for me. craszh is right you need the modem the modem UCMD3. here is my source

      the download link

      recovery install then wipe dalvich and cache, restart it will ask to try to fix SU don’t do that, let it reboot. go back into recovery fix permisions and you should see bars.

      • rothrube says:

        It works for me. no data drop outs. I didn’t do the phase kernal thing.

        • Rube says:

          For the data and conectivity issue you need modem UCMD3 search for it on the xda developers fourm.

          I posted the links to download earlier but I guess they got removed.

          you can also read the fourm about the padawan jb rom for more info.

          • Rube says:

            mediafire dot com/?ohc4odtdve60alo

            • Robert says:

              so i flash the rom and i was vahind troubles with getting the service, so this modem patch fix the problem.i can send receive sms mms, etc, si just on test speed the internet is not faster than 2-3 mb what the flip is there any trick how to flash this thing!?! please any advise

              • rube says:

                i used twrp. wiped davic cache and cache. installed modem. restarted. I don’t remember if it asked to fix root or not. don’t do it if it asks. once it restarted I went back into twrp wiped the two caches one more time and then went into fix permissions and restarted. all has been golden since then.

              • Craszh says:

                I am using i717 on tmobile and I don’t get good signal on the modem came with it, but I flash the blaze modem and I am getting 5-13mb speed test depending where I am at. I even get this speed inside building I’m working at. Only one minor problem the signal bar doesn’t show any bar, but it does show H most of the time. Give that a try if you don’t mind the zero signal bar.

                • Justin says:

                  Craszh – how do I do that? I don’t know how to or where to find how to flash a modem.

                  • craszh says:

                    Hi Justin,
                    you can download blaze modem from here, click on the button at the top “GALAXY NOTE I717 HACKS” and it should take you to Max other video on how to enable 4g and there are 3 modems there. I use the Blaze modem because it is the fastest one for me on Tmobile. Download it and restart your phone to recovery screen and install it. hope this help

    • ree says:

      Try wipe data reset , cache n system (if on cmw go to mount) if u got the same issue then Try darkside wipe….coz I got the similar issue b4… its great now

  27. Rob Smith (Milestone) says:

    I tried the stock 4.1.2 as well and it drops….on a Bell Canada i717 it drops as well….but the Padawan ICS works great go figure?

    Hey Maxwell, if at all possible seems that it is a little issue with a few here….if you can wave a magic wand and get a fix posted it would be so appreciated as your damn right this is a excellent ROM……if only we could use our phones as phones it would be perfect!! Thanks brother for all that you do..!!!!

  28. olepainless says:

    went to padawan 8. Works perfectly. Strong signal.

  29. Kevin says: people with no signal just copy and paste this link and u can download the right modem for the rom and it will fix your problem

  30. Dwangs says:

    Hey I have tried the rom ran pretty smooth until i tried to run the magic jack app and it kept freezing the phone had to go back to the ICS rom haven’t tried the stock version yet but will see. i liked the pdwan roms there clean and to the point hopefully the could fix this issue and i get to try it agian

  31. Will says:

    This ROM is great! It is zippy, with no crashes so far. Something that other ROMs (about four or five from this site, including JellyBAM) have not been able to deliver for me. After a day of use, I love it, and the battery life is pretty decent. I’m also happy to finally have my S-Note etc. back on a JellyBean ROM. I did have a couple of issues with it at first, it wouldn’t flash, and kept failing in TWRP, but once I restored to my original ICS software, which i still had a backup of, the install was easy. I also ran into the connectivity issue that many of you had (on ATT). Rube’s advice worked wonders, after flashing the UCMD3 modem he posted above, my signal came back stronger than ever before. It also fixed my issue with receiving MMS messages, something I had had a problem with across two different android phones in the past year. ATT kept telling me my phone was broken, which I knew was bull, however I had never thought to flash a different modem to fix the issue.

  32. Will says:

    By the way, I never flashed the Phase Kernel. I didn’t think it was necessary, and thought it might cause issues, I was right I really didn’t need the overclocked kernel.

  33. Rob Smith (Milestone) says:

    As Rube stated….. after flashing the UCMD3….all was excellent with connectivity via cell Data!!! Right on Rube you kick!! Have had no large issues and all is running slick as well as safe in saying the best JB ROM to date!! Once and awhile I find it a little sluggish….but once you stat using it again the device is ok. Thanks again all and of course for Max making us all possible here…… Rock on fellow ROMer’s!!

  34. Robert says:

    Do u guys notice a connectivity speed lost with this UCMD3 modem flash!?!? Cause I just drop from 12-14 mb to not even 3mb

    • Will says:

      Not at all. Actually my speeds are better 14658kbps download and 14738 upload on average, that’s on LTE.

      • rube says:

        I get faster speeds with this modem than when I had padawan 8 installed. I am using straight talk so I don’t get the 14mbps. I was only getting 3mbps now I am getting 7mbps. but for the price I am paying for phone service I can’t complain.

        Robert I have read on the xda forum that some people were having your issue and they flashed an older rom. the new rom works for me so i didn’t bother reading more on the subject. I am sorry I don’t have any other suggestions. I don’t know which rom might work for you.

  35. wil says:

    so the UCMD3 modem in the rom is different than the UCMD3 modem found somewhere else? I’ve been waiting until I get home to use this rom. Any one have a good idea of how to get all your apps back on the phone if you have a lot of them? My problem is that when using ti backup I run out of space before it finishes and I’m not sure how many to load before I run apps2sd. any help would e appreciated. I emailed ti backup and Ihave not gotten a response yet.

  36. I love this custom rom and I have to say I had trouble at first but it worked itself out through my trial and error. I love it to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Raymond says:

    I’m Having a Ploblem with my note, It is turning on and off like crazy and don’t pass the boot logo, I’ve tried diferent roms but still the same, I used Darkside Super Wipe But still the same, it start happened whe I tried to recover my IMEI… Any Fix Plz.. thx :/

  38. Dave says:

    Just want to say thanks to everyone for posting their issues regarding the modem and mp3 play back.
    Thanks to all the comments I am running problem free. You all rock!

  39. shan says:

    I am using wind on a telus i717d, after I flash the rom, the sim card is no longer working==. I flashed several radios, but the phone still can’t find sim card.

    before flashing this new ron, the phone is flashed with a Pandawan rom and a radio for HSPA+, and it worked, the problem is I don’t know which one I used.

  40. nick says:

    Hey for some reason i downloaded this rom and when i pull the battery out to put in my other one it freezes at the blue samsung boot screen ive tried rebooting and wiping everything idk whats wrong with the romm

  41. Craszh says:

    I’ve tried a few times with phase kernel always getting problem, restore back to original workout the phase kernel with blaze modem and work like a champ.

  42. David says:

    I’m new to the whole flashing thing but have already done it three times. I am loving my OG note all over again. Must say that Padwan is probably the best ROM tried Revolt, SlimBean. Padwan is good but not sure about overclocking any issues besides heating up? I know on the HP touch pad that was an issue… Yes i got 3 during the fire sale 🙂

  43. Pollirox79 says:

    Any body know a fix for the Music player ? I installed 3 or 4 different ones it just wont do ,Everything else is perfect data, smoothness,battery life improved big time! just my music won’t play any help is appreciated 🙂

  44. olepainless says:

    Flashed with UCMD3 and all is well with the connectivity, however I have a white ball that follows my finger around when I drag it on the screen and it also pops up wherever I touch the screen. Does anyone know how to get rid of it, its annoying the shit out of me

  45. Roger Hooker says:

    Seems like a cool ROM. I would like to check it out more but at boot it picks up my T-Mobile and drops it within a few seconds. Also, it does seem to be a bit glitchy but with no phone signal I didn’t try to correct the problem. I live in New Mexico and I’m trying to find a ROM that gives me the best data speed and coverage possible. This one certainly needs to be tweaked in that regard.

  46. garrett says:

    Does anyone know how to ,make music play… It tells me that it couldnt play the tract requested

    • Craszh says:

      Read the third post down from the beginning.

    • pollirox79 says:

      I had the same issue with the music I downloaded the full Version of Power Amp that got rid of that problem I is like 4 bucks, now if You want walkman and all the other players to play Your tracks You have to edit a couple of files with RootExplorer is also 4 bucks Scroll down to System is right below sd card ,storage and Sys click on System , and then build.prop and look for these two files
      lpa.decode=false <~~~ this one is gonna say true change it to false
      lpa.use-stagefright=false <~~~~ same thing is gonna say true just change it to false

      Make sure You open the build prop in text editor that way You can erase what it says and modify it with the new values save and exit reboot and You should be DONE

  47. James Abraham says:

    I went to download and ads took over my computer .
    Dont you have control over your download post.

  48. Jonathan says:

    For the most part, I enjoy this rom. Having a few issues though. It seems as if the Google Play Music app isn’t working properly. If I have it set to cache songs, the next time I try to play the song it says it has an error with playback of this track. But if I don’t cache them, and have it download the track each time, it works. Is there a fix to this?

    Also, I don’t like the stock keyboard. I use SWIFTKEY instead. Every time I reboot my phone, it sets the Samsung Keyboard as the default keyboard again. I’ve not had this problem with any other roms. Anyone know of a fix for this?

  49. cratediggin says:

    So far so good with this rom. running smoother and better so far

  50. chino antinio says:

    Hi, i am having trouble installing this rom and other roms on my at&t sgh-i717 using cwm. I have tried Resetting to factory , Wiping all cache, and using darkside to format everything. am i doing something wrong? i dont know i need help on this one.

    • craszh says:

      Hi i think you should try to use TWRP to flash this ROM instead. I don’t think CWM is good to flash JB Roms i’ve seen too many people having problem using CWM to flash JB Roms.

  51. brandon says:

    I just installed the ROM I wiped everything also using twrp Im getting little to no reception at all

  52. pratik says:

    This rom is just awesome!!! smooth like butter. . THE BEST ROM TILL DATE FOR THIS Phone!
    hav a big issue of nt able to connect my phone to pc.
    No 3G/4G/2G option!

  53. pollirox79 says:

    For some reason my phone is dropping the signal to EDGE after days of 4g only I don’t know if it’s a problem in the my area of if it’s just my phone I just flashed blaze modem cuz that was the one giving me stronger signal on T-mobile but did the same think started on 4g only and all of a sudden dropped to FULL TIME EDGE .
    Do ya’ll know if the rom has been updated to a newer version. ?

  54. Lasi says:

    Hi Max,
    Do you know any methods could fix the issue when I upgrade from ICS to JB 4.1.2. the storage/sdcard became storage/sdcard0 … That cause the external_sd no longer exist, and the storage/external_sd became storage/external_sd0. The phone could not see all my files or folder in mircoSD card?
    anyone has experiment of this issue?

  55. Craszh says:

    New version just came out yesterday 5/31 and it’s way better with over clock too.

  56. Craszh says:

    New version just came out yesterday 5/31 with oc too.

  57. Craszh says:

    New version just came out yesterday and it’s way better with oc too.

  58. Wil says:

    Anyone tried the Padawan JB 2 ROM?

    • Gary Yun says:

      I tried Padawan JB v2 in my GT-N7005 with Roger modem CWM XLA2. Still monitoring as I got system backup.

  59. Terry says:

    is there a way to turn off the battery icon that scrolls at the very top of the screen from left to right when the battery is charging. it also shows the battery status in color when not charging?

  60. Gary Yun says:

    I tried this Padawan JB2 very laggy & phone modem not working

    • Gary Yun says:

      I’m using Galaxy Note 4G LTE GT-N7005 with CWM Recovery in Singapore. I re-installed the ROM & Phase kernel then followed by Roger modem CWM XLA2. Everything is fine except got whole phone hanged twice during reboot. After whole phone hanged, I need to go Recovery mode manually to restore whole system with the backup I prepared before.
      Hi Max, would it be alright/safe to install JellyBam 4.2.2 + Phase kernel?

      • Gary Yun says:

        To install Padawan Jelly Bean ROM v2 onto Galaxy Note 4G LTE GT-N7005
        1. reboot into recovery.
        2. wipe data/factory reset, cache partition & Dalvik Cache.
        3. install the ROM with appropriate modem & system apps selected.
        4. after completion, click “NO” to go back to Recovery mode.
        5. install Phase kernel for overclocking to 1.836GHz.
        6. install Roger modem CWM XLA2 for Galaxy Note 4G LTE GT-N7005.
        7. reboot & enjoy Padawan Jelly Bean v2 + Phase kernel 1.836GHz.

        • Gary Yun says:

          Still have phone hanged issue during reboot. May consider to add one more step “system reformat” before ROM flashing.

          • Gary Yun says:

            I switched to AoCP ROM with much better result.
            Support Chinese
            Can overclock to 1.836GHz
            Apps running smooth but battery draining a bit fast.
            Will try uXylon later

  61. ivan says:

    just a question. to install rom padawan jelly bean, I need to spend the entire zip file or do I unzip it?

  62. LongHairDaddy says:

    Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so I messed around with a few ROMs after my first flash experience and after about 7 different ROMs including the Black Jelly, I have to say this is incredible. I haven’t had a single issue and I realized today that I’ve had this ROM on here since the semester started in August….. Fukking rad.

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