Padawan JB ROM v2 for Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [AT&T/Bell/Rogers/Telus]

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For this week’s AT&T Note SGH-i717 ROM of the week, check out update version 2 of Padawan Jelly Bean ROM.

Latest update adds cool stuff like Android 4.2 Photosphere camera, dedicated Jedi ROM Tricks app, Phase Kernel with overclocking support up to 1.836Ghz, pop-up browser, and some more.

Padawan JB ROM now also ships with an AROMA installer so you can choose between AT&T, Bell, Rogers, or Telus modem. You also have a choice between stock, 5×5 or 5×6 TouchWiz launcher.

With Jedi Rom Tricks app, you will be able to customize your battery bar, enable Xposed App Settings (see full tutorial on that here), enable LMT Pie launcher (see full tutorial on that here), fix GPS with Faster Fix GPS, enable Fast Dormancy/Seeder, and some more.

For kernel, the latest Padawan JB ROM now ships with its own custom Phase kernel along with Trickster MOD app which you can use to overclock your phone up to 1.836Ghz for super-fluid performance.

Certainly, Padawan JB ROM is the best TouchWiz-based ROM you can run on your SGH-i717 and if you haven’t tried the latest version, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download Padawan JB ROM for Galaxy Note SGH-i717

To install, reboot into recovery, wipe data/factory reset (unless coming from stock Jelly Bean ROM), install ROM, install kernel, and reboot.

If having boot problems, try installing Super Darkside Wipe first then re-install ROM.

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to developer or hit “Thanks” on XDA if you like it, thx!

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110 Responses to Padawan JB ROM v2 for Galaxy Note SGH-i717! [AT&T/Bell/Rogers/Telus]

  1. Wil says:

    I did a reinstall after getting everything going becasue I forgot to follow thier 1st rule and I started messing with the phone as soon as the ROM was loaded. This time I let it sit and it seems to have helped. I also chose the ATT modem insted of using my previous modem and that seemd to help too. I do have to confess to not knowing too much about the Trickster stuff so I guess I will be doing some googleing today. So far it is not a huge departure from the V8 and V9. There are some cosmetic diffreences and the file system is different in JB than in ICS so my file locations were different in ES file manager and ACT1 video player. It is not quite the shock that CM10 was when going from V8 or V9 padawan ICS to JB. The installer is the best I have seen, it lets you choose what apps to install as system apps and felt very grown up and professional. I have not been disappointed by the guys that create padawan so far this one seems like no exception.

    • Mike says:

      My experience has been pretty much the same. I haven’t hated my phone so badly in a very long time. The unresponsiveness of this ROM is total garbage. I’ve tried so many things to get rid of resource hogs but I’m at a loss. I was running this ROM while attending Comic-Con last week/weekend – it was horrible. I had the same phone last year and was happy. The difference? I was running GB instead of JB. The only way I was able to get anything accomplished was to hard reboot the phone or use my work phone which is an iPhone 5. The Samsung JB build and this ROM variation for the SGH-i717 have made me seriously consider switching to WP8.

      • Mike says:

        And don’t even get me started on the GPS lock issues. I’ve pried open the case and done the hardware fix twice now and it never improves the signal for more than a a couple days. Bad software and bad hardware is a very bad combination. Kind of over Samsung right now.

  2. Ray says:

    well im very disappointed cause I tried to install a custom rom on my note i717 and they don’t work always mess my phone I get stuck on the boot animation,i follow all the steps including installing super wipe and nothing happened,i want to trie out this rom so bad but I cant please some body help me how to install this rom thanks in advance

    • grl says:

      Can you detail the process you’re doing? If I know what you’re doing exactly, it will be easier for me to help you.

      • Ray says:

        I download the zip file with the rom, I copy it to my external sd, then I reboot to cwm and I click in factory data reset then I click on wipe cache, I install the rom then I follow all the steps on the rom, at the end I chose reboot now and I still waiting for like 1 hour the phone its just stuck on the boot animation samsung it going on and off but nothing happend

        • grl says:

          Have you tried running the darkside wipe? That helped me out a lot.

          • dasound says:

            I have tried the Darkside wipe and also did the FULL reset, wipe and ALL.. Tried the whole waiting and all, it ALWAYS says ‘SUCCESSFUL’ on wipe and install.. But, then gets stuck at the ATT Logo screen. I LOVE Padawan and would like to upgrade to v2 of JB.. Unable to!! HELP, if possible.

            • Dylajani says:

              Try re downloading the Rom.
              Sometimes its as simple as a bad original download.

            • Ian Larson says:

              Mine actually did the same thing 2 installs in a row. For whatever reason I decided to just press the back button on the phone, and it jumped into the “Set up your phone” menu. It’s worked fine ever since.

        • pollirox79 says:

          I have never cleaned the cache , I do factory data reset and then on mounts and storage wipe system and boom! Good to go once it starts it takes You straight to the Aroma Installer .

      • Gordon says:

        I need some help i have rooted my phone and when i try to copy and paste the rom into my sd card it says it cant but i can put anything eles there just no the rom zips

        • Joe says:

          You can always take the card out of the phone and put it in any reader and transfer what you want to, then put back in the phone and run with it.

          I have been running the ROM for at least a couple of weeks now. I have had serveral problems but they haven’t been the ROM’s fault, I don’t think. Since it has CPU speed control built into it if you try to use another cpu controller they will clash and you will get horrible lag. The same holds true for power savers, they work backwards. When they should be offloading programs they start every program you have installed.

          Get rid of any program that tryes to save battery or any overclockers and you will likely, like me be happy.

          I do have problems. I’m running the I717 but I run on T-Mobile instead of AT&T. I love their plans and their helpers. They all seem to like the customer and try to be helpful. Anyway, my problem is that I can’t get full speed out of the radios. The only one that works at all is one of the radios that came with the Padawan 2 download, the AT&T radio, the first one on the list. It gives very good Edge service, I can clock about 150 K with edge. Ocassionally, in one part of town it will see a 4G that screams, I mean like 22Meg, twice as fast as my home system. I had 4G on my original OS and installed the Blaze Modem on it and got wonderful speeds, probably should have left well enough alone. I would really like to have my 4 G back all the time. It only works in very few places now, here are the modems I’ve tried:

          KJ3 Telus
          KJ7 Rogers
          SGH-T989D_TLMC4. . . .from blaze
          and UCLD2-Radio_RIL_I727UCLD2

          If anybody knows any other radios I could try I would love to see them.

          Just so you know how much I like this ROM, I’m running it even though I lost my 4G, I’m running it on edge which most of the time is closer to running like the old 56k modems.

    • pollirox79 says:

      Where exactly are You getting stuck .? Is the Rom about 822 MB .? I was finally able to download the right file after 3 days of trying .I flashed mine successfully last nite .

  3. garrett says:

    How do you get the 4.2 camera and keyboard to work? I install them but nothing happens
    Plz help

  4. Ray says:

    Thanks guys finally got it i install the Darkside wipe and i reinstall the rom lime 2 times after that it takes like 10 minutes to reboot and boom got it everything works good i love it only problem is i dont have live wallpapers i dont know why if somebody know how to fixit let me know please thanks in advance

  5. Ray says:

    Yeah,i dont know why but i tried before to flash others padawan roms even the latest one with the kernel and the same thing happend but this time i install the Darkside wipe and i flash the rom like 2 times and after that finally gotit but how i said i cant find no were the live wall papers πŸ™

  6. rick says:

    how do you fix the news ticker after this rom

    • Mike says:

      I was able to get it working again by restoring 4 apps via Titanium Backup which I backed up from the Samsung official build. These were:

      1. News Daemon(EUR) 121123.02
      2. Stock Daemon(EUR) 121116.01
      3. Yahoo! Finance 121122.01
      4. Yahoo! News

      Restoring these allowed me to enter the ticker options in settings without it crashing on me.

  7. Ree says:

    I’ve been using Padawan roms for awhile a now and updated to this rom … its flawless on my at&t g-note running tmobile. Flashed this rom on CWM no problem just follow instruction…. got live wall paper working great n etc…..blah blah…n max thank you…

  8. Ross says:

    Did a Darkside wipe then installed the ROM, flawless so far, and all the s-pen functiinality. Owerclocked and smooth as silk. Great job Padawan team and thanks Max for all the great reviews!

    • Ross says:

      LOL Overclocked….

    • Ross says:

      LOL… functionality…. my fingers are too fast for this keyboard! Side note, a bit of lag here and there, but nothing like the ATT official JB. I tried turning on fast dormancy in tools, but that seemed to cause me more lag problems so I turned it back off. Still think this is a great ROM even after 5 days!

  9. garrett says:

    The 4.2 camera won’t install and I can’t get the 5×6 launcher iether help me max

  10. rick says:

    ok once again. how do you fix the news ticker after this rom

  11. Robert says:

    Can anyone please help, I have wiped my note with tha Darkside to clean it then reinatall the Padawan rom and it gets stuck after it reboots looking for the gps to share location or not, I hit finish and it never goes past that.

    Any ideas would be appreciated

  12. Robert says:

    This time it seems to be in boot loop !

  13. Dylajani says:

    Stuck in Boot Loop or Boot Logo at Start up.

    This can be fixed usually by going into the Stock Boot Recovery.
    * Hold volume up/down and power button at the same time
    * Release Power button when phone vibrates
    ** Release volume buttons once in Recovery**
    * Wipe Data and Factory Reset
    * Reboot System
    That is what i had to do when i upgraded to 4.1.2. The phone would get stuck at the ATT boot logo and not move. So i did the above steps and got it to work.

    • Max says:

      Sorry try fresh reinstall, wipe data/factory reset, then reinstall.

      • Huzaifa says:

        hi can you give me the original black and blue wallpaper for padowan v2, my dad liked it but i accedently changed it. i would be really appreciated if you can

  14. Bee says:

    I can’t seem to get this rom to work. I’ve wiped and reinstalled a bunch of times but my phone always ends up in a boot loop. I’ve tried everything suggested above. I’m about to give up and go back to the older version of this rom. Can anyone offer any help?

    • Dylajani says:

      IF you end up in a Boot Loop. Take out the battery and power the phone back up in recovery mode.
      * DO a factory reset and wipe the Cache again.

      If nothing works try Downloading the Rom again. Maybe there was an error in the original download. I also had the problem once. Good Luck.

      • Bee says:

        I downloaded the rom again and started the process over and it worked! So, apparently, there was an error with my download. Thank you for the suggestion!

  15. Del says:

    hey zedomax,

    I love your rom reviews **two thumbs up**

    I have a question for you… i just installed this rom (padawan v2) on my ATT note (i717). I love the rom, however i did notice something about this rom and maybe you can help me with it… at the very top where the notifications are, there is this annoying white line that goes across at the top screen about half way? did your note have that same white line at the top?? Do you know how to get rid of this line?? heres a few pics i took so you can see what i mean…


  16. Robert says:

    Max, is there anyway to get the slow motion camera feature on the note 1 it is working on the note 2.

  17. canadiansdontsayaboot says:

    There is only one camera – and its not the 4.2 one. Any ideas?

  18. Robert says:

    I installed a previous version of Padiwan after I completed a complete restore with odin and then installed Padawan_v2 and let it wipe the phone and it worked ( whew Tough one to install ) I recomend much just stay with it and it wil work,

  19. Robert says:

    Is there an update to get the new Note 2 player to work on the Note 1 it would be nice to get the slow motion player on my Note.

  20. Jason says:

    I love this rom, only thing is it is very laggy. How do I fix this

    • Ross says:

      Make sure you don’t have fast dormancy enabled, that made mine very laggy. Also make sure you go kick it up to 1.8ghz, that makes it run nicely and with minimal lag. I have not noticed any heat issues running at that speed, and the battery drain is not too bad.

  21. jason says:

    I love this rom, the only problem I have with it is it’s so laggy. how do I fix this. Great rom, keep up the good work.

    • John says:

      Very very laggy, used to love padawan’s ROM but with this one ohh god…I first decided to switch to it because all the 4.2.2 ROMs were unstable(phone restart, USB connection freezes the phone)…I’m back to avatar(battery killer) but that’s the best I found so far. Padawam looked nice when I installed it but man this was frustrating…hope they come out with a 4.2.2 more stable.

      • Jason says:

        I never had any problems with v8. This 1 worked ok for a little bit. Now super laggy.

        • Jason says:

          Is there a lag fix for this rom?

          • Ross says:

            Make sure you don’t have fast dormancy enabled, that made mine very laggy. Also make sure you go kick it up to 1.8ghz, that makes it run nicely and with minimal lag. I have not noticed any heat issues running at that speed, and the battery drain is not too bad.

            • Sheree C says:

              How do I kick it up to 1.8ghz?

              • Ross says:

                Sorry just saw this, I tried to do it in the Trickster mod, but it kept resetting back to default, so I downloaded ROM Toolbox Pro and set it in there – and it stayed at that setting. In ROM Toolbox Pro go to: Performance, CPU Sliders. Run it up to 1836MHZ and change the governor to performance. I left the I/O scheduler on noop. You should also enable Seeder from the Jedi ROM Tricks app with all three options checked and “light” on the RNG Service. Be sure to turn it on. Sorry it took so long to get back to you! Ross

  22. Joseph Kraig says:

    I look forward to your emails, I always stop what I’m doing and check them out. They are more than entertaining, thank you and keep it up.

    I’m very interested in this latest ROM and am tempted to give it a try, I do have a concern however. I have the SGH-i717 variant of the Note 1, I love it. It was an AT&T phone that I bought from Craigs list when I accidently ran over my old phone with my tractor. Anyway, I was on T-Mobile. I used it on T-Mobile just on edge for a while then I saw that there were radios I could download to give me 4G. The second one I tried worked great with speeds of up to 22 mb’s.

    My question, will my radios work with this new ROM? Are there other radios that someone knows that will work with my variant and T-Mobile and the Padawan Jelly Bean ROM? Please tell me there is.

    Thanks all

  23. Chad says:

    I love this rom. Great stuff, but I’m having a small problem. I’ve had this issue in both Blackstar X and Padawan ics rom from a while back. Everything seems to be working flawlessly, except at times it’s like I’ve dropped off the network, because I’ll miss calls and texts, but only sometimes and my phone is always showing all bars when this happens. Can anyone recommend an app specifically to fix this signal issue or another fix that might work. When I installed this rom I chose to leave the radio as it was and not to flash something new, because I was coming from stock this time and it was working flawlessly. Thanks in advance.

  24. Vouda says:

    I am getting stuck after boot on Google Location Services. Checked/unchecked after I hit finish, it just freezes. All I show is a depressed finish button. I had a working Rom and found it a bit laggy and after reinstalling it after using Darkside Wipe, I get this. Please help.

  25. Derek says:

    ROM seems to work fine… but, my GPS doesn’t work. Also, my signal bars are blank all of the time.. but I am able to make and receive calls like normal. I have the ICS Blaze radio installed. Any suggestions on fixing these items?

  26. Ed says:

    Simply horrible. To achieve a successfull instalation it was a process. Once it was done, now the pone is very very slow. I simple unrooted the pone, got back to stock ICS and rooted again going to HYFR y icsblaze for Tmo frequencies.

  27. Joseph Kraig says:

    The ROM seems to be great. I don’t see any bad battery problems that Juice Defender can’t handle. The ROM seems to run on my AT&T I717 phone running on T-Mobile, but, I can’t find a modem that will do anything except EDGE (2G). I have tried each of the modems that are in the Padawan Zip file, I also downloaded several the Blaze_4G_LB7_ICS, the SGH-T989D_TLMC4_amss_from_blaze, the Telus_SGH-T989D_Kj3_radio_ATTNOTE, the Tmo_SGH-T989_KID_radio_ATTNOTE, and the Tmo_SGH-T989_VKL1_radio_ATTNOTE. None of them give me the very fast LTE speeds I used to have.

    The ROM has a lot of lovely features but I don’t want to do without my high speed service now that I’m used to it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know of any other radios I might try?


    • Joseph Kraig says:

      I’ve enjoyed the jellybean ROM on my AT&T I 717 running on T-Mobile but I have not been able to find a modem that will utilize the 4G LTE speeds that my phone can use. So I have gone back to the Padawan Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. I was able to download one of the Blazes modems, the ICS blaze as a matter of fact and it works very nicely on my Padawan ICS . If someone knows of a modem that works at high speed on the AT&T variant of the Samsung galaxy note (first model) running on T-Mobile please let me know, I would be very happy to go back to the Jellybean that I just took off.
      The Jellybean ROM is so nice that I actually considered staying with it and only running on Edge, but the first few times I was out and away from my Wi-Fi and needed to download something I got disappointed in the 2G or edge speeds. I guess jellybean will just have to wait. I’m just spoiled.

  28. oscar_v says:

    Loved it but lags a lot on my phone went with beanstalk ROM.

  29. Jobby says:

    What about the multi window feature with this ROM? I see there’s a toggle button for it but when I turn it on, nothing…. I try to play around and see if I can get some kind of multi window action going on but to no avail…

  30. Left my i{hone at home says:

    the only complaint i have, is that i was using the original padawan and had no problem with storage. this one puts all apps and updates into the device memory (2gig) while ignoring the much larger usb storage. before i had a bunch of apps, now i have just a few and im getting the “insufficient storage” message. driving me nuts because i love this v2. i need to figure this out or ill be returning to a super stock version of the official update, and i really dont want to do that.

  31. JStalman says:

    I installed this ROM yesterday over a stock ROM. They phone works great with the exception of my reception. I don’t have any. My wife will have full bars on her stock S III and I will have nothing. Any Ideas? We are on the AT&T network.

    • Left my iphone at home says:

      did you choose the right modem for your phone? my phone is now on par with my wifes s3 in terms of reception.

      • JStalman says:

        Where or how do I do that?

        • Left my iPhone at home says:

          It’s in the options you have to select when you are about to flash the Rom

          • JStalman says:

            I did’t get asked any option maybe my ROM is bad? It just installed after I selected install fro SDCard.

            • Left my iPhone at home says:

              Try flashing it again. I chose to wipe mine completely rather than flash on top. The first time I flashed it, I had problems with position sizes, I fixed those, flashed again and everything worked fine.

  32. bird says:

    It’s a piece of shit just like all the other JB roms. Works great for a few days then the random reboots start. Overclocking doesn’t work even tho it says it’s working and the battery dies twice daily. Never again will I buy a first generation device.

  33. Left my iPhone at home says:

    Question for you guys having modem problems – are you not getting the modem choice during the install? Mine has a walkthrough asking which device I have and which modem I want to run.
    As for running problems, I get lag when I’m out and about but I think it’s from the device switching between lte and 3g.

    • JStalman says:

      I did a darkside wipe and re-installed the rom. The darkside wipe cause all sorts of problems. My samsung logo would flash then the at&t logo it did this for hours. I would then do a factory wipe and re-install and the phone would at lest boot. I never got any options for carrier or phone type and I have no idea what aroma is. I did a Odin CWM then installed the ROM files.

      • Left my iPhone at home says:

        Wow, that’s nuts. I flashed mine twice and had to partition the internal sdcard drive before mine would do what I wanted. Thought I bricked it at first though. Scared me. Lol

      • MDavis says:

        Have you tried using TWRP? It seems to work better

    • MDavis says:

      Do a search for the following file and install. resolved the issue for me.

  34. MDavis says:

    I have been using this latest Padawan and have had no issues. when I initially installed I ran into dropping of modem signal but resolved that by downloading a separate modem file. My only problem that I can’t seem to figure out is that I am having an issue with transferring files to my sd card. In particular music files. I even did a full wipe again and reinstalled the rom again but still the same problem. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if so what do you believe can be the problem?

  35. Jim says:

    My experience:
    I was on Padawan v4 ICS for a while and liked it. Then jumped to ParanoidKangDroid for JB which is good, love the features on that rom but I really missed the S-pen features that padawan includes. So gave Padawan v2 a try this past weekend and had SERIOUS lag issues after about a day; total unresponsiveness as well as complete signal loss. Also, the overclock settings would not stick, kept going back to stock 152xx whatever. Probably causing my issues but why do I have to keep resetting it?? So a couple days later, I’m back to PK. I can live with the random reboots more than I can live with the lag. That said, plan on trying again with a darkside wipe and reflash of v2. I will, however, be sticking with the i717UCLF5 modem as opposed to whatever came with this. The signal drop happened to me (AFTER flashing back to PK… it kept the new modem) and my wife thought I was dead because I wasn’t answering calls or texts for 5 hours. 😐

    Lag issues aside, really liked this rom. Will stay tuned for stability improvements!

    • Jim says:

      Oh… also selected the 4.2 camera and something else that was no where to be found when the install completed. That was disappointing.

    • craszh says:

      Did you follow XDA advice? They recommended to first turn on Seeder (open up Jedi ROM Tricks), then check on all 3 boxes. I have my RNG service performance profile on “Light” didn’t touch it. Reboot it that is what I did.

      open up Trickster MOD under SPECIFIC turn off MP-Decision click the check mark icon on top left to apply the setting.

      Under GENERAL tab I have my set to 192000 and max at 1782000 and Frequency Lock turned on.
      click on the check mark icon on the top left again to apply the setting.

      click on the menu button on your phone bottom left and select Set On Boot than restart your phone.

      I have no problem since, hope this help.

      • Jason says:

        I have a question. When I try to lock the frequency, after reboot it goesback to regular settings

        • Ross says:

          I tried to do it in the Trickster mod, but it kept resetting back to default, so I downloaded ROM Toolbox Pro and set it in there – and it stayed at that setting. In ROM Toolbox Pro go to: Performance, CPU Sliders. Run it up to 1836MHZ and change the governor to performance. I left the I/O scheduler on noop. You should also enable Seeder from the Jedi ROM Tricks app with all three options checked and β€œlight” on the RNG Service. Be sure to turn it on.

      • Jim says:

        I didn’t see any of that but only read the OP. Will definitely give it a try, thanks!!

  36. craszh says:

    Google Drive option under setting doesn’t seem to work even turned it on already, photo won’t auto sync. Anyone else have problem with this? I have to use CloudVault app instead to sync my photos.

  37. MDavis says:

    Is anyone else having sd card issues with this rom?

  38. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max,
    In your installation steps, you write install ROM before install kernel, will it be a matter or it doesn’t matter which one go first? I’m very scared because I had made my GT-N7005 into brick before. Now I treat my GT-N7005 to be same hardware & configuration as SGH-i717. Pls adv

  39. Pointdooly says:

    Love Padawan ROM, but this time is really hard to keep…

    Flashed several times to make sure things all worked.
    My known issue
    – Uninstall xposed/module error => Fixed by XposedInstaller_2.1.4.apk
    – Generally fast on right after boot, several hours later it is getting slow.
    – Can’t find 4.2 Photosphere camera even if I select the option
    – By installing separate app( you could try
    – I did not try overclock and setting suggested clock setting.
    – Bluetooth Echo issue => I read somewhere it is CM issue.

    The most Big problem now for me, VERY LOW CALL VOLUME.
    I did not notice until 2nd day(cause I usually call over bluetooth speaker).

    I might try one more flashing with Super Darkside Wipe as the last trial.
    Even I want to keep this ROM, it is really hard to keep at this time.

    Let me know if someone has solution!

  40. Allie Smith says:

    My titanium backup isnt listing my apps, i restored my prior id and all its doing is giving the overview.
    Im using padawan 4 with note2 zip on a samsung galaxy note i717

    • allie smith says:

      i figured it out. you just need to keep the new id, hit the menu button, select preferences and go to folder location and search your whole device. it will find all the places you have backups and you can even merge them all if you have more than one location

  41. tez says:

    this is a nice rom but the overclocking don’t work. you can overclock it and hit save but when u go back it resets. please fix

  42. Raffi says:

    It was a lengthy process to get a good install, and some animations look great, but awful when it comes to functionality.

    Disgusting lags when trying to answer phone calls. I missed several calls because I was waiting for the phone to respond to me answering a call.

    I’ve never gotten rid of a ROM so fast.

  43. AD5GB says:

    Love this ROM very much but the problems I have may force me to try some others.

    Thing runs great until it runs for a while. Gradually gets slower and slower ’till finally it’s almost completely unresponsive. As another person posted, missed several calls due to unresponsiveness. Sort of a show-stopper for me for a phone. Hope this thing evolves as there’s just so much good about it. Going to try PacMan I guess. CM was just too plain. Really do like TouchWiz tho’ but may have to learn to do without it, or find the sources and roll my own.

    Love the work you’re doing here Max. Great source of information for ‘droid noobs like me. πŸ™‚

    • AD5GB says:

      Just an update: I didn’t take this ROM off but rather found and applied the kernel and scheduler tweaks within Trickster MOD and Jedi ROM tricks that I found on XDA (and have since discovered were mentioned earlier here) and have been running for about a week WITHOUT issues. None! Thus far I am quite happy with it now.

    • Randy DuCharme says:

      Update again: Well I guess I spoke too soon. Something happened again today. Couldn’t answer an incoming call to save my butt. Finally got in to the thing a minute or so later only to find that something sucked up about 1/3 of the battery in only a couple hours, idle on my desk. Can’t determine what it was but nothing out of the ordinary was running. Going to have to find a different ROM ’till I figure out how to build my own. Downloaded the ADT, the AOSP 4.2.2 source and the Samsung kernel sources. ‘Droid hacking begins…..

  44. Teseract says:

    I was running Padwan on ICS and was happy with it, other than still being stuck with the “battery charged” notification that would wake me up in the middle of the night that for some godawful reason some Samsung engineer included without giving the option to turn off (and should be punished severely for).

    This JB release though is awful, awful, awful. It’s not too bad on boot but as others have said it gets slower the longer it runs. If you hold down the Home key and tell it to close all the open apps it’s decent for a bit then gets slower again as soon as you open an app or two. It’s so slow on wake that I was having trouble answering incoming calls before they’d roll to voicemail. If I was being chased by a psychopath I’d probably be dead in a pool of my own blood before I could get a call out to 911.

    Worse, the “battery charged” notification was buggy. I dock my phone and use it as an alarm clock, and it being a TouchWiz ROM it would do the usual routine of lighting up the screen on full brightness in the middle of the night, and I’d manually turn the screen off and go back to sleep. On the JB release it goes into a loop. It drains the battery a small fraction turning the screen on, then when I turn it off it would charge the battery from 99.9% full to 100% full then 2 minutes later just as I was dozing off it would blast me in the face again. “BATTERY CHARGED, UNPLUG ME!” If I ignored it, I’d end up sleeping all night with the screen on because the notification would for some unfathomable reason not let the screen go to sleep.

    I finally ditched it for the Xylon 4.2.2 release and the difference is night and day. No more horrible notifications waking me up in the middle of the night, I can answer the phone on the first ring, and using the phone isn’t so slow and frustrating that I want to throw the phone into traffic anymore.

  45. ez says:

    Does the link still work for this ROM? I tried to download it on 2 different PCs and it downloads 5.6K and stops…

  46. Chris Whoa says:

    The rom works fine if u have the kernel from the previous padawan JB (link on the earlier post) and overall so far satisfied. Only complaint would be towards the lack of 4.2 software, and other features like phablet view, HALO etc.. otherwise aok

  47. Dennis says:

    Anyone having slow file copy, paste, move, or delete issues? Padawan v2 is running fine on my Note i717, better than the other 6 or so JB ROMs I’ve tried. Very stable and smooth. But, all file actions using ES File Manager or Total Commander are glacially slow to complete! I DID NOT have this issue with any other JB ROM. Example, to delete a 700 MB movie file takes about 5 minutes! Very insane.
    Any ideas?

  48. Dennis says:

    Another (general) Question:
    I’m beginning to think that Jelly Bean is the “Windows Vista” of the Android world. As a longtime Windows PC user, nothing ever solved the many issues of Vista. NOTHING! And believe me, we all tried for way too long.
    So, are we ever going to move forward beyond Jelly Bean?

  49. Julio says:

    This is working for me, i really like this ROM

  50. Loham says:

    Hi I just tried installing the rom onto my rooted Tmobile galaxy note sgh-T879 device and cannot get it to work. I was previously on firmware 4.0.4. Phone crashes at at&t start up logo. Is there any way to get usb to work through clockwork recovery or the ODIN mode? If I could just access the internal memory on my now soft bricked phone I could at least put my backup file back on the phone(removed at time to make room for installation of new rom) Thanks in advance!

  51. Steve says:

    After trying Beanstalk 4.4.4 which is a good rom but no longer has Touchwiz for using spen and unable to activate GPS. I went to Padawan JB V4. It is solid and runs good on my Galaxy Note. No lag and lots of customization. If you like the spen, you will like Padawan JB V4.

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